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thanks for the interest! I had a really fun time coming up with the ideas for this!

Harley: she likes upbeat music. I see her really liking Kesha’s stuff, especially High Road and Woman, and she gets a kick out of Rich White Straight Men. She will call out pop songs for their sexism. Her earphones are always tangled up. She wants her music to be happy and fun.

Dinah: She knows a ton about music. She knows all the old artists and who they influenced, as well as all the modern stuff. I could see her liking Amy Winehouse and other artists with a vintage vibe. When she listens to music, she thinks about how she would rework it to cover it. She always has music recommendations.

Helena: She isn’t hugely into music (she was busy with assassin practice during those experimental teenage years where she would have figured out what she liked) and earbuds/headphones make her uneasy because they cut off her sense of hearing. She kinda likes Lorde. She really only listens to music when she’s at the gym, and she picks something with a good bass to pump her up, even if it makes her a little uncomfortable.

Renee: She doesn’t do the headphones/earbuds thing either, but she likes to put on the radio in her car. Her music taste is pretty much anything that makes her feel like a cool cop in an 80s movie (not that she would phrase it that way).

Cass: Unironically finds songs on tiktok. She listens to music constantly and always has earbuds in her pocket. She listened to some of the pop rap stuff that teens are into right now, but since Harley adopted her, Cass has entered that teenager experimentation phase where she listens to pretty much anything.

My asks are open! An ask is all I ask! 

(also, if anybody makes any BoP character playlists, I’m interested)

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I will never see Birds of Prey as an empowering movie. If any other underrepresented group had had a main character of a comic, the founder of the team, erased, tumblr and feminist sites like the Mary Sue would be up in arms. If Oracle had been black or LGBT, no one would be making excuses about her replacement.

And yes, I’ve heard the bit about Barbara Gordon being saved for a Batgirl movie. Guess what you do? You don’t make a Birds of Prey movie. You could literally have the same cast and add Poison Ivy and you have Gotham City Sirens or something similar. Seriously, out of that group of characters, the only one not Bat-adjacent was Black Canary.

You want to make an R-rated action comedy where you can get feminine and queer representation? Make a Secret Six movie with Harley teaming up with Scandal Savage.

I get that DC thinks it’s correcting a mistake by going back to depicting a non-paralyzed Babs, but what they’ve done is erase a story of recovery and rebirth.

And I get that many will identify with the story of Harley regaining her agency and leaving the abusive relationship with Joker, but that story should not get to erase an equally important story of a woman who was cast aside and forgotten and then rebuilt herself. Then, once she had done so, using her skills to help other lost women (and a couple of guys).

TLDR/ I’m not so desperate for representation and empowerment that I’d steal it from a group more marginalized than me.

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