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#bill weasley
Today we're very excited to host @welsh-green authorial debut! Find it on AO3 here
Title: A Christmas Wish
Author: WelshGreen
Characters: Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Delacour
Pairing: Bill Weasley / Fleur Delacour
Warnings: None
Prompt: 12. A Christmas wish
The cosy cottage on the cliff top was the only place Ron had considered coming to, and although Bill hadn’t been vocal in his disappointment, the stilted pauses and hushed conversations in the days following Ron’s arrival at Shell Cottage had left him in little doubt of Bill and Fleur’s thoughts on what he’d done. 
After his initial panicked arrival, when Fleur had staunched the blood flowing from his splinched fingernails, he’d sat with Bill in the living room, shaken and nursing a firewhisky. He’d explained what had happened as much as he could but, without being able to reveal the whole extent of the Horcrux hunt, he feared he came away looking like a coward who couldn't handle cold weather and a rumbling stomach. Ron had found it hard to look Bill in the eye after that, and so, with Bill’s blessing, he’d hidden himself away at Shell Cottage, seconsced in the smallest bedroom, avoiding visitors and Floo calls, especially those from other members of the family. 
Those first long days turned into weeks, and the weeks into a month. Ron spent much of his time hunched next to the wireless in the living room, listening to increasingly mad reports on Harry’s whereabouts ("Undesirable Number One was last seen yesterday, shepherding goats in the Austrian Alps") and thanking Merlin that no news was good news. Time slipped away in monotonous boredom, and before he knew it, the nights had drawn in and the autumn leaves had all blown away in a storm - Christmas loomed like a dementor.  
Bill and Fleur told Mum and Dad that they wouldn't be making an appearance this Christmas, their first as husband and wife, and for this Ron was grateful. Instead, they had decided to celebrate by mashing together French and British traditions. In line with French tradition, they planned to celebrate on Christmas Eve but with all the food and trimmings of British tradition. He did his best to help preparations, offering to make the Christmas pudding to show his appreciation for their hospitality, and all the while praying to Merlin that he’d somehow find a way to get back to Harry and Hermione before celebrating Christmas at all.
And so, one frosty morning in late November, Ron awoke early to make the pudding. He threw back his duvet, pulled on a jumper, and picked up Dumbledore's Deluminator from the bedside table and put it in his trouser pocket. He liked to keep it on him, occasionally flicking the switch on the top. The cold weight of it was like an anchor grounding him in reality and stopping his near constant anxiety about Harry and Hermione climbing up his throat and out his mouth. 
Opening the bedroom door, he saw that Bill and Fleur's door was still firmly shut. So, being careful not to disturb them, he padded softly along the landing and down the stairs. Pushing open the kitchen door, he found the kettle heating on the stove and Fleur placing two mugs on a tray. She jumped when Ron entered the room. He almost jumped himself. 
"Mon dieu! You scared me!" she breathed, clutching her hand to her chest. Her silvery hair hung in a sheet down her back, her blue eyes round.
"I'm sorry," he said awkwardly. The longer he lived at Shell Cottage, the more he felt like a gooseberry in Bill and Fleur's marriage. "I thought I'd come down early to make the Christmas pudding - the recipe says it's got to steam for eight hours once I've made it. I really didn't mean to startle you."
“Non, non,'' she said, removing her hand from her chest and moving to the cold cupboard to take out a large jug of milk. “I thought I was alone, that’s all."
As she spoke, a beam of sunshine reached around the window frame, illuminating the steam now billowing from the kettle. Aiming her wand at it, Fleur murmured, "Finite," and poured the boiling water into a glass coffee press. She put the press on the tray, then poured milk into a smaller jug and put it next to the press.
“I'll leave you,” she said apologetically, picking up the tray. She carefully carried it from the room, and Ron heard her light tread on the stairs.
Shutting the door behind her, he moved to pick up the Christmas pudding recipe lying on the kitchen table. It was in Mum's handwriting. 
When he was little, it'd been a sure sign that Christmas was just around the corner when Mum dug the steamer out from the back of the cupboard and charmed the knife to chop the dried fruit and candied peel. Now, seeing her curling script there on the parchment made him miss her nagging letters and smothering hugs more than he cared to admit. He shuddered to think how ashamed she'd be of him, if she knew. And Fred, George, and Ginny. He groaned. Ginny. She would hex him into tomorrow when she found out. 
A swirl of hot shame coiled in his stomach. 
Distracting himself, he crossed to the pantry, ran his finger down the recipe, and selected the pudding ingredients. He weighed out almonds and candied peel, chopped them, and pushed them into a large mixing bowl. Next he measured flour, sugar and dried fruit, adjusting the balance weights to match the quantities needed. He then added breadcrumbs and egg, suet and spice, and poured in milk. Finally, he stuck a wooden spoon in the bowl and tapped it with his wand. The spoon sprung to life and began to mix.  
Ron looked over the recipe once more. "Grate one apple into the bowl," he muttered to himself. Plucking an apple from the fruit bowl on the table, he began rummaging in a drawer for a potato peeler.
"You know you have to actually hold the spoon to make a wish, don’t you? Charming the spoon doesn't count." 
Straightening, Ron saw that Bill was in his dressing gown, his red hair not yet pulled into a ponytail. In one hand he held the coffee tray with now empty mugs, and his other hand grasped the open door handle.
Ron looked down at the heavy fruit mixture in the bowl, gently turning over as the spoon made its circular path.
"I know." 
Mum had always encouraged them to take it in turns to stir the pudding and make a Christmas wish. He remembered the excitement of it, and fighting with Ginny over who could place the silver sickle in the middle. In truth, he hadn't planned on making a wish at all. It was like that childish well of anticipation had matured into a dark abyss of despair. 
He looked up at Bill. "Are you?"
"Well, according to tradition, we should all make a wish, shouldn't we? So yes, I think I will.  I'll go and get Fleur, this is a good tradition to share." Bill disappeared upstairs, returning a minute later with Fleur in tow. She and Bill each took it in turns to take hold of the spoon, close their eyes, and stir the pudding east to west, making their Christmas wish. 
"What did you wish for?" Ron asked Bill.
“Well, strictly I shouldn’t say, because then it won’t come true, but since it’s you, my youngest brother, I’ll let you in on the secret,” teased Bill. 
“Which is?” prompted Ron.
“Well, I can’t deny, I wished that you get a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas, because if I have to look at your hairy ankles poking out of those ones for much longer, I might have to tell Mum that you’re here, just to get rid of you.” Bill grinned, and Fleur laughed. 
Ron smiled wryly. “Long haired git.” 
Laughing, Bill handed the spoon back to Ron. "Make it count," he said, clapping him on the shoulder.
Ron stuck the spoon in the pudding and wrapped his fingers around the handle. When he was little he'd always wished for a brand new broom, or the Chudley Cannons to win the British League cup.  But this year... there were so many things that he could or should wish for, and yet, when it came down to it, he could only think of one wish he wanted to make this Christmas. 
Closing his eyes, he folded the wooden spoon through the pudding east to west, and wished that he'd never left. 
On Christmas Eve they spent the evening preparing for dinner.  Fleur laid a red cloth on the dining table, and Bill conjured holly sprigs to adorn a candelabra at its centre. 
At midnight they sat down to eat Le Réveillon de Noël, which Fleur explained was a dinner to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas Day. A lobster starter (“good escargot is impossiblé to find in England”) was followed by a succulent turkey crown. Ron piled his plate with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, spouts, and peas, to which he added a healthy portion of stuffing next to a pile of pigs in blankets, before drowning the lot in gravy. 
They drank French wine, and pulled crackers - a motley jester's hat for Bill, a night cap adorned with a moon and stars for Fleur, and a bright red bowler hat for Ron that clashed horribly with his hair. They laughed at the awful cracker jokes, Fleur tuned the wireless into the Continental Wireless Network, and French carols filled the air.
Once they'd stuffed themselves silly with turkey, Ron quietly slipped out to the kitchen, dowsed the Christmas pudding in brandy and set it alight with a spark from his wand. Re-entering the dining room, he proudly presented the flaming pudding to the table. Bill and Fleur clapped and cheered. 
After dinner, once the dishes were gently washing themselves in the kitchen sink, they collapsed by the fire in the living room, glasses of Firewhiskey in hand. Bill reclined on the sofa, his jester’s hat slipping sideways, with Fleur curled into his side, her head resting on his shoulder. The fire cracked and popped, its warm glow nudging them towards sleep. Ron felt like an intruder into a private moment. 
Making up his mind, he set his glass down with a clunk, stretched his arms wide and yawned. “I think I’ll call it a night.” The clock on the mantelpiece said that the time was half past one in the morning.
Fleur looked at him. “Non, non! You must stay awake until morning!” she exclaimed, albeit sleepily, "it's tradition!"
“Honestly, I really don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer, I might fall asleep right here, and no one needs to hear that."
Bill nodded in agreement. “To be fair, love, he does snore like a troll - you won’t have heard it because I charmed his bedroom door so that we didn’t have to hear him.”
“You did what?!” Ron tried to sound indignant, but even he had to laugh.
“You can’t blame me! It was the only way I was going to be able to put up with you staying here. Really, you should be grateful that I’m so thoughtful.”
“Thoughtful my arse, self-serving more like!” Ron retorted.
“Hey, watch it - I’m very caring, I even got you a Christmas present - here, catch!”
Aiming his wand at the Christmas tree in the corner, Bill made a small box wrapped in gold paper hurtle out from under it, and zoom towards Ron. He caught it easily.
“Glad to see my quidditch skills are still sharp” he muttered to himself, and immediately ripped off the paper. Inside was a small wooden wireless radio.
“Oh wow! Bill, Fleur, this is perfect - thank you!” 
“It’s so that you can listen to it in your room - you’ve been driving us crazy having it on every waking hour-”
“I don’t believe it!" Interrupted Ron, standing up "a self-serving present as well!” He scrunched up the discarded wrapping paper and threw it at Bill’s head.
“Right!” shouted Bill, rising to his feet too, “you’ve asked for it now-”
Except Ron didn't find out how Bill was planning to take revenge, because at that moment something silver flew through the red curtains drawn across the living room window. A wolf, gleaming and ethereal halted before them. When it opened its mouth, Remus Lupin’s voice spoke to them.
“There’s been an explosion in Godric’s Hollow. Come quickly. I’ll meet you at Bathilda’s cottage."
The wolf dissolved into mist, gone as swiftly as it had come. 
"Godric's Hollow?" Ron repeated.
His heart thudded in his chest, hopefully. He knew that Harry had wanted to visit Godric's Hollow and this could be the first piece of real news he'd had since he’d left them. He glanced at Bill, but he wasn't paying Ron any attention.
“I’ll go,” Bill was saying to Fleur, flinging his jester's hat on the sofa, “it’s my turn.” He strode from the living room and into the front hall, and Ron could see him taking his cloak down from the cloak rack on the wall. 
“Be safe,” said Fleur, who had followed Bill, “send me a message if you need me.” She rose on tip toe and kissed Bill. Ron looked away.  
“I’ll be as quick as I can," and then, more quietly,  "Joyeux Noël, petite Fleur." Ron heard the front door open and close, Bill’s quick footsteps on the path, and then a faint pop as he Dissapparated. 
Fleur walked slowly back through to the living room, pulled off her hat and dropped it down next to Bill’s. “I’m going to stay awake and wait for him - please, go to bed if you want." She swished her wand at the log basket, and levitated a log towards the fire, where it gently nestled itself amongst the flames. She then sank back down on the sofa. 
Turning to Fleur, Ron asked, "Do you think Harry and Hermione could be there, in Godric’s Hollow? We've had an inkling that they might go there, haven't we?" 
He hoped he didn't sound too desperate. Harry had mentioned ages ago that he wanted to visit, but Ron couldn’t think what purpose it would serve to go, especially now. It would be so risky, so why do it? However, almost as soon as he thought it, another voice in Ron’s head told him that this was Harry, and risk didn't really come into it. His heart gave a traitorous beat of despair.
Fleur sighed, and pulled a blanket over her knees. “We won’t know anything more until Bill comes home." 
That night the wind howled off the sea, and snow skittered against the window panes. 
Ron slept fitfully, his slumber filled with fevered dreams. He was chasing Hermione’s voice through Godric’s Hollow as she sobbed “Ron! Ron!” over and over, but he could never quite reach her, no matter how many corners he turned. Then the dream twisted, to Harry standing by an exploded house bellowing “My parents are dead!”, his face hollow and his expression wild, the locket glittering maliciously around his neck.  
Just before dawn he gave up on sleep.  
Flicking on his new radio, he pulled on a jumper and shoved the Deluminator into his pocket. He curled up in the window seat and looked out. He could just make out the coastal trees bending and weaving against the wind, and the white horses breaking relentlessly on the surface of the dark sea. How could the world be so wild and beautiful, he thought, when his head and heart were so torn.  
Shivering in the cool air falling from the glass, he tugged his sleeves down over his hands, and buried his face into the scratchy maroon wool. It felt comforting and familiar, like Christmas at The Burrow and Hogwarts rolled into one. How many happy Christmases had Mum made him a jumper just like this? He'd hated them all, and now he couldn't think of anything he wanted more. What a fool he was. 
On the radio, Celestina Warbeck burst into the chorus of Accio Christmas. 
He wondered what Hermione and Harry were doing right now, where they were, what they were thinking. He wondered who was on watch. How cold they were, and how hungry. Were they even celebrating Christmas? He hoped they were somewhere safe. He hoped they were well. 
I will find you, he thought, and at that moment a voice spoke in his pocket.
"-Ron? When he broke his wand crashing the car? It was never the same again, he had to get a new one-".
Scrabbling for his pocket, Ron pulled the Deluminator out and stared at it, aghast. The voice had sounded just like Hermione's. 
Stepping down from the window, he swiped his wand from under his pillow and tapped the radio, cutting off Celestina mid warble, and then tapped the bedside lamp with a whispered, "Lumos."
Inspecting the silver instrument in his hand more closely, he asked it desperately, "Hermione? Are you there?" It didn't speak back. He gave the Deluminator a frantic shake of frustration but it remained resolutely silent. 
Perhaps there was a chance he’d finally lost the plot. But no... he hadn’t imagined it. 
He shook the Deluminator again and then clicked the switch on the top and, in that moment, the world seemed to pause on its axis and take a breath.
Then his bedside lamp went out with a faint chink, and an orb of light appeared in mid air just outside the window. 
Ron's heart gave a lurch. Perhaps Christmas wishes really did come true. 
On the horizon, the dawning sun washed the sky a deep gold.
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cursebreakerfarrier · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m a day late, but here’s a Jules x Bill aesthetic to celebrate Bill’s birthday! I love my original HP ship so so much ❤️🥺
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thesoftrainbows · a day ago
whats your opinion on percy weasley? i'd love to see him get fleshed out more in your rewrite!
You know, originally, I didn’t care much for him. But the other day someone asked for my opinions on the Weasleys (check it out here), and a discussion on Percy surged from there.
Now, I think that because Percy was a kid born when things were most intense in the war, there’s got to be a lot of repressed trauma. Like, Molly and Arthur already had Bill and Charlie, so that’s three kids they needed to protect from everything. Three kids who didn’t understand what was happening and why Mom and Dad are always so paranoid and stressed and exhausted. I talk about some of this here.
I think Molly taught her kids to be quiet at all times, especially when hiding, and to be obedient because otherwise bad things can happen. And I think Percy was the most obedient and quiet of the three, and he was often praised for it. But then, when the war ended, he got stuck in the war mindset.
While the world was slowly moving on and mending itself, Percy continued being the perfectly quiet and obedient child who followed the rules down to a T. His older brothers didn’t have time to dwell on the past, they were too busy helping Molly around the house, and the younger ones never had to experience what they did, not really, anyway.
So he gets made fun of when he fusses over the rules, or when he brags about his accomplishments (which I think he does because now he’s not being praised as much as he used to, and is now desperately competing with his siblings for that kind of attention), or when he says that he wants to work in the Ministry.
SO, I think I’m going to have Percy have that big fight with his parents, but I want to also find a way to make them understand that he wasn’t entirely wrong—his execution could’ve been better—but he was also hurting and he was very determined. He wanted to do good, he believed in the Ministry, whom he watched clean the streets after the war.
I think that’s it for now, any more ideas are welcomed :)
EDIT: I also want Percy to end up with Oliver Wood because I’ve been shipping them for so long and they’d just be an awesome couple. PERCIVER FOR LIFE!!
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hogwartschronicles · a day ago
FOURT YEAR, 1992 - 1993
Nice and quiet evening in the Weasley Burrow, everyone relaxing and doing their thing. Fred and George entering the room.
Fred: George and me have been thinking ...
Bill exactly knowing what's gonna happen: Boys and girls the show is starting in ten, nine ...
Ginny: Mom they are doing it again!
Charlie waking up from his nap: Seriously? What now?
Bill: Six, seven ...
Arthur curiously: Oh what is going on, let me see. Ahm, I mean Molly, sweetheart, we have a situation!
Bill: Four, three ...
Me: What is happening?
Molly storming in the room with wet hair, just with a towel around her holding it with her left hand, having her wand in her right: Fred and George Weasley don't you dare! Stop!!!
Bill: One!
Nothing. Everyone looking confused.
Molly: Well that was quite embarrassing. I'm sorry everyone. Boys.
Bill winking at the twins: Zero.
Percy screaming in his room: Mommy help me my books are attacking me!
Molly red in face of anger: You two ...
Bill to me: Popcorn?
Note: based on my shifting experience
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champagnxproblxms · a year ago
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hpottah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liittlemissbella asked: Bill Weasley in his first scene in Deathly Hallows part one Join my 2.5k Follower celebration!
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pinkandblueblurbs · 4 months ago
bill + jealousy? reader with an oral fixation (fingers, cock, anything) too if you can!
Bill Weasley x Fem!Reader. Oral fixation, jealous sex, possessiveness, dirty talk, penetrative sex, marking, degradation, praise, choking, bimbofication
as per usual with fics for new characters this is on the short side. Not proofread
word count: 905
“The fuck were you thinkin’? Huh?” Bill’s fingers are tight around the column of your neck, his rings a cold contrast to the warmth of your skin. It’s a firm pressure that doesn’t cut off your air entirely, but certainly makes your lungs tight due to lack of oxygen. Thanks to this, forming a response is a struggle, and your words come out choked and sputtered.
“I-I’m sorry, it was just a bit of fun” Bill’s eyes darken, thrusts growing harder where his hips snap into your own.
“Just a bit of fun? You had that prick all over you, Y/n. And I saw the way you kept lookin back at me- you wanted this, didn’t you? You just had to get me all riled up. Had to piss me the fuck off.” His growled ramble ignites the coals of arousal in your belly into a fierce flame, and your breathless moan reflects this.
“Guess your gettin’ what you wanted, hm? A nice hard fuck?” You let out a whimper, hands coming up to grip at the meat of his shoulders as his pelvic bone slams into your clit, his cock head sponging over your cervix. “Gotta remind you who you belong to, doll. You’re mine.” Then he’s leaning down, lips connecting to the tender skin of your neck, sucking, teeth nipping. You mewl at the sensation, the attention sending bursts of pleasure and twinges of pain through you, and along with the knowledge that your skin will be hues of purple and blue come tomorrow adds to your arousal tenfold.
When he pulls away, lips glistening with saliva, he gazes down at you with blown pupils, eyes wild as he claims you.
“You gonna be a good girl for me now? Hm? Go back to bein’ my sweet little thing? No more fuckin’ games, now.” His thumb traces over the line of your jaw, and as they near your mouth your lips slacken in response. “Want m’thumb, darling?” He grins, pushing the digits past your open lips and resting the calloused pad on your tongue, its weight a familiar comfort as you latch on.
You just blink up at him as you suckle on his thumb, the taste of his skin distinct on your tastebuds. You gaze up at him with wide, already glassy eyes, completely still save for your suctioning lips as he pounds into you. His smirk widens.
“Dumb little girl. Went from teasin’ me with some other bloke to sittin’ all pretty, taking my cock with my thumb in your mouth.” You moan around the digit at Bill’s words, head swimming with your growing pleasure. Each snap of his hips bring you closer to the edge, his shaft dragging deliciously past your velvety walls and his tip prodding against your g-spot.
“Gonna cum for me, pretty thing?” He grits out, voice tight from the added friction of your fluttering walls. “Go on, cum for me. Be my good little girl, fall apart on my cock.”
The low, growled command leaves you no choice but to obey, your body responding immediately to the words. You’re thrown over the edge the next time he rams deep within you, and your mouth falls open in a long moan, his thumb pressing down on your tongue, as you’re overwhelmed by the throes of rapture.
“Atta girl,” his hips are still thrusting, never faltering despite your firm clenching and his own slight fatigue. “Feels good, yeah? No one else makes you feel this good.” He works you through it, gazing down at you with a hungry intensity as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you.
Once your orgasm recedes, and you’re left trembling, your cunt pulsing with sporadic aftershocks, the lycanthrope pulls out of you, and you whine as you’re left to clench around nothing.
“Quit your whining and open that mouth, doll.” His voice is tight as he shuffles upwards on the bed until he’s straddling your shoulders. You let your mouth fall open, looking up at him with wide, bleary eyes as he fists his cock above your face. His hand grips the top of your hair, holding you in position.
“Gonna paint your pretty face, sweet thing. Make you my little slut.” With that he lets out a groan from his chest, shooting off ropes of cum that hit your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. What manages to land in your mouth sits hot and salty on your tastebuds, and you let out a moan at the heady flavor.
He drops his cock, the softening member falling against his thigh with a soft slap, and looks down at you, lean chest heaving. His lips curl up in a cocky smirk as he takes in the sight of you, covered in his load.
“Look how fuckin’ pretty.” He breathes out, hand not in your hair coming down to hook under your chin, coaxing your mouth shut in a silent command for you to swallow. You follow it without hesitation, allowing the fluid to slide down your throat and into your belly.
“All fucked out ‘n dumb for me.” He croons, thumb moving to rub his warm, sticky seed into the skin of your cheek, only grinning wider when it gets no reaction from you aside from a dopey smile. “My good little slut. Too dumb to want anyone else now, hm?” Your head bobbles in a sloppy assent.
“Only want you, Bill.”
tags: @snapesdaughsjm @kyleed24 @woman-with-no-name @randomoutsiders @spxllcxstxr @frecklesandfirecrackers @fific7 @sunrisefairy @pandaxnienke @weasleyposts @mypainistemporary @amourtentiaa @st0nesnglitter @quindolyn @arcaneslut @hoes4dameron @wh0reforthemarauders @shadesofvelma @i-love-scott-mccall @maybanksslut @crystal-dee @sprucewoodlover @slvt4fakerealities @hellounicorn @daisyyy2516 @padfootswife @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @lilypad-55449 @riddikulusweasleys @ashesandstars @saintlike78 @pretty-pop-princess-hs @eunoia-kth @emma67 @mjoubertt-1 @t0xicsimp4fred @pottahishotasf @maraudersandco @remusjlupinisdead @fandom-puff @weasleysbitch2
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theoreticslut · 10 months ago
pairing: charlie weasley x reader; bill weasley x reader; fred weasley x reader; george weasley x reader
 requested: nope
word count: 5.1k
warnings: SMUT, age differences but all characters are 18+, first times, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration
A/N: Please do not judge me for this. That’s all I ask. I know this is questionable, but the weasley boys?? All of them?? They’re pretty hot and I’d be down to sleep with all of them, just saying. I’ve had this written for months and have just been too scared to post it, but you know what? It’s written, it’s pretty freaking good in my opinion, & I just really want/need to post shit again so hopefully you enjoy this. 
Taglist: @justmesadgirl @xuckduck @yikesyikesyikes95 @filipi-yes @aestheticwh0r3 @siredkai @matsuno-nadeshiko @msmarklee1213 @immajustreadwritereblog @msmimimerton @perfectlysane24 @mischievous-queen @bunnyboo7 @grandeoptimist @kaitlynw011 @daddystevee @slytherinxhunter @streetfighterrichie @sarcasticallywitty15 @isthereanymorejello @karushinekomiya @p0gue420 @hogwartslut @sebby-staan @darthwheezely @slytherin-7 @callmelilone @teenagesublimefan @midsummernightdream @hufflrpuffforfred @aviezap @stxrryxsky @snoopydoop1 @fredweasleypls @hopefullhearts @pandaxnienke @georgeweasleyishot @christhebell @fredshmeasley @youralternantpersonality @angeletarte @stoopidwithtwohoes @georgeweasleysbabe @psychocracker @tovvaa @weasley8800  @wand3ringr0s3 @pinkypurplemagic @pineapplesandpinas
^let me know if you’d like to be added/removed (or add yourself here)! Xx
You were excited to be staying at the burrow again this summer. You had pretty much grown up with the Weasley boys as your parents were friends from their time at hogwarts.
You had also been around to see Ron and Ginny grow up, so all of you were almost like siblings. You got along with all of them really well, and you were an only child so anytime you came to the burrow felt like you were coming home.
You were closest in age to the twins, being only a month or two younger than them, which meant that the three of you were as thick as thieves. There are plenty of stories from your childhood of you three planning pranks...and getting in trouble for them later.
Even though you’re closest to Fred and George, both in age and friendship, you still got along really well with Bill, Charlie, and Percy. Percy could be a bit stuck up at times so you didn’t socialize with him too much, but you did have a good relationship with Bill and Charlie.
In fact, most of your late childhood into early teen years you had a bit of a crush on the two older siblings. It’s bound to happen when they’re cute, older than you, nice to you, and almost always around.
Once you started at hogwarts, however, your crush on the two faded as they weren’t around as much and you were surrounded by other guys. Not that that really mattered any because you found yourself starting to crush on Fred and George more and more.
You knew it was weird since you literally grew up alongside them and they were your best friends, but you couldn’t help it. Even though the two of them could be a menace, they did know how to be really sweet. They had consoled you many a time from scraping your knee to losing your longtime family pet, even to when you had had a falling out with a friend.
You suppose that’s part of the reason you had fallen for them; since you grew up with them, you knew all these different sides they had that others didn’t necessarily get to see.
“Y/n! It’s so nice to have you stay here with us again.” Molly smiles at you in greeting as you, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny walk through the door after yet another school year.
You, Fred, and George had just finished up your sixth year and were excited that you were so close to graduating.
“Thank you for letting me stay again. I swear I’m not trying to permanently move in.” You smile, earning a chuckle from her as Fred rolls his eyes and mumbles a sarcastic ‘sure’ to which you slap his bicep for.
“Don’t worry about it, dear.” She chuckles. “You’ve been a surrogate daughter to me for years. It’s almost wrong to not have you here.”
You smile, loving that you’re essentially a part of the family. Don’t get it wrong, you love your parents just as much and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but something about being a weasley just sat perfectly with you.
You frown as you make your way down the stairs. You’re not really sure where everyone was. You’ve been hiding away in ginny’s room with a fan trying to stay cool while you read a book you bought in hogsmeade you just hadn’t had the time to read yet.
It’s surprisingly quiet, which is why you become so curious. It’s almost always full of noise in here.
Even though it confuses you, you decide to  ignore the itch you have to figure out why and instead find yourself something to eat as your stomach is growling something fierce.
You make it down to the kitchen and make a beeline for the fridge, looking around to see what there is. Just as your about to pull stuff out, you hear someone call you’re name from behind, startling you.
“Ah, sorry, y/n.” the same person chuckles as you turn around.
If you had been annoyed before, it all left your body when you saw who it was that had scared you.
“Charlie! What are you doing here? It’s been ages!” You ask, running up to give him a hug.
After he graduated, he decided he wanted to study and work with dragons and moved out to Romania to do so. That was nearly four years ago now, and you’d barely heard anything from him since.
“Nice to see you too, kiddo. How have you been?” He chuckles, hugging you back.
He doesn’t like admitting it, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you. He remembers always wanting to take care of you when you were real little, granted he was real young then too, but something about you fascinated him. Maybe it was because you weren’t a boy.
Either way, he took care of you a lot when you were both real young. He got to watch you grow up, seeing you as a cute and innocent toddler to a carefree child.
He loved how you were wild enough to keep up with his twin brothers, yet were so soft and laidback as well.
He ended up having a bit of a crush on you. But he never acted on it as he was about five years older, and didn’t want anyone to think he was a pervert or anything. It’s not like it would matter, you two had grown up together, but you were both young and people don’t always like an age gap in young couples.
“I’ve been really good, Charlie. I was chosen as one of Gryffindor’s prefects this year! Not to mention I’ve done really well on all my tests.”
“That’s amazing, kiddo. I always knew you would do good. I hope you’ve been able to keep Fred and George in line?”
“Well, sort of...” you trail off. You didn’t really want to tell him how being a prefect gave you the ability to help Fred and George sneak around even better to set up their pranks.
“You’ve been helping them out with their pranks, haven’t you? I remember how much you three would get in trouble for them when you were younger.”
“We only got in trouble because Percy would rat us out.” You argue to which Charlie chuckles. He does remember how feisty you were at times.
You sigh as you take in his features. He was the same Charlie you had always known, but he was so much more mature now. His muscles were even more defined since his days of quidditch from working with dragons day after day.
You couldn’t help the butterflies that had started fluttering in your stomach as your heart started racing. You thought you were over your crush on him, but seeing him now resurfaces all your old feelings, only tenfold as you’re now with raging hormones.
“I see you’re still as feisty as ever, kiddo. Glad to know you haven’t changed that much since I’ve been gone.”
“If I’m ever not feisty, somethings wrong.” You chuckle, getting him to smile as he looks over you.
He has to admit just how well you’ve matured. Your y/h/c hair fell smoothly against your shoulders, not much longer than that. Your locks only highlighted your soft face, framing your features perfectly.
Same as you, he can’t help but feel his childhood crush on you reappear.
“You know, you never did answer what you were doing here? Does molly or any of your siblings know you’re here?” You ask after a moment of you two admiring each other.
“No, she doesn’t. Nor do they. I was hoping to surprise them with my visit, but none of them seem to be here. Honestly, I was more than surprised to see you here.”
“I’m surprised to see you. I don’t know where anyone else is, but I’m glad I got to see you first.”
“Same here, pumpkin. I didn’t expect to see you at all, but I’m glad I am. It’s been real nice seeing you before anyone else, especially since I don’t think I’ll have much time away from them whenever they do come home.”
You smile, looking up at the man you’ve been crushing on for years. He’ll never know what his words do to you.
“Y/n, kiddo. Can I tell you something?” Charlie asks, pushing some of your hair out of your face as he tucks it behind your ear.
“Of course.”
“This might be crazy and I know it’s probably a bit weird, but I used to have such a crush on you.” He confesses, smiling at you as you watch him.
“Yeah? Well, I used to have such a crush on you too, Charlie.” You blush.
He quirks an eyebrow at you, chewing on his bottom lip as he mulls over his next action.
“Used to? Or still do, kiddo?”
“Still do...” you mumble, your cheeks a furious shade of red now as you admit to liking him.
You’re not really sure where your confidence came from. Sure you’ve always been comfortable talking to him about anything, but this was unchartered territory.
“Good.” He smiles, kissing you before leaning in so he can whisper in your ear.
“Because I do too.”
You gasp as he kisses your neck, not giving you any warning.
“Charlie.” You gasp, as you wrap your arms around the back of his neck, your hands tangling into his hair and tugging.
He moans, pulling you even closer as he sucks on your earlobe, drawing a whiny moan from you.
“What do you say to taking this up to my room? We can have a bit of fun before everyone gets back?”
“O-okay.” You agree, melting against his body.
You’ve never been kissed before, let alone touched like this. Your body was going crazy with all the sensations and you weren’t sure what to do.
Charlie leads you up to his old room, that had been left pretty much the same. He closes the door, placing a locking spell on it even though no one should question why his door is closed. Molly keeps it shut anyways.
“Have you ever done anything, kiddo?” He asks, laying you down on his bed as he hovers over top of you.
You shake your head, chewing on your bottom lip as you watch him for any sort of reaction.
He smiles warmly at you, gently tucking your hair behind your ears as he admires you. He would love to be the one to take your virginity, but only if you’d like him to.
“Are you okay with all of this?”
You nod, moaning lightly as you clench your thighs together.
“Do you want me to stop?”
You shake your head, not wanting him to stop at all. No, you much rather he do something to help this sensation you’re having.
“No.” You whine. “Please don’t stop.”
He smirks, pressing a soft kiss to your nose as he feels down your body.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n. I hope you know that.”
“Charlie, please do something. I-I don’t know what to do.” You whimper. You’ve never felt so needy before and you need something to happen.
Charlie chuckles lightly above you before pressing a kiss to your lips.
“Are you feeling a bit needy, pumpkin? Need me to take care of you?”
You whimper, nodding at his words as he smirks.
You close your eyes as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before whispering to you, “let me know if you want to stop, okay? I want you to feel comfortable.”
You nod, moaning as he starts to undress you, feeling your body up and down.
“So pretty, pumpkin. You’re so so pretty.”
Slowly you feel him drag his hands over your breasts, gently massaging them in his palms before trailing his hands down to your thighs, pulling your legs apart so he can see your pretty sex.
“Charlie.” You groan as he trails his fingers around your inner thighs, placing kisses at the tops of them but not touching where you need him to.
“Patience, kiddo. We gotta make sure you’re warmed up enough. I don’t want to hurt you any.”
You nod, tossing your head back as he tauntingly trails his fingers closer.
You become lost in the bliss of everything, not being able to separate his hot kisses from when he starts rubbing your clit before sliding two fingers into you.
No, you’re too far gone in the bliss to even realize he’s ready to slide himself into you until his head is pressing against you, ready to be enveloped within your soft walls.
“You okay, pumpkin?”
You nod, a few tears falling out as he begins sliding himself inside you, intertwining your fingers with his as he holds your one hand near you head, the other gripping at the sheets while his is planted on your hips to hold you still.
“Feel so good, pumpkin. You’re taking me so well.” Charlie praises, slowly pushing his way inside you.
“Oh, Charlie. Fuck.” You groan, squeezing the hand that’s intertwined with yours.
“It’s alright, pretty girl. You’re doing so well. Just a few more inches and I’m inside you, yeah? Can you handle that?”
You nod, moaning as he pushes further into. You never would have expected him to be so well-endowed. It felt heavenly, but bloody hell.
He hisses when he finally fills you completely with his dick. He’s had sex before, but nothing has ever compared to this. He swears there’s nothing that could top the feeling of filling his childhood crush  with his cock.
“Charlie. Oh Merlin, please move.” You whine, your walls finally stretching enough for the pain to dissipate.
The next few minutes go by way too fast. One second, Charlie’s thrusting into you making you feel the best you ever have, and the next you’re coming all over him as he does the same in the condom he’s wearing, his dick still buried inside you.
You sigh as you come down from the high, not quite believing that just happened, but wanting to do it all over again.
You groan, frustrated at the feeling you’ve been dealing with for the last few days. Charlie only stayed for a week, and as he said, he had been swept up by his siblings wanting to spend time with him before he left again.
Since you two slept together, you’ve been finding yourself getting turned on and needing release more and more.
Charlie had been kind enough, or needy enough depending on how you want to look at it, to please you a few more times during his stay. Each time was absolutely amazing and you wanted so much more, but you knew he would be leaving again while you were stuck here.
Charlie has been gone for nearly three weeks now and yet you still find yourself getting turned on and needing release. Unfortunately, there was no way to do that, not unless you want to risk completely embarrassing yourself.
Bill had come home for a visit and he’s been here a few days now. You wanted to blame him for getting turned on, but you knew it wasn’t anything but your own thoughts doing it to you.
Same as with Charlie, the moment you saw Bill, all your old feelings arose and hit you tenfold.
Unfortunately, no “promising situations” arose where Bill might confess that he’s had feelings for you all along as well.
“You look grumpy, kid.” He points out as you come into the kitchen.
“I am a bit.” You frown, making your way over to the fridge. Again, you had been so preoccupied that you didn’t realize just how hungry you were until your stomach was yelling at you.
“What’s got you so grumpy?”
“I’m really hungry and just kinda tired.” You half-lie. Sure you were hungry and tired, but that’s not really what was making you so grumpy.
“Really? I would’ve pegged it on something else.”
“Yeah? Like what?” You ask, too irritated to really care what he thought anyway.
“Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re turned on and haven’t done anything about it yet.” He states, not shy about it in the slightest.
“Excuse me?!” You blubber, choking on your own saliva at his answer. You never expected him to say that, especially to you.
Bill was always the mature, proper one out of all the boys. You two were close, but never in a million years would you have expected him to say something like that.
“Y/n, kid. I’ve been through puberty myself. I know what it’s like to be sexually frustrated.”
You whimper, not meaning to in the slightest, but it’s out before you can stop it.
“Is that the case, beautiful?”
You nod, blushing furiously. You don’t like to admit how needy you are, but here you are anyway.
“Would you like some help to feel better?”
You look up at Bill with such a needy expression on your face. Your eyes are wide and your lips are pouted. You don’t want anything more than to have him help you out, but the thought embarrasses you.
“Is that a yes, love?” He chuckles, caressing your cheek as he watches you. He’s always thought you were attractive but for merlins sake the sight of you all horny was a bloody masterpiece.
You nod, watching as he smiles at you, grabbing at your hand and tugging you along behind him.
He leads you up to his bedroom where he kisses you, pulling you flush to his body. Even though you’re younger than him by a number of years, he’s always had a crush on you. Seeing you now, nearly all grown up and matured, he wants nothing more than to make you feel good.
“Please do something.” You moan as he keeps kissing at your neck, his hands feeling  over your sides, hips, and ass.
He nods, placing one last kiss to your lips before ripping your shirt up over your head and quickly unbuttoning your shorts.
Before you know it, you’re naked underneath him as he’s naked hovering over you. He looks absolutely delicious, and you can’t help but kiss at his neck as he pushes his way into you.
“Oh, fuck.” You groan.
“Ugh, fuck. Doing so well, love. Taking me so well.”
You can’t help but moan at the praise. You love knowing that you doing good, that you’re making him feel good.
As soon as he’s all the way inside you, you’re arching your back, wanting him to move. You swear he’s even bigger than Charlie and yet you’re taking him better.
Before long, Bill has a fast pace set that’s nearly knocking the bed into the wall.
“Feels so good.” You whine, arching up against him.
“Almost there, love.”
You let out a high pitched moan as you both hit your highs, you arching against the bed as your one hand grips at the sheets, your other holding on bill’s shoulder.
“Feel any better, love?” He asks, panting as he pulls out of you.
“So much better. Thank you.” You smile, happily curling up into his arms as he holds you to him.
Summer passes by with days filled with happy and fun memories of swimming in the pond near the burrow or eating marshmallows that you toasted over the fire.
Soon enough though your back at hogwarts, stressing over classes and spending all your free time with the twins.
Tonight they had decided they wanted to drink and play silly muggle party games as it was a Friday after a big test in potions. You all felt pretty confident with your work, but it had been a long and stressful week. One that Fred and George just wanted to drink away. Being their best friend, you were of course invited.
“Alright, y/n. Truth or dare?” George asks.
“Let’s go with truth, I guess.” You say, taking a drop of the Veritaserum you all insisted you play with to make things more interesting.
“Alright, let see. Fred, what are you thinking?” George asks, leaning over to his brother to converse.
You were drunk, but not so far gone that you weren’t aware of what was happening or that you’d forget tonight’s events in the morning.
“Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, y/n. Have you lost your virginity?” George asks, giggling at the alcohol coursing through his veins.
Neither of the boys knew you had, which is why they both choked on their drinks when you blatantly answered “yes.”
“Wait, really?!” Fred asks, his eyes wide as he looks at you in a new light. How did he not know his best friend had lost her virginity?
“Over the summer.” You answer before you can stop. You really, really did not want to tell you’re best friends that you had slept with their two oldest brothers.
“Over the summer? B-but, you never left the house.” George splutters out, not quite putting the pieces together yet.
“Mm-hmm” you hum, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment as you can’t help but tell the truth. Stupid veritaserum.
“The only people you would’ve seen...w-were,” he trails off, blanching at the realization that you slept with at least one of his brothers.
“Bill and Charlie.” Fred answered, not yet at his brothers realization.
You all sit in silence for a minute before Fred shouts out.
“Oh Merlin! You lost it to one of our brothers?!” Fred asks, a hint of disgust in his tone.
You nod, closing your eyes as both Fred and George shake their heads at the images.
“Which one?” Fred asks.
“Uh, well...both?” You answer, the veritaserum wearing off only slightly as you had such a small dosage.
“Both?!” Fred and George exclaim.
“What the hell, y/n! They’re our brothers!” Fred groans, disturbed by the thought of you sleeping with his older brothers.
“Hey! I didn’t start any of it, okay! They initiated it each time.” You defend.
“Each time?! How many times did you sleep with them?” George asks, exasperatedly.
“Uhm, 3 or 4 times with Charlie. Twice with Bill.” You admit, the veritaserum kicking in again as it works it’s way out of your system.
“Oh, godric. Ugh, we didn’t need to know that.” Fred huffs.
“You two asked!” You huff, blushing wildly as you lean back on the bed, crossing your arms.
A few minutes pass in silence as you mull over your words while Fred and George try to accept this new information.
“What was it like? D-did it feel...good?” George asks, shyly.
“What? Sex?”
He nods, blushing lightly as you start to get wet, thinking back on how amazing it feels.
“It feels amazing, Georgie.” You sigh, your thighs clenching together unconsciously.
“Yeah. I-I don’t know how to explain it, but the high it's-it's phenomenal.”
“C-could you show us?” Fred asks, both twins flushing madly.
“You want me to show you?!”
“Yeah. C-can you take our virginity?” George asks, shifting around in his spot as he gets turned on by the idea.
“I-I guess. B-both of you?”
They nod and you smile shyly, a deep blush on your cheeks as you lean forward to give each of them a kiss.
“Alright, well both of you lie back then, yeah?”
They do as you say, laying down on the bed you three were sharing. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. These were your best friends for merlin’s sake, you had literally grown up together.
Slowly, you climb on top of George as he’s closest to you and you smile lightly as his breath hitches at the sight of you on top of him.
“You’re sure you two want to do this?” You ask, looking between the two twins.
They nod, gulping as they watch you. True they had never really thought about you being their first, but now that the moment had arose, they knew they didn’t want it to be anyone else.
“Okay, uh, how should I do this?” You mumble to yourself, blushing at the reality that you’re going to be taking your best friends’ virginity. Not one of theirs, both of theirs. At the same bloody time.
“How did your first time go, love?” Fred asks, watching you as you try to figure out what to do first.
“Uh, well. It started with kissing; kissing each other’s lips before h-he trailed down my neck.”
George gently sits up, connecting your lips as Fred works on kissing your neck, drawing a moan from you.
“Like that?” Fred asks, as George pulls away and taking his turn at your neck.
“Just like that.” You hum, pulling the older twin into a soft kiss.
“What next?” George asks, trailing his fingers up your sides.
“A lot of touching, caressing. W-we undressed.” You say, a bit breathily as you pull away from Fred, the red head immediately moving back down to your neck and shoulders.
“I-I’m supposed to be making you two feel good.” You moan, both of their hands feeling all over your body.
George had decided that he’d trail his fingers over your hips and thighs, roughly grabbing onto them every now and then to get you to grind against him.
Fred, however, decided he’d take responsibility for groping your breasts, sides, and stomach. His touch sending shivers throughout your body.
“We’re feeling good, don’t worry, y/n” Fred mumbles.
George nods, groaning in agreement.
“No. Let me take care of you guys.” You say, halting their movements as you push Fred back down on the bed.
You trail one of your hands up each of their stomachs, lifting their shirts as you do. You place a kiss to both of their lips before ripping off the fabric.
You slowly grind against George as you reach over and palm Fred, locking your lips with him as George throws his head back in a moan.
“Fuck, y/n.” Fred groans, upset at the lack of contact as you switch to kissing George.
You slowly trail your kisses down george’s neck and stomach as you crawl down to unbutton his trousers. You can hear him groan and you smile to yourself. Sure you’ve had sex, but you had only just started and were still quite inexperienced, especially when it came to focusing on the guy's pleasure. Hearing that they were enjoying it certainly made you feel better about your skills.
Once George’s trousers are off, you move over to Fred to give him the same attention. You slowly straddle his hips, grinding into him slowly as he grabs yours.
“Godric, y/n. You’re good to us.” Fred sighs, grinding you down onto him harder.
After a few minutes you get both boys rid of their bottoms and them ridding you of your clothes except bra and panties.
“You’re so beautiful.” George smiles, kissing you before easily removing your bra.
“So beautiful.” Fred agrees, kissing you after his brother. You let out a shocked gasp of air when Fred pushes you back onto the bed, kissing your neck.
“Can we fuck you now, princess? Please, angel?” Fred begs, looking up at you after making a mark on your collarbone.
“Go ahead, weasley.” You hum, a shiver running up your spine as he hooks his fingers in the crotch of your panties to rip them off you.
“Oh fuck, Freddie.”
He smirks, carefully bringing his finger to your folds, circling your clit carefully before slowly inserting his pointer and middle finger inside of you.
You groan, back arching up off the bed as your one best friend fingers you, your other best friend gently massaging your breasts.
“Come taste her, George.” Fred says, pulling his fingers from inside you and sucking on them.
You moan at the sight, never imagining your two best friends would be here taking turns on you to lose their virginity. In all honesty, it was quite a spectacle. You really hoped you’d be able to do this again with them...except maybe one at a time though.
You sigh out in pleasure as George begins fingering you, bringing his tongue to your folds and eating you out at the same time.
You fall into a bit of trance, not able to differentiate between all the pleasure, the twins taking their time in prepping you. You don’t even realize they’re ready to fuck you until you feel George enter you, stretching you out.
“Oh fuck, Georgie. So big. Feels so good though, baby.” You groan, grabbing ahold of his shoulder as he pushes himself inside you.
You can just barely see Fred kneeling at the end of the bed, watching the two of you as he absentmindedly palms himself slowly.
George groans, twitching as soon as he’s inside you, much too overwhelmed with all the stimulation.
“Merlin, darling. You’re s-so tight. Feels so good.”
You moan, feeling him finally enter you completely. He waits a minute, letting the both of you adjust before he starts moving.
The next ten minutes or so go by much too fast, it didn’t take long for George to cum, pulling out of you as Fred takes his place. You register the switch, Fred feeling different inside you as well as going at a different pace.
You’re a moaning mess, reaching your high with Fred who stills inside you, leaning into you as you both ride out the bliss.
“Oh fuck, princess. That was amazing.” Fred smiles, kissing you as he massages your lower back, laying down beside you, facing you.
“Yeah it was.” George agrees, laying behind you and massaging your hip.
You smile tiredly, nodding in agreement as you try to catch your breath. The three of you lay together in silence for a few minutes before Fred kisses your nose, George kissing your shoulder.
“Is it cool to do that again? Like, tomorrow or something?” Fred asks, smiling at you as you chuckle.
“Yeah. Yeah, we can do that again. It felt amazing.” You smile, looking at Fred and then over your shoulder at George.
“Definitely, angel.” Fred agrees, kissing you and you feel george nod against your back as he continues placing soft, warm kisses to your shoulder.
You never expected all this to happen when arriving to the burrow this past summer, but you can’t say you weren’t pleased with the outcomes. Not only did you get a confession from your two oldest crushes that they also liked you back, but you lost your virginity to one, got to sleep with the other, and you got to sleep with your two best friends; which you’re pretty sure the three of you are going to continue to do for quite awhile. What more could you possibly ask for?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
POV: Your favorite HP boys wake you up in the morning the only way they know how… with all of them on top of you 😩✊🏼
I call this one The Dogpile of Simps 😂 Features 2 variations. Remus, Sirius, George, Fred, and Charlie/Bill! Made it into Desktop and iPhone wallpapers too. Not too sure if I should make more versions of the OC at the bottom. If ever, what variations would you like to see?
Also just want to point out how I did not expect Bill to look so goddamn sexy he look like he wanna spank 🤧
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Tumblr media
Messy late night drawing of Bill and Fleur 🌙
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
favorite Weasley: the oldest, Bill
Mum, no one at the bank gives a damn about how I dress as long as I bring home plenty of treasure.
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