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Wally: [flirting mode] ya know
Wally: there's always a "ship" in "friendship"
Wally: and there's only a letter keeping "bromance" from becoming "romance"
Dick: [horribly confused] um i don't like donna like that and since when are you gay for roy???
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Okay I thought about it and why not.

I’m going to ask everyone to send me prompt to write, and nsfw is good because I don’t normally write anything like that and this shall be great practice!

I would love to do a few things,,,

My Birdflash aus list I pinned can definitely be used

Aus are welcome

And I won’t turn down angsty or topics that does have triggers.

My only rule is I will not do incest, pedo, or one character being abusive to their partner because it is a sensitive topic for me,,, but shitty parents I can fucking do!

Askbox only! Dialogue or theme are accepted, crack the better, and if you got a need for a kink I’m ya dude!

I need to practice, I am bored, and why not. So yeah, yolo this!

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heya babe. i see you like to cause yourself suffering, same as i do.

k: what’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

ok i’m actually gonna put this under a cut because the angstiest idea i’ve ever come up with is (only slightly) fucked up and most definitely a trigger warning. it’s in one of the 32 alternate universes i’ve come up with in my head, and differs from canon but only slightly. some backgroud: in this au (it’s birdflash bc of course it is) wally and dick weren’t together, but they were best friends like they always are. then wally goes and sacrifices himself to save the universe, but, his flash ring, the one his costume is stored in, doesn’t get sucked into and lost in the speedforce like wally did, because it has speedforce energy inside it and therefore gets left behind. (i am very aware thats not how the speedforce works. i do not care.) barry decided to give the ring to dick.

pretty big tw ahead

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(how do i shorten the link?????)


Person A *sobbing*

Person B: Babe, i’m here, its ok. just breathe

Person D: are they…

Person C: glares


Person A: I’m sick


Person D and C: exchange the look ™


Person A: I’m gonna get a haircut!

Person B: Just make sure it’s long enough that I can play with it, ok?

Person A: of course!

Person C and D: God, if you’re there-


Person C *sobbing*

Person B: Are you okay? Here, look at this photo of Person A, it’ll make you feel better


Person C and D: Hello? Satan? We need some help here!

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(Oh this is perfect thank you so much!)

  • In this au their ages are adjusted so their canonical age gap is doubled putting Dick at 20/21 and Jason at 8/9 when the story starts. In this AU Dick meets Jason during a Blackgate system failure that causes a breakout. Jason, after living a few months on the streets after his mother’s death, had gone to Blackgate in hopes of finding his father. He kicks Duck in the shin and runs when Dick tires to help him, and a few days later Dick goes to Crime Ally with the Batmobile as bait. Jason hits him with the crowbar but Dick catches up with him, offers him help, and ends up adopting him.
  • The Titans are a big part of the story actually! It’s similar to how they were when Roy had Lian while still with the Titans. They babysit Jason from time to time and all generally love him, and Dick is always able to turn to them for help when he needs it.
  • Neither! Jason doesn’t become a hero until he’s a lot older than Dick had been (so about 15/16) and he takes on the name Nightingale (Betty is already Flamebird and Robin is not a mantle up for grabs so neither title was really an option and he wanted to match Dick).
  • Dick is not in a relationship when the story starts but he and Wally has been about to start a relationship. When Dick adopts Jason, they get stuck in this weird relationship where they’re not together because Dick doesn’t have time for a relationship right now much less a long distance one but they still don’t act like just friends anymore. Wally loves Jason to death though, and he outright tells Dick that when he’s ready and when Jason is ready to accept another adult in his life, he would still want to be with him and Dick having a kid doesn’t change the fact that he cares for him.
  • The story actually jumps between it all! It’s very fluffy in the sense that there is a lot of family fluff with Dick and Jason but there is angst and drama, and a lot of it is meant to be kind of grounded in a sort of reality of what bring a single parent with a full time job and a superhero nightlife would be like.
  • Only other big notes I can thing of are that at the start of the story Dick and Bruce are still fighting and aren’t in contact with each other, it had been Babs and Kate who called Dick for backup with Blackgate. Tarantula and Blockbuster do happen and it’s that whole situation that finally forces Dick to go back home to the manor because he knows he’s not in the condition to be caring for Jason alone (so Bruce finally gets to meet his grandson).
  • One last thing is that there will be story in this au not connected to the main story but also connected at the same time? In it Jason becomes Robin at fourteen and is killed only a few months later by Joker. It follows Dick and Wally grieving their son (after he and Babs kill Joker) and trying to find a way to move forward. Then one day they’re at the cemetery and notice the soil above Jason’s grave shift… after that it follows them trying to bring Jason back from his comatose state. The story ends with Dick waking up screaming and Bruce and Wally holding him. He blinks back into reality and learns he was hit with fear toxin and the entire story was the vision the toxin gave him and his Jason is perfectly safe and waiting for him to get better.
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Wally: *rolls over in bed*
Wally: You awake?
Dick: *also rolls over*
Dick: Hehe, yep.
Dick: *kisses Wally's nose*
Dick and Wally: *snuggles*
Roy: *rolls over*
Roy: Are you awake?
Jason: *violently flops over*
Jason: Bitch, the fuck you want?
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Wally: Crushes are the worst!

Dick: Yeah, whenever I’m near someone I have a crush on, I start acting nervous

Wally: But you’re always acting nervous

Dick: … Yeah don’t think about that one too hard

Artemis: Bold of you to assume that Wally thinks

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Writer 1: so that girl wrote again

writer 2: oh no.

writer 3: what girl?

writer 1: we’ve been getting letters from this same girl demanding happiness for our characters. Like, in what universe could we do that?

writer 2: she also demands more gay, at least 5 characters returned from the dead, and a few villains dying very painful deaths

writer 1: a LOT more gay

writer 2: so we gave her a few straight ships with the same vibes but she is incredibly stubborn

writer 1 *hands over a stack of letters*: just read

writer 3: wow. i am impressed. very impressed. have you tried just giving her what she wants? she seems to deserve it

writer 2: not a bad idea, actually. also the boss sucks and he’d hate it so why not?

several months later

news reporter: there have been celebrations all across the country! why? well we asked a few people and all we got was incoherent sobs of joy and screams of “FINALLY” there has also been a teenage girl crowned “queen of the fans” who is she? what the hell is going on? more at 6


News reporter *at six*: we’ve been able to decipher some of the screaming and it appears they are yelling about boats? also most of the internet has broken down by the epic amount of posts celebrating said boats. tumblr in particular seems to be exploding. even those who know nothing about these boats seem to be congradulating the boat people. why? no idea

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I came back with a new au for Birdflash. I know I need a new one like I need a bullet in my head.



Anyway. I don’t know how many I have, I think I am forgetting one too… But it’s whatever- it’s FINE-

So. Greek gods are my favorite I love learning about them and I thought about it. Now I will take liberty for this so to those who worship, if it makes you feel better I fucked up my own old religion in marshmallow Eating Incubus so I think this is even.

So we all know about Persephone and Hades story pretty well, loving couple that surprisingly is like the most functional relationship in Olympus.

Dick as Hades because he got brothers and just reasons.

Wally is persephone, because he’s pretty. And other reasons but main one he’s just pretty.

It’s new so I’m working out the characters but Artemis is Artemis so-

Tim is apollo! Because it’s just fitting,,, poor black leather egg baby-

Iris is Demeter, obviously.

The rest is in the works!

The name for this au.

Flowers in the black void au, why? Because Dick has long hair and Wally puts flowers in it🥺

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