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I have a confession: I get really uncomfortable around the pansexual label. that term has been used to attack us time and time again. The definition for pansexual is literally the same as bisexual and it feels like we're being called outdated or transphobic.TBH whenever someone says they're pan, I avoid mentioning my sexuality entirely bc I don't want to get harassed or insulted. I don't hate people who identify as pan, I'm scared of getting harassed or called transphobic.
Yeah that's entirely fair. Pansexuality makes me deeply uncomfortable as well for similar reasons, although as a trans person I also feel very fetishized by pans, which is part of it for me, and I'm sure many other trans people.
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sincerelywhiterose · 6 months ago
Friendly reminder that tomorrow is the first day of pride month and if I see any biphobia, I will throw hands
This includes, but is not limited to:
saying that bisexuality excludes trans/nonbinary people (it doesn't)
saying that bisexuality is too binary (it isn't)
saying that bisexuality is outdated (again, it isn't)
saying/implying that bisexuals only care about gender rather than personality (which is gross and untrue)
derailing conversations on biphobia and its effects
excluding bisexuals from mlm and wlw spaces/discussions
speaking over bisexuals in conversations on the issues we face
refusing to listen to bisexuals if we say something is biphobic
ignoring bisexual history and activism
ignoring the present contributions of bisexuals to LGBTQ culture
making demeaning jokes about bisexuals or jokes that rely on negative stereotypes
stereotyping bisexuals in general
viewing bisexuals as 'half-straight'/'lesser' members of the LGBTQ community
and finally, speaking over bisexuals about the very definition of bisexuality
yes this includes saying things like 'that sounds more like [other sexuality]' or 'if you define your attraction that way you're [other sexuality] instead' in response to a bisexual person describing how they define their orientation for themself
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boytoykisser · 7 months ago
Actually, bi women who love sex, threesomes, kinky stuff, partying, and drunk make out sessions with other women are essential to the lgbt community. Die mad over it.😁
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captaintiny · 5 months ago
honestly i get so sad when i think about the irreparable damage done to the bisexual community because of the ahistorical redefinition of what it means to be bisexual, like i spent so long thinking that i couldn't be bi because I'd been told emphatically that bisexuality didn't include trans people and that other identies focused on personality over gender/genitals where bisexuality didn't, and that's not only biphobic as hell that's also just.... wrong
to all those people out there wondering if bisexuality is for them, the definition of bisexuality has been "attraction regardless of gender" since the 1970s, there's such a wonderfully diverse and rich history of bisexuality, i promise you there is room for you in this identity and I'm so sorry other people have told you otherwise
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nebulaniggatry · 11 months ago
If y’all were curious, yes, white gays were harassing a black trans person over this & misgendering her with fingers in their ears
Edit: heads up that TERFs have found this and are clogging the replies with blatant transphobia + misgendering the person in the video. Free blocklist.
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prokopetz · 6 months ago
I know when exclusionists talk about bisexuality being “invented” they’re alleging some sort of malicious historical revisionism, but in my head all I can picture is some anaemic twink in a waistcoat screaming “IT’S ALIVE!” and promptly fainting from overexcitement while my sexual orientation bursts from the slab and goes lurching blindly into the storm-lashed night, and I’m not gonna lie, I’d be okay with that.
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accurate-bisexual-info · 5 months ago
“Pansexuality means [definition of bisexuality] except [insults bisexuals].”
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man-loving-dyke · 17 days ago
God, I hate the term Compulsive heterosexuality, just say hetronormitivity.
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pippii-punkstockings · 2 months ago
Also what’s really funny about “panphobia” is that pansexuals are coddled.
No, genuinely, they are coddled in a way absolutely no one else is.
You make a post criticizing the pan label, how it’s biphobic, transphobic, often homophobic, and how the creator of the flag is a lesbophobe, and all you get is “no panphobia!” “Pansexuals are valid!” “Pansexuals aren’t hurting anyone!” Because somehow pansexual feelings are more important than a label that has harmed the community as a whole.
I mean, for fuck’s sake, I saw a post about US IMPERIALISM get derailed because “op is a panphobe.” I’ve seen posts about how to spot actual terf dogwhistles and how to actually support trans women get derailed because “op is a panphobe.” Because how dare pansexual feelings not be the first priority and given utmost consideration.
It is fucking insane, because absolutely no one else gets this treatment. Everyone can say whatever horrific shit about lesbians and bisexuals and trans people (especially trans women) they want (“bisexuals and lesbians are dumb and transphobic and I am smarter and more woke because I would be willing to date a trans person”), but how DARE they criticize the pan label and say that pansexuals are not valid.
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lesbianb · 6 months ago
it seems like sometimes people are really reluctant to have bi headcanons for characters who are gnc and/or in wlw or mlm relationships... it often seems to be implied if not outright started that these things are outside bi experiences. + too often characters who are confirmed bi (or even real people!) are called gay men/lesbians. please be careful in how you talk about or don’t talk about bi people, recognize them as capable of having complex feelings about their genders, unconventional presentation, etc
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yourlocalmilf · 8 months ago
Friendly reminder that biphobia against bi men is very strong. For some reason people act as if they're not actually bi, or that they're tainted.
Bi men deserve just as much love as the rest of us. And it disgusts me how openly people are against bi men, but will turn around and say they support bi women.
If you don't support bi men, then I don't want you're support either.
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nebulaniggatry · a year ago
Anyway I want to tell bi girls, especially with how disgustingly biphobic twitter has been, that if you have a preference for men, don’t feel obligated to try and make yourself seem more “gay.” You’re enough. Don’t suppress your attraction for temporary validation. Your love for all genders is real & valid. you shouldn’t feel restricted or that you have to make fifty wlw moodboards and strip your pages of any mention of men to prove your worth to biphobes. Men are hot. Talk about how much you find them attractive without shame.
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prokopetz · a month ago
The thing you’ve gotta understand is that biphobia within the LGBT community is not extricable from the propensity of intracommunity gatekeepers to use “bisexual” as a catch-all label for every single person who doesn’t fit into the narrow categories of gender and sexuality that they’ve decided are acceptable this week. “You’re not [identity], you’re actually just bisexual” and “bisexuals are awful” are not unconnected stances.
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herinsectreflection · 4 months ago
I really need to write a bot that automatically replies "bi people exist" to every comment that claims that Buffy must be straight because we only canonically see her date guys.
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slutauthority · 4 months ago
it’s been said here b4, but apparently needs repeating that bisexual women do not get any special fucking privilege when it comes to cishet men.
A lot of cishet men like and obsess over the IDEA of a bisexual woman. But often times all those things they idealize about us and the assumptions they place on us are the very reasons they start to resent and despise us when they date us. i can’t tell u the amount of cishet men who have verbally supported my bisexuality and then once they are with me/dating me, my bisexuality is the very thing that makes them insecure or controlling. Because my bisexuality and how it influences my life and relationships does NOT go away once I am with a cishet man. and a lot of them are really uncomfortable with that.
When a bi woman is with a cishet man, it’s p fucking telling that most ppl react with eye-rolling and mockery. When really we should be making sure they’re okay. I’m not saying every cishet man will abuse us, I know plenty of cishet men who are decent and normal ppl who love their bi gfs. But considering the rates of abuse and assault bi women are facing, we should INHERENTLY be making sure that any member of the LGBT community is safe with a partner who is cishet instead of belittling them. And if that partner is treating them right, we should be celebrating that. We should be happy that a bisexual woman is with a good partner.
I know this is all stuff that’s been said before, but the amount of shit I still see about bi women with cishet men, it apparently just needs to be repeated until you all fucking understand that bi women are members of your community and if you’re not protecting us, then your rhetoric is actively harming us.
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