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#bill weasley

Pairing: Bill Weasley x Reader

Summary: Bill takes you out on a first date and you’re totally enchanted by him

Warnings:  fluff

My notes: 

Tagging:  @roonilwazlibimagines @babyjordy @amourtentiaa @asimpfortheweasleys

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15 notes

Arthur Septimus Weasley Black y Molaine “Molly ” Lucretia Prewett Burke


William “Bill” Arthur Weasley Prewett el primogénito de los Weasley Prewett


Charles “Charlie” Amos Weasley Prewett el segundo hijo mayor de los Weasley Prewett


Percival “Percy” Ignatius Weasley Prewett el tercer hijo mayor de los Weasley Prewett


Frederick “Fred” Fabian Weasley Prewett el cuarto hijo mayor de los Weasley Prewett


George “George” Gideon Weasley Prewett el quinto hijo mayor de los Weasley Prewett


Ronald “Ron” Billius Weasley Prewett el sexto hijo mayor/menor de los Weasley Prewett


Ginevra “Ginny” Molaine “Molly” Weasley Prewett la única hija menor de los Weasley Prewett

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she marches. MARCHES. down to the police station and grabs him by the shirt collar.


and it just goes on and on until she doesn’t even have to bail him out, the officers just want the screaming to stop. he is grounded and has to de-gnome the garden for the next five months all by himself

@reguluscore I think this was your idea first? just gonna add this :)

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marauders raising the weasleys part 5 !!!

george hated medicine. oh my god he HATED it. would refuse to take it, run around the house, tape his mouth shut, literally sob, if he had to take it. the only way he takes it is if james takes it first , and james also hates medicine but he does it every. time. just for george

taking the kids of holiday was,,,not a good idea. they stayed in a nice hotel and boy was it a MESS. peter had a room with percy and ginny, sirius had a room with charlie and ron, james and lily had harry and bill, remus had fred and george. well, that was the plan but nobody ended up in the right room and sirius’ room was completely empty as he and charlie snuck to james room and ron wanted to be with remus.

headcanon that charlie did NOT go to hogwarts when he turned 11 and instead stayed going to the muggle school down the street because he simply could not be away from his family for such long periods and despite bill being there, sirius didn’t feel safe sending charlie, his baby, to be on his own yet

james potter knew how to play the guitar and all the kids sat around in the living room for hours as he played song after song. fred especially liked it and sometimes asked if james could play the guitar to help him fall asleep.

sirius is the nickname giver , hence the way he calls charlie “baby star” and the other boys demand cute nicknames too and so george becomes “angel boy” and ron is “jellybean” (he like jelly beans) , fred is “sunny” and percy didn’t want one but sirius calls him “golden” (ginny is “lily jr” for 3 years straight)

one of harry and ron’s teacher conferences at muggle school, james and sirius go and the teacher thinks they’re the ones dating since ron likes to “i’ve got 4 dads, and 2 are getting married soon!” and they just go along with it

fred HATES wearing shoes !!! it takes remus AND peter to get him to put his shoes on before they leave and he always takes them off. he only starts to wear them when he gets a matching pair of shoes with sirius

ron sometimes waddles into the kitchen when peter is cooking and just “can i have a hug?” all small and quiet and peter always, not matter heat, swoops him into his arms

remus and bill have matching hats that say “big wolf” and “little wolf” (foreshadowing 😩) because bill is a tiny remus and james thought the hats were cute

charlie IS james in tiny form . he doesn’t even have to try, he just takes so much after james it’s scary. but the biggest ring is he is so good at quidditch, he uses james old broom (he cries) and wears his old jersey (more tears) and it’s just. mini prongs !!!!

^ the broom gets passed on to fred and then harry and then ginny but the jersey stays with charlie

lily got a call one day from the muggle police about bill stealing and it takes everything in her power not to laugh because why on earth did bill get caught stealing a motorcycle helmet. oh wait. (she makes sirius go pick him up too)

charlie brought home a story about a dragon that he named dan who likes to eat leafs and everyone thought it was a story until one day a absolutely huge dragon walks into their yard behind the little redhead “momma can we keep him?”

percy likes to steal remus’ hats and wear them out because it makes him look “professional” but they always cover his eyes too much and he looked like a dork so sirius also wears too big of hats out so percy isn’t alone

APPLE PICKING IN THE FALL. fred chucks a apple at percy. george is helping harry pick the best apples. lily is taking pictures of everyone. ginny is on sirius’ shoulders reaching for an apple but grabbing leaves. remus is totally not (is) throwing apple at james. bill is eating the apple out of the basket with ron. harry and peter are getting hot chocolate (only for themselves)

peter teachs the kids how to skip rocks !!! only charlie and fred can do it, ron just likes to throw sticks in, george is content showing of his counting skills by seeing how many times the rock skips

lily tells her parents she’s coming to visit with the kids and they think “oh okay, 2 or 3 that’s fine!” and then she pulls up with 7 red heads, a miniature james, and a cat. and they don’t?? know how to react because “lily when did you have so many kids we saw you last year?”

ron likes to plant flowers with lily !!!!! he puts on his little gloves and sits next to her for hours as she explains what each flower is and he always, always, points to the small patch of lillies and says “momma that’s you!!!”

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I’m going to be very honest, I just wanted to make a drawing of my Amy with the socks that Charlie gave her at Christmas XD but I ended up with this AND I LOVE IT XD I’m not very good at drawing backgrounds and that but I liked this image U 3 U, these are not all the animals I have, but with those it’s too much XD, how do they allow us to have so many animals in the room? Sure the roommates hate us haha.

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Ya’ll did you know that you can still earn rewards with maxed out friends?? Cause I just realized this 😂

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Hogwarts Mystery Pokemon

In honor of Pokemon Day I have thought about what Pokemon the characters would have.

Andre - Furfrou and Milotic

Barnaby - Machop and Crocnaw

Beadeea - Smeargle and Clefairy

Beatrice - Teddiursa and Stufful

Ben - Litleo and Luxio

Bill - Sirfetch’d and Growlith

Charlie - Dragonite and Shelgon

Chiara - Lycanroc (midday form) and Herdier (shiny)

Diego - Luvdisc and Tropius

Ismelda - Misdrevus and Gothoria

Jacob - Grimsnarl and Toxicroak

Jae - Kecleon and Meowth

Liz - Vibra and Ponyta (Galarian)

Marie - Wimpod and Wooloo (shiny)

Merula - Murkrow and Liepard

Penny - Bayleef and Buddew

Rowan - Natu and Espeon

Sabine - Glaceon and Woobat

Talbott - Swanna and Rufflet

Tonks - Ditto and Monferno

Tulip - Foakie and Palpitoad

15 notes

Charlie: *sobbing*

Bill: what’s wrong man

Charlie: I- hmpff- I- I can’t

Bill: come on, tell me

Charlie: I m- I mean

Bill: yes, go ahead

Charlie: my- My baBy DrAgONs caN’t even bLow tHeIR Own BiRTHDAY CANDLES *breaks down*



Bill: K, I’ll leave you alone brother *leaves*

Hagrid, stomping out of nowhere: Ooh ye I know, I KnOw it Charles *starts crying together*

Ron, in disbelief:

8 notes

hey, boo boo! thank you for the request! i’m just making the reader a little bit closer in age to Bill. hope that’s fine and that you still like it ✨ oh, and by the way, this hasn’t been proofread and i’m feeling a bit iffy about it, so i apologize in advance!

It contains suggestive content in the very last line!

  • Bill recognized you as soon as he laid eyes upon you. You were that girl from Hogwarts, the one who used to get compliments all the time. You were described as astute, endearing, and sympathetic. And even professors would randomly bring you up, especially during his classes, using you as an example to be looked up to;
  • However, the person he was looking at, at that moment, was not a young girl anymore. You  had blossomed into a mesmerizing woman, and it was hard to believe you were working for his little brothers as their administrative assistant;

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Alexandra Dylan


Jason Efesto Leviathan


Jason:Idiots! All of you are idiots

Ermete and Dylan:What did we do?! We were minding our business! Building robots


Levi:What did I do?


Molly:This seems like a you problem

Jason:Shut the fuck up Molly! How the hell are you wanted by the police?!

Molly:At least I’m wanted by someone

Alexandra:HA! Anyway it’s honestly not our fault! Someone kept catcalling Molly so we whooped their ass

Reborn:How isn’t that your fault? It sounds exactly like it IS your fault!

Fon:I mean technically they were defending themselves

Verde:Why are y’all running from the police?

Alexandra:They are in the hospital…with most of their bones broken

Dimitri:There we go! That’s what we were looking for

Bill:You are raising criminals

Dimitri and Skylar:We know

Juno:So they can get away with it but we can’t?!

Xanxus:What type of bullshit is that?!


Juno:Whatever Steve Rodgers

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April 15, 2030: Legacy Series Vol. 8: Louis Weasley knows more about craving and cramps than he’d like to.

Photo: Chris Hemsworth

11 notes

just realized that before he met mc, bill must have known or at least knew of jacob. little bill looking at all the shit that jacob got into and being like “not for me dog!!” and then he meets his sibling and is suddenly like “if i don’t break into the vaults with them i will physically combust”

7 notes

one vanilla milkshake coming right up, anon, and I think I know exactly the person you could share it with… or rather the tribe you would share it with. because when you date bill weasley, you can expect to be adopted by the whole family…


Originally posted by memoryofbucky-blog

  • you and Bill had been longtime friends, ever since your fourth year, in fact, which was when you had successfully made the cut for the Gryffindor Quidditch team
  • You wouldn’t have seriously tried out had your friends not more or less pushed you to do so; and you were definitely not expecting to be selected as the Gryffindor Keeper. But hey, you were loyal to a fault, and were not about to let your team down
  • Bill wasn’t much of a Quidditch player, rather a spectator, and a pretty regular one at that. He didn’t miss a single game of the Gryffindor team, and often attended training when the weather wasn’t too miserable. You often saw him in the stands, cheering you all on and especially you (but that was because you were stuck in the same place all game long and he had no one else to strike up conversation with, right?), and it brought a wide smile to your face
  • And even with all the time he spent at the Quidditch pitch, he somehow managed to stay top of the class. Or, well, classes. You barely understood the boy, but he was charming, funny, and laid-back, exactly the kind of friend you could dream of
  • And, after a few years of dancing around each other, the perfect boyfriend
  • It was no surprise to the rest of the Weasleys when Bill announced that you two were officially together, really. He had harped on and on about your prowesses and how funny (not to say adorable) it was when you laughed and accidentally snorted… they were just awaiting an official confimation, but the deal was pretty much sealed since the beginning
  • You spend most of your summers at the Burrow after graduating Hogwarts, because you know you’ll always have a home there
  • And the warmth of this close-knit family brings you a sense of comfort that you don’t think you’ll ever find anywhere.
  • Of course, you introduce them all to your favorite Muggle board games (which utterly fascinate Arthur, who is eager to understand all the intricate implications of Monopoly and Catan)
  • And rainy afternoons are spent playing with the entire family
  • (Bill tries to “discretely” tickle you, or… other underhanded tactics to throw you off your game, because for his coolness, the man still is competitive)
  • But there’s nothing he can do about it; you remain the unvanquished victor of the vast majority of board games
  • Sometimes the twins win as well, but everyone knows it’s because they cheated yet no one can truly prove they did, because no one can figure out how they did it, so you must begrudgingly admit defeat
  • Once the sky has cleared, though, Bill will take your hand and lead you to the outskirts of the land, amid the tall grass and singing steams, so you can stargaze together
  • Sure, he was top of the class in almost everything, but not Astronomy. That was your spot and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pry it away from you. Space was your thing.
  • Years after you departed from Hogwarts, he has forgotten almost everything, but not you, so you’re happy to lecture him on all the stars and planets and what they mean and where they are and cool stuff about them
  • “… And it rains diamonds on Saturn, because the pressure is so high that…”
  • “… And did you know the footprints on the Moon will be there for 100 million years? Since there’s no atmosphere, nothing will erode them, and…”
  • “Oh, oh, also, the Milky Way and Andromeda are getting closer and closer and one day they’ll collide. That’s literally so cool, isn’t it? A bit terrifying, also…”
  • He listens attentively - he loves hearing you ramble about what you love, it makes your eyes shine even brighter than Saturn and the Moon and Andromeda
  • Until your voice trails off, and he thinks it’s because you’re savoring the moment, or perhaps racking your brain for another cool space fact, but in reality you’ve fallen asleep in his arms
  • So he’ll wrap you in a tender embrace, press a kiss to your forehead, and carry you back to your bed
  • A proper gentleman - his siblings tease him for it, but he pays them no mind
  • He’d do anything for you, after all - you deserve it and more

800 follower sleepover

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April 8, 2030: Legacy Series Vol. 7: Dominique Weasley has more than a ‘tip’ or two for you lovers out there💋

Photo: Sophie Turner

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