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After watching everything going on with the election this past month, I’m just gonna list out all the weird shit that’s happened around it. Alright, here we go

  • MI, WI, and PA Trump was in the lead by a few hundred thousand votes come 11pm Nov 3. Voting supposedly stops and we all go to bed. Wake up to see all 3 states and few others flipped blue in the middle of the night with no real explanation.
  • PA changed their voting laws to allow for mail in ballots to be accepted after Nov 3rd a few days before election. That was ruled unconstitutional, but weird that it happened at all.
  • Polling places were blocking windows to prevent people from watching vote tallies.
  • Republican poll watchers were being forced out from polling places. Ballot counters were said to be cheering everytime someone was tossed.
  • Republican watchers were kept 20-100ft away from ballot tables. They got a court order to be allowed to actually watch people count votes and that court order was ignored.
  • Biden did worse in every other county than Hillary and Obama except in key counties, but still got 80 million votes. More than Obama at his best.
  • Trump did better in every other county than he did in the last election, but still lost. Had record breaking votes from minorites for a Republican.
  • Voting machine in Antrim County, MI was found to have flipped 6k votes from Trump to Biden. That was only one county and Dominion was possibly used in multiple counties in 30 states.
  • Videos of trucks pulling up to dump votes at 3am at polling stations when no one was supposed to be there.
  • The vote dump in PA was roughly 600,000 votes where only 3200 went to Trump. That’s only 0.53%. Statistically impossible by every stretch of the word. Even in the most Democratic counties, they still can’t top a 90% vote for democrats
  • Voting machines owned by Dominion. So far, none have come out to prove their machines are safe. Dominion VP is actually missing.
  • Dominion offices were packed up overnight and had been cleaned out.
  • Media silence. Not even trying to refute claims. They’re just not talking about it. The most being said is “there’s no evidence.”
  • Zuckerberg found to have donated $400M to multiple election offices.
  • Sidney Powell case calls for the seizure of GA voting machines in 3 counties. They should have the voting data, can be checked for ballot changing software, and verify if they were connected to the internet (illegal). Owners of the machines are trying to prevent this and wipe them.
  • Kamala Harris still hasn’t left her Senate seat. Hasn’t said a single word about any of what’s going that I know of.
  • Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people coming forward with sworn affidavits. If caught lying, that means 5-10 years of prison. Apparently “isn’t evidence” despite witness testimony have helped sentence people to life in prison.
  • Nothing from the CIA, FBI, or DOJ about any of what happened.
  • Possible fire fight between the military and CIA when the military went to seize a Dominion server in Germany. Not 100% sure on this one.
  • China may have bought Dominion in October.
  • Dominion may have ties to the Clinton Foundation and Nancy Pelosi.
  • Data analysts use Benford’s Law to show that Biden’s numbers don’t make any sense. A lot of his voting numbers don’t follow Benford’s Law pattern of numbers, but most of Trump’s does.
  • Thousands of votes where only Biden was marked and turned in.
  • Thousands of votes with mismatched signatures
  • Fleccas from YouTube posts a video of him cross referencing people who voted in MI with obituaries. Finds ~10k dead people that had a ballot requested, filled out, and sent in. CNN “debunked” it, but not really, because they used a list of 14k people from a random person on FB who has since deleted their post.
  • Thousands of votes with an address that leads to an empty lot or uses a P.O. box.
  • Every single mistake found in the past month has only helped democrats. No one else has benefited from these mistakes.
  • Absentee ballots being received the day they were sent out or BEFORE they were mailed/requested.

This isn’t everything that’s happened, but just from what I remember seeing reported. If anyone else has more to add, feel free. With all this happening, this election should absolutely be thoroughly investigated. And it’s pretty damning that not only is no one really arguing against any of those things, but some are actively try to stop an investigation. I’m not gonna say it’s outright fraud, I’m not an expert, but it sure does look like it. This whole thing should be questioned, but I’m not entirely sure anything will happen unless something big breaks through. Either with the server in Germany or the machines in GA.

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Thus begins my intro to Tumblr since Twitter has become a horrid, information sucking demon. rofl   Seriously, sites should not REQUIRE you to give a phone number or get blocked.   Guess I will see how this site is.

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can someone link me to that video of trump saying he would run as a republican bc they’re the stupidest people ever? i 100% remember seeing it on here a few years ago

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So i’m british, but i guess this applies everywhere

all i’m seeing on tiktok at the moment is people arguing with their families about politics and stuff. So my question is:

Did anyone else grow up in intentionally politically neutral households or was it just me?

My parents take the secret ballot very seriously, and so does the rest of my family truth be told. So while I can guess how my parents vote using contextual stuff and conversations we’ve had, they never told me explicitly how they vote and frankly its not important.

The most i’ve ever heard from them is their hatred of Trump, but i think that’s less a political thing, and more a “he’s a fucking numpty,” thing, you know?

Their idea was, if they responded with “look it up” whenever my sister and I asked a political question, then we wouldn’t just copy them. (This applied for a lot of religious stuff, as well as moral stuff beyond the basic: “don’t be a dick.”) And its worked. while they would explain how government worked, figuring out my own politics, was all on me. I have strong opinions now, and I feel like the amount of research i have been forced to do has been good for me. Even my sister is beginning to get involved.

So now I’m 17, taking a-level politics, with offers to study politics at uni next year. since I’m older they have started voicing their opinions more, as they feel that i’m secure enough in my own opinions that they won’t influence them. 

I guess my question is:

Is this normal?? I tell people this and they always seem so confused. Like “what do you mean your parents never talked about this stuff?” And its not that they don’t care about politics, they do.

I just feel like everyone else’s parents were really outspoken and am just wondering.


Originally posted by joebidensanonymous

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