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A Makeshift Ice-Rink

by @gracefulpanda12 for @skeeter-110

Rating: General

Relationship: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Pepper Potts & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Original Male Character(s)

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Original Male Character(s)

Summary: Tony shrugged and opened the door. Peter was running back and forward. and the babysitter, Thomas, was sitting on the sofa, trying to convince him to sit down. He turned to Pepper and shrugged his shoulders again, before walking straight through the doorway-

-and proceeding to fall straight on his ass.



Peter makes an ice rink.

For the Friendly Neighbourhood Exchange! My first one got deleted, so I had to re upload it!


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Haha yeah I remember that 🙄😝


  • Peter was pretty upset the whole ride home, trying not to cry while his Uncle Happy looked worried
  • He bursts through the door of the penthouse and sprints to his room
  • Tony’s in a meeting so Happy texts him and obviously Tony gets super worried when hears that Peter’s upset and speeds away in his suit
  • Everyone in the meeting is like “Ugh there goes Stark again now we have to reschedule”
  • Tony hurries to Peter’s room and knocks on the door quietly
  • He’s like, super scared because he can hear Peter crying
  • But Peter’s like “Go away I don’t wanna talk”
  • He doesn’t really know what to do, so he kinda just decides to respect Peter and go downstairs
  • He makes brownies and pasta for Pete (homemade)
  • Tony has a pretty good idea about what happened now, so he goes back upstairs with the brownies 
  • He asks Peter if he can come in, and the boy kinda grunts so he takes that as a yes
  • Carefully he sits on the soft bed and rubs circles on Pete’s back
  • He’s like, “Are you feeling okay, sweetheart? Do you need anything?” and basically being an OverprotectiveDad™
  • Finally Peter opens up and is like “She broke up with me”
  • Tony’s ready to kill “her” for breaking Peter’s heart but the boy assures him tearily that it’s not that bad
  • I mean, they lasted like 3 days together, but still
  • They eat brownies on the couch together with Peter leaning against Tony, wiping tears from his eyes
  • Eventually they watch Lilo and Stitch, and Tony makes popcorn
  • Peter calms down later because he actually never really liked Dayna much
  • He didn’t even why they dated 🤷‍♀️
  • Peter falls asleep in Tony’s lap, and Tony carefully wipes the tear stain from his face and strokes his curls
  • And they’re both happy


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When I was a little kid I used to throw the worst tantrums sometimes (which is strange bc I am super chill now). But like, me screaming so hard I would get a bloody nose or throw up. Potential little Peter prompt??? I just feel like Tony as a caretaker would be so stunned and flustered in this situation 馃槀

I’m sorry this took so long to answer, and I hope you like it!!!

Tony used to laugh at parents that talked about the ‘terrible twos and threes.’  He scoffed at people in the grocery store whose four year olds threw themselves on the ground screaming or whose elementary aged kids threw things or talked back or fought with each other in the aisles.  He wasn’t sure exactly what all of those parents were doing wrong, but he knew it had to be something.  Because his four-year-old son was an angel, and he was killing this whole ‘single parenting’ thing.  Sure, he’d only been doing it for three months, but still.  His son was perfect and well-behaved and quiet and loved science and being with his dad or uncle Rhodey, so yeah…Tony had to say, all this talk of tantrums and screaming being inevitable was just bad parenting disguised as natural life stages.

And then he took Peter shopping.

He’d taken his son shopping once or twice, when the boy’s mother had first died…when he’d been informed by a team of three lawyers and a social worker than his one-night-stand of almost five years ago was dead and that he was next in line for the job of raising his son.  He didn’t really remember Mary all that well, but he’d be damned if he left his kid in the hands of strangers, no matter what Obie said.  Or Pepper.  Or Rhodey.  He couldn’t exactly blame them.  He’d been hungover when he’d received the call.  

But in the three months of having the kid, he’d only gotten blackout drunk twice, so he thought that was a step up.  Unfortunately, the second time had come the night before this shopping trip.  It was getting close to Christmas, and memories of Christmas brought memories of the night his parents had gone out, never to return.  Memories of a car crash and memories of losing himself and never quite finding himself again.  

Tony shook those thoughts off.  He’d promised Peter that the two of them would do something the night before, and then he’d gotten drunk instead.  It hadn’t been a conscious decision.  It had started with a drink.  And then a refill.  And then Pepper had been helping him to bed and Rhodey had been picking up his son from the living room sofa, and they had both been so angry.  But Peter had been fine!  He’d been sitting on the sofa in the other room, watching TV and seeming to entertain himself.  

To make it up to the boy, Tony had decided to take him shopping for an early Christmas present.  Kids loved toys, right?  So, ignoring the stony looks from Pepper and a voicemail from Rhodey, he had bundled an unusually quiet Peter up into his winter coat and driven the two of them to the nearest mall.  And…it was a lot.  He clung tightly to Peter’s hand once inside, the crowds of parents and kids pressing into them on all sides.  He’d gotten drunk in front of his kid…he wasn’t going to lose him in the shopping mall the next day.

Just the thought, those words…drunk in front of his kid, made a wave of hot shame overtake him, and he nearly stopped in the middle of the aisle on their way to the toys.  He’d gotten blackout drunk when he’d been watching his kid.  Even Howard had never done that.  What if something had happened?  What if Peter had gotten hurt, or, god forbid, had tried to drink some of his alcohol?  He couldn’t have stopped him!  Or what if Tony had suddenly become a mean drunk and hurt him?  What if he had done something and he couldn’t remember because he’d blacked out!

Peter stood beside him in the aisle, the two of them inching along, and Tony squeezed his hand, heart clenching when the boy didn’t look up. He was four.  He’d been forced to live with his father that he’d never met after losing his mother in an accident he didn’t understand and then his dad had drank himself to sleep in front of him. 

What the hell was Tony doing?  

“Alright, kid.  How about we find you a toy and get something to eat, huh?”

Peter didn’t say anything, just nodded, and Tony led him toward the toy aisle that was so packed they could barely get in.  Swearing under his breath, Tony started to lead Peter to another aisle, but the boy held fast.  Tony glanced back at him, but Peter wasn’t looking at him.  

“Why don’t we look somewhere else?”

Peter shook his head, trying to tug his hand out of Tony’s, but Tony held fast.  He couldn’t lose his kid in a shopping mall after only having him for three months!  “Pete, we’re going to look somewhere else.  This aisle is too crowded.”

“I don’t want to.”

The words surprised Tony, and he blinked at the boy before something rose in him…an anger that Howard had put in him.  Pulling more firmly, Tony lowered his voice and started to kneel down.  “If you don’t come with me, then we’re going home.”  

“No!”  Peter screamed it, yanking his hand almost completely out of Tony’s, and on reflex, Tony tightened his grip even more, then recoiled when the boy screamed, legs dropping out from under him and his body slamming into the ground.  “Let go!  Let go!  I don’t want to!  Let me go!  I hate you!”

Tony glanced around, too aware of the eyes on them, and reached out for the flailing boy, torn between embarrassment and anger.  “Peter, stop!” he hissed.  The boy ignored him.

“I hate you!  You aren’t my daddy!  I want my mom! I want my mom!”  He wailed, feet kicking against Tony when he started to pick him up, head thrown back against the floor over and over so hard that had Tony been less angry, he would have been worried.  

“Stop it!  Right now!”  He reached out, grabbing both of Peter’s arms in a bruising grip, yanking him off the floor.  “Peter, stop!”  Other parents were averting their eyes and herding their children away and he knew that someone would start filming soon if they hadn’t already.  It would be on the internet before morning.  Tony Stark, a failure as a son and a failure as a father.  

Peter continued to scream at the top of his lungs, and Tony held him by his upper arms, giving him a quick, furious shake before he even realized what he was doing.  The boy kept fighting him, and then, to Tony’s horror, there was blood beading up under his nose.

Had he done that?  Had he hurt Peter?

He dropped his hands as though he’d been burned, taking a step back and feeling his stomach clench painfully…and then a dark haired woman was there, a hand on his arm as she steadied him.  “Sir, why don’t you just take a minute?”  she urged, then, before he could answer, she knelt in front of Peter who had stopped screaming and now just stood there, looking so small, arms wrapped around himself as he sobbed silently, blood running from his nose.  

“I didn’t mean to…” Tony whispered, shaking his head.   

“Come on, honey.  Why don’t we get you cleaned up, huh?”  The woman offered, holding out her hand, but Peter shook his head, cringing away.  “Do you want to hold my hand or your dad’s?”

“Dad,” Peter rasped, and Tony held out his hand without thinking, watching as his son stared at it for a moment, wary, before taking it.  Then the woman led them both to the family restroom, Tony shell shocked, Peter still crying.  Once they were all inside, she grabbed a paper towel and ran it under cool water, then handed it to Tony. 

Moving forward on autopilot, Tony sat on the closed toilet lid, wiping the blood from Peter’s nose and lip and chin…there was nothing he could do about the stain on his shirt.  Still, he took the second paper towel the lady handed him, wiping Peter’s face with a shaking hand.  The boy just stared at him, brown eyes huge and red-rimmed.  “Pete?  Buddy, you okay?”  Peter didn’t answer, lip wobbling, and when Tony reached out a hand to touch his cheek, Peter dropped his head, eyes slamming shut, a tear running down his cheek, breath coming in a hitching gasp as he tried not to cry.  “Hey…baby, I’m…I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have done that.  I shouldn’t…did I hurt your arm?”  Tony pulled his sleeve up, running a gentle thumb over the red place there.  “I’m sorry.”

The woman hovered behind them, but when Peter didn’t answer, she stepped forward.  “Hi, Peter.  Do you want to talk about why you were so upset?”  Peter blinked at her, moving a little closer to Tony’s legs.  Then she knelt down and held out a hand.  “I’m May.  I’m a nurse.  Do you know what a nurse does?”

Peter placed his hand in hers then, after glancing back at his father to make sure it was okay.  “Work at a hospital.”

“That’s right.  I help people at the hospital.  I saw that you were upset and I wanted to help.  Can you tell us why you were so upset?”

Peter was quiet, and May smiled.  “Was it because of all the people?  I know it was really loud in there.”

The boy shrugged, and Tony wanted to tell her that he was four…that there was no way the kid knew how to put feelings into words like that…but then Peter spoke, voice soft and halting.  

“Daddy…said we’d do something fun yesterday but…but he drank the grown up stuff and got sick and then we couldn’t go.”

The words were like an arrow through Tony’s chest, and he closed his eyes for a moment, dropping his head.  Peter had seen him.  He’d seen him while he was drunk.  Of course he had.  

“Mommy never did that.  I…I want her…”  Peter voice broke then, and Tony reached out for the boy before he could break down again, pulling him close and wrapping his arms around him.  When he looked up at the woman who had introduced herself as May, he expected judgement.  Condemnation.  Instead, she was smiling softly at him, eyes full of nothing but compassion.  

“That must have been scary, seeing your dad sick.”

Peter nodded against his shoulder, and Tony pressed his nose to his son’s hair, breathing in deep.  “I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry, buddy.  I’m…I’m not going to do that again, okay?”  

Peter pulled back, holding out his tiny pinky finger.  “Promise?”  he asked, his eyes so full of trust.  If Tony promised, he realized, he had to do it.  He had it.  He couldn’t let this boy down.  Not again.  

“Yeah, baby.”  He wrapped his pinky finger around Peter’s, letting Peter shake their hands up and down.  “I promise.”  

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The credit to this amazing video that made me cry goes to @underoosstark! Thank you for making this video! I will cherish it forever!

I wish there was a fic where Tony sings this song to Peter. It would be one of the best IronDad & SpiderSon fics ever!

You’re amazing! Don’t doubt that 💙💚❤

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Whumptober Day 9: “Run!”

Hey everyone! Little bit of a different one this time with a focus on Rhodey being the best Uncle to little Peter possible and how much I love their severely underrated dynamic! I hope you enjoy this story, and if you did, please heart/reblog/comment because your support is what keeps me writing! Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day!


Ao3 Link


“Uncle Rhodey!”

The man perked up from where he was leaning against the school gates, his face brightening at the sight of the little boy scrambling to get down the steps towards him. Peter ran as fast as his six-year old legs would allow once he hit the grass, and if his uncle hadn’t been anticipating his approach, he might have barrelled straight into the man’s legs. Instead, Rhodey knelt down and engulfed the boy into his arms just as he leapt forward, his hold warm and safe and as strong as a bear.

“Hey champ,” the man smiled as they pulled out of the embrace, hands resting on Peter’s nimble shoulders as he asked, “How was school today?”

“It was great! I got an A on my math test!” Peter explained proudly and dug the paper out of his Star Wars backpack.

As soon as he held it out for Rhodey to take, the man’s eyes grew comically wide and he put a hand to his chest, as if in shock. “Wow buddy, this is amazing! Your Dad’s going to be so proud when he finds out.”

“You think so?”

“I know it, because I’m so proud of you too,” Rhodey said, smiling at the elated beam in his nephew’s eyes. After a quick glance down at the paper marking Peter’s clearly advanced intellect, Rhodey added on with a fake expression of seriousness “You know what this calls for?”



Peter jumped up on the balls of his feet with the biggest, brightest grin Rhodey had ever seen, and it melted his heart to see his bubbling excitement. It wasn’t exactly a surprise considering Rhodey always took him out for ice-cream whenever he was back from base, but Peter looked just as excited as the first time they had gone, and it quickly became their little tradition ever since. Peter loved his honorary uncle unconditionally, and Rhodey loved his nephew back just as much. Ever since the beginning they had always had a connection. Rhodey had held him as a mere baby and rocked him to sleep on countless nights, changed diapers and recorded Peter’s first steps towards an elatedly laughing Tony.

They were as close as family could be, and Rhodey cherished any time he got to spend with his kind, genius nephew.

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Tony doesn’t usually hang around playgrounds. Well, no, that’s not true: he never hangs around playgrounds. Parents decided that Tony shouldn’t really be around children, and it’s not like he can’t see why that is (Tony himself knows the list with his flaws is very, very long), but he would be lying if he claimed he’s not at least a little bit disappointed by it. Talking to kids is fun. They ask him fun questions. No adult asks him what his third favorite dinosaur is or if he can build a flying car that’ll take them to the moon and Mars.

But back to the original problem: Tony is at a playground.

Here’s the short version of what happened: He had a one-night stand. He sneaked out. He has no idea where he is and his phone is dead. His head is killing him. The bench by the playground was empty and nobody would expect Tony Stark at a playground.

The noises from the kids aren’t too distracting, and the parents sitting by ignore the man sitting in the shade in favor of exchanging the latest gossip. Tony tries to ignore his pounding headache long enough to figure out what to do. His first step should be figuring out where he is, and then trying to get into contact with Happy. Or Obie. Maybe Rhodey. Or even Pepper. Any human who is more capable of looking after Tony than Tony.

“Excuse me?” a small voice says. “Are you sick?”

Tony blinks his eyes open and looks at a boy standing in front of him, brown curls messy, a few freckles peppered across his cheeks, and watching him with big, brown eyes. He seems to be around four or five years old, Tony isn’t sure (again, he’s not around kids that much) – the boy at least isn’t crawling across the floor or wearing a diaper and he can talk.

For a second, Tony looks around for the parent of the boy in question, but nobody seems to notice. The kid is still looking at him. Tony does his best to give him a smile. “It’s fine. Just a bit of a headache. I only wanted to rest here for a minute.”

The boy continues to stare at him unblinkingly. “You look like Tony Stark.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

“Are you Tony Stark?”

There’s something about the way the boy asks him questions that grabs Tony’s attention, making him sit upright. “Do you know Tony Stark?”

The kid shakes his head. “No. But my Mommy works for him.”

Immediately, Tony tries to guess who this child could belong to. His mind jumps to Pepper at first, but he disregards that thought as soon as it appears. He would know if she has a son. Besides, with the hours he has her working? There’s no way she would be able to look after a small child.

“And what is your Mommy’s name?”

The kid opens his mouth, and Tony is fully prepared to get Mommy as an answer – but something else happens.

“Peter!” Both Tony and the boy – Peter – look up, both recognizing the voice at once. Tony’s eyes grow to the size of tennis balls as he sees his personal assistance, the one and only Pepper Potts, hurry towards them, phone in one hand. Her eyes fly from Peter to Tony and back, a scowl Tony is very familiar with appearing on her face. “You can’t talk to strangers.”

“Sorry, Mommy,” the boy apologizes, immediately latching on to her leg as soon as Pepper is close enough.

Tony can do nothing but blink and stare. Stare at his assistance who he only ever saw in professional business suits and pinned back hair and who manages his entire life – and who now wears jeans and a sweater, running a loving hand through her son’s – her son’s – curls.

Pepper has a kid.

Pepper has a kid?

“You have a kid?” The words are out of Tony’s mouth before he can stop them.

Pepper grimaces before she schools her face into the professional mask he always tries to break. “I do. This is my son Peter. Peter, this is my boss, Tony Stark.”

Peter’s eyes grow even bigger and he stares at Tony in awe. “That’s why you look like him!”

Tony chuckles. “Yeah. You’re a pretty smart guy, Pete. But let’s keep it a secret, okay?”

Peter nods vigorously before looking up to his mother. “Can I ask him about the robots, Mommy?” For a second, Pepper looks like she wants to say no, but in the end, she nods, probably deciding that allowing him the questions would create less drama. “Mommy says you have robots at your house.”

“I do,” Tony answers with a smile. “Their names are DUM-E and U, and I think you might be smarter than them.” Peter giggles. “Peter, does your Mommy talk about me often? What does she say? Does she mention how handsome I am?”

“Sweetie, go play for a bit, okay?” Pepper interjects before the kid can answer. “I need to talk to Mr. Stark for a moment.” Peter mumbles okay and zooms off towards the swings.

As soon as Peter is out of earshot, the adults turn towards each other. “What are you doing here?” Pepper asks at the exact same time as Tony asks: “You have a son?”

“Happy is searching all of Malibu for you!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you have a son?”

“Do you know what could have happened? Someone could have kidnapped you. Something could have happened!”

“Can we please focus on the important thing right now?”

“I’m trying, but you make it very difficult.”

“Pepper, I’m fine,” Tony says, putting a hand on her arm in the hopes of calming her down. “I’m absolutely fine. Well, except for the headache. And that I found out that I basically know nothing about you. Is your name even Pepper?”

“You know it’s not.”

“See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Pepper does that face that she always does when she’s mad at him and tries not to laugh at his jokes. He counts it as a win. And when he pats the bench besides him and she actually sits down, he counts it as a double-win. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“A lot of reasons.”

“Wow, that… hurts.”

Pepper huffs out a laugh, but doesn’t elaborate. Tony’s eyes wander to her fingers – her bare fingers. Pepper noticed. “His father isn’t in the picture.”

“So, you’re doing this on your own?”

“I don’t have another choice.”

“Jesus, Pepper,” Tony sighs, rubbing a hand over his face. “You should have told me. All those times I called you in the middle of the night for some bullshit? Or when I made you stay longer just because?”

Pepper gives him a guarded look, the professional one Tony is used to. “I was very aware of all these things when I took over the position of your assistance. And it worked out. Peter is in a pre-school with very flexible hours, I have a very reliable day nanny, and-”

“And he needs to be around his mother,” Tony says, his voice harder than he anticipated. “As happy as he might be in his school or with his nanny, that’s not a good alternative to spending time with you.” Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

For a moment, Pepper just looks at him, trying to figure out how serious he is. “I would have to quit my job. And you wouldn’t survive a week without me.”

“You don’t have to quit,” Tony is quick to say, because, yes, he wouldn’t survive without her and he really doesn’t want her to quit – for completely professional reasons, of course. “We could set ground rules.”

“There already are ground rules that you always ignore.”

“Well, I wouldn’t ignore them then. I promise.” Pepper still doesn’t look convinced. “Or Peter could come to the mansion. There’s enough room for sure. We could turn one of the way too many guest bed rooms into a room for him. JARVIS is always watching, you know that. I could even program a new AI for him. You could do all the office work in there. And Peter could come down in the workshop, play with the bots. I wouldn’t do anything dangerous when he’s there, I promise.”

Pepper blinks at him. “You’re serious.”

Tony snorts. “I’m eccentric, not heartless.” Pepper is still watching him with some concern, like she fully expects him to change his mind once she agrees to this. “I mean it. You’ve done so much for me. Let me help you with this.”

“If, and it is a big if, we do this, we do this with my rules,” Pepper says, her face hardening again.

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“No drinking and partying when Peter is over, no foul language and no dangerous stuff.”

“Of course.”

Pepper gives him another once over, but Tony can see the exact second she gives up the resistance. “Alright. Let’s try it.” For some reason, Tony is absolutely delighted about the idea. While Pepper calls Happy to let them know she found Tony and that they’re all – including Peter – will go to the mansion, Tony and Peter discuss their third favorite dinosaurs.

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