#big mamas gonna yell at him
betsy-lee · a year ago
God I can’t wait for this scene! I really love the whole atmosphere in Rise
Tumblr media
Also it looks like they gave Leo a regular Katana since the pommel of Leo’s odachi is blue, bummer. But i’m also excited since we’ll get to see Leo’s sword skills!
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erodasfishtacos · 4 months ago
i think that everyone is and will be babying ezra and its the cutest thing ever☹️he js just their precious little thing
He’s everyone’s little baby. He needs an extra little love at all times.
also this turned from him to a briar blurbs idk enjoy
Harry and YN are in the kitchen, prepping dinner when four-year-old, Briar toddles in with six-year-old brother by the hand.
“Ezzie’s sad,” She squeaks, tugging her tearful brother along to their parents, “Cash was hiding an’ scared him!”
“Oh bubba,” YN hums, setting down the knife and squatting down so he can run into her arms and she hefts him up, “Tell me your feelings, baby.”
“I’m sad because he hid behind the couch and then yelled at me,” Ezra replies, sniffling as he speaks and nuzzles into his mom’s neck.
Next thing they know, Cash, is racing in with tears in his eyes as well and a furrowed brow, “Briar needs a time out!”
“Oh?” Harry asks with amusement, Briar glares at her brother in betrayal.
“No!” The little girl screeches with a foot stomp.
Cash returns the evil look, “Bry hit me with a book!”
“It’s ‘cause you scared Ezzie!” She huffs angrily, reaching over to smack him on his shoulder with frustration.
Harry steps in, reaching down to lightly grasp his daughter’s wrist, “Absolutely not. We do not hit, d’you understand?”
“He scared Ezzie!” She repeats, tries to wriggle away, using her other hand to smack her father’s arm with a pout.
“No, daddy!” Ezra whines, agitated with his little sister, as Cash watches in surprise with how she’s acting.
“Alright, c’mon. Step, now,” His voice is firm, his lips tight as Briar protests passionately.
Briar shakes her head and her father has to hold back a laugh because she makes the same grimace that his wife makes when she’s angry.
“Get y’bum on the step, if daddy has t’ask you again then you’re not going to Nana’s tomorrow with y’brothers.”
And well…YN can’t help but drool at little bit.
There was something about when Harry was parenting that was so attractive to her.
“Daddy,” Briar’s face drops in distress, “Want t’go to Nana’s. Mama?”
YN shakes her head, “Listen to your dad and go to the step with him, yes?”
She lets out a kittenish whine before stomping off to the staircase with her father in tow.
Harry gives Briar a little talk about how she needs to let them parent and she isn’t responsible for punishing Cash or protecting Ezra - that’s their job.
“Mama, m’sad,” Ezra tells his mother in the kitchen as she pops him onto a stool before patting the other one for Cash to climb up.
“Tell Cash,” She encourages her youngest boy.
“I don’t like when you scare me, it makes me cry,” Ezra tells his brother with a pout, his little arms crossed.
Cash huffs, unwilling to apologize, “I was just joking around!”
“It’s not funny!” Ezra returns back at him.
“You know he doesn’t like when you do that, Cash. If you do it again, you also aren’t gonna go to Nana’s. Now apologize, yes?”
At the threat of not going to Anne’s, he frowns but looks over and sighs, “I’m sorry I scared you.”
“S’okay. You play babies with me?” Ezra asks hopefully with bright eyes.
“Yeah, I’ll will,” His older brother agree, helping him off the stool.
YN squat down and pulls Cash into a big hug, “Sucha good big brother, Cashy. Thank you, baby.”
His bright green eyes lose the sadness at his mothers warm words and hugs back before trotting off with Ezra’s hand in his.
YN calls after them, “Are you okay, Ez?”
“Yes mama,” He chirps before scampering down the hall towards the playroom.
YN steps out to the foyer where Harry is standing with his arms crossed over his broad chest and his daughter is sat on the stair still.
“Uh oh, why are you still on the step?” She asks her daughter who is glaring at her father with daggers of anger.
“Daddy’s mean,” Briar tells her mother, she has one shoe in her hand and the other one is lying limply on the floor by her father’s feet.
She chucks the second one at her father, hitting him lightly in the thigh, and then it drops next to the other one.
“She throws like her daddy, I’ll give her tha’,” Harry mutters before he’s giving his daughter a stern expression, “You are not goin’ t’Nana’s anymore. We do not ever throw things at other people to hurt them, Briar Anne Styles.”
And YN again, just drooling at her husband being a father.
It ends up with a ear-shattering screech and an onslaught of tears, “No dada, no!”
“You threw a book at Cash and shoes at me, after y’already got put on tha’ stair. No Nana’s,” He repeats but YN can see his facade faltering a bit because he struggled to discipline his baby girl.
Briar absolutely screams bloody murder, turning to start to run up the long staircase but both parents hearts pound because she could get hurt.
“Briar Anne!” Harry bellows in frustration, taking the steps quickly to snatch her around the middle and carry her back down.
“Mama, mama, mama,” The toddler chants in hopes of being saved from the situation.
“C’mon, we’re going to go sit in the kitchen, okay? You, me, and daddy,” YN hums, brushing the tears from her hot cheeks.
When Briar is sat on the countertop, a sippy cup of water in her hands, and a sad tint in her facial features.
“I think you owe your father an apology for hitting him with your shoes,” YN encourages, standing next to her with a knowing look.
Harry’s eyes had softened now, stress level coming down, and he murmurs, “I’m waitin’, baba.”
“M’sorry, daddy,” She lisps out quietly, a shutter of her chest and tears start falling again, “Love you, love you.”
“Oh, no tears. C’mon, lil’ mama,” He pouts, can’t help but pick her up and cradle her with a few kisses to her curls, “We need t’use our words when we’re mad, yes? Like Ezzie, we don’t hurt others.”
She nods into his neck, “Sad I’m not going to Nana’s.”
“You know for next time now, smart girl,” He reassures her, they were always firm and didn’t give empty threats so she would have to stay home and she knew it.
“Love you,” Briar sniffles to Harry, hand twining into his locks and holding there to keep him close to her.
“I love you,” He tells her firmly, “Always gonna be m’baby.”
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prettyboykatsuki · 7 months ago
would u like to elaborate on ur baby fever with bakugou 👀👀👀👀
cw ;; fem!reader, pregnancy talk, daddy bkg, suggestive ish 
i just think bakugou goes his whole life thinking he won’t have kids. not bc he wont want them but he’s a brash, callous man and he can’t picture himself falling in love. and when he does, he can’t picture himself staying together. and when that happens - he sees a baby and a momma in the street and thinks about it all day. you’ve mentioned you want kids before but he never said anything back bc.. he was scared. 
but he wants them, he thinks. with you. adopted or not - as long as you have a family, bakugou is a happy man. he comes home and confesses this to you half asleep in your bed. 
“i think.. we should try,” “try? try for what?” and he nudges into your neck and grunts “for some fuckin’ brats” 
the rest is history really. you do by the way - try for some brats. every time he’s home he has you pressed up somewhere, kissing you sweet and saying he can’t wait to put a baby in u. he does eventually, gets u round n big w his kids.
he’s terribly over-protective of you. for about a year - the man is out of the media unlike usual. he will bite anyone who tries to get working overtime. spends all of his free time taking care of u and ur belly. 
it makes me so.. he gets all nuzzled up to you whenever he can. scolds his future kid about kicking you and hurting you. kisses you belly and rubs it - does the thing where he holds it up for you whenever possible. just so enamored. talks about what he’ll name your baby all day
doesn’t wanna know the gender bc he doesn’t care. i know ppl see him as someone w a daughter but i love picturing him a w son. a big, chunky ass baby. bakugou knows he’s gonna be a mamas boy as soon as he sees him but god does he love him. 
splitting image of him in terms of eyes n hair. gorgeous rlly. baugou always talks to him soft - never yells. just a gruff voice soothing him through his tantrums. rubbing his back and saying “i know it’s tough little man. stick it out or you’ll wake up your mama” 
always wakes up to change the diaper bc he wants you to rest. feeds the baby when he can (gets offended when he tries to breastfeed LMFAO) but he loves him so much. 
he hates the media trying to assign him hero work so he goes live, on air, with baby strapped to his chest. he covers his ears and goes “my son will be WHATEVER THE FUCK he wants to be AND the best at it. fuck off you freaks” before kissing ur babyboy on his head and asking him if he’s hungry. 
will harass you to give him some daughters next lit as soon as he fuck can. menace but he can’t picture life without at least one more brat to take care of. he’s just so happy with you and your baby. his phone background is u n him in the hospital. 
loves playing peek-a-boo. loves carrying your son on his shoulders when he’s big enough. loves your little family more than anything in the world. when ppl ask him why he’s a hero - he softens and goes “ive got people to protect, same as you” 
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minthoneitea · 18 days ago
2 Am
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal x male reader
Note: I saw this and instantly got outta bed so I could write it before work! As per request this is a Modern AU! Sorry for this being so long! 
Warning: Use of weed, Make out session, bullying, a little internalized homophobia
17: I want to kiss you
Tumblr media
When Bruno first met Y/n, they were both small kids in preschool! Bruno nervously watched him from afar as he played with other kids. The poor toddler himself was always made fun of for his rather big nose and often not included in games his classmates were playing. 
So, Bruno watched from afar for a few months, trying to gage the best time to interact with his hopeful new friend! 
But one day, as Bruno was building little sand castles in the sand box, the playground bully came stomping over to him. 
“Hey nerd!” Little Bruno flinched at the shout as he looked up from his sitting position in the sand. “Your nose is so big, when you lay down I bet I could use it as a sundial!” The older bully and his friends began to laugh. 
This bully was only a year or two older than Bruno, him being 5 years old himself. 
Tears brimmed Bruno’s eyes as he pulled the small ruana he was wearing up and over his nose “S-Shut up! No it isn’t!” He yells back trying his best to defend himself. 
The bully then reaches down, grabbing a handful of sand before dumping it into Bruno’s mop of curls. His heart drops as he knows that his Mama will be yelling at him later for this; this caused the tears to finally slip down his face as he cried.
Y/n was watching from afar from where he was playing hopscotch with the other kids but stopped when he heard the bullies laughing. Anger grew in Y/n’s small body as he watched Bruno cry and shout for the bullies to stop as they kept kicking sand into his face.
Stomping over to the older kids, he shouted “Leave him alone!” Y/n had always been tall for his age, making everyone think he was slightly older than he was. The bullies turned and glared at him “Get outta here and go back to your bean stolk giant!” The few kids snickered. 
Y/n thought for a second, a flicker of a memory from his older brother’s playfully arguing with each other came to his mind. 
“You’re forehead so big I could land a plane on it!” Y/n shouted crossing his arms as the main bully’s face fell. “W-What?” The other kids around him began laughing their heads off. 
“Take that back!” The kid yelled as tears came to his eyes “Awe...gonna cry about it?” Y/n teased. 
Bruno sat there in shock as he watched the bully run away, his friend in tow. 
Y/n looked down at Bruno before sitting next to him then he began to brush sand off of Bruno’s ruana and hair “You okay?” Bruno was in slight  shock. A stray tear fell from his eye and Y/n gently wiped it away, it had been a LONG time since someone used such gentle hands with the toddler. 
Since that day, the two have been inseparable.
Tumblr media
Fast forward a few years to middle school. Bruno had his own personal bodyguard! No one ever really seemed to pick on him fearing his tall best friend would come around the corner and knock them for a loop! 
Also, around this time is when Bruno started to get funny feelings around Y/n. Weird flutters in his stomach, blushing when Y/n would lay his hand on his shoulder or lower back as they moved through the crowded hall, and even some daydreams about the two cuddling in the meadow just behind the school.
It made Bruno feel...weird...
Why is he feeling these things around his best friend and no one else? He decided to ask his sisters, maybe they would know! 
So, one day after school, Bruno walked up to his sisters as they were playing with some toys. “H-Hey...can I ask you guys something?” The two triplets look up and nodded “Yeah!” Pepa said happily. 
Bruno sad next to his sisters and began unloading everything “I...it’s Y/n... I don’t know why but..S-Sometimes I feel, weird around him.” He glanced up at his sisters as they waited for him to speak more.
“I get weird like butterflies in my stomach, and I-I blush whenever he touches me and...I just wanna be near him all the time but also...Not be near him at all because of the way he makes me feel!” Julieta giggled a bit before clapping her hands.
“Bruno! You have a crush!” Pepa giggled as well “That’s so cute!” The two girls began bubbling on and on about how they could help Bruno ask Y/n on a date and even help him set up a little picnic in their backyard. 
Bruno wasn’t listening though, his mind was swirling! 
He liked Y/n...a boy! He had a crush on a boy! That can’t be true! He wasn’t gay! Or was he...
“No! I don’t like Y/n like that! You guys are lying!” Bruno shouted standing before storming off to his room to cry. The two sisters looked at each other with a sad look, they didn’t mean to upset their brother! They just wanted to help. 
Tumblr media
Bruno nervously wrung his hands together as he stood in line at graduation. Everyone was waiting to walk onto stage to get their high school diploma! He was surprised he made it through high school honestly. 
Y/n was a few people a head of him, he looked back at his bestie with a wide grin causing Bruno’s heart to flutter once again “you got this!” Y/n mouthed giving him a thumbs up.
That helped ease the anxiety that settled itself into Bruno’s heart, making it its own home. Taking a few deep breaths as name after name was called.
Bruno was probably the loudest to cheer for Y/n as he walked across the stage, even louder than Y/n’s family themselves. And as Bruno crossed the stage, Y/n was just as loud from his seat in the crowd; standing and shouting “That’s my best friend! Yes Bruno!!!” A deep blush resting across Bruno’s face as he stepped off the stage watching as Y/n rushed up to him to hug him tightly. 
After the graduation ceremony was over, Bruno gathered with his family outside of the venue. Happily taking pictures with his sisters, all of them holding their degrees “Where’s Y/n?” Alma asks looking around for the kid she watched grow from a toddler.
“Right here!” Bruno turned and couldn’t stop the lovesick grin as he flung his arms around Y/n listening to him laugh as he hugged him back tightly “We did B!” Y/n cheered as he gently tickled his bestie.
Bruno squirmed away laughing a bit as Alma started insisting on all four of them taking picture together.
Tumblr media
Bruno took a deep breath before exiting his car. 
It had been a rough two years while Y/n was away at college, Bruno was at a different college; their interests for degrees being different so they didn’t go to the same school. 
Y/n offered to have Bruno over for the week as spring break started. Bruno didn’t have any plans and neither did Y/n so, the two decided for a reunion! But it wasn't like they didn’t stay up on the phone almost 24/7.
Following the directions Y/n gave him, Bruno navigated his way through the college campus until he got to Y/n’s dorm room nervously knocking. Y/n flung the door open “Bruno!” He shouted before pulling his friend into a tight hug. 
Bruno laughed hugging Y/n back quickly before moving further into the dorm room. “Wow, you always had a thing for good decorations,” Bruno said as his wandered from thing to thing on the room’s wall. 
“Thanks!” Y/n said picking Bruno’s bag up and setting it on the bed across from his own “I don’t have a dorm mate so, you can use this bed if you want!” Y/n looked over at Bruno finding him already staring at him. 
Y/n blushed clearing his throat as he chuckled, sitting on his own bed “or... we could share a bed and cuddle like we did as kids?” 
Bruno admired Y/n, he had pride flags all around the dorm. Y/n was an out and proud queer man, something Bruno wished he could be but feared what his mother would think of him. 
“Bruno?” Y/n asked waving a hand in front of his face, breaking him from his thoughts “huh? O-Oh! Yeah! Th-That’s fine!” Bruno said rubbing his arms slightly.
“Perfect!” Y/n then stood going over to his desk pulling out a jar that held rolled blunts “Want a smoke?” Bruno watched as Y/n opened the jar taking out one of the blunts. 
“Uh...Yeah!” Bruno had been stressed over spring finals and the drive here, so why not relax a bit? “We won’t get in trouble for smoking in here?” he asks as Y/n sits on the bed pulling out a lighter.
“Nah, when I signed up, I asked for a smokers room” Y/n brought the blunt to his lips, holding it between them before cupping the end of it and lighting it. Bruno watched as Y/n took a long drag from the roll before exhaling it and offering it to him. 
“You can sit on the bed B, we aren’t strangers” Bruno’s heart fluttered at the nickname before climbing onto the bed. He then took the blunt from Y/n’s hands, ignoring the spark he felt from their hands brushing as he too took a long drag. 
The smoke filled his lungs and he coughed a bit “Not much of a smoker?” Y/n chuckled taking the blunt as Bruno handed it back “No, I’ve smoked a few times but..” he shrugs. 
The two adults laid cuddled together as their minds were fuzzy and warm; the food they had ordered to the dorm was sitting on the bedside table only half eaten. 
Bruno gasped as Y/n began tickling him roughly, a loud laugh leaving him as he began trying to get away from Y/n climbed on top of him “Thought I forgot you’re ticklish Huh?!” Y/n shouted laughing with Bruno.
This went of for a few more minutes before Bruno moved in a way where Y/n lost his balance, falling chest to chest with him; their faces dangerously close.
They stared at each other for a moment before Y/n chuckled saying “are we about to kiss?” The tiktok audio living rent free in his brain at the moment. 
Bruno didn’t catch on that it was a joke, his face beat red as he whispers “I want to kiss you...” Even over the music that was playing from the speaker on Y/n’s desk, he heard it. 
Y/n froze for a moment, his mind too fuzzy from the two blunts their shared to try and think straight. 
Bruno began to fear the worst as his anxiety came back ‘He’s gonna kick me out!’ ‘He doesn’t want to kiss you, you idiot!’ 
He was about to push Y/n off of him and run out of the dorm but stopped when Y/n quickly leaned forward mushing his lips against Bruno’s. 
Bruno froze at the kiss before reacting quickly. With a whimper Bruno brought his arms up and around Y/n neck, pulling him in deeper; savoring every moment Y/n’s were on his own. 
Y/n’s tongue slipped from his mouth and into Bruno’s, their tongue’s rubbing against each others. Bruno could taste the pizza and coke they two had shared on Y/n’s tongue. 
This brought an involuntary moan from Bruno’s throat as he tried once again to pull Y/n closer to himself. 
Y/n thought the moans and whimpers Bruno was letting out sounded better than the music playing, like a symphony he waited YEARS to hear in person. A deep blush spread itself down Y/n’s neck as Bruno’s hands began to wander; a quiet gasping leaving his lips as Bruno’s hand roughly grabbed his ass. 
Bruno took this time to push his own tongue into Y/n’s mouth, wanting so bad to taste everything he could as the voice in the back of his head told him Y/n was only doing this because he was stoned. 
Y/n couldn’t help the urge to bite and mark the man below him so, he pulled away from Bruno’s lips to begin kissing his way down his chin to his neck. Bruno breathed in fast breaths as he leaned his head to the side feeling as if this was all a dream. 
A loud whimpering moan let Y/n know he found the spot he was looking for, taking that spot in his mouth sucking and biting the skin to leave marks there to be seen tomorrow morning. 
After leaving multiple marks on Bruno’s neck, Y/n pulled away admiring his work before gently grasping Bruno’s face in one hand “there,” he whispers. Bruno looked up at him with nothing but love in his eyes. 
“Now everyone knows who you belong to,” Pressing a quick kiss against Bruno’s swollen lips before getting up and turning the music off. The digital clock on the wall shown that it was now 2 in the morning.
Y/n climbed back into the bed, pulling Bruno close and kissing his head gently. 
“W-Who I belong to?” Bruno asked looking up at Y/n who looked down at him with a look that made Bruno’s mind run wild with dirty thoughts. 
“Yes. You’re my boyfriend now, no one else can have you,” Y/n said softly pressing their foreheads together. 
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zemosimp05 · 5 months ago
So far I haven't seen anything related to a dad!bucky, perhaps with a younger reader as a wife, that would be very cute, Can you do something like that?
Okay okay Daddy Barnes actually hits different….so hears little head canons of series.
Tumblr media
First of all get ready for a huge panic attack as you had zero mind set , zero plans of getting pregnant. You and Bucky didn’t even got out from your honeymoon phrase but boom, just 3 months after your marriage, you’re pregnant. And thanks to your pills not working against his super soldier sperms.
Well you’re young…and seriously you two had no plans on getting a baby at least in the first two years of marriage but here we are.
Okay don’t give this man a heart attack just after coming back from a mission, by telling him that his little wife is pregnant. May be make a nice dinner for him. No still not then , he gonna choke on his food so wait for the right time. May be after dinner…when you two just cuddling in the couch or getting into a mood for another heated sex, drop the bomb.
“I need to tell you something…” you’re hella nervous because your husband won’t be expecting this.
“Yes doll? Everything alright...?” he would ask bit worriedly seeing you all tensed up.
“I’m pregnant…” and Bucky just froze there looking at you in disbelief.
“I know we have zero plans….I don’t know h-“
“I’m gonna be a dad?” He would whisper still in disbelief.
“Ye-yeah….listen I know it-“ you would try to convince him as you know this grumpy man.
“I’M GONNA BE A DAD….” He would yell at your face smiling like crazy, making you astonished.
“Oh god doll….YOURE GONNA BE THE BEST MAMA….” He would just crush you with a hug , kissing you over and over again repeating “I’m gonna be a dad…” and how much he loves you . Well you would start to laugh in joy too. You would cry a little too getting all overwhelmed with emotions, and seeing your husband this happy.
Okay congratulations. You have unlocked another level in your husband’s nature. Your protective husband has now turned into a overprotective one.
Don’t forget Sam. He’s the first person Bucky would call saying that you guys were having a baby.
Bucky won’t let you do anything basically. Abort all the mission, his wife and baby needs him.
Though Bucky was a drama king but he knew how to handle your mood swings.
Well the more you get pregnant the more your hormones starting to act up. One minute you’re yelling for chocolate ice cream next minute crying because Bucky didn’t call you pretty today. Basically it’s either food or your husband’s dick, these two were your prime mood. And your soldier was always ready to comply.
You already knew Bucky gonna be great father. He would be talking sweet sweet things to your growing baby bump , how he’s so in love with her already, how he can’t wait to spoil her little baby girl. Yes it’s a girl. Though it didn’t matter to you guys as long as the baby was healthy.
And when the actual day would arrive, it would feel like Bucky was the one giving birth. He would be practically shaking , nervous as fuck, holding your hand when you would bring your beautiful daughter to this world.
You’re crying, the little one crying, Bucky crying too. Everyone was overwhelmed with emotions.
“Careful…” you mumbled softly as the nurse would let Bucky to hold your new born. He’s just terrified as if holding the smallest, most delicate creature in his big arms. He’s so proud of you. Well you’re crying again seeing your husband holding your lil baby.
She has his gorgeous blue eyes, but your hair colour. Bucky has now two dolls to take care of.
You would often wake up in middle of the night finding the other side of the bed empty. Walking in your daughters room your heart would just melt again seeing Bucky on the sofa sleeping and your little angel sleeping peacefully on his chest. Gwad how much you just love these two people.
Don’t be surprise if her first word was “Da..Da…” . Clearly he’s Bucky’s lil princess. Miss Y/D/N Barnes.
From her first steps to her first day of school Bucky would be there (or try his best to be there balancing his work) in his daughter’s life taking care of her, supporting her. He would spoil her with gifts.
Your daughter surely would start to pick his father’s mannerisms, habits, basically becoming a little version of Bucky. She would be smart but way too talkative. Always rambling about something. Her best thing to do tell Bucky about her day when he would return from a mission.
Well she knew her daddy was a superhero and what's his superpower? His metal arm. She would put sticky magnets on his dad's arms while playing or sometimes just draw on it with markers... And Bucky wouldn't even bother to remove it. His daughter made tattoos on him and he would proudly carry them.
Think about your daughter yelling at Bucky “you’re not my daddy…” every time he would shave his beard. Yeah she’s your daughter too, so obviously she gonna pick some of your traits too, mostly your likes and dislikes.
Sometimes it’s get hard , handling her when Bucky’s away in longer missions. She won’t listen to you, throwing tantrums as she would miss bucky. Well you’re daughter was clingy just like you were to Bucky. And Bucky was beyond happy to have two of his baby dolls obsessed with him. He never felt this kind of love and fulfilment in his life. And he’s beyond great full to you that you have blessed him with this wonderful life.
Some days bucky would get frustrated too. You acting bratty, your daughter acting bratty and Daddy Barnes would just put both of you girls in detention. "No sweets for you today you little miss... And you big girl no orgasms for you tonight...". Well Daddy makes the rules in this house.
And just like that one day he would just say “I miss seeing you pregnant…so full…so beautiful… carrying our baby….”
“Doll…Let’s make another one…”
Tumblr media
Imma go and cry in the corner ok bye. 🖐🏻😔 also forgive me for my poor grammar. Reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!💕
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agentofbarnes · 7 months ago
How do you think grant would react to
Mom being upset with him for shouting at her
I need some angst it’s been one of those days if u don’t mind 💗🌸💗
empathy ~ the barnes’ au
warning || angst, bucky being a comfort, grant and reader are both sad
note || here it is now pls stop bullying me
Tumblr media
You couldn’t control your emotions, not when you were four months pregnant with twins. The hormones were out of hand and everything had you crying. Luckily, Bucky was a prince amount men and was always there to lift your spirits.
Unfortunately, you weren’t the only empath in the house. Grant Barnes felt nearly everything you did. Now mixing in the feelings of being a teenager and striving to be perfect into the aura of anxiety. He was overwhelmed, much like you would get sometimes. He was buzzing with anxiety and you were making it worse.
Grant knew in his heart that you couldn’t help it, and you were trying so hard to help, but it was just too much. He had so much going on with school, baseball, and student council. On top of that, you were in need of so much help.
“Grant, you need to calm down, okay?”You tried to ease him when he was stressing over his upcoming test. He had been at the kitchen table for two hours, his hands threading through his hair as he was on the verge of tears.”It’s gonna be okay, just relax for me?”
“I can’t fucking calm down when you keeping hovering over me with all your sporadic emotions! I can’t take it!”Grant screamed, pushing up out of his chair with a huff.”Just leave me alone for one moment!”
Your eyes went wide immediately, bottom lip trembling under Grant’s glare,”I—“
“No, stop trying to make it better, you can’t soothe me, you can’t do anything, I gotta figure this out on my own,”Grant quickly picked up all of his stuff, storming off to his room with a big huff.
You stood frozen in the kitchen, tears falling on your cheeks after your baby boy lost it on you. You could feel the rage in his aura, it was all over the house and you were drowning in your own sadness. It slowly turned into anger, making you storm your way back into his bedroom.
“Grant Buchanan Barnes, you don’t not get to yell and curse at me!”You swung the door open, making Grant’s eyes widen at the sound of your raised voice. You never rose your voice.”I let you get away with a lot of things, but—I’m not gonna let you talk to me like that, I’m doing my best and I’m sorry that you feel like I’m hovering, but that’s what mothers do! I don’t care how angry you are, you will not—“Your voice broke, not able to hold back the sob anymore,”You don’t get to treat me like that, I-I raised you better than that....you can lose your temper, but you know better than to purposely hurt people’s feelings. I hope you feel better, I’m sorry you’re overwhelmed.”
You didn’t wait for a response, slamming the door behind you and sighing out with a sob. You went back into your own room, curling up into Bucky’s pillow.
“Baby doll! We’re back!”Bucky called out with Becca bringing in the food.”Gray?”
Bucky went to Grant’s bedroom first, finding him in tears and staring at the wall.”Hey, bud,‘what’s going on?”Bucky cooed, shutting the door behind him and sat on the edge of the bed.
“I yelled at mom,”He murmured in shame, tears falling faster than he could wipe them away.”I didn’t mean to, but...all the emotions got so intense and she’s so full of feeling, I dunno how to handle it...and I snapped, and she cried and yelled at me,”Grant cried, going to hide his face in his pillow.
“She yelled at you?”Bucky asked incredulously, knowing you must have been very upset to yell.
“She’s so hurt and I’m a terrible son, I can’t believe I yelled at her.”
“You aren’t terrible, you’re just sensitive to her right now. You both have this issue, difference is she cries and you get angsty,”Bucky rubbed his back gently,”Why don’t you and Becca rent a movie while I take care of mama, just watch something happy and take care of yourself. You’re working to hard trying to suppress the feelings, sometimes you just gotta let it happen.”
Bucky kissed his head, giving him space while he tells Becca what’s going on quickly before going to his own bedroom.
You look so sad and adorable curled up on his side of the bed with puffy eyes,”Oh baby doll, he didn’t mean it.”
You sniffled, making grabby hands for your husband.”I screamed at him, baby, I never—“
“It’s okay, he heard you, he knows what he did was wrong and he’s so upset with himself. We just need to give him some space,”Bucky whispered, laying down so that you could curl up against him instead. You buried your face into his chest, clinging to his shirt while he held you.
“Am I too emotional? Shoulda I just lock myself away and until I give birth?”You asked with a cry, but Bucky rubbed your back lightly.
“Baby doll, no, you are carrying two babies, you are t two emotional, you’re perfect and I will be so upset if you lock yourself away,”Bucky cooed, tilting your face up so he can kiss your tears away.”Tonight, let the kids have some time together, I told Becca that you needed me to yourself, and Grant needed her, okay?”
“Is Becca okay with that?”
“She wanted me to give you kisses but yeah, and also she insisted that she gets you in the morning,”Bucky chuckled,”See, you can’t lock yourself away, our kids will literally riot.”
“Can we take a bath, together of course?”You asked softly, making Bucky nod gently.”Yeah, anything to bring a smile on your face.”
Bucky spoiled you the rest of night, and the next day was a new day with Grant and Becca smothering you in love. Somedays were hard, but it always worked out in the end.
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i-cant-sing · 8 months ago
How would (Yanderes of your choice) react to a pregnant darling? Like the second she tells him she’s preggers, how would they react?
Yanderes x pregnant darling
Mmmhh, I'll be doing Todoroki Clan, Overhaul, Bakugo Clan, Ushijima Wakatoshi.
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Yandere Todoroki Clan:
Okay, so the clan finds out you're pregnant, perhaps due to a fling or something, just kids being dumb and all. The first thing they do is calm you down. Obviously, they are all very disappointed in you- but with the way you're sobbing, its clear that you're very sorry as well.
Whether you want to keep the baby or abort it, the family will 100% support you. Either way, Dabi is going to kill whoever knocked you up. Sorry, thats non-negotiable.
They are all constantly hovering over you. Rei is always making you nutritious food, Fuyumi is applying stretch mark creams and helping you to the bath, Shotou is always right by your side, either to help you walk or give your sore feet massages. Natsuo is making sure that you're eating all your vitamins, checking if you have bleeding gums or any nutritional deficiencies. Rei and Natsuo always accompany you to your doctor appointments, making copies of your tests and prescriptions.
Enji is keeping up with all your cravings, no matter how weird. You're craving ice chips? Alright. You want ice cream at 3 am? The fridge is stocked with your favs. Oh no, you want soft serve? Its okay, princess, I'll drive us there. I'm sure they'll open the store for the no. 1 hero.
Dabi is surprisingly very understanding. He's not reacting badly to any of your mood swings. If you're mad at him, he won't do anything to infuriate you anymore. If you're crying because you can't get off the floor on your own, Dabi will calmly pick you up and take you to your bed. He knows stress is not good for the baby, and you're also a baby in his eyes, so he'll be uncharacteristically sweet and patient.
I can also see Enji giving you his card so that you can shop for the baby, but the rest of the fam just push you into bed and huddle up close to you as they all look at the laptop with you, doing online shopping. You will have to sneak in a Endeavour onesie since your brothers keep on removing the item from the basket.
Yandere Kai Chisaki:
When he finds out you're pregnant with his baby, he's quiet. There are million things running through his mind. On one hand, having a baby will have you more bound to him, you'll fall into Stockholm syndrome faster. On the other hand, he's possessive. He doesn't want to share you with anyone. But you seem to want it, and should you ever return to your hysterical ways and run away from him, he could use the baby to against you.
Oh man, Kai is not only getting the best OB/GYN for you, he's doing extra check ups on you too. We already know he's gonna have a whole medical room for you, fully equipped with the latest technology. He doesn't trust you when you say you're fine. He's there with you throughout the whole process, and he has his men monitoring you when he's busy.
Oh and when it times when you can find the baby's gender, if you say you dont wanna know and want it to be a surprise, thats fine. But he's going to find the gender, he just won't tell you about it. He needs to be mentally prepared.
Kai will cater to all your needs. He will help you bathe, dress, watch you swallow your vitamins. Whatever cravings you have, he will provide for you, but to an extent where its not harmful. Like you can have sweets, but not too many.
He will talk to you even in a more patronising tone than before, bending down to your height so that he's eye level with you, and then he explains why you can or can't do certain things.
Knows your hormones are going crazy, so he won't react when you yell or cry, just waits for you to calm down so that he can take care of you again.
Likes to rub your belly, not because he cares about the baby, but because it eases your pain (also becausehe wants to near you). He will absolutely rub your sore muscles and will even let you take walks in the garden, with him accompanying you of course.
He's just really sweet to you. Well, sweeter than before.
Yandere Bakugou (+ clan):
Oh so you're pregnant with a Bakugou? The happiest day of his life! No, abortion is not an option unless its endangering your life. I can see him wrapping his arms around you and spinning you around, hes over the moon! He's going to wipe your tears away and wash away any fears you have about starting a family. Katsuki tells you he will support you 100% and to hell with your family if they disown you for it. He's going to take care of everything, just be with him.
First things first, he's gonna propose and marry you. Next thing, you're gonna have to leave your job or put your studies/career goals on hold; you're pregnant with his offspring- he's not allowing you to put yourself in danger like that.
He is up in an instant when something is wrong, always worrying over you whenever you hiss or whimper in pain. If you listened to him, Bakugou would always be taking you to the hospital for anything. Luckily, you didn't.
Considering that you're both still young, and Bakugou is focusing on becoming the no.1 hero, I imagine you move in with his parents, or at least somewhere close to them, so that they're always able to pop in and check in on you. Mitsuki is taking your measurements (that change as your bump grows) so that she's making maternity clothes, made specially for your needs and requirements. And not to mention the cutest clothes she makes for the newest addition for the family.
Masaru will be taking care of all your cravings, and is unsurprised when you want spicy food (but makes sure its not hot enough to give you an ulcer lol). Tells you all the stories about Mitsuki when she was pregnant. And then they both show you Katsuki's baby pictures and all the embarrassing stories.
And when Bakugou returns home, he ushers you to lay down on the couch so that he can talk to the baby. Scolding the fetus for giving its mother a hard time, before breaking out in a grin when the baby kicks back.
Bakugou definitely loves to take you on late night drives, adoring the way your eyes take in the city lights. He lets you play your favourite music and buys you your favourite foods, not once complaining about your mood swings or anything.
Yandere Ushijima Wakatoshi:
He's all smiles. Gentle, soft smiles.
So happy he's going to be dad, and even happier that you're his baby mama. He's going to hug you and kiss you so sweetly, before pulling you to his chest as he tells you how happy he is. He'll tell you that he'll take care if everything, he'll provide for you and the baby. You just be his good little housewife.
Wakatoshi will wake up before you so that he can appreciate the way you look when the sun rays illuminate your face. He'll be rubbing his hand over your bump anytime he can, always kissing it before showering you in affection.
I can see him waking up every time you have morning sickness, pulling your hair back and patting your back as you puke.
Very hesitantly buys you the belly pillow for pregnant women, but he knows that he cant be there for you all the time because of his matches. But don't you dare use the pillow when he's around. He gets jealous.
Loves, LOVES taking baths with you. He settles you in the bathtub very gently, before taking his place behind you, his strong muscular thighs trapping you. He carefully washes you, humming in content as you lean back against his chest and cup the soapy, scented water over your belly, the bump glistening.
Big, protective himbo will be doing as many house chores as he can, you just need to cook him some food and rest. I can just see him sneaking up on you and pulling you to him or into his lap, kissing your earlobe, while his big, warm hands rub your belly, whispering in your ear how beautiful you look and how he lucky he is to have you.
So happy he baby trapped you💖
Tumblr media
God, I love them all so much. Now, this is just like off the top of my head, but I wouldn't mind going in details if someone were to ask for one of my babies *coughs* Bakugo and Todo Clan *coughs* also *coughs* love Ushijima *coughs*
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i-writes-things · 2 months ago
Mom's home.
Mom!Natasha x Daughter!reader
Summary- Natasha finally gets Home for a very long mission
Warnings- Arguing,
Authors Notes- You will understand why I posted this first before the Thanksgiving story, when the Thanksgiving story is posted.
Extra Pairings::
Avengers x platonic!reader
Clint Barton x platonic!reader
Tumblr media
Not my Gif*
You stopped to look out the small window in the door that connected the Compound to Helicopter pad for the fourth time since your arrival to the small room
You had be up there twice already this morning, your mother was coming home today; she had been away on a mission for almost 3 weeks now
Natasha was one to only come back, once the mission was completed.
You half hated that about your mom
In your defense she was gone quite a lot
"ugh, this could not take any longer.." You groaned to yourself and flopped onto the ground leaning up against a rack of empty pistols
After a few moments of silence, you heard the faints sounds of what could be the Quinjet and jumped of the ground, gluing your face to the small piece of glass in the door. Looking around for the Quinjet, finding nothing, but an actual helicopter maybe 2-3 miles away flying away from the Compound
After deciding to come back later and check again, you walking back down to the kitchen
"She back yet?" Clint asked you, while finishing up his ham sandwhich
You shook your head "Nah, she'll be here soon though, right?" You asked him hopefully
He turned and smiled at you "Of course, she always comes back.." Reassuring you, he looks you up and down "Have you had lunch? You look tired." You shake your head again "Nope. I've been up by the Helicopter pad, waiting for mom." You say walking over to the fridge and opening it
"what to have, what to have.." You just stared at the fridge not able to think of how you could put all the food together to make something
"Hey, Clint?" "Yeah" "What do we have for lunch?"
He looked over at you "Uh, Ham Sandwiches," He held up his sandwich for you to see "I think pasta from last weekend, and taco makings.." He smiled at you
"Thanks." You turned back to the fridge still not sure what to have for lunch, but your thoughts were interrupted by Jarvis
"Excuse me, Miss Y/n, your mother has just come into view on the Compound's security camera's. She will be arriving very soon." The AI finished talking and Clint brought you back to reality
"Y/n/n, you might wanna go back up to the Heli-Pad, Nat's home." He starts to walk that way hoping you would follow him
You swing the fridge door closed, accidentally slamming it, but you didn't care
Mom was home.
You ran pass Clint and huffed right back up the stairs, then wanting to, but never stopped running, especially when you see the Quinjet hanger door opening before you were even outside
You put your arms out to push open the small weapons room door that you were in early, and in doing so the warmth of the sun hit you like a brick, just now remembering how cold you were
"MAMA!" You shouted to her as her boots hit the cement and she smiled at you, dropping the duffel bag she was carrying to hug you
"Y/n!" She said back to you with a big smiled as you slammed in her, and almost knocking you both over she hugs you back and holds you tight
"Hey bubba, i missed you.." She whispered to you kissing the side of your head
You missed her so much and didn't say anything trying to hold back your tears, and instead just moved yourself closer to her
She rubs your back, and sways you both side to side til your mom heard Clint come outside to greet his best friend
She picked her head up and leaned away from you slightly "You Idiot, I thought you were gonna clean the control panel, it is disgusting." You felt the vibrations of her voice echo through her chest as she yelled at him
"I did." Clint says mockingly and throws his hands in the air at you both
"How was the mission, took you maybe 2 months just to get back." He says sarcastically "This one," Clint points at you, still in your mother's arms "was missing you big time," Natasha tried to hold back a smile "went and slept in Wanda's room four nights in a row." You look up from where your head rested on Natasha's shoulder and scolded him
"Hey. I thought no one was gonna tell. And it was only three nights, not four." You leaned away from your mom fully and crossed your arms childishly now feeling embarrassed
"Come on, you two, lets get inside.." Natasha picked the duffel bag back up with one hand and grabbed your hand with her other, pulling you along, back inside
"Y/n, you want a ham sandwich?" Natasha asked you casually as she made herself a PB&J
"Yes, please.." You said as you fell back onto the couch
"Hey, I am trying to watch my show." Clint said annoyed at you
"All i am doing is jumping on couch and then falling less an 10 inches away from you, it's ok.." You said sarcastically
"Y/n, don't fall on Clint." Natasha said mindlessly
"I'm not.." "Nat, are you doing a debriefing today?"
"Are you trying to get rid of me, Barton?"
"That is not what I said, I am making sure my dork of friend is doing her work." Clint said taking a bite of his sandwich
"I am going to talk with Nick after I get my daughter and myself some Lunch, Clint."
"Yes, Y/n.."
"What's for Lunch?" "Y/n. I am making you a ham sandwich which right now, silly girl.." She said a little annoyed
"Oh, right.." You giggle to yourself and jump
"Y/n-" You landed on Clint "Sorry Uncle Clint.."
"Y/n. What did I say about falling on Clint..?"
"I didn't mean to.." You said getting off Clint and walking over to the counter
She raised a brow at you "Ok, I might have maybe probably tried to fall on Clint.." You said sitting down at the counter
"Here is your sandwich," She said kissing your head "I am going to my debriefing with Nick, and will be back for Dinner, okay?" She said handing you a plate with your ham sandwich on it and giving you a hug
"Bye bye Tasha.." Clint said waving his hand high in the air still watching the TV
"Bye, Clinty.." She said ruffling his hair and left the room
"Where is Nat?" Bruce asked the rest of the table
You, Wanda, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Tony and Thor all sat together at the long table.
Natasha had been down stairs with Fury doing a mission report for almost 2 hours. Thor sat next to you across from Tony, with an empty seat on your right; your mother's seat
Sometimes Wanda or Steve would come and sit on the other side of you, to help you forget your mom was on a mission or just to keep you company
For you it only made you remember even more that she was gone, but you did like that they filled the usually empty chair
Thor's booming voice and Tony's sass filled the room, arguing, like always, over stupid stuff. They argued about a lot, mostly about who's the strongest, but sometimes they would talk about Thor's room being bigger than Tony's, and how Tony built the place and picked everyone's rooms. Some nights it would be about how old Steve really is, and on a extremely rare occasion everyone would go around telling something that happened in the last week or in the coming week that was exciting, or how school was for you, but that was using your mother or Wanda or even Steve sometimes. asking you quietly whilst everyone argued behind you...
You heard faint footsteps and remembered your mom was at a debriefing with Fury, you turned your head over to the door and watched and waited, but saw nothing..
"What do you mean?!? You could have taken that room Stark." Thor shouted, mouth full of food
"How could I have known, it is right next to the corner of the Compound you idiot." Tony shouted back, pointing his fork at him
"Idiot?! I am no idiot, you fowl miss-guardian!" He bellowed at Tony as a lightning sparked in his eyes. They both stand, Tony summoning his Suit
"Thor. Tony. Sit down, and stop shouting." Natasha said sternly and they both quickly followed orders
"How did you guys get by for three weeks withou-" She looked at the wall behind Tony and there was a hole the same size as The Hulk with a few pieces of duck tape strapping from one side to the other, doing a poor job of trying to cover it up
"It was Tony's fault." Clint said casually, Nat stood there shocked which turned to disappointment and then to anger pretty fast "What the hell, Tony."
There was a moment of silence before Tony could answer her
"You really shouldn't swear in front of your daughter." Tony countered
Everyone including yourself knew what was about to happen
"Tony, don't you dare tell me what I can and can't do. I trust my daughter to understand, that I am not swearing towards her and that is correctly directly at the person I am talking too, got it?" She gives him a death stare and Tony gulps hard
"Got it, Romanoff." He says quietly looking back down at his plate, while everyone around the room is silent, silent until Morgan; sitting next to Pepper, starts giggling to herself and you notice her doing so
"Daddy, you are in big trouble!" Morgan shouts down the table as Natasha sits next you and pulls you in for a hug from the side
"love you.." Your mom whispers just for you to hear
"Love you, and I don't even remember that happening.." You said defending your own , you had done nothing, but still...
After Dinner most everyone would go and watch a movie or talk in the Living room, but Natasha telling Tony off was quite awkward, so everyone was doing their own thing tonight, not you though, you actually wanted to be with your mom
"Momm.." You yelled down a hallway, after not being able to find her
"Y/n?" Natasha asked from behind you
You screamed and ran forward a little after jumping
"What the heck, mom. You scared the crap out of me.." You said catching your breath
"Oho I'm sorry," She chuckled "what did you need me for, bub?"
You look at the ground "I was, um wondering if we could do something together? I mean you have been gone so long, and I really missed you an-" Natasha pulled you into a hug "And Morgan would have made me watch Moana again.." You say leaning into her touch
"mm, this is nice.." You mumble to yourself
Natasha chuckles and asks you "What do you wanna do tonight, my sweet girl?" she leaned away to see your face
"Umm, how about we watch Moana.." You suggest sarcastically raising both your eyebrows
"No no- Please no. I was kidding." Natasha laughs at your bad joke and you lean back into her hug
"How about a movie? We could watch what is the-" "no, movie would last to long." You responded yawning into her neck
"You tired..?" She asks you softly "nah uh. am not." You yawned again "That doesn't count." You say leaning fully away from her
"I think it does, when it's almost nine o'clock and you have been up since," She stopped for a moment to think "Since fourth this morning."
"Hey- Who told you that?" You looked at her almost offended "I talk to people,"
You cough alittle and respond "Steve" Cough cough
She looked at you side ways and a little disappointed "What do you mean, Steve?"
"What do you mean?? Everyone knows Steve would do anything for you, mom.." You state as if it should be obvious to her
Instead of questioning you on this more, she complete changed the subject "You said you were tired, right?" "I did not, and stop trying to change the subject." Natasha lets out a heavy breath "You know I love you, and I am willing to tuck you in, or watch a movie, or whatever you wanna do, but I will not be talking to you about this right now, okay?" You roll your eyes "Finee.." You start to walk down the hall, she follows, questioning you
"Where you going, Y/n/n?" She asks catching up to you
"To bed, can you tuck me in, mama?" You ask her sleepily
"Sure Bubba, come on.." She takes your cold hand in her warm hand and you both walk down the hall towards your room
Natasha turned your bedside Lamp on as you went to the bathroom and brushed your teeth
You walked out and made sure you closet door was closed
Then you settled yourself in bed, your mom came to sit beside you on the edge
"Goodnight, my sweet girl, I love you so much, yeah.." She leaned over and gave you a big hug with multiple kisses on your cheek
"Okay- Okay, goodnight, mama, I love you.." You said and yawned again, as Natasha leaned away from you saying "So, sleepy.." She stroked your cheek and moved a piece hair out the way of your face
She smiled as you fluttered your eyes closed, but opened them quickly trying to stay awake
You brought Natasha back into another hug
"Mama?" "Yes, Baby?" "What are we doing tomorrow..?" "Oh, um- Probably going shopping for food, and oh, right- We need to go get our dry-cleaning tomorrow.." She peppered you with kisses again
"I missed you, Y/n/n." You smiled to yourself
"I am just glad your back mama.." Natasha started to get up and went to close the door
"Mom?" You sat up in bed
"Yes?" She answered unsure what you were going to say
"Goodnight, mama.." You said and laid back down and closed your eyes
"Goodnight.." Natasha closed your door and smiled to herself, happy to be back home with everyone, but especially her little girl...
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madjazzhatter · 2 days ago
The Bruno Madrigal Family
pairing: Bruno x Female Reader.
part1 /part2 /part3 /part4 /part5
Tumblr media
Should I continue the story even after the movie?? Genuine question. I could get in more detail with Y/n and the kids interacting with Bruno and the family some more!
“So” you start, knocking your hip into his playfully.
Bruno looks at you than shifts his eyes ahead, “sooo?”
“So now that everything is working out with the vision and Mirabel saving the Miracle, how do you feel about your future?” You grasp his hand as you walk between the walls together.
“Well, I, I mean it’s great and all but…”
“I dunno” he shrugs, “I just have this inkling feeling that things aren’t going to-“, a crack forms between the both of you, “-work out as planned” he looks back at you worriedly.
You look up from the crack and rub your own cheek, “well I…” you sigh, “I’m not going to say things will be okay, because I don’t know; But, I can assure you that, house or not, we’ll get through this together a s family.” you give him a smile then peck his lips before making it back to the room.
Bruno looks at you with a relieving grin on his face than looks over at his boys.
“Mama, papa!” Manuel and Oscar run up to the both of you and give you a big loving squeeze before looking up at you, “Mama, have you seen pa use his powers?” Manuel asks pridefully.
“They’re so cool! The sand on the ground went all Whoosh and swirly an, and fwoom!” Oscar and Manuel both try to reenact Bruno’s magic ability.
You laugh at their playfulness than nudge Bruno on the arm, “See? They love you even with your supposed “creepy” powers” you grin at him.
Bruno rubs his arm than chuckles lightly, “Yeah, I guess they do” he smiles at his kids than looks around for his daughter, “Hey, where’s your hermana?” He looks behind them than looks back at them.
“Oh, uh, she went to go visit Isabela with Mirabel, last time we checked” Manuel puts his hands in his ruana.
“Do you want me to go get her?” Oscar asks
Bruno bites his lip as he thinks than nods his head, “Yeah I think so. If something happens to the house, I want the family to be together”
“Got it!” Oscar salutes then vanishes. Manuel looks over at the green glitter that’s left behind than looks up at Bruno, “Why would the family have to be together if something happens? What’s going on??” He asks a bit worriedly then quickly looks to his left, “Que?!” He says frantically then looks over at Bruno, “the house is going to fall apart??” He pulls at his hair.
“Oho maybe” Bruno clears his throat awkwardly than shifts his eyes away from his son, “who were you just talking to?” He asks.
“To Abuelo Pedro-“
“What!” He asks before the house begins to violently rumble. “Ohhh no” he frowns then the cracks begin to form on the walls and floor.
“Okay!” Bruno quickly picks up Manuel, “we gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go!” He repeats than looks around the room frantically, “ah! Where are you brother and sister!” He bites his lip nervously then squeaks as a piece of ceiling collapses a foot away from him, “Holy, Okay I’m sure your brother and sister are fine, we gotta go now!” He says quickly than grabs your hand and starts running down the hall as the room collapses behind you three.
“Ah, we aren’t going to make it!!” Manuel yells then hugs his fathers throat.
“Gah!” Bruno gags then looks stops running and looks around, “We’re gonna make it!”
“We’re not gonna make it!” Manuel shakes his head, screaming.
“We’re gonna make it!” Bruno yells then quickly grabs the bucket from the wall and puts it on his head.
You grab the rats and stuff ‘em into your dress shirt, “Bruno what are you-“
Bruno protects his sons head than breaks through the wall with his bucket hat, “Aah!” He flies outta the house than tumbles down the hill.
“Papa, are you okay??” Manuel grips his fathers ruana. Bruno groans as he sits up then takes the bucket hat off, “I’m okay” he says then looks up at Mirabel.
“Ay Ay Ay!” You run outta the house through the hole in the wall then make it to Bruno’s side, “Bruno, Nelo! Are you okay??” You ask than look up and see Mirabel, “Mirabel!” You scream than glance over at the family as they try to make it back inside. “Where are Oscar and Beatriz??” You ask with scared eyes.
“Stay here. I’ll be right back!” You tell Bruno and Manuel than quickly run to the others.
“Oscar! Beatriz!!” You call out than spot Pepa hugging Oscar and Beatriz, protectively as they watch the house falling apart.
“Mi Hijas!” You quickly run up to them, hugging tightly, “Gracias, Pepa”, you say than look back as the house collapses to the ground.
“Mirabel!” You all yell, frightened then run to the rubble.
“Sss ow” you hear Beatriz say then quickly look back and see her hand his bleeding, “Ah, how did you cut yourself??” You ask worriedly than gently take her hand into yours.
“I dunno. I think when I had fallen after trying to grab the candle for the family” she bites her lip as she looks at the cut on her hand.
Pepa holds Antonio than looks over at you and Beatriz, “What happened??” She asks with worry.
“She cut herself trying to grab the candle” you say then rub your daughters cheek comfortingly.
“Ah, lemme see if mi Hermana can help. Julieta come quick!” Pepa calls out.
“Ow. It really hurts” Beatriz whines.
“Julieta!” Pepa yells again.
Bruno looks over at you and the kids then bites his lip anxiously, “Nelo, go to your ma and hermanos while I go do something okay?? Tell your mom I’ll be back” he ruffles Manuel’s hair.
Manuel nods his head than quickly hugs his father, “Be careful!” He yells as he runs to you and his siblings.
“Manuel!”, you hug him tightly, “where’s your father?” You whisper then look back at him
“I’m not sure but he said he’d be back” Manuel says then looks over at Pepa, Oscar and Beatriz, “What happened?” He asks then looks back at you.
“Oh, you’re sister got a little scratch on her Mana, but it’s okay now, she’s fine.” You rub his shoulder. “Oh okay”
Julieta runs back to you guys panicking, “I can’t find Mirabel!” She says on the verge of tears.
“What?” You and Pepa look bewildered.
“When I left to help Beatriz I told he to stay where she was but when I went back, she was gone!” She covers her face.
You frown than hug her tightly, “don’t worry we’ll find for her” you say then look back at the kids, “Cmon, we need to look for Mirabel” she says then holds Beatriz hand.
You and the kids look in every corner, piece of rubble and bush in search of Mirabel but find nothing.
“Mirabel!!” Oscar calls out than plops onto the floor sadly, “lf I had my powers we probably would’ve found her by now” he says with a sad sigh.
Manuel sits beside him and punches his arm, “and you said you hated your Gift” he scoffs, “Mirabel!” Nelo calls out.
Oscar gives him a side glance then looks towards the trees, “I could’ve helped if I had ‘em now” he says.
“Should’ve been thankful” Manuel shrugs.
Beatriz punches him.
“Ow!” Manuel rubs his arm.
“Nelo, stop talking” she says then pats Oscars head, “It’ll be okay Oscar. I’m sure we’ll find her, Powers or not” she says then places her hand on his shoulder, “and, you’re useful with and without your powers so stop hurting yourself” she smiles at him with a toothy grin.
You look down at your kids and smile at them than hear people start announcing that Mirabel is back.
“Mirabel is back, Cmon! We need to head back to the others” You say than help your kids off the ground then walk back to the rubbled house.
“Mirabel!” You call out happily than walk up towards her until you’re pulled aside by Bruno, “Bruno!” You look behind you, “the others will see you if you-“
Bruno cups your cheeks, “Mirabel and Amma know already. Don’t worry” he smiles
You blink, “¿¿seriamente??”
He nods his head than gives you a big smooch on the lips, “Yep. I’m home” he sighs happily then grabs your hand and pulls you out from hiding.
Juliet and Pepa look over at you and Bruno and silently gasp in surprise.
Bruno gently squeezes your hand than let’s go
than waves, “Hi” he says awkwardly before being grabbed and lifted by his sisters.
You watch them happily.
Camilo watches them in confusion, “Okay so we gonna talk about Bruno?”
Antonio grins, “that’s Bruno”
“Yeah there’s a lot to say about Bruno, I’ll start okay, Pepa! Sorry ‘bout your wedding, didn’t mean to be upsetting. That wasn’t a prophecy I could just see you were sweatin’ and I wanted you to know that your bro loves you so. Let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it gooo!” He sings then walks to you and Julieta.
“That’s what I’m always saying bro!” Felix smiles.
“Gotta lotta apologies I’ve got to say” he rubs his arm shyly.
Julieta pulls him in for a hug, “Hey, we’re just happy that you’re here okay?”
Pepa pulls him close, “Come into the light!”
You and Agustine join them in a hug, “The triplets all reunit!” You both sing.
“And no matter what happens. We’re gonna find our way!” They both give him a loving squeeze.
Dolores elbows Camilo, “yo I knew he never left I heard them everyday!” She smirks.
Abuela looks back, “What’s that sound??”
Antonio looks out, “I think it’s everyone in town!”
*cue the rest of the musical number*
Bruno nibbles on your ear and than gives you a big squeeze along with the kids before Casita starts dragging you all together. Bruno loses his balance but you quickly grab him then look at the camera with a big smile.
“Everyone, together…” Abuela announces.
Bruno holds your hand while your kids stand beside Antonio with big smiles on your faces, “La Familia Madrigal-Aah!” You all announce before Casita shoves you all together. Taking the picture mid shove.
Hey if you’d like me to continue The story, I would love too!
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simp4dracosstuff · 17 days ago
Not her 2(d.m.)
Tumblr media
It has been about three months since I broke up with Draco. And when I tell you it was hard for me, it was hard.
And it still is.
I miss him so freaking much,but at the same time I don't. I want some time to myself, to make me realise that I am worth it. I feel like I have lost myself trying to be enough for him. Keyword:trying.
I still spend hours crying over him. Hours crying as to why I wasn't good enough to make him move on from her.
I never told him to forget Astoria. No. I just asked him to move on. But obviously that didn't work.
I am trying to forget about him. I really am. But I just can't seem to do so. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I see him. I miss his touch, his voice, I miss everything about him. But then I don't have to go through constant comparison, arguing and constant reminder of how I am not Astoria, and how I will never be able to be enough, even though I might love him more than Astoria could ever do.
I don't think I could ever be able to forget him, or even move on. I just can't seem to let go. And him and I working in the same department doesn't help. That's why I haven't attended work since the break-up. I didn't want to see him. But I can't be at home forever. I have to face him someday. And today is that day. I am going to work after 3 months finally. And I am dreading it, because I will have to face him.
3rd PERSON POV It's been a week since Y/N has re-joined the ministry and so far its not that bad, mainly because she hasn't seen much of Draco. Its kind of awkward between them. No, actually its very awkward.
Draco would always try to start a conversation, but Y/N would only give short responses and dismiss him. She only talks to him when she really has to. She also has visited Scorpius a couple times, and every time she visits, he would call her 'mama' and she would always remind him that she's not his mum anymore, and never was,while looking at Draco sadly.
Today, Y/N is in a better mood, because it's her birthday. When she came to work, she was greeted and wished by many people on her way to her office, and that brought a smile to her face.
Right now, she was sitting in her office, recalling the time when Draco forgot her birthday. And she didn't even say anything to him, thinking it was just because of work. She scoffed at the memory.
On the other hand, Draco was on his way to her office, along with Scorpius. Scorp insisted that he had made a gift for Y/N for her birthday, and he wanted to see her. Breaking-up with Y/N was hard for Draco too, and he's gonna lie if he said he doesn't miss her. He didn't realize how dependent he was on her until she was gone. He still loves her too. Life is hard for him without her. She always used to make him feel better. But she isn't there anymore, but for her own good. He wants her to move on, to find someone better than him, or so he thought.
He knocked on her office door and heard a faint 'come in'. He was about to enter when he heard his name being called. He turned around and saw Harry Potter, the head of the department. "I want the file I gave you yesterday, I have to check something in it.", he said. Draco nodded his head and turned to Scorpius. "You go inside. I'll be there soon,yeah?", he asked. Scorpius nodded and rushed inside.
"MAMA!",he yelled excitedly. Y/N looked up from her work and smiled. "Scorp, I have told you I am not your mama", she sighed.
But Scorpius just ignored her comment. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,MAMA!", he crawled on her lap and showed her the drawing he made for her birthday.
The drawing had 3 stick figures, the smallest one had 'me' written above it. And the tallest one had 'dad'. And the last one was Y/N's, which had 'best mama' written above it, in a messy yet beautiful handwriting.
Y/N sadly smiled at the picture.
"Do you like it?", asked Scorpius, looking at her with his big grey eyes. Y/N smiled and hugged him close to her.
"I love it, thank you so so much Scorp!", she kissed his head repeatedly.
Scorpius then crawled down from her lap and pulled on her hand, which made her stand up. "Let's go somewhere!", he looked up at her. "And where do you want to go, Scorp?", she chuckled. "Let's go to...Hogsmeade?", he asked her. "I am sorry Scorp, I have work. How about we go when I finish my work? Till then you can...play here?", she looked at him expectantly. "Okay!", he smiled up at her and went to explore her office.
Just then she heard another knock, and in came Draco. He looked at her from head to toe. She looked really good(and hot) in her white formal attire.(its above if you wanna see it) He always liked when she dressed formal, but never told her. When she noticed him check her out, her cheeks burned, which she tried to hide. She cannot feel this way anymore, she tried to remind herself. "Uh..Happy birthday, Y/N!", he greeted awkwardly, looking at everything but her. "Thanks", she coldly replied. He then looked and her and said the words he might have never said to her before. "Y-you look really good", he complimented.  Something in her snapped when he said this. "I'd prefer if you don't comment on my appearance", she snapped. Scorpius was busy exploring the various kinds of quills in her quill stand. How dare he? He never complimented her when they were together, why now then?
And Draco felt something in his stomach at this, and they weren't butterflies.
Just then, they heard a knock on the door. It was Y/N's secretary. "Excuse me ma'am, but there's someone who would like to meet you.", she said. "Belle, I told you so many times to call me Y/N, and who is it?", she asked confused. "I don't know, but they said they know you." "Alright..send them in." She was still confused as to who could this be when the door opened again, and in came someone Y/N hadn't seen in a while. Ernie Macmillan. Y/N's bestfriend since Hogwarts. He shifted to America just after graduation and Y/N hadn't seen him since then. She gasped and ran up to hug him. "Oh my god, Ernie!", she spoke into the hug. He chuckled and hugged her back. "Yes, it's me." "I missed you! How have you been?", she broke from the hug, pure excitement written on her face. "I have been fine. How have you been?" Y/N took a deep breath and answered with a small smile,"I am good. When did you get here?" "Just yesterday, couldn't miss my bestfriend's 23 birthday now, could I?", he teased. "It's so good to see you again", she smiled. Ernie just looked at her and smiled. "Happy birthday, Y/N", he said and hugged her again, unaware of certain grey-blue eyes glaring at them.
Ernie broke from the hug and looked behind Y/N to see Draco and Scorpius. "Malfoy", he greeted Draco with a single nod which was returned by him. He then looked at Scorpius, whose attention was now turned to him. "And who might you be?",he asked Scorp with a smile. Scorpius puffed his chest out and answered,"Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy." He definitely got that from his father. Ernie just looked at him and chuckled, surprised by how he looked exactly like his father. He then turned to Y/N again. "So, do you want to hang out later? Maybe we could catch-up?" "Sure!", Y/N smiled. "How about we go for dinner tonight then?" Before Y/N could answer, someone cut off. "NO! Mama and I are going to Hogsmeade today!", Scorpius pouted. Possessive, just like his father.
"Mama?", asked Ernie and looked at Y/N with furrowed eyebrows. Before Y/N had the chance to explain, she got cut off,again. "Yes, Mama.", Draco interjected. "But didn't you marry Greengrass?", he asked. Y/N looked at Draco and saw him tense up, so she decided to answer for him. "Ernie, Astoria uh..died of a blood curse.", she sighed sadly. "Oh, I am sorry Malfoy.", he said with sympathy, to which Draco just nodded. She turned to Ernie again. "And Scorpius calls me 'mama' because I-uh..me a-and D-Draco..w-we"- Before she could finish, Draco cut her off, again. "We are dating." She looked at him with widened eyes. "What?",she half-yelled. "We are dating." "No, we are not. I don't think you remember but we broke up,Draco.", she answered coldly. Scorpius and Ernie just looked at both of them. "Uh..I think I should g-go.", Ernie said. He then looked at Scorpius and thought it was best if he doesn't witness his dad and his 'mama' argue, so he asked him if he wanted to go get ice-cream, to which Scorpius happily agreed to, forgetting all about the argument.
After they were gone, Y/N turned to Draco again. "What was that,Draco?", she shouted. Draco just looked at her and walked closer, and she took one step backward with each step he took forward,until her back hit the wall. "W-what are you doing?",she asked, her voice weak, when Draco suddenly put his head in the crook of her neck, and she felt something wet on her neck. He was crying. "I am sorry, I am so so sorry.", he kept whispering into her neck. "Please take me back, please give me another chance.", he was now starting to cry harder. "I miss you. I m-miss you so f-fucking much. I know you deserve better, someone who'll take care of you much better. I am just m-messed up, I know that. But I am s-selfish, I can't stand seeing y-you with someone else. I lost Astoria, I can't lose y-you too." Y/N lifted his head from her neck so she could look at him. He looked devastated, which brought tears into her own eyes. "But Draco, I am not her, I cannot be her, I don't wanna be her." "Yes, you are not her. You are you. And I am sorry I didn't see that earlier.I love you as you are. You don't have to be her, just be with me. I am sorry for all the pain I put you through,but please give me another chance, I promise I'll be better. I promise it will be worth it. I want to make up for all the times I hurt you. Just please.", he looked at her with pleading eyes. The same eyes that melted her heart everytime she looked into them. Including this time. She slightly nodded her head and watched his eyes lit up. She gave in, once again. She simply couldn't resist him. "R-really?", he asked with hope in his eyes. "Yes.", she nodded again and bit her lip. Draco's eyes went to her lips, and he connected his lips with her, in a passionate,loving kiss. She tried to pull away for breath, but Draco deepened the kiss. He finally let go, both out of breath. He buried his face in her shoulder and kissed it lightly. "Thank you, thank you, Y/N. I promise it will be worth it. I love you, my darling.",he whispered.
And he did change. He did become better at expressing how much he loves her for her. They both got married shortly after, and not to mention the pure look of excitement on Scorpius' face when he found out that he was going to be an elder brother.
REBLOG AND REPLYY (I just love replying to comments:))
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{if you want me to mention you, dm me:)}
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babyloposts · 7 months ago
New BakuBaby
Tumblr media
(Ughhh I love this anime. Any excuse to use my baby Kotaro I’m gonna take)
Dilf!Bakugou x poc!fem!reader
You and Katsuki knew better than to let lil mama get comfortable, but that’s exactly what you did. 5 years of blissful marriage with your little girl (that wasn’t so little anymore) and you felt that now was a good time to start over and have another. Katsuki wasn’t opposed to the idea he was more worried about how your daughter would react. She had already gone 13 years being an only child and she was spoiled rotten. Neither of you had any idea how she would react.
But one late night, coming home 2 bottles of wine deep after a date, the protests of your teenager were the last of yours and Katsuki’s worries. Plus you just so conveniently stopped taking your birth control about a month ago, so the timing was perfect.
Katsuki must have had some Olympic swimmers even after all these years because it only took one try before you were missing your period and waking up with morning sickness. Your husband was surprised, nervous, excited, and ecstatic all rolled into one. He forgot what it was like to have a new born and he was so happy that he would be experiencing all the highs and lows of pregnancy with the love of his life.
You waited well after your first trimester to announce your pregnancy to people and the first on the list was the most nerve-wracking, your daughter. You and Katsuki sat her down on the couch together and presented her with a small Polaroid. It took her all of a second to realize what was going on.
“We’ll it took you long enough.” She chuckled. Katsuki’s nose and brows scrunched at his baby girl’s reaction. He was expecting a full blown meltdown but it seemed she was being mature? “It would have been nice for us to not have such a big age gap, I mean 13 years? I’m practically gonna raise the baby myself.” Well nice to know one thing hasn’t changed. She still had no type of filter.
“You’re happy, then?” You asked hope practically radiating from your skin.
“Yeah, of course I am! I pretty much figured it out a month ago, though.”
“Wha- you did?” Katsuki questioned.
“Duh. All the signs were there. Morning sickness, the glow, plus Mom’s boobs have gotten bigger.”
Yep, no filter.
All your friends and family were super excited and supportive about you being pregnant and your pregnancy wasn’t that bad. At least, your first trimester wasn’t that bad. You didn’t start getting big until you were six months in and that’s when pregnancy, with all of its cravings, aches and mood swings, hit you with full force.
Katsuki, of course was super protective over you. Basically waiting on you hand and foot throughout your third trimester. He’d give you massages on your back and swollen feet, hold your baby bump up for you, run your baths, make late night trips to the store and whatever fast food you were craving (even if he would act like it was a burden to him, he wanted to go out for you). He was perfect, albeit a little over protective, especially when his friends came to visit you.
“Stop crowding her, and leave my kid alone! They’re kicking cuz they want your hands off of his home.”
“Y/N, is he always like this?” Mina giggled.
“Yeah even with his mother. He’s such a helicopter parent, and husband.” You laughed rubbing your bump with care.
“No I am not!”
Katsuki was so cute. He was just happy to be experiencing everything with you since he wasn’t around the first time. Even with Hero work you and his family came first, always.
The day finally came to push that big headed baby out of your cooch and you don’t know who was more annoying in the delivery room. Katsuki who was freaking the fuck out the entire time, his mother who was yelling at him to calm down because he was getting you worked up, or your daughter who was giving you a full play by play of what the doctor was seeing down there as you pushed. If it weren’t for your own mother being there, holding your hand, to keep you sane you might have kicked them all out and birthed the baby alone.
Once your daughter announced that the head was coming out Katsuki went into dutiful husband mode holding your other hand and telling you to keep breathing. A few insults were hurled at Katsuki for putting you in this pain, but he knew you didn’t mean it and it would all be worth it in the end.
And finally your son was in your arms and the mixture of your cries with his were filling the room.
Soon you settled into your new life of sleepless nights and living only to serve your little parasite precious baby. Katsuki somewhat knew what he was doing. He got full custody of your daughter when she was four months so he knew the basic needs that was required for a new born. He just couldn’t comprehend how cute and tiny he was.
No amount of cuteness can make up for all the screaming this baby did, however. Katsuki wasn’t used to fussy babies. When your daughter was small she would have her tantrums and meltdowns, but it seemed your son just cried for no reason. He wouldn’t want to feed, he had a clean diaper, and if Katsuki rocked him he wouldn’t go to sleep. The only thing that would calm him down was his mommy. And his sister surprisingly.
“How come he shuts up when you hold him.” Katsuki would pout after handing the baby off to you to cuddle in bed.
“Because he’s a mommy’s boy. Plus I’m prettier than you.”
“This is my woman son. You can’t have her.” Katsuki would pinch the little chub on your son’s cheek, causing him to stop feeding to look up at him with the stankest face he could muster.
“Aww look Katsu~ Baby’s first mean mug.”
A/N: I am so in love with this blended family head cannon. I think I’ll make another part showing the dynamic between the kids because something about older girls having younger sibling that they treat like their own baby. Ughhh it’s too cute I can’t 😩 anyways I hope you enjoyed this continuation (also I should probably name the kids… I’ll think abt it. Suggestions welcome :))
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maizumis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip!miya atsumu, suna rintarou, iwaizumi hajime, bokuro koutaro, osamu miya
note: reader refered as mom ‼️ not edited cos I'm sleepy </3 enjoy hotties 😽
Tumblr media
•ATSUMU opened the door with his daughter in one hand while the other had a huge blue balloon she wanted, hearing the click of the door you turn around and see your little bundle of joy running with open arms to you "mommy! I missed you" event if the two of them went out for an hour and a half, you really missed her too "aww darling! I missed you too! I'm your favorite, right?" she gave your cheek a sweet kiss with his tiny hands in your jaw "yes! mommy the best" at this scene, atsumu was long forgotten on the door, amused about what his daughter just said "and what about papa? he bought you this balloon!" he moved his hand to make presence of it, slightly jealous of you "papa is very good too! it's just mommy is always the best" you let go of her embrace, tucking her brown hairs behind her ear "why don't you go and clean yourself? I can make a choco milk!" she didn't need to be told twice that was already running to the bathroom " ‘tsumu you know she doesn't mean it, right?" pouty atsumu came walking to you "a know but a want to be her favorite now!" chuckling at his childhood behavior, you make sure to peck him before going to the kitchen, even after all this year's you never failed to make him blush "you can be her favorite tomorrow ‘tsum, come hug me now"
• SUNA had his daughter on his lap, paw patrol playing softly on the TV in front of them, you always tease him about how he is more into the show than his own daughter but he is quickly to change the subject, everytime "how was your day at school baby?" the little girl raised her head from his chest, messy hairs blocking her sight " ‘t was okay, I missed mom" his hand was already on the hairs in front of her eyes, using the hair-band he always had on his wrist just in case something like this popped out "and you missed dad too I like to think" she hummed before resting her head on his torso again, little hands roaming around his body like she was caressing him "I did, but mommy is my favorite so I missed her more... I'm gonna go to sleep daddy, wake me up when mom ‘s home" and with that she was out, leaving suna with wide eyes and lots of questions filling his brain, the clack of the open door scares him, even knowing it's you coming home from work, he was deep in thought "a penny for your thoughts, rin?" he sighs before patting the place next to him on the couch, you gladly obey and lay your head on his broad shoulders "she told me you're her favorite" you interlaced your fingers with his, giving him a little squish "you know she is just a child, right? she lives you so much, everytime you're away she only talks about you" a little hope came back to his eyes "really, she talks about me?" you hummed, assuring him he is the one of the biggest thing in his daughters mind "lots, rin"
•IWAIZUMI was playing with his daughter in the backyard, his hands on both sides her waist while he throws her up and down the air "higher daddy! higher!" her little giggle brought life to his ears, this kid was gonna be the death of him "I wanna fly! like the birds we saw in the park!" "that's very high, sweetie" she was screaming her lungs out, non-stop laughing, toothy smile on her face that had a little of chocolate that Hajime gave her after lunch as a secret between the both of them. to lost in their own world, they didn't notice your arrival, they were having the times of their lifes "I'm home! where's my sweet girl and lovely husband?" her eyes got wider than they already were and her smile impossibly bigger "mama! you're home, put me down dad I wanna go hug mom!" he placed her down on the grass and her little legs were running as fast as they could "mommy! we had such a funny day! we saw lots of things outside?" you could tell hajimd was a proud dad, his daughter being talkative and smart, she sometimes reminds him of tooru "yeah? and what else" "I was telling daddy I wanted to be a bird but I missed you so much! you know you're my favorite, mom" hajime's lips were pressed into a thin line while his brows got a little down, you could tell he was feeling a little insecure so a little assurance wouldn't make him wrong "go inside and change your clothes then we can do something together, how does that sound?" she went inside the house screaming he was gonna wear her favorite blue dress, you giggled at her cute actions "hajime, the entire neighborhood can feel you, she doesn't mean it, she is just a child, we did the same when we were her age" he went towards you and placed his big arms around your waist, placing his head on the crook of your neck "I know, but we were having such a good time" your hands came to his face so you could make him see you "and we are gonna keep having a good time! we have to make sure you're her favorite by the end of the day, come on big boy! we are in this together" and with that you started running inside the house, holding his hand in the way in, the feeling of love and pride fulfilling his heart, happiness and love could be described like this exact moment, he thinks
•BOKUTO happily took his son out, ready to spend a little ‘daddy-son day’ as he called them, sometime they would go to his practice or to the aquarium! to learn everything they can about the infinity of animals the ocean has. today they decided they would be going for an ice-cream then straight to the park to play a little "okay bud! what flavors do you want? one or two?" the kiddo look up to the list of flavours that were in front of him ‘so many choises’ he thought before speaking "chocolate and vanilla please!" his choose of flavors made bokuto think about the old days, when you would wait for him in highschool after every practice to go on a date, you always, and he means always, wanted to eat vanilla ice-cream, I didn't matter the occasion "you know, your mom loves vanilla ice-cream! what if we buy a little for her?" his little golden eyes were shinning at the mention of his mom "yes! she's my favorite so she deserves ice-cream for being a good mommy" mid way taking his wallet out of his pocket, bokuto stops, looking directly to the floor "I'm sorry, your favorite what?" "my favorite parent! duh" he tried, he really tried not to have an episode in front of everyone but his deflated hair was exposing him "oh, that's good! your momma is perfect!" "she indeed is, dad!" the laugh of his son made him feel a little better, but ache on his heart was still there; after both of them has their ice-creams in hand, they started walking towards the park hand in hand "yummy! daddy this is delicious! you're absolutely my favorite!" like that? kids changes of opinion that fast? either way, his heart was pumping with joy "of course I'm your favorite! let's go play and the we can buy more ice- cream!" needless to say, you had a fridge full of icecream that night and two sugar rushed boys
•OSAMU has one twin in either side of him, his little girl with two pigtails while is beautiful boy had a green apron on "I know mommy will love this!" the little boy exclaimed, his daughter quickly following behind "uh-huh! mommy always love when we cook for her" osamu was happy he had this life, he didn't expect to have twins the first try but here he was, bragging about his perfect set of kids to his brother every chance he had "yer mommy loves both of ya so much" the kids were trying to make the onigiri shape with the rice while giggling "I know mommy love us! she is my favorite indeed" osamu's heart skipped a beat after hearing is daughters words "ugh she is my favorite too! I love it when mama let us sleep with her" but why is he saying this when he lets them sleep with him too? "that's right! we need to make this onigiri perfect so she is proud" nervously chuckling to erase a little the tension he was feeling "okay, daddy keeps going from here, go set the table and change yer smelly clothes!" the kids were racing to their respective bedrooms, yelling how they were gonna be prettier than the other one. the younger twin was so deep in thought leaning on the kitchen counter that he didn't acknowledge your presence "samu, baby, I'm here, everything okay?" his features relaxing when he saw you, gently placing one hand in your chin to kiss you "everything good sweetheart, the kids just told me yer their favorite parent so am just thinking a lil" you were laughing at his concern, those same kids told you this morning that his papa was their favorite "you want to know something fun ‘samu?" he raised a brow before his hands found home on your waist, gently pressing your chest to his "what, love" your hand came to play with the hairs he has on the forehead "this kids told me this morning you were his favorite, don't take to seriously what they said ‘samu, they love you unconditionally" taking your advice, he pecked you before hearing little steps coming to the room "our alone time has ended angel, a love ya" finishing his words with a sweet kiss
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dokifluffs · a year ago
Papa and His Baby Owls | Bokuto Kōtarō
Pairing: Bokuto X Reader (female) 
Genre: fluffyyy!! Domestic dad headcanons 🥺 
Author’s Note: it feels so good to be writing again after this dreadful first semester!! it honestly feels weird but I hope to be writing a lot more so I can stock up and give you all baby fever again🥰
warnings! Post time skip!! Kids!! 
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​ ✨
Bokuto huffed as a cool breeze blew through the neighborhood as the leaves on branches swayed in the wind, moving to the natural rhythm set by Mother Nature
With a swift motion, Bokuto unlocked the door to the front door, shutting it behind him
“Y/N, I’m home,” he called somewhat annoyed and tiredly into the seemingly normal house of the bright living room yet you were nowhere to be found
He dropped his heavy practice bag to the side where he normally did as he slid out of his outside shoes and into slippers, stripping off his team jacket and hanging it over the banister of the stairs to the basement
He heard light thuds, clicking sounds approaching from the dim living room, finding Bo, the family German Sheppard
“Hey, boy, is mama home?” He rubbed the happy doggo as Bo sat before bokuto before sinking down to the floor, turning onto his back
“Oh you want your belly rubbed, huh?” He slowly hovered his hands as they crept closer to his dog’s stomach, Bo playfully frozen on the ground yet his tail still wagging excitedly
“Oh you do!” Bokuto broke into a smile as he frantically rubbed his dog’s belly before patting him on the side
“Y/N?” He called yet you were nowhere to be found or heard or seen
He scratched the back of his head until he saw it
A clear note you had left on the table
“Hey kou, I ran to the store really quick to get something. I called and messaged you but you didn’t respond and I couldn’t wait. I should be back soon!” You signed your name with a heart and the time you left
“Hmph,” he pouted to himself wishing you were here to play with his hair, Bo rubbing against the buff wing spiker’s toned legs
He had such a bad practice today, he couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong or what was happening
He ate as much as Kirby did, slept like a baby, he was pumped yet all the balls Tsumu set just went right out of bounds or barely in bound
His serves were no better as they all made it over the net except for a few that bounced over the net but they were just barely in
No matter what he did, it felt like everything was just going wrong and there was nothing he could do to change it
This upset feeling felt so nostalgic
It felt like he was in high school again with Akaashi, someone who kept up with him when others couldn’t
And then it hit him
If you weren’t here to cheer him up or Akaashi, there was someone else
In fact, two others alongside Bo, but he was always a given
He went upstairs, followed by the clicking sound of the jingling of the tags on Bo’s collar and his nails muffled clicks on the rugs over the wooden floors toward the nursery to the shared bedroom and there they were
The cribs of his baby owls
He knelt between the two cribs that stood beside each other, end to end, with Bo beside him, sitting up straight like a good boyo as the two glanced back and forth as if they shared the same brain cells at his little babies, his twins
Bokuto D/N and S/N
The sun and moon of his life that were just a month over a year old
He rest his chin on his folded arms over the corner edges where the two cribs met, his gaze softened as he glanced down at his baby owls
They were so small and they were finally here
They had been here for a little over a year
He could remember the first time you started feeling sick, the months passing as your belly swelled bigger and bigger, confirming the news the doctor had already given you two
And instead of just one angel coming into his life beside you, two flew into his life and he couldn’t have asked for a better life despite all his hardships no matter how big or small
He would always show a smile to his baby owls no matter the anguish he faced
It felt that just being here with them for these moments as they passed second by second
Thunder rumbled as a vicious wind blew, making the branch of the tree sitting in the backyard slap against the backside of the house, just beside their window
They stirred from their late afternoon naps
He could see their comfortable sleep unfolding as he peered down to themes they began to stir from the sound of the storm
Bo leaned in close to the daughter’s crib, sniffling her little curled up fist as their tiny faces contorted and turned sour as his son let out a little pouty whimper, lip quivering, followed by his daughter doin gathering same as she took short breaths, her cries beginning to get louder
His hair perked up like a dog’s ears as he looked down to his babies
He couldn’t and wouldn’t have his babies so distressed, not on his watch
Naturally with his fatherly instincts, he scooped up his babies, each on his shoulder as they cling to his shirt as they sniffled, and he stepped into one of their cribs
He laid down with the two of them on top of him
His daughter laid down and his son sat against him before his little boy moved out of his grasp in a way so that instead of laying on his father’s chest, he laid beside him
He nuzzled his damp little face into his shirt as his whines and whimpers faded to nothing
The two little twins melted into Bokuto’s loving hold, his head supported by a small pillow meant for his son
But to Bokuto, no discomfort bothered him, especially now with his baby owls
If it meant they weren’t crying, that’s what made him content
“Shh, don’t cry, I’m here, I’m here~” he sort of whisper yelled but in a loving, non-aggressive way as he rubbed his daughter’s back, looping his hand around to wipe her eye with the side of his thumb gently
His eyes fell to his son, only to find him already fast asleep, his hands still clinging to Bokuto’s shirt
His daughter did the same as she calmed down, as little hiccups made her body jolt
Bokuto hummed peacefully in the small space with his babies as the storm blew on, blowing away with it the memory of his bad practice earlier today
Nothing else mattered anymore than this moment, this space with his babies
They were so small, so innocent and pure
It amazed him that he was a father to these precious beings
His heart could never stop fluttering around them
You drove carefully through the windy road of the neighborhood until you turned to your block, finally back through the storm that only got worse when you left
It almost felt like a sign that you shouldn’t have left in the first place yet here you were back home, relieved to see Kotaro’s car already in the driveway
You slowly drove your car into the driveway past his into the garage, safe from the rain pouring down outside
As the garage shut, the bags crinkled as you walked with them in hand
You were success in your little journey to get more formula, though it was most likely the last as you were beginning to wean them off of formula to whole milk
The door opened to a dimly lit house
Although bokuto’s car was home and you could see traces of him - his shoes and bag, it sounded and felt as if no one was home besides Bo and your twins
“Kotaro?” You called
Your note clearly had been moved as you settled your bags and belongings on the kitchen table
You were normally greeted by Bo yet he was nowhere to be seen or heard, but this only confirmed that Kotaro was home
The only thing was just: where?
“Ko?” You called again, mindful of your voice projecting up the tall stairwell and echoing, disturbing, as you hoped, your twins’ nap time
“Are you in here?” You whispered as you peered into the nursery, finding it just as you left it
Or so you thought
A warm and gentle light that illuminated stars from the same wall the backs of the twins’ cribs still shined, bouncing faint stars and moons around the room
But Bo was in there
And last time you checked, you don’t remember your son having a giant foot with toes that could barely squeeze through the wooden bars of the crib
As you stepped in, Bo wagged his tail upon seeing you, while also peering back into your son’s crib in particular
Glancing down, your daughter’s crib was empty and now you weren’t surprised
It was only a matter of time before he did this
You were actually more surprised Kotaro didn’t do this earlier
Bokuto laid fast asleep in what seemed to be a very uncomfortable position for his back and neck in the crib for your son, your daughter laid out like a starfish on his chest
Her cheek squished against his collar, face nuzzled into his neck as your husband slept soundly with his mouth agape, light snores coming out
He rested his hand on her bottom, holding her close while with the other, your son clung to his father’s large forearm like a koala
Seeing Kotaro like this, it reminded you of what Akaashi told you once about what he realized whenever Kotaro was having a bad day or time
In order to make himself feel safe and secure, he curled up in small places despite his huge and broad stature
From the lack of messages and from what you heard from Hinata and Atsumu earlier, today wasn’t his best performance
But he was here
“Kotaro,” you whispered as you silently undid the latch, lowering the front gate of the crib as you knelt close
He took a semi-sharp inhale as his eyes fluttered open, mindful not to make any too sudden movements  
“Welcome home,” he breathed out as he blinked slowly, looking down to his twins as they slept attached to him
“Do you wanna move them to the bed? So you don’t hurt your back or neck?” You pat your hand to his head, brushing your fingers through his soft locks, grazing your hand down the side of his face as he nuzzled himself against your touch
“It’s alright. I’m just gonna nap here for a bit with them before they’re too big for these cribs.” He leaned and kissed the palm of your hand before you took it away
“They’re not going to stay this small forever,” he mumbled as he never took his sleepy eyes off of them
“Okay, baby,” you whispered. “Sleep well, I’ll bring you a pillow,” you leaned close, pressing long kisses to his temple and cheek
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likeahorribledream · 3 months ago
ʙᴀᴅ ʀᴇᴘᴜᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
» ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ꜰɪᴠᴇ: ʀᴇᴘᴜᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
Summary: Bucky gets into a fight with Steve and you meet a new kind of trouble on your way home.
Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count: 7.6k
Warnings: Mentions of cheating and sex. All I know about MCs is what I saw in SoA and Mayans M.C. so please take this with a grain of salt.
Note: In this story, Biker!Bucky looks like Chris from the movie Destroyer (with better tattoos). Bucky also has two flesh arms and never had to get the left one amputated. Biker!Steve looks like Nomad!Steve with lots of tattoos and rings.
Due to the nature of this AU, this series will be 18+. Minors DNI. If you chose to read this, you are responsible for your own media consumption. You have been warned.
» ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ꜰᴏᴜʀ: ʜᴇᴀᴛᴡᴀᴠᴇ
Tumblr media
By the time Rylee comes back out, Ava has fallen asleep on your shoulder. You don’t want to wake her up so you just keep walking around, slowly, in the shallow part of the pool.
‘’Want me to take her?’’ Rylee offers, holding out her hands.
‘’I’m sure mama is more comfortable.’’ You laugh quietly and try to give her back but every time you pull her away she starts squirming and whining.
Rylee laughs. ‘’Looks like you’re going to be busy for a while.’’
‘’It’s ok, I don’t mind. It’ll give you some time to enjoy yourself a bit.’’
‘’I just might have to hire you as her babysitter.’’
‘’I’d be happy to babysit, but you don’t have to pay me.’’ You give her a smile. ‘’I’m gonna go sit down in the shade so she doesn’t burn.’’
‘’Are you sure you don’t want me to take her?’’
You shake your head. ‘’Go have fun. I’m sure it’s been a while since the last time you enjoyed yourself without any interruption. If there’s anything, I’ll let you know and I’ll call you as soon as she wakes up.’’
‘’You’re an angel!’’
‘’Not even close.’’ You laugh while getting out of the pool.
Rylee swims over to the rest of the group.
‘’Did Sweets steal your baby?’’ Nat jokes.
‘’I think my baby stole Sweets.’’ Rylee chuckled. ‘’She’s holding her hostage.’’
Nat looks at you and then back at Rylee. ‘’She doesn’t seem like she needs saving.’’
‘’Oh no, she’s got this.’’ She nods. ‘’Am I a bad mother for leaving my baby with a woman I met an hour ago?’’ She laughs.
‘’You don’t have to worry about Sweets. We all trust her.’’ Nat says, giving her friend a reassuring smile.
Bucky decides to get out of the pool and come sit down next to you. He doesn’t bother with drying himself off, it’s so hot outside that he’ll be dry in no time.
‘’Hey.’’ He says softly. ‘’What are you doing all the way here?’’
‘’Princess Ava needed a nap and I didn’t want her to stay in the sun.’’ You speak quietly, careful not to wake her up. ‘’I think I’m her new pillow.’’
‘’I slept on you, too, so I understand the appeal.’’ He winks, making you roll your eyes though the smile on your face shows you aren’t actually annoyed.
Sam walks out of the house holding several pizza boxes. ‘’Food’s here!’’ He yells, startling Ava awake.
She starts wailing in your ear and you glare at Sam.
‘’Shit, sorry.’’ He whispers.
‘’You don’t have to whisper anymore!’’ You shake your head, laughing.
You rub Ava’s back. ‘’Dad scared you, uh?’’ You stand up. ‘’It’s ok, you’re ok.’’
You walk over to Sam and give him his daughter. ‘’Good luck.’’ You grin.
Shortly after, you’re all sitting on the ground and eating pizza.
Tumblr media
Afterwards, Rylee and Nat decide to just lay down and relax under the sun but you were never a fan of tanning and after 10 minutes you are over it.
The guys are sitting at the patio table, drinking beers and talking about what you guess is club business because you can barely hear them and usually they are being pretty loud when they’re together.
You get up and walk over to the pool, debating if you should go swimming or not. Being in a big pool alone isn’t that much fun but you didn’t fit with either of the two groups and there isn’t a lot else to do.
‘’Watcha doin’?’’ You jump at the voice and turn around to see Steve standing behind you.
You shrug. ‘’I didn’t know if I wanted to go swimming or not.’’
‘’Still don’t know.’’
‘’I can help with that.’’
Before your brain could register his words, Steve had lifted you up in his arms and he jumped in the pool, bringing you with him.
You swim back to the surface and start laughing.
‘’Made your choice yet?’’ Steve teases.
‘’Yeah, I think I’m going swimming.’’
‘’Excellent choice.’’ He laughs.
‘’Thank you for the gentle nudge in the right direction.’’ You push all of your hair back and away from your face.
‘’You’re welcome.’’ He grins.
‘’You two having fun in there?’’ Bucky asks as he stands at the edge of the pool with his hands on his hips, smiling.
‘’Oh yes.’’ You laugh and swim over to the edge. ‘’Help me out?’’ You lift your hands up.
He looks at you, narrowing his eyes. ‘’You’re going to pull me in, aren’t you?’’
‘’James, have you seen yourself? Do you really think I’d be strong enough to pull you in?’’ You roll your eyes and wiggle your fingers. ‘’Come on, I don’t want to swim all the way to the stairs.’’ You pout.
Bucky sighs and shakes his head. ‘’So spoiled.’’ He grabs your hands and pulls you out of the water, turning around to make sure you don’t fall back in.
‘’Thank you.’’ You grin.
The second he lets go of your hands, you’re pushing him backwards in the pool.
‘’Having fun in there?’’ You say when Bucky comes back to the surface with a big grin and a proud look in your eyes.
‘’Oh, toots.’’ Bucky rubs his hands over his face. ‘’Beautiful, beautiful toots.’’ He swims to the edge, making you take a few steps back.
‘’You’re gonna regret doing that.’’ He pulls himself out of the pool.
You laugh and slowly walk backwards, holding out your hand in front of you. ‘’Buck…’’
You glance behind you, taking a step back for every step forward he takes. ‘’James.’’
‘’Oh no, princess. You ain’t sweet talkin’ your way out of this.’’ He gives you a devilish grin and you know that you’re in big trouble.
You’re careful not to step on Nat and Rylee who are still laying down, blissfully unaware of the war you have just started. You can tell that Bucky’s about to jump on you so you rapidly turn around and start running away from him. Unfortunately for you, the yard has a fence all around it and there’s nowhere for you to go. You run to the side of the house, trying to stay as far away as possible from the pool but you end up trapping yourself in a corner. Bucky is standing in the middle of your only way out.
‘’Didn’t think this through, uh?’’ He smirks.
‘’Sadly, no. Gave it my best shot though.’’ You consider jumping over the fence, but it isn’t a good idea to do that while only wearing a bathing suit.
‘’Do you surrender or do I have to come get you?’’
‘’I haven’t come this far only to surrender!’’
‘’Fine with me.’’ He grins and walks over to you.
He traps you between the fence and his body, putting his arms on each side of your head. He looks down at you, his grin never leaving his face.
‘’Looks like you’re stuck.’’ He leans in closer.
‘’Sure looks like it.’’
Before he has time to say anything else you move away from him, going under his arm and running away.
Unfortunately you don’t get very far. He grabs you by the waist with both of his arms and pulls you into his chest.
‘’Nice try.’’ He laughs, lifting you up and walking towards the pool.
‘’Bucky! No!’’ You’re laughing so hard that you can barely talk.
‘’Told ya you were going to pay.’’ He stops at the edge of the pool, holding you right above the water. ‘’Any last word?’’
‘’No regrets.’’ You say before he drops you into the water, giving you just enough time to hold your breath.
‘’Children.’’ Steve looks at the two of you, shaking his head.
‘’Hey!’’ You point a finger at him. ‘’You started this.’’
‘’I didn’t chase you around the backyard!’’
‘’True. True.’’ You nod. ‘’Bucky’s the child, I was just trying to save myself.’’
Bucky gasps. ‘’Traitor.’’
‘’I’m only loyal to myself, mister Barnes.’’ You stick out your tongue at him.
‘’Anyone want her?’’ He turns around, pointing over your head. ‘’She’s free, I’m giving her to anyone who wants her.’’
‘’Tsk. You’d come get me back an hour later, I’m not worried.’’
‘’We should probably think about going. Sam and Rylee probably want to rest.’’ Steve suggests.
‘’You’re right. I’ll go clean up our mess.’’ You pull yourself out of the pool and twist your hair in your hand to help it dry. You walk over to your towel, pat yourself dry and wrap it around your body tightly.
You walk around the yard, picking up beer bottles, pizza boxes and dirty paper plates.
Steve gets out of the pool shortly after you and stands next to Bucky. He pokes him with his elbow. ‘’You’re staring again.’’
‘’You know you don’t have to watch over me like a hawk, right? Unlike what everyone seems to think, I’m not going to pounce on her in front of everyone.’’
‘’Buck, you understand why we’re trying to protect her, don’t you? You don’t have the best reputation with women.’’
Bucky frowns and turns to face his best friend. ‘’No. I don’t have a bad reputation with women. The only ones who are giving me a bad reputation are you, Nat and the rest of the MC. This is all according to people who aren’t involved in what I do. Last time I checked this ain’t 1950 anymore and sex isn’t just for married couples. I’m not an asshole, Steve. Those women know exactly what’s going to happen. I don’t string them along, I don’t pretend I’ll call them and then ghost them. If I say I’m going to call them, then I’m calling them. I’m always respectful of them and I’m always very clear about what I want, they know exactly what to expect. Have you ever heard that I played with their feelings? That I pretended to love them just to break their hearts on purpose? Have you ever seen one of them leaving in tears or looking humiliated? No. You haven’t. Because I don’t do any of those things. So stop treating me like I’m some kind of perv that humps everything that moves and can’t be left alone with a girl.’’
Steve sighs. ‘’She’s just been through a lot and-’’
Bucky cuts him off. ‘’Don’t. I know all about what she’s been through, probably more than anybody else here.’’ His jaw clenches, he’s past the point of being annoyed and now he’s just angry.
Bucky scoffs and shakes his head. ‘’Sometimes I don’t even know why you’re friends with me. Clearly you all think I'm horrible. If I’m as bad as you all say I am, why do you even bother with me?’’
He walks away from Steve and to his clothes. ‘’Can I go change inside?’’ Bucky looks at Sam.
‘’Yeah, sure. You know where everything is.’’
‘’Thanks.’’ He grabs his clothes and moves inside Sam’s house to get out of his bathing suit and into his dry clothes.
Sam frowns at Bucky’s tone and body language. Pissed doesn’t even begin to describe how Bucky seems to be feeling.
He comes out of the house a few minutes later and walks over to you. ‘’Hey toots.’’ He says softly. ‘’Are you ready to go?’’
You nod with a smile. ‘’Just have to get dressed.’’
‘’I’ll wait for you out front.’’
You wrap your hand around his wrist and hold him back when he tries to walk away. ‘’Are you ok?’’ You look at him, worried.
‘’I’ll tell you later.’’ He offers you a small smile and leaves without saying a word to anyone else, except Rylee.
You quickly put on your clothes and shoes. You make sure you have your phone and say a quick goodbye to everyone by waving as you hurry to go meet Bucky.
He’s already sitting on his bike, ready to go. You take his helmet and give him your phone that he carefully tucks into the inner pocket of his kutte. Once you’re done putting it on, Bucky checks to see that it’s secure on your head and helps you sit behind him.
His kutte is already hot, but this time you don’t care. Bucky is clearly upset and that’s more important than being a little hot and sweaty, so this time you wrap your arms tightly around his middle and move as close as possible to him. You slide your arms under his kutte this time, that should help a little with the heat.
‘’Yes.’’ You nod in case he doesn’t hear you.
A few seconds later you are out of Sam’s driveway and back on the road. After 15 minutes of driving, you feel Bucky relax; finally. You don’t know what happened at Sam’s but whatever it is, it’s definitely not good.
You are almost home when sirens go off behind you, making you turn your head to see what’s going on. Bucky pulls to the side of the road and turns off his bike.
‘’This fucking day.’’ He mumbles under his breath.
Bucky holds the bike up by putting both of his feet on the ground on each side of it and he sighs. You move back on your seat and loosen your hold around him. Instead you rest your hands on his hips and wait.
‘’Riddin’ alone, Barnes? That’s not really safe.’’ The officer says as he walks up to you, smirking.
‘’What the hell do you want, Rumlow? I wasn’t speeding and all my papers are up to date.’’
Rumlow stops smiling and frowns. ‘’Lose the attitude asshole.’’ His gaze turns to you and you can feel his eyes on you as he looks at you from head to toe. You really don’t like the way he’s looking at you.
‘’Get off your bike. You and your whore.’’
You see Bucky’s body tense up at Rumlow’s words and you start to think that whatever’s happening right now it probably won’t end well. You get off first and take off the helmet, then Bucky kicks the stand on and gets off, staying close to you.
‘’I’ve never seen you around here.’’ Rumlow looks at Bucky. ‘’Already fucked all the girls in town, you gotta get them elsewhere now?’’
‘’I moved here a couple of months ago.’’ You answer quickly before Bucky says something that’ll get him in trouble.
‘’Well, Sugar-’’ You almost wince at the nickname, you really didn’t like this guy’s vibe. ‘’If you want my advice-’’
You cut him off. ‘’I’m good, thanks.’’
For the second time since he’s pulled you over, Rumlow’s smile drops.
‘’Watch your mouth sweetheart. I can keep the two of you here for a very long time.’’
‘’Actually, no. You can’t.’’ You cross your arms. ‘’You had no reason to pull him over in the first place. Still don’t. Which means you have to let us go.’’
Rumlow takes a step towards you and Bucky is quick to move in front of you.
‘’Don’t even think about it.’’ Bucky warns him.
‘’You chose the wrong person to hangout with, sugar. Get the fuck out my face.’’ Rumlow says, finally letting you go.
Bucky sits back on his bike and kicks off the stand from under it while you put the helmet back on.
‘’I’ll be keeping a close eye on you. Both of you.’’ He warns them. ‘’Mostly you.’’ He looks at you with a smile that makes your blood run cold.
Bucky notices the look in Rumlow’s eyes and his jaw clenches. ‘’Come on, beautiful.’’ He offers you his hand to get on the back, pulling you out your trance that had you frozen in place.
He turns on his bike while you wrap your arms tightly around Bucky. He checks to see if the road’s clear and finally gets you out of there.
You move your head to speak in Bucky’s ear. ‘’Can we drive around a little bit? I don’t want him following us home.’’
He nods and passes your house, driving down the streets around where you live and once he’s sure Rumlow isn’t around anymore he turns back to take you home.
Once you and Bucky are inside your house, you turn around to face him. ‘’Who the hell was that?’’
‘’Brock Rumlow. Power hungry asshole who definitely shouldn’t have a gun and a badge.’’ Bucky sighs.
‘’I feel like I need to take 5 showers to make my skin stop crawling.’’ You shiver as you think back at the way he looked at you.
‘’I’m sorry. I usually spot him before he sees me and I avoid him but I missed him this time.’’
‘’It’s not your fault, Buck.’’ You give him a gentle smile, making him smile right back.
‘’Do you want to have dinner here?’’ You offer shyly. ‘’We could watch movies again. If you want. It’s ok if you have other plans.’’
‘’I’d love to.’’ His smile turns into a grin. He gives you back your phone. ‘’Go take a shower, or five, I’ll go back to my place to wash off too and I’ll come back right after. Sounds good?’’
‘’Sounds good.’’
You watch as Bucky walks back to the front door. ‘’Oh, and Bucky?’’
He turns around to look at you.
‘’It’s ok with me if you want to bring a change of clothes… If you want to sleep over.’’
You nod. ‘’But I mean it when I say sleep.’’
‘’No funny business.’’ He raises both hands in the air. ‘’Promise.’’
You laugh. ‘’Then you can sleep here. If you want.’’
‘’Like you even need to ask.’’ He chuckles and steps outside, closing the door behind him.
You hurry with your shower so you’d have time to tidy up your room. You then go to the kitchen to see what you could make, thankfully you went grocery shopping this morning.
Tumblr media
àBucky isn’t surprised to see Steve’s bike parked in front of the garage, but if he only came over to talk with Bucky, he’s going to be wildly disappointed.
Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to be in the clubhouse which gives Bucky the freedom to run upstairs, take his shower, throw clothes and other things he might need until tomorrow in a backpack and run back downstairs. He walks outside and gets back on his bike and then he’s gone.
Steve was actually in the clubhouse, sitting at his usual spot at the table where they all met together regularly. He watched Bucky run up and then down, with a bag this time. He doesn’t know where exactly Bucky’s going, but he has a pretty good idea.
Before you know it, Bucky is back and knocking on your front door. You leave the kitchen quickly to open the door for him, surprised by how quickly he came back.
‘’Hey.’’ You greet him with a smile, moving to the side to let him in. ‘’You were quick!’’
‘’I’m hungry.’’ He shrugs.
Ok, yes. He’s hungry, but he also likes to spend time with you and he didn’t want to stay away too long; not that he’d tell you that.
You close the door and lock it. ‘’You can put your bag in my room, if you want. I’ll be in the kitchen.’’
Bucky takes off his boots and walks to your room, dropping his bag next to the door and leaving his kutte on the back of the chair that’s close to your bed.
‘’What are we eating?’’ He asks loud enough for you to hear him in the kitchen as he walks back to you.
‘’Pasta.’’ You look at him. ‘’Is that ok? I can make something else.’’
He smiles. ‘’I love pasta.’’
You sigh with relief. ‘’Good because I’m really bad at being an adult and cooking definitely isn’t a skill I’ve mastered.’’
‘’What can I do to help?’’ He washes his hands and moves over to the counter where you put all the ingredients.
‘’Mh.’’ You look around. ‘’You can do the cutting and I’ll do the stirring.’’
It doesn’t take long for the two of you to fall into a nice rhythm and you actually had fun while cooking, which didn’t happen really often. Bucky even showed you a few things to make it easier.
‘’Ok so, you take the first bite.’’ Bucky says as you sit down at the table to eat. ‘’In case it’s poisonous, I don’t want to die.’’
‘’Why do I have to be the one to die?’’ You pout.
‘’Because you made it.’’
‘’You helped!’’
‘’Fine, let’s just eat at the same time and if we die, then it’s on both of us.’’
‘’It was nice knowing you.’’ You say before taking the first bite.
You both chew in silence.
‘’This is actually pretty good.’’ Bucky admits after a few more bites.
‘’We did good work.’’ You nod.
Once you’re done, you pick up your plates and bring them to the sink.
‘’Now the fun part.’’ You sigh looking at the pile of dishes you needed to wash.
‘’Leave it.’’ Bucky stands up. ‘’I’ll help you tomorrow.’’
‘’You don’t have to help me.’’ You laugh quietly. ‘’It’s my mess.’’
‘’Technically, it’s our mess.’’ He points out.
He holds out his hand to you and wiggles his fingers. ‘’Come on toots. You said we’d watch movies so let’s go do that.’’
You put your hand in his and let him pull you into his chest. ‘’Tomorrow I really have to do it though, you won’t have an excuse then.’’
He looks down at you and grins. ‘’I don’t have an excuse yet. I have all night to come up with one.’’
‘’Fine, fine. I’m kidding.’’
Bucky leads you to the living room, still holding your hand.
‘’I see you already have the blankets out.’’ He lets go of your hand. ‘’I’m gonna put my sweats on. Wait for me.’’
You shut the blinds and turn on the TV, not sure of what you’re going to watch first. You toss the remote on the couch and sit down, already wrapping yourself up with the blanket. Bucky comes back and smiles when he sees you on the couch, his heart flutters from how adorable you look.
‘’Is there a spot for me under there?’’
You lift up the blanket and smile. ‘’Of course.’’
He sits down next to you and lets you cover him with the blanket.
‘’What are we watching?’’
You point to the remote you left next to him. ‘’Your choice.’’
He picks it up and starts scrolling through the titles. You chew on your bottom lip for a few minutes and then turn to the side so you’re sitting facing Bucky.
Bucky hums.
‘’What happened this afternoon? Before we left.’’
You hadn’t asked until now because you didn’t want to ruin his mood, but ever since you left Sam’s house you can tell that something is bothering him, that something is hurting him and you don’t want him to keep feeling this way, not if you can help him.
Bucky sighs, turning his attention to you. ‘’Nothing important toots. Don’t worry about it.’’
Though his smile might have fooled other people, it certainly didn’t fool you.
‘’If you don’t want to talk about it, I’ll respect it but I can tell that whatever happened isn’t nothing and that you’re hurting. If you want to tell me about it, I’ll listen. You’re always helping me and taking care of me, let me do the same for you.’’
You tilt your head to the side, resting it on the back of the couch and looking up at Bucky.
He hesitates and sits back, looking down at you.
‘’I got into a fight with Steve.’’ He finally admits.
Your eyes widen and your brows raise with surprise. ‘’With Steve? Why?’’
‘’Because-’’ He cuts himself off and looks away, not sure if he should tell you.
You take his hand under the blanket and hold it in yours, brushing your thumb on the back of his hand. A silent way for you to encourage him to continue talking.
Bucky looks back at you. ‘’Because of you.’’
Your thumb stops moving and you lift your head back up. ‘’Me? Did I do something wrong?’’
He shakes his head, his eyes softening at the sight of guilt in yours. ‘’No, toots.’’
He gives a gentle squeeze to your hand.
‘’He tried to give me another one of his speeches about how I don’t treat women right and that I needed to stay away from you, that I’m not good enough for you and I just lost it.’’
Your brows furrow at Bucky’s words. You know that Steve and Natasha have been protective of you and that they wanted you to be careful so you wouldn’t get your heart broken but you didn’t know they were taking it to such extremes that it was messing with Bucky’s head.
‘’I’m not blind, I’m not stupid. I know you deserve someone better, a guy that doesn’t wear a kutte and that his main job isn’t fixing cars for minimum wage. You deserve to have someone who can take care of you and treat you like a damn queen. I know all that. I just hate how they think that because I have sex without being in a relationship, I’m some kind of sex crazed maniac that’s just following you around, waiting for the perfect moment to get into your pants and then throw you away like trash when I’m done.’’
Bucky lets go of your hand, moving both of his hands to his face and rubbing them on his skin. He feels himself getting angry again.
‘’I don’t do that ever. To any woman. I certainly wouldn’t do that to you.’’ He lets his head fall on the back of the couch, staring at the ceiling. ‘’Am I as big a piece of shit as they say I am? Am I really this bad?’’
His voice breaks towards the end of his question and your heart breaks with it. How could anyone ever think these things about Bucky? It’s all so far from the truth and you hate that they put that kind of thoughts in his head.
‘’Bucky…’’ You call out his name softly, but he doesn’t move.
‘’James, look at me.’’ You reach over to him and gently cup the side of his face opposite you.
He keeps his head on the back of the couch but finally turns to look at you. You stroke his cheek with your thumb, looking directly into his eyes.
‘’You’re not even close to any of those things. I didn’t know it was that bad with them, I just thought they were being protective but I had no idea they took it this far with you. I’m sorry.’’
Bucky moves his hand up to yours that’s holding his cheek and wraps his fingers around your wrist. You think he’s going to push your hand away, instead it looks like he’s holding you so you won’t move away.
‘’I know that you are respectful of women, I’ve never seen you do or say things that’d make me think otherwise. You’re a big flirt, but that’s just part of your personality.’’ You smile.
‘’I want you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say. I’ll repeat it over and over again if you need me to: you are enough. You are more than enough. Everything you say I deserve from a man, it’s all things you already do for me. In case you hadn’t noticed, we work in the same garage. I’m not in a better position than you, I’m not above you. Yes, you could have a job that pays you more money but that job wouldn’t necessarily be something that you like and it certainly wouldn’t be with all of your best friends. Money doesn’t mean shit when it comes to happiness. Jace makes a lot of money and we had it all. The big house, the expensive cars and clothes, the big diamond ring that weighs a ton and gets stuck in fucking everything because of how ridiculously big it is. It was all mine and looking back now, I know that I was miserable. Jace didn’t love me, he didn’t care about me. He just threw money and expensive things at me and called it a relationship. I’m much, MUCH happier in this crappy little house that could fit into my old bedroom than I was then.’’ You laugh quietly, your thumb still stroking his cheek. The movement is almost as soothing for you as it is for him.
You notice that his own thumb is moving across your wrist and you smile.
‘’When I got out of there, I decided that I wouldn’t get into another relationship for a very, very long time. I didn’t want to go through that kind of pain ever again. It felt like it was literally crushing me, it made it hard to breathe sometimes.’’
Bucky moves his hand to squeeze your arm gently, the coolness of his rings on your skin makes you shiver.
‘’And I was doing so well, too. Then, I got a job at a garage and this dorky little biker just came crashing into my life.’’
Bucky laughs. ‘’I’m neither dorky or little. It doesn’t seem like you’re talking about me and I’m not sure I like where you’re going with this.’’ He narrows his eyes.
‘’Ok, ok. This tall, dorky biker. You’re a dork, deal with it.’’ You cut him off quickly when he tries to argue.
He rolls his eyes, smiling.
‘’As I was saying.’’ You clear your throat. ‘’This big, tattooed, mountain of muscle biker comes crashing into my life and he treats me better in the 2 weeks I’ve known him than Jace did in our entire relationship.’’
You look into his eyes again. ‘’I don’t care what Steve says, or what Nat says. I don’t care if you wear a kutte or if you work in a garage. You make me laugh and you make me smile, you take care of me when I’m too low or sad to do it myself, you make me feel safe by just being in the same room or when you literally stand up for me.’’
You bite your lips, scared to continue.
‘’I don’t feel the pain anymore. It’s not hard to breathe anymore. You, James Bucky Barnes, allow me to breathe again. So, I don’t care what the others have to say. They’re wrong about you.’’
Bucky moves his hand from your wrist and up to your hand, he turns his head to kiss your palm softly.
‘’Does that mean yo- you’re giving me a chance?’’ He asks so low you almost didn’t hear him.
‘’I don’t want to give you a chance. I’m giving you my heart and I’m begging you not to break it. I don’t think I’d get through that.’’
Bucky takes in a shaky breath and leans towards you. He rests his forehead against yours, still holding your hand to his cheek.
‘’You’ve got my heart, too. You’ve had it since the moment we met.’’ He smirks, a playful glimmer in his eyes. ‘’Stealing both my bacon and my heart. You thief.’’
You laugh softly. ‘’Well, I guess we’re both outlaws then.’’
You both close your eyes to take in the moment and get your emotions under control.
‘’Never give it back.’’ Bucky breaks the silence, making you open your eyes only to find him already looking at you.
‘’My heart. Never give it back to me.’’
‘’I won’t if you won’t.’’
It’s odd, because in situations like this you always feel nervous. You always feel like your heart’s going to beat out of your chest, your throat hurts, you breathe either too quickly or too slowly and sometimes you even sweat in places you didn’t know you could sweat from, but now you just completely opened up yourself to Bucky and you’ve never felt more calm.
Bucky lets go of your hand on his cheek to move it instead to your cheek. He brushes his knuckles gently over your cheek, then moves to hold your chin.
Not able to resist anymore, Bucky leans down and kisses you. At first he’s hesitant, giving you a chance to push him away if he’s crossing a line but instead he feels your hands gripping the front of his shirt to bring him closer to you.
The longer he kisses you, the more confident he gets and the more confident he gets, the more intense the kiss gets.
Now, you can feel your heart trying to beat out of your chest and your breathing is frantic, but this is probably more from the lack of oxygen coming in your lungs.
Bucky feels like he’s dreaming and almost pinches himself. Never in a million year did he think that that’s what was going to happen tonight. Or any night, if he’s being honest. He’s good enough for you. No matter what Steve, Sam or Nat says, you told him that he’s good enough for you and he doesn’t care about the rest.
He could kiss you for hours and hours without getting tired of it, sadly he pulls away slowly to let you breathe.
Stupid lungs.
You’re both out of breath, chests heaving but smiling.
‘’We probably should watch a movie.’’ Bucky says, not moving.
‘’We should.’’ You nod and wet your lips. ‘’In 5 minutes?’’
‘’In 5 minutes.’’
Bucky’s kissing you again, the both of you still very much out of breath but neither of you seem to care. He puts his free hand on the small of your back and holds you against his chest.
Not even a minute later one of your phones rings, forcing you apart.
‘’This better be life or death.’’ Bucky says through gritted teeth, letting go of you completely as he turns around to get his phone that he had tossed on the couch earlier.
‘’It’s not mine.’’ He says after checking the screen.
‘’Damn it.’’ You move away from under the blanket by standing up, you walk around the coffee table and hurry to the kitchen where you left your phone.
‘’Hello?’’ You say after answering your phone.
You wait a few seconds but no one talks.
‘’Hello? Who’s this?’’
You pull your phone away from your ear to check the caller ID but it’s a blocked number. You put your phone back to your ear and listen.
‘’I can hear you breathe.’’
You hear a clicking sound and the line goes dead, whoever called you hung up.
‘’What the fuck was that?’’ You mumble.
‘’Is everything ok?’’
You jump at the sound of Bucky’s voice. The silent call creeped you out and Bucky never makes a sound when he walks.
You lift your hand to your chest where you can feel your heart racing.
Bucky frowns at your reaction, confused. ‘’Toots, are you ok?’’
You drop your hand as you turn around to look at him. ‘’I’m fine, sorry.’’ You smile.
‘’What happened? Who was on the phone?’’
‘’I don’t know, they never said a word. I could hear someone breathing, that’s it. It was a blocked number, so probably some kids prank calling people. It just creeped me out to hear someone breathing like that.’’
You chuckle, slightly embarrassed.
‘’Aw, come here.’’ He takes your hands and pulls you closer. ‘’I’ll protect you.’’
Bucky grins and wraps his arms around your waist, looking down at you.
‘’You better.’’ You poke him in the chest with your index, though you doubt he felt anything.
He shakes his head and rolls his eyes. ‘’What am I gonna do with you?’’ He sighs like he’s exasperated, making you laugh.
‘’I don’t know.’’ You shrug and throw your arms around his neck. ‘’Sadly for you, you might be stuck with me for a while.’’
‘’God, I hope so.’’
He leans in and gives you a quick kiss.
His answer made your heart flutter, making you all giddy. You can’t even remember the last time you felt like this. Come to think of it, you don’t think you’ve ever felt this way before.
You aren’t the only one with this kind of feeling, Bucky’s been a giddy mess ever since he met you but it’s somehow more intense now and he can’t stop smiling. Literally. He’s tried many times but failed just as often.
He’s already wrapped around your finger and he doesn’t even care. He loves it, even.
‘’Let’s go watch that movie.’’
‘’Right. The movie.’’ You laugh. ‘’I forgot about that.’’
Bucky smirks. ‘’I’m that good, uh?’’ He wiggles his eyebrows.
You pull away and walk around him to go back to the living room, while you shrug. ‘’Meh. You’re ok, I guess.’’
Bucky gasps and turns around. ‘’Excuse me?’’ He arches a brow, staring at your back. ‘’I think I didn’t hear you correctly, ‘cause I just heard you say ‘’meh’’ and ‘’ok’’. That can’t be right.’’
‘’You heard me fine, old man.’’ You sit back on the couch, with the blanket over your shoulders.
You grab the remote and look at Bucky as he walks back in, pressing play on the movie he chose earlier.
He stands next to you, reaching to your hand to take the remote from you and turns off the tv.
‘’Hey!’’ You say, looking up at him. ‘’What are you doing?’’
‘’Ok?’’ He repeats. ‘’Just ok? I don’t think so.’’
He picks you up from the couch and carries you, with the blanket, to your room.
‘’Bucky, what are you doing?’’ You look at him, laughing.
‘’Sorry beautiful, but movie night has been cancelled.’’ He kicks the door shut with his foot and gently throws you on your bed. ‘’We aren’t getting out of here until you’re amazed by my kissing skills.’’
You throw your head back, laughing and untangle yourself from the blanket. You hold yourself up with your elbows and look at Bucky. ‘’I was just kidding!’’
Bucky shakes his head and climbs on your bed. ‘’Too late.’’
‘’Aw.’’ You pout. ‘’Did I bruise my poor baby’s ego?’’
‘’Damn right you did.’’ He straddles your thighs and smirks. ‘’Your baby, uh?’’
‘’See? Your hearing is fine.’’
‘’Apparently that’s not where I have problems.’’
‘’I’m not getting out of this, am I?’’
‘’Not a chance.’’ He grins, leaning down. He puts his hands on the mattress right above your shoulders to keep his weight off of you.
‘’Just kissing, nothing else.’’
Bucky’s eyes soften and he gives you a reassuring smile. ‘’We won’t do anything you don’t want to, toots. Just some good ol’ making out. If you want. We can go back in the living room to watch the movie, if that’s what you want. I’m just happy to spend time with you.’’
He kisses the tip of your nose.
You smile and clasps your hands together on the back of his head. ‘’Kissing’s fine. If you play your cards right, I might even let you grope me a little.’’ You wink at him.
He drops his head, laughing. ‘’And I’m the dork.’’ He lifts his head back up and looks at you.
‘’Just kiss me already.’’ You huff.
‘’You can’t get enough, can’t you?’’ He teases you.
‘’James…’’ You warn him.
At the use of his first name, Bucky stops messing around and finally kisses you.
‘’You know what it does to me when you call me that.’’ He says against your lips, in-between kisses.
You chuckle, not pulling away or answering. You knew exactly what you were doing and you knew exactly the kind of reaction you were gonna get.
Tumblr media
Bucky stayed with you until Saturday morning, he had some club business for the weekend so he couldn’t stay.
Before he left, you both agreed to keep your relationship secret. Neither of you wanted Steve or Nat in your business and you were happy, you absolutely did not want some unnecessary drama to burst your little bubble of happiness.
Now, you have to find a way to not let the others know what is going on behind closed doors. You’ve come to learn that Bucky is very touchy-feely and you absolutely love it, but that will be a good way to get caught.
It’s finally Monday morning which means you’re going to see Bucky soon. You’re both excited and nervous. If either one of you slips up and everyone finds out, it’s not the end of the world but you both know that when they’ll find out it’s going to get ugly before it gets better, and you didn’t want to go through that right now.
It’s still very hot outside, but the temperature dropped enough to be able to go back to work. You stick to wearing shorts and a tank top; adding a light flannel on top of the tank top. You put your hair up in a ponytail and once you’re ready, you leave for work.
As usual you are the first one in, and do the rounds to open any door or window that you can to hopefully cooldown the garage and your office.
You decide to start work early to try and make up for the two days you lost the week before. You stand up from your desk to get some paperwork from the file cabinet behind you, and when you turn back around you find Bucky standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest and looking at you with a smirk.
Once again, you never heard him arriving and once again you jump from being scared.
‘’Jesus.’’ You huff. ‘’I’m going to buy you a damn bell or something so I can hear you coming.’’
He laughs and pushes himself off and up, walking over to you.’’Well, good morning to you too.’’
‘’Sorry.’’ You smile. ‘’Good morning.’’
Bucky grabs your hand. ‘’Put that down.’’ He nods to the papers in your other hand.
You drop them on your desk and you’re quickly pulled to his chest, one hand finding its usual spot on the small of your back.
‘’The garage’s not even open yet and you’re already trying to get us caught.’’ You laugh.
‘’No one’s here.’’ He looks down at you.
‘’Yet. They can walk in at any time.’’
Bucky backs you up to the doorway between the garage and your office and then up against the doorframe.
‘’There.’’ He raises his other hand to your cheek. ‘’No one can see us from here.’’
You smile, laying your hands on his chest.
With his hand on your cheek, Bucky tilts your head back and looks into your eyes with a grin that he just can’t seem to get rid off since Thursday night. He lowers his head and gently presses his lips to yours.
You can feel him relax instantly and now you understand what it means to have butterflies in your stomach.
The kiss gets a little more intense and desperate as you’re almost clinging to each other. Bucky quickly pulls away. The others are going to get here soon and he doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of a makeout session.
He rests his forehead against yours while he catches his breath.
‘’Fuck, I missed you.’’ He whispers, only for your ears.
‘’I missed you too.’’ You whisper back.
Normally, you would be embarrassed by this whole situation. Jace was never one for PDA and if you wanted to hold his hand or kiss his cheek, he’d always make you feel like you were almost immature for wanting to be close to him. Plus, it was only two days. Not even 48 hours since the last time you saw him, but you really did miss him and it scares you to see how attached you now are to him. Thankfully it does seem like he’s just as attached to you, maybe even a little bit more than you.
‘’Can I come over tonight?’’
You nod. ‘’I’d love that.’’ You admit, shyly.
‘’Then it's a date. I’m making dinner this time.’’
You laugh softly. ‘’Already getting tired of my pasta?’’
He smiles and strokes your cheek with his thumb. ‘’No, but my girl deserves to have someone cook for her from time to time.’’
You can hear the familiar sound of motorcycles coming from down the street and Bucky sighs. ‘’I’ll try to come talk to you later.’’
He gives two more quick kisses to your lips, then he pulls away and goes into the garage to make it seem like he’s been getting ready for the day.
You sit back down to your desk and get back to work.
Tumblr media
Everyone goes straight to work, there is a lot to catch up on and even more coming in. It’s a very chaotic day between people leaving their cars and others picking them up, screaming at you for being closed for 4 days. As if the heatwave was your fault.
You haven’t seen Bucky since this morning, the guys were making way too much noise so you had to close the door between your work space and theirs.
It finally calms down around mid-afternoon. People stopped coming into your office and it now gives you time to do some actual work.
You’ve been sitting at your desk for 10 minutes when Peter knocks on your open door to get your attention. You look up from your desk at the sound.
‘’Hey, sweets. There’s someone here to see you.’’
You groan and lean back in your chair. ‘’Do they look pissed?’’
‘’Not pissed, but not happy either.’’
‘’Great.’’ You huff, sitting back up. ‘’Bring them in.’’
Peter nods and disappears to get the not mad but not happy customer, you quickly clean up some of the mess on your desk and stand up when you hear someone coming in. You look up as you finish straightening up and you freeze at the sight of the man standing in front of you.
‘’Hey, lovebug.’’
Tumblr media
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sukunasbabymama · 6 months ago
Their friend is a mom.
Tumblr media
⌗ Pairing: Tenjiku gang.
⌗ Warnings: Tenjiku itself, cursing, probably mentions of killing because we are talking about a group of psychopaths being friends, violence.
⟿ Part one.
Tumblr media
She felt good now, a lot of stuff happened and continues to happen because she can’t catch a break with all these mfs.
Izana threatened the doctor to let him and Kakucho inside the room the day she went into labor. And she could hear Shion’s loud ass outside yelling the names he been saying he would name them. As if it was his AS IF Izana would let him. A clown.
They presented her a new face, Kokonoi; apparently, he was around all of her pregnancy it’s just that Izana overprotective ass trusts nobody around his baby mama lmao. Anyways, Kokonoi was in charge of everything monetary of her and the baby, everything.
And what did he do? He told the boyfriend that the monthly beating they were giving him it’s gonna turn weekly and then daily if he didn’t step the fuck up. He also told him that she doesn’t need his poor ass, that they would take his money and take care of her. We love a bold bitch yasss Kokonoi.
So now Izana, Kakucho, her, and the baby live in a bigger apartment, and while there are no romantic feelings between the three adults she doesn’t have a room because she would sleep with them. At first, it was because of the pregnancy, they wouldn’t let her out of their sight in case she needed anything but it came to the point that without them she wouldn’t fall asleep.
The boys were desensitized about her breastfeeding the baby, no, literally, at first she used to hide the baby’s face and her breast but now as soon as she knows the baby was hungry she would do it without a care in the world. Ran would even start patting her head lovingly, she would smile and lean on him.
All of them refer to the baby as “my child”, even Kokonoi has let slip a few “I have to do my child’s groceries shopping tonight”, the man was shook but she started talking about what they need to buy without caring about anything and he started to get more comfortable with all the dynamics of his superiors and their girl.
Now, at least three times Izana has whooped Shion’s ass for cursing around the baby, he doesn’t play about that. He doesn’t give a fuck if he has killed people, if he has the criminal world by the neck or if he needs therapy, his child was gonna be corrupted by nobody, not even himself.
The bond was strong, Izana used to talk a lot of shit about how they just kept themselves around him because they were afraid of him, but Rindou going out of his way to take her to do her hair, wait for her inside the center and FEED her while she was getting her nails done has nothing to do with fear. And Mochi would actually initiate the leaning by putting his hand softly on her head and pull her to his side, when Ran is not available she would lean on him to feed the baby. They just love her as much as Izana and Kakucho do.
She would get really happy when she was with Mucho and Sanzu, the first one would be letting the baby play with his fingers while the last one would be holding the child and she would be playing with his hair, he let her do anything she wants at that time and just like when she was pregnant, they let her talk about anything, only that this time she would be rambling about the other mothers at the park.
Talking about other mothers, one time she made the mistake to take Shion with her to the daycare, not because of him, but because every time she was with him she would become more violent that’s that influential king. See, she is not gonna put all the blame on him because her resting bitch face was priceless too, but that day she drops the act to appear more friendly since she was interlocking arms with a man who has a big ass tattoo on his head.
But the mothers that were there were giving them some nasty stares and she knew Shion was about to snap.
“Baby, please no,” she said because as dangerous as he was, he would drop the act as soon as a pretty lady like her talk nice to him. His crush on her was big.
But then the baby came running and hugged Shion's legs like their life depended on it, which made him hide any trace of desire to do damage and put a big smile on his face.
“Now now now, look at my baby!! Who’s ready to break mommy’s rule and eat a lot of ice cream?” He says taking them in his arms and their little backpack that the working lady gave him.
“That’s his child? Omg, she let that man get her pregnant? What a cheap—” Some of the ladies started to say but were interrupted.
“End the sentence, I dare you,” She says with a smile, she learned to smile like that from Ran and that’s the phrase Izana would tell her as soon as she starts to degrade herself.
But she didn’t let the lady finish, she grabbed her by the hair and start dragging her with the same smile so her baby wouldn’t witness violence. Shion gave the baby back to the working lady and went outside, just in case someone tries to jump in.
“You. Think. You. Can. Fucking. Judge. Me. With. Your. Weak. Ass” She says while punching the lady in the face, since she grabbed the lady by the hair all the other mothers took all the babies inside so she was going all out. “You can’t even fight me but think you can go and talk about my man like that?”
Shion was on fuckin cloud 9, IS THAT HIS CRUSH SAYIN HE WAS HER MAN? Yes he was 😌 even tho she belongs to his bosses or whatever.🙄
After that scene Izana forbids her to go out with Shion alone to anything related to the baby, they can go with Mucho or Kakucho, he thinks Ran or Rindou would hold the lady down so Y/N could punch her.
Ran would tease her with "want to have Rindou taking care of the baby while we go and beat some ass, you can beat the judgmental ladies and ill beat their husb-"
"Why not? Isn't that violent enough for you?" He says with a small smile, she hides her face behind her hands in embarrassment and he would put his hand behind her head and pull her to his chest. “I’m joking little one, wanna go grab some sweets? Like the old times”
“No because you gonna keep talking about our baby so the old ladies think you’re a responsible dad or—”
“I AM a responsible dad, and since you aren’t pregnant anymore my new stories are about when my wife went into labor”
“You didn’t get into the room with me”
“But I was close outside, why you keep giving me that smart-mouth woman?” He says offended.
“I love you, Ran” This is her first time saying this to a person aside from the ones that live with her but hey, she does love the guy. He makes sure she’s happy when he’s around.
“I love you too, smart mouth,” He says after the initial shock, didn’t take him long to answer, he loves her, she’s all the light he is not.
Her and Rindou’s dynamic is pretty calm tho, since the pregnancy he can tell that she doesn’t see this “oh he’s weak because he’s younger”, so he takes pride in doing things for her. Those “Rin, can we go to the mall so I can buy something for myself?” make his day better, he felt important. He is in her eyes.
There are days where her boobs are a pain in the ass because of how huge they become, and since she’s bold now she would go to Kakucho and ask him to hold them for her. At first, he said no cause what the fuck, but then he let her sit between his cross legs and hold her boobs for her, the sigh of relief she let out and how she relaxed against his chest made him realize how much she needed. Izana would do it without her asking if he sees the discomfort in her face.
Talking of Izana, he has softened a lot with her, in the privacy of their home of course. He would hug her from behind and ask her about her day, would try to make fun stories about beating some other gangs ass, he even learned how to cook so now not just Kakucho and her are in charge of the diner, from time to time if she’s on the couch looking tired and Kakucho is busy with the baby he would make diner and the formula for his baby. He would put the baby to sleep, and beside her and Kakucho, he’s the only one that can do it. Those nights he would sleep with her so she could cuddle him.
In public, he thinks he’s the same but everybody knows he’s just full of bullshit. He has his arms around her shoulders at all times, he got her a whole Tenjiku uniform just like his so everybody knows that she’s the boss angel, on some occasions he would dismiss a meeting earlier because she told him and Kakucho that if they aren’t home by 8 pm they would sleep outside.
When they get home she would be waiting for them at the door with the most genuine smile, he would kiss her forehead and take the baby in his arms.
“Are you two okay with all of this?” She asked him one day while resting in his chest. Kakucho was hugging her from behind and the baby was sleeping in their room.
“Why?” Izana says, knowing damn right that she’s just getting insecure again.
“I don’t know, just asking because we keep getting more and more stable and, even if you deny it, your violent nature is… ” She stopped talking when she felt Kakucho grip tighten around her waist.
“You keep worrying about stupid shit, you think I have softened? Is that it? ”Izana says and because she’s not in the mood to get yelled at she turn around and hide on Kakucho’s chest.
Then she feels his hot breath in her cheek, she can’t breathe that well cause of the lack of space and oxygen but she stays there.
“I’m okay with this princess, I love my new life and I would get out of this gang shit if I feel it’s giving you or our child trouble” He kiss her cheeks and pull her slightly so she would be on her back. “I have a family now, why would I be worried about people seeing me as a softie now?”
“We could crush all of them by ourselves baby, and if we add the guys then we could do whatever we want”’ Kakucho adds smiling.
“This is not me- us getting soft, this is us working twice as hard to give you the world because that’s what you deserve,” Izana says and she actually started crying, like ugly crying.
“I love you so much, guys!!” She cries and they laugh.
They know, and they love her just as much.
Tumblr media
Soft moments are MY KIND OF VIBE OKAY.♡︎
Finally found out how to put the read more break from a pc, now I gotta learn from a phone.
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wint3r-h3art · 3 months ago
Omg why didn’t I think about Dad Shangqi!
I think he and the little kiddo preparing for their wedding anniversary to surprise reader (something like that!)😬
I think that’ll be cute hehe. But feel free to expand the ideas! Take your time and thank you! :)
Happy anniversary, babe | Shangqi & child!OC
A/N: I'm finally in fluffy mood now aha! Thank you for sending this <3 I do hope this is fluffy and warm enough! If you like this, please reblog! Any comments and like are appreciated.
Warning: None. Just fluffy, sweet domestic stuff
Tumblr media
Your eyes crack open at the soft tapping sound. You’re greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and what’s this?! Bacon?!
You roll around, only to find an empty space next to you. Your brows pull into a deep frown, but that thought is soon gone when you find your 3-year old trying very hard to wedge herself in your arms.
“Morning, mama,” Li Mei greet you cheekily. Her forehead is a bit sticky and her breath smells like pancake syrup.
“Hi, baby,” you croak softly as you snuggle closer to her small, soft form. “You’re up early. What’s going on? Why do you smell like syrup?”
She blinks at you once or twice before she wiggles herself out of your grasps and runs out of your bedroom with a loud giggle.
“A-Mei, answer me!” you chuckle softly as yell out as you slowly get up and follows her into the kitchen.
“Baba! Baba!” you can hear your daughter calling out to Shangqi. “Baba, Mama comin.”
“It’s ok, baby,” you hear your husband says softly to your daughter.
“I’m gonna getcha!” you announce as you round the corner before you find yourself stunt at the layout in front of you. There are plates of food like waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage links, scrambled eggs, coffees, orange juice, and of course the big bouquet of flowers.
Standing behind the table with the biggest and goofiest grin on his face, stands your husband in an apron, holding your daughter in one arm, while the other holds a spatula. You can feel your face grows warmer as your gaze meets with his. You can feel your heart fluttering slightly, just like it’s always is when you look at Shangqi.
You open your mouth to speak but find yourself speechless. It takes a couple of tries before the words come out.
“W-what are all these?” you ask, stepping forward before Shangqi greets you with a soft peck on your lips. You can hear Mei Mei giggles near you before you turn to kiss her too.
“It’s for you, Mama,” Mei Mei says proudly.
“Happy anniversary, babe,” Shangqi smiles at you, and you feel like you can fly.
“Oh my God, you made all of these for me?!”
He nods. “Mei Mei insisted on making you breakfast today, even though I booked us a nice reservation tonight already.”
“Did you really, baby?”
Li Mei nods proudly. “Mei Mei and Baba cook for you cuz we love you.”
You can feel yourself tearing up as you take her from your husband. “Oh baby, thank you. Mama loves these so much. You’re the sweetest,” you say as you place an adoring kiss on her little chubby cheek. Li Mei giggles softly before you placed her on her chair.
Mei Mei is too occupied with dipping her small, cubby fingers into a bowl of fresh whipped cream and licking it. Her little feet dangling on the high chair as she pays no mind to you or your husband.
“And thank you too for all of these. You must have woken up on God knows when,” you say before kissing him.
Shangqi chuckles. “It’s all good, babe. Anything for my lady, obviously.” Then his expression shifts into something mischievous. “Since A-Mei will be sleeping over at Katy’s tonight, you and I can cook up something too,” he says quietly so that only you can hear him. “I’m thinking about wearing this again...just it of course.”
Your face grows hotter at this, and you cannot help but bite your lips. “Of course,” you smile before yelp out by the way he subtly pinches your butt. You narrow your eyes at him before taking a seat next to your daughter. Shangqi only replies with a wink.
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mouthfulloftoothpasterry · 3 months ago
Daddy's best friend
Summary: Harry takes Finnley to work with him. Blind!harry 
warnings: Finnley gets hurt! 
“Come on cutie, eat up, then we will head to work.” Harry says, shoving the rest of his toast into his mouth and speaking as if Finnley has an important job to do as well. Finnley shoves his Cheerios in his mouth like his daddy had with his jellied toast. Y/n walks down the steps, messy hair and tired eyes. “Baby Fin is coming to work with me so you can have a break.” Harry says, placing his hand in the back of his wife’s head and placing a rushed kiss to her forehead while he runs around the house trying to get himself and his toddler ready. 
“Pj’s!?” Finnley yells, still dressed in his night onesie. Harry shakes his head, pulling him into his room and getting him an outfit. “No pajamas today, baby. We have to go to work.” 
“Baby Finny work?” He asks, patting his chest, referring to himself in third person. Harry nods, pushing his little shoe on while he squats in front of him. “Yes, baby finny is gonna work.” Finnley squeals, smiling and wraps his arm around his daddy while Harry pulls him to his hip. 
“Whatdoido?!” Fin asks, his works all running together in baby babble and excitement from going off to work with his daddy. “Gonna come to my office, let’s say buh-bye to mama.” Harry says, walking into the kitchen where Y/n is munching on the last piece of Harry's toast and scrolling through a mommy blog. “Goodbye, my love. I’ll see you after work.” Harry kisses her forehead and let’s her coo a goodbye to their son who is overwhelmed with excitement. 
“Bye, mommy will miss you.” She says to both of her big baby’s, patting them on the cheek and kissing them. “Have a good day at work!” 
“Stay with daddy.” Harry reminds, holding his son's hand in one and his walking stick in the other. He wakes his way up to his office, greeting employees and what not while he walks around the office. “Good morning!” Harry greets his employees while he walks into his office, leaving the door open so his employees know it’s okay to visit him. 
“Morning.” A few say back, the rest watching his little boy toddler into his office alongside him. They didn’t know he had children, how many does he have? There were some harsh thoughts passing through their heads, how does he take care of him? His wife probably does it all. 
“Dada.” Finnley smiles up at Harry while Harry plops in his office chair. Harry smiles, pulling Finnley on his knee and getting on his i Mac to do some paperwork. He types away a bit, letting Finnley slip off his lap and play with his rattles and studies he had packed for him for the day. Harry doesn’t hear when Finnley toddles out of his office and wanders around, eventually finding the kitchen which wasn’t too far away from where Harry was. 
He looks over the tables, popping his head over the little round table and reaches up in his tippy toes to grab a mug. He always does this with his parents' drinks on the Coffee table, usually just drinking their morning orange juice or water- so he thought it was fine at his daddy’s job. He grabs the mug, gasping at the temperature of the glass and topping over, landing on his bum.
The hot coffee spills all over his chest and legs, making the boy instantly whimper and start sobbing. 
As soon as Harry hears his baby’s cries he is up and running towards the noise, completely  forgetting about his walking stick. “What’s wrong?” Harry asks, bending down and pulling his baby into him, not caring that his nice work shirt is now soaked in whatever his baby is. He sobs, his arms wrapping around his daddy’s neck. “Baby hurt!” He says, breaking Harry's heart. “I know, it hurts. It’s okay!” He tried to Cheer up the boy, pulling his wet shirt and shorts off leaving him in just his diaper. “None of you could have told me? I can’t see! I didn’t know my baby wandered off.” Harry barks at the crowd that has accumulated once they heard Finnleys crying. 
“It’s okay, let’s get you changed.” He smells the coffee on his son, even more livid that his employees would let his one year old dump hot coffee on himself. He tries to cheer the bub up, rattling toys in front of him and cooing at him while he changes him in a new diaper and gets him into an outfit that isn’t soaked with coffee. 
Harry sighs, his baby still crying. “We can go home. Let’s go to mummy.” Harry gathers his belongings, and pulls his phone out of his pocket, calling his wife. “Baby… Fin got hurt.” Y/n instantly starts yelling over the phone, Harry wincing and pulling the phone away from his ear. He’s already got a crying baby on his hip. He doesn't need screaming either. “Babe, my ears work just fine. Calm down, he's fine, everything is okay.” 
The drive home wasn’t fun. Y/n waiting for them to come home wasn’t fun either. She just sat on the couch biting at her nails while she waited for her baby. 
“We’re home.” Harry softly sings out, Finnley still sniffling on his hip while he hides his face in his daddy’s shoulder. “Oh, baby, are you okay?” Y/n asks, pulling Finnley into herself, his leg resting over her small baby bump. His bottom lip trembles now that he is in his mummies arms, milking it so her parents will give him more love. He wraps her in a hug, “baby hurt” he tells his mummy the same thing he had told his daddy. Y/n pouts and nods, kissing his forehead. “Coffee? Hot coffee!?” Y/n asks when she smells the strong smell on her baby boy. Harry's eyebrows fly up, “I didn't hear him run off!” 
Y/n sighs, walking up to Finnley’s room and stripping him completely of his clothes. “Harry he could have gotten horrible burns.” Harry's heart drops to his stomach, instantly putting a hand out to touch over his boy's chest and feel if he had any burns. “But he is fine, right?” 
Y/n sighs, “yes, but you just need to be more careful. I don’t want him to go back there if no one is watching him.” Harry shuffles awkwardly, feeling over emotional and feeling two feet tall when his wife reprimands him. “I was keeping an eye on him, I swear. He was playing with rattles and his stuffys but he ran off, I thought if he had done that an employee would have said something.” 
“Well they didn't, and look at where that got us.'' Harry feels his eyes water up, not wanting to be over emotional or overreact but he can't help it. “I don’t know how to do this? I'm really trying but it's hard to be a dad when you can't see your child.” his bottom lip trembles which Y/n fills the tub for you.
Y/n frowns, suddenly upset with herself. “Hey, I didn't mean to be so harsh on you. I was just worried about Finnley. I don’t want to upset you, I never wanna make you feel like you are any less of a person or less of a dad because you cant see him. I'm sorry, H. I'm really sorry.” Harry shakes his head, “It's not you, you didn't do anything.” He sniffs and wipes his tears, pecking his wife's lips. 
“Tell me if I ever do that to you. You know we are equal, you are not any less of a parent or a person just because you are blind.” Harry nods, pecking her lips. “I will.” Y/n looks over at Finnley resting on her hip, ready for the bath. “I’m not mad at you, I know this wasn't your fault. I was just worried.” Nods, sitting on the toilet lid while Y/n prepares Finnley’s bath. 
“Dada.” Finnley said, waddling into his mummy and daddys bedroom. Harry turns his head to his wife, “Can he sleep in here, mummy?” Harry smiles, Y/n agrees, letting Harry pull the pajama clad boy into the covers. “I love you, good night.” Harry whispers while Finnley cuddles into his side and hides his face in his pajama shirt. “G’night” Finnley breathes. 
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writings-of-a-fool · 3 months ago
Ohemgee requests are open again sjkjskjskjskjsk yayyyyy❤ plz sir plz do tmr where their girlfriend having a reallllly bad period like im in so much pain right now 😫 can u make it smutty maybe😝
Having a partner with painful menstruation
A/N: My periods are always really horrible and I am currently trying not to sob, vomit ,and or scream so I get you non.
Warnings: Menstruation, fem! Reader (can be read as gn!), period sex (Minho, Brenda, Harriet), Thomas being a bit dumm, blood kink mention
Word Count: 860 Words
Tumblr media
Generally doesn't know what to do
He grew up around all boys, at least in memory, so it's understandable
He might poke fun at you a bit
"Stop being such a big baby, it can't be worse than a sprained ankle."
Minho you bitch
Please just yell at him (Or cry) that's the only way your pain is gonna get through his thick skull
He's really awkward with comforting so he'll probably just silently hold you
He will do almost anything you ask, he's so embarrassed.
He just wants you to feel better already
He will totally massage your back
(His hands are so big and strong, it ends your aches so quickly)
But he will be complaining the whole time
"Minho, if you think your hands hurt now I will gladly trade you. on god." "Whoa slim it nice and calm baby, no need for that."
This man is not against fucking you if that helps your cramps
Hell he's MORE than willing
The blood doesn't bother him, as long as you two can clean up easily
(Blood kink?.....No? No, mine is just sneaking into this....or is it?)
But he is so so loving and caring if you accept that offer
Tumblr media
Newt knows about invisible pain, and he would never assume to understand what kind of pain you're experiencing
He's so sweet and caring the whole time
Mama Newt is now activated
He's super doting and will help you out however he can
Will most definitely lay across your tummy if the weight helps alleviate your pain
(That's actually one of his favourite things to do. He likes being a blanket💕)
His hands may be rough with wear but they are such a steady temperature, it's so nice against cramps
Not too hot, not too cold, just right for all aches and pains
Tumblr media
"Your period? No, our period babe."
Thomas will put everything to the side to hang out with take care of you
Firstly because he loves you and he never wants to see you in pain
But mainly because he just wants to spend a soft quiet time with you
HE will massage you where ever your pains are located
He brings you the best food he can get his hands on
(He even asks Brenda for some of her herbal remedies)
Overall, Thomas doesn't want to have to be in charge of things anymore so taking care of you is a great way to get out of that
While Jeff's medical knowledge is the bare minimum for the feminine form he puts in so much effort to find out what helps you
You're his little science project😌
NO, but fr he pulls up with crazy remedies all the time
"Sweetheart, don't knock it until you try it okay?" "Jeff baby, this looks like it came out of Gally's nose, I'm not touching it."
I swear most of them are helpful, so what if they're a bit gross looking/smelling/tasting/feeling
When he's not playing mad doctor Jeff is cuddling you with his whole heart
His hands are so sturdy and warm so built-in hot water bottle!
Tumblr media
Okay Gally is bashful around you at the best of times
But you're doing whAT??? From whERE????
Oh lord
He's so worried, so stressed out
You'd think he's the one losing like 14ml of blood
No, but he does ANYTHING you ask of him
You need a new rag? Done.
Food? Of course love.
A 44-page essay on why he loves you? In APA or MLA?
It takes quite a while for him to get used to the idea of you bleeding EVERY month
(7 months to be exact, 7 stressful months)
Tumblr media
She is so sweet and caring during your time of the month
She teaches you all the tricks she uses during her time
Now chocolate may not be available in your now middle of nowhere haven
But she does make a little mish-mash of local herbs to try and help with the pain
She is your personal vibrator during this time
She DOES have a blood kink
(Huh? She has this kink because this blood comes from a non-violent source and that's something that soothes her aching soul? Interesting)
She just wants you to feel better so you can get up and spend time with her at work
She totally recommends stretching and exercise if you can manage
(All the moves she shows you are like heavenly healing I swear)
Pamper her when hers comes around, this is not a request 🔫🔫🔫
Tumblr media
Bold of you to assume yall don't have bluetooth on
You two sync up like nobody's beez
Her are also really painful so you both just spend this time together in bed
Racing to see who's finishes first? Yeah probably.
(Babes how yall racing with nature? Anyways)
You two are her personal teddy bear. she just wants to sleep it off.
If you don't join in on the nap fest she'll stay awake for you
Mutual masturbation who?
If you two don't have the energy to fuck each other that is
You two truly just spend this time lazing
Posted On: 10/21/2021
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strawbxrryneptune · 8 months ago
Imagine Toxic!Hood!Bakugou who, when you get mad at him, sits on the couch and watches you yell with a smirk, blowing out smoke through his parted lips. He’s watching you with low eyes, licking his lips at the way you look all red in the face, getting worked up.
Only when you tell him you’re done with his bullshit does he stand, laying down the blunt and strutting over to your huffing form, towering over you.
“You done?”
That sentence alone would have made you even angrier, but before you can even shoot back a response, he’s pushing you onto the couch, shoving the blunt into your hand and sinking to his knees, fixing you with a searing glare.
“Don’t drop it.”
You nod, in a daze, before realizing he wants you to smoke it as well. You bring the joint up to your lips before taking a drag, inhaling the smoke. Before you could exhale, Bakugou’s mouth is on yours, breathing you and the smoke in. You feel him start to slide off your sweats and panties, but he doesn’t let you get too distracted, quickly sucking your tongue into his mouth, groaning quietly into your mouth.
You feel his thick fingers start to stroke along your soaked slit, the blonde bringing his head down to kiss along your inner thighs.
“Damn Ma, if you’re this wet you must’ve been lyin, huh?”
"Fuck you. I'm so over this bullshi-"
"Aren't you supposed to be doing something?"
You glare down at him, not being able to see his face due to it being smothered by your plush thighs,, but knowing he has that stupid smirk tugging at his lips.
You huff, raising the blunt up to your lips and taking a long drag, letting the smoke cloud your senses. Your content exhale is cut off, however, when Bakugou finally takes your throbbing clit in his mouth, running his tongue over it before giving it longing sucks. You mewl, almost choking on smoke when he thrusts thick fingers into your cunt, immediately curling them into that spot.
"Fuck, Katsuu"
He laughs into you, flicking his tongue along your entrance before slipping his tongue inside along with his fingers. He closes his eyes at the taste of you, the smell of you, just,, you. He takes his fingers out to dig them into your thighs, pushing his face further into your cunt to ear you out like a man starved.
You throw your head back, moaning out a string of expletives. Getting a sudden idea, you reach down and push his head down further into your dripping pussy, closing your thighs around his head and smirking when he gives a muffled growl.
"That's all you're good for, Katsu. Just a mouth to use and a dick to ride."
Of course, it wasn't true. He knew that, you knew that, but fuck, was it fun pissing him off.
He immediately knocks your thighs out of the way, fixing you with a heated stare.
"I told you to fuckin' do something didn't I? And don't give me that bullshit about oh I did it, if you were following directions you wouldn't be running that big ass mouth of yours."
He stands up, grabbing you by the elbows and dragging you onto the floor.
"I was gonna let your shitty ass attitude slide, but obviously you love testin me, so this is how its gonna go, Mama."
He plops down in front of you, legs spread, sweats and boxers pulled under his ass to showcase his thick, drooling cock. He grabs the blunt out of your hand, taking a pull and blowing out slowly, lips curling upwards at the way you take a quick inhale.
"You're gonna suck me off, since your cute mouth needs some filling. Everytime I take a hit, you're gonna gag on my cock, yeah? My perfect fuckin cockslut."
You whimper, arousal soaking the inside of your thighs. Deciding you're taking too long, Bakugou grabs you by the jaw, pulling you forward to lean over his cock, fixing you with a heated stare.
You get to work, spitting a far glob of spit onto his tip, leaning down to knead it into him with your tongue, the forking veins along his dick pulsing against your tongue. You see movement out of the corner of your eye, and hear him take a drag.
Taking a deep breath, you work your way down, sucking and running your tongue along the veins and his piercings, twirling them in your mouth before resting your nose above the base of his cock.
You feel him shudder above you, breathing labored and palms sweaty as he leads you up and down his cock, finally bringing you up for air only to guide you towards his fat balls, moaning when you take one in your mouth and suck, thighs twitching around your head.
He let's go of you, one hand resting on the back of the couch while the other brings the blunt back to his mouth, taking another hit. You immediately go back to his cock, sucking gently on his tip before deep thrusting him once again, gagging a little and making him groan breathing.
"Ah, fuck Ma- so good with your mouth, yeah? I trained you-shit-well."
You hum around him, looking up at him through your lashes. The sight that beholds you is beautiful.
Lips parted to exhale smoke, Bakugou looks like a greater being above you, thick thighs spread and twitching, red eyes low and trained on you, chest heaving, the gold chain around his neck carved with your initials glittering in the dim lighting of the living room.
He pulls you off abruptly, grabbing your hips and guiding you above him.
You breath out a shaky exhale, ready to sink down onto his cock, but he stops you.
"Who said you were getting my cock, slut?"
Your mouth falls open in protest, but before you can get a word out he's claiming your mouth, sliding his tongue against yours while he grinds his tips against your clit, grunting into your mouth at the sensation. He grabs one of your hands, leading it up his shirt and over his puffy nipple, encouraging you to rub against it.
The minute you tell his nipple between your fingertips, he's moaning into you, hips jumping and cum shooting out onto your throbbing clit, still rubbing up against you, sliding into you before pulling out with a broken groan, collaping back on the couch.
You watch him, twitching boneless while staring up at you with a lazy smirk.
"Still wanna leave, Brat?"
You pout, looking down at the complete dripping down your slit and thighs, clit twitching from the neglect.
"Yeah, I do. Maybe I'll go find Deku while I'm-"
You don't get to finish that sentence before he's sliding back into you with a growl, hands tight on your hips when he leans over to bite into your shoulder.
"You wouldn't do that. You're too cock drunk for me, aren't you? My fuckin bitch."
He punctuates the last word with a sharp thrust up, making you gasp and tremble around him.
"You can try, but I ain't letting you go, Mama. You're fuckin mine."
He snarls into your neck, roughly kneading your clit and you're done for, cummimg hard around him.
"Get that shit through your head, hm? Want another hit?"
I blame @hanji-is-life for like, the entire thing. 🏃🏾‍♀️
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itsallyscorner · 10 months ago
Toms son asking him where babies come from blurb pls
Hello darling!❤️ Thank you for your request and I’m so sorry that it took a while for me to do😭 But thank you for you patience, I hope you like it!
Where Do Babies Come From?
Tumblr media
Tiny feet could be heard padding against the hardwood floors of Tom’s home. He had been in the study room with Harry creating future plans and events for The Brother’s Trust. On his laptop was Sam, who joined the meeting via Facetime
“You know what would be fun? What if we had a little bake off?” Sam suggested through the laptop.
“How would that work?” Harry asked, resting his chin in his palm. “Well I’m obviously gonna be the judge. I want to see you both put your shit cooking skills to the test.” Sam remarked, snickering at the offended looks on his brothers’ faces.
“I’m actually a good cook, Lucas said so.” Tom boasted, a proud smile on his face since his son approved of his cooking. The door to the study suddenly opened slowly, catching the attention of all three Holland brothers. Behind the door was Tom’s ‘mini me’, Lucas.
“Hey, little man!” Harry greeted Lucas, wheeling his chair closer to the entrance of the room. Harry gathers his nephew into his arms and lifts him up to sit on his lap, wheeling back to Tom.
Tom softly smiles at his son, chuckling at the left over pudding that had stained the corners of Lucas’ mouth. Tom lifts his thumb up, gently wiping them away from Lucas’ face.
“Luca!” Sam yelled, wildly waving his hand at the camera. Lucas simply waves, mind too focused on the question that has been in his head all day.
“Dada?” Lucas asks, his tone hinting curiosity.
“Yes, bubbs?”
“Where do babies come from?” The question catches all of the men off guard, especially Tom. His mouth opens to say something but nothing came out. Too many thoughts were running in his head. Why was Lucas suddenly interested in the creation of babies? He knew his son would probably ask him the question one day, but he never expected it to be this soon. He was simply not prepared to tell his son about the cycle of life.
A look of panic washes over Tom’s face as he silently asks Sam and Harry for help. His two younger brothers only shrug with amused expressions on their face.
“Uh—well, did you ask mum?” Tom questions his son, shifting in his seat. Lucas innocently shakes his head, “Nope, mummy was cooking and I didn’t wanna bother her.” The four year old answered, scratching his head.
“You know, speaking of cooking, I think I left my stove open!” Sam said, followed by the sound FaceTime made whenever someone ended a call.
“This seems like a conversation you gentlemen should have, I’m going to help (y/n) cook.” Harry gently sets Lucas onto his dad’s lap and swiftly exists the room. The door closes and Tom is left with his son and the big question of the day.
Lucas only stares at his dad with his big brown eyes, patiently waiting for his dad’s response. His tiny brows furrowed together, “Dada, do you need me to say the question again?”
Tom quickly shakes his head wrapping his arms around his son and pulling him into his chest. “No, I heard you the first time, Lukey.”
Tom’s eyes shift from the ceiling to Lucas, “Well where do you think babies come from?”
Lucas adorably purses his lips together, making his ‘thinking’ face that resembled Tom’s whenever he was deep in thought.
“From mummy’s belly. She eats the babies and then it comes out, like poop!” Lucas explains enthusiastically. His little arms waving around while he talked, making Tom’s heart swell in adoration.
Tom couldn’t help but let out a laugh at his son’s theory on babies. He wasn’t entirely wrong.
“Well, you’re not wrong, it does come out like poop.” Tom acknowledges, his son only nodding in agreement. “Wait, how do you know that babies come out like poop?”
Lucas shrugs, “How else is it supposed to leave mummy’s tummy? When she eats it, she poops it out, like food. Mama said that’s how the digesive system works.” Though he mispronounced the word, digestive, Tom was still impressed at how intelligent his son was. Thankfully, Lucas inherited your brain and your wits instead of his.
Lucas leans into his dad’s chest, hands coming up to lazily pull and smush his dad’s face together. “Is that how it really works, daddy?”
Tom hums, making funny faces while Lucas squished his cheeks together. “Not quite, bubba.” Tom comments, though it came out muffled due to the tiny hands on his face.
Lucas stopped, his bottom lip jutted out, and a crinkle formed on the skin between his eyebrows. “Then how does it work?” The toddler huffed, crossing his little arms.
“Do they use magic?”
“No?” Tom responded, though his answer seemed more like a question.
Lucas’ curiosity was peaking and the questions just kept on coming.
“Are babies from the factories? Like in Boss Baby?”
“Not really.”
“Then why did they show the babies in a factory, dada?”
Tom’s mouth was agape, “Because...because—it makes the process look much more fun for little kids?”
Little Lucas frustratedly threw his hands in the air, “But what IS the process, dada?”
Tom releases a breath of air and sits up in his seat. He adjusts Lucas on his lap, who was staring at him intently still waiting for his dad to tell him where babies come from.
“Alright, so when, um, when a woman and a man fall in love with each other. Like really, really, in love, they have all of these feelings.” Tom starts, trying to think of a PG yet somewhat accurate explanation to baby making—sex, in other words.
“Like how you and mummy are really, really, in love?” Lucas interjects. Tom nods and snaps his fingers, “Yes, exactly like mummy and I.”
“So when the mummy and daddy share lots and lots of powerful feelings for each other—it all comes together and becomes one big ball of love. And that big ball of love turns into a baby that grows in the mummy’s stomach for about nine months.” Tom explains, his hands making wild gestures and his face becoming expressive to make the story more interesting for his son.
Lucas’ mouth fell open, “So that’s how you and mummy made me?” A lopsided grin was on Tom’s face as he stared down at his son. The similar chocolate brown eyes that Lucas inherited from him twinkled in wonder.
“Yup, that’s exactly how we made you.” Tom confirms, fondly brushing a hand through the mop of curls that rested on Lucas’ head.
Lucas rested his chin on his dad’s chest. “So I’m a big ball of you and mama’s feelings?” He mumbled, eyes suddenly feeling heavy.
Tom hums, “Yeah, you’re our big bundle of love, sunshine.” He notices Lucas’ head beginning to loll to the side, so he gently places his hand behind Lucas’ head and rests it against his chest.
“That’s cool.” Lucas whispers before drifting off to sleep in his daddy’s arms. Tom is left admiring his son, just like the day he first arrived into the world. Lucas’ features were a combination of Tom’s and yours. He remembers the night Lucas was conceived and the memories that followed after you told him you were pregnant. He remembers feeling nothing but endless love from you and endlessly loving you every single day. Looking at his son, he’s reminded everyday of the love you both share. Lucas was right, he really is a big ball of your and Tom’s feelings.
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