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#birds of prey comic

Just read the new 52 Birds of Prey vol 1. I wish I knew all the characters before this comic. I knew Black Canary, Bat Girl, Poison Ivy and a little bit about Katana, but Sterling was totally new to me. For ladies looking for some good characters to look up to I would say this is a good comic to read. Not too stereotyped.

You got Black Canary. If you don’t know her then you should really look into her. She is a martial arts trained Meta - human. This means she can either kick your ass hand to hand or send out a sonic screech that can go from giving you a headache, bursting your eardrums or even shatter your skull. She is one bad ass mother fucker. She also doesn’t follow the skimpy clothes trope for female heroes.

Next up you have Sterling. She looks like an interesting character. My first impression? Nice tats, what is your shtick. So far I am pretty sure she is a sharp shooter who uses a older style pistol. If ANY ONE knows more about her please let me know.

Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl. Doesn’t show up much, I am pretty sure this entire vol she isn’t herself so I can’t really put a opinion on this version of her. Now if you want to go into Barbara Gordon I suggest skip most of Batgirl, not my favorite time for her, she had some highlight fights when it came to fighting Harley and Poison Ivy (haven’t read her in new 52 so I may be wrong) but she then makes a 180 after being paralyzed in the Killing Joke. Losing all use of her lower body she still wants to fight crime, so she becomes Oracle and eventually the next Commissioner Gordon. Whether male or female, if you are wheel chair bound or just want a smart female hero check her out.

Poison Ivy the eco-terrorist. From what I can tell she is more plant than human to the point where she has to go to a forest to heal. She is certainly darker than her older renditions given that she can now use chemicals to force someone to give her every secret while killing them.

Katana. I knew a tad about her. Japanese samurai with a single sword. Now this sword has her husband’s soul in it and anyone she kills with the sword joins her husband in the sword and then her husband interrogates them. Really bad ass lady on the path to avenge her husband’s death.

Now the book itself. Really jumpy. I know they wanted it to be, but there was a lot of disconnection between each comic. The villain ‘Choke’ really interesting. basic description is he uses mind control and a series of trigger poems to get other people to do his bidding.

I suggest that people read it. Great characters that don’t all get along so nice tension. The art style is kind of inconsistent but that’s to be expected from something this unheard of. It is not a popular plot because it doesn’t focus on popular characters. But I insist you make the gamble and check it out. Please.

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Why didn’t they make outfits like these for #BirdsofPrey? 🎬😠💥🤡🦅

Visually they are much better! See that #BlackCanary, that #Huntress and that #HarleyQuinn! 📽️🏹🙄🔫


There are times when fans do better and more compelling “Fan-Made” than what we finally see in the movie.

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I will never see Birds of Prey as an empowering movie. If any other underrepresented group had had a main character of a comic, the founder of the team, erased, tumblr and feminist sites like the Mary Sue would be up in arms. If Oracle had been black or LGBT, no one would be making excuses about her replacement.

And yes, I’ve heard the bit about Barbara Gordon being saved for a Batgirl movie. Guess what you do? You don’t make a Birds of Prey movie. You could literally have the same cast and add Poison Ivy and you have Gotham City Sirens or something similar. Seriously, out of that group of characters, the only one not Bat-adjacent was Black Canary.

You want to make an R-rated action comedy where you can get feminine and queer representation? Make a Secret Six movie with Harley teaming up with Scandal Savage.

I get that DC thinks it’s correcting a mistake by going back to depicting a non-paralyzed Babs, but what they’ve done is erase a story of recovery and rebirth.

And I get that many will identify with the story of Harley regaining her agency and leaving the abusive relationship with Joker, but that story should not get to erase an equally important story of a woman who was cast aside and forgotten and then rebuilt herself. Then, once she had done so, using her skills to help other lost women (and a couple of guys).

TLDR/ I’m not so desperate for representation and empowerment that I’d steal it from a group more marginalized than me.

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