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electricdazeworld · a day ago
Billy is a bit of a menace no matter if he is a sunshine child or rough around the edges teen, but rn I can’t get the idea of the Jusitce League needing someone to go undercover at a juvinel prison and they need a kid so they trying to figure out which kid and Captain Marvel (who hasn’t reveal his identity) volunters saying he can turn into a kid, out of my head. 
Then it’s just the justice league learning that Captain Marvel sunshine embodied make a really convincing runaway/street kid and them begining to think that he might have been one.
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impyssadobsessions · a day ago
Billy Batson 🤝 Danny Phantom
1.“Oh deer god that’s a child”
2. Good uncle John Constantine
3. They would be best friends your honor
4. Batman trying to adopt them/found family material
LOL Yes~ to all this
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couldnt see him actually ever doing this but damn,, can u imagine billy not even coming out or anything he just shows up to a league meeting june 1st with his cape as the trans flag.
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daydreamerdrew · 9 hours ago
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Captain Marvel Adventures #8
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cloudycera · 19 hours ago
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(Tw: Blood)
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plainly-colorful · a day ago
Ok but imagine. One day Billy has to come into the league or some reason. Some half explained magic reason to why he looks like a homeless child.
Cue like superman or someone bee bopping with, "A child?" And a whole spill about it.
Ok. Ok. Imagine that Billy just tries to stay calm, but you know what, rn he's a emotional child. So he just starts ripping into superman, calling out every little thing thats ever bother him about superman. From how he cut him off one time in a meeting to how he could have gotten someone killed on a mission. You know ripping into him.
Then another justice member tries to step in and calm him down. Nope, he starts ripping into them.
I want an angry Billy Batson!
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mysleepdeprivedass · 2 days ago
I love trans!Billy headcanon that all I have to say ._.
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lasagnaflavoredgrapes2 · a day ago
Ancient Greek Billy au! ( or an excuse for me to draw ancient greek outfits, don't worry Princess Diana would be here to soon! )
Tumblr media
A rough sketch of Captain Marvel as a gladiator!
Tumblr media
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thebeefsteaktomato · a day ago
Some Billy doodles ft an unfinished cyborg
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I need more billy and cyborg friendship content
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dcmainlybillythoughts · a day ago
So it occured to me that I've never shown both my Billy designs on here. When I think of Billy Batson I mainly picture one of two designs depending on the context and because I've never shown them both I decided I'm gonna show them right now, drew these up just now :)
They are the exact same character but they look different based on how life on the streets is/was. The one on the left if the only one I've actually shown people as to where the one on the right I think I've only showed my platonic husband
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll find time to color the Billys another day, for not I relax
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jetslay · 3 months ago
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DC Super-Heroes by Andrew Day.
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A bunch of the Justice League’s villains work together to capture the league and when someone asks where Captain Marvel is, his villains point over at Billy Batson, a scrawny underfed 10 year old child, and so everyone is like, “Bro what the fuck that is very clearly not Captain Marvel” and his villains are like, “Trust me it is” and then try to get Billy to show everyone but Billy starts panicking because he doesn’t know what to do in this situation and ends up just doing what any 10 year old would do when they’ve been kidnapped by their arch-nemeses and can’t fight them off without revealing that they’re a child to their superhero coworkers, and bursts out into tears while trying to act like a completely normal 10 year old and so now everyone is just glaring at his villains like, “What the fuck guys" while they’re desperately trying to get Billy to Shazam
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I need more social media dc posts. I have craving. I must either find more, make more, or simply pass away.
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daydreamerdrew · 9 hours ago
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Captain Marvel Adventures #8
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suspiciousbluejay · 5 months ago
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mytimeconsumingsidehobby · 8 months ago
Okay so we’ve all seen those headcanons where Batman is rumored to be dating Bruce Wayne, and that’s where he gets his funding to be Batman, etc. (an avenue of hilarity I have yet to grow bored of).
But now I want to see a universe where that is more than a rumor, and is instead generally assumed as fact.
Like, no matter what Bruce does, everyone just assumes he’s dating Batman. Nothing seems to dissuade people of that notion. Nothing.
Metropolis: Oh yes, we have this flying alien Boy Scout keeping us safe.
Fawcett City: We have a…demi-god? or something. He’s cool.
Central City: Our guy runs around stopping crime, but like, really fast.
Star City: We have a guy using a weapon that’s been obsolete for a few hundred years and we have no idea who he is, what are you talking about.
Gotham: We have Bruce Wayne’s sugar baby.
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oifaaa · 2 months ago
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A little continuation of this post if Jason can't share any of Shazams powers he will simply become his sidekick
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lasagnaflavoredgrapes2 · 2 days ago
I was scrolling through ao3 and i found this! I really like how the story is going, and if u guys like my Wayne's New Butler's Apprentice au, I think you guys might enjoy this fan fiction too! It have a similar concept <3
Tumblr media
They are still quite new tho, so only one chapter had been released.
*˙︶˙*)ノ That is all, good luck on your writing Author! Once im done with my own wips we can be fan fiction/ao3 buddies!
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thebeefsteaktomato · 18 hours ago
*at a JL meeting pre billy’s identity reveal*
Batman: Where is captain marvel?
Cyborg who is covering for billy: Uh cap isn’t here cause he just has the flu or something…
Flash: he can get sick??
Billy who’s at school cause the meeting was held in the middle of a math test: I actually didn’t have the flu.
btw this was heavily inspired if not stolen from that one kardashian audio on tiktok
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balkanbitch · 3 months ago
Wonder Woman: Hey shazam what Greek gods do you get your powers from?
Shazam: Well I got my powers from Zeus, Mercury, Solomon, Hercules, Achilles and Atlas
Wonder Woman: .....
Wonder Woman: Half those guys are Roman and one of them is a Jewish king
Shazam: Okay? And what do you want me to call them "The European peninsulas and some guy from Israel"
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