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#biden administration
politishaun · a day ago
One woman piled her children into the car and drove more than 15 hours overnight from Texas to Oklahoma to obtain an abortion using medication. A minor from Galveston, who was raped by a family member, traveled eight hours across state lines to terminate her pregnancy. Another patient made the six-hour trek for an out-of-state abortion alone, fearing that anyone who joined her in the car could face legal liability under Texas’s stringent new abortion ban.
The testimonials from providers about the impact of the nation’s most restrictive abortion law are included in the Biden administration’s emergency request to a federal judge in Austin filed late Tuesday night. It seeks to immediately block enforcement of the law, which bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy and makes no exceptions for rape, sexual abuse or incest.
The law, which took effect this month after the Supreme Court refused to block its enforcement, has “gravely and irreparably impaired women’s ability to exercise their constitutional right to an abortion across the State,” according to the government’s filing.
Women with the ability to travel are seeking access to abortion in Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado, the filing states. Clinics in neighboring states are also receiving “panicked calls” from Texas patients and continue to see large increases in patients younger than 18, survivors of sexual assault, older patients and cases involving serious fetal anomalies, according to the filing.
“This experience has also been traumatic for our physicians and staff as they must tell patient after patient that they cannot care for them, despite that, medically, they should be able to and, indeed, went through significant medical training to provide the very medical care that their patients are asking them to provide and are entitled to receive,” said the declaration from Melaney Linton, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. “They are essentially being forced to inflict trauma on their patients.”
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This mf sits on a family fortune made from Big Pharma profits, all while diabetics have to ration thier insulin and die...🤬
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dontblamethewitches · 7 months ago
tw death
just watched a video from caitlin doughty aka ask a mortician and she finally had to make THAT video. all year, she has said that her funeral home in l.a. has been able to handle the amount of bodies they were getting. but now after reaching an insane number of deaths and counting, her funeral home is finally completely overrun with bodies, just like all the other funeral homes, crematoriums and hospitals. the bodies are quite literally stacking up.
the government is nowhere to be seen to help them in this absolute crisis. she along with disaster relief professionals have incredible ideas on how to alleviate the situation even slightly. she said that people were dying at home with no hospice care or pain medication. ambulances are so tied up that they are having to make the call on who needs care over others. she said there has been a huge mask issue, with little penalties or arrests.
the cases soared after the holidays because people cannot stop traveling and having parties and all this nonsense. yall really need to wear your masks. we just cremated my 92 year old grandmother who was doing well up until she caught covid because nurses at her assisted living facility werent wearing masks when one of them was positive.
caitlin and everyone who works with her from other funeral home directors to autopsy doctors to anyone and everyone else involved in the death process are so overwhelmed that they are now afraid.
please call your local representatives and let them know how you feel about the lack of assistance places like los angeles are recieving.
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justsomeantifas · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rahm Emanuel covered up the police murder of Laquan McDonald, he closed FIFTY!!!! schools in Black-majority communities, closed half of Chicago's mental health clinics, and libs are seriously like "now isn't the time to talk about it," when this motherfucker is being considered for the Biden administration. PATHETIC
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smitethepatriarchy · 5 months ago
There have been more ‘Title 42’ expulsions in the space of a few weeks than during an entire year of Trump’s administration, report says
New deporter-in-chief, somehow much worse than the old deporter-in-chief. For Hatians in the US, getting a blue guy in the White House only made life worse. But good on liberals for screaming at people who didn’t want to vote for him because they knew this would be the result.
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It's been nearly a week since President Joe Biden unveiled an ambitious new policy designed to help end the pandemic, including a newly aggressive approach to vaccinations. Leading Republican officials, none of whom have a plan of their own to end the crisis, did not respond to the developments in an especially constructive way.
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, for example, vowed to fight the administration "to the gates of hell." House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared in a written statement over the weekend, "NO VACCINE MANDATES."
As a factual matter, the White House didn't create "vaccine mandates," and affected American workers will still be able to choose a frequent testing alternative. Of course, Biden's GOP critics, demonstrating their post-policy attitudes, clearly aren't overly interested in substantive details.
Just as important, however, is whether Republican pushback will pay political dividends. So far, survey data appears to favor the White House. A Politico/Morning Consult poll released yesterday, for example, found the president's policy receiving generally "high marks."
Politico reported these results:
• Requiring all employers with 100 or more employees to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing: 58 percent support, 36 percent oppose
• Requiring federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated for Covid-19, without an option to opt out through regular testing: 57 percent support, 36 percent oppose
• Requiring most U.S. health care workers to get vaccinated for Covid-19, without an option to opt out through regular testing: 60 percent support, 34 percent oppose
An Axios/Ipsos poll, released this morning, pointed in a similar direction:
"Just days after President Biden announced new vaccine requirements for federal employees and businesses with 100 or more workers, the latest Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index (conducted after Biden's announcement) finds that 60 percent of Americans support the federal government implementing these new policies."
CNN's newest national poll, meanwhile, also found narrow majorities endorsing vaccine requirements for "office workers returning to the workplace" (54 percent), "students attending in-person classes" (55 percent), and "patrons attending sporting events or concerts" (55 percent).
When Republican officials responded last week with hysterical apoplexy, it's possible they assumed the American mainstream was already on the GOP's side. It's also possible that Republicans believed they could help steer public attitudes with over-the-top condemnations.
But at least at this point in the debate, it appears the American mainstream is more interested in ending the pandemic than going along with a partisan crusade against the president.
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thatwasuzi · 7 months ago
“You can find another job”
Tumblr media
Shutdown your small business because of COVID while Big Box corporations make money hand over fist.
"You can find another job”
Let those same small businesses burn to the ground for a summer because you're too chickenshit to acknowledge, let alone address the police reform this country desperately needs to keep up the guise of controlled opposition.
"You can find another job"
Shut down a pipeline that has a direct effect on both the jobs for tens of thousands of tradespeople and help keeps a modern necessity cheaper for everyone.
"You can find another job"
Promote a misguided new minimum wage that the same big box stores can easily absorb while not passing up the excuse to automate and layoff thousands more of lower earners.
"You can find another job"
That same minimum wage that will absolutely wreck smaller businesses nationwide because they now can't afford to employ the same number of people.
"You can find another job"
Fuck. You.
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servopedes · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
August 26th, 2021. 11 Marines, 1 Navy Corpsman, 1 Soldier and 90+ Afghan civilians killed in terrorist attack.
Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Rest in peace, all of you.
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powsolution · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No shade to older Black people but they are willing to applaud any white person not actively attacking them.
I know it’s a trauma based response but I literally will not celebrate performative social justice.
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odinsblog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The funny thing is, by couching Biden’s racist ass policy in bullshit “safety concerns,” tons of liberals who would’ve instantly hated the exact same policy under Trump? They will eat this racist paternalism up—and never question it. I would like to point out that history is replete with policies that America has cloaked under the blanket of “safety concerns” for the very people that the racist policies perniciously target, and harm.
Think about some of the dangers these people are fleeing. Rape. Torture. Gang violence. Crippling poverty. Political persecution—all problems that were often created by U.S. policies to begin with. You think desperate asylum seekers don’t know how dangerous the journey is?? They do. And even knowing those dangers, they weighed the possible outcomes and STILL decided to take the risk. Contrary to popular belief, immigrants and asylum seekers are every bit as intelligent as American citizens. Probably moreso, actually. Asylum seekers are not uninformed. Stop infantalizing them. They are not childlike, empty-headed people who need liberals or Kamala Harris to tell them how dangerous the risk is. They know how dangerous the trek is. They know it now, just like they knew how dangerous it was when Trump was in the White House. Nothing has changed except for who occupies the White House. If turning away migrants and asylum seekers was wrong under Trump (and yes, it was), then it is still wrong now. The only difference is, Trump’s “southern border” policy was nakedly racist, but the Biden administration isn’t quite as overt. They patronizingly claim to be concerned with the safety of asylum seekers, but in too many ways, Biden’s border policy is similar to Trump’s. And before anyone tries to “better than Trump” me to death, please remember that the Biden administration is filling immigration courts with Trump appointees. And to my knowledge, Joe Biden still has not gotten around to firing Sebastian Gorka, the neo-Nazi who Donald Trump appointed to the 14-member National Security Education Board. (source) (source)
Anyway, somebody should make up a bingo card with all of the things liberals were “opposed” to under Trump, but are now totally cool with under the Biden administration.
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thefreethoughtprojectcom · 2 months ago
​We are now reaching unheard of levels Orwellian insanity. No longer are our private conversations private, now the government is planning on bringing the "fact-checkers" directly to our phones and personal conversations.
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im-the-punk-who · 7 months ago
Please don't act like Biden is a good guy. He's really, really not.
Hello! You’re right! He’s a lifetime politician and by definition makes decisions that support a fucked up broken system!
However I can acknowledge that fact and still be excited that his cabinet picks so far include multiple LGBT and POC including (to my knowledge) the first out transgender person to serve an administrative role! As an assistant secretary of health, no less!!
And also also still acknowledge that this means practically nothing in terms of anything except Biden’s willingness to include marginalized voices on his team. And that no matter what there is still a shit ton of work to do.
But like, acknowledging and celebrating the fact that after four years of having a guy in the white house who literally denies the existence of my validity as a person we have someone who is not only willing to support LGBT people but appoint them to his cabinet is not uncritically supporting him or even really calling him a good guy.
But also! Pretending like it is, is the kind of all-or-nothing purity culture bullshit we should all be striving to back away from so like! Yeah! I think Biden is a good guy for the appointees in that article! Fuck it! I can acknowledge things I like about him and still be like hey Joe what’s in the bag!!
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