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#bi woman

as a bi woman, i came to the realization today that i develop crushes on girls who are nice to me, whereas i usually crush on boys who tease me, and I’m sure there’s an essay on female socialisation and psychology somewhere in that revelation but we really don’t have time to unpack all of that

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I’m so fucking bisexual it’s not even funny.

Like sometimes I really want a boyfriend. I want a dick inside me 25/8 and man hands and beards and dad bods.

But then I actually talk to men and I’m like nah.

But then women. I haven’t been with a woman since high school. And I dunno where to find one. So I’m definitely scared. But I just want to bury my face in her. Every part of her. Who ever she is.

I really just want love and affection. Can someone love me please?

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my parents were pretty cool when i came out as bi to them a few months ago, but i’ve been vocal about my………critique ;) of men lately (i mean i always am but especially rn) and SUDDENLY mom is asking things like “how come i dislike men so much” and “well, what do women do wrong then?” - things she’s Never asked before and. just Now i understood why. she’s worried i’ll date/marry a woman rather than a man.

and that shit. just. hurts

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I kind of don’t like when people refer to bi folk’s relationship status when romantically involved with the opposite gender as a hetero relationship. As a bi person, it makes me rather uncomfortable. Because I’m not straight, and for years I’ve had to defend my sexuality to lgbt and straight people alike. For me, it’s just another way my sexuality is erased. I’m literally just in a relationship. Not a hetero relationship. I’m not straight.

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honestly I would go down fighting for bi women. please never feel ashamed of your attraction to men or feel as if you have to make self-deprecating jokes about it. not all men are terrible and there is nothing wrong with you liking them. you’re not lesser wlw for liking men, you’re not lesser wlw if you have a preference for men!!

you deserve to be happy and find a relationship that makes you happy. and you’ll never be a lesser wlw if that’s with a man

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