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#bicolor cat

#repost @purevisionarts (PureVisionArts, New York City). I am very interested in learning more about the representation of cats in the work of Simone Johnson.   First image:  Cat in the Flowers, colored pencil on paper, 14”x17”.  Second image:  NYC Bodega Cat, ink and colored pencil on paper, 18”x24”, 2020.  Thanks to @ratcharge_etc for the tip. 

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he was sleeping on my bed and suddenly woke up, meowing loudly. eventually moved over to my door, asking to be let out. its 1am. eventually he lay down at the door and stopped meowing when he realized i wasnt going to open it (fyi his food, water and litter are all in this room, he probably just wanted to rub his face on the doorframe). i went to take a picture of him and he noticed my attention, leaping back onto my bed and meowing again. pic is grainy bcuz he started moving as i took it. now he’s back to sleeping on my bed, haha. such is the life of a kitten owner.

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