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#bill cipher
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stanford pines/bill cipher

ford arrived at backupsmore university ready to put his head down and get lost in his classwork. his new roommate seemed to have come prepared to haul him back out, again.

that, and eat uncooked blocks of ramen.

somehow, that isn’t even the weirdest thing happening on campus, and the prospect of strange new mysteries and stranger new friends has ford feeling almost glad to be here.

it’s a college au, let’s crack some books

(here on ao3)

Observable time seems to contract around Ford through the course of his cursory morning routine, the necessary human inanities stretching out dim and red and slow like light on the lip of a black hole. Ford’s thoughts spaghettify desperately around it, spinning away into stringy, unrecognizable particulate. He scratches shampoo into his scalp and tries to let that speak louder than the event horizon of the buzzing in his ears.

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More Than He Seems (Part 2)

snord help me i’m back on my


i am but a monkey gifted with access to a typewriter and given no rules with which to constrain myself

this one’s more a talky chapter, but we also get to see bill for the first time so there’s that. stan is not a fan of the resident demon dorito.

warnings: not much. bodily possession of a nerd by everybody’s least favorite piece of geometry. aforementioned geometry-in-a-nerd-suit proceeds to get tied up and he is Not Happy about it. more of stan’s potty mouth.

part 1 here! ao3 version here!

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I was re watching gravity falls and decided to make this piece! Roughly took an hour, but i hope you guys like it. 

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i honestly love how this drawing came out so im posting it on here too

but anyways i found out that neil cicierega made a song for gravity falls and i was like WHAAAAT? so here we are with a gravity falls drawing

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