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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#big cats
A local big cat sanctuary near me claims on their website that accredited zoos don't want their particular big cats because they're products of cross-breeding and don't fit into the Species Survival Plan program. I'm a little skeptical of them since they're not a zoo and it's not run by zoologists, but does this claim have any merit? (And, if zoos won't take them, is there an ethical problem with sanctuaries keeping them until they pass?)

Any place that is called a “sanctuary” or “recuse” and is not a certified zoological institute so you shouldn’t trust anything they say because they’re either lying or twisting facts.

In this case they leave out the fact most of these cross-bred big cats have serious deformities or health issues and should be put down. It also leaves out the fact that it’s majority these “private zoo’s” and “sanctuaries” that are breeding them. I also know for a fact a number of zoo’s that do house cross-bred big cats and use them to advocate against crossing breeding. 

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if I have to see one more FUCKING meme joking about that piece of shit joe exotic and that absolute flaming garbage heap of a netflix special I am going to SCREAM and then EXPLODE

(I just need everyone to realize that it is not funny, it is not a joke; the abuse is rampant, ignored, and unregulated to say the least, and all people are focusing on is the drama of the show)

Netflix had an opportunity and they FAILED

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