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#birds of prey request

title; the beginning is the end is the beginning

pairing; victor zsasz / female!oc, one-sides!victor/roman

fandom; birds of prey

rating; mature, mild smut, dub!con if ya squint, unhealthy BDSM 

word count; 3345 words

prompt; “ hi can I request victor zsasz x reader? have a nice day!” -anon

“ Hi ! I saw your requests were open so I was wondering if you could do BOP!Victor Zsasz x female!reader please ? Thank you for reading my request !” - @ansemibeko

notes; so i don’t really know what this is. i know i like it. i know it’s definitely a bit darker and more mature than my stuff. which could be a trend. also you can’t convince me victor ISN’T in love with roman. well thanks for the requests guys. i hope you like.


Originally posted by directedbysnyder

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title; you’re such a child!

pairing; roman sionis/spoiled reader (one sided)

fandom; dc, birds of prey

rating; teen, reference to slash, one sided romance, mostly inner monolouge

words; 807

prompt; ““Hey! could you do a Roman x Fem Reader where the reader realizes she’s falling in love with Roman?” @thehybrid666

notes; i’m sorry it’s so short, i’m still getting used to roman and i knew i needed to get this out to you soon or i’d obsess over it and it’d be months. so if this isn’t to your liking, cash in another for an IOU


Originally posted by mei-pellegrino-hader

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title; can’t let me know i’m wanted, can’t let me in your head

pairing; harley quinn/green lady reader

fandom; dc, birds of prey

rating; matureish, mostly language, references to murder, and useless lesbians

words; 970 words

prompt; “-pulls up to your tumblr drive through- Hi yeah can I get Harley with a female reader. Both badasses who love kicking ass and a side of being in some deep super love and they both dont know what to do about it. I APPRECIATE YOU” -anon

notes; ah! i loved harley so much in this so i was so stoked to get this request. it’s short, sweet, and not super edited. i didn’t want to give myself time to second guess myself. girly is green, not poison ivy (unless you want i guess) but thought it was a fun throw back. it flips perspective like twice. from harley to girl to harley. i made a gif but you can picture miss thang however you want.


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23, any ship ya feel !

hi babe!! this isn’t exactly a ship, more like friendship but here you go.  (*˘︶˘*).。*♡

ps: it’s a birds of prey au. crystal is harley, nicky is huntress, jan is black canary, gigi is poison ivy (she’s not in the movie but she’s married to harley in the comics apparently 👀) and i still don’t got a detective montoya, but that’s fine. hope you enjoy it! 

23. “Do you think we’re bad people?”

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Can you draw Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress please! and thank you :D btw how's season 2 of Kingdom? Better than season 1?

thank you for the request! 

I like season 1 more but season 2 was great too! season 1 is calmer with aesthetic(?) action scenes and great cinematography, season 2 has more energy and the action scenes were very dynamic? can’t wait for season 3!! (if that happens anyway.. netflix is known for canceling great shows so..)

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Headcannons for self quarantining with Roman?

I love this ahhh imagine being with Roman during quarantine I’d be very happy tbfh omg

Headcanons for self quarantining with Roman includes :


  • The two of you heard about the virus spread the night Roman came back early from his business trip
  • He closed the club down for the time being so it was just you, Roman and Victor.
  • Before this all got out of hand you thankfully went out and bought the most needed things you needed.
  • food, alcohol, some dvds, candy, bath tub needs, things Roman loved as well, necessities, thank god toilet paper
  • “I seriously had to fight three people for the toilet paper cause they were running out.”
  • “What do you mean you had to fight for toilet paper?”
  • “Roman… lets just say people are going crazy”
  • You both weren’t sure how long this was gonna last being stuck inside
  • But again you both didn’t mind being sick inside together.
  • Roman was still ticked he couldn’t continue his business trip
  • But he was with his favorite girl and that made him happy
  • Watching movies together
  • Sleeping together basically all night
  • “What time is it?”
  • “3am”
  • “Excuse the fuck what? It was 9pm a min ago”
  • “Yeah 3am is the new 12am now love”
  • Victor joining y’all in watching movies till he gets tired and goes back to his apartment which is underneath Roman’s penthouse
  • Roman still going over his business plans in his office
  • Walking around with no pants on and only a large t shirt
  • Roman getting turned on by it
  • “Baby…you shouldn’t walk around half naked like that, your gonna make me take you right here and now”
  • “Well then… put your words where your mouth is then… Sionis”
  • Sex
  • Lots and lots of sex
  • Sex to the point Victor can’t stand hearing it since he lived underneath y’all
  • You getting sick out of nowhere
  • Roman getting worried
  • “Do you have a fever?”
  • “No”
  • “Coughing?”
  • “No”
  • “You breathing ok-“
  • “Roman darling, I have a stuffy nose and head cold I’m ok”
  • Roman taking care of you, he makes you a bath and cooked some breakfast for you the one week
  • Roman being soft was a side you adored the most
  • Eventually you started feeling better
  • Roman drinking his scotch in his maroon pajamas looking outside his window watching people still being outside as you came up behind him in your lacy seethrough coverall
  • “Can you believe people are acting like this is nothing?”
  • “They are idiots”
  • Quarantine wasn’t as bad as it was
  • Yes you were eventually getting panicky and anxious
  • Being inside did that to you
  • But Roman calmed you and told you everything will be ok
  • You believe him
  • Being with him in quarantine wasn’t that bad after all
  • You were safe at home with your love what more could you ask for

ahh I tried my best on this I kinda made it soft and cute! hope ya liked it x

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His Property (a jealous Roman Sionis imagine)


Originally posted by directedbysnyder

Here’s a Roman x reader imagine to tide you guys over while I work on requests (the first of which will be out tomorrow).

Warnings: Smut, rough sex, hints of bdsm, language, explicit sex, etc.


  • You and Roman have been exclusive for awhile. While you’d be more than happy to label your relationship, he prefers to keep it ambiguous.
  • One night, particularly frustrated with your flamboyant beau’s behavior, you decide to make him jealous.
  • You stand on a table near the bar at the club, beckoning some drunk and mildly attractive guy to come up and grind on you.
  • Most patrons ignore you, not thinking anything of it. But a few know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Roman orders Zsasz and a few goons to dispose of your dance partner. He’ll take care of you personally.
  • The club quiets as Roman slings you over his shoulder. He reassures all his club goers as he exits with you through the elevator.
  • Ignoring your protests, he smacks your ass warningly. He takes you to the bedroom immediately. His silk suit is cool against your hot skin. Expensive spicy cologne tickles your nose.
  • Tossing you on the bed, he makes you strip. You’re wearing nothing underneath.
  • He binds your wrists before smacking your bare ass until your skin is red and raw. This is what you want. Making him jealous feels so good.
  • Unzipping his pants, he pulls out his hard cock. Running himself down the length of your slit, he enters you with a sharp thrust.
  • Hands grip your thighs hard enough to bruise as his thrusts become harder and harder, until you can’t take it anymore.
  • You come hard on him, urging him to spill his seed in you. He pulls a blanket over your limp and bruised body.
  • “You’re mine. And I don’t t share” he whispers before making himself decent and returning to the club.
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Heart stealer (Harley Quinn x Reader)

Request: Just gotta say I loved the Harley Quinn request, like really really so much  We need moooore, can you please do one where Harley is in love with reader but reader doesn’t like commitment, but H doesn’t want to be friends with her but deep down R is just scared to admit it, they eventually kiss and R ask her to be her girlfriend  ♥️♥️♥️ by anon.

Words: 1,345

A/N: This was fun to write! She’s fun though sometimes I really don’t know how would she react but I tried my best.


Originally posted by miss-marvells

The sound of her contagious laugh rumbled through the small room while she giggled happily admiring the bags of money in front of her. You kept your distance, enjoying the view sitting in the edge of one of the windows in the room. You chuckled softly.

“What?” She said looking at you with that wide smile of hers that made your heart skip a beat.

“People say you can’t buy happiness, but you do seem happy with all that money” you told her grinning as you played with the knife in your hands.

“Well, money’s fun” she said “but stealing it is way much better” she giggled.

“Yeah, true” you chuckled again, she loved to get in trouble and you knew it. She enjoyed the danger a little too much.

She sat on her pink sofa, her feet resting on the table in front of it as she glanced at you across the room.

“One thing’s sure” she said “Money can’t buy love”

You huffed.

“Oh, baby. I assure you it can, for the right amount you’ll have anyone you want” you told her rolling your eyes.

“So… ” she held the bag in her lap “will this be enough for you?” A teasing tone in her voice that you decided to ignore.

“I already have my part of the money, Harley” you looked outside the small apartment.

“Not what I meant, bunny” she laughed before getting up and walking close to you her face radiant as always with the colorful and shiny makeup that contrasted with her pale skin. Her presence close to you making you nervous and her blue eyes focused on you made your heart raced.

“I never know what you mean” you laughed trying hard to avoid her gaze. She took your knife on her hands and throw it to the wall. “Nice shot” you said proud of her skills. she was trying to win your attention, not that she needed to, if you were honest you had your eyes all the time on her every time she was around. The question was why.

“So are we not going to talk about the elephant in the room?” She said.

“I don’t know what you mean, Quinn” you told her.

“Y/N, we’ve been together for a long time now” she told you calmly.

“Working together” you told her “what about it?” Your mind rushing to find what was it that she wanted. “And why are you suddenly so serious?”

“I’m trying to have a conversation with you” she said as she sat with you in the window. She seemed to be choosing her words carefully. “Listen, Y/N. I’ve been waiting to talk with you about this” she took your hands in hers, your body couldn’t help to shiver under her touch .

“About what?”

“About us” she said, her sweet voice sending a wave of confusion in your head. “When I broke up with Mr. J… with that asshole I used to date” she corrected herself “I thought I will never, ever, ever, ever” she said shaking softly her head making her many necklaces ding and her pigtails move from side to side. “Ever, find someone to love again but then I met you, Y/N. It’s not a secret but I wanted you to know that I’m in love with you” she said looking at your eyes, not a single sign of doubt, she was not faking this neither you have seen her lie and her face was way too different than this one.

You felt the weight of her words starting to spread over your body. Love was a big deal, one you didn’t want to face, but inside you a part of you were screaming out of happiness but the other one was scare of the same thing.

“I think we should be… you know, together” Harley said to you, her gaze already wandering over you features for a reaction. The thing was that you were not a relationship type girl, always on the run, hiding in the shadows. You convinced yourself you didn’t have time for it, didn’t need a relationship… and yet you longed for one with her. She was perfect for your crazy world, with her scandalous personality and her inability to keep her mouth shut, fuck, you were so into her smile, her soft skin full of ink and the eyes that expressed many things. You loved the spontaneous of her way of living, her unique style and damn it, you loved when she used complexed phycology words… but your mind kept telling you not to, so you wouldn’t get hurt again, not willing you to the pain of a heartbreak anymore.

“No” you said firmly, shaking her heads out of you. “I don’t want this, Harley. I don’t need this” you said, her face confused.

“But… cupcake” she murmured.

“Don’t call me that, Harley!” you shouted, you grabbed your own bag lying on the floor and prepared your way out of the window, looking over your shoulder at a very concerned Harley before jumping off.

You walked through the dark streets without looking back. Mixed feelings washing over you, already regretting your words at Harley. You shouldn’t have run like a total coward, you shouldn’t have scream at her, it was just the fear in you telling you to do what you knew best: run and never come back.

The pictures of her smile and the sound of her laugh kept echoing in your memory, a big weight pressing your chest as you imagined a life without that woman. And cursed yourself for allowed yourself to catch feelings for her, for fell in love with every new heist you shared with her, but mostly for being this coward, it was time for you to face it, you loved Harley.

“Fuck” you murmured standing in the middle of the dark alley. Decidedly you turned around and ran back to the place you should have never leave. Your mind looking for a way to say it.

“Y/N!” she shouted at you when you arrived to her apartment and entered through the window as always. Her hands full of rings holding a rifle “I could have kill you!

“Sorry” you said once she got down her weapon.

“You’re back” Harley said.

“I’m an idiot” you said, your brain clearly not fully working and to be honest you weren’t the best with words. She looked at you as if she were analyzing your words. “And I’m a coward for running away for my feelings. Damn this is harder than I imagined” you sighed. Harley seemed to perceive the tension on your body and placed a hand on your shoulder giving you a soft comforting smile.

“It’s okay, you can tell me. No pressure here” she murmured in a professional serious way.

“Okay… I-I don’t know how to start.” you finally met her eyes “I avoid relationships all the time… because I don’t want to get hurt” you told her “And I think I was also afraid to admit that I love you, Harley.” You told her, a wide smile spread across her pale face while you could feel yours getting a bit pink.

“So you do!” she giggled. “I knew you liked me but after this night I wasn’t sure”

“Yeah, sorry about that” you giggled to “The thing is… I love you, I really do” you told her savoring the words in your mouth, they tasted strange but you were relieved to say them. “You stole my heart, Harley Quinn”

“I like stealing things” she said her lips forming a smirk “I think this is my favorite so far”

Suddenly you felt her hands cupping your face before pulling you into a kiss, you were surprised at first and the you allowed her to guide you, her soft lips moving slowly with yours.

“So… would you like to be, you know, my girlfriend?” you murmured when the kiss was over.

“Nothing would make me happier, cupcake!” she said with a sincere smile on her red lips.

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Originally posted by morningstarlucifers

Requested by @screechingghostbananafarm: There was a scene in BOP where those guys try and kidnap harley when she’s drunk. I was thinking that Roman could witness the same thing happening to the reader but he saves her.

Roman rescues you from a dangerous situation at his club.

Word Count: 1467

Warnings: language, violence, assault, drugging, etc.



Frequenting the Black Mask Club had become a weekly escape for you. All week you waited tables at a grungy diner overlooking Robinson Park. But when Friday night rolled around, it was your time to play.

Seeing as your friends weren’t joining you tonight, you kept close to Harley and her derby squad. You and the maniacal psychiatrist weren’t exactly buddies, but you had an unspoken deal – watch out for a free woman without her gang.

There were a lot of creeps in Gotham; girls had to stick together

The night had been uneventful to say the least. Until Harley insisted everyone join her for a tray of sickeningly sweet rainbow shooters.

“You too, (y/n)!” Harley pointed at you.

“Fine,” You uncross your legs and set your Martini on the table in front of you. “But only if I get the red one!”

“Over my dead body!” Harley yelps, the two of you racing to the bar like a couple of school yard girls.

Okay, maybe you were friends.

But that was something best kept on the down low.

She had far too many enemies, and you didn’t have one as far as you knew. It was better to keep it that way in this beleaguered city.

You drank they candy shooters, settling for orange when the crazy blonde snagged the red. The rest of the girls followed suit.

Another round was ordered (you got green) and drained before the bevvy of you loudly stumbled your way onto the dance floor.

7 Rings blasted and the six of you rolled and winded your bodies, annoying some of the other patrons.

You kept your distance from the middle, preferring the edge of the floor. Letting the booze flow through your veins, you swayed dreamily.

Bought matchin’ diamonds for all of my bitches!” You heard Harley sing along with Ariana Grande.

Though yell along was a better summation. She was rowdy sober, but she was even worse drunk as a skunk.

“Shut the fuck up, Quinn!” A man yelled from a nearby table. You watched as she extended a long middle finger to her critic

“Why don’t you eat it, honey?” Her cackle rang in your ears, making you giggle. The giggling fit lead you into a bought of drunken twirls.

The way your skirt splayed as you spun was mesmerizing to your inebriated brain.

You felt like Marilyn Monroe.

This continued until you felt dizzy and wobbled off to a vacated sofa near the bar.

You were the only one in the area, at least momentarily. Leaning back against the arm of the modular sofa, you stretched your legs across the lush upholstery.

Your eyes fluttered closed for a moment as you focused on relieving your throbbing headache. It would wane, it always did. Though tomorrow you would have hell to pay.

“How are you feeling, kitten?” A familiar voice made your eyes snap open with delight. Roman Sionis stood towering over you, drink in hand.

Neither of you knew the other well, but you were on a first name basis. Afterall, you helped bring him a constant flow of income with your business and that was always appreciated.

But he had taken a shine to you. Something you wished he would act on, but never did. He was a man with exquisite tastes and you were just a waitress.

“Roman!” you giggled, sitting up. You patted the vacant spot beside you. “Care to join me?”

This garnered a chuckle from the club proprietor before he obliged.

“You’re in rare form tonight, (y/n).” He took a sip of his drink as you watched him. Roman was possibly was the most intriguing person you’d met. Well spoken and handsome with a deep voice.

Smooth like velvet with a rough undertone; the thought made you shiver.

He was everything you wanted in a partner; except maybe the crime boss bit, but you could make it work.

“I’m drunk,” you shrugged, matter of factly.

“Yes, I see.” His eyes fell on yours. At least you thought they did. It was hard to tell behind the tinted aviators in low light.

“You know what they say about liquor and women, Roman?” You leaned in close. He mirrored your actions, his clothed knee touching your bare one.

“Why don’t indulge me?” His voice was low and commanding, as his hand gripped your partially exposed thigh.

You bit your lip, leaning in towards his lips.

“It makes us malible.”

“Malleable?” He breathed against your lips. Nodding, you pressed your lips against him.

The kiss was brief but breathtaking. You wanted more.

“Well, well, well, Romy!” Harley announced her arrival brashly, climbing over the back of the sofa and sliding between the two of you. “Taking advantage of your blitzed customers.”

“Miss Quinn,” Roman stood slowly, straightening himself. “Always a pleasure.”

The last part was nearly hissed out of pearly whites while he white-knuckled his glass. Your heart sank as he stalked up a set of stairs, onto the balcony.

“Damnit Harley!” You whined. “We were kissing! His lips were so soft.”

“Bleghh!” The blonde stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Romy is bad news, (y/n). We can find you any number of guys that be glad to keep you company.”

Grumbling, you followed Harley as she dragged you to a plain looking guy drinking a beer at the bar.

“Hey you,” He raised an eyebrow, the most of an answer he was going to give. “You murder people for a living?”

Double standards.

“No.” He said, eyes wide in confusion. Harley only grinned, tossing you onto the empty stool beside him.

She blew you a kiss before parading back to her derby girls.

“Uh, Jimmy.” His introduction was awkward at best. He was cute, closer to your age with a mop of brown hair.

“(y/n).” You smiled warmly. His timidness was endearing, even in your buzzed state.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

Biting your lip, your eyes found Roman on the second floor, arm snaked around the waist of some bubbly blonde.

She threw her head back, laughing. He smirked, pulling her closer.

“Uh sure,” This was a mistake, you already felt sick. “Why not?”

Jimmy grinned, a little too wide. You almost regretted sending him to get you a drink.

But you were too drunk to care.


By 2 a.m. your surroundings blurred as your body spiraled towards unconsciousness. It was like you were on auto-pilot, slowly powering down.

Jimmy had ordered you a few more drinks. He didn’t seem threatening. But you weren’t in a sound state of mind.

Sobriety was a pipe dream at this point, slipping away faster.

Now, you dizzily clung to your blind date, trying not to balance yourself.

“You wanna come home with me?” he whispered, holding you flush against him. Suddenly, you felt wide awake. Every neuron chattered momentarily awake.

Unsuccessfully, you weakly tried to push him away.

“No,” you murmured. Legs wobbling, the lanky man snaked an arm around your waist. Forcefully he began to lead you towards the door.

“Harley…help…” heavy lidded eyes sought out the insane blonde, who was blissfully unaware. Most patrons were at this point of the evening.

No one would notice. They were too drunk or high to go anywhere until dawn.

A rough hand turned your head forward as he continued to shuffle you away.

“No one’s gonna save you now,” He mockingly smirked against your ear.

Your stomach twisted sickly.

Ushering you into the alleyway, Jimmy pulled you towards a beat up car that stalled in the alleyway.

Body sagging, you made your only attempt to escape: falling to the ground in a heap.

“Get the fuck up.” He hissed at you, driving the firm toe of his boot into your ribs. It wasn’t enough to injure you, but it made it harder to breathe.

Yelping, silent tears rolled down your face. You were alone, no one could possibly hear you from inside.

Eyes looked helplessly at the windows of Roman’s penthouse.

It was dark.

You hadn’t seen him for hours, assuming he had business to attend to elsewhere.

Screeching down the alley, sleek black vehicles halted at the scene. Jimmy’s getaway driver drove away in a panic.

A dark figure slid out of the first vehicle, face shrouded in a skull mask. He said nothing, gun in hand.

“Look man,” your attacker threw up his hands “Nothings going on, the girl was drunk-“


Jimmy’s body crumpled beside you, dark blood pouring from a hole in his head. Fighting consciousness became more difficult. You would’ve fainted had you been standing.

Peeling off the mask, Roman revealed his identity. Zsasz emerged from the second vehicle, working with several goons to wrap the corpse in a tarp and toss him in the trunk.

In an instant, you were Roman’s arms, limp body clinging against his chest. Before you knew it, he was gently laying you in the backseat.

The rohypnol must’ve been weak as you were still conscious. Barely, as your head lolled in Roman’s lap. The silk of his suit felt nice against you.

“Save your strength, kitten,” Cool leather stroked your face, his fingers running along your cheek bone. “You’re safe now.”

“Drop you off at the back entrance, boss?” The driver inquired from the front, shifting smoothly into drive.

“No. Drive us up to the heights. We’ll stay in my suite at the Ritz.”

You mewed lightly as Roman gently carded a hand through your hair. This was the safest you’d felt in a long time, from the man you’d wanted for a long time. When you recovered, the euphoria would rush through you.

“No one will ever hurt you,” He cooed silkily, “I won’t allow it.”

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As a reminder, I’m still taking requests. Especially with CO-VID 19, I want to do whatever I can to help take your mind (as well as my own) off it.

I do character aesthetics, mood boards, imagines, and fics. I have an interest in a lot of fandoms and while I’m working on a few mood boards and fics rn (because I wanted to) I’m open for requests. I’ll be happy to happy to put your mind at ease for a little bit. Stay safe folks ❤️

Fandoms: Guardians of the Galaxy, Birds of Prey, Tarantinoverse, Tombstone, Parks & Rec, Friends, Harry Potter, The Shining, etc.

Broad Fandoms (ask who I write for): MCU, DCEU, Star Wars, Black Mirror, The Walking Dead, Horror movies, etc.

Fic Rules: While I write smut, characters must be consenting legal adults. I’m not opposed to kinks, so feel free to ask. However, I only write what I feel comfortable with.

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Delicious Punishments

Summary: (was a request) You are Roman’s right hand girl. You help with business and in the bedroom! But what if one day you steal some of his control away by teasing him?

Warning: Power play, Groping, Glove kink, Sex on pool table, Blow job, Daddy kink, hint at breath play

Drying your hands, you ran a hand through your soft strands as you looked yourself over in the mirror before heading back to the table. Slipping your gloves back on, you smirked at your reflection. Your suit looked so smart. A wonderful contrast to your Roman’s. Yours was white with flecks of gold. While his was black with flecks of gold.

Stopping by the bar, you grabbed a martini for him and your sweet tangy drink. The guests of the club easily moved aside so you could get back to Roman. You placed his drink beside him, he looked up from the maps Zsasz had brought over before Penguin got there. He gave you a rare smile, “Thank you, kitten.” A smiled he’d only share with you and Zsasz. “Anything for you Roman.” You sat with yours and took a sip.

“How many more ?” You asked dryly.

“Two. The damn bird brain Penguin and someone looking for protection, I think he’s a restaurant owner needing protection.”

“Well, they better be willing the pay the price to get it.”

“Damn straight.” Turning toward him, you put your glass down and looked over the maps.

“Is this for Penguin?”

He nodded, finally grabbed his drink. He slouched a little in his seat with a sigh.

Tonight, your desire for him pulled at you. You loved his black suit and his choice to put on the eye liner which brought our the blue of his eyes. Made him more intense looking then usual. All of It made a hot knot desire in you for him.

You noticed that he closed his eyes for a moment. That’s when you struck. You placed your hand on his thigh. Lightly at first, then firmer, you caressed him. He reacted, a soft moan came from him before he caught himself. His eyes snapped open and he sat straight up.

You moved back and grabbed your glass.

“Y/N what were you doing?” His eyes narrowed.

You gave him, your most innocent look you could muster and took a sip from your drink.

“Making you feel good.” You said in a low voice.

“Roman, Y/N…” Penguin squawked from behind the two of you. “How are you two?” He offered a gloved hand once he stepped up to the table. You always gave him a hearty shake while Roman was more reserved when it came to the bird.

Roman, grimaced. “We’re fine. So tell us what is your new idea about the docks that you wanted to share with us.” As he shifted closer to the table. You soaked in his profile.

Your appetite for him grew during his unguarded moment. Your heart fluttered knowing, you’re be in for it later.

You moved closer to the table as well, you traced the red line that highlighted Roman’s territory. “As you see, this is Roman’s territory.

You said, then you placed your hand back on his thigh and squeezed it.

“Now it would be advantageous if you finally signed this small part over.” Roman suggested as if were nothing. With his own gloved finger he ran it around the edges that still belonged to Penguin. Looking at him, seeing his control and vie for territory, was a huge turn on for you.

You gave his thigh another squeeze. Gently you dragged your hand up his thigh till you reached his growing hard on.

You smiled softly. “Penguin, remember you own all of the sewers. You had won a spectacular victory over Killer Croc in taking them over.”

Roman, took a drink of his martini.

Penguin, hooted as he smiled broadly. “That was rather amazing wasn’t it?”

“It was!” you said happily by doing so you moved displaying your excitement, you were able to move so that your hand took hold of his growing bulge, it made you instantly wet. Feeling the effect you had on him.

“It was rather brilliant Penguin.” Roman finally said in a strained voice, you saw him swallow. He put and arm around your shoulders and pulled you close. “If you keep that fucking up,” he hissed into your ear. “You won’t be able to stand much less walk for a week.” You pressed your lips together at his words.

“That is such a great idea Roman.” You smiled sweetly at him, turning towards. “Did we ever toast to your victory, Penguin?”

He shook his head.

“Then you’re right, Roman we should!” You smiled at Penguin. “Would you like your usual, Penguin?” He nodded.

You slipped, dragging your hand from Roman, “I know what you want.”

Getting up you headed to the bar, seeing it was busy at the one end you went to the other side, by doing so you had better access to the door to the outside. Joseph smiled at you as you came out.

“Seems like things are going well?”

“They are, we need a round of drinks.”

“Including a clam juice daiquiri for the bird ?”

You nodded. “You know it.”

Eying the room, you snuck away for a moment and went out the side door to get some fresh air.

You leaned against the brick wall you worked to gather your breath. Teasing him, stealing a little of his control away made your heart race.

“You fucking tease.”

You made a small sound, as his voice broke through your thoughts. His eyes were blue flames and they burned into you. Grabbing you by you throat he pushed you harder against the wall.

“Do you want me to lose control out there little girl?” He asked inches from your face.

“No, but…but…” he squeezed again and you couldn’t speak.

“But what little girl?”

Taking the edge of one finger of his glove with his teeth he pulled his hand out of his glove and stuffed it into his pocket.

He reached between the two you, he lowered your zipper, easily cupping you. He gasped. “Little girl where are your panties?”

He loosened his hand on your throat. “I must have forgotten to put them on tonight, daddy.” You swallowed and then winced as he shoved in two fingers

“You are so bad.” He hissed.

He moved his fingers in and out of you. “Mm, feel good?” He squeezed your throat once again.

“Yes.” You whimpered.

“Good.” He hissed.

You moaned softly.

He pulled his fingers from you. He sucked on his fingers. “I love how you taste.”

He slipped his hand from your throat then taking out his glove he slipped it back on.

You were breathless now and you ached for him now.


You hurried back inside after collecting yourself.

Beside the drinks, there was a plate of sardines. “Joseph? What is this about ?”

He shrugged, “Apparently, Penguin agreed to some terms. That’s his champagne.”

“Ahh…” you grabbed the attention of one of the waitresses. “Bring this over for me, please.” Though you made a point of grabbing Roman’s drink.

Smiling you came back to the table, “So have I have heard some good things.” You bluffed. “I am sorry it took me a bit to find these.” You gestured to the tray that arrived while giving Roman a hard look.

Penguin looked proud of himself. “I have given Roman, the last of the docks. But myself and the men are allowed access to exit ports.”

“So wonderful!”

You handed him the plate of sardines and picked up her own glass.


It was your turn to slouch in the chair, “Glad that went well.”

Roman, stood up. “I canceled our last meeting.” He looked down at you.

“Oh!” You sat up.

“So you better make your way to the elevator right now.”

You followed him to the elevator after you finished the last of your new cocktail.


As you, entered the elevator you gave Roman, a sweet look. “You’re not really all that upset are you?”

He slid you a look. “You better run baby when those doors open.”

“Ok,” you slipped out of your heals and unbuttoned, your suit jacket.

Once the elevator opened you let go of your heals and started running. “I will get you!”

“No, you won’t!” You giggled and ran off. You shed your suit jack somewhere along the way.

Spotting the billiards room, you snuck in there and hid behind one of his huge over stuffed leather chairs.

You heard him walk by. And hoped he kept on walking.

“Hi baby.” You looked up and gasped. How had he seen you or for that matter how had you not heard him walk in.

“How should I punish you?”

You crawled the few paces over to him. You smiled sweetly up at him. Kneeling at his feet, you began to unbutton you blouse.


“I like you looking like this.”

He stood back and smirked. You were laying face down on his billiards table. Your legs dangled off the edge. The more he saw you like this the harder he grew.

“This is not enough of a punishment.”

“You can do whatever you want daddy. I deserve it.”

“You do.” He came to stand right behind you, he pulled back his hand then brought it down hard on one of your ass cheeks. You called out at the pain but as he rubbed it you moaned. He smirked as he saw his hand print remained. Pulling his hand back again, swooped down and smacked you again. He smacked you a few more times, loving the sounds it pulled from you.

Taking a few steps back, he pushed down his underwear. He came back over. He nudged your legs further apart.

He reached between your legs, cupping you. He gave your a squeeze. He slid himself against you. Your soft skin felt so good. “Should I just do this to get off baby? Or do you think I punished you enough?”

You swallowed. “Do what makes you happy daddy?”

He stood back. “Then turn around for me baby.”

Once you moved, you rested on your elbows. “There’s my beautiful girl.” He went to stand between your legs, within a breath he entered you making you moan and arch up.

“Damn, you feel so good.” He held onto your hips as he slammed into you.

You whimpered and moaned under him. Just as you should.

“Daddy, I am so close….” Another moaned escaped from your lips. “Can I cum?”

“Do you think you deserve it after teasing me all night?”

He felt you get wetter at his words he loved having that effect on you. “Yes, daddy because I’m so sorry.”

“Good answer, cum for me baby.” he moved harder in and out of you. You started tightening around him. He knew you’d cum soon.

He loved watching as you came apart cumming hard. “That’s my baby.” You gave him a soft smile, panting hard, your hair was wild, he loved it. Easing himself out of you, stepping back, he beckoned, you over “Come here baby.”

He reached down and caressed your cheek. “Use that luscious mouth to make me cum.” He felt himself grow harder as you kneeled in front of him.

“Yes, daddy.”


Your body hummed from cumming hard. Looking up at him, his dark suit…a hand on his hip was more then enough to happily make you go on your knees for him.

Taking a hold of him, you dragged your tongue over his hard length.

Meeting his eyes, you watched as a moan broke his lips. The sensation of moving over him with lips and tongue excited you.

His voice was deep with his pleasure. “You love sucking me off don’t you?”

You dragged your lips over him till he came out of his mouth. “I do.”

You took him deeper, loving how he easily touch the back of your throat. You could hear as he panted and moaned.

“Yes, baby….yes. Daddy is close.”

His hand, and your lips moved faster. You wanted him to cum as hard as you had. “Oh…baby.” He moaned loudly as you felt him cum hard in your mouth. Happily, you swallowed all of him. The salty, tangy mixture that was him perfectly.

Making sure he was clean, you finally let him out of your mouth. He stood slack but content on his feet, he backed up and leaned against the small bar in the room.

Going over to him, you grabbed his hand you kissed his knuckles. “I need you.” You whispered, Taking his hand you dragged it to you wet core. A smirked curled his lips. You moaned and held onto him as he rubbed you hard and fast. Shaking, you came hard. Loving the sight of him licking his fingers, you laid your head on his shoulder as he wrapped both arms around you. “That’s my girl.” He whispered.

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Hello, Anon! I went through drafts & different outcomes/scienieros. I hope you like it. I will post here at least one different version. When I do I will reference to the title, so you know that was an alternate take. Enjoy!


King of Gotham, Daddy to One

Summary: The wind blew you in and changed his life.

⚠️ Warnings ⚠️ Reference to abuse, Daddy kink, virgin, cum, smut, an unintentional voyeur and a certain amount of fluff.

Rain was heavy in Gotham, as the lightning streaked across the puffy gray clouds, and the thunder rumbled loudly.

You ran away from your father’s large beefy hands as he chased after you. You weaved in between various buildings and alleyways

He was a low level pimp, it would be only a matter of time; before he or one of his goons would find you. Perhaps, he would succeed in beating you up and you’d die. Your life in a word was miserable.

Seeing an overhang you went over to it, to get out of the rain. Hiding there awhile you managed to drift off.

“What the fuck?” A deep voice so startled you, that you fell right into a large puddle. Getting up you backed away from the man with white blonde hair. “Who, are you?” You didn’t move as fear filled you. You resisted a shiver that came over you, as the cold rain water seeped into your clothes. You didn’t speak.

“Victor, you gotta kick this nasty habit, I hate having to come back here to discuss particulars.” You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, when you heard another male voice. He gave a strangled sigh. “Wait, who the fuck is that?” You opened your eyes.

As the man with the blonde hair opened the door wider, he flicked his cigarette away, shaking his head. The other one shielded his eyes to better see you. “Hey you, stop lingering,” He beckoned to you with a gloved hand before running it through his hair. “come in from this damn weather.”

“Ok.” You agreed in a small voice.


He hoped they wouldn’t regret this, helping some Gotham brat. When Roman saw you, he was taken a back, you were a small girl. Your delicate features caught his eye. He swallowed hard when he saw the smudge of a purple bruise on one cheek.

“You’re just a girl.” Roman exchanged a look with Victor.

Your long stringy wet hair fell into your face as you looked down. “I am twenty.” You held tighter onto the strap of your knapsack.

“Oh, ok….”He pressed his lips together. That didn’t make the sight of the bruise or how desperate you looked any better. “It looks like you’ve hit a rough go of things.

You nodded. As you stood there dripping on the floor, looking god awful. He felt compelled to take care of you. “What’s your name?”

Something lingered in your eyes, that intrigued him. Your eyes met his for the span of a breath before looking back at the floor. “I’m Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N lets get you upstairs so you can get into something dry. Maybe tell us what happened, Y/N.” He tested out your name. He liked it.

He looked to Victor, “Clear the rest of my night. I am going turn the night around for Y/N.”

“Sure thing boss.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.” You spoke fast, barely looking up. “Just put me in a small dry closet, I’ll leave when the storm is over.”

A wave of emotions washed over him. “Don’t be silly, I would never fucking do that.” Seeing you wince, he sighed. “I will make sure things are better then that.” He gestured to you again. “Follow me.” As you waited for the elevator, he slid you a glance. “I want you to tell me what happened to you. I am going to make them pay.


Roman, sipped from his martini as he watched you eat the food, the chef brought up.

The jeans, you had slipped into revealed just how tiny your frame was, your incredibly bright socks were endearing. The shirt that you tied in front of you showed the soft curves you had. Though, seeing another another purple bruise on this time on your arm made his blood boil. Your hair, looked soft and shiny as it framed your face.

Victor appeared with a sundae, he put it near you as you ate. He noticed that you flinched when Victor grew close.

“Oh, you didn’t have to.” You said shooting the two of you a look before continuing to eat.

Roman, smiled. “Sweetheart, you are here now. You can stay for the foreseeable future,” He shrugged. “I will take care of you.” The words felt odd on his tongue but the sentiment felt good. This was new to him.

She looked at you, there was a storm in your eyes. The moment, you met his eyes, you looked away again.

Normally, he enjoyed when someone knew their place. You were like a whipped puppy which probably was not far from the truth. Those purple bruises and your lack of eye contact spoke louder then you ever could.

“Thank you.”


Later, that night when you were alone in the bedroom, you threw yourself on the bed. The day finally slammed you hard. You cried no more like sobbed into the pillow.

The kindness of your rescuer, stole your breath away. He was so kind, it was too much for you. You were drawn to him in ways you couldn’t explain. He was incredibly handsome for an older man but there was something about him that simply grabbed you.

As you held the pillow to your body that night, a part of you wished it was him that you were curling up to. For the first time, in a very long time you felt safe.


When your father found out that Roman Sionis and Victor Zsasz was looking for him, he disappeared.


As safe as you felt living with Roman, you still had trouble sleeping, even three months later. You would wake up with nightmares of your father finding you. Tonight was one of those nights.

Unable to fall back to sleep, after tossing and turning, you decided you’d have more of the chocolate cake you had a few days ago. Walking past his office, you saw the light was still on. Since he was up as well, you figured you’d bring him a slice too. You poured some milk into some glasses, and then headed to his office.

With a push of your hips, you opened the door to his office. He was sitting behind his desk reading papers, he didn’t look happy.

“Y/N, it’s 3 in the morning. What are you doing up?”

You came around his desk and put down the slices of cake and the glasses of milk. “I couldn’t sleep so grabbed a slice.” You hopped onto his desk. You had grown so comfortable being there that you comfortably wore only a tshirt and a pair of panties. His desk was cold.

He gestured to the additional piece and glass. “I saw your light was on, so I figured I’d bring you a piece too.”

He smiled. “That was sweet of you.” He grabbed his plate. “You forgot something.” “Oh! What?” “How am I going to eat it?” You brought a hand to your mouth. “Oh! I am sorry.” Then you smiled as an idea struck you. “I know what I can do.”

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow.

You hopped off the desk. “Can you back up a little for me?” In your mind, you relished how good he looked in his maroon and black silk pajamas and robe. Though, he always looked good.

He slouched less in his chair as he backed up. Grabbing his plate, looking at him, you chose to straddle one of his legs. The silk felt good on your legs. Being astride him like this made an ache blossom deep within you. It was a good ache.

You broke a piece of the cake off and offered it to him. He tried to grab it, “No,” You held your hand back, you shook your head. “Let me feed you.” You said evenly despite feeling as if you heart was going to burst.

You brought it closer to his mouth. He complied and it almost killed you. Occasionally, his hand went up to yours barely touching it. A few times his lips grazed your finger tips, each touch of his lips, made the ache more intense. This was new you. He finished his cake way too soon.

“Your turn.” He said simply.

Turning, you grabbed your plate and handed it to him. “Where shall I sit?”

“Right here baby.” He patted his thigh.

You settled, straddling his thigh, but kept your weight off him, like before. He met your eyes, “Sit down or I will lay you over my knees and slap your ass….and you won’t have any cake.”

Your eyes widened. Your heart which was already racing, beat even faster at the idea of being over his knees. “And why, would you lay me over your knees?”

“That’s how I would treat you for being bad.” You swallowed. Something about that sounded incredibly delicious.

“I better be good then.” You settled on his thigh. He made a sound that you couldn’t discern. You went to move but his look froze you in place. “Am I too heavy?”

“Don’t be silly.”

You licked your lips and waited for his offering.

You made a soft sound with the first bite, “I forgot how good it is.”

“Only the best, baby.”

He offered you another piece and yet another but this one he pulled it away, making rock on his thigh. “You don’t play fair.”

He smirked. “Did I ever say I’m fair?” “No.”

“Life is no fun if I play fair all the time.” He grabbed a piece, offered it to you but you had to lean in. Right as you thought, you could enjoy it, he ate it. Your mouth dropped open, and he chuckled. He grabbed a piece, you didn’t go for it. “It’s for you I promise.”

You opened your mouth, this time you grazed the tips of his fingers with your lips. It made the ache almost unbearable.

Your eyes met. You wondered if he knew you deliberately did that. “Two more pieces.”

He offered you one, you happily took it. Then he held up the last one. This time he leaned in as you leaned in.

It happened, you gasped as your lips met his. Your eyes immediately snapped open. His hands grabbed you and pulled you closer to him. It was then that the two of you finally kissed. You followed his lead in the kiss. When you felt his tongue, you easily opened your mouth, moaning into the kiss. You had never had a kiss like this.

One of his hands, slipped under your t-shirt. “You’re so soft baby.” You couldn’t help but move under his touch. His hand felt so good. “Will you show daddy?”

“Show daddy?” You could barely finish the word. It shook you to your core. “Show daddy what?”

“Daddy, wants to see the rest of you.”

You faltered. “I’ve never…” You looked away. “Oh…”

You didn’t want to scare him away, so you pulled your shirt over your head, letting it drop onto the floor of his office. So you were only clad in your panties.

He rested his hands on your hips. His thumbs caressing you gently. “I would have thought,” he let his fingers drift, till they slipped between where your panties and his pajamas met. You called out and rubbed against him. “That you were experienced. Especially, since you’re so lovely, baby.”

You decided you’d show him. “I only ever did this.” You rubbed up against his thigh, his fingers that were there. “And I’ve never had a kiss like that.” Embarrassed, you looked away.


“Do not be embarrassed.” He swallowed. “I will say this, the men you knew, were boys.” You looked down once again. With his hand under your chin he tilted you face up to look at him. “I promise to take care of you. So do not look away from me.”

“Ok,” you whispered.

He was at a loss for words. These last few months were a slow torture. Ever, since laying his eyes on you he wanted you and he always got what he wanted. He waited for you.

“Now, I may push your limits but I promise it will be fun.” He smirked. “Do you understand?”

You laid your hands on his chest, “I want you, Roman.” He groaned as he heard you say his name. It made him even harder.

Roman, remembered when Victor and him found you, how bad off you had been. That is the only reason why he waited. He was not a beast, he never have and never would force himself on anyone. When he felt how aroused you were when you straddled him, he no longer was going to deny himself or you. And tonight, he’d finally have you.

“Good.” He put his hands over yours and squeezed your hands. “Take those off.” He watched as you pushed off your panties. The site was delicious.

He took your hand, “Get up and come with me baby.” Taking your hand he brought you to his room. He shed his robe. “Go lay down for daddy.” He watched as crawled onto his bed. Damn. How did he get so fucking lucky.

He went over to her. He laid on his side beside her. Cupping her cheek, he looked into your eyes. “I am going to make you feel so good.” He kissed you then, your hesitation yet willingness to follow his lead was wonderful.

He let one of his hands drift down your body. He caressed your breasts, loving how they were ripe for touching. He barely touched them when he was able to pull moans from you. “Yes, baby let daddy know when he makes you feel good.” He pulled back to watch the pleasure to fill your face. He let his hand drift down lower. He saw that your legs were closed. “Open for Daddy. He wants to make you feel so good.” He cooed.

“Oh there you are.” He made a soft sound as he dragged his fingers against your wetness. “So wet for daddy.”

He as he rubbed you. He saw you arch. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes.” You were breathless.

He found you opening, he slipped a finger in a little feeling the resistance, as you made a sound he saw a of discomfort. “It will be ok, I promise baby.” God it made him hard, knowing he’d be your first. He rubbed at your little nub, that pulled a loud moan, the prior discomfort immediately a memory.

“Yes, like that.” “Yes, what baby?”

“Yes, daddy.” You whimpered, putting your own smaller hand over his. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby?” Your eyes met his, “I used to touch myself there thinking of you.”

“Oh really baby?” “Yes.”

He moved, his fingers firmer on you. Your words made him harder still. He felt like he could burst. He watched as your hands shifted up to your breasts as he rubbed you feeling you grow wetter.“Do that baby, help me make you feel good.”

You tossed your head from side to side, “oh daddy…daddy.” You whimpered, panting.

He saw you still arching, panting. He sped up his fingers. You saw you just move uncontrollably. “Cum for me baby…cum for daddy.”

That’s when he watched as you shook and screamed out.


A floor below, Victor awoke to the scream filling the silent building. He jumped out of his bed, grabbing a t-shirt he pulled it on and was at the elevator, before be could catch his breath. He rain his fingers through his short blond strands. He knew you had had a rough go of things.

He had grown to be concerned about you. Before you, his loyalty was simply to Roman and his empire. When you came to reside in it, he also cared for you. He was eager to make your father pay for the pain he caused. He grew to see you like a sister to him. Like Roman, he’d protect you to the death. He hoped right now that you didn’t do anything stupid.

The elevator doors opened to Roman’s floor. Following the indistinct sounds not sure from where, he ran when he heard you scream again, but then stopped dead in his steps.

In front of him, he watched for the briefest of moments as Roman spoke to you in low tones as he wrapped arms around you as he began moving in and out of you.

He turned on his heal, relieved you were ok. He was relieved neither of you saw him as he made it back down to his floor.


“How did that feel baby?” He eased his fingers from you. He licked his fingers. Damn, you tasted good. He knew you two would have alot of fun. He pulled off of his pajama top and tossed it.

“Would you like to help daddy feel good now?”

“Yes, daddy you have to feel good too.”

“Open up wide for me baby.” He caressed your legs, enjoying the site of how you looked with your legs opening further to fit him.

He climbed over you, pushing his pajama pants down. He sighed as he was able to release bis hardness from their silken prison. “You look so damn good baby.” He said softly as he positioned himself over you. “Baby, look at me.”

You raised yourself up and met his eyes. “Yes.” When you saw him, your mouth opened more. “Is that what I do to you daddy?”

He nodded. “Yes, baby. You made daddy very hard.” He made himself slick with your wetness, it felt so good. “This part is going to hurt, but I promise this is the only time it will.”

You licked your lips and nodded. “Ok,” you were breathless still from just cumming. He brought his hardness to your wet entrance. It pulled a moan from him. He had never waited this long for someone.

“This is the part that will hurt baby but we will get through it and then we can make daddy and youself feel good all over again. He pushed forward. You called out screaming but slowing his pace, it turned into a deep moan as he filled you. You were so tight he almost came from himself sliding into you.

“Are you ok baby?” He thumbed away one tear that sprang from one of your eyes.

As you nodded, he caressed your legs so that they wrapped around his waist. He spoke softly to you, cupping your face. “Now you are going to feel so good.”

Slowly he began moving in and out of you, he moaned as he did. “Oh baby,” he moaned.

He looked a moment at his doorway and shook his head. He thought he had heard something but he had been mistaken. “You feel so good.” He whispered.

“You do too, daddy.” You began moving with him. Damn, he felt so good being deep within you.

Pleasure filled him more as your small hands drew him into a breathless kiss. Your lips and tongues met like your bodies.

He continued to thrust into you, pulling back he wanted to watch your first time. You were even lovelier then before. Hair and eyes wild He could feel as you tightened around him, it made him almost cum right there. It shot reams of pleasure right up his spine.

“Cum again for me baby.” He urged. Feeling, seeing you arch was a delight. Then you shook around him, calling out his name before wilting under him. He continued to move in and out of you. “You feel so good.” Your eyes were heavy with the pleasure he had given you. He felt himself get closer, and closer still. He wasn’t going to make any risks.

Moving, he pulled himself out of your tight wetness reluctantly. He looked down at you, as he wrapped his fingers around his hard length and rubbed himself up and down hard. “Oh…baby.” He moaned and finally came hard, bracing himself with one hand on the bed as he shot onto your stomach and breasts. It made him feel all the powerful. He had made you his.

“Daddy, what did you do ?”

He smirked. “Daddy came hard because of you.

“Oh!” He watched as you ran a finger into it. Then brought it your lips and licked at it. “Ooh, daddy tastes good.” The sight, your words made him twitch. He moved and laid down beside you, a smirk played curling his lips. “That makes daddy very happy.” He handed you his pajama pants. “Wipe yourself baby and come cuddle daddy.”

He managed to capture his breath and happily wrapped an arm around you as you curled up to his side.

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heya! i came across your blog today and it would be safe to say that i’m completely in awe of how perfectly you capture everything i love about roman’s character. i would like to ask if you’d be willing to write another little something for him? preferably involving him hanging off your every word, completely infatuated, and very possessive/touchy-grabby? it would be a DREAM, luv !

A Man’s World

(Roman Sionis x Reader)


a.n: you are too kind oml! i would literally die for needy roman.

summary: roman tries his best to focus on a business meeting, though that’s harder than he thought… especially when you’re within reach.

(credit to gif owner)

warnings: language, flirting obvs


It was like they alway said: it’s a man world, but it don’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl. And it would have been a complete falsehood for Roman Sionis to disagree. Even now, as you stood by his table as he dealt with business matters, you owned him. All of his attention, whether he liked it or not, was yours for the taking.

The beat in the Black Mask club pulsed through the floorboards, coinciding with the one in your chest. Without the nights as they were, you knew you would have been bored out of your mind. It felt exhilarating to be stood in a room of bodies, most of whom’s eyes were on you: though no-one would ever dare approach you. It was common knowledge that you belonged to Sionis, though he to you just as much. If it had been up to Roman, you supposed the two of you would have never left bed, however he had meetings to attend to, and without his intervening, who knows what would happen to his business.

Instead, he juggled work and pleasure, stealing glances of you whenever his client trailed on too much. You in your ever so revealing dress, black leather to match the gloves that entrapped his hands. It bound you in ways only the two of you could understand.

Whenever there was a lull in conversation he would reach out to run a line across your bare thigh, only for you to quickly bat his hand away; to this he would only respond with a smirk.

“Well, Mr. Sionis?” the man across from him asked. It was apparent that Roman was disturbed, though from his reputation it was not wise to voice that opinion. This was his club. He could conduct his business however he fucking wanted.

“Did you say something?” He hadn’t been listening to a word. Who could blame him?

“I would like you to come to a decision… if you are able to.” The stranger glanced up at your elegant form, and you immediately felt Roman’s hand grip your thigh. To say he was protective would have been the understatement of the century.

“I’m gonna go and get a drink, baby,” you whispered down toward him, placing a ringed hand a top his shoulder.

“I can get someone to bring you one,” Roman offered quickly. Despite this really being a formalized arrangement, all he wanted to do was oggle you, as he seemed to desire the rest of the time too.

Chuckling a little, you looked him square in the eye, fingers lazily playing with the edge of his collar. “Romy, baby,” you mumbled just for him, “I’ll be back before you know it. Besides: I think you’re a little distracted with me here.”

“Doll,” he began to protest however you silenced him with a soft kiss, your flush red lips stronger than anyone in that club. Walking past Victor, you sauntered over to the bar and seated yourself on a stool. Without uttering a word, your favourite cocktail was placed in front of you, delivered by a respectful barman who brought it with a small bow. He was a smart man, and knew to please you as much as he knew how.

You crossed one leg over the other and took a sip from the rim, relishing as the sweet burn slithered down your throat. There were so many people in Roman’s club, though it was as if you had a bubble around you. Nobody dared approach you. Nobody dared hurt you. All of Roman’s power was following you wherever you went like a tumour, obvious and dangerous.

However, it wasn’t long before you felt a familiar hand at the small of your back and a rough pair of lips came to your neck where it was exposed. Inclining your neck to give him more leeway, Roman slowly began to devour as much of your juglar as he could.

“What happened to your meeting, boss?” you teased, running a hand through his hair.

“Fuck that,” he grunted. By now he was too enamoured with you, every inch of your body just begging to be touched beneath that dress. You adored him as much as he did you, though you were able to contain yourself a little better.

Soon enough he pulled away, yet reluctantly so. “You are such a little tease, babygirl,” he sighed, drinking in your form.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way.” He took your hand from your hip and brought it to his lips.

“You know how much I hate it when other guys look at you. Don’t think I missed how much that asshole was eyeing you up.” Without warning his grip moved further down your body, delivering a small squeeze. “You’re mine, (Y/N), all mine.”

“And you-” You turned to take a hold of his satin tie, tugging it toward you. “-are mine, Roman.”

Like a puppy dog he smiled at you, devilish yet completely at your mercy. “Oh fuck you’re right,” he whispered, dark eyes roaming. “I love you so fucking much. How am I so lucky?” His words came out like a whine, needy and desperate, as you allowed your fingers to dance over his shoulders. “Fuck me.”

“Come on,” you said, jumping off your seat.

“Where are we going?” You lead him toward the staircase leading up to your shared apartment.

“You’ve got other kinds of business to attend to.”


hope you enjoyed.

requests are open :)))

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sunday // helena bertinelli

requested by @kurreapormaranet


The sun shine through the curtains that covered the bedroom windows. Helena just walked back to your shared room after taking a quick shower and changing into something comfy. The end of her relatively short balck hair was still wet a bit as she pulled up the zipper on her oversized grey hoodie. She looked at your sleeping form with a loving gaze. It was an intense week, that’s for sure, so she is not suprised that you’re still in bed. Honestly she was still tired too so she carefully climbed back next to you. Grabbed the book you were reading the other day and opened it at a random page. Helena didn’t know exactly how much time has passed but as she flipped a page she felt you snuggling against her.

“Hm… Why…re you up..?” she heared you mumble and chuckled at your sleepy voice.

“Don’t know. But you can go back to sleep. You deserve to rest.” Helena closed the book and looked at you. Her fingers brushed away some hair from your forehead and leaned down to kiss it. With your eyes still closed a sweet smile appeared on your lips.

“So do you, Helena.”

“Yeah but I’m resting too? Reading a book, watching the sun rise with you next to me? It’s pretty relaxing.” you give a tought to what she said. It was true. This is pretty relaxing. Especially after a week like this. You took down two 2 drug dealers and put a whole monster family behind bars witb the help of Dinah and Renee. You sat up and hugged her.

“ What about you dress up and I make us some breakfast?”

“Hmm… Do I have to dress up?”

Helena laughed at your child like behavior and stood up so she could leave to the kitchen. With a sigh you layed back on the bed for a few seconds to gain some energy. Groaning you mentally counted till 3 before geting out of bed.

Now fully clothed you joined Helena. Or would have joined but as you saw her preparing food you had to stop in the door and just take in the sight. She looked so peaceful.

“You’re so pretty” you couldn’t help but let the words escape your mouth. She instantly turned towards you with her blushing cheeks.

“I… No I… Well not as much as you are.”

“Let’s agree to disagree” you walked over with a smile and helped her make breakfast.

The pancakes turned out wonderful and once you drank your coffee/tea/anything you sat down on the couch to binge some shows that Helena wanted to watch for a while.

You spent most of the morning and early afternoon just cuddling and laying on each other and maybe talking a bit when the show was at an uninteresting part.   But later around 5-6 pm Helena suggested that the two of you go outside for a walk since you spent the whole day inside. You liked the idea so you grabbed a coat and the two of you were outside in a flash. It wasn’t completely dark yet and it was a bit chilly but it felt nice. Helena held your hand as the two of you made your way to the nearby park. There wasn’t a lot of people around which is perfectly fine for both of you. The streets were relatively quiet but that’s what you needed right now.

“You know Y/N.. I love having days like this with you. It’s so calm and relaxing and… Not what I’m used to. It’s nice”

“I love this too. And you. I love you Helena.” you smiled and kissed her cheek. You heared her whisper ‘I love you too’.

When you got back it was your turn for great ideas. You filled up the bath with hot water, rose petals and placed candles all over the bathroom.  Both of you got in the water and sighed in relief as the warm water touched your skin.

“You know, we should do these more often” you said putting some shampoo in your hand. Helena closed her eyes and hummed in response as you started washing her hair.

“And I was thinking that maybe we could go on a vacation sometime?”

“And leave all the fun for Dinah and Renee? Noo”

You rubbed the shampoo in with a chuckle.

“I wouldn’t exactly call crime fighting fun.”

“Well it’s not always fun but most of the time… All right it’s not fun most of the times either buuut… I could get used to this. Well for a while. I think I would miss the…”

“ the russ? The excitement, the danger, the adrenaline? Yeah. Me too. But it would be nice to suspend this weekend a bit. ”

Helena leaned into your touch.

“ Yeah. That would be great… But honestly I’m happy anywhere as longs as you’re here too. ”

“ Awww you’re so sweet! ”

“ Oh shut it… ”


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Lazy Day Headcanons With Helena Bertinelli


Originally posted by letitiawrights

Hey everyone, this was requested by Anonymous - Can you pls write some lazy day headcanons for Helena Bertinelli pleaseee! Thx! and here it is and I hope the person who requested it enjoys it as well as everyone else :)

Helena always wakes up before you in the mornings, her routine is like clockwork:

  • Wakes up at around 6 o'clock 
  • Goes and gets washed up and puts on her Huntress gear
  • Then goes to get her coffee 
  • Finally goes back into your shared bedroom and kisses you on your forehead and leave to do her job
  • Sometimes leaving a rose to let you know she has gone 

But today was different, on a cold Sunday morning the both of you were in bed, with Helena spooning you as the big spoon. 

“Ughhh I should be getting up” Helena groaned 

“You could do that” I said, my eyes still closed “Or…”

“Or?”  Helena said, raising her eyebrows 

“Or you could stay here. In this bed. With me. All day” I said, turning around to face Helena only to nuzzle into her neck. 

  • Helena didn’t say a word, just wrapped her arms tighter around you signalling that you won
  • You both stayed like that for a couple of hours until your stomach rumbled
  • So Helena slowly manoeuvred herself over you and went into the kitchen
  • Some time later you were awakened by a delicious smell seemingly coming from the kitchen
  • You regrettably gotten out of the warmth comfort of the bed and walked down the hallway were you found such an adorable sight
  • Your girlfriend Helena Bertinelli AKA Huntress in one of your hoodies complete with Bed Head swiftly moving around the kitchen, seemingly making breakfast 

“Oh Y/N” Helena said as she turned around and seeing me while holding a tray of food “I…I wanted to bring you breakfast in bed” 

“Well if you want I could head back to bed” I said with a smile and Helena simply smiled and nodded. 

  • So I headed back to the bedroom and got back under the covers, a minute or so later the door opened to as Helena came into the room with the tray 
  • She handed it to you then got into bed with you with an arm wrapped around you
  • The only times either of you actually gotten out of bed was to use the toilet
  • You suggested having a movie marathon, specifically a Disney movie marathon.
  • She seemed to really enjoy Brave, apart from saying every two minuets “She’d be much better with the crossbow” 
  • Apart from that, Helena seemed to enjoy it, happily laying in bed with your head in her lap with her hand running through your hair 
  • Occasionally leaning down and planting kisses on your head, lips, neck and hands 
  • Which of course can lead to more nsfw things but certainly more fun
  • Even though Helena would normally dislike the idea of lazy days, she had to admit laying in bed with you, it felt normal. And for the small amount of time it felt good. Being with you.     
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will u write more victor imagines? 🤓🤓 your writing is amazing, honestly ‼️

The Diamond

(Victor Zsasz x Reader)


a.n: thank you so much!!! it’s just a lil shortie.

summary: after swallowing roman sionis’ diamond, it’s up to his henchman to get it back.

(credit to gif owner)

warnings: kidnapping ig


“This would all have been a lot easier if you had thought before you acted,” the low hum from above you sighed.

“Well yeah, but I can’t change the past. So here we are.”

You were becoming impatient with this situation. Okay, so maybe you had stolen a diamond, and maybe you had proceeded to swallow it in an attempt to keep it in your possession, but how were you supposed to know who it belonged to?

Now it had brought you here. Tied to a chair under the watchful eye of Victor Zsasz who had planted himself in front of you. Hands folded over his arms, the blonde man relaxed into the structure of the seat.

“Yeah, and now you have to deal with the consequences.”

The consequences had involved you guzzling a whole bottle of laxative formula in an attempt to rid yourself of the precious stone.

There must have been a more dignified approach to this. There just must have been.

“You know you can untie me. I’m not going to run away from you.”

Releasing a chuckle from his chest, Zsasz rose to his feet to run a finger along your cheek. He glared down at you, gaze domineering and dark. “Because I’m going to trust a bad little girl like you.”

When he brought the digit close enough to your mouth, you mimed clamping your teeth shut around it.

“I’m being too kind to you. What can I say? I’m a big softie.” His voice never left that masculine, low hum, making it even harder to establish any emotion in his words.

“How can you call this kind?”

“Well, I could cut that little tummy of yours wide open and go fishing for the diamond myself… instead you get to spend time with me - alive.”

“Well why don’t you?”

He smiled and pulled a blade from his left hand pocket. “Why don’t I what, little girl?”

“Why don’t you cut me open?” you dared. “You seem like the kind of guy who would just go for it.”

Shrugging, he reached down to sit on his haunches before you. “Like I said, I’ve got a soft spot for you.” His gaze slowly traced your seated form, and you tried your best to ignore your heart rate picking up against your ribs. “And I wouldn’t want to ruin such a perfect body. Roman can have his diamond, but you, sweetheart, are mine.”

Gulping, you watched as Victor pulled a small switch blade knife from his left hand pocket and began to run it along your leg, just above your knee.

“Do I get a say in this?” you whispered. To keep your composure, you sucked your bottom lip in between your teeth, admiring the laziness with which he teased you.

“Oh baby,” he muttered, “I don’t think you want a choice.”


hope you enjoyed.

requests are open :)))

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Hello 🤗

Requests are open for fics, character aesthetics, and mood boards! Rules for fics: I will write inserts and imagines. If I’m not familiar with the character, I won’t write for them. But I never hurts to ask. I do write smut. However, I will not write for illegal age gaps and will not romanticize sexual violence.

Fandoms include: Birds of Prey, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Doctor Sleep, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, etc.

I love prompts so don’t be afraid to reach out!


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