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#billy maximoff
thatoneaspie · an hour ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(Modern Family Era)
Billy: Tommy! You’re the WORST!
Tommy: I’m not the one who cries when I lose in MarioKart.
Billy: ...
Tommy: I also don’t place 13th when there’s only 12 racers.
Tommy: Case dismissed.
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mcufanisme · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok Ik I haven’t posted in a while but ya know 🙃😐😊😢😊😊
Luv u all xx
Ps.sorry ❤️
Like really really sorry❤️
Tumblr media
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prankprincess123 · 4 hours ago
As much as I love the few 'SingleDad!Vision with Viv' AU's that I've found, what about a 'SingleMom!Wanda with TJ' AU?
Cause I adore these fics but Viv is also the youngest of their kids, so why not have the oldest of either of their kids be the child they're single parenting? And TJ's situation throws in alot more variables; is she from a different universe and Wanda's struggling to adapt to suddenly raising this child she's never met but who is biologically hers? Is this a universe where Wanda and Kurt had a thing when they were younger? What's the custody arrangement?
Or maybe even have them both as single parents. Depending on how you look at it between Wanda and Vision they could have as many as 6 kids (9 if you count reincarnations and the 2 Vivs as separate people) not just the Minimoffs and Viv. They could each have three kids. The Young Avengers could be a sports team that Jonas and the Minimoffs are on together, and they meet because Viv or Vin wanders off at a game and is found by TJ.
There's lots of single parent romance stories that you could do with these two, and yet for some reason I've only ever seen one type, and I think that's a crime. (And yes, I'm working on a WandaVision BradyBunch story, but I should not be the only one)
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wandamaximoffispure · 16 hours ago
Momma needs a bit of tasty validation, so here's a little snippet for the wholesome, domestic Wanda/Nat/Vision fic I'll hopefully be able to cohesively put together one day.
POV: tommy is a subtle momma's boy
Tumblr media
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mqximofff · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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swifteforeverandalways · 23 hours ago
Invisible String: These Things Will Change
Note: Here is chapter four! The story is nearly done with! Just as a note, everything Dylan does is based off, in part, my laboratory classes.
Tag Squad: @lilmissriottbliss
Chapter Four: These Things Will Change
Billy sighed to himself as he swiped his keycard, heading into the lab. Although he was a psychiatrist (and had the medical degree to prove it), Billy also had an associates degree for a medical lab technician. He didn’t work in the lab often, only when they absolutely needed him on his days off, he still liked to visit. With a nod to some of the other lab scientists, Billy headed to the Blood Bank area where he found Dylan looking at a tube under the agglutination reading lamp. 
Leaning against the lab counter, Billy couldn’t help but smile as he watched the blond do a type and cross for the patient's blood. Dylan was one of his closest friends, perhaps his best guy friend. When they had first met, Dylan had been a bit of a bully. The child of rape and heavily abused by his father, Dylan had so many walls up that slowly came down. He worked his ass off to get into his Medical Laboratory Science program, a rigorous and exclusive program that only took fifteen to twenty students a year. Billy remembered how many times both Dylan and Skarlet would come in from classes and merely lock themselves in their room to do nothing but study. 
“I know you’re there,” Dylan said, not looking up. 
“Caught me,” Billy chuckled as Dylan finished writing his note and typed it into the Laboratory Information System. 
“So what’s up?” Dylan asked as he picked up his next tube and set it in the centrifuge, balancing it before setting it to spin for three minutes. 
“Not much. How’s the lab been?” Billy asked. 
“Decent. Had a few nurses get pissed at me for sending them to redraw the blood, but the samples were hemolyzed and unable to be tested,” Dylan replied. 
“That sucks,” Billy said sympathetically. 
“You’re telling me. They act like they know better than us, at least the young ones do,” Dylan rolled his eyes as the centrifuge beeped, the top popping open. Dylan spun in his seat, pulling the tube of blood out. There was a moment of quiet before Dylan swore loudly. 
“Mother fucker I swear those fucking idiots don’t know how to do their damn job and draw samples that aren’t fucking hemolyzed,” Dylan grumbled, pushing away from the bench and striding over to the phone on the wall. Billy followed, watching as Dylan nearly ripped the phone off the base and punched in the number for the nurse’s station. 
“I need a redraw for patient Zathen, Rodeo. Patient MRN is 104621…..because the sample drawn was hemolyzed, again… I can’t test hemolyzed samples……..well I need this redraw…..know what, get Skarlet Johnson on the phone,” Dylan seemed pissed. Billy stepped up next to him, setting a hand on his shoulder. Dylan looked at Billy, sighing heavily before turning back to the phone. 
“Hey Skar, it’s me. Can you do a redraw for Zanthen, Rodeo. His MRN is 104621, I need to do an antibody screen but I can’t without a non-hemolyzed sample… will? Great! Thanks!” Dylan said before hanging up. 
“Skar gonna get the sample for you?” Billy asked sympathetically. 
“Yeah, dumbass new nurses don’t know how to draw the blood correctly. I learned it, and I just stay here in the lab,” Dylan sighed before going back to his bench, preparing the next patient’s specimen by doing a 3% red cell suspension. Billy watched as Dylan placed three drops of patient red cell sample into a test tube before adding saline halfway and setting it into the centrifuge. Billy knew what came after the centrifugation was done, the saline would be decanted into the sink before more saline was added. 
“I guess I’ll leave it to you,” he said. Dylan gave him a small smile, “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”
“Nah, it’s okay. Blood bank was never my favorite,” Billy said. 
“It was mine…..but I did have a small crush on the lab assistant.”
“I know you did,” Billy laughed before heading out. 
Teddy walked into Outworld Fitness gym and headed to the time clock and clocked in. After dropping his stuff in the locker room, Teddy headed back out into the main area of the gym. Kitana was already there, working on a punching bag. 
“Hey ‘Tana,” Teddy greeted, the nickname coming easily off his lips.
“Sup Teddy,” Kitana replied, grabbing the bag to stop it from swinging. Teddy shook his head, “Not much. You?”
“Just chillin’ here. Nothing much to do anyways,” Kitana replied. Teddy nodded and sat down on a bench.
“Any idea when your grandpa will be back?” he asked. Kitana shook her head, though chewing on her lip. Her grandpa had a business meeting to attend, so it was up to Kitana to hold down the fort at the gym. She wasn’t too fond of being in charge, though, and wished he would come back. The Okaia family were all rather close, and Kitana really missed her grandpa. The silence between the two was broken by the phone ringing, and Kitana went to the landline on the wall and picked it up. 
“Outworld Fitness Gym, Kitana speaking,” she said. 
“Kitana? Kitana, I need you to wake up. Wake up, please Kitana,” the voice of Kenshi rang over the phone.
“What? What do you mean? I am up,” Kitana said, confusion clear on her face. 
“Kitana please! Wake up! Wake up,” Kenshi repeated. Kitana shook her head, confused.
“Grandpa, what are you talking about?” Kitana said. Instead of an answer, Kenshi just kept repeating the ‘wake up’ before the line went dead. Frowning, Kitana hung the phone up and looked over at Teddy.
“What is it? What did your grandpa want?” Teddy asked. Kitana shook her head, a sharp pain radiating through her skull and she winced slightly at it. 
“I don’t know. He sounded confused, told me to wake up. But it’s impossible for me to wake up since I am already awake,” she replied. Teddy also frowned as an explosion outside of the gym rocked the two and sent them to the floor.
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wandavicky · a day ago
Tumblr media
I miss the Minimoffs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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myriadimagines · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gif] // requester: anonymous (edited) // request here
You didn’t know what was happening. One minute, you were running around the neighbourhood with Tommy and Billy as your older brothers helped you collect as much candy as possible. The next, Billy had told you and Tommy that your dad was in trouble, and the three of you rushed to find Wanda. Your mom was clearly distressed, trying to get Billy to focus in order to find where Vision went. Pietro was beside her, and your uncle seemed oddly unbothered by the whole situation, almost treating the whole thing as a joke.
You could see Wanda getting increasingly upset. Before Wanda could deal with Pietro, your suddenly raise your hand, and your siblings let out a yelp as a blast of power emerges from your palm, sending Pietro flying backwards. Billy and Tommy watch as Pietro crashes into some bales of hay, their eyes wide with horror, and Wanda whips around to face you, a similar amount of shock in her eyes.
“How... how did you...?” she stammers before shaking her head. With Billy and Tommy’s powers developing, she figures it was only a matter of time before your abilities began to develop too. But she has a much bigger issue at hand, and she turns her attention back to Billy as she asks, “Billy, focus. Where is your dad?”
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glitterfairy-21225 · a day ago
In which Peter has a child while stuck in the mcu: *takes deep breath*
He’s definitely living with Wanda post WV, so she’s there.
I don’t know a lot about inhumans but I know a little. Maybe Crystal is on earth for some reason, or the royal family just invites Wanda to the moon after learning about Westview b/c they want the tea, I guess. But Crystal and Peter meet.
They don’t get married, they don’t even officially date, so when Crystal announces she’s pregnant literally everyone is blindsided.
Wanda’s reaction is the best. She doesn’t say anything, but it’s her facial expressions as this is all going down. Her facial expressions.
Peter panics. Obviously. He runs around frantically with rhyme or reason. He trashed his room. He’s screaming at a pitch only Crystal’s giant dog can hear.
He confides in Wanda about his piles of daddy issues, compounded by the fact that he never told his father the truth.... And also the fact that he was a terrorist.
But now it’s like, what happens if he goes back to his universe. He doesn’t want to to be an absentee father.
So he makes a difficult decision to stay in the mcu for the child. He still wants to go back to the x men to make sure his friends and family know he’s okay, but he wants to stay with his kid.
In the wake of his decision, Peter is high on emotion and decides that he needs to go the extra mile for this fatherhood schtick.
So he and Crystal elope.
Literally. Everyone. Thinks. This. Is. Questionable.
They’re divorced before she gives birth.
Not even a bitter divorce, just a ‘Ok, marriage at this point was probably a mistake.....’ divorce.
He and Wanda binge watch kids movies that came out from after he was taken from the x men.
Labor time!
Peter’s definitely a ping-pong whatever. When Crystal cries, he cries. When she screams, he screams.
But then Luna is born and she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life, and he just can’t. He’s crying on his own behalf.
Crystal holds her first, and then Peter, and the first thing he says to her is with teary eyes, so loving, so tenderly, is ‘You are gonna piss so many people off,’ in the softest voice you can imagine.
When the rest of the family comes in to meet her, Peter turns on the Lion King music, which he saw in the binge, and holds her up.
Wanda gets to hold her next, and Peter’s all ‘Meet your Aunt Wanda, Luna!’ And it’s a moment, because yeah, Tommy and Billy called him uncle, and he’s made it clear he loves them as such, but that was when he was brainwashed, so this. This is such a moment for Wanda.
And Wanda misses her boys so much, but the amount of love she feels for this girl overwhelms her bad she really believes she’s not alone anymore.
Afterwards, the three of them (Peter, Wanda, and Luna) are all curled up on a hospital bed together. Like they would be if Peter was the one who gave birth, but instead they just stole a bed to cuddle on because they’re emotionally drained.
Crystal is giving them the side eye from the other bed like, *guys it’s my special day too.*
Peter looks down at his bundle of joy and decides to make a speech to her.
He takes a deep breath. ‘Luna Maximoff’ (‘We did not discuss last names, Peter!’) ‘Your father is.... the problem in every relationship he has ever had. Except for the ones with people who are bigots, those guys suck. And he’s gonna be problem in ours. But I promise you, even if I make a million mistakes, and I will, I will try my very best to make sure you are the one person in this family who’s life isn’t made up of one traumatic experience after the other. Because you are the love and light of my life.’
Oh and Wanda definitely has a himym moment where she looks back all the stupid stuff Peter has done and thinks, ‘That guys a dad now.’
Except her flashback was from that morning.
Of course, that doesn’t get rid of all his deep emotional baggage. And he’s so worried about messing Luna up that he’s a complete motherhen.
He rants to Wanda, ‘Let’s face it, you and I are both going to hell,’ Because even if he loves Wanda, he’s not gonna excuse what she did to Westview, and for himself he has self esteem issues. So Wanda is :000. But Peter just continues. ‘But I really don’t want that for her!’
Anyways, Wanda starts hearing her kids and that kicks off their next big adventure, with Peter reluctantly leaving Luna with her mom.
He writes her a final letter in case he dies so she knows he loves her very much. But don’t worry, Peter’s not gonna die, so this is just a character quirk for now. It’s always quirky until someone dies.
I know that the ‘X men see WandaVision broadcast’ thing should logically stop after episode seven, but for this we’re gonna say the broadcast showed the entire, actual show, with all the SWORD and Agatha stuff. And then it starts playing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness! And there’s a flashback to Luna’s birth.
It’s been a few years, and the x men have already had a funeral for him, so seeing this is..... wow.
Raven’s long since spilled the beans to Erik about his son, and he’s not been taking it well.
So seeing that his son is not only alive and well, but that he also has a granddaughter, (and maybe even an au daughter) makes him cry in front of everyone.
Also, maybe the team was just a bit unappreciative of him, not enough for us to bash them, but enough to make them feel guilty. So seeing him thriving without them stirs up some emotions.
Also maybe he has an ex on the team, and it ended because Peter’s bad at handling things. For maximum feels.
They know from the broadcast that Peter plans to stay in the mcu with his daughter and that makes them all sad, but it’s a really good reason and they’re almost all sensible enough to accept this.... After a proper goodbye of course.
We’ll get back to Erik’s feelings in a sec.
They make a portal, and all go to the mcu to help out in the final fight. They reunite with Peter, who runs to get Luna, even though she’s not on earth, so that they can all meet her.
Erik holds Luna and goes ‘You will lead millions! Willingly or as slaves.’
It reminds him of holding Nina and he wishes he held Peter and it’s so special.
They say their goodbyes.
Meanwhile, Erik is conflicted, because his child (children) is staying in alternate universe and this is where his granddaughter is, so if he can’t convince them to come back to the x men verse then maybe the best thing he can do is move to the mcu.
But Charles a school to look after, so that leads a horrible question; Will Cherik have to break up again?
Doctor Strange just rolls his eyes and says fuck it, because reality is already messed up so why not? And he gives the Maximoffs a key to crossover whenever they want. And it only works for them.
So Luna has all the inhumans and all the x men loving her so much, with the best dad, aunt, and grandpas in both worlds.
And of course with the coolest cousins a girl could ask for!
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bonniebirddoesgifs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Agatha ‘Agnes’ Harkness, Billy Maximoff, Tommy Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff (Wandavision) - Credit if using
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gaypositiveicon · a day ago
agatha: pftttt people LOVE me
wanda: no
monica: no
jimmy: for the most part, no
darcy: nope
vision: well- no
billy: you literally kidnapped us
tommy: AND you killed sparky
agatha: ......i stand corrected
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lifada · a day ago
[WandaVision Spoilers]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again” - Wanda
“The people need help!” - Vision
“Family is Forever” - Wanda
“It’s been Agatha all along~!” - Agatha
“Let go of my brother!” - Tommy
“Halloween’s a magical holiday” - Billy
“It’s not like your dead husband can die twice” - Fietro
“Thanks for the lesson” - Wanda
“This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch” - Agatha
“What is Grief if not Love Persevering” - Vision
“Given the chance and given your power, I’d bring my mom back. I know I would” - Monica
“Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad” - Darcy
“Sure we can. I’m a whiz at hot-wiring cars” - Jimmy
“The world’s not the same as you left it” - Hayward
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matttresss · a day ago
didn't know they made a julian hilliard emoji 🤓
Tumblr media
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wiccllng · a day ago
Tumblr media
in guardians of the galaxy #13
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. SO SO SO MUCH. for those wanting context to this, i’ll be posting all of teddy and billy’s scenes in the near future but THEY ARE SO CUTE IN THIS COMIC. I’m wondering of they’re returning in GOTG #14 because of the ending.... regardless this might have got me into the GOTG series? it’s interesting and honestly a good comic. THE ENDING HAS ME ASKING QUESTIONS THOUGH BECAUSE OF ______ ____ AND WICCANS PAST W/ YK WHO. BUT yes i got MUCH billy and teddy content out of this comic and i am satisfied.
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spider-starry · 2 days ago
The fact that tfatws is almost over and I still haven’t processed wandavision’s final just shows that I don’t know how the fuck to move on. 
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