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via @PerilOfAfrica House to vote on virus bill; arbiter says wage hike a no-go

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REPORT: JJ Watt Has Received Multiple Offers, See Where He is Most Likely To Go Here

REPORT: JJ Watt Has Received Multiple Offers, See Where He is Most Likely To Go Here

Things may be coming to a head for JJ Watt, as this morning reports indicate that he has received contract offers from multiple teams. ESPN’s Dianna Russini was the first to report the story.
It is believed that the largest offer Watt currently has on the table is worth somewhere between $15 million and $16 million. The five-time Pro Bowler was expected to command quite a slew of…


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10 Myths About Saving Energy at Home
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Hello, medical care in america? I would like you to STOP FUCKING ME UP THE ASS.

That is all.

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Texans Could Be Paying Blackout Energy Bills for Decades

Texans Could Be Paying Blackout Energy Bills for Decades

Power lines in the Houston area.Photo: David J. Phillip (AP)

The costs of the Texas blackouts is still mounting, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Texans could be saddled with energy bills they’ll be paying for decades absent government intervention.
A new Bloomberg NEF analysis found that the cost of energy sold across the state from Monday to Friday last week totaled $50.6 billion as…

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If any one wants to like idk send me a million dollars that would be awesome 🤣 currently sitting in my closet crying because I feel like a failure and thankful I’ll be able to keep my car but my apartment is a whole other story. I liked when I lived with my parents and rent wasn’t a thing. Wishing everything’s wasn’t always money. I’m a broke ass college student who barely makes anything and I have crippling bpd :’) welcome to my rant

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