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#bilbo baggins
lordoftherazzles · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I tried my best to never let you in to see the truth And I've never opened up I've never truly loved 'till you put your arms around me And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go Arms, Christina Perri
Inspired by @nerdymeatball13′s Bagginshield wallpaper
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nerdasaurus1200 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My friend @mikeallenz inspired me so I edited a couple Rat Miraculous holders so they had blue accents instead of pink
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cassiabaggins · 8 hours ago
Hobbit Sims: The Baggins Family
The first step to making the Baggins family was to make Cassia! Like Fili and Kili, she is a child. She has the Social Butterfly Aspiration and the Bookworm, Cheerful, and Adventurous traits!
Tumblr media
Next, I made Bilbo! He is a Young Adult, with the Bestselling Author aspiration, and his traits are Proper, Snob, Squeamish, Creative, and Bookworm!
Tumblr media
Using Bilbo as a base, I made Bungo next! He is an elder, with the Master Chef aspiration (I always imagined him loving cooking). His traits are Loves Outdoors, Good, Family Oriented, Bookworm, and Cheerful! 
Tumblr media
Then, using Cassia as a base, I made Belladonna! In this save, she is biracial and I tried to show that. I hope I did all right! She has the Archeology Scholar aspiration with the Adventurous, Self-Assured, Loves Outdoors, Family Oriented, and Cheerful traits!
Tumblr media
tagging @beenovel​ @messiambrandybuck​ because you guys showed Interest
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nhydrxl · 9 hours ago
here is my thoughts on bilbo+thorin+dwalin. 1) bilbo + thorin are married, 2) thorin + dwalin are the bromance of legends, 3) bibo is the third wheel
Jehejfhfjfj bibo the third wheel...
I do have to say that in my thoughts I see bilbo speaking and speaking and speaking and both thorin and dwalin are besotted. Thorin obviously due to the fact he's a tad bit too enchanted by Bilbo and Dwalin due to the fact that "look at this funny little creature speaking so much. He is so wise and yet so spunky."
Thorin and Beebs are DEFINITELY married, and yes sometimes Thorin and Dwalin start talking about their warrior stuff and being The Boys (tm) and bilbo's sorta just there orbiting like. Yea
Also I'll address the Oliphant in my room I sort of found out way too late (a f te r drawing fanart Jesus) that dwalin and thorin are sort of. Cousins. So, not to scorn anyone but that definitely takes any dwalin/thorin romantic stuff or whatever off the dash for me
Anyways Dwalin definitely cares way too much about those two dummies. Yes he has decked people on the face for thinking they can mess with Bilbo for being so tiny.
(and yes he openly stares and blushes when he first sees Bilbo successfully throwing a knife as a weapon.)
I got more thoughts but... I'll draw them at some point
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tfallenangel · 14 hours ago
🍁"En un agujero en el suelo, vivía un hobbit. No un agujero húmedo, sucio, repugnante, con restos de gusanos y olor a fango, ni tampoco un agujero seco, desnudo y arenoso, sin nada en que sentarse o que comer: era un agujero-Hobbit, y eso significa comodidad" 🍁
Tumblr media
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curiosityunsated · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Coming Together
(Not beta read, cross posted on AO3 under TreesOfAsh. Fíli/Original Character, mentioned Kíli/Tauriel, mentioned Bagginshield, no trigger warning that I could see but let me know if you think something should be listed)
Part One / Part Two
Chapter Three
Poppy knew she shouldn’t have listened to Ori. Or Bilbo, for that matter- there was no way he wasn’t in on it. What a fool she was. And yet she had been so eager to do something to keep herself occupied, since Bombur had essentially barred her from the kitchen (‘get some rest’ he says, honestly), that she had happily taken Bilbo’s request for her to return some books to Ori in the library at face value. And Ori, well, he was so busy and could she please just put them on the table in the annex? The one they’ve converted into a classroom? Of course she had been happy to help.
Only there was no room on the table in the annex. It was full of food. She gaped for a moment, clutching the books as she looked at the spread. They hadn’t replenished their stores, but the hearty stew, fresh bread, biscuits, and- good heavens was that a pie?- smelled delicious. And standing behind the table, hands clasped behind his back, was Fíli. She knew him too well not to see that though he was smiling, his shoulders were tense and his feet were shoulder width apart, as though he were about to unsheathe his swords. He was nervous.
“Fíli...” she said quietly, and swallowed around the lump in her throat.
“Please don’t run.” He said softly. “Please just hear me out. I know I hadn’t... considered your perspective, earlier, but... please. Just talk with me. It doesn’t need to be more than that.” Her feet were taking her towards the table before she knew they were moving in the first place. Not even her subconscious could deny Fíli right now, not with that tone. He pulled a chair out for her, and her heart thrummed as his hands briefly touched her arms as he pushed the chair forward again.
Once he was seated, there was a heartbeat of awkwardness before he seemed to steel himself.
“I overheard your conversation. With Bilbo.”
She blanched. “You were eavesdropping?” For a moment she forgot that she was sad, and was instead just irritated.
“I didn’t mean to!”
“Oh? And how much did you not mean to hear?”
“...all of it.”
“Ugh! Fíli!” She hissed, glaring at him. But instead of being cowed, as she expected, he leaned forward.
“I am sorry it happened. But I’m not sorry for doing it.”
“That doesn’t make any sense at all!”
“Yes it does.”
“It certainly does not!”
“It does, I- nevermind. That’s not- Poppy. I know now that you’re worried about the line of succession. Bilbo says you’re worried about the throne, and then end of the line of Durin.”
Poppy’s fight evaporated, but before she could say anything, Fíli was continuing.
“Dwarven politics, it’s different from Men. There are so few dams, and some of those are craft-wed, that not every dwarf marries. Not even Kings. A throne isn’t always passed from father to son, or even to daughter. Often it goes to a near cousin.” He explained, and she blinked, processing his words.
“So my children don’t need to be fully dwarf. In fact... I’d prefer they weren’t.” He finished slyly, and her face burned at his insinuation.
“Fee!” She hissed, and he laughed.
“There’s my Poppy.” He said, smiling broadly, “I had thought I’d lost you.” She shook her head, trying to force down a smile and get serious again.
“But surely... surely you’d like the chance to marry a dam?” She insisted, and Fíli took the cue. He shook his head solemnly, firmly.
“I know what I want. Who I want.”
“Fíli, what are you asking me?” She whispered. She watched as he gently pulled a small leather pouch out from under his shirt, and wondered how his hands weren’t shaking. She felt as though hers would be, if they weren’t clutched together so tightly.
He upended the pouch onto his palm, emptying it, and then stood. Her eyes followed him as he rounded the table and crouched next to her chair. Slowly, he placed a small gold bead on the table in front of her.
“I’m asking you for a courtship, Poppy Burrowes. I love you, and I want a future with you.”
Her heart was going to explode.
“You are sure?” She asked, staring at the little bead in front of her. It was Fíli’s preferred color, a warm gold that was only enhanced by his blond locks and not obscured by it. But this wasn’t like any she had seen him wear before. Small, sinuous vine-like golden stems wrapped around it, raised above the surface, dotted with small flowers. Poppies. And on one side, a larger poppy than the rest, crowned with seven stars.
“I am more sure of this than I am of even the breath in my body. I would marry you now, without the courtship, but you deserve to be courted. You can say no, and I’ll never press the issue again. But we both deserved to come to this with all the facts.” He replied gently, and she could feel his gaze on the side of her face.
Fíli froze for a moment, then nodded a little, face becoming almost perfectly blank. He reached for the bead in front of her and she caught his wrist.
“You misunderstand me, Fee,” she said, and he looked up at her again, “I don’t want to court you. I’d marry you now, if you’re willing. I thought I couldn’t have you, and a less selfish hobbit would let you go... but I can’t. Fee, I can’t. I love you.” And then his face was changing again. This time, it looked as though the sun shone from his eyes, and a large smile spread. The next moment she was squealing and clutching his neck, as he surged up and plucked her from her seat to spin her around.
The chair went flying, and she was fairly certain that one of her feet knocked a dish off the table, but she couldn’t care less.
This wasn’t going to be their last miscommunication. In fact, it really wasn’t even their first; but that’s a story for another time. But it was one of the sweeter resolutions, and one fondly remembered by both of them.
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el-im · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Blunt the knives, bend the forks Smash the bottles and burn the corks Chip the glasses and crack the plates That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!
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anotherbleedinghart · 18 hours ago
Hey I saw your requests are open and I'd like to ask how you think the hobbit cast would respond to someone with body mods (face piercings, tattoo's). I'd think Dwalin would be most fond of them but what are your thoughts on this?
I didn’t write every single character, I hope you don’t mind!-Hart
Honestly, aside from Bilbo and the elves no one in the company is really all that phased by it. Most dwarves have some kind of body mods. Tattoos, ear piercings, lip piercings, etc.
The ones who find it attractive:
Thorin, Dwalin, and Nori would find the mods the most attractive.
Thorin thinks the piercings are unique and interesting. I mean, it’s beautiful jewelry on a beautiful person. How could he not at least give a second glance?
Nori is intrigued by facial piercings. He’s never had one himself but it looks so unique to him. Tattoos are something he’s used to so he doesn’t really think to much of it other than he likes the designs.
Dwalin finds the tattoos rather beautiful. If you were courting he would run his fingers over the outlines. He does it out of habit, mapping out the design.
The ones who find it cool and would probably want one too:
I think Kili, Fili and Ori would find it cool if you had snake bits or a septum piercing. Sure, they’ve seen some minor piercings in other peoples ears. But they’re actual face?!
Fili would probably want a small stud on the side of his nose. Nothing to grand but still something he could accessorize with.
Kili would be down for a tongue piercing i think. Mainly because he wants to see the face of the people he sticks his tongue out at when he’s making fun of them.
Ori would want a very simple and small tattoo on his wrist or finger. Nothing flashy. A small sunflower, a tree, just a cute and simple design.
Lindir will die before he admits he would want an eyebrow piercing. He has no explanation for why he wants it other than he thinks it would be aesthetically charming. A simple silver or diamond stud.
Has them as well and compliments yours:
Bofur has a tattoo along his right side and one on his thigh. He won’t show you unless you ask and doesn’t really bring it up. However he’ll comment on how well yours look and that they’re a nice design. Facial piercings are nothing new to him. If he’s really close to you he’ll make you a few. Sometimes from nice gems he’s found or gold and silver.
Elrond has a tattoo of a small and simple mountain scape on the inside of his left bicep. He got it when he was young and going through a phase. He won’t tell you unless you notice or ask if he has any tattoos. He will however compliment you on yours if you have any. He finds the artworks oddly beautiful. He also finds facial piercings beautiful, especially when they’re gem studs.
Finds it weird and doesn’t know how to react:
The most thrown off would be Bilbo and Legolas.
Bilbo thinks you have some sort of sharp metal stuck in your face. Similar to the axe in Bifur’s head. However when you explain it’s an accessory he is even more concerned. Why would you pierce your face?!! However, he does like the tattoos. He doesn’t have a reason other than he likes the way the ink looks and thinks it’s fascinating.
Legolas has no idea how to react. There’s piercings in your face and he’s not sure if there supposed to be there. Similar to Bilbo he thinks it’s an injury and asks of you need to visit the healer to have them removed. When you explain it to him he’s a bit more understanding. He would never want one, but he does start to grow fond of them on you.
Thranduil knows about other species piercing their ears, but there face? Your weirded out by how hard he’s staring you down when you first meet. He will never admit that he finds the colored metal and jewels somehow oddly attractive. The tattoos are something he’s seen before. He’s met dwarves, they’ve had tattoos. So the only thing he’s really thrown with is the piercings.
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beenovel · 19 hours ago
Kili: Love is dead and never existed. All you did was betray me as I lay sick and festering. You are the definition of dread.
Bilbo: Are you ok???
Kili: My cat stole my fuckign garlic bread
Thorin: *eye roll*
Bilbo: The FIEND
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nhydrxl · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nearly a decade after the reclaiming of the dwarven land, the Consort proves himself yet again. Throwing himself between an attacker and their King, he gains what many curtly consider his second crown.
The blade's path is thankfully insubstantial on his health, unlike its impact on his public image. The King's people start calling him "fanged prince", after the curious lines on the hobbit's lips.
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hot take bilbo and dwalin should have fucked
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michthaman · a day ago
I'm sorry I couldn't help myself
Tumblr media
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peachyteague · a day ago
Tumblr media
"I thought you would be changed," watching you spin on the rampart with a happy and suddenly questioning smile, "I thought this, all this, would change you. And yet it seems it is every one else who has changed because of you."
You take a step towards him, fingers tangled behind your back, "I am quite sure that is not entirely true, Bilbo."
"I asked you to call me simply Bilbo long before dragons and orcs," where once his hand stuttered reaching forward, dropping inevitably to his side, he once more found his bravery, "I have never told you why," holding your warming cheek in his hand.
"I thought it was because we are friends but it seems Bofur was quite right," sighing against his touch when his thumb begun to skate your cheekbone, "He'll come. He'll always find you, lass."
"Far worse than Smaug was the thought I may have ever lost you," pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, he can feel your fingers brush the buttons of his vest, "It would drive your mother absolutely mad if we were married by a dwarf king."
"You say the most romantic things."
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bashcrandicoot · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Idk why im drawing bilbo so much either so dw abt it
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