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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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#big cat

soft kitty energy :)

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~oh to be a lynx kitten stretching on a warm rock~

~toe beans exposed, lazily swooshing my paw~

~happy, content~

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Tread lightly through the forest branch
Quiet wanderer,
Disturb not the sleeping peace of cunning predator.
Too soon the hunter’s horn will sound the death-knell
of your tender breed.

Lap quickly the nourishing drops that flow in freshets
from a careless spring,
Tarry not long to quench your thirst
Lest your brittle life be fast extinguished
In the hungry jaws of the lurking beast.

Fly, fly at the sound of crackling leaf
The scent of death upon the air.
Stay not, wide-eyed in frozen fear
To gaze upon a shadow poised
with outstretched arm.

One second lost and fire and thunder
shall rip the dark
Fly, fly
Let not your russet coat be splayed with blood
And tacked upon an unworthy wall—

Tribute to the victor’s
Indifferent hand
Your proud rack hanging
By a wire and a screw.


Dance Of The Wounded Heart

Laurence Overmire  (B.1957)


Graphic - Carline Seiser  (B.1960)

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A little tiger study- excuse the derpy face in the bottom corner that was my warm up! ✍(◔◡◔) haha Also excuse my sloppy handwriting. Also excuse the poor lighting of the photo, my room doesn’t have very good lighting. Okay I’m done now.

By the way a lot of you seemed to enjoy the Zelda fanart last week. Would you like to see more in the future? ( ◐ ‿ ◐ )

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Another d&d commission (and even more are coming lol)
Loved painting this blue tiefling druid! Painting the glass raven was a real challenge but fun all the same c:

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Kitty + Electric = Kittric

Cat + Electric = Cattric

Energy Feline

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had this sketch of Armani on my hard drive for a new ref i was gonna make, so i went ahead and actually did it.

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Working on my backgrounds, thought I’d cast a hand at something bright and vivid.

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