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((I really wish we had more gifs to choose from of him but hopefully that will change when the DVD comes out!  These headcanons were painful as fuck for me to write so yall best fucking enjoy slsdhghg  SPOILER THAT WE ALL PROBABLY KNOW BUT STILL WARNING YOU JUST IN CASE: Shazam’s powers are mentioned in this, so if you haven’t seen the movie and are dead set on learning his powers for the first time from there, then I recommend holding off on reading these.  Also, we’re going to set this after he knows how to work his powers.))

  • Shazam (or Billy, whatever you wanna call him) is a very playful ler.  I personally cannot see him being the type to growl ferociously or glare at you as he wrecks your shit.  Tickling is a game to him that he loves winning, so he’s going to be laughing along with you as he indulges in the victorious feeling of tickling you numb.
  • He’s definitely NOT gonna find out by accident.  No, he will deliberately start kneegasming you or poking your belly because you irritated him.  He just assumes you’re ticklish, but when he sees such a strong reaction come out of you, then he just gets this wickedly playful smirk on his face, “Does this really tickle that bad?!  Holy moly, I’m boutta have loads of fun!”
  • If you fight too much, then he has no problem getting on top of you and pinning you down.  With that super strength of his, you aren’t going anywhere.  Even if you’re a big strong male, Shazam is going to keep you down if it’s the last thing he does.  His lee doesn’t have SHIT on him.  He especially loves pinning both your wrists up with one hand and using his other hand to drill stripes between your ribs.  
  • Not only is tickling super fun for him, but teasing is another specialty of his.  Shazam is well aware that his verbal teasing is insane and you know him!  He’s a showoff, so he’s going to tease you as much as he can and just swoon when you shriek and laugh even harder than before!  He has a really good teasing voice too, like…“a-coochiecoochiecoochiecoo!” coming out of him is wicked (Unfortunately, you get to hear that a lot)
  • Adding to the last point, he baby talks a lot.  It’s just a habit of his to do when he’s tickling someone, so if you don’t like it then be sure to tell him! If you don’t, well then…be prepared to blush like the ticklish little baby you know you are when he says something like, “Awww who’s a ticklish little sweetie-pie?? Don’t even try to tell me it’s not you!  Listen to yourself~!”
  • Those large, strong hands of his will not be able to stay in one place! They’ll be squeezing and spidering along your sides from your hips to your pits.  He’ll only focus on one spot if he sees a significant upgrade in laughter and thrashing or if he loves tickling a spot.  For example, he’s a ruthless hip tickler, so he might linger there for a while.  Just imagine: His hands wrapped around your hipbones and squeezing endlessly, his thumbs pressing circles in the curves.  One might call it electrifying~
  • You’ve heard of tasers, haven’t you??  No one does them quite like Shazam, because he will literally TASE you.  Little sparks of electricity will shoot from his fingertips as he prods and wriggles them in your thighs or ribs, but it doesn’t hurt like you would expect.  Instead, it tickles like all hell and the more you try to fight him off, the harder he shocks you.  Fuck, he might quickly reach down and tase those sensitive soles for a bit!
  • Shazam also has this superpower where he can move his fingers really fast…Aggressive spidering in your hollows, neck, tummy, back, and feet…just saying.  That combined with the endless stream of “tickletickleticklllle~”’s coming your way is all I need to say to you.
  • Another signature move from him: raspberries.  Once he’s been tickling you for a while with just his hands, he might get a little bored and feel the need to spice it up.  He’ll have his hands pressed into your waist and be prodding and squeezing like mad, so you won’t even realize that his mouth is centimeters from your naval before it’s too late.  He knows no soft raspberries…only the sloppy hardcore ones that make every lee scream and arch their back!  Humming into your skin, he’ll continue to dish out a steady stream of raspberries on the front, sides, and bottom of your stomach as his hands tickle mercilessly at any skin they can touch.
  • Once you’re to the point where you’re struggling for air, that’s when Shazam will finally stop.  He’s not that good with aftercare since he doesn’t understand the effect tickling has on you, but if you ever get the balls to explain to him what a lee mood is then he gets waaaaay better with it.  Until then, he just sits there and chuckles as he watches you get your shit together.  The tickling is over for now unless you do something that makes him want to tickle you again…harder~
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Damian and Jon: *do something cute*
Colin: Dami and Jon sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Irey: First comes love!
Jai: Then comes marriage!
Billy: Then comes CRUSHING FINANCIAL DEBT in a baby carriage!
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