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Single uncle Bilbo taking care of Frodo 馃挅
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Thorin: *carrying a lot of food from the market*
Bilbo: Hey, let me give you a hand.
Thorin: *transfers all the ingredients to one hand and takes Bilbo's hand in his*
Bilbo: Not what I meant, but sure.
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#LOTR + #The Hobbit #Shit Posts
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Thorin: Bilbo, where are Fili and Kili?
Bilbo: They鈥檙e playing hide and seek
Thorin: And where are they?
Bilbo: I don鈥檛 think you understand the concept of the game
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Thorin and Company in the Snow
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Each dwarf has his own reaction to the snow.
The younger ones (Fili and Kili) are ABSOLUTELY EXSTACTIC about the snow.
Like, they鈥檙e out there at first light, running around, lobbing snowballs at each other and challenging each other to sled races.
But the older dwarves aren鈥檛 as excited about it.
Some of them do enjoy it, though.
Some of them get in on the snowball fight.
Others take walks through the snow, enjoying the scenery.
Thorin鈥檚 the one that has to wrangle them all up at some point.
But he lets them enjoy it for a while.
He knows how hard they work and that they deserve a break and a chance to have some fun.
But when it鈥檚 time to come inside, he isn鈥檛 afraid to use his聽鈥淚鈥檓 In Charge and I Need You to Listen鈥 voice.
It works great on most of them.
But Fili and Kili take some extra...reinforcement to come back inside since they鈥檙e so happy about the snow.
Bombur is having absolutely none of it.
He stays inside all day, eating food.
He makes some food for the others (I think he might be a good cook somewhere deep down) for when they come back inside.
But some of it is eaten in the process.
Bilbo doesn鈥檛 really want to get in on the antics.
But it鈥檚 guaranteed that he鈥檚 going to get hit in the face with a snow ball at some point.聽
Then it鈥檚 over.
All that pent up rage that we all know is in there somewhere that he鈥檚 tried to kept hidden for so long comes out.
As a result, he鈥檚 surprisingly good at snowball fights.
And this anger is because of the Sackville-Bagginses and the AUDACITY they had at stealing auctioning his stuff.
Overall chaotic day.
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Bilbo may be now shiny and cosmopolitan, but there was a (recent) time when it wasn鈥檛 so: it was a town full of industries and pollution. After the hunger years that followed the Spanish Civil War came the 50s, an era dedicated to rebuild a destroyed country, which translated into growing companies and a huge need of workers.
So people left the empoverished Spanish countryside with all the few possessions the had and moved to industrial cities - mostly Bilbo and Barcelona - looking for a job and a better future. Just some data to make you understand how many people left the inner area of Spain: in just 25 years (1950-75) Bizkaia doubled its population, and it鈥檚 reckoned that around 5M people left their rural homes.
Of course with this massive income of immigrants from other regions came one big problem: it was impossible accomodate them all. So they waited for a flat making their own homes and towns, where and how they could, as you can see in the pictures.
With their hard work, they got to leave those precarious buildings and move to their own flat, and give their kids an education. Most of the grandchildren of these workers that initially survived in wooden houses and a little vegetable garden, got to study at university.
At first, the most radical side of Basque nationalism - still following the old racist concepts of Arana - called these people maketoak, a very derogatory word that means non-Basque. Luckily this changed and just the old-fashioned right wing uses it sometimes to imply Basque people are racist or non-inclusive. Basque people are very aware that these workers from other regions (mostly from Castile and Le贸n, and Galiza, btw) helped not just rebuild, but make Euskadi richer and more properous for us all; in fact, a high percentage of Bilbo-born people share these humble origins that we wanted to remember with this little post.
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so late in returning
Dew gathered cold over the hair on Bilbo鈥檚 toes. The stars were bright, except where the crescent moon lay. Beneath the white moon, the dew shone. It shone even in the shadows, though fainter. Elves sang.
Bilbo stuck his hands in his pockets.
鈥業 didn鈥檛 think it could be as beautiful as I remembered,鈥 he said to Elrond. 鈥業 thought I must have imagined some of it, or dreamt it lovelier.鈥 He looked over his shoulder with a smile. 鈥楾hat was a fool鈥檚 thinking. It鈥檚 lovelier than I could have ever dreamt.鈥
Elrond smiled, but it was just a quick rise of his lip in the corner. He had been quite solemn all night, but then, so had Bilbo.
Elrond had his child in his arms, with the boy鈥檚 head resting on his shoulder.
Elrond had three boys. He was catching up with the hobbits, Bilbo had joked. Elrond had just shaken his head.
This boy was the youngest. He had gentle sweeps of brown hair falling past his shoulders, and glittering, curious eyes, and he smiled at Bilbo whenever he saw him. He liked Bilbo鈥檚 fur, he鈥檇 said, touching his feet, and he did cartwheels for Bilbo or danced on the green grass.
Now he was asleep in his father鈥檚 arms, dressed in spring green and silver. Elrond kissed his son鈥檚 hair.
Bilbo knew what his name meant. It was lovely, but piercing at the same time.
鈥楬e鈥檚 asleep even with all this singing,鈥 Bilbo said.
鈥業 think you might be the only one that it keeps up,鈥 Elrond said. He rocked Estel. The moon lit them both. Behind them the fire burnt golden through the many windows of the house.
鈥楾hat boy has some long legs,鈥 Bilbo said. 鈥楬e鈥檒l be catching up with you in no time.鈥
Elrond smiled again, and this time it reached his eyes. He kissed Estel鈥檚 hair.
鈥楬e鈥檚 my little vine鈥攍ong and thin and climbs everything.鈥 Elrond pressed his face to the top of Estel鈥檚 head.
鈥楧oes he still smell like a baby to you?鈥 Bilbo asked.
鈥楳hm.鈥 Elrond stroked Estel鈥檚 back and legs where he held him. 鈥楢lways my baby.鈥
鈥業 never wanted children,鈥 Bilbo said. 鈥極r marriage or any of that.鈥 He looked up into Elrond鈥檚 gentle grey eyes. 鈥楤ut you could make almost anyone change their mind, I鈥檓 sure.鈥
Elrond smiled over Estel鈥檚 head. 鈥業s that a confession, Mr Baggins?鈥 his voice was light with mirth.
Bilbo snorted. 鈥楴o, no, you brat,鈥 he said, forgetting for a moment who he was speaking to. Or maybe not forgetting. It all slipped out so easily.
Bilbo looked away from Elrond and Estel, over the valley. He watched the river as it ran silver, trailing away. It laughed as it ran. The sound echoed through the valley.
鈥楾hat鈥檚 how you find the valley, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 he said, musing out loud. 鈥榊ou follow the river.鈥
鈥榊es,鈥 Elrond said. 鈥業f I want you to find it.鈥
鈥榃ell, that鈥檚 a very mysterious answer.鈥 Bilbo fiddled with the Ring in his pocket. He whistled, and it matched the elves鈥 melody, but just a bit sadder. His grief was fresh, after all.
鈥榊ou will always find your way here,鈥 Elrond said, and his voice was kind but solemn again.
Bilbo watched the river turn its way about white quartz stones that seemed to glow in the night. They glittered for a moment, but Bilbo blinked away his tears.
鈥榃ill home be the same?鈥 he asked Elrond, or maybe the stars, or they might be one and the same.
鈥楴o, I鈥檓 afraid.鈥
鈥楾hat鈥檚 what Gandalf said.鈥
鈥業鈥檓 sorry.鈥 The wind carried off Elrond鈥檚 words, hiding them in the early leaves.
鈥楤ut he doesn鈥檛 have a home or family, does he?鈥 Bilbo said.
He turned when he felt Elrond鈥檚 hair sweep over him. Elrond鈥檚 face was now close to his. He knelt on the wet grass, holding Estel close with one arm. The other he wrapped around Bilbo.
鈥楬e does,鈥 Elrond said. 鈥業 promise.鈥
鈥極r rather you force him to have a home, I鈥檓 sure,鈥 Bilbo said, and laughed once.
Elrond鈥檚 eyes glimmered.
鈥楧o you really think anyone could force Gandalf to do anything?鈥
鈥業 think you could,鈥 Bilbo said. 鈥榊ou鈥檇 just have to look at him with those big grey eyes, and you鈥檇 melt his heart.鈥
Elrond titled his head.
鈥榊ou paint a very flattering picture of me, Bilbo Baggins.鈥
Bilbo laughed again. 鈥楯ust wait until I write my book.鈥
鈥業 will then.鈥 Elrond squeezed Bilbo鈥檚 shoulder.
Bilbo stroked Estel鈥檚 cheek.
鈥楬e鈥檚 such a beautiful boy.鈥
Elrond drew Bilbo closer, even when Bilbo huffed out of habit, and kissed the top of his head.
鈥榊ou鈥檒l find your child someday.鈥
鈥極h, I doubt that,鈥 Bilbo said, fiddling with his buttons, watching their shadows on the grass.
鈥楴o,鈥 Elrond said. 鈥業 know you will.鈥
鈥極h, nonsense.鈥 Bilbo kept his voice quiet. He didn鈥檛 want to wake Estel.
鈥業t鈥檚 not nonsense,鈥 said Elrond. 鈥業t鈥檚 foresight.鈥
Bilbo shook his head. 鈥楾hat鈥檚 just elvish nonsense.鈥
鈥業鈥檓 half-elven.鈥
鈥楬alf-elvish nonsense then.鈥
Elrond pouted. 鈥業鈥檓 trying to comfort you.鈥
鈥楢nd I鈥檓 trying to see how much it takes for you to smack me.鈥
Elrond鈥檚 clear laugh was like the sound of the stars in winter. Estel stirred and Elrond let go of Bilbo to hold him with both arms again.
鈥楬ush, little one.鈥 Elrond kissed his Estel. 鈥榊ou鈥檝e already fallen asleep.鈥 He stood and rocked him. 鈥業 should put him to bed before his mother finds out I鈥檝e let him out barefoot.鈥
鈥楬e needs some good woollen hair on those toes.鈥 Bilbo patted Estel鈥檚 ankle. 鈥楤ut I guess half-elves don鈥檛 grow that?鈥
鈥楳mm,鈥 Elrond murmured. 鈥楪ood night, Bilbo.鈥 Elrond went towards the door into the house but stopped just outside it. 鈥楤ilbo,鈥 he said, 鈥榯ry to sleep.鈥
鈥業鈥檒l try, I鈥檒l try. But damn all that singing.鈥 Bilbo turned away from Elrond as the whole valley glittered again before his eyes. He let out a shuddering breath when the door shut behind him. He stared out over the valley. The river flowed. The stars burnt.
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Imagine The Fellowship all sitting around the campfire halfway up Caradhras retelling the events of the Hobbit to Boromir and Aragorn Rashomon-style with Gimli going "my dad tells it this way" and Legolas going "well, my dad tells it this way" and the Hobbits all going "but Bilbo tells it this way!" and, even though Gandalf was fucking there for half of it, he refuses to weigh in on anything because watching them argue is more fun and also he doesn't remember because it was over 75 years ago.
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empty chairs at empty tables
ghost thorin :)
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Frodo taking care of his Uncle Bilbo 馃挅
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it's dangerous to go alone. take this.
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#The Hobbit Memes
#LOTR Memes
#Relationship Memes
#Hobbit Shit Posts
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Fili and Kili: *sitting on a bench together*
Bilbo: Why do you guys look so upset?
Fili: Sit down and we鈥檒l tell you
Bilbo:聽*sits down*
Kili: This bench is freshly painted
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The truth is that most of them don鈥檛 think I should be on this journey. THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (2012)
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trauma dumping at the Council of Elrond
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鈥淢r. Baggins!鈥 he cried. 鈥淗ere is the first payment of your reward! Cast off your old coat and put on this!鈥
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Did this challenge for fun 馃挄
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