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#bill cypher
omnybus · a year ago
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Can someone explain to me why Tumblr seems to have a near-universal but rather specific lust for grinning, skinny dudes in formal attire with a dark sense of humor and at-best-questionable morals? (okay I know Bill Cipher doesn’t quite fit the bill for “grinning” or “skinny” but most of his humanized fanart does).
My theory is that Jack Skellington is the unintentional predecessor to them all.
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transgenderknothead · 2 months ago
maybe Bill Cipher x !Nine tailed fox!child! Reader? (!!!!PLATONIC!!!)
Like Bill finds The reader injuried and he helps them and gives them candy and sugar and he has to deal with them being hyper 😂
👁️ When he first finds you he's very confused.
👁️Until he sees your tail.
👁️Comes up to you to see what happened.
👁️You had a bullet hole in one of your ears.
👁️Offers to take care of you, doesn't even try to make a deal.
👁️When he fixes your ear the hole won't completely close.
👁️So he gave you the nickname Fox Hole.
👁️Gives you a sucker the size of your head and decides to let you stay with him for a while.
👁️However he shouldn't have given you that big of a sucker.
👁️You were bouncing off the walls.
👁️ Literally.
👁️Has decided your his kid now and you eventually start calling him Papa.
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mysteryhat21art · 9 months ago
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I finally carved out some time to draw! Been a long time since I did a proper Gravity Falls Drawing.
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invadermak2016 · 2 months ago
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Giant fan art dump of some characters I like or used to like at some point. Definitely not enough room to fit more in (probably).
I've forgotten how much of a pain it is to draw wing ding text. -_-'
I really love how BOb and Blixer turned out!
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bluebutlikenotalways · 3 days ago
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Tumblr media
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