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DADS — Billy Hargrove, Eddie Munson, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington x fem!reader
A/N — Just some headcanons of them as dads. I'm going through a writer's block and this is the only thing I've been able to finish 🥹 I'll try to post something better tomorrow english isn't my first language
Billy would go so soft for a baby girl. He would learn how to tie her hair into ponytails, braids, buns and actually be good at it. She would have his dark blonde hair with some curls too, her eyes intensively blue like his dad and a beautiful smile like his. The rest of her little face would be just like yours. Your nose, your lips, your cheeks. It was the perfect combination of you two. Billy would drive her to kindergarten and school every day, sending deathly glances to any boy who gets suspiciously close to her.
Really attentive during your pregnancy and always tries to hide how soft he gets when he sees you carrying his child. Billy also gives the best back rubs ever, his hands are big and strong, his fingers skilled as nobody's. He's always up to help you relieve some stress, you sitting in between his legs and sighing at how his hans worked on your back.
Billy's dad was an asshole and he needed to ask someone for help so he would end up going to Max's mother, the woman really glad that he comes to her before making the same mistakes as his dad. She'd teach him how to cook some basic dishes, what you could and couldn't eat, what he needed to bring to the hospital by the time you gave birth, and how to make you feel better like holding your belly from behind, helping you to shower, foot massages...
Hate to say this but he hates when the baby cries at night and would probably let you go to take care of her every single time. He would make it up for you in the morning tho, letting you sleep more time and him taking care of the baby.
Billy would never admit it but he secretly loves when Max interacts with the baby. He would act all stubborn when Max and you play with the baby, you smiling when Max softly puts her headphones on the baby's ears and play some soft music. The baby humming and trying to grab Max's walkman. Billy would watch the scene from the distance with butterflies in his stomach.
Billy would love wrapping the baby with his leather jacket like a burrito. The baby snuggling and enjoying his dad's cologne and Billy just rocking her between his arms.
He would quit smoking or at least he'd never do it around the baby. He stopped when you got pregnant, and it was pretty hard for him at first. Billy would go on night walks alone just so he could smoke but when you started to feel pain, puking, and basically needing him by your side, Billy forgot about smoking.
His favorite part of parenthood is admiring how pretty his baby girl is. She'd have these deep blue eyes just like him but she'd have the same features as you, making Billy love her even more if possible. Sometimes he would just lay on the bed with her, bumping her nose, squeezing her cheeks, or tickling her belly. The baby trying to suck on his dad's fingers every time they got close to her face, trying to grab them with her tiny little hands, and Billy just tickling her palm, making her giggle.
Oh, he would rock with a little girl with the same deep brown eyes as him and with his messy curly hair too. You adoring how your daughter looks just like his dad and thinking of how she would probably inherit Eddie's personality and hobbies too (not the drug dealing, of course) like playing guitar and playing D&D.
Eddie would buy her every metal band t-shirt he could find, even if she was still a baby and won't understand nor enjoy that type of music. If there wasn't her size, he'd just use one of his on her. Eddie's shirt being bigger than the toddler and making her look like a ghost walking around the house.
Of course, Eddie stopped smoking before the baby was born, when he heard you coughing one time. Also stopped drug dealing a long time ago. He probably kept doing it after you two moved in together so he could maintain you two and not only live with your salary. But he'd find a proper job and he'd love it. He’d work at a music store, surrounded by tapes and vinyls of his favorite artists and recommending customers the best guitar for them. Nevertheless, his favorite part of the work was getting home to his baby girl waiting for him and clumsily walking to him just for Eddie to pick her up in his arms and devour her with kisses.
He's a fun dad, he's always up to play or spend time with his daughter even if he is busy doing something else, like practicing with Corroded Coffin. Eddie would stop the rehearsal immediately and the boys wouldn't care less because they also loved spending time with the little girl. But your daughter only likes one of Eddie's friends, and that is Dustin. He is always super thorough with her, tickling her belly when she was a baby and making the little her softly kick her feet and move her small arms full of joy. Dustin would also give to her all of his toys from when he was younger, her loving every action figure and every dinosaur. He's your trusted babysitter when Eddie wants to take you on a date.
Eddie would buy her her own guitar. When she was a toddler, he got a toy guitar for her so she could familiarise with the instrument, the baby just pinching the strings without any sense. When she started growing up, Eddie go t her a real one and he'd teach her some basics so she could decide if she liked it. Also, he'd sit your daughter on his lips and play piano, the two-year-old girl hypnotized by the melody her dad was playing, even though her favorite part was when Eddie let her smack the keys with her tiny hands.
Sometimes his sleep was so deep he wouldn't hear her crying at night and he'd feel guilty in the morning for you having to wake up, you assuring him by kissing his cheeks that you didn't mind. But other times Eddie would wake up even before she could start crying, it was like a sixth sense.
The baby loves playing with Eddie's long hair, sometimes pulling it hard enough to make his dad whine. Her curls would be crazy, he learned how to control them in two ponytails so they wouldn't get on her face. When she was a baby and couldn't complain about her hair, Eddie loved trying different hairstyles on her, using water to create a perfect mohican on her that got your mouth open once you got home from work "She's a rockstar." Eddie would allege.
I see Jonathan with a baby boy. He's got some experience being a father figure to Will so he knows how to handle a little boy. If it's a girl, he'd have heart eyes all the time. I mean, he had El but she was already a teenager when she moved with them to California, so a little girl would be a dream for him.
He panics all the time during your pregnancy, thinking he's gonna hurt you or that he's gonna mess it up at any time. The truth is that he's super careful with you and it was practically impossible for him to hurt you, even unintentionally. Jonathan would insist on sleeping in the couch, alleging that it is for you to have more space but he's just scared of hurting your belly or you not sleeping well because of him. You'd wake up in the middle of the night and go to the living room, shaking Jonathan carefully and telling him that you couldn't sleep without him.
Jonathan relies on Joyce a lot, he'd even take notes of every advice his mom gives him, and he's got so many questions because he wants not only to be the best father but the best partner for you too. His dad was an asshole so he knew specially what he didn't have to do and what he would've liked his own dad to do, so he just needed to know what he could do for you.
You'd basically moved in with the Byers house during your pregnancy, all of them being super supportive and helping you both through your pregnancy. El and Will being the best entertainment when Jonathan was working, Hopper cooking the most delicious food you've ever tried and going to the grocery store when you were having cravings, and Joyce buying a bigger bed to Jonathan's room so you could sleep together.
The baby would be Jonathan's new favorite thing to photograph. He didn't like polaroid cameras until you got pregnant. Taking pics of you sleeping, of your and his hand on your belly... He would always have a camera around to photograph his child: playing in the park, on the first kindergarten/school day, when you dressed him up as a pumpkin during the first Halloween, and with his tiny and round face stained with cake on his birthday... Jonathan would be always taking pictures of you and the baby, keeping the polaroids in his wallet, in the glove compartment of his car, and even stuck on the wall of his place of work.
He's the one waking up in the middle of the night when the baby cries. Whispering to you to go back to sleep and kissing your forehead. Stumbling on his feet, trying to get to the baby's room as fast as he could, not even thinking of letting you handle the situation. Once the baby stopped crying, he would take him to your bed, lying him in between you two and Jonathan with one of his hands always having some type of contact with the baby to know that he's fine.
His favorite part is putting the baby to sleep. He's a pretty calm guy so it's quite easy for him to transmit that calmness to his son, the baby humming and squirming in his dad's arms at how comfortable he was and probably would start crying the moment Jonathan puts him down on his crib. He'd also help you to sleep later, having your head resting on his lap and playing with your hair until you fall asleep.
He's always telling you that you are the best mom or that you are doing so good with the kid, kissing your cheeks and giving you the best heartwarming compliments, basically making you feel so loved. Joyce told him that some new mothers sometimes felt like they weren't doing good enough for their children, so he's always making sure that you know how well you are doing and how happy and healthy your baby looks thanks to you.
Best dad ever. He would only have eyes for you and your daughter, Steve literally lives for both of you. Probably he wouldn't wait until your girl is one-year-old to start talking about having another child.
The happiest man alive when he you told him that you were pregnant. He'd kiss and talk to your belly all the time, resting his hand there, applying lotion to your stretch marks, and always making sure that you're feeling comfortable. It was like your daughter could feel when Steve was around because she'd start kicking you like crazy. "We can't wait to see you, baby.","I love you too baby, but you need to let mommy sleep."
Your baby was so loved even before she was born. And so were you during your pregnancy. Steve was by your side every minute of it. He'd cook you the most delicious meals and the sweetest cakes to help your cravings. Steve would make sure that you were drinking enough water, he'd help you to shower, and make you feel beautiful. Hugging you tightly against him, massaging every aching part of your body, and basically not letting you get up from the couch unless you needed to use the bathroom.
Steve would fall asleep with the baby between his arms all the time. Him sitting on the rocking chair next to the baby's crib falling asleep at the same time as your daughter and forgetting to put her in the crib, you going to the room to know why Steve was taking so long just to find that cute scene. Also, him sitting on the couch after work with the little girl peacefully napping on his chest, his arms wrapped around her so she didn't fall. When she was old enough to have a proper bed, he'd lay down with her and hug her against him, tell her a story and she would be sleeping in less than ten minutes. The little girl sighing in her sleep thanks to how comfortable her dad was.
Steve is always so warm, the baby loves being between his arms. When she was a toddler, she would cry her lungs out until Steve picked her up and peppered her small face with kisses while hugging her. At nights, she would sneak into your room and lay between you and Steve, or by your side so you could hug her and Steve could hug you both.
Steve's favorite part of coming home from work is finding his daughter waiting for him to play with her, you'd tell him that he needed to rest, but there's no way he's going to sleep instead of playing with her, he wouldn't care about if he's exhausted. He'd also love when you and her would fall asleep waiting for him. He'd give each of you a kiss and get into bed too.
He loves movie nights with you and her. Steve would rent movies for her all the time. He knows her favorites and he could watch them with her for the entire day, he'd find himself after mumbling the words of the Disney songs. When she was a toddler, Steve would fall asleep during the movie and when you'd shake his shoulders softly to wake him up, he'd say that 'there's no strong plot'. You'd smile at him. 'Of course not baby, it's a movie for children.'
Steve would sit the baby on his lap and try her to say 'daddy'. He could be there for hours, smiling at his daughter when she would try to mumble something similar to what her dad was saying, waving her hands happily and letting her head fall into Steve's chest when she was tired of trying. He'd kiss the top of her head and let her rest before keep trying. "Baby, I need to feed her-" Steve shushed you, and you raised your eyebrows. "She almost got it..." Both of you looked at the baby babbling until she got to say clearly the word 'daddy'. "Yes, yes, yes! That's my girl, well done!" Steve kissed all her little face, making her giggle.
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Tumblr media
- only lets you and wayne kiss her because he picked up a book for once and read that kissing babies transfers bacteria and he doesn’t wanna harm his little girl so he makes wayne brush his teeth 3 time :((
- makes his daughter mixtape to listen to when she’s older! he’d label them something like ‘d/n 6th birthday’ and so on and so on it would be adorable.
- takes a picture of every milestone! first time she crawls to him. first time she sneezes. first time she burps its so cute omg. he’d take the pictures and hang them up and takes a black pen and writes under them. ‘ first time bug sneezed.’ ‘ first time bug crawled to me :)’
- eddie takes d/n to a music shop and carries her to the guitar section, he sets her down and lets her admire the guitars. “ now crawl to one bug.” he whispers patting her back. she crawls to a guitar and eddie breaks down smiling. he ends up buying it for her and keeps it in a box for her to play when she’s older 😭
- literally never lets her sleep in her crib, he always lets her fall asleep on him. you’d come back home from work to see eddie and d/n asleep on the sofa, her head on his shoulder and she’s drooling. his hands tightly wrapped around her holding her in place. you take a picture with your polaroid camera and grab a blanket. you cuddle into eddie it’s so cute omg
- “ no eddie you can’t use d/n as a guitar.” you say watching eddie hold your daughter as if she’s a guitar, “ i hate you.” he mumbles putting her down.
- whenever he invites dustin over he’d d/n wear a hellfire shirt to match her uncle dustin’s 😭. he’d hand d/n to dustin, “ eddie i don’t know how to hold a child-“ dustin says holding onto d/n tightly. “ just don’t drop her dustin.” he mumbles grabbing his polaroid camera.
- he records videos of him playing guitar and he later records a tutorial for d/n for when she’s older, for when she wants to learn a song 😭.
- he spends so much money on parenting books because he doesn’t wanna mess up like his parents :((.
- he sometimes cries at night scared that he’s gonna turn out like his parents so you stay up hugging and comforting him.
- he wants to teach y/n the good stuff in life unlike his dad did growing up, but he still wants to teach her a tiny bit of bad stuff. like how to hot wire. but he has to wait for when she’s older !!
- he tears a tiny piece of his black handkerchief and makes it a tiny bracelet for d/n. you also have the same bracelet from when he gave it to you in highschool 😭
- when other parents and families were spending 100’s of bucks on family portraits. eddie just take polaroids of you three in bed. or a picture of you three smiling and laughing and hangs them up omg this is so cute help
- always washes d/n’s clothes because he heard from mrs.wheeler that unwashed clothes cause rashes and irritation! “ eddie i know how to wash clothes!” you whine watching eddie scrub the living shit out of your daughters onesie. “ back away y/n.” he responds looking up at you, his hair is in a ponytail and he’s wearing an apron. you quickly flip him off.
- always talks to d/n about you. he’d have her in his lap and would say something like, “ you know, your mommy is the strongest person i know. i mean you should’ve seen how your head popped out of there i was like what??!” he mumbles putting some baby lotion in his hands. d/n shakes her head smiling, “ i know right! she’s so strong. she’s also really beautiful. she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen. she has the prettiest smile in the world. in my personal opinion, i think she looked prettiest giving birth to you bug.” he whispers gently applying the lotion to her hands. d/n giggles. “ yeah that’s right big i mean you should’ve seen her.” he chuckles smiling.
- always lets d/n nibble his skin when she’s hungry because mommy isn’t home and she needs boobies. “ ouch ouch ouch bug just wait till mommy’s home.” he mumbles trying to move his daughters mouth. she starts crying, “ no no bug please.” he mumbles shaking his head. “ i don’t have your mommy’s boobs!” he cries.
- “ why do you keep staring at my boobs eddie munson.” you mumble bouncing your daughter up and down. “ they look so heavy i feel bad for you.” he whispers. “ yeah you should it’s your fault.” you say gently patting her back waiting for her to burp. “ i’ll hold them for you.” he suggests sitting up smiling. “ oh thank you so much.” you hand over d/n. he grabs her. “ oh i can hold my three girls-” you cut him off flicking his forehead. “ i’m getting my pump.” you giggle walking away. d/n whined burying her head into eddie’s chest, “ yeah i know uhhh no fun mommy.” he whispers patting her back gently.
- “ why is she crawling backwards y/n?” he asks tilting his head to the side watching d/n crawl backwards, you break down laughing grabbing onto eddie’s hand. “ y/n why is our daughter crawling backwards?” he asks shaking his head trying to contain his little giggles. “ y/n stop laughing this is serious.” he giggles covering his mouth, he reaches for his camera and quickly takes a picture. eddie takes his wallet out and places the picture inside, “ i have to show this to steve.” he says smiling.
- “ eddie come on lets go.” you whine pulling his hand. “ i don’t want to leave her y/n.” eddie cries holding onto d/n tightly. “ wow do you not trust us with your child eddie?” robin says raising an eyebrow leaning against steve. “ eddie hand the child over.” you say pulling his hand again. d/n starts crying, “ i know bug i know i don’t wanna leave you either.” he cries kissing her face repeatedly. “ this evil witch next to me is trying to separate us.” he whispers glaring you up and down. “ eddie give me the child-” robin grabs d/n. eddie pouts shaking his head. d/n starts crying. “ i’m so sorry bugs.” eddie cries shaking his head.
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Had to add Billy for this one
Tumblr media
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Billy Hargrove x female hopper! reader smut /fluff where the reader is hopper/Joyce’s daughter (Byers /hopper family dynamic) and the reader has been sneaking out at night to get railed by billy. One day hopper is patrolling around lovers lake and the reader and billy are going at it and hopper taps on the window with his flash light telling Hargrove to cut it out but doesn’t know the reader is there, but one day when el, Jonathan, the reader, will, hopper and Joyce are having a family dinner Jonathan keeps poking fun at the reader for spotting her with billy in the hallways at school but she says it’s nothing and they continue with dinner. As they finish up Joyce spots bruises (like hand mark shaped bruises which were ovbvi from billy and hers sexual encounters) on the readers neck and she gets worried that billy may have done something to her so asks her what happened thinking the reader got hurt, and the reader keeps telling her it’s nothing and then hopper walks in and sees the bruises too and starts raising his voice so she tells them that no one hurt her and she explains without exposing and they catch on, and hopper realizes that she was the one with billy that night.
okay so i saw this come in and immediately i was actually excited to do this bc i already see it going in my brain, and technically i have one ahead of this and im so so sorry bc i was not expecting this to take me two whole days to write but omg here you go. this definitely has to be one of the longest ones ive ever written and i definitely want to do a part two bc i think it turned out super super good.
let me know what you think bby !!
warnings: minors do not read. sexual plot, choking, bruising, semi-public sex, almost getting caught, please wear condoms, this is purely for fictional pleasure only! Also fluff, angry parents, sibling dynamic! alot of flabbergasted hopper at the end lmao.
anywhore, i present you:
' NOT PARENT FRIENDLY ' billy hargrove x female! reader
Tumblr media
Now look, you were a good girl okay? You kept your head down, your grades up, you stayed out of trouble, you did the right things, you were co-captain of the Hawkins High Cheer squad, and you were the best big sister you could be to Eleven, who adores you almost more than she adores eggos. But that didn't mean that you didn't know how to be a bad girl, because believe you me, good girls are just bad girls that haven't been caught. Well, that is until tonight however, or almost anyway.
Your father was working the night shift, policing the now oddly quiet town of Hawkins through the evening and into the early morning hours, and you figured it was the perfect time to sneak out and see your boyfriend who was only your boyfriend in secret, which upset you but god you were addicted to him in ways that you didn't even think were possible to become addicted to someone.
In other words, he had you dick whipped. But even besides that, you had been drawn to him. Sure, he was a dick and a half at all hours of the day when he was around people who weren't you, and you knew that that was just a front because he didnt want to look weak around them, he didnt want them to see him the way his father did. It made your heart hurt for him, but you knew he didnt like to talk too much about it, which is why you hardly ever asked and chose to cherish the moments you had alone with him, where he was sweet and loving, almost dorky even.
Billy Hargrove wasn't what people thought he was, and you just wished you could show that to the world some day, but you couldn't. With a sigh you finish brushing your hair and turn to your little sister with a flourish. "What do you think, El?" You ask, looking at her hopefully. You had done the bare minimum of lip gloss, and had slicked your hair back with some barrettes, hoping you looked cute but still innocent enough, something that always manages to drive Billy crazy.
Eleven laid on her bed, reading a book on her stomach as you primped yourself in your shared mirror. "We're not supposed to leave.." She says, looking at you. "But you look pretty..you always look pretty."
"Sweetie, what dad doesn't know won't hurt him." You says, leaning against the dresser for a moment. You knew you were risking alot, you'd never been on your father's bad side before and sure enough this would be the thing that would put you there, but you were willing to risk it, in your teenaged brain it was completely worth the wrath of your father if you got caught. "Can you keep a secret for me?" You ask, just as a car honks from outside. You perk up, that was Billy. You had called him half an hour ago and as usual, he was punctual. "Please, El? I don't get to see him any other time.."
El nods, just as Billy honks a second time and you squeal, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before running through the dark living room and out of the front door.
"About damn ti-" You cut him off mid sentence, giving him a nice long kiss, your hand in his hair. You pull away from him, noticing the slightly dazed look on his face. "What was that for?" He asks, reversing out of the driveway.
You shrug, buckling your seatbelt. "I missed you." Is all you say, giving him a small, happy smile. He says nothing, but places his hand over your thigh, giving it a nice squeeze with his large, warm hands.
Billy wasn't a sweetheart by any means, but he did have is sweet moments, and one of them seemed to have been tonight. He decided that he'd take you on a little dinner date and brought you to your favorite pizza parlor, where he even ordered your favorite pizza for you while you went to the restroom because even though he hated to admit it, he really did know you that well.
You sat across from him, gabbing on about how your day had gone, telling him about how you wanted to sucker punch your co-captain after she had been mean to some of the newer girls on the team, you really hated her some times. He sat and he listened, something that you absolutely loved because you knew that he was actually listening. You looked at him for a moment, your face flushing. "Im sorry, I'm talking to much..you could've just told me to shut up."
Billy looks at you, a small smile on his face. God, he really did like you more than he had planned to. "Nah baby, I love it when you tell me about your day." He says, his voice soft. Billy wasn't usually this quiet of a person, he always has something to say so you knew that something must have been bothering him. The bruise forming on his jawline told you that he must have gotten into it with his dad before he came to get you, it was small, and if you didn't know his face so we'll, you wouldn't have noticed it. "What?"
You shake your head, knowing that he didnt care to talk about his home life, and you didn't like to pry, but you wished you knew how to help in some other way beside getting your dad involved.
"You ready?" He asks, grabbing his leather coat off the chair next to him before grabbing your hand. He has been craving your embrace all day, and he had been looking forward to your call all night.
You nod, following him to the car.
You loved your nights with Billy, infact, some days you even craved them, though you often worried that he used your time together as a way to get his frustrations out about what went on at home, his anger at his dad being vented out during your sexual encounters.
You didnt stop him, you didn't mind the pain, hell it actually made your orgasm all the more better and tonight was no different, though he was alot rougher than he had ever been before.
Once you had gotten to lovers lake he had wasted no time in pushing you to the back seat, giving your ass a smack as you climbed between the front seats, your ass on full display for him.
He was on you in seconds, his mouth kissing yours roughly, his hands gripping you tightly. You pushed his clothes out os the way as easily as you could, your legs spread around him as you pushed his jeans down past his hips, his beautifully thick cock springing free from it's confounds.
You hum appreciatively at the sight, looking up at him as you wrap your hand around it, giving it a nice long stroke. He grinds his hips up into your hand, enjoying the feeling of you touching him. He groaned, his kiss moving from your lips to your jaw line, and down your neck, slowly rising your shirt above your bra as he lets his hands cup one of your breasts, kneading it gently with his fingers. You buck your hips up, rubbing against him at the contact.
You could tell that he was trying to be gentle, sweet even, and you loved the gesture but you knew what he needed, you let go of his cock, taking his face in your hands. He looks at you quizzically, worried almost. You brush your thumb over the still forming bruise, that's harder to see in the dark of his car, and you meet his eyes.
"Fuck me, Billy..whatever you need to do, however you want me..please, baby.." He closes his eyes, a long breath coming from his nostrils.
He opens them again, his hand going up to your hair, running his hand over the top of your head. He knew exactly what you meant, and honestly, without even knowing it, in that moment he had completely fallen head over heels in love with you, because how could he not when you're the only person that had ever seen through him like that? "Are you sure baby? What if I hurt you?" He asks, he was worried that he wouldn't be able to stop, that maybe you wouldnt want him anymore afterwards.
You shake your head, giving him a small smile. "You won't, Billy.." You says, giving his face a light squeeze between your hands. He nods once, his lips lingering over yours in a gentle kiss almost as if to say thank you.
You definitely didn't regret your choice in the moment, and god you were on your way to your third orgasm, his hips snapping into your pelvic bone almost meanly at this point, your leg cocked over his shoulder, damn near unable to breathe with the way he was applying pressure to your neck with both hands, you just knew his fingers were sure to leave lingering marks and fuck if the idea didn't turn you on farther.
You knew he was getting closer to his orgasm because the meaner he got, the harder he choked, the deeper he fucked you and the louder you got, was usually his tell that he was about to fucking explode.
"Good fucking girl, y/n, good fucking girl letting me fuck you so meanly." He grunts out, his hands still gripping your throat, fuck if he wasn't turned on farther by the fucking dumb little blissful smile you wore on your perfectly plump lips in that moment, or by how red and flushed your face was as you stared up at him. He wondered if he had finally fucked your brain to mush. "Such a pretty little whore taking my cock like it's nothi-" The sound of something knocking on the passenger side window interrupted the two of you and Billy stopped immediately.
"It's almost midnight, Hargrove, cut it out and take the poor girl home." You hear your father's voice call from outside, your eyes going wide. Billy is smart enough to cover you with his body, incase the chief happens to look inside. You give a squeak of fear, wondering if the two of you had been officially caught. You bury your face in his chest, squeezing his biceps in the hopes that your father wouldn't recognize your hair if he happened to look inside. He knocks on the window again, and it sounds like he's using his flashlight, you can see the beam cutting through the rear window. "Zip it up Billy, I'm not playing."
"Yes chief, I understand.." He calls back, trying hard to make sure you stay covered. "Do you mind like, going back to your car though, no need to watch us get dressed, Sir.". Your dad lingers for a second, but you hear his footsteps start to walk away, crunching on the gravel that littered the ground.
"Holy fuck that was close, Billy." You breathe, your legs shaking in fear, or maybe adrenaline. You really weren't sure which. Billy moves off of you, pulling out of you. You can't help the whine that escapes your throat at the feeling, already craving him all over again.
"Oh trust me baby, we aren't finished with this yet.." He says, giving you a cocky smirk as he buttons his shirr before stuffing his cock back into his pants.
You struggle with your shirt, still weak from the fear and from your two orgasms that has honestly rocked your fucking world. He looks at you, almost cheesily smiling at you. He loved it when he made you weak like that, he loved being able to shower you with aftercare, something he'd never wanted to do with someone before. "Here baby.." He says, pulling you closer to him. He helps you with your bra, and your shirt before helping you pull your skirt back down your body. When he's done he gives you a sweet, gentle kiss before helping push you back to the front seat.
"Thank you, Billy.." You say, settling into your seat. You watch him climb back over, settling into the front seat. You shiver a little, it had gotten cold by the lake and without the warmth of his body you were quickly chilled. Without a word he reaches behind you and grabs his jacket from the back, wrapping it over your shoulders.
He drives almost wordlessly, only talking to ask if you're okay, and thankfully you make it home quickly. He pulls info the driveway, and stops. You turn to him. "Im sorry our night was ruined.." you says, feeling horrible. You should have thought more before you told him to go to the lake, you had forgotten that your father was out patrolling tonight.
Billy shrugs, looking at you. "I had a great time, baby.." He says, leaning back in his seat. He watched you, taking in your beauty for a moment, a smile on his face. "maybe that's not the way I wanted it to end, but it wasn't ruined."
You smile, look away awkwardly. "You know, we wouldn't have to sneak around like this if you would just let me tell him about us.."
Billy sighs, he knew that you hated that your entire relationship was a secret, but god he was terrified that your dad wouldn't let him see you again, or that your friends would find out and convince you that he wasn't good enough for you. "I told you baby, I'm not parent friendly.." He says, he sees your face fall, if only for a second before you gather yourself up again.
You give him a smile, leaning over to kiss him gently. "I'll see you tomorrow, baby." You say, although really want to scream how much you love him as you get out of the car.
Eleven is waiting for you inside, her eyes go wide at the sight of the large leather jacket around your shoulders. "Dad's going to ask questions when he sees that." She says, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in fear. You take the coat off immediately, completely forgetting that it was on your shoulders. "And that! Are those his finger prints?"
The next morning went by as smoothly as it could have, you covered what you could of Billy's fingerprints on your neck, although most of the time was spent staring at them almost longingly. He'd left marks before but he'd never left bruises, you hadnt even realized he had been choking you that hard last night.
What couldn't cover in concealer and bronzer, you covered with a turtlenecked long sleeve shirt, it was chilly enough out that morning that you could get by with it without being asked too many questions. You threw on a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of shoes, making sure to stuff his coat into your bag before heading out of your room just in time for a car to honk out front.
You give your dad a brief kiss as El scrambles to get her things, he was leaning against the kitchen counter sipping his morning coffee. "See you for dinner dad, let's go El!"
Jonathan waited for you in the driveway, and smiles when he sees you. "It's a little extreme for turtlenecks, don't you think, Y/N?" He asks as you slip into the front seat, El getting into the back with Will.
Ever since your dad has started seeing Joyce, you and Jonathan had become close, you'd consider him a close friend, and you kind of wished you could ask him for advice about your relationship but you knew he wouldn't keep the secret, he would take it straight to your dad.
"Shut up, it's totally cold enough!" You say, looking at him weirdly as he pulls out of the driveway and heads towards the schools.
It doesn't take long before you're there, and once he's parked you get out of the car immediately, on your way to search for Billy, ignoring Jonathan shouting something after you.
The halls are filled with Hawkins High students, most of which know you. You give them all your best peppy smile, even throwing in a wave to a few of them, you loved being a cheerleader but sometimes it was exhausting having to smile so much, especially when half of the student population never expected to see you in anything but a happy mood.
You find Billy at his locker, which wasn't too far from Jonathan's. "You forgot this, Hargrove." You say, pulling his coat out of your bag, hoping that nobody would take it the wrong way since he still didn't want people knowing about you guys yet.
Billy turns, surprised to hear your voice, he looked you up and down, amused look coming across his face. You tried not to stare at the bruise under his jaw, it was darker than it had been last night. "It's still a bit warm out for a turtleneck, isn't it baby?" He asks quietly, leaning on the locker door slightly. He smirks as your face turns red, you hold his coat out for him. He pushes your arm back to your chest, you furrow your eyebrows at him.
"Keep it, i like the way you look in it." He says, a soft smile on his face as your face turns redder. You notice someone stop just for a moment as they pass. He had thought about it all night, trying not to notice the look of hurt cross your face when he had reminded you that he didn't want people to know about you guys being together. He was afraid of what would happen if people knew, but he was even more afraid of losing you by making you feel like he was ashamed of people finding out, and he could tell by the look on your face that that was beginning to happen. Besides, he was tired of fucking you in his car, he wanted to take you out on actual dates, and go to all of your football games to watch you cheer, he wanted to sneak into your room late at night like a normal person, and even though it terrified him, he wanted to meet your father like a man, not someone that's been fucking his daughter in the back of his car almost every night. "Besides, it'll keep that Byers boy off your back, I hear he likes to steal people's girls away." He sent a look to Jonathan, who was open mouthed staring at the two of you from his locker, Nancy by his side.
You roll your eyes at him, holding his coat to your chest, breathing in his cologne slightly. You loved the way he smelled, and you'd be lying if you said that you didn't sleep with it in your bed last night. "Jonathan is a good friend, he's like my brother now that my dad is dating his mom." You say, but you understood what he was saying without actually saying the words. You honestly couldn't have been more excited, you were practically vibrating in your shoes. "Are you sure?" You whisper, cocking your head at him quizzically. You didn't want him to feel like you were pushing him.
Billy rolls his eyes at you, he hated that you were so selfless sometimes, willing to living so unhappily just so he could be comfortable, but it was also one of the things he loved most about you. "Come here, I miss you." He says, hooking his finger into the collar is the turtleneck to pull you closer. He pulls you in for a sweet, gentle kiss, knowing that almost everyone in the hallways had turned to stare at the two of you. He pulls away, finger still in your turtleneck but pulled down a little. He sees the bruises and his eyes go wide, face paling. "Oh shit, baby, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.." He whispers, pulling the shirt back up so no one would see. "Why didn't you tell me to stop if I was doing it that hard?" He asks, closing his locker to walk you to yours.
You blush some more, smiling up at him. "Because it didn't hurt that bad, I liked it." You say, deciding to put his jacket on as you walked, making him hold your bag so you could. You actually were cold though, despite everyone's teasing. "I'll have to skip cheer though, I have to wear my hair up..or just put my uniform over my shirt, we do that in the winter anyway..I just didn't think to pack my uniform turtleneck."
The day at school was awkward, and after waiting at Billy's car for Jonathan and the kids to get out, you gave him a deep, longing kiss good bye, damn near spitting out an i love you when Jonathan started honking his horn at you. "I'll call you later!"
You run to his car, climbing into the passenger seat, smiling at Will and El in the back. "Family dinner right? Im starving." You say, situating yourself. You notice Jonathan hasn't started driving the car and you turn to look at him only to find him already looking at you. "What?"
"Billy Hargrove?" He asks, a little unbelieving. "Billy Freaking Hargrove is who you've been sneaking out at night to see?" Okay so you had told him that you'd been seeing someone, just not who you'd been seeing. "Your dad is going to flip his lid, i think he might actually shit bricks when he finds out, y/n."
"I'll handle my dad, Jonathan." You say, looking at him pointedly. "I wasn't planning on telling him tonight, I need to butter him up first." You purse your lips, thinking. You figured you'd have to play a card that you hadn't played in a long time, daddy's little princess. "So, that being said, leave Billy alone he's a sweetheart on the inside, he's just a little rough on the edges."
You ignore Jonathan's scoff and stay silent the rest of the ride, happily getting out once you reach the Byers' house. You could already smell the food cooking and your mouth watered, your stomach growling in response. "God i love it when Joyce cooks." You say, walking into the house.
You make your way to the kitchen, setting your bag down by the kitchen table. "Hey," You say giving the woman a side hug from where she stands at the stove. "Ooh is that my favorite?" You ask, she leans s against you, happy smile on your face.
"It certainly is, how was your day?" She asks, and you grin. You planned on telling her about everything later, she had definitely become like a mom to you and you wouldn't mind the advice you knew she could give. "Oh? What's that grin for?"
"I'll tell you later." You say, going towards the living room, giving her a wink. She just chuckles and turns back to the stove.
You play with El and Will for a couple of hours, different board games coming and going, Will joined in on a few as well, the two of you often made it too intense with your sibling rivalry. You were just about to beat him in candy land when your father walked in.
You jump up immediately and head to him. "Hey dad, how was your day?" You ask, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. You didn't notice the look that Jonathan, Will and Eleven all shared with each other or the one that your father gave you.
"Uneventful, thank god." He says, patting the top of your head with one of his beefy hands. "Smells good in here, Joyce!"
It wasn't long before you all sat down for dinner together, you and Jonathan had even helped set the table, you sat across from him, next to Will as everyone started digging in.
The table was quiet for a while, until Joyce decided to make conversation. "So, how was everyone's day?" She asks, looking around the table before landing on you. "Y/N, you seemed like you had a good day.."
You notice Jonathan's shit eating smirk and you glare at him, trying to silently tell him to keep his mouth shut. He stares directly at you as he speaks. "Oh she definitely did, you seemed awful cozy with that Billy Hargrove in the hallways this morning, you were giving him back his coat rig-ow!" You kick him harshly under the table, your strong legs making rough contact with his shins.
"Oh?" Joyce asks, eyebrows furrowed. You notice your dad turn to look at you as well. "He gave you his coat? That's sweet."
You shake your head, your cheeks flushing. "It was nothing really, we did a project together the other day after school and I got cold so he gave it to me, I was just giving it back is all." You say, going back to your food. Jonathan makes a noise and you kick him under the table again, making the silverware shake.
"You sure it was nothing?" Your father asks, looking over you with those quizical eyes that always seem to know everything is a lie. You just nod at him, a mouth of food.
Your father doesn't say anything else, and neither does Jonathan. You decide to help Joyce after dinner, and start helping her wash the dishes. It's warm in the room, and subconsciously you pull at the neck of your shirt trying to give yourself some air, not realizing that Billy's fingerprints were on full display like that.
Joyce is mid sentence, talking about something that you weren't particularly playing attention to, and she stops abruptly, looking at your neck. You quickly snap the turtle neck back into place and excuse yourself to go use the bathroom.
You run down the hall, wondering how much of it she had seen. How the fuck were you supposed to explain that?
"Shit!" You hiss, turning in the bathroom sink so no one would hear you. You calm your nerves, and after a few moments you decide to go back out and act like nothing had happened. As soon as you step out of the bathroom you're dragged across the hall to her room and tossed in, the door closing behind you. "What the hell, Joyce?"
She flips the light on, looking at your worriedly. "Y/N, why are there fingerprints on your neck?" She asks, walking towards you. You sit on the bed, you knew you were screwed. You feel her fingers play with the collar is the shirt for a moment, almost as if she was scared to see it before pulling it down all the way rolling it so it would stay put. "Jesus Christ, these are from both hands..who did this to you? Was it that Billy that Jonathan was talking about? Jim! Jim come to the bedroom!" She yells, you try to stop her, but he's already in the room before it's too late, thinking something had happened.
"What?" He asks, looking around for danger. His eyes land on you and they go wide. "What the fuck, y/n,?! Who the hell hurt you like that? Im going to kill that fucking Hargrove boy-" He says already making his mind up about the situation.
He turns to leave and panicked you tell him to stop. "Daddy, stop!" You say, standing up from the bed. "Nobody hurt me, especially not Billy, he wouldn't ever do that okay?" You say, tears welling in your eyes at the thought of your father going to beat the shit out of him, you knew Billy wouldn't stand a chance.
Jim and Joyce share a look. "What do you mean?" He asks, taking his hand off of the doorknob. He was trying very hard not to be confused by your words.
You look at him, at both of them, your mouth opening and closing as you try to find the right words to say without embarrassing everyone in the moment. "I, um..gee how do i say this.." You say to yourself, looking down at the floor before taking a deep breath and giving both adults a sheepish sort of look. "I..well, to be quite frank, i liked it, okay?"
Both of them were completely confused for a moment, and it seemed to click with Joyce quickly. "Oh..oh.. alrighty then that's..more than I needed to know." She says, fidgeting awkwardly with her close as she tried not to look you in the eye, she didn't actually think that that would ever come out of your mouth.
Your father was taking a little longer, but you could see the wheels turning in his brain as his eyes start to widen. Suddenly he's pointing at you, one hand covering his mouth in shock, fear? maybe disgust? You couldn't quite tell. "Oh my god that was you last night.." He says, the realization finally coming full circle. "What the fuck were you doing out of the house?" He asks before his eyes wide farther. "What the fuck were you doing in the back of Billy Hargrove's car?! Oh Jesus don't actually answer it!" He says when he sees your mouth open. He slides a hand over his face, looking at Joyce almost panickedly, you can see his chest rising and falling almost rapidly, you wondered if he was hyperventilating. "I..I need to sit." He mutters, sinking onto the bed. Joyce takes the spot next to him, and you decide that now is probably a good time to go.
You sneak out of the room quietly and back down the hallway. Everyone is gathered in the living room and then to stare at you. "I think I broke our parents.." You say, not noticing Jonathan's wide eyes, you had forgotten to roll your shirt back up. "It's not what you think!"
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strangerthingsstuff4 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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just-themys-fanarts · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some soft harringrove art, because I’ve been loving this ship for years but never got an hyperfixation over ST.
Now it’s here, so I can happily draw them ! 
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prettyboybillyhargrove · a day ago
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magniloquent-raven · 2 days ago
thinkin about billy....bein soft.
about him not being able to relax most of the time. constantly being on edge, muscles tense, whether he's flexing intentionally or not. there's always this undercurrent of anxiety thrumming through him like a live wire, despite his best efforts to appear unaffected, he's always taut as a bowstring. planting his feet. bracing himself for a hit. and it got worse after the mind flayer, when he realized nowhere was safe, not even his own head.
the first time steve gives him a friendly pat—because that's a thing they do now apparently, they're friendly with each other—he pauses, resting his palm on billy's shoulder for a moment too long, warmth bleeding through thin cotton.
"you really are built like a brick wall, huh."
billy preens but there's a furrow between steve's eyebrows.
the first time they kiss it's a whirlwind of a thing, push and pull and gripping each other so tightly their knuckles ache. when steve slows the slide of his lips and gentles his hands, billy shudders, groans, freezes in his tracks for a split-second before throwing himself back into it with a press of his mouth that's as much a shove as a kiss.
there's a silent tug-of-war between them after that.
the first time they make each other come steve ends up pinned to a wall, billy caging him in, all teeth and heat and heavy breaths. they rut against each other, til billy's legs start to shake. steve is putty in his hands, loose-limbed and biting his lip harder with every drag of billy's hand against the damp spot on the front of his jeans. billy lets out a breath when he comes, but never relaxes.
steve kisses his shoulder, his arms wrapped around billy's waist. it's an invitation. a request. he'll hold billy up if he needs to.
but billy drops to his knees instead.
then he starts to notice steve inviting him over more often. he pokes fun at steve for being a priss. too good to fuck in alleys, public bathrooms, bent over the hood of a car, wherever the goddamn mood strikes. no, he needs his high thread-count sheets and real lube and fucking mood music.
it's not entirely true, he knows it, steve's always willing, no matter where they are, but still. his obsession with being in his own bed while they fuck is weird.
billy finds out exactly what that's about after four months of whatever it is they're doing.
when steve asks "do you trust me?" billy says yes before he even has time to think about it, and steve's grin in response is blindingly beautiful. "okay, tell me if you want me to stop. just. whenever, alright."
he doesn't tell steve to stop.
not when he sucks marks into billy's neck, teeth grazing his collarbone, soft lips dragging across his skin, slick fingers circling billy's hole while he works.
not when he sinks his cock in slowly, too slowly, muffling billy's groan with a kiss.
not when he refuses to let billy touch himself, threading their fingers together and kissing every scarred knuckle, pulling billy's searching hands away from his neglected cock with a sly smile.
not after the first orgasm that rips through him and shoots up his stomach in thick streams of white, that rocks him to his core and leaves him trembling under steve, oversensitive and biting back gasps with every spark that races up his spine as steve continues to fuck into him.
or the second, coaxed out with murmured praise, accompanied by a sharp cry and tears clinging to his eyelashes.
his limbs feel like jello. he's sweating in places he didn't know he could sweat. and steve's running his fingers through the mess on his stomach with a tiny, exhausted smile pressed into the crook of his neck.
"love seeing you like this," steve says, almost shyly. the smile in his voice is bigger than the one on his face.
"relaxed. y'know...comfy."
billy scoffs quietly.
"you know i've literally never seen you not flexing before now right. i had no idea your tummy could be soft." neither did he. his abdominal muscles twitch under steve's hand, but steve gives him a light tap. "don't you dare, i worked hard for this."
and billy...doesn't know how to feel about that. he shifts a little, discomfort tickling at him, buzzing under his skin. now that he's aware of how mellow he was feeling, it's hard to just sit in it and let it happen.
it takes practice. with steve petting his hair and talking about nothing, nails gently scritching his scalp, letting his mind drift. or steve wrapping silk around his wrists to keep him still while he tires him out, has his way with every inch of him. eventually he figures it out. lets himself be soft. comfortable.
he lets himself relax.
~~tag list @growup-thatbeautiful @spreckle 💕💕
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hoegrove · 2 days ago
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memes-saved-me · 2 days ago
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The Bite // Dear Billy
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ouizzyharringrove · a day ago
billy: you like my top?
murray, staring at steve: yes! he seems very nice.
billy and steve: *chokes*
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biillyhargroves · a day ago
The fact that it’s Lucas that’s all “normal?? when have you seen Billy with a shirt on???” You know that he has to be around Billy and Max constantly and has had enough encounters with Billy to know that he is allergic to shirts.
Like, canonically, every time the audience sees Lucas and Billy in the same scene, up until the Sauna Test, the episode in which Lucas makes this comment, Billy is be-shirted. (Although, to be fair, that red button down was so buttoned down he may as well have been shirtless). So how many encounters has Lucas had with Billy off-screen to make him be like, “Billy? With a shirt on? The apocalypse is nigh.” with that level of confidence?
Lucas and Max watching TV in the living room while Billy lifts weights in the background. Lucas swinging by to get Max for a date and Billy is on the couch, no shirt, pulling the whole dad cleaning his gun, have her home on time schtick. Lucas and Max hanging at the pool while Billy’s on shift, taking bets on which soccer mom is going to try to flirt with him next. Lucas playing pick-up games on weekends, practicing for his freshman basketball tryouts, and ending up at the same court Billy goes to, even playing with him a few times. Where are these scenes?? I deserve them.
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rjshepherd · 2 days ago
It's so fucked up that billy was nearly 18 and flirting with milfs because he couldn't stand for them to be motherly with him, it's so fucked up that Billy's dad got custody of him it's so fucked up that billy was so starved for affection and kindness he literally sacrificed himself to save a little girl who hardly knew him just because she took the time to get through to him Billy's whole deal in stranger things was so fucked up
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hargrove-mayfields · a day ago
Funny how people have been saying that Steve is the big brother Max deserves, but when Max dies he has literally no reaction. He just stands there and listens to the clock chime, along with Nancy and Robin. As if he doesn’t even care. Max sacrificed herself for them and died and they express no grief at all, and I’m pretty sure it’s Nancy who says anything. Yet when Billy thought Max might be in danger at the Byers, he got so protective of her that he was willing to fight someone he wanted to be friends with. He spent the last week complimenting Steve and showing off in front of him, but he didn’t hesitate to beat his ass for putting his sister in harm's way. Who really deserves to be her brother?
Even once Max is in the hospital and they’ve had a little time to process what happened to her and visit, Steve is even more uncaring. He’s somewhere else smiling and playing matchmaker as if the kid he babysat for three years isn’t across the room bawling his eyes out because someone close to him died in his arms. Do you really think Steve still gives two shits about Max in this scene when he can’t even bother with Dustin?
Meanwhile Billy was so torn up that Max hated him (and started mirroring his abusive father) that he spent at least a month trying to figure out how to talk to her. Before the snowball he looks so sad because he knows he fucked up their relationship, and not even on purpose. And then, according to Dacre, between s2 and s3 he’s really trying to be the best brother to her he can and be a better person in general. And their relationship was improving! If Max died you bet your ass Billy wouldn’t just forget about her. He was her brother, not some random older guy she hardly knew who had a hero complex and saved her just to ease his own worries and then moved on with his life. I don’t agree with that characterization of Steve but that’s what the Duffers gave us.
Out of the two, who really cared about Max? That would be her real brother, thank you.
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meduim-rare-bimbo · a day ago
Billy being the one to stuff you with various objects :(( probably doesn’t let you get off unless he gives you permission, hid your toys away from you. And usually you’re very good, but maybe he’s been too busy for you or smth and you just couldn’t help yourself and he catches you with a hairbrush up your cunt
Heres a little distraction from all the people calling me a furry in my inbox <3
Tumblr media
May contain dub con + somnophilia but only at the end
♡ he so mean!!!!! Hides all your toys from you and always knows when you buy more he doesnt even let you cut your nails :(((( hes only allowed to make you cum >:((( how dare you even hump your pillow >:00
♡ he always checks your panties and cunt everyday just so he knows you havent been playing with yourself hed always know no matter how much your try to hide it, trying to avoid swelling on you clit by putting ice near it and not even putting anything inside you just incase he sees that you're stretched
♡ it's always worth it tho <3 makes you cum as many times as you need until you're all cock drunk and you pass out. Makes you feel so good that you forget all about the torture he puts you through, his cock always hits your sweet spots and make you all fuzzy, he treats you so good, billy doesnt want you to cum because that's his job, you shouldnt have to lift a hand for pleasure thats what hes here for, atleast that's what he tells you
♡ however Billy had been teasing you throughout the day and denying your release, you were excited for what was to come because he always made it up to you except it never came, he didnt make you cum that night nor did he make you cum the next. 3 weeks, 3 entire weeks of no bliss. No teasing, no flirting, no edging. nothing.
♡ Billy had left you high and dry, like a good girl, you made sure to keep your hands away from yourself, you got rid of the pillow that you kept in between your thighs just so you wouldnt accidentally have a wet dream. You had tried so desperately hard to please billy, hanging off his arm, laughing at his jokes, agreeing to whatever he would said, letting him see your body, sucking him off. You had tried EVERYTHING just so he would touch you. all you needed was a flicker of pleasure, his hand, thigh, fingers, lips, tongue anything would suffice.
♡ it got too much 3½ weeks of nothing, 24 for days, 576 hours, 34560 minutes, 2073600 seconds of built up needs.
♡ You decided that Billy's logic was flawed, if he wasnt going to make you cum you would, if you want a job done do it yourself. But how would you achieve your goal? You had no toys, your fingers werent long or thick enough not to mention the nails hanging from them would hurt, pillows werent going to help you so you only had one option
♡ .... your hairbrush.
♡ It was thicker and longer than your fingers, it wasnt sharp and it was relatively close enough to your old toys. You felt gross at the idea but you've had enough of the ache between your thighs and the constant dirty thoughts that clouded your brain
♡ you lay back against your pillows, legs spread and bent in the air with you hand between your thighs holding your precious hairbrush. you had a small packet of lube that you had managed to find in the bottom of your drawer buried under miscellaneous bits, it was the only one you had since billy stolen the rest, you couldn't back out now and letbit go to waste.
♡ you breathed steadily and you tried your best to relax as you eased the handle of your hairbrush into your needy pussy gasping as you were finally filled, pushing it deeper into your soft walls feeling yourself stretch around the object.
♡ you groaned as you were finally filled for the first time In weeks, as you pulled it out of you, your pussy desperately tried to suck it back in, clinging to the feeling before pushing it back inside trying to replicate Billy's movements.
♡ you reached your other hand down to your clit and rubbing it in circles, multitasking wasnt something you were particularly good at yet the thrill and pain of sexual frustration urged you to continue your act
♡ as you were nearing you peak, toes curling, eyes shut, back arched and hand cramping. your ankle was pulled. You screamed opening your eyes, sitting up and pulling your legs to you chest trying to conceal your modesty and mostly your dignity.
"Ya having fun?"
♡ fuck. Billy Hargrove. THE billy hargrove, as in YOUR boyfriend billy Hargrove, has just caught you masturbating, with your own hairbrush, no less. You tried to stutter out a response, an excuse, a reason, an explanation but your breath caught In your throat and the only thing you could do was stare at him, eyes eyes glossy with tears as your lips trembled.
♡ he grabbed the hairbrush, that was still inside you and thrusted it harshly, you cried out at the force of it and tried to back away
"My dick not good enough for you? Just going 'round stuffing yourself with everything you can find?"
"NO! I swear I'm good! Billy im so good! This first time please I just needed to feel something- I- I needed to cum so badly!-"
"And you were just going to pretend it never happened afterwards? That your plan? For me to never know?"
"I- I-"
"Since you like being filled so much let's so what else we can fit inside you"
"W-wait Billy what do you mean-"
♡ he walks over to your dresser picking up your mascara aswell as some make up brushes before throwing them on the bed next to you, realising what hes about to try you wriggle away from the items. Billy sits down infront of you, grabbing your ankle and pulling you towards him
"Billy wait! I don't want to-"
"Shut up! You wanted to be full of something and now you're getting what you wanted"
♡ he forced your legs apart tucking one under his thigh to keep it still, using ome hand he kept the other away the other picking up a makeup brush that was the size of his finger. He eased it next the the hairbrush then picked up another and repeated the actions.
♡ the stretch stung and you didnt know if you were crying from pain, pleasure or humiliation. His thumb pathetically rubbed your clit almost mocking you
"Billy stop! hurts!"
"Well ya should have thought about that before being such a whore"
"M'not a whore! You didnt touch me! Didnt do anything wrong-"
♡ he stuffed another makeup brush onto one of the gaps that the others left causing you to jolt away and squeal, you kicked your feet to get away from the torment
"Oh so it's my fault, Is it? Here I was going to give you such a good night.. wasnt gonna let you do anything but cum... and now look what you've done y'cant have anything nice now"
♡ billy gripped the items that were currently stuffed inside you and thrusted them in and out of your tight cunt, you could feel the edges of each handle rubbing against your pudgy walls, scratching and nipping as they clashed together trying to fit in the tight space they were forced into
"How many more do you think I could fit inside you? How about we try your mascara next?"
"NO! Billy please! S'too much! Take em out! Take em out!"
♡ he ignored your pleads reaching for your precious mascara, the same mascara that he would make stream down your cheeks, he waved it around infront of you mockingly.
"You think you can take this?"
"NO! billy please- I cant! Cant take it! Want em all out now! M'too full! Please! Hurts n I wan' em out!"
"Yes you can-"
"No no no no no! Billy I cant S'too big! Please!"
♡ he rubbed your clit with his pointer and middle finger causing you clench around the items that pinched at your walls, your arousel coated them leaving behind a white ring on their surface. With his free hand he reached down and squeezed his pinky finger along the brush handles, he felt your gummy walls
"You take this and I'll let you cum as many times as you want, okay? That sound good? I'll make you feel good "
♡ you whimper and sniffles as you contemplate your choices, you're all achey and full but you need this so so so bad!!! You've been so good for him so far you could take this, but what if you couldnt, what if it doesnt fit and you make him upset?
♡ Maybe you should say no... but if you say no he might not let you cum!! And you NEED to cum what if you explode from so much pent up sexual tension, you dont want to explode. What if you get a harsher punishment? What if he spanks you like last time? You couldnt sit down for a week and he always pressed your bruised and marked ass against his cold car :((
♡ you wipe the drool from your mouth not bothering to wipe your eyes as the tears refused to stop any time soon, his eges followed yours looking for eye contact. There was no comfort in the meeting of your gazes it was almost patronizing the way he stared at you
"Perfect. Now relax because this is going to hurt baby"
♡ his hand spread your swollen lips apart, he leaned down to get a better angle, his breath hit your cunt causing your erect clit to twitch he chuckled at the sight.
♡ he spat on your pussy and it dribbled down and over your clit, taking his finger he spread his salvia across your stretched hole lubricating the tight space. he maneuvered the mascara near your entrance, prodding to find a spot accessible for the thick tube. He eased the bottle into you, pausing for every squeal and hiccup, letting you get used to the sensation of being ripped open
♡ you felt the brushes force themselves deeper inside of you desperately trying to make room for the new foreign object. Your toes curled and you dug your fist into your pillow the other finding its way to Billy's wrist trying to gain back some control over the situation you've put yourself into.
"Look at that... see I knew you could take it.. you made such a fuss over nothing"
♡ your hole clenched desperately trying to push out the item causing it pain, your juices dripped onto the bed despite your whines and complaints about the pain being too much
"Billy s'hurting"
♡ he apologised, insincerely, chuckling as you whimpered and flinched at the torture your newly damaged cunt was going through although he seemed to pause for a second debating on something you couldnt decipher before shuffling down the bed and onto his stomach. Brushing his hair out of his face he leaned down to get closer to your aching core
♡ billys mouth hovered over your clit, his curly blonde hair brushing against your thighs leaving goosebumps behind, his hot breathe made you pussy flutter as you waited for his next move. Slowly and almost as if he was doing this on purpose he flicked his tongue against the now sensitive bud. Your hips jolted up however you werent sure if that was because you wanted more or if it was too much, his tongue continued the small kitten licks on your clit altering between circles and lines as he teased your pretty little clit
♡ his mouth encapsulated your pulsing bud, sucking on it while keeping his eyes trained on your face like a dog with its bone. Billy watched your head fall back and your chest heave as your tried to take as much oxygen in through your pleasures induced haze. he watched your fists dig into your pillow and bed sheet aswell as your desperate attempt at not crushing his head between your thighs
"That feel good? I told you it would feel good didnt I?"
♡ you quickly gave a hurried slurred nod not trusting yourself to talk as he began slobbering on your most sensitive body part, his hand traveled to your stomach, pressing down on your womb causing you to squeal
♡ he went back to making out with your clit, nipping and grinding against the delicate bundle of nerves. One of his hands remained near your entrance making sure the foreign objects stayed inside you, often wiggling them back inside as your cunt squeezed them out.
♡ billy took two of his fingers and began playing with your salvia soaked clit, the knot in you stomach formed and you felt you could cry from how hot and achey you felt.
"C'mon baby cum for me, cum all over your stuff, want you to make a mess all of the sheets"
♡ his attacks on your clit never ceased only picking up pace as your moans got louder and hips began jerking away from his abuse. The tension filled balloon in your stomach expanded until it snapped like an overused rubber band
♡ your pussy tightly gripped your now ruined items as little spurts of your juices gushed onto them and down onto your sheets. Billy let you ride out your orgasm until you begged for him to stop claiming you couldnt go again
♡ his hands rubbed up and down your thighs comforting and soothing you as you came down from your peak. Your eyes began to droop as a wave of tiredness washed over you
"You did such a good job f'me baby. Took it so well and didnt back out, my pretty girl is always good at taking what I give, so proud of you"
♡ his fingers inched closer to to your core as he spoke however you didnt notice, too fucked out to care or feel, that was until you felt him pulling out your make up brushes making you whine in protest as you were just getting used to the feeling of being full.
"sh sh shhh, they've gotta go, cant have them replacing my job now can we?"
♡ he pulled the remaining objects out of your pussy, watching the slight gape they left behind. You were barely awake at this point, not enough energy to keep your dumb little eyes open let alone your head up. Your body wavered between post orgasmic sleepiness and sleep itself, struggling to decide on if it was worth the effort.
♡ you cried out as you felt something wet press against you swollen puffy cunt, only to be hushed by billy
"M'just cleaning you up baby go back to sleep"
♡ billy contemplated changing the sheets but ultimately deciding that it wasnt worth the hassle if waking you up nor was cleaning the items he had just used on you he threw them into the small trashcan you hold in the corner of your room, he will buy you some new ones anyway. He took off his clothes leaving himself in his boxers. He snuggled up against you, wrapping his arm around you and pressing you to his chest, he pulled down his boxers taking out his hard precum covered cock, jerking of the hot appendage before sliding it between your folds.
♡ the head piercing your already stretched out hole however despite his torture, billy inched his way further inside you until he was fully covered by your warm gummy walls. He let sleep take him as you pulsed around him, hed deal with you in the morning where you would most likely be grinding against him but he wouldnt have it any other way. His favourite whore <3
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ickypuppi3 · 2 days ago
you ever think about how billy views love towards himself as something conditional
it’s never just because someone loves him
he has to be doing something, has to ‘earn it’
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geormenia · a day ago
steve with glasses is very cool and attractive and shit but.... billy with glasses? the hottest thing on this planet
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