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feathered-mushrooms · 2 days ago
The Avengers live in the Avengers street cul-de-sac. As kids they were best friends Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint, Bruce and Thor(+additional friends that sometimes joined in the big group)
As kids they played make up games, they loved playing superhero’s. Tony was a rich guy with special armor, Steve was a super strong American symbol, Bruce could turn into a green angry monster, Clint was a master archer, Natasha was a spy, and Thor was a literal god. Sometimes there other friends would join in, such as Thor’s sibling Loki, who was another god but she liked to play the villain. Steve’s close friend, Bucky, was also super strong and sometimes a villain sometimes not. And even sometimes Natasha sister Yelena joined in. If they weren’t playing games they were causing trouble with old man Fury.
Then they all grew up.
Tony, was always rich from his father, inherited the company, he turned it towards more tech and less weapons. He became a sarcastic public image, and very outspoken on gay rights. Espicqlly after he married his childhood friend Steve. The two adopted Nebula, Harley and Peter and they tried a surrogate for Morgan. The two moved back into Tony’s home in the cul-de-sac away front he city so there kids could have a normal childhood.
Steve entered the army with Bucky. There they met Sam, who turned out to be Old man Fury’s grandson. The three were as close as you can get, then Bucky had to have his arm amputed, the three left the army around that time and headed back home. Steve reconnected with Tony and the two grew close. Now that they have there kids, Steve and Tony really looks forward to the holidays and have started the ‘holiday week’ tradition, to get the neighborhood together.
Bruce pursued science and did well in it. He studied gamma rays, until an accident. Thankfully he was okay, but it scared him into becoming a science teacher instead at the Xavier institute. He and Thor kept in touch and are currently dating. Bruce has an emotional support dog named Hulk.
Thor became a construction worker. He enjoys hanging with Sif and Hemidall at the sites, plus the hours work well with him, he likes getting home before Bruce so he can cook dinner. He’s a himbo as we know, so he believes that regular kibble isn’t enough for Hulk, he’s one of those people who actually makes there own dog food.
Loki on the other hand became a famous model and actor. Very in style for them.
Clint, while being a master at archery, wasn’t the most successful with his jobs. He kinda jumps around but he doesn’t mind, as long as he has enough money for Lucky the dog and Kate he’s happy. Speaking of Kate, he adopted her and is currently teaching her archery in there Archery course in there backyard.
Natasha and Yelena both were into ballet as kids, Yelena went on to own a small ballet studio were she teaches young kids. Natasha worked there as well until she had a big break and became a famous ballerina, but she balances that with daily life well and still lives with Yelena in there childhood home after there parents moved out.
Now there are new neighbors:
At the end of the circle, now lives Stephen Strange and his roommate Wong. Strange used to be a doctor till his accident but now he and Wong famously ghost write the young adult series “Sorcery supreme” under the name ‘the ancient one’
On the other end of the street lives the two siblings T’challa and Shuri. Shuri is high school age but studying for college abroad. T’challa came with her for her studies to keep her safe and to learn about America as he could be a good diplomat when he becomes king back in Wakanda.
Vision, a good friend and associate of Tony is considered a ‘neighbor’ of the cul-de-sac even if he doesn’t live there. No one knows we’re he lives.
Yet he did help a young women move into the house next to Natashas old one. Wanda Maximoff and Vision met in college and remained friends after. That was some time ago. Wanda ended up deciding she wanted kids, but didn’t want to wait to find a lover. So she had Billy and Tommy on her own, Vision takes a role as there uncle. Wanda is a school teacher, like her dad and works at the Xavier institute.
Tony and Steve lead the holiday celebrations, they last a week. Steve is very excited and likes to plan it all out because he really wants to give his kids a happy holiday, since he knows three out of four didn’t have the best early life [[ex. Nebulas bio father had an odd sense of punishment, it ended with her arm and leg having to be both amputated and damaged her face. Harleys father straight up left one day, and Peters parents died in a car crash with him in the back seat]]
Natasha and Wanda end up bumping into each other at a cafe early in the morning, Wanda was getting some bagels for the twins, Natasha just wanted coffee, and end up talking, that was a year and a half ago before the holidays and there now happily dating.
Wanda’s dads are Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. Why is her last name Maximoff? Her mom had the sur name Maximoff. Erik and Madga had a brief relationship before they each moved on. She sadly died when Wanda and Pietro were four, so there aunt contacted Erik, who was happily married to Charles, and the two took the twins in within a heart beat. It’s not the only kids they have though(Erik really needs to check up on those past relationships), they have there older brother Peter, and older sister Lorna. There a rather happy family, and Erik, Charles, and Wanda all have teaching positions at Charles school.
Natasha adores Tommy and Billy, and Tommy thinks she’s the coolest person, while Billy likes to watch her practice her ballet. They get along rather well.
When Wanda told them her and Natasha were dating, Tommy got excited and asked if that meant he could call Natasha mom, Natasha just said sure. Billy toke some more time but there very close and he now calls her mom as well.
Wanda is mama.
Natasha does have a problem with all three of Wandas older siblings. They are very protective of there youngest so she has received many playful threats.
Lovely holiday feels
I should mention that Wanda, Billy, Tommy, Erik, Lorna, Pietro, and Peter are all Jewish and had celebrated Hanukkah already, earlier in the month, but they were all brought up with the commercialized version of Christmas because of Atheist Charles who just likes an excuse to sip hot coco and give gifts. That is why Wanda is participating in the whole mostly Christmas themed holiday week, and why her family comes to visit
Now for the random notes I would like to add:
Nebula is still in contact with her sister Gamora. Gamora lives with her foster dad Yondu, who is fostering a few other kids, Drax, Mantis, Peter Q. Oh and they have a pet Raccoon, and a tree in a pot that they idolize. Nebula likes visiting there because of how crazy it is, but she’s happy with her dads, brothers, and sister. She is 16.
Harley is 15 and the leader of Peter and Morgan. He likes to parade them around. He’s very close to Tony, but still close to Steve. He plans to enter his dads business when he’s older.
Peter is 14, he’s the one who picked out the family cat affectionately named ‘Captain America’ or ‘Merica’ for short by Tony. A joke name he has for Steve because he served in the military.
Sam and Bucky are together and live in Old Man Fury’s old house, Fury just moved off the street. He’s still in the neighborhood and still likes to see his favorite trouble makers.
Loki is a star. They have fan girls and fan boys. She is loved by all. He thinks they are a god.
Wanda and Bruce are actually good friends due to working together. Bruce and Thor often babysit Tommy’s he Billy.
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Wanda: So how have you and your brother gotten along?
Billy: Uh, my relationship with Tommy is complicated. One minute I’m about to strangle him with his own intestines, the other we’re singing dramatic duets together in karaoke bars.
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clakearts · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“family is forever”
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erosia-rhodes · 9 months ago
Fighting informs character
One of things I loved about the WandaVision finale is that each character’s personality was revealed through the way they fought.
Tumblr media
Vision talks his way into victory over White Vision because he’s intellectual and analytical.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wanda uses Agatha’s vanishing technique and the woman’s runes to defeat her because Wanda’s a fast learner and clever.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agatha uses Wanda’s kids against her and hits her in the back because she fights dirty and is villainous.
Tumblr media
Monica would literally take a bullet for someone because she’s selfless and heroic.
Fighting should always reveal character and this episode did it so well!
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lazykcdoodler · 9 months ago
What I’m expecting from the last episode of WandaVision:
Tumblr media
(Based on that one panel from Tom King’s Vision series, lol).
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