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Bard, to Thran after Bofa: Wait, you like LIKE me?!?
Thranduil, blinking: What.
Bard, thinking back over their interactions: Wow! You do!! You like LIKE me! WOW!
Thranduil: I don't know what that means... is this a human thing?!?!
Bard: King Thranduil, the intimidating and ancient and terrifying and BEAUTIFUL Elf-king of Mirkwood like LIKES me! ME! Wow!
Thranduil: You keep saying those words and I don't think they mean what you think they mean!!
Bard, walking off in a daze: Wow, he like LIKES me...
Thranduil: I still don't know what that means!!
Bilbo: It means, you like LIKE him!
Thranduil: Wow, Bilbo, thank you for your assistance, it was invaluable!
Bilbo, laughing: It means you like him in a romantic, or more, fashion.
Thranduil: ... was that not obvious before?!?!?
Bilbo: ... I mean, I figured it out within like a minute of meeting you both... but...
Thranduil: Humans make no Eru-damn sense!!
Thranduil: ...
Thranduil, yelling after Bard: Yes, I like LIKE you!
Bard: !!!!
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au where: 

A thorin from a canon universe gets sent to one where his grandfather never got sick, Erebor flourishes, none of the company are together, and he goes on a search for this universe’s Bilbo

Meanwhile this universe’s bilbo gets sent to the canon to live, travel with, fall in love and lose that thorin

So by the time they meet they know what they could have and what they could have lost… they have a future together in a world where they never would have met in the first place….

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Sorry for the wait! Thanks for the request! I’m not really a fan of Queen so I chose a song I thought would fit the scenario. Hope that’s alright and you enjoy reading lovely!

Stand by You

Pairing: Bilbo x reader


Requested: Yes

It’s safe to say that when you woke up in a forest surrounded by bearded men after falling asleep in your bed, you were more than a little bit afraid. Things got worse when you tried to run and ended up on the ground with a small man on top of you. He had straggly shoulder length hair that, even though it was slightly dirty, suited him and some thick stubble. If you hadn’t been scared out of your wits, you would have noticed he was quite attractive. He was pulled off of you by a bear of a man, though still small, with a big beard and bald tattooed head. “You idiot!” He said seemingly directed at the man in his arms, “what are you tryin’ to do to the poor thing?! Scare ‘em to death?!” He yelled while dropping the smaller man on the floor. You eventually calmed down enough to ask them where you were, and when you realised you weren’t even on Earth anymore… you fainted. After you came to and explained your situation, it was decided that you would travel with the company until a way for you to get home was found.

A few weeks has passed since you arrived in Middle Earth, and you had had grown fond of the group. You regularly got up to mischief with Kili and Fili, after Kili apologised for slamming you to the ground. You were also very close with Bofur, who would never fail to make you laugh. However, you were by far closest with Bilbo. You and the hobbit spent most of your time together and you regularly stood up for him when Thorin would belittle him.

One night, Fili was trying to teach Bilbo to swordfight, the keyword being trying. The hobbits arms quickly grew tired under the strain of his sword and he was struggling to block Fili’s attacks. “Enough Fili,” Thorin’s voice boomed through the camp, “you’ve wasted enough of your energy on the burglar. He shall have to remain a burden to this company.”. You gave the King a stern glare and watched sadly as Bilbo dejectedly walked off to the treeline surrounding the clearing the group were in. You walked straight up to Thorin and got up in his face, “Do you have to be such a dickhead?”, he seemed taken aback at your language “Bilbo has come on this quest to try and help you and every day you insult him. Why?” you didn’t give him a chance to answer and instead moved to sit with Bilbo. At first, you didn’t say anything, but after a minute of silence, you gently asked, “Are you ok?”. He didn’t answer. You sighed before remembering a song you used to sing when you were feeling put out. After taking a deep breath you started singing.

Hands, put your empty hands in mine

He looked up at you surprised at how well you could sing.

Scars, show me all the scars you hide

He stared entranced by your voice.

And hey, if your wings are broken, please take mine so yours can open too, cos I’m gonna stand by you

A faint blush dusted his cheeks as he looked down for a split second, before staring back up at you. You had a smile on your face as you sang.

Oh tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes

And hurt, I know you’re hurting but so am I

He looked at you concerned with sadness in his eyes as you said that. He didn’t want you to hurt. You were too precious to him.

And love, if you’re wings are broken, borrow mine so yours can open too, cos I’m gonna stand by you

His cheeks darkened as you called him love but he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

Even if we’re breaking down, we can find a way to break through

Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you

Love you’re not alone, cos I’m gonna stand by you

You were now kneeling in front of him holding his hands in yours as you sang from the bottom of your heart. He was in awe of how much emotion was held in your voice.

Yeah, you’re all I never knew I needed

And the heart, sometimes it’s unclear why it’s beating

His heart almost stopped as you essentially declared your love for him. Oh how he wanted to kiss you, but he also didn’t want you to stop singing. So he held back, telling himself to wait until you were finished.

And love, if your wings are broken, we can brave through those emotions too, cos I’m gonna stand by you

Even if we’re breaking down, we can find a way to break through

Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you

Love you’re not alone, cos I’m gonna stand by you

You’re eyes were shining with tears by now and Bilbo was struggling to hold his back as well.

I’ll be your eyes, when yours can’t shine

I’ll be your arms, I’ll be your steady satellite

And when you can’t rise, we’ll I’ll crawl with you on hands and knees, cos I’m gonna stand by you

Even if we’re breaking down, we can find a way to break through

Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you

Love you’re not alone

Love you’re not alone, cos I’m gonna stand by you

Cos I’m gonna stand by you

You were both crying by the end but before long you crashed both your lips together. They moved in sync and the kids was passionate yet gentle, it showed your longing yet it wasn’t lust driven. In a word, it was perfect. When you parted, you lent your foreheads against each other and sat in silence for a while. “Where did you learn that song?” Bilbo broke the silence. “It was one of my favourites back home” you replied with a smile. “Could you sing some more?” he asked shyly looking up at you. You chuckled softly,“Of course”

Ever since then, you sang Bilbo a song when he went to sleep and made sure to sing a new one every night. He eventually learnt their names and would request one sometimes when he was upset or just bored whilst on his pony. Soon the rest of the company listened in and requested songs of their own. But you would never forget the night you first sang to Bilbo and the sheer happiness that night brought.

A/N I feel like the ending isn’t the best and neither is the start but the middle bit is alright. The song is Stand by You By Rachel Platten. Thanks for reading lovelies! ❤️

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The Swan Princess - This is My Idea as a #Bagginshield prompt.

You know…

They are the heirs of two neighboring kingdoms and their parents decided to compromise them for the future of their countries.

They meet every summer / spring and spend time together. Supposedly to meet before marriage.

As children they don’t take it well at all and they are always fighting.

Then after a few years it’s the same. Thorin jokes about Bilbo’s size (he has not grown too big) and with Balin or Dwalin they start to put him aside and tease him.

After a few more years, Bilbo is more educated, kind, adorable and everyone in Thorin’s kingdom loves him not only because he is a prince but because of his way of being (He knows how to be a prince now). Thorin gets mad at all the attention Bilbo is getting and yes, he’s jealous.

The date of the marriage arrived and they meet again (forced) but this time they are both mature and wiser than before and they fall in love right away.

… 🥺 Someone…

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Omg that’s such an interesting ask!!!!!!!!

I guess Gandalf would be so honoured to officiate but also know how much Balin would want to do it and so he would propose for both of them to officiate, Balin knowing all the procedure & Gandalf doing what he does best: sharing the profound inspirational quotes. Not sure how traditional would it be to have two officiating but come on, it would be a great duo, right?

I definitely agree, Fili & Kili would be the ring bearers but they were only handed the rings by Dis seconds before the ceremony because you know……they could easily loose them hahaha Bofur would feel SO important by being Bilbo’s best man!!! And I really like to think they had a good friendship going on during the journey so it would be an honour.

And Dwalin? Oh boy, bet he hid the tears when Thorin asked him to be the best man. It was a super bro thing between them which is very cute.

Bombur would have a BLAST organizing the menu but thank god Dori is there to help!

Okay so I don’t have a short answer for your last questions so here we go:

I love love love the idea of how the ballrooms of Erebor are like. I love not only the idea of the place, but what the place means to all dwarves, but specially to Thorin (and to Bilbo). Erebor is such an important place for dwarves and I do believe it became important to Bilbo when he joined the company so to think of the greatest ballroom of Erebor fully decorated, just like they used to do it in the good old days is way too meaningful and brings tears to my eyes.

Thorin is King and a royal wedding is super important so they have to invite all of these people (i’m sure neither thorin or bilbo want that), so “officially” it has to be this big wedding.

However, that’s definitely not the way I picture Thorin & Bilbo wanting their wedding to be, the big thing is simply one of Thorin’s duties but not the exact way they want. So what to do?

Alternatively, while the whole thing is being prepared, beautiful outfits for them to wear, so much food for the feast, so many flowers to decorate…Thorin and Bilbo decide to have a small gathering under a tree, the real wedding made the way they really like.

Right before the big royal wedding, they sneak to the garden in their usual clothes. Only the company was invited and this small thing was kept as a huge secret between them. Fili and Kili bring Dis.

Instead of the fancy jewelry Bilbo and Thorin are going to put to the big wedding later, in the garden they’re putting only flowers in each other’s hair and they look so gorgeous.

The ceremony is quite simple and it happens as the sun is setting. Thorin is way more comfortable sharing his vows only in front of the family & friends and Bilbo makes a huge speech when it’s time for his vows cause he know he won’t be able to say all that in the big one later. Balin and Bofur cries a lot. Dwalin pretends not to but Gandalf sees the tears in his eyes. Gandalf finishes the ceremony by saying beautiful inspirational quotes about love (he’s gandalf right?) and everyone cheer as Thorin cups Bilbo’s face and kisses him softly.

After some time, they all leave the garden and only Thorin and Bilbo stay there watching the moon rise, lots of memories from the journey. Thorin cries all the tears he has been holding since the vows and Bilbo hugs him, saying comforting words. Eventually they leave because it takes quite a while to get ready for the big ceremony but even when they put all the jewelry, they keep some flowers in their hair.

The big ceremony happens traditionally, the ballroom is huge and Thorin feels so emotional because he remembers the wedding of his parents. They smile at each other for knowing they’re actually already married but they play their parts well and the big one ends up being special too, even tho elves are there (politics ugh). The feast is great, lots and lots of cheese (Bombur is almost happier than Thorin and Bilbo combined), Gandalf shares a private talk with Bilbo about how beautiful it is to remember the path he took and to see now he’s at his destiny, he’s home. Gandalf says the exact same thing to Thorin later.

And then after some jokes of the Company about the first night, Thorin and Bilbo leave to their quarters and their eyes shine so bright because they’re filled with happiness and love for each other.

Am I crying? Oh god yes. Thank you for your beautiful ask, please add whatever you like!!!

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So a thought I had at 6am this morning (when I couldn’t go back to sleep)

But just imagine teaching Fili and Kili games like thumb war, ninja, tic-tac-toe, and all which they obviously love


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Been watching The Hobbit lately over and over again and couldn’t resist doodling heehee~ 🤭 I still got a lot to learn when it comes to colored pencils… but definitely excited to experiment with them more!! 💪

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OMGosh can you just Imagine what it must’ve been like to be a dwarf of Erebor watching your grumpy brooding king fall in love with an aggressive soft burgler?? To see the mutual pining?? To wonder if they’re ever gonna hitch up?? Can you imagine the Gossip??

I can see it now, Thorin and Bilbo have wandered off Again, and everyone immediately huddles to discuss. Nori would say something like “you think they’re gonna shag” and Dori would clap his hands over Ori’s ears and say LANGUAGE there are CHILDREN present while Fili and Kili look Supremely uncomfortable at the thought of their uncle shagging Anybody, as Balin just smiles pleasantly in the background(cause he Knows they’re gonna shag and he fully supports their union)

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Send some ask (anon if you like) LOTR/Hobbit related (or personal ask if there’s something you want to know or just send comments)

Cause I want to answer stuff while I work on the latest Legolas request

So excited for it!!! And hope y’all will like it

Surprise imagines are still available too! Just leave a number between 1 & 20 for a character and a number between 1 & 30 for a prompt 😊


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