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#billy and tommy
lone1yfans · 19 hours ago
thinking about iman and bowie and the normie dream girl gf/edgy bf power couple dynamic
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of-spades · 21 hours ago
Ok, so im half Ecuadorian, and in Ecuadorian spanish there's this teasing slang term for your significant other that's, "pejor es nada" (translates to 'better than nothing'). And damn. Tommy would definitely use that to refer to Billy and Steve! (do i hc him as Ecuadorian? i don't know! the phrase might be used by other latino-american countries but i don't know bc I've only ever been ecuadorian!)
So i think that Steve and Tommy start dating and Steve doesn't know spanish so he just thinks Tommy's calling him something sweet in spanish when he says it. But then Billy comes along, and he knows spanish from living in a poor latino dominated neighborhood in california. But he can't tell exactly what Tommy's saying at first bc when it's said it's all scrunched into one word, like, "pejoresnada" and sounds kinda like, "pajores nada" (which isn't anything).
So tommy will say something like, "¡Por fin, Billy! Empiezo a pensar que nunca ibas a llegar. Ven aquí mi pejor es nada." ("Finally, Billy! I started thinking you were never going to get here. Come over here my 'better than nothing'." (not sure my spelling and grammar is perfect bc I'm not great at writing in spanish)) and Billy will be like "??? What was that last thing?" And Tommy will just laugh and refuse to answer. Eventually he figures it out though and Tommy's kinda disappointed, Billy thinks it's funny, Steve is all >:[
But tommy never stops doing it and sometimes steve will call him his 'better than nothing' in english in retaliation.
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widowsthings · a day ago
I haven't heard that song in some time. Somehow it reminded me of Wandavision, maybe I'm just missing the show, I don't know...
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thatoneaspie · a day ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(Modern Family Era)
Billy: Tommy! You’re the WORST!
Tommy: I’m not the one who cries when I lose in MarioKart.
Billy: ...
Tommy: I also don’t place 13th when there’s only 12 racers.
Tommy: Case dismissed.
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iaquo0 · a day ago
no offense but if I dont see teen magic mike and speedy boy I'll lose it okay
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glitterfairy-21225 · 2 days ago
In which Peter has a child while stuck in the mcu: *takes deep breath*
He’s definitely living with Wanda post WV, so she’s there.
I don’t know a lot about inhumans but I know a little. Maybe Crystal is on earth for some reason, or the royal family just invites Wanda to the moon after learning about Westview b/c they want the tea, I guess. But Crystal and Peter meet.
They don’t get married, they don’t even officially date, so when Crystal announces she’s pregnant literally everyone is blindsided.
Wanda’s reaction is the best. She doesn’t say anything, but it’s her facial expressions as this is all going down. Her facial expressions.
Peter panics. Obviously. He runs around frantically with no rhyme or reason. He trashed his room. He’s screaming at a pitch only Crystal’s giant dog can hear.
He confides in Wanda about his piles of daddy issues, compounded by the fact that he never told his father the truth.... And also the fact that he was a terrorist.
But now it’s like, what happens if he goes back to his universe. He doesn’t want to to be an absentee father.
So he makes a difficult decision to stay in the mcu for the child. He still wants to go back to the x men to make sure his friends and family know he’s okay, but he wants to stay with his kid.
In the wake of his decision, Peter is high on emotion and decides that he needs to go the extra mile for this fatherhood schtick.
So he and Crystal elope.
Literally. Everyone. Thinks. This. Is. Questionable.
They’re divorced before she gives birth.
Not even a bitter divorce, just a ‘Ok, marriage at this point was probably a mistake.....’ divorce.
He and Wanda binge watch kids movies that came out from after he was taken from the x men.
Labor time!
Peter’s definitely a ping-pong whatever. When Crystal cries, he cries. When she screams, he screams.
But then Luna is born and she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life, and he just can’t. He’s crying on his own behalf.
Crystal holds her first, and then Peter, and the first thing he says to her is with teary eyes, so loving, so tenderly, is ‘You are gonna piss so many people off,’ in the softest voice you can imagine.
When the rest of the family comes in to meet her, Peter turns on the Lion King music, which he saw in the binge, and holds her up.
Wanda gets to hold her next, and Peter’s all ‘Meet your Aunt Wanda, Luna!’ And it’s a moment, because yeah, Tommy and Billy called him uncle, and he’s made it clear he loves them as such, but that was when he was brainwashed, so this. This is such a moment for Wanda.
And Wanda misses her boys so much, but the amount of love she feels for this girl overwhelms her bad she really believes she’s not alone anymore.
Afterwards, the three of them (Peter, Wanda, and Luna) are all curled up on a hospital bed together. Like they would be if Peter was the one who gave birth, but instead they just stole a bed to cuddle on because they’re emotionally drained.
Crystal is giving them the side eye from the other bed like, *guys it’s my special day too.*
Peter looks down at his bundle of joy and decides to make a speech to her.
He takes a deep breath. ‘Luna Maximoff’ (‘We did not discuss last names, Peter!’) ‘Your father is.... the problem in every relationship he has ever had. Except for the ones with people who are bigots, those guys suck. And he’s gonna be problem in ours. But I promise you, even if I make a million mistakes, and I will, I will try my very best to make sure you are the one person in this family who’s life isn’t made up of one traumatic experience after the other. Because you are the love and light of my life.’
Oh and Wanda definitely has a himym moment where she looks back all the stupid stuff Peter has done and thinks, ‘That guys a dad now.’
Except her flashback was from that morning.
Of course, that doesn’t get rid of all his deep emotional baggage. And he’s so worried about messing Luna up that he’s a complete motherhen.
He rants to Wanda, ‘Let’s face it, you and I are both going to hell,’ Because even if he loves Wanda, he’s not gonna excuse what she did to Westview, and for himself he has self esteem issues. So Wanda is :000. But Peter just continues. ‘But I really don’t want that for her!’
Anyways, Wanda starts hearing her kids and that kicks off their next big adventure, with Peter reluctantly leaving Luna with her mom.
He writes her a final letter in case he dies so she knows he loves her very much. But don’t worry, Peter’s not gonna die, so this is just a character quirk for now. It’s always quirky until someone dies.
I know that the ‘X men see WandaVision broadcast’ thing should logically stop after episode seven, but for this we’re gonna say the broadcast showed the entire, actual show, with all the SWORD and Agatha stuff. And then it starts playing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness! And there’s a flashback to Luna’s birth.
It’s been a few years, and the x men have already had a funeral for him, so seeing this is..... wow.
Raven’s long since spilled the beans to Erik about his son, and he’s not been taking it well.
So seeing that his son is not only alive and well, but that he also has a granddaughter, (and maybe even an au daughter) makes him cry in front of everyone.
Also, maybe the team was just a bit unappreciative of him, not enough for us to bash them, but enough to make them feel guilty. So seeing him thriving without them stirs up some emotions.
Also maybe he has an ex on the team, and it ended because Peter’s bad at handling things. For maximum feels.
They know from the broadcast that Peter plans to stay in the mcu with his daughter and that makes them all sad, but it’s a really good reason and they’re almost all sensible enough to accept this.... After a proper goodbye of course.
We’ll get back to Erik’s feelings in a sec.
They make a portal, and all go to the mcu to help out in the final fight. They reunite with Peter, who runs to get Luna, even though she’s not on earth, so that they can all meet her.
Erik holds Luna and goes ‘You will lead millions! Willingly or as slaves.’
It reminds him of holding Nina and he wishes he held Peter and it’s so special.
They say their goodbyes.
Meanwhile, Erik is conflicted, because his child (children) is staying in alternate universe and this is where his granddaughter is, so if he can’t convince them to come back to the x men verse then maybe the best thing he can do is move to the mcu.
But Charles a school to look after, so that leads a horrible question; Will Cherik have to break up again?
Doctor Strange just rolls his eyes and says fuck it, because reality is already messed up so why not? And he gives the Maximoffs a key to crossover whenever they want. And it only works for them.
So Luna has all the inhumans and all the x men loving her so much, with the best dad, aunt, and grandpas in both worlds.
And of course with the coolest cousins a girl could ask for!
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wiccllng · 2 days ago
gn tumblr 😴 i will be having dreaming about these two and this scenario itself aka my favorite wiccling moment like ever
Tumblr media
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butterscotchcreys · 2 days ago
constantly torn between genuinely caring about the MCU Maximoff twins in their current state and being absolutely infuriated by the idea of the MCU keeping Billy and Tommy as kids while the rest of the Young Avengers actors are teenagers/in their early twenties
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wiccllng · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
in guardians of the galaxy #13
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. SO SO SO MUCH. for those wanting context to this, i’ll be posting all of teddy and billy’s scenes in the near future but THEY ARE SO CUTE IN THIS COMIC. I’m wondering of they’re returning in GOTG #14 because of the ending.... regardless this might have got me into the GOTG series? it’s interesting and honestly a good comic. THE ENDING HAS ME ASKING QUESTIONS THOUGH BECAUSE OF ______ ____ AND WICCANS PAST W/ YK WHO. BUT yes i got MUCH billy and teddy content out of this comic and i am satisfied.
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spider-starry · 3 days ago
The fact that tfatws is almost over and I still haven’t processed wandavision’s final just shows that I don’t know how the fuck to move on. 
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strangebrainrot · 4 days ago
You hear stories or see old pictures of people with humor beyond their time? That's Tommy. Tommy's humor is pointing at a trash can and going "It's me" and Steve (and probably Carol) are both just so confused and concerned cause no you are no trash who fed you these lies
But then Billy comes along and he's the exact same way like if something mildly inconvenient happens, he'll just ask the general vicinity if someone can push him out the nearest window. Steve has to deal with the fact that there are now two of them and it's terrifying
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puwaasuru · 4 days ago
Lightning and Nexus
Billy, as Captain Marvel, was patrolling Fawcett city when he came upon a glowing red hexagon near the train station where he first met the Wizard Shazam.
Naturally, he investigates.
Preface: Not at all related to my Justice League Unlimited in the DC Animated Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover, but I'll be using the Billy Batson of that crossover but minus getting sucked in during Endgame.
If you want to read the fic, it's called "Undo".
Billy was just minding his own business, he was patrolling Fawcett City when he noticed an eerie red thing glowing at the alleyway near the train station where he first travelled to the Rock of Eternity. He cautiously approached the glowing hexagonal thing.
Upon closer inspection, the red hexagon had tints of blue around it.
He cautiously tried to reach out it when the Wisdom of Solomon warned him of it.
That was when he learned that the glowing red hexagon was a combination of spells that were cast by the homo magi from before the Salem Witch Trials.
"Mom! H-he-help me!"
Billy could hear two voices coming from the hexagon, two voices that the Wisdom of Solomon supplied to be coming from children.
"SHAZAM!" Billy shouted
Thunder cracked as lightning lit up the night sky before lightning struck Billy's champion form.
Billy soon found himself, as a fifteen-year-old, inside the Rock of Eternity.
"I'm sure the Wisdom of Solomon has informed you that those were cries of help young Billy Batson." The Wizard Shazam's ghostly form appeared sitting on the lone throne.
"Is it safe?"
"You are the world's mightiest mortal young Billy Batson." The Wizard offered, "The gods, your benefactors, through the nexus of the multiverse has provided you with the power."
"A being, place, or thing that is outside the confines of time and space," Shazam explained. "The constant in every universe," Shazam's ghostly form approached the teen. "Only you and your family can pass through the nexus of all realities, even a lord of order like Doctor Fate will have trouble passing through there."
Billy looked a bit reluctant as he processed what the wizard told him.
"Young Billy, what does your heart say?" The wizard asked his young champion.
"I want to help."
"Then you go help."
"What about this universe? What about Fawcett City?"
"I'm sure young Mary and young Freddy are up to the task."
Lightning struck the ground a few paces beside Billy before he saw his twin sister and best friend stood the ground where lightning just struck.
"Billy? What's the emergency?"
"Young Billy is about to travel to a different universe." Shazam informed the new arrivals.
"Different universe?"
"A hexagonal portal just appeared in Fawcett," Billy supplied. "It's a call for help."
"You want to help them, don't you Billy?" Mary sighed.
"And we're called here so we can pick up the slack." Freddy raised an eyebrow. "We'll be this world's champion of magic while you go dimension-hopping to help someone in need."
"This show of humility and selflessness proves that I chose well in you young Billy." Shazam's ghostly form smiled.
"What about me?" Freddy pointed out. "I get why Mary was called here but without Billy, no one would give me Shazam's powers."
"Freddy's right, Billy shares his powers with Freddy," Mary nodded.
"Do not worry young Freddy, you'll still be able to transform into your champion form even if young Billy is not in this universe." The Wizard assured.
Not before long Freddy, Mary and Billy were in front of the glowing red hexagon in their mortal forms.
"I trust that you'll take care of things here." Billy smiled at his best friend and sister.
"Don't worry Billy, I've got the league handled." Mary assured his brother.
"And I'm taking care of everything else." Freddy proudly announced.
"Oh please Freddy, we're taking care of everything in Billy's absence." Mary rolled her eyes.
"Seriously, what about Pedro, Eugene, and Darla?" Freddy voiced out. "They'd want to know where you've gone to, especially Darla."
"Not to mention Batman would go to great lengths to find where you've gone," Mary muttered to herself. "He might commission Superman's services to check the areas where technology is still sparse or outright non-existent."
"Just tell everyone that the wizard sent me somewhere to restore order," Billy instructed. "As the Wizard was once a Lord of Order."
"Wouldn't they ask Doctor Fate about that?" Freddy questioned.
"Doctor Fate is the least of our worries," Billy shook his head. "We have to worry about how Constantine is going to react."
"Why Constantine?"
"Because he's as unpredictable as sorcerers and homo magi go, one of the rare homo magi that have been to hell and back," Billy answered. "Just tell Constantine everything from my encounter with this thing." He gestured to the hexagon.
"Tell the family and Constantine the truth then tell everyone else that the Wizard sent you somewhere to restore order." Mary summarized the instructions.
"Got it one Bill." Freddy grinned.
"So this is goodbye?" Mary asked.
"For now." Billy smiled at his sister. "I promise that I'll come back."
Lightning struck Billy Batson, and Captain Marvel was standing where the young boy stood.
"I'll leave everything in your hands." Captain Marvel smiled.
Captain Marvel reached out to the glowing red hexagon and braced himself for what was about to happen.
All Freddy and Mary could was watch as Captain Marvel was yanked into the red hexagon even when he was already approaching it.
Captain Marvel found himself in an empty street wearing some sort of cosplay of his hero costume; form-fitting red shirt and red form-fitting trousers, bright yellow belt, and boots with a big black lightning bolt with yellow outlines printed across his shirt.
Thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon, he was able to identify that he was supposed to be in some sort of sitcom-like reality, and apparently it's just starting their Halloween episode.
Lightning struck the heroic captain and was replaced by his mortal form, Billy Batson.
Billy was wearing a smaller version of the outfit he was wearing as Captain Marvel from the form-fitting shirt to the bright yellow boots.
Billy shook his head and decided to forego thinking up of theories and possibilities like he used to when he was fighting with the Marvel family and ran straight ahead.
As Billy was running he noticed few people were out and about, standing stationary in their places. He narrowed his eyes and approached one of them. He waved his hands in front of one kid, trying to get a reaction but to no avail.
He tried to do the same from an adult but to no avail. He even tried poking them in areas he knew most people were ticklish but he barely got an 'eep' from them.
Not a moment later, everyone around him started moving, children running around going house-to-house trick-or-treating some adults were putting up Halloween decorations in their lawns.
"Sorry boy, I didn't see you there," The adult he was just poking earlier stated. "Let's get you to my front door."
The adult escorted Billy to the house.
"Trick or treat!" Billy exclaimed, trying to blend in.
"Here you go boy, you're costume looks great, a circus performer right?"
"Yeah! I just love them! Especially that one family that does all their acts together." Billy grinned.
It didn't escape Billy's notice that everyone started being responsive and moving when a woman in red walked with what seems to be her family.
Billy continued trick-or-treating but he kept passing by the odd family. Apparently, the man the lady was with was her twin brother and the two boys were her children. The four of them were dressed in costumes that one would find in the pages of a comic book.
From passing by them constantly, he was able to put faces on the voices he had heard back in Fawcett city. The other boy's voice back then was just overpowered by his brother's voice. They were clearly trying to get some help, they were trying to call their mom to help them.
Acting against his better judgment, he decided not to approach the family.
It can never be said that Billy can't learn from his mistakes or the mistakes of others. He knew that he did the right thing when he and Superman fought because of Luthor's machinations. He just hoped that Superman can learn from his own.
That was during this moment that Billy noticed that all his candy were gone and he was covered in silly strings. He looked at the family only to find the red woman talking to a man in a zombie costume. He looked around his surroundings and he can see the blue and red streaks breezing around his immediate surroundings.
Night came, and the family was at the town square and they pointed at Billy as if they finally found him.
"Mom, that's him." Billy heard the boy with the red cape exclaim.
The family approached Billy and handed him a handful of candies.
"Now boys, what do you say?"
"We're sorry," The Maximoff twins apologized. "We won't do it again."
"It's fine," Billy smiled at the twins. "I understand the feeling of having all the candy to yourself especially on Halloween night," He stated. "What do you say that you two split the candy you got from me earlier?"
"Really?" Tommy looked at Billy expectantly.
"Are you sure?" Wanda asked.
"I'm sure," Billy nodded. "It's my fault that I wasn't attentive that you were able to steal my candy," He grinned. "I've been an orphan for years and that was basically what I first learned after running away from my uncle. It's my fault for letting my guard down after being sent to a foster home here."
It wasn't a complete lie, after Billy ran away from his uncle Ebenezer, one of the very first things he learned was how to guard all of his things and make sure that none of them end up getting stolen. Ever since Uncle Dudley took him in and then by the Vasquezes, his guard had been lax.
However, Billy knew that super speed was applied during the Maximoff twins' candy heist, but they didn't need to know that he knew that.
Wanda glanced at her twin brother and frowned.
The Maximoff twins looked at each other then looked at their uncle.
"If you're sure." Wanda nodded, unsure how to process the information. "What is your name?"
"I'm Billy Batson." Billy introduced himself.
"No way!" The other kid exclaimed. "My name's Billy Maximoff!"
"No way!"
"What should we call you little dude, I don't think we can call our Billy any other name." Pietro offered.
"You can't even tell the difference between us." Billy Maximoff fired.
"Hey! I've been here for a day only," Pietro defended himself. "You can't blame me if I can't tell the difference between you two demon spawns."
"You can address me as Batson, my family name." Billy Batson suggested.
"Now boys, what do you say to Batson after he graciously told you to keep the candy that you stole?" Wanda asked her twin boys.
"Thank you, Billy." The Maximoff twins expressed their gratitude.
"It's no problem," Billy grinned. "Gotta run, I have a few more houses to get to, assuming you returned the candy you stole to the others." He gave off a smirk. "See you around."
"See you around Billy!"
As soon as Billy was a distance away from the Maximoffs, he can sense something different from the twins and their supposed uncle. It may just be the Wisdom of Solomon leaking out to his mortal form, but he just had this feeling.
Billy nodded to himself as a plan formed in his mind.
Billy transformed back into his champion form of Captain Marvel. He flew upwards and gained a fair distance from the ground.
He looked around and finally found the family he was looking for.
It seemed like the feeling he had as Billy was right. The Wisdom of Solomon has informed him that the boys were mere constructs, living constructs, of the mother.
The uncle on the other hand has a different feel from everyone he had encountered so far, minus the Maximoff twins. It felt like he didn't belong in this universe, just like he was. Then there was the fact that he the man was showing signs of magical possession, and Wanda, the mother of the twins, was none the wiser.
But before he could even take action, he saw that the boys approached their mother frantically which was followed by Wanda blasting her supposed brother with red energy.
It looked like Wanda has just realized who the man was.
The next thing Captain Marvel knew was that everyone around Wanda, minus the twins and the man who was just blasted away stopped moving in the middle of what they were doing as if time had stopped for them. Someone was even jumping when they froze in the air.
A pulse of red energy was released from where Wanda stood and engulfed everyone it came in contact with.
When Captain Marvel came into contact with the pulse of energy, which was when things clicked into place.
Wanda was casting magic through sheer willpower. She simply has to think of what she wants and the magic, as if it was subservient to her will, would follow her desires to a T.
It was a good thing he was in his champion form or the red magic would have placed him completely under Wanda's control and cast him to a role in this reality-warping magic. The rock's magic protected him from the supposed effects Wanda's magic would have had on his mortal form.
As soon as the effects of the pulse subsided, everyone was suddenly walking to their respective houses all robot-like with no conversations, no laughter. They were just like machines ordered to go back to their storage centers.
Captain Marvel soon found himself in the morning when everything has changed shape as if trying to depict a certain era: buildings, advertisements, even the cars were changed.
He ignored the fact that it was suddenly morning and decided to fly around the area and see what the effects of the red magic pulse earlier was. Much to his surprise, the area seemed to have expanded as there were areas that weren't present before.
Captain Marvel decided to descend near where the circus was situated. He saw, an unconscious man?
A machine?
A synthezoid?
A synthezoid that emanated the same magical signature as the twins, which would mean this man was also a product of Wanda's magic.
He was about to approach him when the circus became lively. People were coming out of circus tents and started practicing their supposed routines and acts.
Only a few short moments have passed and the machine woke up from slumber and approached the woman in chains, her supposed role was that of an escape artist considering the ease she showed in escaping from the chains she was previously bound in.
A few more moments of observation, the synthezoid pressed two fingers on the woman's temple. It unscrambled the magical energy that was lingering unto her heart and brain, suppressing it.
Captain Marvel was about to approach the duo when he noticed what he was wearing. It was certainly something. He was now wearing what Clark Kent would wear when covering stories. He supposed that Wanda's magic rewrote his clothes into that of a journalist considering that he was a radio reporter himself, despite the rock's magic protecting him from further alterations.
He shook his head and decided to approach the duo who were now about to board an ice cream truck.
"Excuse me." Captain Marvel called out. "William Batson from the Daily Planet, I would like to ask the escape artist some questions."
"Sorry," The machine apologized. "We really have to go, we were double booked."
"It's fine, this is an ambush interview, and I could ride with you to your destination." Captain Marvel bargained.
"Fine, he can come with," The former escape artist acquiesced.
The ice cream truck moved and both persons talked to each other as if they didn't have any other passenger with them. This does work to his advantage, he didn't have to ask any potentially triggering questions that would be detrimental to anyone involved.
"This was fueled by grief." Captain Marvel shared his conclusion.
"I'm sorry I had to lie earlier," Marvel apologized. "I didn't lie that I was supposed to be a journalist set to cover the circus in town but I knew that I didn't have the same mentality as the rest of them," He admitted. "That gist of what I knew was that I was suddenly in a place where people acted differently."
"You noticed that we acted differently from the others, that's why you approached us." The man in red surmised.
"That's the gist of it."
"What do you mean this is fueled by grief?" The woman asked. "I'm Dr. Darcy Lewis by the way."
"I'm The Vision."
"As far as I know, based on your explanation, this Wanda person seems to have more powers than what was recorded: telekinesis and telepathy. Why not say that her power evolved through grief or even say that her powers are magical in origin?" Captain Marvel offered.
"Magic would make a lot of sense," Darcy nodded. "Especially considering what's happening."
"A sitcom-like reality where nothing dangerous or traumatic ever happens." Captain Marvel nodded along.
"I'm still stumped on that fueled by grief part." Darcy frowned.
"It makes the most sense, according to you, five years ago this universe experienced an extinction-like event that erased half of the universe's population out of existence and it wasn't until a few months ago that those who got their existences erased returned."
"For Wanda, when she returned, my death was only a few minutes earlier."
"And in turn make your death only a few months old from her perspective," Darcy concluded.
"Grief has five stages and Wanda's on the first stage of grief – Denial." Captain Marvel somberly stated. "Add that with magic, and she can essentially deny the reality of her losses."
As the conversation inside the ice cream truck evolved to a myriad of topics, they waited for the group of school children to pass through the intersection. Captain Marvel must admit, if he wasn't being subjected through these circumstances, he would get a good laugh about this situation.
Not a moment later, Vision the synthezoid, flew upwards and phased through the truck's roof and left Dr. Darcy and Captain Marvel inside the truck.
"O-okay, meet you there." Darcy remarked belatedly.
"Dr. Lewis, I suggest you hold on tight." Captain Marvel suggested as he exited the truck from the back door and lifted it up in the air.
"Gaah! What are you doing?!" Darcy exclaimed in surprise.
"Getting us to our destination faster."
Captain Marvel lifted the truck off of the ground and flew towards the direction where the Vision flew.
Captain Marvel placed the ice cream truck at the town square where a lot of Westview's citizens were living their days as they cast of Wanda's sitcom reality.
"Take a minute to compose yourself then do what you need to do." He instructed before he flew off.
Captain Marvel flew towards a strong magical presence, not of Wanda's, that's filled with mal intent. The feeling he got from this magical presence was the same feeling he got from facing one of the seven deadly sins way back when.
Captain Marvel utilized the speed of mercury and increased his flying speed that he was able to overtake the Vision and see what was happening near Wanda's residence.
"Let my brother go!" Captain Marvel heard Tommy demand as both he and his twin struggled from the purple strings tied around their necks. "
Captain Marvel summoned a lightning bolt to his hands and threw it towards the strings that connected the noose to the floating woman's fingers, cutting the captive boys free.
As soon her twins were free, Wanda immediately launched two red energy balls at the woman, knocking her back a few meters away from where she floated.
"Go to your room boys." Wanda ordered.
"Mom, we can help." The twins protested.
"Listen to your mother boys." The woman remarked as she got up from the pavement just by planting her feet on the ground.
"I'll take them home." Captain Marvel volunteered.
The lightning hero flew towards the twin boys and carried them under his arms towards their residence.
"Who are you? How do you know where our house is?" Tommy frowned.
"Never mind that boys, you need to get inside while I go help your mother."
Captain Marvel left the boys and tackled the woman in purple robes and actively utilized the Wisdom of Solomon once more.
The woman before him was Agatha Harkness, an ancient witch from the Salem witch trials. She dabbled in magic that was above her station that cost the life of her entire coven when they punished her for going above her station.
"Another magician in the midst." Agatha smirked.
The purple witch sent out a pulse of purple energy that sent Captain Marvel flying towards the sky however she failed to notice the flying car that Wanda had summoned and slammed her into a nearby house.
By the time Captain Marvel was able to regain his bearings from being unceremoniously blown away from where he was, he immediately flew back to where he knew Wanda was at only to be greeted by the Vision flying towards a white version of himself and Wanda chasing after Agatha.
Captain Marvel was about to chase after both witches when he saw clear signs of magical tampering on a certain house. He flew towards the top of the house and shouted at the top of his lungs.
As thunder cracked on an otherwise clear sky, he immediately flew away from the structure as the lightning he summoned dispelled whatever magical spells the house was under by way of a purple-tinted glass dome shattering to pieces.
As soon as the purple dome shattered, the lightning hero could feel insidious magic emanating from the house, magic that would even make the Lords of Chaos back in his home universe giddy with excitement.
Marvel shook his head as he immediately headed for the window at the top of the house in question only to be greeted by a woman straddling a man.
"Nice to meet you, Ralph."
"Hello, Peter." Marvel greeted.
"None of that right now, Peter your speed is needed now," Marvel ordered. "I fear the residents of Westview are going to be caught in a crossfire between a fight amongst witches, and robots, once the dome we're in opens, I need you to transport all of the civilians outside."
"Gotcha!" Peter nodded.
"As for Captain Marvel…"
"You mean me? I'm not her." Monica raised an eyebrow.
"Right, Danvers is the Captain Marvel of this universe." Captain Marvel muttered to himself, "You're on guard duty, your powers can be used to protect the civilians unlucky enough to get in between Wanda and the other witch."
"How will I get there?"
"You're going flying with me."
"See you on the flip side." Peter saluted before speeding off towards the town square.
Monica and Captain Marvel flew towards the town square only to be greeted by a screaming Wanda Maximoff, whose magic seemed to strangle the crowd that formed around her.
"Wanda, control your magic," Captain Marvel called out. "I know grief can be drowning and this magic is the only thing keeping you afloat but you need to control your powers so you won't hurt others in the process.'
Wanda looked around and saw for herself what was happening, everyone around her on the ground struggling to breath.
"No! Stop!" Wanda forcibly dispelled the spell that she unconsciously cast on the townspeople. "Stop! I'm sorry."
Captain Marvel nodded to Monica as he set her down on the nearest sidewalk, intending to assist Wanda.
"I will, I will let you go, I will." Wanda remorsefully nodded.
"What's stopping you?" Agatha inquired. "Use your power and do it now." She urged the grief-stricken hero. "Heroes don't torture people."
"You've done enough damage, Harkness." Captain Marvel growled.
The lightning hero summoned a lightning bolt to his hand and threw it right at the purple witch, missing her by an inch. He summoned another one and threw it in the same direction.
"Were those supposed to hit me?"
"No, they weren't."
As if on cue, the billboard behind Agatha started to crumble and fell towards the witch. He knew that the witch was able to save herself from the oncoming fall, but it was enough distraction so that he can tend to Wanda.
Before he could even approach her, Wanda screamed and summoned a pillar of red magic that pierced the skies, opening the hexagonal dome that trapped all of Westview.
"Go!" Wanda ordered. "All of you! Now!"
"Peter now!"
Two by two, Peter Maximoff carted off the residents of Westview just outside the premises of the dome as military-grade trucks entered its premises. The speedster ignored the people going inside in favor of getting the residents out of the dome Wanda has created.
As the surroundings flickered back and forth to different eras, Captain Marvel was vigilant and observed everything. Even with the powers of the gods at his beck and call, he still doesn't know where Harkness would soon reappear next.
He was a bit surprised when the Vision plummeted towards the ground, slowly but surely disintegrating. He soon witnessed Wanda's twin boys arriving, also sporting the affliction that plagued their synthezoid of a father.
The recent turn of events has made Captain Marvel come to a conclusion: All of Wanda's living constructs are tied to the dome that she created. Dispelling the dome would technically kill her family as well.
The family that kept her afloat from the sea of grief within her.
"Now do you see?" Agatha appeared in front of the downed billboard. "You tied your family into this twisted world, now one can't exist without the other."
"Save Westview or save your family?"
Peter managed to return to the dome and nodded to Captain Marvel.
"Wanda, close the dome!" Captain Marvel ordered. "Every man, woman, and child of Westview has been evacuated."
Wanda looked at her husband and sons, and that was all the motivation she needed to close the dome that was slowly and but surely killing her family as painful as possible.
With the dome closed, the Vision, Billy, and Tommy Maximoff reformed to their original states.
"Mom! Are you okay?" Billy Maximoff asked his mother.
Wanda simply hugged her boys as a response while the Vision hugged his family.
"Really?!" Agatha growled, sending a beam of purple magic towards the family.
"Oh no you don't"
Captain Marvel threw a car to intercept the purple beam and exploded as Wanda erected a red shield to protect herself and her family.
Agatha didn't give up and sent another purple beam towards the Maximoffs, this time Peter reacted and was able to whisk away the younger twins with the lightning hero grabbing both Vision and Wanda.
"It makes me wonder," Agatha spoke. "How come I haven't absorbed your magic sorcerer?"
"I know how your absorption magic works Harkness," Captain Marvel responded. "You're not getting a whiff of mine or any more of Wanda's magic."
"Let's see about that." Agatha smirked as she fired off purple balls of magic towards Captain Marvel, all of which were dodged.
As Captain Marvel dodged every attack that came from Agatha, military-grade trucks came running before military personnel exited their vehicles and pointed their guns at the Synthezoid-Human family in the center.
"Listen, boys, your mother and I never really prepared you for this." The Vision started, eyeing the military personnel pointing the guns at him and his family.
"But you were born for it." Wanda finished.
Vision flew towards his differently-colored counterpart as Wanda and the twins stared at the military before them.
As Captain Marvel continued to dodge the purple balls of magic coming towards him, some of the military people pointed their guns at the flying beings in the sky, namely himself and Agatha.
With one final purple ball, Agatha shifted her attention to the gun-bearing men and lifted them off of the ground.
"Same story, different century." Agatha scoffed. "There will always be torches and pitchforks for people like us Wanda." She smirked as she faced the lightning hero.
Agatha dispelled the floating spell she cast on the military men, with gravity doing the rest of the work for her.
Captain Marvel was quick to save a few of them, as did Peter who was watching from afar not knowing what really to do next, but there were some of them left who would surely plummet to their own deaths.
Wanda was quick to act and saved the remaining few with her magic and stopped the momentum of their fall before unceremoniously dropping them on the pavement.
"Boys," Wanda faced her sons. "Handle the military, mommy will be right back."
Wanda flew towards Agatha.
The military turned their guns on the Maximoff twins but Billy Maximoff already had a plan in mind. He immobilized everyone from the military, who were pointing their guns at him and his twin, through his magic, while Tommy used his super-speed to steal their guns, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses.
"Right on, my dude!" Peter praised.
"Uncle P?" Tommy questioned, unsure.
"Not exactly kid," Peter shrugged. "But close enough." He grinned.
Another person exited his vehicle and pointed his pistol right at the celebrating kids.
From a distance, Monica was riding the ice cream truck with Darcy as they helped Peter in evacuating the residents of Westview, saw what the man was about to do.
"No, no! That Hayward!"
"What about Hayward?" Darcy questioned when she noticed what her passenger was doing. "Monica! What are you doing?!"
Monica ignored Darcy's questions, and the fact that the vehicle she was in was still moving, and exited it before rushing towards the boys, leaving behind a golden streak, and placed herself between the twins and the man firing his pistol.
The bullets passed through Monica before falling just behind her, losing their momentum, but one lone bullet whizzed past her, helpless to stop as she did the bullets before.
Billy Maximoff used his magic to stop the bullet in its tracks before he dropped it to the ground.
"Nice tricks." Monica praised.
"I like yours too!" Billy Maximoff returned the compliment.
"I'll take this."
Captain Marvel landed before the man, Hayward, and grabbed the emptied gun from his hands and crushed it all the while glaring at the man who dared to shoot at children.
Hayward scrambled to get to his vehicle to make his hasty escape. He was able to successfully drive the car backward only to be slammed by an oncoming ice cream truck, stopping him dead on his tracks.
"Have fun in prison." Darcy quipped.
Monica was quick to rush to Darcy's aid, even if she still didn't know how to open the door that was most likely slammed shut from the driver's stunt earlier.
Billy Maximoff knew what to do, he immediately used his magic to open the door as Monica helped the relatively unharmed driver out of the truck.
With the de-facto leader pinned inside his vehicle and the other military personnel deprived of their guns, and he just saw the white version of the Vision fly upwards, Captain Marvel instantly knew that the remaining threat was the witch, Agatha Harkness.
Captain Marvel looked around and there he saw Agatha looking down on the Vision, his kids, her supposed husband, Monica, and Darcy. He was about to charge when he saw Wanda approach the unsuspecting witch, albeit creepily, and whispered something to her ear.
The next thing that happened was Wanda and Agatha jumping off of the roof before flying towards the sky.
Wanda began attacking Agatha, firing off red energy balls, some of them hit the other witch right on the chest while some outright missed.
Vision and Captain Marvel flew towards Wanda only for her to cast a dome right at the both of them, which the lightning hero was able to evade leaving Vision trapped inside the dome which left him with no choice but to land back towards his sons, hugging them.
"What are you doing Wanda?" Captain Marvel shouted.
That was when Captain Marvel realized, he looked at the places where the energy balls hit every time Wanda missed Agatha.
Wanda was casting runes, magic dampening runes.
Runes that would make any other sorcerer, witch, or wizard incapable of using their magic once inside them.
Before Captain Marvel could react, Agatha started the process of absorbing Wanda's magic.
A few moments passed and it seemed like Agatha has absorbed every ounce of magical energy inside Wanda as she floated lifelessly in her place.
"About our deal, once cast, the spell can never be changed. This world you made will always be broken." Agatha blinked. "Just." She raised a lone finger. "Like." She pointed at Wanda. "You."
Agatha raised both of her arms, intending to deal a finishing blow towards her opponent, but once she placed her arms forward, her spell failed to materialize.
She repeated her actions but nothing still happened.
Wanda slowly straightened her body as the effects of having her magic drained on her body faded and reflected her age, with a slow turn of her wrist, the runes Wanda has cast beforehand revealed themselves.
"In a given space, only the witch who cast them can use her magic." Wanda quoted Agatha. "Thanks for the lesson.
Agatha glared at Wanda.
"But I don't need you to tell me, who I am."
"No, no, no." Agatha panicked.
An ethereal red crown appeared on Wanda's head as magic around her, including the magic that Agatha has absorbed from Wanda and various other witches, were going towards her.
It took everything in Captain Marvel's power not to get swept up in the magic absorption that was happening but he successfully landed on the pavement, albeit on his knees.
Thunder cracked as lightning flashed the sky, not a moment after, lightning hit Captain Marvel's chest, much to everyone's shock, to which he turned back into his mortal form, Billy Batson.
"No way!" Billy Maximoff exclaimed. "You're that lightning dude!"
"Yeah, I'm the lightning dude." Billy Batson nodded.
"How?" Darcy questioned.
"How did you do it? Did you just de-age yourself? Why would you go back to being a kid?"
"Slow down." Billy Batson chuckled. "To start with, I'm Billy Batson, I turn into lightning dude, I call myself Captain Marvel while in that form."
"Captain Marvel? I thought I heard you say 'Captain Marvel of this universe'."
"He also mentioned how this universe experienced an extinction-like event." Darcy chimed in.
"Who are you Billy Batson?" the Vision questioned.
"I'll explain once Wanda's done with Agatha." Billy smiled at the group.
As Billy, Darcy, Monica, and the Maximoffs, including Peter watched how Wanda close this threat.
"So what now? Just gonna lock me up somewhere?"
Billy tensed at Wanda's response.
"Not somewhere."
"Wanda no," Billy immediately spoke up. "I know it can be tempting to exact vengeance but that will never satisfy you, it may bring temporary relief and closure, but it's just that, temporary. You just have to believe that if you're good, good will follow."
"Here." Wanda paid no heed to Batson's outburst.
"Here?" Agatha questioned.
"I'll give you the role you chose, the nosy neighbor." Wanda approached Agatha.
"No, please!" Agatha begged.
"I'm sorry."
"No, you're not," Agatha scoffed. "You're cruel."
Wanda ignored Agatha's last verbal stance and approached her some more.
"No you, you have no idea what you've unleashed, you're gonna need me." Agatha bargained.
"If I do, I know where to find you."
"Wait, wait, wai-"
Wanda touched Agatha's left temple and a red swirl of magical energy morphed Agatha's whole appearance to that of an unassuming person.
"Hiya hun, say, that's some kinda get up you're wearing," The woman who was known as Agatha grinned. "Did I leave the oven on, is that just you, hot stuff?" Agatha chuckled.
"You live here now, no one will ever bother you."
"Okay dokey, artichoke."
"I'll be seeing you, Agnes."
"Not if I see you first, hun." Agatha-turned-Agnes fired back.
The Maximoff twins ran towards their mother and hugged both in joy and relief. Wanda returned the hugs with kisses on both the boys' foreheads.
"So it would appear that our dream home has been reduced to a fixer-upper," Vision commented. "I know you'll set everything right." He looked around. "Just not for us."
"No," Wanda shook her head but in affirmation. "Not for us."
"It's time, should we head home?"
Darcy, Monica, Billy Batson, and Peter looked at the family of four with sympathy, especially for Wanda. They knew that this will be the last time they'll see this family.
Wanda looked at the four of them but only nodded in acknowledgment.
Monica and Darcy simply nodded back at them.
"I promise you'll get your answers, but there is something that I need to do first."
"I'll take you there."
Peter placed his hand on Billy's shoulders before they disappeared from view.
"Boys… Thank you for choosing me to be your mom."
Wanda turned off the lights and closed the door.
Billy transformed back into his champion form and entered the boys' room. He looked at their sleeping forms as they were slowly but surely disintegrating one piece at a time as the barrier of Wanda's dome inched closer.
Captain Marvel raised his arms sideward, each hand hovering over one of the boys. Harmless bolts of electricity seeped out of his hands and made contact with the Maximoff twins.
Captain Marvel was going off of what he did to Freddy years ago, after his fight with a villain resulted in broken bones and losing a grandfather. While he may not have fully healed the broken leg, it did protect his best friend from further injuries even as Freddy Freeman.
Despite the minimal amount of contact Captain Marvel had with the boys, both as Billy Batson and Captain Marvel, he knew that the Maximoff twins were sentient and possess a soul of their own, and they just lack a body.
As they were beings constructed with magic, there is a high chance of them being used against Wanda, and he was hoping that what he was doing to them, that by sharing a small amount of divine magic to them, would protect them from malicious beings that would use them against their mother.
As soon as he was done, it took everything for Captain Marvel not to keel over from the experience. He might have done something more, something unexpected, to the boys and the experience was draining, to say the least.
Captain Marvel looked at the boys for one more moment and that was when things clicked, thanks to the Wisdom of Solomon. He left a small imprint of himself, of Billy Batson, on the magic that he shared with the Maximoff twins.
All things considered, it was probably for the best, now he knew that the boys would have someone else with them, regardless if that someone was just a small projection of his mortal self, at the very least the boys won't be lonely by themselves.
Billy knew loneliness and no one deserves that fate, especially not children who chose the Scarlet Witch as their mother.
With everything done, Captain Marvel exited the boys' room and shouted his magic word before transforming back into his fifteen-year-old self.
Almost as soon as Captain Marvel returned to his mortal form, he and Peter made contact with the contracting dome of magical energy as everything transformed back into what it should be: including the disappearance of the house in front of them, leaving one Wanda Maximoff standing at the center of the lot.
Peter immediately approached the grief-stricken mother.
"Can I hug you?" Peter asked.
Wanda simply nodded, still unable to form a coherent sentence.
"Why did I have to lose everyone dear to me?" Wanda muttered to herself.
"I can't give you an answer to that myself." Peter rubbed Wanda's back.
"You're not Pietro." Wanda removed herself from Peter's hug."
"I'm not."
"Why do you have his power?"
"It's because he's your brother in another universe." Billy answered.
"What do you mean another universe?" Peter frowned.
"Ask Wanda of something you're sure to exist." Billy urged the speedster.
Peter decided to humor Billy and looked at Wanda.
"Do you know of a Professor X?" Peter asked Wanda. "The X-men?"
"Professor X? X-men?"
"You mean to say that there are actually multiple universes out there?" Peter exclaimed at Billy. "There's no way mutants don't exist!"
"You're standing in one Peter." Billy smiled.
"I'm a long way from home." Peter realized.
"Who are you Batson?"
"I'm just someone from another universe who's here to answer a call for help," Billy answered. "And no, it's not someone from Westview or the people from the military." He sighed. "Frankly speaking, I don't think I'm done with this."
"Not done?" Peter raised an eyebrow.
"I'm not sure myself, it's just this feeling I've got."
In truth, the Wisdom of Solomon who alerted Captain Marvel had informed him that he wasn't done just yet. Billy does have a sneaking suspicion that he may have travelled to a point in this universe before the boys, Wanda's twins, were asking for their mother's help.
"How did you come to this universe, Peter?" Billy asked. "I came here through a hexagon portal in red of my own free will."
"I'm not sure…" Peter trailed off. "I was on an en errand by Professor X when I felt like one of my sisters needed me," He admitted. "The next thing I know was that some woman approaching me and forced on me a necklace then I found myself at your doorsteps claiming to be your 'long lost brother'."
"It's possible that you responded to Wanda's grief and pulled you out of your home universe." Billy hummed.
"Did I… No." Wanda gasped. "I promise that I will send you both back to your home as soon as I understand my powers."
"No need to rush sis," Peter grinned. "I can wait."
"As I said, I came here of my own free will," Billy repeated. "I can wait, maybe even assist you."
"No, I need to do this on my own."
"I understand," Billy nodded. "But if you need me, you can simply cast one of your spells and I'll immediately come to you."
"Count me in on that too."
"I have to go." Wanda excused herself.
"We'll go together." Billy smiled.
As Wanda walked towards the town square of Westview, she has her hood up as if hiding from the glares the citizens were giving her.
Billy and Peter tried their best to shied Wanda from those stares. No matter what they did, it won't erase the fact that they were held hostage by someone who should have been their hero. The feeling of betrayal was there, and Billy was familiar with that kind of feeling.
Especially after his bout with Superman years ago.
Wanda approached Monica.
"They'll never know what you sacrificed for them."
"It wouldn't change how they see me." Wanda sighed.
Monica simply nodded, agreeing with Wanda's sentiment.
"And you, you don't hate me?"
"Given the chance, given your power, I'd bring my mom back." Monica nodded. "You know, I would."
"I'm sorry, for all the pain I caused."
"I know,"
"I don't understand this power, but I will."
Wanda looks around her before looking at Monica's eye.
"Goodbye, Monica."
"Bye Wanda."
Wanda turns her back on Monica before transforming her clothes into something else and flew off to who knows where.
"As for the both of you." Monica looks at Billy and Peter. "Care to tell me who are you both?"
"Let me get this straight, you two are from a different universe, different from this one." Jimmy questioned.
"Seems to be the most plausible explanation," Peter shrugged. "Seriously, no one here knows about mutants or even the X-men or even the brotherhood of mutants."
"Where are you from then Billy? If that even is your name."
"I came from a universe where one of our heroes dresses as a bat." Billy shrugged.
"A bat? Seriously?" Peter snickered.
"Hey I was an orphan who was given these powers by a wizard, I'm not one to judge on why he dresses as a bat."
"No more joking this time." Jimmy groaned.
"I'm not joking." Billy told the trio seriously.
"And so am I." Peter nodded.
"I'm sorry, but I'm still lost at 'the different universe' part."
"Yet you're not at all surprised that the Norse god of thunder is part of your hero lineup." Billy raised an eyebrow.
"He has a point." Darcy conceded.
"Why are you here Billy?" Monica took over the questioning. "What about your home universe?"
"I've got my family to pick up the slack." Billy smiled.
"H-help us!"
"I don't know if Billy can last much longer."
Somewhere, Wanda in her Scarlet Witch costume, opened her eyes as it glowed red.
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