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#biden harris 2020

Democrats just came up with the perfect proposal for investing in America and investing in Americans.

It’s the Federal Jobs Guarantee Program.

When this bill is passed, there will be no need to spend money for welfare, job training programs, or even unemployment because any person who needs a job will have a job.

It’s Common Sense

This is great for American Capitalism because private companies will have to complete and pay more for better workers and all Americans will work for their money.

This is a Win - Win for Americans

This is the American Way.

Real American Patriots demand Truth, Justice and the American Way

God bless America.

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This is cool, but Biden is still keeping kids in cages.

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If you are a racist. You are Evil.

If you deny equality for all. You are Evil.

It is common sense.

Real American Patriots believe in

Equality for all.


That, it is Self Evident that All men and women are created Equal.

This is the American Way.

If you believe differently, you are Un- American and you are Not an American Patriot.

Truth, Justice and the American Way.

God bless America

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2024, I give slightly better than 50-50 odds that Biden runs for re-election.  There was an unspoken agreement in 2020 that he would serve only one term because he’s old and moderate, he was a compromise candidate to prevent centrists from voting trump of third party.  But he’s also ambitious, he’s wanted this job for over 30 years, he’s not gonna give it up just because his brain is turning to pudding; Reagan literally had Alzheimer’s while in office and hid it from the public, Biden will serve well past the point he should become incapacitated.  I think most people are expecting Harris to get the nomination, I think that was the understanding they had, that Biden was picking her as his successor, but she is divisive for multiple reasons.  She’s not more popular than Hillary Clinton was; in 2016 everyone on Earth thought she was destined to be the first female president, whether they liked her or not (and believe me, a lot of them hated her), but then she lost and has slunked away into post-election obscurity.  Harris wasn’t even popular enough to stay in the race until the primaries, she dropped out in 2019.  Republicans hate her because she’s a democrat and a woman and black, and a big chunk of Democrats hate her because she’s a lying cop who is pretending to be a progressive socialist.  Neither are particularly strong candidates going forward, but Biden has the best odds because it is historically difficult to defeat an incumbent, Trump just sucked really bad.

As for the Republicans, it depends entirely on whether or not Trump throws his hat in the ring again.  He wants to run, everyone knows it, and he’ll likely announce his campaign sometime this year, but I don’t think he’ll officially make any moves until he sorts out his business.  He is in a shit load of foreign debt, hundreds of millions of dollars which he doesn’t have (most of his assets are not liquid), plus he’ll be on the hook for a ton of criminal lawsuits in New York for his campaigns, and civil lawsuits in a bunch of other states for his general douchebaggery, so I think he’s gonna pretend like he’s running again until the 11th hour and then announce that he’s dropping out of the race on his own accord.  But so long as he’s in it, no Republican will dare to challenge him.  There are plenty of suckerfish hitching a ride on Trump, riding his coattails, vying to be his successor, but they’ll all stand down so long as he overshadows them.  Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Tayor Green, Lauren Boebert, they all worship the man and wouldn’t dare run against him.  Mike Pence used to worship him until he sicced his goons to hang him, and now he’s considering running in 2024, but he’s 1) a spineless coward, and 2) despised by Trump’s base for not overturning the election.  He doesn’t stand a chance either.  Nikki Haley is positioning herself as an anti-Trump Republican, so she’ll likely be one of his primary opponents, though it’s no guarantee she’ll be able to hold her own against him; Democrats are split between moderate and progressive factions, while Republican are basically unified under Trump, so it’s not like half the party will be rooting for her(Bernie Sanders had a shot against Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020, but Haley likely doesn’t have a shot against Trump in 2024).  Trump himself will pretend to be in the race for as long as possible to keep it from becoming congested, then bow out and play king maker; whoever he endorses will become the nominee.  He’ll very likely pick one of his spawn, Don Jr or Eric or Ivanka (though I think she wants to have a political career outside his shadow, so she’ll probably run for senate instead).

The most likely scenario I see is Joe Biden running against Josh Hawley.  The Republicans will run someone younger to juxtapose against the 82 year old Biden.  I could definitely see a Hawley-Haley ticket, the anti-Biden-Harris, it would be super close and given how Republicans reacted to losing this time around, I don’t think they’d just sit idly by and accept defeat next time.  We came close to civil war, we literally had right-wing terrorists storm the capitol at the president’s behest, but 2024 could be much, much, much worse.  Pay close attention to the various secretaries of state, especially in swing states; they’ll be in communication with the Republican nominee, willing to do then what they weren’t willing to do now.  Republicans were testing the waters this time, they wanted to see how far they could go, how much damage they could do, and now they’re gonna learn from it and adapt their strategy to try again.  Expect a lot of disenfranchisement in the South, new voter ID laws and citizenship tests, all of which will be upheld by the conservative Supreme Court.  2020 was not an anomaly, it was a dress rehearsal.

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The evidence is clear trump lied.

trump attempted to overthrow American Democracy and America it’s self.

trump tried to become Hitler and the Republican Party has helped him.

The Republican Party is now the Nazis Party.

If they the Republicans don’t impeach trump.

They will have chosen Evil over Truth.

It’s Common Sense, this is Un- American.

Good people can no longer be Republicans.

Real American Patriots believe in Truth, Justice and the American Way.

God bless America.

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