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Originally posted by tinysofia

(Credit to the gif owner)

“Amralime..if anything happens to me-” 

“Thorin,” I tried to interrupt him, but he gave me a sigh as he placed both of his hands on my face, his thumbs tracing invisible circles on my cheeks. 

“Let me say this…if anything happens to me, I need you to know that I love you with all my heart and I always will, no matter what…you are my one,Y/n/n,” as soon as he finished those words I placed my lips on his , after the kiss I moved my arms to wrap around the back of his neck, pulling his forehead towards to mine. 

“I love you too, Thorin..but nothing is going to happen to you, and do you know why?” Thorin let out a chuckle at my words, already knowing what I was going to say.

“I have always been there to save you, Thorin, that is not about to stop now,” and with that he pulled me into another quick kiss. 

“We’re ready,” Kili shouted up to you as we pulled away from the kiss, we both sent a comforting smile to each other before joining the others. 

Slight Time Skip

I stood alongside Dwalin, both of us fighting the orcs that just seemed to keep on coming at us. All I hoped for was that Bilbo had made it to Thorin..for I could see the fear on Dwalins face, mainly because I knew had a similar fear painted across my own face. One question frantically going around in my mind…would any of us see Thorin again..? The Orcs kept coming like waves on a beach, every time we’d think we had killed them all, another pack would attack us, we kept trying to move closer to where Thorin was but every time we were stopped. 

“Thorin!” At the sound of his name, I instantly turned around and saw Thorin on the ice, Azog standing over him, the only thing stopping Azogs blade from going straight through Thorin was his own sword. 

“Thorin!” Dwalin shouted again as he slit an Orcs throat. And then I saw it. I saw Azogs blade go into Thorins chest and I couldn’t help but let out a sob as I heard the loud groan that left Thorins lips. I tried to keep watching; but another wave Orcs had appeared-so Dwalin and I continued to fight-I did manage to catch a glimpse of Thorin on top of Azog; Thorins blade going straight through Azogs chest, relief washed over me as I realized he was okay, and that by some miracle, we’d won.

“Go, I can finish of the rest of them,” Confusion washed over my face as Dwalin said those words. 

“Go and make sure Thorins alright,”  

“Dwalin-,” I begun, but he just chuckled and shook his head. 

“I think I know who Thorin would rather see out of the two of us,” and with that he lightly pushed me back, killing any Orc that came at him. So I ran towards Thorin, over all the rubble and Orc corpses and then I heard Bilbos voice, not that I could really make out what he was saying-relief washed over me knowing that Bilbo was also okay. But as I got closer to the two of them, I felt my heart break. 

“Thorin..”I whispered under my breath as I ran towards Bilbo and Thorin.

“Y/n/n,” Bilbo whispered, looking up at me with tear filled eyes. Tentatively, I knelt down next to Thorin. 

“Y/n/n,” Thorin said, a small a smile appearing across his lips; as a sob left mine. 

“Shh, shh, it’s okay, we won..”He cooed weakly.

“Yeah we we’ve got to make you better,” I whispered, placing my hand carefully over his wound. 

“It’s too late-”

“I won’t let you die,” I argued softly. 

“Amralime..” he sighed, raising his hand to my face. 

“It’s okay,” he continued, wiping away the tears that were falling freely from my eyes. 

“I’ll always be with you…I love you..” and as he choked out those words I heard him let out one final breath; his hand falling from my face as his eyes stared up at the sky…that’s when I knew he was gone..

“Come back to me…please..please…come back to me..I don’t want to live a life where you’re not a part of it..” I sobbed into his chest..I knew he was gone, I knew he was never coming back..and that just made my heart hurt more…

Time Skip-A few evenings later 

I couldn’t sleep, not that that was any surprise. Since Thorins death I’d barely slept at all. The memories of us filling my dreams; which slowly turned into nightmares as my mind made me re-live his death over and over again. I walked through the halls of Erebor, thinking how happy Thorin would’ve been to see his people back home; but as usual when I thought of him, I felt a dull ache in my heart. I hadn’t really spoken to anyone since that day either, in fact I tried to avoid everyone as much as I could…I was exhausted, everyone could see it, but no matter how hard I tried, my mind just couldn’t stop the memory from replaying in my head. 

“You need to rest,” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me…I felt my heart skip a beat at the sound of the the sound of Thorins voice. I shook my head, knowing that this was some cruel trick my fatigued mind was playing on me.

“Amralime…” I heard the voice say, but I just shook my head again. 

“This isn’t real..this isn’t real,” I whispered to myself, but before I could take another step forward I was halted by the sight that I saw. Thorin. 

“Amralime…you need to rest;” he said, a concerned look written over his face,as he walked closer towards me.

“You are not real…you’re in my head…you’re my subconscious,” I muttered under my breath continuously; trying to persuade myself that he wasn’t real. 

“Amralime…I told you I would always be with you,” Thorin began, by this point he was standing right in front of me..I felt my hand instinctively reach up to caress his face; letting my hope run away with me..but my hand just fell through face. 

“I’m a ghost… can’t touch me, but I’m here,” he whispered as I felt tears begin to run down my cheeks.I’d heard of ghosts in Middle Earth..but they were ancient tales, ones that no one ever really believed. They were myths and legends…I never believed them to be true..

“I wish I could hold you…I wish I could take away all the pain that you’re feeling, all the grief..”Thorin said solemnly. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you..” I sobbed, feeling the sadness wash over my body. 

“You did save me..from so many things, so many times, you didn’t fail me…I love you-and that is something that’s never going to change..” he continued, his hand hovering over my cheek as I tried to remember his touch. 

“But now…you need to look after need to sleep, to rest, to enjoy life instead of being burdened with the grief that sits in your mind,” he whispered. 

“I’ll wait for you, you’re my one…but you have a whole world to see and so many stories to your life for me..”he continued. I took a shaky breath as I looked directly in his eyes. He looked so real.

“Promise me you’ll do that for me..promise me you’ll live your life to the fullest,” I nodded my head slowly, still trying to work out if any of this was real or if it was all happening inside my head. 

“I’ll always be with you…even if you can’t always see me..I love you,please remember that” he said quietly, and then in the blink of an eye he was gone.


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Tomorrow (10/26/20) ships will close!

So if you would like one please make sure you get them in before tomorrow!

I will post when I close them.

  • I still have a lot I have to get through so if you have already sent in an ask for a ship please know I have gotten it and will get to it when I can
  • Other things like asking questions/comments/etc and requesting fall related imagines (gif or regular) are still open

Once more

Thank you all for the support of this blog!!

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You ever think about the fact that Thorin probably fell into the dragonsickness as hard and as fast as he did because the Ring was with Bilbo, and that the fact that he probably trusted Bilbo singularly despite him being the group’s LITERAL BURGLAR was because he didnt even know the ring existed ergo all of its temptations and promise just probably came off as a neon Trust Me TM vibe

That shit took time for Thrór and it ain’t supposed to be sus that Thorin just suddenly dove headfirst?

Like WHAT is gonna speak more to someone susceptible to a family curse called GOLDSICKNESS, who’s endured a century of hardship and insecurity, and now has returned to find themselves unprepared to fight the literal calamity of the age for their homeland back than something golden that promises power and engenders murderous rage

Don’t come at me with this “it was his destiny to fall to what his forefathers did” bullshit I know it’s you Celeborn

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Packing up to move and i found my old copy of The Hobbit!! As much as i love the new one i just got, this one holds a special place in my heart. I got it from the library at my old middle school, they were clearing out old classroom sets and i managed to grab one. It took me a few months to read for the first time but when i did i couldn’t put it down. This was the one i read to my little sister. I also tried to get my brothers to listen too but they were less interested.


It’s a small book, not much bigger than my hand, and it has that old book smell. This is a well loved copy and i was so heartbroken when i thought i lost it. I’m glad to have it back!!

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I decided to draw a second part, mostly cause I love Bilbo in a confuse state. Is the first time I draw Ori, don’t know if I did it well but mistakes make us better. :) Hope you like it.


Part 1

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Basically just wanted to draw a grumpy Bilbo and made a scene around it.  

Fili helps take a super drunk Kili home, and they bump into Bilbo. Kili tells Bilbo that he and Thorin should just make out already, and Bilbo thinks he’s being made fun of……….but as we all know, Bilbo and Thorin both totally wanna smooch and stuff.

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