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Screenshots from the SWFL Bald Eagle nestcam, where two eaglets hatched yesterday!

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hey! thanks for reading and i’m sorry you feel that way about the ending. while i’m sure you meant no malice with your ask, the tone of it doesn’t really sit well with me.

i do plan these types of fics out carefully and purposefully (i literally outline the entire fic before i begin writing, actually) and i just write the scenes out based on what i think would happen realistically. and yes, while i understand it’s more ideal to give yoongi a little more redemption, please keep in mind this fic is primarily in the oc’s pov so that’s why you don’t see a lot of what happens behind the scenes with yoongi, how he feels, and how he approaches this relationship bump in particular!

not every relationship is perfect and that’s what i was trying to express through this fic in the first place. likewise not every fictional writing will be written to everyone’s liking, and that’s okay! however, i would appreciate if you wouldn’t come to me expressing why you didn’t like how i wrote a particular aspect of a fic. thanks! ☺️

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Picture it. Me, this morning, sitting on my couch, minding my own business and still in my pajamas.

Suddenly, there is a tappng at the back door. It’s mostly glass so I look over to see what it is. There’s a blue jay tapping at the glass. He sees me looking at him, flies up to the empty bird feeders, and proceeds to yell at me.

Like, bitch, you don’t even live here. I’ll tolerate the cats yelling at me for food because they live in my house and let me snuggle them. You’re just some bird mooching the free food I put out. I’ll put out your next meal when I’m ready to.

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Hours spent practicing: 215

Hours spent playing: 140

Handicap: 16.5

# of Birdies: 21

1. Practice 120 hrs on the range so my 2021 ending total should be 334

2. Play 18 rounds. I have total 69 rounds on my GolfShot app. So my goal would be to get that number to 87.

3. Lower handicap to 15. Currently its 16.5 on GolfShot.

4. Score 6 birdies. 

5. Break 85 on par 72 round



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nope sorry

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skdjdk pls you’re even cuter 💕

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that’s my baby right there 😔 I miss that couple so much

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i am excited and also terrified 😩 as for predictions I’m not sure tbh, my brain is a little fried 😂 but i want more than anything to see some g a y

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all day permanent red
come to me in the night hours
i’m like the water when your ship rolled in that night
poured myself a warm glass and laid awake
the morning wears a veil of rain above the city i live in

send me a ‘hi’ and i will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs, and give it to you as a poem

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somebody buy me a vivienne westwood ring and cure my depression

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