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#binge watching

me watching a random show, literally yelling at the screen: no, no, no! bad, this is soooooo bad! who wrote this?!

also me: clicking the next episode without hesitation

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I either hate the show, or I watch all 9 seasons in a week. no inbetween

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the fam after binge watching their favourite tv shows and movies over the holiday break. what were your favourite binge-able shows of 2020, and any recommendations so they can continue their current potato status?


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i just binge watch the first season of wixoss and now im debating if i should start season two or not bcos its already 12;30 lmao

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playing the game of ‘is it time to change the batteries in my ps4 remote or can i still pause the video’ 

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why did i completely forget i watched assasination classroom?!?!? like i watched the entire thing in like 2 days and sobbed over it then obsessed over it for a weeks then forgot it ever existed

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Just started watching My Hero Academia a couple of days ago and I’m already on season 3😂

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My friend: I dare you to grow you’re hair the length you love sleepless nights of FanFiction and binge watching

Me: bitch imma be rapunzel!!

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When It’s the End of One the and the Beginning of Another

When It’s the End of One the and the Beginning of Another

In Tarot the 13th card is The Death Card and it means transition, and the end of one thing and the beginning of another. This card is an interesting symbol for the New Years but also an obvious choice to take about death. So, that was the introduction to what this post is about.
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if you try hard & dont lose hope tomorrow will surely be a good day 🤍🖤

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nothing and when i say NOTHING compares to the feeling when someone deliberately puts on a show that you’ve watched a lot with said person and they decide to watch the entire show again

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Me: I hate horror movies

Also me: binge watching Ash Vs. Evil Dead

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Does anyone else feel bad for the Uninvited?

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I just binge watched teen wolf. I didn’t watch when it was airing but OH MY GOD I need a season 7.

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How to Recover from Post Series Depression Syndrome (PSDS)

Suffering from Post Series Depression Syndrome? We’ve got some cures for your nerd life problems!

Preface: Post Series Depression Syndrome (PSDS) (otherwise known as a “Showhole” on those Amazon Prime commercials) can also apply to movies, books, and sagas, of sorts.
**I am not a Doctor, do not take any of my advice seriously. I barely take my advice seriously.**

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So you just finished that show/movie series/book series, and you don’t know how to go on. All you…


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Ugh do I have to watch the whole ep? I’ve been binge watching a lot of series, including Alice in the Borderlands, which started off so promising. 🥺

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I started watching A Teacher on hulu last night and I’ve binged it since. Finally on the last episode. When this is over I can go back to my life 😂😂😂

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My Top Picks: 6 Shows I’ve Been Watching in 2020

This year, I’ve spent a lot of time at home, and one way I’ve been passing the time is by finding new shows to watch. These are my top 6 shows that I’m watching and have watched in 2020!

* Disclaimer: Be sure check the rating on these shows if you watch, as most of them are TV Mature. Which means there will be nudity, foul language, and violence in some of them!

The Queen’s Gambit

This is a…


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Bridgerton is not good exactly, and WOW it had a couple of big issues, but it is pretty to look at and mostly held my interest.

If we don’t get the clearly foreshadowed queer awakening in season 2, though, I may lose interest. I only have so much patience for straight shenanigans.

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My mom is watching Schitts Creek for the first time, and she just finished s1 and was like ‘s2 I wonder how many there are?’. And when you binge watching you dont wanna leave the show to check that, but I automatically went 'I think there 6’ and shes like 'how do you know that’. And I went 'Tumblr’ then googled it and was right.

I dont watch Schitts Creek or follow specific Shitts Creek blogs. But through my other blogs I follow I knew it had six without ever watching it.

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