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#big psa


No I have not forgotten about this blog one bit. My absence is caused for a reason.

I’m moving in 15 days and I’m absolutely thrilled.

So if you want to keep up to date with me, my boyfriend, and our new family member


Then please follow me on sapphirreandgold as that is my personal blog.

Once the move is successfully done and everything is set up, I will be back on here. 😁

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Short PSA on a big problem:

Characters are allowed to have dissenting or even wholly negative opinions of each other. Not every single person in the main protagonist group has to love or even like each other.

It genuinely baffles me how this is a foreign concept to some people.

I’ve seen so many stans who think “their” character is the absolute best thing in the world and are irate when other characters in that work don’t do the same. That the other characters don’t worship the ground the stanned character(s) walks on.

Both other characters and Real-Life People have valid reasons for disliking the characters you love. Please understand that.

The actions one character takes, which to them is most likely completely justified, might be seen as utterly reprehensible or a Moral Event Horizon moment by other characters. That’s completely normal. Just as in reality, not everyone is going to like you.

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big big psa

i have been seeing a lot of my mutuals receiving anon hate for posting (and tagging) things about mental or physical health and their struggles.

so this is a reminder that someone’s blog is their safe space. it might be their ONLY safe space. you have no right to take that away from them, or to go behind anon and be a coward and downright cruel about (or police) someone else’s suffering.

the only thing that you have the right to do if someone else’s blog content bothers you is to unfollow, blacklist the tag, or respectfully approach someone and inform them that you need it tagged, and, idk, maybe ask if they’re okay while you’re at it.

the world is too hard already for our fellow travelers to be anything but kind.

ps: we all have our battles, but i am here if anyone needs someone to talk to. you’re not alone.

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If following, interacting with this blog, please take in the fact my muse has been off screen part of Canon events and watched the Festival battles, therefore, has seen the faces of many, especially those that gave a greater impact in the Sports festival, an example being Midoriya. However, remembering faces is one thing but she does not straight up know their names, unless things have already been established in past interactions, which more or less, happened. 

Also, my muse, because of Kirishima’s gushing, especially the one rped by Redxriiot, her name has been flying around, so to speak, in his class, so its perfectly okay to come to my muse and be aware, at the very least, that she’s his sister.

Canon events my muse took part in, is after the USJ incident, where staffs went ahead and apologized to the families of Class 1-A. On this blog, specifically on Suzu’s main verse, the parents are hardly home. The other event was when the staffs of U.A suggested the dorms system.

Lastly, the muse has most definitely watched the battle between All Might and All for One, from the television.

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Can we get a little more respect for ALICE FUCKING COOPER. I just went to one of his concerts last night. He is 70 years old and can still put on a show like no other, but now a days nobody fucking knows who he is!
That pisses me off! I was running around my Highschool telling everyone so excitedly how I was gonna get to see Alice Cooper and they’re all like “Who?”
What the hell has happened?! I get it, it’s been a LONG time since he started but Jesus Christ how can so few people know about him? He’s one of the greats! Straight Jackets, Guillotines, Frankenstein’s Monster! C’mon people! We need to bring him back!

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Look, I’m one for a good joke and all. I dont get bothered by anything or take anything seriously. But here’s the thing.

I miss my beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I was born there. I know we go through shit and we keep moving on. I posted about missing it very much last night, and this morning I woke up to someone saying “you mean the giant swimming pool?”

No. I mean an island filled with many inhabitants that get shit done. An island that has suffered through so much, yet plays music every-day. An island where everyone is family, everyone knows everyone, and we stick together. My island is slowly recovering, but we still got a long way to go. I know they were joking. But that hurt.

I love a good laugh. But many people are gone. Good people. People I’ve never met before.

That is not okay.

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Hi all!
3 of my fandoms decided to all try to take over july. My blog will be a mess but hopefully a fanwork full mess of fun and fandom and stuff. I will be using the following tags:

Inception- inceptiversary
00q/ bond- 007Fest, 00kitties, teamqbranch
Aftg Big Bang- aftg, tfc, aftgbigbang

Normal tags I try to use:
Lgtb/queer relation- queer stuff
Social issues- important
Mental issues- mental health
Cute animals and things that make me happy- happy stuff

I understand if this will clog up your dash etc and you want to unfollow. Also if it turns out that other things need to be tagged or you would like to know how I tag certain things to blacklist please feel free to ask or send a message.

Happy summer!!

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HI, the mastermind post on Reddit is fake but someone posted another one with "supposed victims and mastermind" AND IT SEEMS SUPER LEGIT SO PLEASE BEWARE!!!!! The exact title is "NDRV3 SPOILERS (supposed victims and mastermind)" I accidentally saw who it is and honestly. Wow... I hope someone can confirm that this data mined thing is false bc im really afraid of being spoiled the whole game now

THANK YOU KIND ANON!! I’ve been warned about that thread but I have not seen it myself…

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I realize I’ve done a couple of these things, Saying hey, i know i had to poof for a bit and then say i’ll be back to normal. Well that obviously did not happen after getting my computer back from the shop.

There is ongoing, serious problems going on in my family’s life. I won’t get into it right now. But that is why i’m gone.

Because of what’s been happening my Depression and Anxiety is much worse at times.  But i’m working through it. 

We’ve just crossed a big part of everything but there’s still more trouble to come. 

I want to be here. Sometimes i just can not muster it. 

I will be back tomorrow or the next day to get back and enjoy myself.  With Scott by my side. 

Replies have to come as i can. I love this blog and the threads I have. If you don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on you.

I do realize that some threads are old. If you want something new or if we’ve never roleplayed before. I’d love some new and exciting ideas.

I think I can actually get my head back into tumblr and more importantly enjoying what i’m writing and doing. 

I love you guys, and i’m sorry. If i had it my way I wouldn’t be dealing with any of this.

Yes, I am okay. Nobody is physically hurt. But it’s too long to discuss. 

I think a revamp of this blog, keeping my threads as is, is coming. 
Stick with me and we’ll have a great time together.

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Y’gonna see a lotta political stuff on this tumblr along with the RP. We are right now in the middle of something that needs to stay fanned instead of dying out with the next big distraction. Cities are lighting up all over the country, and even the goddamn world to show that we are fucking sick of how our brothers and sisters of Color have been treated. It SHOULD have happened a long-fucking-time ago and we shouldn’t be having to protest it STILL.

But, here we are, and here they need us to stand up as allies and SHUT UP to let them speak. Help them stay safe and make sure you don’t post their faces, since the asses have facial recognition software. If there is a defense fund or bail fund, donate. I’ll be reblogging quite a few as they come across my feed, and whatever I can find.


You are gonna be collateral damage, that’s it.


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i saw one of my irls saying she was depressed like because she did badly and like yo thats not what depression is? depression is a real issue that people like me struggle with so please don’t use the word ‘depressed’ lightly, just a psa :) you can use words like ‘sad’ or ya know synonyms of that word just NOT depressed 

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