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#bio dad tony
I have an endgame prompt...Penny, in the bio-daughter verse, gets to meet her little sister after coming home. And Tony's still alive, because he DIDNT NEED TO DIE DX

So for my very first Whumptober in 2018, which I started late, on day 16, I wrote a prompt, Bedridden, which started a series I called my Tiny Penny Parker series.  And I have loved it.  I put it up on A03 as The Father Daughter Dance, and had so much fun writing these interconnected one-shots in which Tony navigates fatherhood after taking in his daughter.  And today, I’m finally finishing that series.  I hope that you enjoy the final installment in my Tiny Penny Parker series <3

Penny stared at the wall of the sanctum, a pillow propped behind her head, her arm throbbing.  There was an IV inserted into the back of her wrist, and her left arm was wrapped in bandages, all the way from her wrist to her shoulder.  Maybe more.  She couldn’t seem to stay awake for long enough to remember.  To lift her shirt to see if any more of her was hurt.  Her left eye felt strange…hazy.  And her head throbbed in time to her heartbeat.  A thick blanket was pulled up to her chest, and when she tried to sit up, it slipped a little.  But she couldn’t manage it.  Couldn’t push herself upright, instead finding herself flat on her back with a building nausea that seemed to slip away with her consciousness.

When she opened her eyes again, Thor was there.  Still tired looking.  Still sad.  But his long hair had been cut short, shorter than she’d ever seen it, and he was watching her with his strange eyes.

“Missed you,” she slurred a little, fighting to stay awake.  She knew she was in the sanctum.  She knew that she’d snapped her fingers.  She knew that Thanos was gone.  Had felt him die, along with all of the others.  Had watched them crumble to dust just like she had.  How long had she been gone?  Dr. Strange had said but she couldn’t remember.  How long had it been since her dad had knelt by her side, crying and holding her?  Since Thor had carried her through a portal and she’d dropped into this constant hazy reality.  

“I missed you as well,” Thor murmured, leaning in, his eyes as soft and kind as ever.  Where was everyone?  Where was her dad?  Suddenly she felt like a little kid again, wanting her father.  

“Where were you?”

“I was trapped on another planet.  I couldn’t…”

He kept talking, but she was gone again.  Asleep.  And his words pushed through into her dreams…dreams of an arena and aliens and monsters and…and…a child?

“When is she going to wake up?”

“She’s been awake a few times.  She just needs to sleep as much as she can so that she feels better?”  That was her father.  Who was her dad talking to?


“Yeah, Morguna?”

“Do you love me even though she’s back?”

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Haha yeah I remember that 🙄😝


  • Peter was pretty upset the whole ride home, trying not to cry while his Uncle Happy looked worried
  • He bursts through the door of the penthouse and sprints to his room
  • Tony’s in a meeting so Happy texts him and obviously Tony gets super worried when hears that Peter’s upset and speeds away in his suit
  • Everyone in the meeting is like “Ugh there goes Stark again now we have to reschedule”
  • Tony hurries to Peter’s room and knocks on the door quietly
  • He’s like, super scared because he can hear Peter crying
  • But Peter’s like “Go away I don’t wanna talk”
  • He doesn’t really know what to do, so he kinda just decides to respect Peter and go downstairs
  • He makes brownies and pasta for Pete (homemade)
  • Tony has a pretty good idea about what happened now, so he goes back upstairs with the brownies 
  • He asks Peter if he can come in, and the boy kinda grunts so he takes that as a yes
  • Carefully he sits on the soft bed and rubs circles on Pete’s back
  • He’s like, “Are you feeling okay, sweetheart? Do you need anything?” and basically being an OverprotectiveDad™
  • Finally Peter opens up and is like “She broke up with me”
  • Tony’s ready to kill “her” for breaking Peter’s heart but the boy assures him tearily that it’s not that bad
  • I mean, they lasted like 3 days together, but still
  • They eat brownies on the couch together with Peter leaning against Tony, wiping tears from his eyes
  • Eventually they watch Lilo and Stitch, and Tony makes popcorn
  • Peter calms down later because he actually never really liked Dayna much
  • He didn’t even why they dated 🤷‍♀️
  • Peter falls asleep in Tony’s lap, and Tony carefully wipes the tear stain from his face and strokes his curls
  • And they’re both happy


 Tag List: @imissyoutoo @skeeter-110 @nathaly-ab @tonystark-deserves-better

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Forgot to post this here!

New installment to my Beginning series over on AO3. Beta’d by avocadolaw! (All_terrain_nerd on ao3!)

Infinity war spoilers in this one!


Five months after defeating Thanos Tony still has nightmares.

May Thy Slumber Be Blessed

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Stiles Stilinski is the Darcy Lewis of the Teen Wolf Fandom.

#like... at first glance they're a bit annoying, #at first glance you're like sure why not, #they seem cool I guess, #but you're still iffy cause they're a bit obnoxious/annoying, #and then later on it's revealed that they're just really ducking annoying, #but they're played by conventionally attractive white people, #so the fandom just fucking runs with them, #and next thing you know literally anything that had them in it is centered around them, #darcy's in this fic? tony's in this fic? obviously tony stark is Darcy's bio dad, #stiles is in this crossover? it's supernatural? stiles is a wichester duh, #it just gets really annoying really quickly, #and next thing you know everything's about them, #and it's not fun anymore, #and you mightve liked them a bit in the beginning, #but at this point there's just too fucking much stuff about them, #and there's too many people gushing bout how perfect their fav is, #and you're just ducking done with that shit, #like shut the fuck up, #they aren't literally perfect, #and your mild dislike slowly turned to blood boiling irritation cause even though the stories are all about them, #they're too ooc or just not realistic for it to actually be about them, #and you just know that the author is some boring ass white person using the character as a self insert, #and it's just annoying, #and you're still interested in the fandom but too much of the fics are focused on these characters who you didn't like in the begging, #and you especially don't like them when they're this out of character and everything just sucks, #which isn't to say that the stories aren't occasionally good, #it's just that they're not actually the characters you want to read-even when the tags are out here claiming otherwise, #also shut the fuck up fanfic writers out here telling me stiles is impressed cause he's polish, #darcy lewis, #stiles stilinski
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