asliceofoceanmist · 22 hours ago
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jakapanlovebot · 21 hours ago
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BibleBuild being cute during the outro of reacting to ep. 12 trailer.
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ichigokeks · 2 days ago
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[Kinnporsche Ep 11: Reaction] Synchronised Biblebuild
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x-exo-l · a day ago
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Bible Sumettikul and Build Jakapan being such a tease.
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nightnikenothet · 2 days ago
is it just me who noticed this?
whenever Vegas is alone with Pete, he doesn't wear the chain necklace, his usual animal prints and style (except for the torture scenes). instead, we see him in either a shirt, bathrobe, and pajamas which means that Vegas doesn't pretend to be someone when he's with Pete — letting his guard down. he isn't that chained animal who always follows orders (hence the chain necklace and animal prints) that his father treated him to be. he's just Vegas when he's with Pete. the Vegas who is broken inside.
i don't know if these are hidden easter eggs that the KP team put for VegasPete, but if they intended to put it on purpose then i will go feral.
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look at how in this scene, Vegas doesn't wear the chain necklace, his animal printed outfit, and especially his ring?
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unlikelychildchaos · 2 days ago
I feel like if the cast & crew of KinnPorsche were on Tumblr they would really appreciate all the analysis of characters, lighting, and foreshadowing these amazing and talented people with big beautiful brains do. If no one told you, y'all are remarkable. Reading your posts make my day.
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erisele · a day ago
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akindofemotionaltether · 20 hours ago
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i'm not gonna apologize for the person i'll become tomorrow ✌️
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forursmiles · 2 days ago
every man in kinnporsche kissing another man for the first time during the workshop and just reveling at how soft men’s lips are is a mood
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gouinetteparletrop · 2 days ago
I love that build and bible are also joking about "vegas is poor little meow meow that did nothing wrong" 😂:
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thefreeblog · 2 days ago
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We know baby, we know.
So let's talk about this scene, shall we?
Lets analyse the best Vegas Pete scene we got so far.
Here we see Vegas has just taken care of Pete after having a little panic about him dying. He looks lost and vulnerable here. Pete notices his bruises. Probably Pete knows what has happened, who else is going to hit Vegas here? But he still gives Vegas the agency to tell him if he wants to. So he asks-
Pete: What happened to you?
And as expected Vegas speaks up.
Vegas: My papa just left. He scolded me because I suck. I suck at everything I do. Well, I deserved that. Whatever I do, I can’t seem to beat your boss.
Vegas here does not stop after just saying that his dad beat him up, but he explains why his dad did it. He genuinely thinks he deserved the beating. For him its obvious that since he can't win over Kinn, what else his dad supposed to do? He thinks his dad was right here. Then Pete asks-
Pete: Why do you have to compare?
Pete does not contradict Vegas here or questions him that why he thinks he deserved it. (Probably he himself has had this exact battle with hemself in the past, he understands what Vegas must be thinking ). So he goes for the reasoning behind it, he asks Vegas why you have to win over Kinn, why does it matter? And Vegas replies with this -
Vegas: Everyone just knows that I’m Vegas, from the minor family. Always under the main family.
Pay attention to what he says. He talks about the Family feud, which was his dad's to start with. He never says he hates the main family or Kinn. He thinks or has been groomed to think that as the heir of the minor family its his battle too. He thinks thats the way he can get his dad to love him. By winning what his dad never won. And Pete catches on it instantly and then he says this-
Pete: Everyone has the good and bad part. You’re doing it for your papa, that makes you a good son doesn’t it?
Here he tries to show Vegas that he is doing what his dad has asked him to do, so that makes him a good son already. That should be surely enough right? Its such a smart move of Pete to make the point subtly that the fault is not yours if you fail. You can see Vegas here is surprised by what Pete says, he has never thought that way. Can it be that simple? Really? He cleary can't believe it. So he just scoffs and counters with this-
Vegas: You only look at the world on the bright side. You’ve never gone through what I have.
He tries to tell Pete thats its not easy for me like you. So Pete here gets straight to the point, he tells him that you are wrong, everyone has issues. Even me.
Pete: Who said so? When I was little, my dad force me into boxing, When I lost he beat me up. Until one day, I won.
The way Pete delivers this line is so spectacular. You can see him trying to ramp down whatever he is feeling in the first half of the sentence. The last part he specifically says for Vegas, he knows Vegas is not expecting this. And Vegas really breaks my heart here. He is so hopeful when he asks in his tiny voice, scared of what the answer might be-
Vegas: So he stopped beating you?
Vegas genuinely thinks that his Dad will love him if he wins the Family battle, he just can't fathom that anything else is an option here. So when Pete continues with this-
Pete: No, he still beat me. I found out later that he had been a boxer. The difference was that he never won. And he kept that pain and took it out on me.
Again spectacularly acted by Build. The slight quiver in his lips while he says the last part. (I watched this scene umpteen times and it still gets to me). Vegas has the realisation of the truth about his dad, but he still tries to defend his dad by counter questioning Pete. This is such a classic symptom of abuse in childhood by the ones who are suppose to protect you. (hats off to the dialogue writers)
Vegas: You’re saying my papa sucks?
And Pete here goes for the jugular. He says this -
Pete: And has he ever beaten Mr. Korn? Got it now?
Pete basically tells Vegas here to stop making excuses for his dad, but he tells him the way he would undertsand. If you are a failure and thats the reason your dad beats you then why just he doesn't beat the person reponsible for the whole thing?
And then he says this -
Pete: They don't beat us because we suck, they beat us because they themselves suck.
This is it. Thats exactly how it is always. (Dont even argue, this is the best dialogue of this whole series so far). You can see Vegas going through the range of emotions here, starting from surprise, the realisation, the anger , the sadness , the self pity. While he realises that his dad is the one in the wrong here, he also realises while trying to please his dad he himself is becoming like him. And thats the point where he wants Pete to stop talking so he comes with lame ass comback like shut up you nosy.
But the nail has hit the target. That moment of self realisation is going to be the start of new something. What that is we dont know yet.
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asliceofoceanmist · 2 days ago
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some snippets from biblebuild’s reaction to episode 11
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franeyv · 14 hours ago
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ichigokeks · a day ago
My favourite genre is interviewers asking invasive and disrespectful questions and Bible answering with so little information they ask him to reveal more and he just goes "No 😊".
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kimaya-shekhawat · 18 hours ago
VegasPete Stans Tomorrow!!!!
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nightnikenothet · 2 days ago
it's not
"I can fix him." - Pete
instead, it's
"We heal each other." — VegasPete
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unlikelychildchaos · 15 hours ago
Daddy Korn and Daddy Gun messed up the Father role so badly that I think the five Theerapanyakul sons had a secret meeting about how to not give them any heirs.
Kinn: This madness has to end
Kim: What should we do?
Vegas: Let's all be gays
Macau: Yeah!
Kinn: all in favor raise hands
[Everyone except Tankhun raises their hands]
[Everyone looks at Tankhun, perplexed]
Tankhun: [pauses checking his nails and looks at everyone] yeah... Love that for you guys. But I'll just be an iconic nutcase instead.
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erisele · a day ago
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stormyoceans · 21 hours ago
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allovelyhappily · 2 days ago
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“You’re my heaven, but maybe I’m your hell.”
- Grey’s Anatomy
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