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#bird illustration

Been wanting to draw the Japanese Long-Tailed Tit Bird in a long while because OMG it’s the cutest bird ever. It’s so cute it doesn’t look real! XD

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This is the first drawing of a new series I got planned here, #sketchycrows 🖤

Please if you got pictures of crows in awkward situations send them to me and I will add them to this collection. Stay tuned for more! ✨

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Hi tumblr folks! I’m new and I’m hoping to find a cozy little home here 🏡

I’m an aspiring illustrator and I love to draw landscapes and animals, I use mainly traditional media and my favourite technique is a mix of watercolour, gouache and colored pencils. I’m also a beginner photographer and I particularly enjoy taking pictures of birds, so I may share some from time to time.

If you love nature, vintage stuff and cottagecore we could be good friends 💖

P.S. You can find me on instagram too, I have two accounts:

🎨 @krizia_capuzzi_art 📷 @unwritten_paths

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Bird illustrations taken from ‘Shotaika kachō gafu’ by Gessai Fukui.

Published 1898 by Ōsaka-shi, Tōkyō-shi, Aoki Sūzandō, Seishū Yokkaichiminato.

Smithsonian Libraries

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Did you watch the movie The Breakfast Club? If you did then you probably remember the final scene and the song in it. I love this song❤️ One of the best soundtracks✊🏻

P.S. Movie is good too, by the way😂

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Bird illustrations taken from ‘Bairei Hyakucho Gafu’ by Kono Bairei.

Published 1881 by Okura Magobei.

 Glasgow School of Art Library.

This work is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Blackbird linoprint - Framed and ready to hang by Carolynne Coulson


This print is also available unframed. My linocuts are handmade from start to finish, hand carved, rolled and handprinted, as …

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‘Flying Geese’ (1926) by Ohara Shōson (Japan, 1877-1945).

Woodblock print.

Image and text information courtesy LACMA.

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#0076 - Mountain Bluebird

He’s blue. He’s a bird. I love him. 

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