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#bingo x reader

Bingo X Reader anonymous requested.


(Bingo x Reader )

A high school talent show is happening, for this weeks talent show it will feature some of the most comedic, musical interest and artistry in dance by 13 students. Bingo was in the talent show. Showing off his drumer skills. As you walked on to class on your way from lunch. You saw his name on the poster as one of the talented members. He was going to be drumming in front of the school audience. Your heart beated fast as intecpation of seeing him tonight filled your soul. You had a deep crush on Bingo. Not to mention he was in your on of your bio class. He had straight A’s on all of the tests. Bingo was the kind of student that loved to learn. As you walked Bingo by passed you laughing and having fun with friends Drooper, Fleagle and Snorky. You turned to face him and say your sorry. Bingo stopped and looked at you and smiled. “You are fine. Hey aren’t you in my bio class with Mrs. Morrison? ” You nodded real quickly without a sound. You simply kept staring at him while your cheeks began to warm. “Well…I am going to be in a talent show.” You cut him off.

“I know. I’ll be there.” He simply smiled again chuckling a bit.

“I am glad you are coming. I was just…going to ask.” Drooper smiled while looking at Bingo.

“Yeah…I will…be with you….seeing you. I will see you tonight at the talent show. Good luck.” You smiled and walked away.

The Talent Show

You sat in the front row because you got here early. You watched the other students practice and warm up before the show. 30 minutes past and the show started. Bingo was up first. You smiled as the name rolled off on the microphone. Bingo stepped up and sat down on the black stool behind the set of drums. He sighed as he prepared him self for the music que. You simply smiled up at him and gave him a thumbs up. He winked at you. Does Bingo know you have had a crush on him forever? Does he know you be flirting with him for a while?

Bingo started with the music. Banging and drumming out the tunes. Loudly it filled your souls with thunderous beats and filled your ears with amazing sound. Bingo was playing his heart out to the point the audience stood up clapping as he was getting into it. Once he was done he stood up and tossed the sticks over to the crowd. You got one and held it up with a smile that filled his heart. The now sweaty Bingo smiled and tried to ask you a question. “Will you go out with me? ” You tried to make out what he was saying and your hand was placed behind your ear signaling him.

“What?” You mouthed. Bingo took a bowl and came down off the stage and headed over to you.

“Will you go out with me?” The question rolled off from his tongue that made your heart melt. You nod and answered him with a simple.

“Yes. I will. ” He gave you a hug and walked backwards smiling at you while biting his bottom lip. Your face flushed with redness.

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You and Bingo rushed into the back of your car. You two were undressing yourselves quickly. “I want you to eat me out.” You whisper while giving him light kisses on the cheek and your arms wrapped around him. “I have never….uh….done that.” You smile up at him seductively.

“I guess I have to make you do everything.” You push his head down and let him glide his chin and lips softly on your stomach. Right down to the ‘V’ shape. “You will be a good boy and eat me right the hell out.” You push him lower as he softly kisses again all over the lower stomach. The lower he got the more excited you were.

“I can’t.” Bingo hops up.

“Bingo I swear to god if you don’t go back down and stick your tounge on this wet spot. You will take me home!” Your patients were wearing off. You were extremely sexually frustrated. Bingo went back down and did the job. Soon as you felt his wet tounge touch your sweet spot. You let out a soft moan. Every lick sent chills all over and every time he kept going, your back arches up from the leather seats. Holding on for dear life, Bingo worked his magic. Every lick, and sucking on the spot sent you more over the edge. You were becoming more aware of your breathing, that increase in heat made you scream and grip Bingo’s hair. Bingo stopped and came up with a smile to kiss you. “Let’s go home.” He says. You looked at him and your eyes filled with lust. This late night was over and it was time to go. You two had fun coming from the club and experimented sexual acts. Bingo was somewhat sober and you were drunk. This night won’t be forgotten.

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Summary: A vampire hunt goes haywire and you and Dean need to hide.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 1923
Warnings: Minor angst, language, smut, dry humping, fluff
A/N: This is for @spnkinkbingo and the square was “Cuddling”. There are a lot of standard cuddling stories out there, so of course I had to feed the idea into the blender that is my mind and paint this with the syrupy juice of creativity that came out. My 2020 Kink Bingo Masterlist can be accessed HERE and there are links to the previous years. This was beta’d by @dean-winchesters-bacon, gif was made by me, and I hope you enjoy!


The muscles in your legs had passed numb almost a full five minutes ago. Running was never your forte; you preferred to hold your ground and fight. Unfortunately, thanks to a whole hell of a lot more vampires than you originally expected, you and Dean had no choice but to run. The nest was still hot on your trail, but you could see the nature trail’s campsite parking lot up ahead, which meant the safety of the Impala. 

“Trunk,” Dean commanded through panted breath, pulling his keys from his pocket.

There were a handful of other cars in the parking lot, and you were right on Dean’s heels when he skidded to a halt at the back of the Impala and unlocked the trunk. Both of your machetes, still tacky with drying blood, were thrown in right before you dove into the trunk, wiggling as far back as you could possibly go. Dean cursed quietly at the sound of growling getting louder before he climbed into the trunk.

Dean was not a small dude, and the two of you were pressed against each other as he closed the trunk lid behind him, making sure it latched. When you opened your mouth to stay something, Dean’s hand immediately shot out and covered your mouth, shaking his head while holding a finger to his own lips.

Right, vampires had really good hearing.

A few long and terrifying moments passed until the sound of shoes shuffling against pavement made your heart jump into your throat.

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Pairing: Angel!Reader x Demon!Sweet Pea

Words: 300ish

Warnings: Implied smut, mentions of alcohol

Summary: Everything in Y/N’s life tells her she shouldn’t be drawn to Sweet Pea. All her beliefs, all the stories she’s heard tell her he should be the bad guy. So why does her heart break when she hears he’s finally been captured?

Notes: Filling the Demon/Angel AU square on my @riverdalebingo card


Y/N can feel the adrenaline flowing through her veins. Maybe it’s the fear of getting caught, maybe it’s the thrill of doing something she shouldn’t. All she knows is her heart is beating faster than it ever has before.

When this all started it was simple. A rogue demon causing havoc in a small town, that she was tasked with capturing.

She’d hadn’t realised that someone she’d always been taught was everything wrong with the world could be so attractive.

He’d worked her out instantly, got her alone in the corner of a bar, bought her a damn drink.

She’d doesn’t know how he’d managed to talk his way out of it, the nights still a little hazy. Maybe she’d been stupid, maybe he had some kind of persuasion powers she wasn’t aware of, but she let him go without a fight.

They met up regularly after that, late nights in random rundown bars, secret fumbles in seedy motel rooms, neither of them knows why.

“Sweet Pea?” She whispers, eyes straining in the dark. When she’d learnt another Angel had caught him off guard and thrown him down here, all breath had been stolen from her lungs and she had to see him for herself.

“What are you doing here?” She can’t help but whimper when she sees his bloody face, body curled up on the floor of a damp cell.

She doesn’t care where they’re from, who they’re meant to be. Neither of them had chosen their lives, he wasn’t a bad person; she’d bet her wings on it. “I’m getting you out.”

Riverdale Winter Bingo Masterlist

Forever Taglist: @finn-shelbys-bulldog

Sweet Pea Taglist: @80sand90simagine @wildberryyyy @hopelesslylosttheway

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| Title | For You |

| Pairing | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

| Word Count | 500 words

| Genre |  fluff

| Summary | It had been 8 months since you had left to study abroad, and Jungkook was missing you everyday. He has been true to his word, and is waiting for you to finish your education overseas. The distance he feared has been so good for your relationship. Hes patient, and craving the sound of your voice. But as patient as he his, he cant stand not being able to hold you, and its times like this he wishes you were here with him.

| Warnings | none

| AN | This is a little part two / epilogue i guess, to the Heartbeat fic i did a little while ago! If you wanna check that out before reading this the link is right  | Here<3 |  Please enjoy and lemme know what you think!

“It smells like you
The road that I walk on
I plug my earphone to my status
My true feelings lie beyond there”

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| Title | Lost My Way |

| Pairing | Min Yoongi x Reader

| Word Count | 1K

| Genre |  Pianist AU, fluff, slight romantic moments, slight angst

| Summary | Min Yoongi was a rising prodigy in the pursuit of his career as a musician, but after a car accident his hands are left with severe injuries. It takes years for him to find his way again, and he will never give up his dream, no matter what life throws at him.

| Warnings | descriptions of accidents and injuries.

| AN | My second drabble for the `BTS Bingo Collaboration` with `ficswithluv` and I’m really glad to get this out!! Im going to be posting a lot more drabbles in the weeks to come !

“Even if Im slow, I will walk with my own feet
Because I know this path is mine to take.
Even if I go back, I will reach this path
I will never  
I will never lose my dream”

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Title: Rings

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1957

Square Filled: Fake Marriage

Summary: “What happens when the right guy comes along, see’s that ring, and high tails it out here?” – “I never thought about that. I guess, if he’s the right one, he’d stick around long enough to find out that the ring is a fake.”

Warnings: Fluff, Dash of Angst, Douche Bags, Rifle, Threats, Drunk Guys, Gross Guys, Some Explicit Language, and Lying…

Written for @spndeanbingo

Disclaimer: Not my gif.

A/N: I am really proud of this fic. I feel like it’s not exactly what you’d expect from the Fake Marriage trope. At least, that’s what I think. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! This last fic concludes my SPN Dean Bingo 2019 Card! I made it just in time!! Happy Reading!! xx


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Agent In Training

Pairing: Agent!Reader x Agent!Sweet Pea

Words: 1400ish

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of a gun, a little violence if you can call it that

Summary: When Phil Coulson puts together a new team of agents, Sweet Pea is forced to be Y/N’s Supervising Officer and train her in combat.

Notes: So I’ve been binge watching Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and that’s where I got this idea to fill the Coworkers square on my @riverdalebingo card! Okay so hear me out, just imagine Agent Coulson recruiting our Riverdale faves for his team!! Jug and Betty would be an unstoppable duo that can solve any problem, the rest of the team rely heavily on them for research and weapon tec. They have undeniable chemistry that everyone can see but them. Vee would be a badass that could break a guys arm with her pinky, she never shows emotion but she always get what she wants. The others never know whether to admire her or fear her. Pea would be the mysterious muscle, no one knows anything about him other than he always seems to be in a bad mood. But he has a super soft spot for the team and would do anything to protect them. And the readers a loveable rule breaker that somehow ended up on the team with no real experience or training but wouldn’t change it for the world. I need to write it!!!!


“Absolutely not.” Sweet Pea’s jaw is set, and Jug and Betty collectively hold their breaths. They’ve only been on the ship together for six days but everyone’s aware of how defiant he can be and how persistent it makes Coulson.

“I agree with smiley.” You draw a sip from your beer and send Sweet Pea your best sarcastic grin before rolling your eyes. “Physical training sounds like my own personal hell.”

“It wasn’t a request Agents; it was a command.” Coulson puts his foot down, Veronica nodding beside him. Sweet Pea stiffens in his seat, he knows he can’t argue with the logic no matter how bad he wants to. “Y/N if you want to be part of this team you need to know how to defend yourself, so you aren’t a liability in the field.”

But you don’t share Sweet Pea’s restraint and immediately start pushing back. “Then what about Betty and Jug? Shouldn’t they have to go through this torture too?”

“Oh, Jug and I know how to fight.” You can’t hold back the laugh that follows, and Betty’s smile turns into a smirk. “Punch me if you don’t believe me.”

“Betts I’m not punching you.” You scoff. Part of you doesn’t want to hurt your new friend while another part is worried that Betty can actually hold her own.

“I mean, if you’re too scared.” Betty shrugs, her tone teasing.

“Fine.” You’re barely on your feet, fist just about raised before the blonde’s blocking the move. She twists your arm until it clicks painfully, and you can’t help but wince. Betty spins your whole body around with easy, her own arm locked around your neck with a shocking amount of pressure and you wave your hands in defeat. “Okay, okay I believe you!”

Jughead’s holding back a laugh and Sweet Pea just smirks, you can feel the heat of embarrassment raising in your cheeks.

“Training starts tomorrow, rest up.” Coulson sends Betty a wink, before leaving the room chuckling.


Your eyes are barely open when you wonder into the training room the next morning, already yawning.

“You’re late.” Sweet Pea frowns from where he’s already stretching on the mats and you instinctively huff, annoyed at how alert he already seemed to be so early.

“I’m not use to waking up at 6am.” You drag your feet behind you on the way to the mat as a last attempt of resistance.

“Well get used to it, you need to be up early to fit three training sessions in a day.” You catch the way his lips twitch up into a smirk and you’re sure he’s doing it just to get under your skin but your eyes still widen in disbelief.  

“You’re kidding me right?” You huff, glaring straight at him.  

“Not at all.” He holds the amusement on his face as he starts wrapping your hands, pulling a little too tight. “And if you’re late again, I’ll make you do press ups for every minute.”

Something tells you he isn’t joking.

It’s only when he starts to really get into the training that you start to focus. You listen intently as he talks you through your stance and the basic moves, determine to prove yourself. “First rule of boxing, always keep your hands up.”

“So what’s next, how to kick?” The sarcasm rolls of your tongue before you can stop it and you’re surprised when he laughs.

“Maybe when you stop punching like a girl.” He counters.

You narrow your eyes, more at the hint of playfulness he was showing than the actual comment he made. “I am a girl.”


“Damn it!” Your voice echoes off the walls as you cry out, arms struggling under his hold. You were frustrated, you were really trying, and it still seemed impossible. He was too fast, too tall for you to block his attacks. You were failing, and your anger was getting harder to control.

“Your stance is all wrong.” You can feel Sweet Pea’s hand resting on your hip, his touch is feather light but it burns through the fabric of your uniform. His breath is hot on the back of your neck and you swallow thickly before he’s pushing you forward and you’re stumbling away. “Try again.”

The exercise starts over. You know what he’s about to do, know what you have to do to stop him. But just as you spin under his arm and reach for the gun in his hands, he blocks the attack and has the barrel pointed at your chest. Again.

You’d be dead if this was real.” He states, almost emotionless.

“Maybe if we just started off a bit slower?” You suggest, but his hold on you doesn’t budge.

“You wouldn’t have time to slow this down if this was real.” His arms tighten around your chest, you can’t see his face but just the patronizing sound of his voice sets a fire off inside of you that you’d be trying to hold at bay. “Get your head in the game.”

“I know you don’t like me but maybe if you could stop being an asshole for five minutes then maybe I could concentrate.” You bite back, trying to get out of his grip but he still doesn’t relax it.

“I never said I didn’t like you.” He whispers directly into your ear and you know you need to focus, but there’s something oddly attractive about the way he says it. But you barely have time to think about it before he’s pushing you away again. “Now try again.”


All the air leaves your body as he throws you over his shoulder and slams you down on the mat. A shadow of a smirk graces his lips as he towers over you, his hands on either side of your head. “Always remember to focus on your surroundings Agent.”

You see opportunity in his teasing and immediately wrap your legs around his waist, using your things to overpower him and roll you both over. “Who’s losing focus now?”

He wants to laugh but the sound gets stuck in his throat when he realises the way your straddling him, chests pressed together with your hand pressed into his neck. You can barely focus on your breathing as he just stares up at you, frozen in place.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jughead’s eyes are as wide as yours and he almost drops his tablet at the sight.

Sweet Pea practically throws you off him before he’s scrambling to his feet. “No we were just uh, finishing up.”

“Good, Coulson’s looking for you both.” Sweet Pea doesn’t say another word as he hurries off, cheeks turning red. Jug waits until he’s disappeared before he raises an eyebrow and grins at you knowingly. “That looked cozy.”

“Shup Jug.”

Riverdale Winter Bingo Masterlist

Forever Taglist: @p-marie-sp

Sweet Pea Taglist: @80sand90simagine @wildberryyyy @hopelesslylosttheway

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Title: My Girl

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1600

Square Filled: Childhood Friends

Summary: There are rumors going around the neighborhood that Dean was coming back home to Lawrence for a visit. Needing clarification of said rumors, you made your way to the Winchester house. When you arrived, your question was quickly answered and then some.

Warnings: Fluff, Eavesdropping, Angst if you squint, and just really cheesy stuff (that I can’t get enough of.)

Written for @spndeanbingo

Disclaimer: Not my gif, and all mistakes are mine!

A/N: I don’t know why this one was so hard to write! It was so weird, but I’ve done it and I tried my best to make this super fluffy because I wanted to. All my other trials were really angsty and dark and I just couldn’t stand it. Anyways, I hope you like your fics super cheesy, because that’s what you’re getting. Cheese with an extra side of more cheese! Hahaha. Happy Reading!


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Requested: Kinda, mentioned this yesterday, started as a request but when elsewhere. Orig Request here: Hey hun ease can I have a ddlg little girl smut imagine with sweetpea or fp jones not bothered which where I have been a brat all day and he punishes me thanks so much xx.

A/N: This was created and I accidently went somewhere other than the request, I am also using this as one of the bingo spots on my card: Aftercare. 

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 2339


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Pairing: Tattoo Artist!Reader x Sweet Pea

Words: 300ish

Warnings: None

Summary: One visit to the tattoo parlour results in a several unwanted tattoos and a possible romance when Sweet Pea takes a liking to the new tattoo artist.

Notes: Another drabble to fill the Tattoo Shop AU on my @riverdalebingo card.


The first time he had no idea what he was about to walk into. His usual tattoo guy was booked up and Fangs had sworn a friend he’d met at college was amazing and just starting up, so he took the number.

Fangs hadn’t warned him that your smiled was warm and captivating or your eyes sparkled when you talked about your work or the way your tongue poked out between your dark red lips when you were focusing.

He watches you as you sketch away, eyes roaming over your own tattoos wondering what it would be like to trace them with his fingers.

He’s sure his heart hasn’t beat the same since.


The second time he claims he has tattoo fever. He babbles on about how he’s been itching for the needle since his last one and how he’d had it planned for a while.

But, he’d only found the design an hour before he called and he’d only waited so long because he had to build up the courage to actually talk to you.


The third time he’s just walking past and sees your laughing from the shop window.

He walks in with the aim to ask you out but he can’t find the words and just asks if your free for a quick piece instead.


The fourth time Fangs comes along and drops some not so subtle hints until Sweet Pea’s red in the face.

Although he’s not sure whether it’s from his best friend’s jokes or your hand on his thigh, working away on the latest design.


By the fifth time he’s running out of ideas.


And by the sixth time you’re struggling to find space on his skin.


Finally by the seventh visit you ask him if he’d rather just go for lunch than get another tattoo.

“I think that might be a good idea.” He grins as you pull him out of the shop.

Riverdale Winter Bingo Masterlist

Forever Tag List: @p-marie-sp

Sweet Pea Tag List: @80sand90simagine @wildberryyyy @hopelesslylosttheway

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Title: End of the World

Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2392

Square Filled: Nightmare

Summary: It’s “The End” as God nicely put it… and it seems like it really is the end… for everyone.

Warnings: Angst, Explicit Language, Major Character Death, TW: Suicide, Mentions of Death, Blood, and again, a lot of Angst. This whole thing is just angst. Maybe fluff if you squint?

Written for @spndeanbingo

A/N: I realized that I didn’t upload my fic for my “nightmare” square, and when I looked in my WIPs, I couldn’t find it… why? Because it was in a completely different folder… *facepalm* Anyways, I found it and so… here it is. I hope you like it and please reblog and leave some feedback! Thank you and Happy Reading! xx


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Pairing: Soulmate!Reader x Soulmate!Sweet Pea

Words: 300ish

Warnings: Death

Summary: When two soulmates meet, the pair can finally see colour. But nothing can prepare Sweet Pea for when life turns back into black and white.

Notes: Filling in the ‘Soulmate AU’ square on my @riverdalebingo card.


It’s 2018 when they first met.

When Sweet Pea woke up there was a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach that he couldn’t quite pin point so he put it down to nerves.

He had no idea it was because he was going to met her.

It’s was his first day at Riverdale High, and not that he’d ever admit it, he’d been excited at the idea of a real education that might actually get him somewhere in life.

He could just about make her out in the sea of faces, but in one blink his life turns from black and white to colour, and it’s nothing like he’s felt before.

He didn’t care that he was surrounded by Northsiders that wanted him out of their school, he didn’t care about anything other than finding out her name.

And then she smiled at him, and he was sure nothing would ever be the same again.


7 years later in 2025 he was forced to say goodbye.

Part of him thinks that deep down he knew what was going to happen, a nagging thought in the back of his mind.

The last time he’d seen her she was running around the apartment trying to get ready. She’d woken up late for work, and he’d told her it was a sign that she should just call in sick and stay at home with him.

He wishes she would have listened.

He’d pulled her back into bed, tickled her until she couldn’t breathe from laughter and then he’d let her go. He’d kissed her goodbye one last time and she disappeared with a smile and promise of a Pop’s date that night.

He hasn’t eaten Pops since.

She’d only been gone 10 minutes when the light was literally sucked out of his life and he couldn’t see colour anymore.

He knew she was gone, and he was sure nothing would ever be the same again. But nothing can prepare Sweet Pea for when life turns back into black and white.

Riverdale Winter Bingo Masterlist

Forever Tag List: @p-marie-sp

Sweet Pea Tag List: @80sand90simagine @wildberryyyy @hopelesslylosttheway

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Pairing: Dean x British!Reader
Established D/s, mind you don’t fall down the crack
Word Count:
Dean buys you some cookies. You call them biscuits. Arguments ensue, lines are drawn and restraints are required.
 Have any of y’all met @winchesters-meaty-feast? She’s my pal and partner in crime. We have extensive conversations about many a subject but one day the most important topic arose. Biscuits. I’m a dunker, she is not. It almost tore us apart but luckily we’re stronger than that. Anyway, I drabbled this Dom/sub biscuit thing in our chat and the following CRACK is what snowballed from that. (This is meant to be dumb ok. Don’t come for me over this weirdness.) 

Ao3 if you prefer.

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Flower Petals

I took a prompt from @mycupoffanfiction’s writing challenge and combined it with a @buckybarnesbingo square. The prompt is “Oh my god, just tell her how you feel.” , “What? No! I can’t do that!”, while the bingo square is K5-Hanahaki disease.

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Warnings: very light angst (since angst usually comes with this trope), it’s happy by the end I promise

Rating: Gen

Summary: Bucky’s been coughing up flowers and the only cure is if you love him back

Word count: 863


Originally posted by torhallatalaksdater

Bucky coughed up another bouquet of petals. Daisies, sunflowers, forget-me-nots, lilies, white tulips… Natasha watched with a look of disapproval as he coughed. She knew exactly what caused Bucky to be in this pain. Or who, really.

“Oh my god, just tell her how you feel.”

“What? No! I can’t do that!” Bucky exclaimed. “She doesn’t love me back!”

Nat pinned him with her “you’re an idiot” glare. Ugh, that glare should not look so familiar. Bucky managed a grin, despite the ache in his lungs from the flowers pressing in them.

“Wouldn’t it be the most ironic death? I can see the headlines now- ‘the Winter Soldier dies from coughing up springtime flowers.’ I know Sam would get a laugh from that!”

A roll of Nat’s eyes and her scowl wiped Bucky’s smile away. He knew she was right, but there was no way he wanted to admit it. So now he’d have to deal with another lecture about dying via flowers growing in his lungs because he was too much of a coward to ask the woman he loved if she loved him in return.

“If you’re gonna die anyway, wouldn’t it be worth at least telling her how you feel? Then at least she’d know the reason why there’s flower petals everywhere! Besides, I can see that this is affecting you far more than you let on.”

Bucky sighed. Nat was right. He needed to tell her. Even if it meant he could die- he was dying anyways. And if she loved him back, it would be worth living for.


More petals. They were beautiful, but you wondered where they came from. You knew Tony loved getting flowers for Pepper, but you could tell these petals weren’t from those bouquets. The flowers would be too simple in Tony’s mind. Except for maybe the tulips. Besides, neither Pepper or Tony would leave the bouquets in the common rooms long enough for their petals to fall off, especially in the amounts that were piled up.

You scooped up the petals, putting them in the plastic bag you’d saved to put any petals you saw since you started noticing the piles. There was no particular reason you saved them, other than a feeling that they were important. Besides, they made a nice smell as you pressed them into the scrapbook you had. (Again, no reason you could name for that.)

Then you noticed Bucky watching you with a strange expression. You smiled as if you weren’t just doing something weird and went over to him, giving Bucky a hug.

“How’re you doing, Bucky?” You asked.

“I… I’m…” Bucky couldn’t let any words out. He’d always wondered what happened to the petals after, but he never expected you to be saving them, as if they were something special. Finally, Bucky blurted out, “I’m in love with you!”

You froze, not expecting that to come out of Bucky’s mouth. But a feeling of relief and joy went through you, knowing that he returned how you felt. Quickly, you gave Bucky a kiss on the cheek.

“Well thank goodness for that, because I love you too. As more than a friend or teammate.”

Bucky sighed in relief before kissing you full on the lips. The pain was suddenly gone from his lungs, as well as his heart. He wasn’t dying any more! Bucky could feel as if the flowers were finally floating away. You pulled back, a little too soon for either you or Bucky’s liking.

“You smell like flowers. Are you the reason for all the flower petals lying around?”

A blush creeped over Bucky’s face as he nodded. He explained that a few missions back, when the Avengers were dealing with a group of evil sorcerers, one of them cursed Bucky to cough up flower petals until he either had his love returned or he died from the flowers growing in his lungs. As sad as that curse was, you couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“That’s ironic, isn’t it? The Winter Soldier surrounded by flowers because of love?”

Bucky laughed. “That’s exactly what I told Nat when she was urging me to tell you! It’s no wonder I love you.”

You shivered in appreciation of hearing those three words leaving Bucky’s mouth. Then you tugged on Bucky’s hand, leading him to your room.

“I want to show you something,” you said as you pulled out the petal scrapbook. Bucky felt like he was melting when he saw it. Slowly, gently, he brushed his fingers over the dried petals.

“This looks amazing.”

You smiled at him. “I felt like these were important, so I wanted to save them. I’m glad I did.”

Bucky looked at you and smiled softly. “You were able to make something beautiful out of something that had been painful. Kind of a metaphor for my life, isn’t it?”

“And that’s why I love you, Bucky,” you told him. “You took all the pain and sadness in your life and turned it into something beautiful, rather than becoming bitter.”

“Thank goodness for that, because without it I wouldn’t have you.”

Bucky kisses you again, the scent of flowers filling the air.

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Summary: After being blinded by a witch on a hunt, your senses begin to adjust, so you decide to take advantage of it.
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 2788
Warnings: Minor angst, reader is temporarily blind, fluff, language, smut, more fluff
A/N: This is for @spnkinkbingo​ and the square was “Body Worship”. There are a lot of different ways this could have gone, but adding that extra feature of heightened senses… Sam’s hands would feel absolutely orgasmic. My 2020 Kink Bingo Masterlist can be accessed HERE and there are links to the previous years. This was beta’d by the spectacular @saxxxology​. Gif was made by me, and I hope you enjoy!


“Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?” Sam’s voice was louder than you expected, even though you could sense he was a few feet away, and you flinched. 

“The answer is still none, Sam,” you growled, wiping away more of the powder on your face. “Just like it was five minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry baby, I just… I don’t know what to do. The witch is dead and the stuff she threw at you is right here. The counter-spell should have worked.” Sam sighed and you could hear fabric rustling, then pages of a book turning. “She’s got too many books here for me to go through right now. I’m gonna bring you back to the motel and come back to grab what I can.”

“Sam, just call Dean. He may have a broken foot, but he can still hobble his way around the bunker to the library.” You hummed, then smiled. “But that’s only if Mary hasn’t killed him yet. Dean’s kinda whiney when he’s sick or injured.”

Sam snorted and you had to hide your twitch when his warm hands cupped your face. “It was worse when he was younger, believe me.” Sam’s thumbs lightly ran under your eyes. “I gotta say, although it sucks you’re blind, your eyes look pretty cool.”

Your eyebrows pinched together. “What do you mean?”

“They have this… shimmery white over their normal color. Looks weird, but cool.” Sam kissed your forehead and your eyes fluttered closed. “But don’t worry baby, we’ll fix it.”

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Title: The Monster Story

Pairing: Dean x Reader Drabble

Word Count: 751

Square Filled: Ghoul

Summary: You tell a dramatic story about a mundane hunt you and the Winchester’s went on many years ago to your three-year old daughter. Dean helps…

Warning: Fluff? Crack? Angst if you squint? Scarring a toddler (possibly) for life?

Written for @spndeanbingo

Disclaimer: Not my gif.

A/N: This was mean’t to be cute and funny, with a pinch of ridiculousness. I’m unsure if my execution was on cue, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! :) Please do let me know what you thought via reblog and a few words of feedback or even a gif! I’d love to know what you guys thought about it! Also, I’d appreciate it a lot! Xx


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Title: Ready

Pairing: Jin x reader,  post break-up

Genre: Angst

Warnings: sad times ahead

Word Count: 3.5k

Song inspiration: Let Go

A/N: Finally, my third piece for the Bulletproof Bingo event! I’ve been struggling to get myself to write recently but I’ve had this in my head pretty much since I got my bingo card. I just couldn’t get the idea to come out how I wanted to, but I’ve finally been able to get my butt in gear and get this written. Enjoy x


Originally posted by myloveseokjin


How painfully poetic, Jin scoffed with a smirk, taking a seat at a table by the window and watching the first few drops of rain land on the glass. He placed the bag he’d been carrying under the table between his feet, hoping it simply looked like he’d been shopping in town before arriving here. He’d only decided to accept your invite this morning, and he still wasn’t sure if he was ready.

But here he was.

Waiting for you.

His ex.

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Mood Music

A/N: This is my entry for @the-ss-horniest-book-club 24 Hour Surprise Drabble Challenge! I chose Melody

Also worked in a couple of squares for bingo! Game Show for @marvelfluffbingo and Playlist for @star-spangled-bingo with Bucky and Reader

Word Count: 408


Originally posted by ironmanssugarbaby

What are you watching?” Bucky stuck his head into the living room. He cocked his head trying to place the music he was hearing. 

“Jeopardy,” came your quiet answer. The final category was Shakespearean Plays and you were trying desperately to run through all of the plays you could in the short amount of time left. You waved a hand absentmindedly at Bucky as he took a seat next to you. He started humming along; you started shushing him and then the light bulb went off in your head.

“Shylock!” you exclaimed as Bucky and the tv ended the well-known countdown song. He glanced at you with an amused look as Alex Trebek started going down the row of contestants. The first two got the answer wrong, as they misunderstood the answer given and had answered with the play instead of the character. The final contestant, and previous day’s champ, had answered Shylock as well and remained champ. You pumped your fist in the air. Bucky laughed and nudged your thigh with his. “Does that mean you are the winner?”

“More like thankful my crappy English degree still helps me out,” you joked with a grin. You sank back into the couch and quietly groaned as a tv show started up. You grabbed the remote and turned it off. Bucky stuck his hand in his pocket and fumbled around. “Need a hand there Buck?” you teased. He stuck his tongue out as he pulled out his phone. Quickly he thumbed through his short playlist, landing on one of his favorites. He set the phone down and reached out for one of your hands. “Dance with me?”

You smiled shyly, tucking a hand into his, letting him pull you into his space. His arms rested gently on your waist, your arms encircling his neck. You sighed and laid your head to his chest; you could hear a small rumble as he groaned above you and hugged you closer. The song eased into the next; the two of you swayed on until a loud cough broke the magic.  Sam and Steve stood there, one jaw hanging open and the other with a smirk etched into his face. “Can I have the next dance?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“Sorry Sam, only room for one on this dance card,” you teased, keeping your head firmly on Bucky’s chest. Between the music and Bucky’s arms, there was no place you’d rather be.

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