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It’s Been A Minute

A/N: I see you guys really like this series! I like it too! Quick heads up. My individual imagines may be lacking a little because I’m working on these series! I will also be making a Dad!Trevante series and will be continuing with the Dad!Killmonger series! That is all!

Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Reader

Summary: You and Erik finally get to your lunch date!

Warnings: Fucking Fluff! And Language.

Word Count: I don’t know, geeez. Now, you’re just asking to tease me.


Originally posted by sebasttians

When you finally got to the restaurant you parked and gathered your things. Jamari unbuckled himself, grabbed his toys and opened the door before carefully hopping out. You quickly locked the door and made your way to the entrance, Jamari just a little ways ahead of you, not too far that you couldn’t reach out and touch him. “Mr. Erik!”

Your eyes widened as Jamari ran ahead of you. “Jamari!” You quickly chased after him as he jumped onto Erik, who quickly caught him. “Hey, little man! Look, I missed you too but you can’t be out here giving your mommy a heart attack.” You panted slightly as Erik put Jamari down and you squatted, holding your son by his shoulders.

“Jamari, baby. You gotta watch the road, you can’t run away from me like that.” You lightly held his face as he pouted. “I’m sorry…” he mumbled in his little toddler voice and hugged your neck, you sighed deeply and kissed his cheek while hugging him back. “It’s alright. Just don’t do that anymore, okay?”

Jamari nodded and you stood up, letting him hook his finger in your belt loop. You looked up at Erik and gave him a smile. “Hey, E.” He chuckled and pulled you into a hug that you leaned into. God, he smelled so good…and so weirdly familiar. You took in a deep breath, pressing your face into his chest more. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

You pulled away and looked up at him, your head tilting slightly. “Every time I wore this cologne in high school you’d spend hours with your head buried in my chest.” You laughed softly, pulling away from him. “I couldn’t help it, it smelled so good. I’m surprised you still use it after all this time.”

Erik nodded as the three of you made your way inside. “Well, it was one of my favorite things that reminded me of you.” You bit your lip to hide a smile as you walked to the hostess. “Table for 3. Will it be okay if we got a booth?” Erik spoke up. You looked at him as the hostess led the way, swooning on the inside.

“You remembered.” You mumbled once you three were seated, Jamari seated on the right side of you near the wall. Erik shrugged. “I told you, I’ve memorized everything I could about you.” You grinned and he smiled back. “I hope I wasn’t the ex you always talked about with your girlfriends.” Erik laughed, leaning his head back.

“Oh, nah. I didn’t have too many girlfriends after you. Just flings and sh—…stuff to keep me warm.” You smiled at the adjustment of his language around your son. “I’m sure that was hard. You’re a looker.” You winked at him and he smirked, biting his lip before leaning forward with his forearms resting on the table. “I guess. What about you? What happened between you and Mari’s Pops?”

You looked down at Jamari who was too busy playing a game on your phone. “Well, we dated my sophomore year of college. I got pregnant in my senior year. We were together…five months after I had Jamari but it wasn’t the same.” You pauses your story to order a drink and an appetizer.

Once the waitress had left Erik turned to you. “You said it wasn’t the same?” You nodded and crossed your legs. “Yeah, we would argue a lot. We spent days without calling or texting each other. It was like a strain. Then finally I worked up the nerve at dinner one night. I told him the truth and he seemed relieved. That night we agreed, mutually, to break it off and co-parent. It was a pleasant departure.”

You smiled and he nodded thoughtfully, thanking the waitress as she brought your drinks. “You always did have a good sense of character.” You giggled softly as Erik grinned. “Yeah, he’s a great friend and an even better father. I’d love for the two of you to meet!” Erik agreed.


The conversation between you, Erik, and Jamari flowed smoothly. It was so friendly and full of laughter. Erik joking and playing around with Jamari made your heart feel full. The time passed a lot faster than you expected. “Damn, it’s almost 5. We should get going,,,” You trailed off, not really wanting to go. Erik had a small pout on his lips, one that mirrored Jamari’s. You chuckled to yourself as you looked between the two of them. “Mommy, I don’t wanna leave Mr. Erik!” 

You sighed as Erik rubbed the little boy’s head. “I don’t either sweetie…what if we invited Mr. Erik over to hang out some more?” Jamari smiled broadly and nodded his head, looking up at Erik expectantly. “Will you, Mr. Erik?” Erik chuckled at his excitement and nodded, his eyes traveling up to yours. “Yeah, I’d love to.” He looked down to Jamari and leaned a bit closer to whisper. You could still hear them. “Don’t tell your mommy I told you but I’d do anything she wanted me to.” Your son giggled and leaned up to him. “Me too. She’s the best mommy ever.”

You bit your lip to hold back the grin that was fighting to break out. “Alright, kids. Let’s go before it gets dark. Just follow me, E.” You grabbed your purse and phone. You began to walk out, holding Jamari’s hand in yours. When you were about put him in the car he tugged at your hand. “Can I ride with Mr. Erik, mommy?” You looked up at Erik and he nodded. “You’re already stealing my son.” You spoke with a playful grin. Erik laughed softly and kissed your head. “Nah, never.” You giggled and opened your car door before handing Erik Jamari’s booster seat.

“Make sure he wears his seatbelt,please?” Erik took the seat and placed it in his car before nodding, “I will, princess. Just lead the way.” Jamari climbed into Erik’s car and Erik got closed the door. “Bye mommy!” you smiled and waved before getting on your car and pulling off with Erik following closely behind. 


“How long have you known, mommy?” Jamari speaks up in the backseat and Erik glances up in the rear view before focusing back on the road. “I’ve known your mommy for nearly ten years.” Jamari gasped and sat up a bit. “You’ve known her even longer than me!” Erik chuckled and nodded his head. “Yeah, I have. Your mommy was my best friend in high school. She was the nicest girl in school.” Jamari nodded. “That makes sense. She’s nice to everyone.” Erik smiled and nodded. “Yeah, she hasn’t changed a bit.”

Jamari looked up at Erik. “Do you love my, mommy?” Erik’s eyes widened at the child’s bluntness before biting his lip, “Yeah…I do. I always have.” Jamari nodded. “Good, because mommy loves you. I heard her on the phone with grandma last night. Erik smiled, his mind racing with thoughts of what it’d be like to marry you, be with you and Jamari forever.


A/N: That’s all for this chapter ladies and gents! Comment and Reblog! I think I might put this story on hold for the time being. I don’t really know where I wanna take it at the moment. Some tags still aren’t working!

Erik Killmonger/ Trevante Rhodes:

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It’s Been a Minute

A/N: Heyyy! A lot of people wanted a part 2 to “It’s Been a Minute” so, here it is! If you haven’t read that fic then go to the search button on my page and type in Bold’s Fics or Erik Killmonger x Reader. Here you go!

Pairing: Erik Killmonger x Reader

Summary: A glimpse into you and Jamari’s relationship.

Warnings: Language. Reader is just the baddest.

Word Count: You’re really still assuming I know?



You and Erik had been texting each other for about 3 week and it all felt so nostalgic. You two talked about what you had been up to all these years, you found out Erik had went off to the military and came back. Got into a little family drama and now works at an Outreach Center. Erik found out you got your degree in (Career of Choice). He was so proud of you, you’d always talked about following your dreams and he was more than happy to hear you actually did.

You were getting Jamari ready for bed when your phone rang. Your son beat you to it, pressing the green button then putting the phone to his ear. “Hey, Mr. Erik!” The boy spoke, grinning wide as you chuckled. Just like you had talked to Erik every day for the past three weeks he had made it a routine to call around 8:45, 15 minutes before Jamari went to bed so they could talk.

Jamari adored Erik just as much, if not more than you did. Erik made it a point to try to be a good influence on your son, not wanting to just talk any kind of way around your son.

“Hey, little man.” Erik replied as you took the phone from Jamari and put it on speaker before dropping it on the little boy’s bed. “Where’s your mommy?” Erik asked as you slipped your son’s matching pajamas on him.

“I’m right here. Nice to know you remembered me.” You smiled as you heard Erik’s chuckle. “I was wondering if you and little man were available tomorrow.”

You smoothed out Mari’s clothes before pulling back his comforter, letting him get under the covers. “Uh…yeah. Why? What’s up?” You sat beside Mari on the bed as he snuggled into your side, waiting for Erik’s response.

“Well, I was hoping I could finally take you and Mari on that lunch date. I haven’t seen y’all in three weeks, I miss Mari.” Erik spoke and you scoffed. Jamari giggles and looked up at you, hugging your side. “Just Jamari, huh?”

“Don’t be jealous mommy, I miss you all the time.” You laughed loudly and Erik chuckled as you kissed the top of Jamari’s head. “I’m glad to see someone likes little ole me.” You tickled his sides and he laughed, wiggling against you.

“Well, I still need an answer, ma.” Erik spoke up and you smiled. “Yeah, we’ll meet you at the restaurant on Tara Boulevard. The one that sits in front of the discount store.”

“Alright, well imma let y’all sleep. Meet there around 2:30?” Erik spoke and you nodded as if he could see you. “Sounds good, good night, E.”

“Night, Mr. Erik!”

“Good night, little man. Night, Y/N/N.” You could sense the smile he wore on his face as he called you by your childhood nickname. You rolled your eyes and hung up before looking down to your son.

“Alright, Mari. Time to go to bed, you heard Erik, we’re getting lunch with him tomorrow.” You stood up and adjusted the covers to tuck your son in. You gently kissed his forehead, nose, then chin and he did the same to you.

You turned around and cut on his nightlight before turning off the main light. “Good night, Mari. Mommy loves you sooooo much.”

“Night, Mommy. I love you mooooore!” You giggled and blew him a kiss before walking out and to your bedroom. You had taken a shower before you bathed Mari so all you had to do was slip under the covers. You plugged up your phone and flicked off your light before turning on your tv. You pulled up Hulu and found “Bob’s Burgers”.

You usually just played shows as background noise and as small light to fall asleep to. You buried yourself under your covers and in no time you were out, excited for what was to come the next day.


You woke up around 10 in the morning, groaning softly as you rolled over, wiping at the slob on your face before sitting up. You checked your phone, relieved to see you woke up in enough to get yourself and your baby boy ready. It might not be enough for breakfast but you can give him a granola bar and he’ll be sated.

You softly scratched your head, cursing under your breath once you realized you you didn’t wrap your braids. You’ll just have to put some mousse in it and call it a day. You stood up and scratched your side before shuffling into your bathroom to do your skin care routine and take a shower.

You connected your phone to your Bluetooth speaker and turned on the shower. You checked on Jamari before continuing with your shower.


You softly sighed as you stepped out, grabbing for your towel before wrapping it around yourself. You padded into Jamari’s room, happy to see him awake and playing with his toys. You smiled softly at him and he squealed as he saw you.

His small hands reached out towards you and you picked him up, kissing his cheeks. “Hey, handsome! Sleep well?” You smiled as he nodded, yawning as he stretched.

“Alright, big guy! Let Mommy get dressed and we can get you in a bath. Play with your toys.” You smiled as he nodded in agreement. “Okay, Mommy!” He kisses your nose before getting down and running back to his toys. You smile and went back to your room.

You motioned up your body and got dressed in your under clothes before wrapping yourself in a robe and going to run a bath. “Jamari! Get a towel and washcloth and come take your bath!” You yelled out and made sure the bath wasn’t too hot.

Your son came rushing in with his favorite towel and a random washcloth. You giggled softly as he smiled and grabbed the soap off the counter. “Alright, you got it?” You turned off the tub faucet before it got too high.

“I got it!” You smiled and walked out, leaving door open just in case. You quickly made your way to your room and got dressed in a pair of dark washed, ripped skinny and a button up white blouse. You applied some mousse into your braids and put in some hoop earrings.

You were just about ready to put on your shoes when your son came running it, ashy as hell and in his underwear. You laughed softly as picked up the lotion and began applying it on himself. “I remember when you used to fuss at me for trying to put lotion on you.” You spoke as you looked through your closet.

“Really? But it makes my skin look so nice!”

“I know! But you haaaated when you had to be still for even a second.” You softly laughed and pulled out a pair of black strapped heels, thick heeled. Your son smiled at you before standing up. “All done!”

You turned and smiled, doing a quick once over to make sure he got all the spots needed before pointing to your bed where his whitebutton up, dark washed jeans and white Keds laid. “Alright, Mari. Put on your clothes and I’ll help you button up your shirt.”

Jamari quickly did as you told, struggling a little with his pants before finally getting it. You helped him button up his pants and shirt before letting him put on his socks and shoes. “You’re growing up so fast.” You mostly spoke to yourself. You interrupted him putting on his shoes by kissing all over his face causing him to giggle.

“Mommyyyy!” He yelled and you smiled, kissing him more before pulling away. “I’m sorry, you’re just growing up on me. I remember when you used to cry at the smallest things. Now, look at you. Can dress yourself, out on your own shoes. Pretty soon you’re gonna have to tie them on your own.”

Your eyes became misty at the thought of your baby growing and you smiled when you felt his little hands on your face. “It’s okay! I’ll always be around, mommy!” He spoke sweetly and you smiled as he kissed your cheek. “You sure will and Mommy’ll always be here. Alright, we gotta finish getting ready before we’re late to lunch!”

You pulled away and tied up his shoes before putting on your own. The two of you made your way down your steps so you could grab your things. You gathered your keys, charger, and purse while Mari grabbed his favorite bear and the two of you were out, every locked up safely.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you quickly retrieved it, answering it upon seeing Erik’s name. “Hey, E!” You spoke excitedly as you placed your purse in the car, helping Jamari into his booster afterwards.

“Hey, Princess. I’m on my way to the restaurant. Give it about…15 minutes. Y’all already there?”

“Nope, but we are on our way. We should be there around the same time. I’m leaving right now.” You spoke as you put your seatbelt on and started the car.

“Are you really on your way out or are you on black people time?” You laughed at that as you pulled off, still holding the phone to your ear. “Yes, Erik. I’m really pulling out. You can hear me driving.”

Erik laughed and you swooned at the sound, it was like velvet. “I was just checking, just in case I had to get the table set up.” You laughed softly and shook your head as if he could see you.

“Nope, we will be there around the same time. So, no need.” You smiled. “Alright, well I’ll—…”

Erik was cut off by the sound of a siren being heard behind you. You looked in your review mirror and cursed under your breath. “What’s wrong?” Erik spoke and you sighed, pulling over to the side of the road.

“It’s nothing. Just got pulled over, probably because I’m talking on the phone when just passed that Hands Free law.” You chuckled.

“Oh, okay. Stay on the phone with me though, just in case something happens. These cops are wildin’ out here.”

You looked in your side mirror, sighing in relief at the familiar face. “Oh, no. It’s Jamari’s dad. Nothing to worry about.”

“I’m still staying on the phone.”

You rolled your eyes as Kev, Jamari’s father, came into view. “Well, well, well. Wasn’t expecting this. Hey, little man!”

“Hi, daddy!” You smiled at your son’s voice while handing Kev your license and registration. He looked over it before handing it back to you, leaning into your car window.

“How’ve you been, Kev? New partner working out?” You inquired and he shrugged, looking back to his car. “Yeah, I suppose so. She’s nice, too flirty.”

“Does she know you have a son? That’ll usually run em off.”

“No, she knows. And for some reason it makes her chase after me more. Don’t know what to do with that.” You laughed, leaning your head back and he smiled.

“Where are you and Mari headed off to?”

“Oh, we’re going to have lunch with an old friend of mine. He invited us out and Mari already met him, really likes him. Hopefully you can meet him some time soon, too.”

Kev nodded, a small smile on his face. “Well, if he’s a friend of yours I’m sure he’s great. I gotta get back to my shift but I’ll see you two next week. See you next week, Mari!” You let down Jamari’s window and his father leaned in, kissing him all over his face while Jamari giggled.

“Bye, Kev!”

“See you, Y/N!”

You watched him walk back to his car before pulling off again, putting the phone on speaker. “You’re on speaker, watch your mouth.”

“You and Mari’s father get along great.” Erik spoke and you knew why he mentioned. Plenty of parents don’t get along, not even around their kid so you’re sure it seemed foreign. You wished it wasn’t like that, since many parents actually do get along but the only ones who get any light are the one’s that constantly bicker.

“Yeah. We have a son together. Don’t have time for the hostility and slick comments. It also helps that when our relationship ended it wasn’t a huge blow up. We just…separated.”

Erik hummed in recognition. “That’s great, Jamari gets to see a healthy relationship between two adults. The two most important adults in his life, actually.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We’ll be there soon!”

“Alright, Princess.”

You hung up and looked at your son in the rear view mirror. You giggled as you saw him playing with his teddy, whispering in it’s ear.

“Hey, what you telling Mr. Plush?” You asked.

Jamari giggled and held the teddy bear to his chest. “It’s a secret! But I’ll give you a hint. It’s about Mr. Erik!”

You smiled. “Well, how about you tell Mommy and we’ll keep it a secret so Mr. Erik won’t know?”

Jamari shrugged and nodded. “Okay. Well, Mr. Plush says Erik is super nice and hopes he’s around for a while.”

“Well, tell Mr. Plush I hope he sticks around too.”


A/N: This was really just a filler. My plan was to make this a two part series but now I think I’m gonna have to extend that to three parts. I got really caught up in the mother-son dynamic 😭💕

@destinio1 @ljstraightnochaser @chaneajoyyy @raysunshine78 @shookmcgookqueen @tip222u @bakarilennox @here-for-your-bullshit @asweet-serendipity @l-auteuse @thickemadame @missshae @toniilaney @simscrazyfangirl @blackpinup22 @bitchacho25 @furiousduckpeach @shegoego @eye-raq @goddessofthundathighs @doublesidedscoobysnacks

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It is Done!

The Erik smut is finished! I’m just gonna revise it and get rid of as many mistakes as I can! This is my first full smut so I hope you guys enjoy it when it’s posted! If you would like to be added please let me know!

Erik Smut Coming at 11:30 pm EST (New York Time Zone)

@destinio1 @ljstraightnochaser @chaneajoyyy @raysunshine78 @shookmcgookqueen @tip222u @bakarilennox @here-for-your-bullshit @asweet-serendipity @l-auteuse @thickemadame @missshae @toniilaney @simscrazyfangirl @blackpinup22 @bitchacho25 @furiousduckpeach

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A/N: It took FOREVER! But I got you, baby! Excuse mistakes! I’m doing this on mobile 💕


Originally posted by pantherclawz


Erik groaned loudly as he trudged his way into your shared home. He shut the door and locked it before peeling off his clothes as he made his way up the steps. Per usual, he got home before you did but he wished you were already here, walking around in one of his t-shirts, making something that would be undoubtedly delicious, ready to welcome him home with open arms.

That wasn’t the case however, so he just made his way up the steps. He pushed open the door to your bedroom and smiled slightly at the sweet vanilla and cinnamon scent that enveloped your room. It smelled like you, oh, how he missed you. It had been such a long, tiring week. On occasions like this, after a long week, he just wanted to be cuddled under you. Your hand toying with his dreads while his head rested on your bosom.

His body plopped onto the bed, his head resting on your pillow. It was fair to say that Erik was obsessed with you and he needed you right now. You couldn’t just take off from work immediately so he just had to cope until you got home. It was Friday so he’d just have to hold out until you got off, then he’d have you all weekend.

Erik’s eyes began to feel heavy, he blinked rapidly trying to fight it but it took him over in no time.


“I’m hooooome!” You yelled out, expecting your loving boyfriend be on the couch playing the game or something. When the house turned out to be completely silent you looked around, kicking off your heels and setting down your purse. “Erik!” You yelled out again as you made your way up the stairs.

“Where’s my baby…” you pouted as you immediately went to your room. Your eyes landed on the heap of melenated muscle splayed out on your shared bed. A soft smile graced your face as you watched him take in steady breaths. You noticed he was laid out over your pillow and you chuckled. “There’s my big baby.”

You stripped out of your clothes and changed into one of his shirts before kissing his cheek, watching him stir slightly. You watched him for a bit, he looked so peaceful. Your hand lightly brushed his dreads from his face. You knew how trying this week had been for him, meeting after meeting, event after event.

He’d been working his ass off all week, including spoiling and loving you. He deserved the world…or at least what you could give him. You smiled softly and stood up, making your way down the steps.


Erik’s eyes fluttered open. It took him a moment to adjust his vision. His head turned, hoping to see your face but he was met with a disappointment when he still saw that empty spot. He groaned softly and padded his way out the room and down the steps.

His steps slowed as he heard soft music playing from downstairs. His eyes softened and a smile graced his lips as he hurried down the steps. He stopped in his tracks, seeing you standing there in one of his shirts. Your hips swaying as Destiny’s Child played through your speakers.

Let me cater to you, ‘cause baby this is your day…” you sang softly, stirring the greens you had simmering. You checked on the baking macaroni and yams. You grabbed had fried chicken set on a baking shit with a paper towel under the multiple pieces so the oil could be absorbed.

Erik smiled at you as you turned around, you squealed and ran over, jumping into his arms. “You’re finally awake, thought you died for a moment.” You laughed as you nodded towards the window, showing him the sun was going down, barely able to be seen.

“Yeah, I was tired baby.” He spoke, pressing bobs face into your neck. You stood there for a minute, enamored by each other’s presence before you peeled yourself off of him. He fought your movements a bit but you finally got him to let go. “Go play the game or watch some tv, baby. I’ll be in there in a minute to retwist your dreads and massage your scalp then we can have dinner.” You kissed his cheek and shooed him away.

His hands softly grabbed your cheeks before he pressed his lips against yours. You sighed into the kiss, your hand resting on his neck as you pressed your tongue into his mouth. His hands steadily made their way down, grabbing at your ass as you pulled him closer.

You two didn’t stop your makeout session until you felt his hands try to slide into your panties. “Uh uhn, no. Go sit down, baby.” You chuckled out as his lips trailed to your neck. “I haven’t had a chance to touch you like this all week, let me have this.” You groaned and pulled yourself away as he licked his lips.

“Sit down, baby. I’ll be there in a minute.” You smiled watching him walk off, mumbling something about wanting to get in your cheeks.


You had just finished twisting up his dreads and greasing his scalp and the two of you were now eating dinner. You had recorded all of Erik’s favorite shows, knowing he wouldn’t wanna miss it. Erik’s eyes shined lightly, the littlest things made him appreciate you more.

When the both of you finished you grabbed his plate and placed them in the sink. You put the left overs in the fridge and made your way to the dishes, Erik coming up beside you to help. You shook your head, grabbing his hands. “I got it, E. Just go upstairs and wait for me. Strip naked while you’re at it.”

You bit your lip and lightly pecked his lips before lightly tapping his ass. “Baby…” he began and you shook your head. “No, listen to me, sweetie. Just go, I told you I want to take care of you today. You do so much for me and people at work. You deserve to be taken care of, honey. Let me do this.” You looked at him, your eyes shining with sincerity.

Erik looked down at you and nodded softly, kissing your forehead. “Thank you, Princess.” And with that he walked off, thanking God for a woman like you.


You ran Erik a nice hot bubble bath, you joined him per his request and sat and talked as you ran your soft hands across his body, massaging his body as he sat between your legs.

“Baby…” he softly spoke as your hands worked at his shoulders. You hummed in acknowledgement. “I’m so lucky to have you.” You smiled and kissed his cheek. “ I think I’m the luckiest of all…” you spoke from your heart, wrapping your arms around him and kissing his neck.

He adjusted his body, turning towards you. “I don’t know what I did to get you but just know you’re my world and I thank every higher being that you were put into my life. You’re my light, you’re my all, baby.” Your eyes were glassy as he spoke his truth.

You pulled him closer and kissed his nose, cheeks, chin and finally lips. “You’re the sweetest, most generous man I’ve ever met. You deserve everything good in this world and if I can give you a small portion of that then it’s an honor.”


You and Erik finished washing and drying each other off, occasionally horse playing and tickling one another (mostly him tickling you.). The two of you were in bed, cuddling. It was peaceful, quiet as the two of you just enjoyed each other’s presence.

Erik’s head rested on your breast as you rubbed his back. His head was wrapped ima durag since neither of you wanted the fresh retouch to be messed up. Erik gently sighed and you looked down, watching him. “What is it, baby?”

Erik lightly bit his lip before sitting up, positioning himself to lay between your legs. “We haven’t really talked about it but…what if we had a baby?” You looked at him blankly, processing his question. Erik began to become worried, trying to remove himself from you. You wrapped your legs around him and flipped the two of you over.

“If it’s a girl we’re naming her Nala, you can come up with the boy’s name.” You smiled and he chuckled, grabbing your waist you flip you back over. You lightly moved his hands and shook your head. You licked your lips and kissed your way down his chest. “Nah, baby. I’m still taking care of you…”

Erik opened his mouth to protest before he lightly cursed relaxing against the pillows as his eyes fluttered closed. “Shit…yes, ma’am.”


A/N: I hope you liked it lovely! Repost, comment, share, etc! Love you guys sooooo much!

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I’m making a new tag list because I lost my old one 😭 respond under this if you want to added to future fics and I will add you!

So far I have



…annnnd das it! Also, do y’all want a part two to “It’s Been a Minute.”? I saw a lot of people asking of there was one!

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It’s Been a Minute

A/N: This is for @nerd-lovely! If you have a request just send it to my inbox and I will for sure get back to you as soon as possible! I switched up a few things, hope you enjoy!

Request: Erik is the reader’s first love from high school and they haven’t seen each other in 5 years. He spots her in the grocery store.


Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

“So…what are we gonna do?” you stared at him, a blank expression on your face as Erik stared back at you. You slowly pulled your hands away from him and he shook his head. “Y/N, listen to me, baby. I love you so much. But the way things are ending up, with you going to a college miles away from mine…it’s the best option.”

You sighed, blinking away tears as you nodded. You gave him a sad smile as he rubbed his thumb over your cheek. “Yeah, I know. Let’s just spend the bit of time we have left together.” You sighed deeply, as he hugged you tightly.


It’s been five years since that day, you and Erik spent the entire summer together which made it even harder to separate from each other when the time came. The night before you went off to college you and Erik spent the night on his couch, tangled into each other. It was a bittersweet moment.

Through those five years you went to your dream college, met new people, got the job of a life time, and had a beautiful baby boy. You dealt with a few pitfalls as everyone does but it never stopped you from reaching towards your life goals.

Today was like any other Saturday. You woke up, you and your 3 year old son, Jamari, cleaned up the house. The two of you got dressed and sat around for a bit before going on your weekly grocery run.

You were currently walking down the aisles, Jamari walking by your side, his small finger hooked onto your belt loop. It was a habit he developed since he was beginning to walk. It was simple but every time he did it, it made your heart melt a little.

“Mommy, can I go get some Lucky Charms?” Your son spoke, and you looked down at home before glancing up at the aisles. Luckily the feral aisle was in front of you so you smiled and nodded. “Go ahead, grab two boxes.” You watched as he nodded, making his way down the aisle in front of you as you turned to pick out the meats you would cook for this week.

Jamari looked over the cereal before recognizing the familiar box. Unfortunately, it was three shelves above him. He huffed, standing on his toes, weakly reaching for the box. When he couldn’t reach he turned, looking for someone to help. He noticed a tall man with a short haircut he was reaching for a different box.

Jamari cautiously walked to him and pulled his pants leg. The man looked down and slightly smiled before squatting down. “How can I help you little man?” The man asked kindly and Jamari gave him a big smile. “My mommy says I shouldn’t talk to strangers but I really want to get our favorite cereal.” Jamari turned and pointed up.

“The Lucky Charms?” The man asked and Jamari nodded. The man reached up and grabbed the box. “She said get two.” Jamari called out and the stranger nodded grabbing another.


Erik had been grocery shopping that day, just trying to get a couple things for his pantry. He was looking for Cheerios when a little boy came up and asked him for help.

“She said get two.” The little boy spoke and Erik grabbed another box of Lucky Charms. He took a moment to look at the boxes, a brief memory of his high school girlfriend popping up in his hand. He remembered that you loved Lucky Charms. He even got you a basket of Lucky Charms marshmallow treats.

“Mister…” the small voice called out, snapping Erik from his daze. “Oh, I’m sorry little man. I was just reminded of someone I knew who really loved Lucky Charms.” He handed the boy the boxes and watched as he tilted his head. “Really?! Maybe they love them as much as me and mommy, where are they?” The boy asked and Erik shrugged.

“I haven’t talked to that person in years, but I hope they’re doing okay.” The boy nodded. “Well, you’ll run into them again! But thank you, sir!” The boy said politely before running off to a woman. He tapped her leg and she turned around, squatting down grab the boxes.

When the woman turned Erik felt some of his breath leave his body. She had grown up a lot but she somehow still managed to look the same. His lips turned up into a smile as his eyes met hers. He glanced down at the boy, seeing him pointing back at him.


You stared at the man, blinking as you took in his features. He had built more muscle and grown a beard. He looked great and he still had that boyish smile you loved as a teenager. You smiled lightly before looking back to your son. “How about you go get the gentleman so that I can thank him?” You nodded towards Erik and your son nodded. He handed you the boxes before running off to the man.

“My mommy want to thank you for helping me.” Jamari grabbed the man’s hand and pulled him towards you. Erik cleated his throat slightly as he walked along with the boy before smiling wider as he came face to face with you.

“Well…hey, I just really wanted to thank you for helping my son.” You spoke, holding out your hand. Erik glanced at it before rolling his eyes. He dropped his basket and wrapped his arms around your neck, pulling you into a tight hug. You laughed and hugged him back.

“Ahem.” Jamari cleared his throat and you chuckled. Erik squatted down and looked up at you. “Remember when I told you about that person I knew who LOVED Lucky Charms?” Jamari gasped and looked up at you. “You know my mommy?!”

“I do, she was, and still is, the love of my life.” He looked at you and stood up. You smiled as your son hooked his finger into your belt loop. “You look…amazing, Y/N.” Erik spoke, moving a braid from in front of your eye. You smiled and gave him a kiss once over. “You don’t look to bad yourself.”

He chuckled and licked his lips. “How about…I take you and…” he paused. “Jamari!” Your son answered. “How about I take you and Jamari our for a movie and dinner tomorrow? So, me and you can catch up?” You smiled and nodded.

“How does that sound Jamari?” Your son looked up at you, then to Erik. “As long as there’s ice cream!” You chuckled and nodded. “I guess you have to get him ice cream too.” You spoke and Erik chuckled. “I’ll make sure to do just that.”

You and Erik exchanged numbers and chatted a little more before you both went your separate ways. You finished up your grocery shopping. You loaded your groceries in the car and put Jumari in his car seat before getting in yourself.

You smiled as your phone dinged, the message reading ‘Hey, mamas. It’s Erik, save my number under “Husband”. You chuckled lightly before rolling your eyes. “Mommy, I like Mr. Erik.” Jamari spoke as he ate a Receese’s peanut butter cup. “I do too, honey.”

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How about CollegeBoi!Erik !? ❤

A/N: Not fully sure if you wanted angsts, funny, sweet, etc. but I’ll just do what I was thinking of!


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

‘Late, fucking late again!’

You scolded yourself in your mind, running to your current class. You had been up studying extensively for a test that was at least a month away. Better safe than sorry, right? Right, unless it causes you to miss one of the most important classes applying to your major.

Your train of thought was shattered after quite literally running into what you thought was a wall, sending you flying onto your back. You groaned, the wind being knocked out of you a bit as you rolled over. You gasped lightly, finally catching your breath as you looked up.

Noticing it was an actual person you hugged as he smirked, pulling up his pants. “You good, ma?” He spoke, squatting down as you rolled your eyes and gathered yourself. “Nigga, fuck you. Do I look like I’m okay? You big bodied ass nigga couldn’t move out the way when you saw me running? You just stood there and waited?”

He laughed, loudly as you stood to your feet, him doing the same. “My bad, you just kinda cute when you mad.” You looked at him, tilting your head. ‘Nigga, really?’ was silently plastered over your face before you rolled your eyes and shoving past him while muttering, “Asshole.”

The mystery man smiles after you. “See you later, Princess.” You scoffed as you picked up your pace and making your way to your class.


Today wasn’t all bad, luckily it was your first time late so you got a warning. In all honesty, you should’ve just skipped the class. Especially since you had work right afterwards, but it was worth it.

Right now, in place of an internship that was currently processing you, you were working at a local, family owned barbecue. It was really just a random find. You ate here once and asked the waiter about the treatment and payment. They said it was all amazing so why not apply?

You were about 3 hours into your shift, serving customers. Most of them were friendly and left good tips, others…well, maybe they had a bad day? The sound of the bell above the door and multiple semi-loud and deep voices coming from the area. The hostess seated them and notified you that they were seating in your section.

You nodded and served a few other customers before making your way to them. “Good evening, I’m Y/N and I’ll be you server for today. Can I start you off with something to drink?” You finally looked up, examining the faces. They were guys, as you assumed and were cute, as well as unfamiliar. Except one.

You smile faltered slightly as you turned to take his drink. “And you, sir?” He smirks, eyeing you before just giving you a simple, “I’ll take a sweet tea.” You nodded and made your way back to the kitchen, rubbing your face.


You, a few workers, and a few customers, including mystery man and his friends. You finished cleaning a few tables and made your way back behind the register. A card and a receipt being set on the counter caught your attention and you met the eyes of Mr. Mystery Man. You quickly swiped his card and handed it back to him. “Have a nice day.”

You give him a fake smile and he leans closer. “You not even gonna say hey to me?” You rolled your eyes and chuckling incredulously, shaking your head. “Hey, Asshole. Have a nice day.” You smile and begin to walk away and he follows after you. “Look, I’m sorry that I’d didn’t move out your way when I saw you coming. I just…thought you were cute. And if you ran into me then you’d have a reason to speak to ya boy.”

You looke back at him, crossing your arms. “You could’ve just stopped and had a conversation with me.” Now, it was his turn to roll his eyes. “From the way you were rushing, you would’ve slapped the shit out of me if I stopped you.”

You laughed, nodding in agreement. “You’re right…so what now?” You looked at each other before he shrugged. “Now? I ask you for your number and you think about it for like…10 seconds then give it to me.” He smiles broadly, showing off his grills.

You laughed again, and shrugged. “You gotta ask me first.” He took a step closer and tilted his head. “Can I, a lowly, unworthy but hopeful gentleman, have the number of such a beautiful…leader of a woman such as yourself?” He smiled at you and as you laughed harder, slightly pushing him before holding out your hand.

He gives you his phone and you enter your number under the name “Yet to Come”. You hand it back to him and he holds out his hand. “I’m Erik.”

“I’m Y/N. But I rather call you Asshole.” She smiles and lets go of his head as he backs out the door, biting his lip before making his way to his car. He waves at you one last time before pulling off.

























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All You Need

A/N: Pumping out fics, baby! Thank you so much for the love and the support! You guys are amazingly beautiful and deserve the absolute best things in life!

Summary: You’ve been having a trying week at work and Erik want to relieve your stress.

Warnings: None. Erik and Reader aren’t engaged and don’t have a child yet.

Word Count: You know me, not knowing and shit.


Originally posted by thezipzap

The clock struck five and you were packing up your things to go home. Your head was pounding and your hands were sore from writing up all your paperwork. You feet were sore from your pumps and your back slightly aches from all the standing. It was Friday and you were just so ready to get home! Your week had been one of the roughest. Your boss had denied your request for a raise but had given your co-worker, a blonde man with blue eyes and that “it’s a man’s world” vibe, a raise without question.

Your mother and father have been struggling with bills so you’ve been helping them the best you could. Erik had been working nights so you barely got to see him besides a quick conversation in the morning. You’d been swamped with paper work. You’ve been overlooked in your meetings this ENTIRE week because they got a new employee, yeah, white woman, and all eyes were on. And on top of that the bitch had the nerve to stuff her head in your head full of curls, effectively making it messy. Did I mention she did it without your permission?

You just wanted to go home and relax. Go to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night, eat some snacks, then go back to sleep. Even if you were tired and it seemed like everyone was stepping on you, you were always the nicest you could be. With that being said, anyone you passed on your way out was greeted and waved goodbye to.

As you made your way to your car, you grabbed your keys, praying to God you didn’t drop them. You smiled as you kept a grip, unlocking the door and quickly setting yourself up so you could make your way home.


The drive home was steady…until you hit traffic. You sighed deeply and looked up. “Why….just why?” You sat back, thinking of how the usual 25 minute commute home would now have an extra 45 minutes added.

The traffic moved on and you finally pulled into your driveway, breathing deeply as you turned your car off, noticing Erik’s car was gone. You rested your head on the steering wheel, slightly disappointed but not detoured.

You gathered your things, getting out and locking the car before making your way to your car. As you pulled out your keys, rifling through them to get the key to your front door, they fell out of your hand. You paused for a moment before sighing and looking up. You squeezed your eyes shut, blinking away the tears. “Please, not right now. Please…” you softly whispered as your hands shook and tears ran down your brown cheeks.

You leaned against the door, dropping your bags and slightly gasping as you cried harder. The week just has been so trying and something so simple as dropping your keys had broken you. You pressed your back against the door, slowly sliding down before covering your face, taking in deep breaths.

You didn’t have time to just sit and sob as you heard a car pull up. You looked up, noticing that Erik had come home earlier. You immediately tried to straighten yourself out, standing up and quickly wiping your tears as you heard his door slam.

His footsteps made you come back from your short breakdown, making you pick up your keys and personal items. As you picked up your last item Erik gently pressed his hand to your back and you straightened up, giving him a fake smile. “Hey, baby!” You spoke, trying your best to adjust your voice.

Erik’s eyes stared down at you, gently cupping your face. “What happened, Y/N…?” His eyes showed his worry and fear. All the exhaustion, tiredness, and fatigue came rushing back and you rested your head on his chest, dropping your things and hugging him tightly as the dam broke again.

“It’s been so hard…this week. I’m so tired, Erik…” your voice was small, weak and quiet, contrary to the blissfully bright, loud yet gentle voice you had. He tightly hugged you, squeezing you as you sobbed harder. “It’s okay, baby. I’m here.” He kissed your head, his heart aching at hearing you sob.

“Come on…” He gently grabbed your keys, unlocking the door and opening it before picking you up, allowing you to wrap your arms and legs around him. “Erik… my paperwork.” You spoke and shushed you. “I’ll get it, Princess. Just let me take care of you first.

You nodded gently, clinging to his muscular build like a child. You placed your face in his neck, breathing in his cologne to calm yourself down.


Erik had ushered you upstairs, stripping you of your clothes as a hot bath was being made in the background. Erik gently kissed your fore head as he hugged you. “I’m gonna go and make you some dinner, you take a bath, do your little skin routine and come downstairs when your ready?”

He pulled away but you pulled him closer, breathing him in. “Can you just order takeout? I want to spend time with you.” He chuckled and nodded grabbing his phone as you walked off to get in the bath. You sighed as you set your foot in, the water seeming to relieve the tension in your muscles.

“Oh my god…” you moaned as you slowly slid your body in, submerging yourself in the soapy, warm water. Erik made his way into the bathroom, placing the phone on the counter. “Food will be here in about 45 minutes. Tell me what happened, Princess?”

He sat himself on the side of the tub and you sighed, rubbing your hand over the bubbles in your bath. “Well…” You began before going into full detail about your week. You continued to talk, your eyes closing as you leaned your head back and Erik’s hand glided across your smooth, mocha skin. He listened to you intently, gently massaging your calf.

“…and that was my trash ass week.” You sighed and opened your eyes to find Erik staring back at you. You gave him a gentle smile as he sighed. “Y/N, you give people so much of you. And I’ll never understand why, especially when they do you so wrong. You take care of everyone, so let me take care of you. From now to the next Friday.”

“Erik, I have to go to work—“ Erik shook his head and stood up, stripping from his clothes. “No, I already called. You’re cashing in some of those vacations days, baby.” He dropped his pants and slid in the bath, sitting across from you and resting your legs over his.

You looked at him before sitting up, straddling his waist as you grabbed his face. His hands rested on your thighs, slightly rubbing them. “I love you…” you whispered to him before pressing your lips to his. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you back with three times the passion.

You slowly pulled away, rubbing his scruff as you pressed your forehead to his, reveling in the comfortable silence.


You and Erik sat on your couch, completely naked besides undies. The two of you had decided against clothes, wanting to be as comfortable as possible. You didn’t wanna wear a bra and he didn’t wanna wear sweatpants. The only option was undies.

You sat on the couch, watching cartoons, saving your movie for when the food arrived. Speaking of which, the doorbell had rang a few times. Erik unraveled himself from you before adjusting his briefs. You turned, following his movements. Erik opened the door, laying the delivery man who had stolen a peek behind him and caught a glimpse of your naked breasts while you were busy looking through the movie selections.

Erik caught him, looking at the young boy, who couldn’t be any older than 18, and chuckled. “She’s beautiful, I know. But you wouldn’t be able to keep up with her pretty ass, even if you did your best. Keep the change.” And he shut the door, leaving the kid scratching the back of his neck, embarrassed.

Erik plopped down beside you with the food, pulling out the containers and setting them on the table in front of you two. Your squeal caught his attention and you leaned over to catch his eye. “Let’s watch Princess and the Frog!” He smiles at your excitements he quickly running to the kitchen to grab two plastic cups.

When he came back he kissed your forehead as you grabbed some chopsticks, “Whatever you want, baby.” You smiled and pressed play, watching the iconic Disney pre-movie scene come up.

You looked over at Erik and kissed his cheek, causing him to look at you. “Thank you, Erik…for being there for me.”

He smiled sweetly and gently cupped your chin, “I’m here to relieve your stress and love you through it all.” He pecked your lips and turned to grab a dumpling.

You stared at him a little longer before turning your attention the food and the movie, thanking God he blessed you with Erik.


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A/N: Babyyyyy, when I say I’m ready to start pumping out fics! My spring break is the week after this one so hopefully between now and then you’ll be getting at LEAST four new fics. Bare with me though!

Summary: Erik said no, but you said yes.

Warnings: Fluff!

Word Count: I don’t know, and I’m not ashamed!


Originally posted by michaelbakarijordan

“Hey, Baby!” You smiled a bit too widely as you ran over and hugged him tightly. He lightly chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist before grabbing a handful of your ass. “Hey, boo. How was your day?” He asked sweetly while you rubbed the scruff of his beard. “It was gooood! I took Nala out for some ice cream, we went to the zoo, we got a dog, and we got your favorite dessert!” You rushed out before hugging him again.

Erik’s eyebrow lifted as he slowly peeled you off of him. “You what?” You pretended to be confused. “Got your favorite dessert.” He shook his head. “Before that.”

“Went to the zoo?” You spoke, tilting your head. “After that.” He spoke and before you could pretend any longer a ball of chocolate colored fur burst out of your room and down the steps, your daughter following it. “Bear, no! Not—…hi, Daddy.”

Flashback to the week before

“No, Nala. You can’t get a dog.” Erik spoke as he sat on the couch, going through paperwork. “But I’ll take care of it. I’ll love it and feed it and wash it! Pleeeeeaaaase, Daddy!” Your daughter asked, climbing on her Daddy’s lap. Erik sighed and shook his head. “Princess, no. You can not have a dog right now.”

Your daughter huffed and crossed her arms. The sound of the door unlocking caught their attention. You opened the door, immediately kicking off your heels and placing down your purse. “Mommy!” Nala ran over to you and you caught her, picking her up. “Hey, baby! How was your day with Daddy?”

“Horrible!” She spoke, sending an unintentionally cute scowl towards Erik. You looked at him as you shut the door and placed Nala down. “Horrible? What happened?”

Erik sighed and shook his head. “Nothing happened. I just said that she can’t get a dog right now. It’s just too much right now, right, Y/N?” He spoke, just knowing you’d agree with him.

You pursed your lips and shrugged. “I don’t think a dog will be that bad. Our schedules are synced right now, so it’ll be taken care of every day. And it will teach Nala responsibility.” You spoke, your daughter hugging your legs and smiling. “Yeah, Daddy! Responsifilily!” You chuckled at her mispronunciation before looking at Erik.

“No.” He spoke sternly and you looked at him. “Erik—…” He shook his head. “No, we are not getting a dog.” You sighed softly and a kneeled to your daughter, your back to Erik.

“I guess we can’t get a dog.” You said but winked at your daughter who played along and sighed before smiling at you.”

Flashback Over

Erik looked at you and you sheepishly smiled. “Erik, baby, I know you said no to a dog but I really think it will help Nala learn to be responsible! Plus she has a furry companion!”

You words were rushed as Erik wipes his face, taking in a deep breath. Your daughter ran to your side, the dog following behind her. “Daddy, can we pleeeease keep him? We named him Bear!” She smiled, showing off the gaps from her missing teeth.

“Yeah, Daddy can we keep him?” You spoke, pouting as you picked up the puppy and showed Erik his face. “Look at that cutie pie! He’s so fluffy and sweet! Yeah, he’s gonna get big as hell but he’s a gentle giant!”

Erik looked down at his two favorite girls then to the pup, then back at his girls. He sighed at their pouts, the dog included, and groaned loudly. “Fine, fine! You can keep the damn dog. But keep him out of the office and if he shits clean it up!”

You and your daughter squealed as you placed the dog back down and they both ran off somewhere. You were making your way to the kitchen before Erik grabbed your waist, pulling you close. “Oh no, you’re not off the hook. That ass is mine for the next week, and you better not run.” He pecked your lips and smacked your ass….hard. You nodded, biting your lip as he walked off.

Your phone rang, your best friend calling you. You had a bit of small talk before she asked, “So, did your plan work? D for the rest of the week?” You chuckled and nodded like she could see you. “Of course it worked. Nala got what she wanted, I get what I wanted, and Erik gets what he didn’t know he wanted.”


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Watch Your Mouth

A/N: Bitch, I’m back. I had to really come up with an idea and I figured I’d be doing AUs of your faves! T’Challa, Erik, Trevante Rhodes, and other people that I haven’t thought of. If you have thought of anyone that you haven’t really seen a lot of five about then let me know and I will get on it!

Summary: Erik should watch what he says around his child.

Warnings: None. Erik and reader are engaged and have a daughter.

Word Count: You know it, bitch. I don’t know.

Note: This should go without saying but I imagine my readers are beautiful and intelligent black women. You don’t like it? Then start adding POC!Readers to more of your fics. And I only do black readers because I don’t want to misrepresent any other cultures! - Nikki 💋


Originally posted by jordanxfisher

“Y/N, where’s Nala’s dress with the green and blue and shit?” Erik yelled from your daughter’s bedroom, rifling through her drawers to find the dress in question.

You and Nala stood in the kitchen, making sweets for your parents’ weekly visit. You’d already prepared something quick and viable to stretch across more than ten guests and your daughter really wanted to make something for granny and pop pop herself. You softly chuckled as you glanced over at your daughter icing the triple chocolate German cake you made by hand, chocolate icing dotting her face.

“Look in the dryer!” You yelled, wiping your hands on your old shirt. “Alright, honey. How about you go upstairs and help daddy look for that dress and I’ll finish icing the cake?” Nala nodded and kissed your cheek before running off.

You smiled as you watched her before turning your attention to the cake, icing it and adding some decorations. The sound of heavy footsteps followed by beads and slight panting made you look up and set down your things.

Just as you rounded the corner to look at your family you were nearly attacked by your 7 month old Newfoundland. He was like a big, cuddly bear. You softly laughed as it ran happily around your legs while you made your way to your beautiful family.

“Did you find the dress?” You asked as Erik made his way to the finished cake, reaching out to touch it. “Yes, I did.” You smacked his hand and he looked at you, cocking an eyebrow. “Then shouldn’t you be getting her dressed.”

You looked to your 5 year old, watching her and your dog play happily. “Daddy says not to get dressed until you put that gel on your edges.” You chuckled, looking back to him, matching his expression. He shrugged and grabbed one of the cookies you’d baked, biting into one. “Fiiiine, come on, Princess.” You smiled and patted your daughter’s puff before yelling as Erik smacked your ass. “Shit getting fatter, you’re welcome.”

You rolled your eyes and nudged his head before following them up the stairs yourself.


“Pop Pop!” Your daughter squealed as she ran down the steps in her dress and sandals. You’d finished setting the table while Erik decided to plop his built ass on the couch and watch the game.

“Heyyy, baby!” Your dad spoke, picking up his granddaughter. You went to hug your mom, kissing her cheek then made your way to your dad. “Hey guys! I’m so happy to see y’all.”

Erik finally got up, greeting your parents. You all said your hellos then the men made their way to the couch while you, your daughter and your mom made your way to the dining room. “So how’s the planning going, Buns?” Your mom spoke, calling you your childhood nickname.

“It’s going good! Only thing Erik likes to make decisions for is the cake and food.” You chuckled, your mom shaking her head. “Just give it some time, he’ll be excited about it soon enough.”

“Daddy says that weddings ain’t for nigga like him.” Your daughter spoke and you and your mother gasped. “Nala!” Your mother yelled and you looked up. “Erik!”


“Erik, hows everything been going at the Outreach Program?” Your father asked as you all ate. You’d pulled Erik in the kitchen and scolded him about watching what he says around Nala. He said he was on the phone but you still told him to watch it, he agreed.

“Really well! We’re starting a new program for foreign students who need help learning English. Figured if they needed the extra help then why not help?” Erik spoke and your father nodded, smiling. “That sounds awesome, Erik.” Your mom spoke up.

You had finished your plate but you were still hungry. “I don’t know what’s going on. I eat and eat but it’s like I’m never getting full.” You sighed, standing up to grab your plate and your mom’s since she asked for extra too.

“Maybe you’re pregnant again.” Your dad called out, smiling brightly. “I need some more grand babies.” You rolled your eyes as you fixed your plates again. “My brother is giving you enough.” You laughed softly.

“Oh! Daddy says he wanted to…um p-puck another baby into you! Does that mean I came out of mommy?” You heard what your daughter was saying just as you made your way back.

Your parents eyes widened before they looked back at Erik. You made your way over to him, smacking the back of his head. “Ow! Damn, I didn’t know she was gonna repeat after me!” He rubbed the back of his head while you rolled your eyes.


“Long day, huh?” Erik asked as he sat on the bed, watching your wash your face and brush your teeth in the connected bathroom. You nodded, spitting out the toothpaste and washing out your mouth.

“It was. So, what’s this about you wanting to ‘puck’ another baby into me?” You climbed into bed, getting under the sheets. He chuckled and leaned closer before you pressed your hand to his face. “Oh no, until you learn to watch what you say around our daughter…” you leaned closer, lightly grazing your lips over his neck before stopping just a hair’s width away from his.”…no nookie for you. Night!” You smirked. “Mannnn, Y/N. It ain’t that deep.”

“You’re lucky she couldn’t get the actual word correct or you’d be on the couch.” You chuckled before looking up at your door, seeing it creak open and your daughter peaking through, her beads hitting each other. “Can I sleep with you, Mommy?”

You smiled and nodded, reaching out your arms. She scrambled in, shutting the door before climbing into you and Erik’s bed. She snuggled herself between you two before Erik switched off the light and wrapped his arm around you both.

It was quiet before a tiny voice called out. “Mommy…” You hummed in response. “Is Daddy sleeping on the couch?” You leaned back, looking at her through the darkness. “No, honey. Why would you think that?” “Because Daddy says you only talk to him like you talk to me when I’m in trouble when you’re being a b-…I can’t renember the word.” She spoke, hugging you. “Erik…”

“I’m going, I’m going.” He huffed and grabbed a pillow and an extra blanket before stomping out. “Talk too damn much, just like her mama.”

“A week on the couch!”



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