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Shoelace has entered her new home! She spent ages exploring, and seemed to really enjoy that it was taller than her old viv!
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Curcuma longa has long history of medicinal use in Ayurveda. A unique product NR‑INF‑02 was prepared from C. longa that was standardized to contain turmerosaccharides. Objective: The present study investigated the effect of turmerosaccharides rich fraction of NR‑INF‑02 on monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)‑induced OA pain animal model that mimics human OA. Further, the analgesic effect of turmerosaccharides rich fraction was compared to turmerosaccharides less fraction of NR‑INF‑02. Materials and Methods: OA pain was chemically induced by intra‑articular administration of single dose of 25 µl of 0.9% saline containing 0.3 mg MIA into the right knee of male albino Wistar rat. Turmerosaccharides rich fraction and turmerosaccharides less fraction (at 22.5, 45 and 90 mg/kg rat body weight dose levels) were administered as a single dose orally on day 5 of post‑MIA injection. OA pain was measured using hind limb weight‑bearing ability at 1, 3, 6, and 24 h post-test substance administration on day 5. Results: Oral administration of turmerosaccharides rich fraction and turmerosaccharides less fraction (at 45 and 90 mg/kg) although significantly decreased the OA pain at all the intervals, the effect of turmerosaccharides rich fraction (57%) on OA pain was superior to turmerosaccharides less fraction (35%).
 Address :  Plot No. 5B, Veerasandra  Industrial Area,19th K.M.  Stone, Hosur Road, Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560 100 Phone  : +91-80-4020 9999
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rhodeythebetta · 3 days ago
I love decorating Hoshis tanks, but then I aggressively nitpick for the next 3 days while Hoshi explores. And then I change stuff around again. Thank god she is a forgiving lizard overlord who doesn't mind my issues
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I feel like the left side is too cluttered and the right side is not cluttered enough... but I did get her first live plant in there. A very lovely senecio!
I really want to go bioactive for her, but I'm waiting until I have enough room to build her a way bigger enclosure and go bioactive in there. So.... I'll be slowly accumulating potential leopard gecko plants for a while and building up yet another colony of isopods. All while plotting out as massive an enclosure as I can fit into my house... hoping for a minimum of 5ft wide? Bigger if possible. And I'm looking into better ways to heat her! I can't put a dhp in her current enclosure, but I can when I build my own!!!😎
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amazingpetenclosures · 3 days ago
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King Snake enclosure by Kevin Calcaterra
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karishmamulani · 4 days ago
Bioactive Ingredient Market Evolving Opportunities, Covid-19 Impact, Strategies And Forecast
The global Bioactive Ingredients Market Size is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period and by 2026 the industry revenue estimates are projected to reach USD 50.89 billion. Increasing awareness of fitness among people is expected to positively impact the demand of bioactive products market.
These products provide various health related benefits owing to their antioxidant, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-tumor, anti-viral and anti-uropathy properties. These bioactive products also enable better management of health conditions among human beings. All these factors combined together are anticipated to positively drive the growth of the market.
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Recent studies have indicated that fiber intake can prevent various diseases such as diabetes, and obesity. They are also found out to reduce chronic degenerative ailments. Such trends have benefitted the product demand in the recent past and is expected to do so over the forecast period.
Vitamin bioactive ingredients have been found to have health effects on the human body especially the skin. Proper intake of vitamin enhances collagen production, discourages melanin formation and pigmentation, and is helpful for a toned skin. They can also be used to reduce wrinkling and lightening of the skin. Such advantages are expected to boost the segment demand over the forecast period.
Effective encapsulation methods are in high demand for preservation of these compounds until it is reached to the physiological action site. Bioactive food categories have been gaining significant interest owing to its potential health benefit propositions. They are useful for improving endothelial function, increasing the gut microbial diversity, reducing bone loss and also for overall improvement of cognitive body function.
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Novel extraction methods for extracting plant based bioactive ingredients have been developed. These methods are environmentally friendly, require less operational time, and do not hamper the quality of the extracts. Also, there has been rising demand for plant extracts bioactive ingredients from applications such as food and chemical industries. Such trends are expected to benefit the segment growth over the forecast period.
Functional food & beverages application segment dominated the global bioactive ingredients market over the recent years and is expected to continue this dominance across the forecast period. Due to its inherent set of advantages, there has been growing awareness regarding preventive healthcare across the globe. Functional foods help consumers in their pursuits towards preventive healthcare. This factor coupled with the available product portfolio of functional foods, is expected to aid the segment market growth.
Bioactive ingredients are used in personal care as they are having various effects such as healthy skin, reduced wrinkles and reduction in melamine formation. Personal care application segment has seen a rise in market size over the recent past due to various factors such as changing perceptions, rising disposable income and increasing standard of living. The growth in personal care industry is expected to benefit the market growth of bioactive ingredients over the forecast period.
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Companies are focusing more on development of innovative products to acquire market share. Customized product offerings to treat specific diseases such as skin diseases are being developed by industry participants. Major industry participants include BASF, DuPont, Cargill Inc., Archer Daniels Misland Company, Ingredion Incorporated, Ajinomoto Co. Inc. and Owen Biosciences Inc.
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amazingpetenclosures · 5 days ago
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A couple of isopod terrariums by Amy Williams
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abhipriya11 · 7 days ago
Bioactive Ingredients market Size 2025 Growth Share, Industry Dynamics, Top Trends and Regional Analysis Forecast 2025
In a recently released market report, Fast. MR outlines the core factors that are anticipated to influence the Bioactive Ingredients market 2020 -2025 development over the next few years. Current patterns, demand forces, openings, and constraints are all carefully examined to provide a good picture of the current market environment and the direction the Bioactive Ingredients market is expected to go over the next decade.
Companies in the Bioactive Ingredients market have benefited and suffered as a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic. Market players will use our recently published report to devise novel strategies for overcoming the obstacles that lie ahead during the COVID-19 lockdown era. Companies will learn factual knowledge about COVID-19 and how it affects commodity sales in the global business environment through our research report.
According to the survey, the Bioactive Ingredients market is expected to expand at a CAGR of xx percent over the evaluation period due to a variety of key factors such as increased investment in the Bioactive Ingredients market, an increase in the number of research and development programmes, favourable regulatory policies, and more. When curating the market review, the researchers at Fast. MR use modern analysis tools and collect data from reliable primary and secondary sources.
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The Bioactive Ingredients market report provides answers to critical questions such as:
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• Who is already at the top of the global Bioactive Ingredients market rankings?
• Are there any ways for Bioactive Ingredients market players to broaden their development footprint?
• Which category has the greatest influence on the overall Bioactive Ingredients market?
Market Segmentation:
By Ingredient Type:
- Fiber
- Probiotics
- Omega3 Fatty Acids
- Phytoextracts
- Carotenoids
- Prebiotics & Amino Acids
- Others
By Application:
- Pharmaceuticals
- Functional Food & Beverages
- Personal Care
- Animal Feed
- Others
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Regional Outlook:
Regionally, the global Bioactive Ingredients marketis segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa. Also, the classification of market data and analysis of region into countries is covered in the market research report. Further, the regions are segregated into the country and regional groupings:
- North America (U.S. & Canada)
- Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Rest of Europe)
- Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Rest of Asia Pacific)
- Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America)
- Middle East & Africa (GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman), North Africa, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East & Africa)
Few Key Players:
The report profiles various major market players such as
· Archer Daniel Midland Company
· Cargill Incorporated
· Sabinsa Corporation
· Ingredion Incorporated
· DuPont
· Ajinomoto Co. Inc.
· Arla Foods
· Nuritas Ltd.
· Mazza Innovation Ltd.
· Roquette Frères
· Other Major & Niche Players
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About Us:
Fast. MR offers a comprehensive database of syndicated research studies, customized reports, and consulting services. These reports are created to help in making smart, instant, and crucial decisions based on extensive and in-depth quantitative information, supported by extensive analysis and industry insights.
Our dedicated in-house team ensures the reports satisfy the requirement of the client. We aim at providing value service to our clients. Our reports are backed by extensive industry coverage and is made sure to give importance to the specific needs of our clients. The main idea is to enable our clients to make an informed decision, by keeping them and ourselves up to date with the latest trends in the market.
Contact Us:
Fast. MR
150 State Street, Albany,
New York, USA 12207
+1 (518) 300-1215
More Industry Update –
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ask-a-vetblr · 8 days ago
Hi!! I'm sending this ask your way because I'm not entirely sure where else to go & I know several other animal blogs follow you, so maybe you or one of your followers knows-- if it's too far into "pet care" territory I understand. I'm working on setting up a bioactive enclosure for my cornsnake, and doing as much research as I can & am very excited about our plans! But I'd feel much, much better if I could ask a seasoned herp keeper to look over our plans and give input. (part 1/2 sorry)
I was wondering if you (or any of your followers) know of anywhere I could ask for individualized input on our plans? I feel bad asking random strangers to put in that effort for me, but was wondering if there was a space dedicated to that kind of input anywhere I could go to (or any alternative solutions to my anxieties lol). (2/2)
vet-and-wild here.
There are many bioactive groups on Facebook. As with any social media, some people suck, but there’s a lot of communities out there with bio keepers that are usually happy to help newbies.
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rraftarr1709 · 13 days ago
Bioactive peptides are the amino acids joined together in a covalent bond; these substances are extracted from various natural sources providing a variety of health benefits.
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justnoodlefishthings · 13 days ago
anyway i also don't like the new vet. the vet who used to see nubby and ophie was great but he moved to Florida. the new vet gave me attitude because ophie has a uvb lamp, of all things
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Plant haul~
1 bromeliad (some Guzmania varietal)
1 Peperomia obtusfolia “Variegated”
1 Aglaonema varietal
All of these are for Titania, my crested gecko who I have... neglected to post about on here, oops. I got her back at the end of January! She’s fantastic and I could not be happier to have her! I should make a post about her later.
She’s been in her bioactive planted set-up since February, but her previous bromeliad was putting out pups before I even transplanted it into the vivarium, so it was dying off and I needed a new one. Aaaand since I was at the nursery anyway, I decided to pick up a few more plants that do well in vivaria since some of my initial choices aren’t working out as well as I’d hoped. I want her to have a nice humid jungle to climb around in and explore!!!
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goddamn-grammar-blog · 14 days ago
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Tumblr media
Got a tub set up for Keeva, so here’s hoping she likes this better than the tank.
I had to solder holes in plastic! And I did! I’m pretty impressed with myself.
We also weighed her. It appears like she hasn’t lost any weight, surprisingly, and she was her usual beautiful self.
Please eat next week, Keeva. For the love of everything holy, just eat.
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reptile-garden · 16 days ago
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I somehow managed to get this on Spitfire with out any issues beyond a glare.
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goddamn-grammar-blog · 17 days ago
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Haloke is a proper little snake now. No little worm here.
I’m so relieved to see her recovering so well, I could cry.
(She’s been super cryptic lately, only coming out on feed day, but she was out and lounging today when I came home from work. God, I love this girl ❤)
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Bioactive ingredients refer to supplementary bio-molecules that are present in foods to adapt one or more metabolic progression for superior health. Bioactive food ingredients are typically found in multiple forms such as glycosylated, esterified, thiolyated, or hydroxylated. Bioactive food ingredients are useful for numerous metabolic activities and for beneficial effects in various diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration and diabetes. Bioactive ingredients are also helpful in anemia, rickets and malnutrition, which normally occur due to lack of balance diet and insufficient intake of nutritional foods.
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