origsmocs · 2 days ago
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I think someone else has made almost this exact same thing before but I felt we needed some more of this kind of image
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zesk · a day ago
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This set has a lot of support, and needs less than 2k to get to the next milestone. Then maybe we can get a cool set to commemorate Bionicle besides a tiny Tahu in the anniversary set. Support and share!!!
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socketballmocs · 2 days ago
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Does anyone still use tumblr for mocs?
Here's a build for the Hardworking Citizens collab - you can see the other builds here on instagram.
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toainatreehouse · 2 days ago
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I sincerely hope I'm not the only person in the bonkle fandom who's heard this mashup
Blank version in the read more for anyone who wants to use it
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rahiwatching · 22 hours ago
Sometimes, I think about all those planets Mata-Nui visited during his 100,000 year journey across space and wonder what it would be like if they all discovered each others existence.
Maybe they set up some sort of communication system like an interplanetary group chat after a while to share knowledge and cultural history. Through this they all come to a slow realisation that each and every one of them had one shared legend.
At some point in their history, all of them have records of a mysterious island that suddenly sprung up in their oceans seemingly overnight, that equally suddenly disappeared many years later. Some even have shared stories of this disappearance bring preceeded by the arrival of strange, unstoppable insect like beings that destroyed everything in their path.
It's a mystery that confounds the greatest minds of each planet, how can so many different and far apart worlds share the same legend? Many of these legends reach back hundreds if not thousands of years, long before they had any contact with other worlds, so how do they all have a record of such similar events?
Then, eventually, the inhabitants of Spherus Magna sheepishly speak up and just go
"Yeah, about that. We have got a bit of a confession to make..."
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crystaltoa · 2 days ago
What if Ko-Matoran have incredibly sharp senses of smell and hearing because they're so hyper-acclimatized to living in a frozen wasteland where everything is one obiquitous blob of white, so their nasal and auditory receptors are fine-tuned for detecting prey or threats? As a result, visiting Ga-Koro and Le-Koro is a low-key hellish experience for Kopaka because *everything there smells like swamp water and plant matter and it's full of splashing or jungle sounds*. Ta-koro is even worse for him
it was canon that Ta-Metru was like this for both Ko- and Ga-Matoran so yeah, that would absolutely be the case for Ta-Koro. hadn’t occurred to me that Ga-Koro would be unpleasant for Kopaka because it seems like such a serene place generally, but there might be something to that. Also Kopaka having sensory issues in general goes a long way towards explaining some of his other traits, and why big groups of people are uncomfortable for him.
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socketballmasks · 12 hours ago
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Next wave is coming up REALLY soon. Sorry for the short notice, but things have been real hectic lately. Each mask will be $12 each. If you're worried about missing out, don't worry - another wave TWICE this size will be happening soon after. I also had to increase the price of international shipping outside North America to $17 to cover the difference in rates. That SHOULD be the last increase to shipping and handling prices I should have to make for a good long while.
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wjbs-bonkle-au · a day ago
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More stuff for my roleswap AU; this time, it's the Toa Mahri, who swap with the Toa Metru.
Toa versions coming when someone makes a Stud.io parts pack with a Toa Metru design that doesn't hurt to pose.
(content used: stuff from here, some of @nattarthetimedragon content packs, some of SwampKryakwa's colourpacks, Godfyr's parts-pack, Enhanced Mata Pack, Hordipack)
Full list of (main) swaps below.
Toa Mata/Nuva ↔ Chronicler’s Company
Toa Metru ↔ Toa Inika/Mahri
2004 Matoran ↔ 2006 Matoran
Piraka ↔ Barraki
Vezon ↔ Nocturn
2008 Shadow Matoran ↔ 2008 Av-Matoran
Teridax ↔ Mata Nui
Hand of Atarkha ↔ Brotherhood of Makuta
Order of Mata Nui ↔ Dark Hunters
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systemsearcher · 2 days ago
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Dailyu Nokama update: Oof, this took a while. But I finally figured out how to make a Rau-looking Rau. Next - the face bits.
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teelguy · 18 hours ago
hey uh so what if that asteroid that hit planet slizer and fused/mutated the slizers was actually the great spirit robot landing on the planet
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noblegaswitch · a day ago
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@sumi-sprite Tabasco-guzzling Kopaka anon here. Your heavy-drinking Ko-Matoran headcanons have tickled my ribs so greatly that I took it upon myself to make this. Yep, that's winterberry moonshine in all of those bottles and 'Paka has about 8 more hidden beneath his winter overskirt. I draw Kopaka heavily-clothed since I was inspired by @just-rube's interpretation of him and Lewa has massive gaps in his forearms, thighs and calves for the same reason that birds have hollow bones. My first artistic contribution to this fandom is turning Lewa into a walking winerack. 
Not pictured: Kopaka sternly telling Tahu that he's limited to one (1) bottle after that time he turned into a tomato flambe and nearly decimated 1/4 of Ko-Koro
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jurakan · 2 days ago
Okay but the Bohrok-Kal are actually the worst story arc in all of BIONICLE.
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minotaursauce · 2 months ago
This man has singlehandedly ruined the lives of hundreds and I love him for it
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saint-megatron · 4 months ago
Me telepathically beaming Bionicle lore into your brain as you sleep
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crystaltoa · 18 hours ago
If Takanuva became a Hordika, what kind of animal do you think he'd be?
My own headcanon for Hordika mutations is that they reflect the victim’s environment but also their behavior. So a hordika who swims a lot grows fins, one who starts hunting prey will grow claws and fangs. So, where does that leave Takanuva, who can’t stand to do the same thing or stay in the same place for very long?
There’s the jack-of all trades approach, something that can survive in a variety of environments, like a goat or rabbit. or a smart, omnivorous animal that learns new skills easily, like a raccoon.
Or maybe he’s the housecat who really, really wants to go outside. No, he wants to come straight back in. Nope, out. Definitely out this time. Hey, wait, it’s dinnertime, isn’t it?
But there’s also the option of ending up as some kind of weird chimera because he just couldn’t make a lifestyle commitment. Or, like, a platypus might be on brand then. They’re bioluminescent apparently.
Crab might also be an option if he steered the transformation by just hanging out with Pewku a lot. That could be fun to combine with the Mahri blackwater AU, where Jaller is definitely a crab too.
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origsmocs · 7 months ago
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Hello Detective. I want to play a game.
Before you there is a sealed canister of the Lego Bionicle set #8746: Visorak Keelerak. I want you to open the canister and build the set according to the instructions included within.
However, things won't just be so simple. Also included in the canister are several parts from the set 8914: Toa Mahri Hahli. Particularly, the extra pieces included are several balljoint connector pieces made out of lime-green plastic. I want you to find which parts are from the original Keelerak set, and which ones are the newer version, and assemble the set as normal.
If you pick the wrong part and a single piece breaks or shatters when you put them together the game will be up, and the other canisters in the room, which are filled with poison gas, will open and kill you. Let the games begin.
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epoxyconfetti · 9 days ago
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wjbs-bonkle-au · 2 days ago
Ok so I posted this on my main a while ago, but I guess I'll put it here as well;
I remember, back when Bionicle was still a thing, seeing a piece of official artwork of Matoro's Mahri form where his Cordak rockets were cyan instead of red; however, this artwork isn't anywhere on Biosector, and it may have not existed in the first place.
I can't remember where I saw it, but it might have been in Bioniclestory.com's characters section.
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applesuave · 2 months ago
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stormyboi7 · 2 months ago
since we’ve determined that battinson’s parents died somewhere in 2001, do you think thomas and martha ever got bruce bionicles before they were killed
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