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#birds of prey dinah lance

I was recommended a birds of prey review on YouTube. Since quarantine has me bored, so I decided to watch it. Here’s my reviews for the reviews.

  1. Most of them are men(this is important), so we only get reviews from one perspective. does anyone have women reviewing this movie?
  2. Almost all of them are upset that Black Mask wasn’t portrayed well. I haven’t read the comics but I liked what they did with him. He is not a complex character and just wants to kill Harley, and later rest of the women. A lot of villains are one dimensional and they never get criticised.
  3. The generic villain didn’t get criticised because there were other men the reviewers could focus on. But bop doesn’t! It’s like when I watched Catwoman in the dark night rises. I simply fell in love with! BoP has a lot of women to relate to. But has only one man (well it has many, but they are nit front runners, if you know what I mean). That is why most reviewers (most of whom are men) focus on Black Mask.
  4. BoP doesn’t have much relatable for the men. I watched Jeremy Jahns’s review and he said his female co-critic loved the movie. But he didn’t. If women have a hard time relating to a men centric film, the reverse can also happen. It took DC & WB 12 years (2005 to 2017) to make a women centric film, so hang in there boys!
  5. A lot of questions were raised about the characters not being relatable. I totally understand this. Since most reviewers are men, they were never said “do as you are told”, “we have a dress code”, “you’re nothing without your partner”, “you need my protection”, etc etc. So I get why they don’t feel relatable. But for me, every time Dinah Lance got dismissed by Sionis, every time he called her ‘his little bird’, that hit hard ok. The fact that she didn’t do anything was more relatable. Because how many times we have faced this same situation of being dismissed and called a possession, and have done nothing? Montoya too, the way that ballistic dude looked at HER JUNIOR, before following the order. *brb i need to cry*

So f*ck off everyone who can’t relate. I hate to be called out on big screen like this. That only makes me love that movie more.

I hope they keep making movies like this. There would be losses, they wouldn’t be box office hits (i have a lot of hope on Black Widow). They would never be a 10, because it’s a man’s world. The only you can be a 10, is if you are a 20.

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🎨💙🏆   One Week Portrait • Day 2  🎨💙🏆  

I’m participating at One Week Portrait challenge, hosted by @paintablecc ! The challenge is also a course. Over 5 days, we’ll be doing a digital portrait, based on a reference. Each day a new step.

Here’s day 2, the base colors & block shading and lighting.

I had a hard time choosing the good colors, and couldn’t just shade and highlight with one colour each so I decided to add more colours. I’m now quite satisfied with it. But I’ve taken a lot of time and end up late in the challenge.

My muse is Dinah Lance from Birds of Prey movie (actress : Jurnee Smollett-Bell). I just love her so much, I’ve been drawing her quite non-stop for a few months.

See you tomorrow for step 3 !

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Watching Birds of Prey was a little like watching Ocean’s 8. I get out of the cinema and I’m feeling fantastic and also gayer than when I entered.

Also this movie really understood how to make a villain that you instantly hate, but entertaining enough that you don’t dread every second he’s onscreen.

Also, also everything else. The acting was great (I loved Harley Quinn so much), how the scenes were broken apart, but it actually made sense at the end (and this is coming from someone who gets very easily confused), I loved all the outfits (Harley’s were so over the top and so fitting to her character), I loved that Harley basically adopted the kid, I loved the sassy kid in general, I loved how huntress was so cool and so socially inept it was adorable, I loved Dinah’s constant ‘I didn’t sign up for this‘ and the cop’s (who’s name I can never fucking remember) ‘I’m just trying to do my fucking job and save people’.

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The best part of Birds of Prey being Rated R was that Dinah, Helena and Renee were finally able to explicitly say “Fuck” and they really needed that with all the shit they go through lmao

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Harley–hot pink uterus cookie cutter that says “cuterus”


Helena–soap that looks like olives


Dinah–candle that says “please don’t do coke in the bathroom”


Renee–knit hat that says “fuck the police”


Victor–a ceramic skull soap dispenser (this also has roman sionis energy)


Roman–art of a pineapple wearing a suit and aviator sunglasses


part 2

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