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#birds of prey x reader

Originally posted by h-arleen

(Y/N): “Harley, why did you call me and ask me to come to your apartment at four in the morning? And why is there there a Hyena in the bathtub?”

Harley: “No particular reason, now can you hand me that lighter and the thing of gasoline by your feet  please?”

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The Wick and The Sionis


(Y/n)’s POV

A small sigh escaped my lips as I enter the Black Mask club. Everyone was silents was they saw me, then they continued in there conversation oncee I made it to the bar. “Ms. Wick.” The bartender greeted causing me to smiled slightly.

“What business do you have here? If you don’t mind me asking?” The bartender asked as I look around. “Who’s the boss here?” I asked causing the Bartender to point at a booth close to the stage. “That would be Roman Sionis.” He said as I saw a man with a matching dark blue suit and pants with thin strips.

“Hmmm. You seen Harley?” I asked causing him to smile as he finally understood why I’m here. “Passed out in the booth over there. And watch your 6.” He said causing me to nod at I got up to get Harley. “Harley. Harley.” I called gently causing Harley to groan as she open her eyes.

I frown slight as I saw the saddness and pain in her eyes as she looks at me. “(N/n)?” She called causing me to smile at her sadly. “Its me Harley. Come on let me take you to my place.” I said as she slowly pushed herself up. I paused as everyone went silent.

I quickly turned around as a man walked up to me and thrust a knife on my side. “Fuck.” I groan as I sw Roman and some other guy get up. “Ms Wick! So go to finally see you.” The man said as I glared at him. “And it now time to say good bye.” I growled as I pulles out the knife and pushed in to a wall before stabbing up his jugular.


I moved away as I saw about three more guys surrounded me. “You little bitch!” A man said causing me to sigh as I block the guy punch and jump at him. I quickly wrapped my legs around his neck and spin myself causing the man to flip and land on his back hard.


Another man came up to me causing me to jump up and spin. I moved my left leg out on the third spin as it smack the man in the head. The man smack his head against the table hard before he clasped on the ground.


He last guy glared at me as I popped my neck and raised up my hands ready to fight yet again. “You think just because I’m a girl and my father is the most feared man in the world, I would be some damsel in distress?” I asked with a dark laugh before spinning around and raised left then right elbow to connect with his face.

I raised an eyebrow in slightly surpised as the man got up with a stumbled. I hummed as I ran up to the wall and spun to kick the man in the face, knocking him out cold.


“(N/n), You haven’t change.” Harley said as I saw only two other people here. And one of them was Roman Sionis. “What a show.” Roman said causing me to huff slightly as I help Harley up. “Romy you don’t want to mess with her. She’s a Wick.” Harley slurred causing Roman to humm.

“I’ll have someone clean this up.” I mumbled as I moved Harley’s arm over my shoulder. “Its know problem at all dear.” Roman said as I guided Harley outside with the two following close behind.


“Hmmm. You okay Harley?” I asked as I managed to open the door to put her inside the passager set. “Hmmm.” She moaned causing me to smiled as I put on her set belt. “Nice ride.” Roman said once I closed the door. “Thanks. I fixed it myself.” I told him as I pulles out my phone.

“Yo, Jace I need a dinner reservation for four at Black Mask Club.” I said as heard a loud sigh causing me to smile. “Always in a fight Ms. Wick.” Jace stated causing me to chuckle. “No I was just getting a friend.” I said with a shrug as I went back inside to club to check.

“Your father is looking for you.” He said causing me to sigh. “Just tell him I’m patching up his car.” I said then hung up. “What’s your name Ms. Wick?” Roman asked causing me to turn around as he stood a bit close to me.

“Ms. Wick is all you need to know for now dear.” I said as I gently pat his cheeks. I walked passed him just as I saw Jaces van park behind mine. “Ms. Wick.” Jace said with a slight bow. “Jace.” I said as I pulled out a gold coin. “Do what you will with the one that’s still asleep.” I whisper against gis ear causing him to grin at me.

“Of course Ms. Wick.” He said then went inside the club with body bags and a few other people that came out of the van to help.

It’s just an idea I had I hope you guys enjoyed it reading it!!!

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Summary: Victor had eyes for you first, but someone else noticed you as well, so now they have the chance to share you

A/N: I have not seen Birds Of Prey, so if anything is wrong, please forgive me, thank you. im also sorry this took so long to post, i literally didn’t know where this was going, oop x 

TAGS: @onebatch–twobatch​ & @starwarsprequelfangirl​ | @lucy300​ | @21stcenturywitchcraft​ | @taylorzunigaa​ | @salamandergirl​ | @rainbowleosworld​ | @im-just-one-of-the-avengers​ 


The first time you step foot into Black Mask club, all eyes were on you. The dress that hugged you nicely made everyone’s mouth water. You were something else. 

The second Victor laid eyes on you, his mouth went dry and his cock twitched in his pants. He coughed, rubbing the back of his neck as he left his eyes follow you around the club while Roman spoke to him. Victor inhaled sharply as he watched you sit down; your dress riding up, exposing your thighs. He parted his lips, letting out a shaky breath. He tried to take his eyes off of you, but he couldn’t. 

Roman knew something was up, Roman followed his gaze, his eyes landed on you. Roman smirked, humming softly as he titled his head, his eyes trailing down your body. His tongue darted out and dragged along his bottom lip, grunting softly as he imagined what you felt like wrapped around his thick shaft.

When Victor finally tore his eyes away from you and back to his boss, he felt a ping of jealousy in his chest. Victor gripped the table tightly in his hand as he watched Roman take a final sip of his drink before standing. Victor stood up as well, Roman titled his head, looking at Victor with curiosity. “Victor..” Roman hummed, glancing back at you. “Yes, boss?” Victor said through his gritted teeth. “Go get her” Victor grinned, making his way around the table and straight for you. 

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Can we please get more Victor content? 馃挋馃ズ馃憠馃徑馃憟馃徑

Easy Like Sunday Morning

(Victor Zsasz x Reader)


a.n: sure thing. lmao guess i didn’t realise how real the thirst for zsasz was. i don’t blame ya’ll tho.

summary: a lazy sunday morning with a henchman isn’t exactly like the movies, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

(credit to gif owner but holy god bless you for making it)

warnings: mentions of scars/self harm and violence.


“That one right there,” Zsasz whispered, shifting slightly, “was from when I was sent to kill these Italians at a club. There was four of them, but of course nobody told me that. I took them out though, so I made this one extra deep.”

“Can I touch it?” you asked though you were already reaching out toward him.

Victor smiled and took your hand in his own, leading it up to where the scar rested.

His chest bare and nicely haired, you traced your finger along the flesh, feeling goosebumps rise as you felt the ridge in his skin. The line was a little wider than some of the others, and a beautiful dark red colour. This indicated it was older than a lot of them, but you knew he still favoured it.

The whole conversation had begun when you had first spotted Victor that morning. The two of you were in bed, and for the first time you seemed to have awoken before him. You couldn’t help but find yourself in awe of his scared and bruised body laying beside you, so peaceful yet so hurt. It had took all of your might not to cry, but you knew his reasons and respected that. When finally he had rose, you decided to finally pose the question.

The two of you lay in almost silence, neither daring to break the serenity. There was no clock in his room: he had no need for time.

Not when he was with you at least. The only sound was his gentle breathing mimicking your own, his heart beat carried to you through the mattress fabric. It was a Sunday morning, which meant there was nowhere to be, other than with you.

“Did it hurt?” you whispered back.

Smiling a little, Victor raised your hand from his chest up to his lips, beginning to kiss along your knuckles. “Of course not. They’re just like a little-” and his moved to playfully nip to knuckle between his teeth. “-pinch.” You laughed quietly and shuffled ever closer to him.

“Why do you do it, V?”

“What can I say, baby - I’m a sentimental guy. I like to keep reminders. These are things I don’t want to lose, you know. Otherwise you can forget who you are without even realising it.”

“Do you have one for me?” you asked. Zsasz shook his head, continuing to caress your hand.

“You’re right here with me. You’re not going anywhere.”

To that you cocked an eyebrow. “Well, that’s a bold thing to assume,” you teased. You were pleased to find him in a good mood when he raised you up to straddle his waist as he laid beneath, head lolling against the mass of pillows.

“I’d like to see you try, little girl,” he grumbled, hands coming to your hips.

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

With a sly smirk Victor shrugged, though you felt his grip on you tighten, eyes darkening. That dangerous look he had made every nerve in your body stand on end. He would never hurt you, but you adored how possessive, how protective he could get.

In one swift movement, he had you pressed flush against his chest. Victor moved his hands from your body up into tangle your hair, dreamily twirling locks around his fingers.

“What’s this space for?” you questioned. The beat of his heart was dull against your temple, though it warmed you. Your finger danced across the smooth surface right along his left peck.

“That,” he breathed close to your ear, “is for you. That’s where you live. I can’t bear the thought of hurting you, so I left it unharmed.”

“Victor,” was all you could reply with. This was a man you had seen commit murder in cold blood, a man who derived great pleasure from torture, showing you what seemed to be a soft side.

There was a serene silence as Victor leaned up to brush his lips against your own, chuckling slightly at how sensitive you had become.

“I need you, baby. Say you’re mine,” he grumbled, turning his attention to your neck.

“I’m yours, V; always have and always will be.”

“Good. That’s what I like to hear.” Taking you with him, Victor sat up straight, gazing up at you from where you knelt above him.

“I love you, and I love all your scars too,” you whispered. It was common knowledge that he loved to be in control of you, so you allowed him to guide your head down once more to his chest. Once there you began to pepper little kisses along the pale flesh, paying a fair amount of affection to each mark you encountered.

“I’ve got a thousand stories to tell you, babygirl.”

Looking up at him through your lashes, you smiled. “I’ve got all the time in the world.”


hope you enjoyed.

requests are open :)))

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sunday // helena bertinelli

requested by @kurreapormaranet


The sun shine through the curtains that covered the bedroom windows. Helena just walked back to your shared room after taking a quick shower and changing into something comfy. The end of her relatively short balck hair was still wet a bit as she pulled up the zipper on her oversized grey hoodie. She looked at your sleeping form with a loving gaze. It was an intense week, that’s for sure, so she is not suprised that you’re still in bed. Honestly she was still tired too so she carefully climbed back next to you. Grabbed the book you were reading the other day and opened it at a random page. Helena didn’t know exactly how much time has passed but as she flipped a page she felt you snuggling against her.

“Hm… Why…re you up..?” she heared you mumble and chuckled at your sleepy voice.

“Don’t know. But you can go back to sleep. You deserve to rest.” Helena closed the book and looked at you. Her fingers brushed away some hair from your forehead and leaned down to kiss it. With your eyes still closed a sweet smile appeared on your lips.

“So do you, Helena.”

“Yeah but I’m resting too? Reading a book, watching the sun rise with you next to me? It’s pretty relaxing.” you give a tought to what she said. It was true. This is pretty relaxing. Especially after a week like this. You took down two 2 drug dealers and put a whole monster family behind bars witb the help of Dinah and Renee. You sat up and hugged her.

“ What about you dress up and I make us some breakfast?”

“Hmm… Do I have to dress up?”

Helena laughed at your child like behavior and stood up so she could leave to the kitchen. With a sigh you layed back on the bed for a few seconds to gain some energy. Groaning you mentally counted till 3 before geting out of bed.

Now fully clothed you joined Helena. Or would have joined but as you saw her preparing food you had to stop in the door and just take in the sight. She looked so peaceful.

“You’re so pretty” you couldn’t help but let the words escape your mouth. She instantly turned towards you with her blushing cheeks.

“I… No I… Well not as much as you are.”

“Let’s agree to disagree” you walked over with a smile and helped her make breakfast.

The pancakes turned out wonderful and once you drank your coffee/tea/anything you sat down on the couch to binge some shows that Helena wanted to watch for a while.

You spent most of the morning and early afternoon just cuddling and laying on each other and maybe talking a bit when the show was at an uninteresting part.   But later around 5-6 pm Helena suggested that the two of you go outside for a walk since you spent the whole day inside. You liked the idea so you grabbed a coat and the two of you were outside in a flash. It wasn’t completely dark yet and it was a bit chilly but it felt nice. Helena held your hand as the two of you made your way to the nearby park. There wasn’t a lot of people around which is perfectly fine for both of you. The streets were relatively quiet but that’s what you needed right now.

“You know Y/N.. I love having days like this with you. It’s so calm and relaxing and… Not what I’m used to. It’s nice”

“I love this too. And you. I love you Helena.” you smiled and kissed her cheek. You heared her whisper ‘I love you too’.

When you got back it was your turn for great ideas. You filled up the bath with hot water, rose petals and placed candles all over the bathroom.  Both of you got in the water and sighed in relief as the warm water touched your skin.

“You know, we should do these more often” you said putting some shampoo in your hand. Helena closed her eyes and hummed in response as you started washing her hair.

“And I was thinking that maybe we could go on a vacation sometime?”

“And leave all the fun for Dinah and Renee? Noo”

You rubbed the shampoo in with a chuckle.

“I wouldn’t exactly call crime fighting fun.”

“Well it’s not always fun but most of the time… All right it’s not fun most of the times either buuut… I could get used to this. Well for a while. I think I would miss the…”

“ the russ? The excitement, the danger, the adrenaline? Yeah. Me too. But it would be nice to suspend this weekend a bit. ”

Helena leaned into your touch.

“ Yeah. That would be great… But honestly I’m happy anywhere as longs as you’re here too. ”

“ Awww you’re so sweet! ”

“ Oh shut it… ”


Originally posted by mikaeled

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In Charge

(Victor Zsasz x Reader)


a.n: where’s all my zsasz content at.

summary: when you have a rough day, victor is always the best at calming you down; and with a boss like he has, he’s certainly had enough practise.

(credit to gif owner)

warning: language


“Fuck!” you roared, slamming you purse down onto the couch. Yanking off your heels, you stripped yourself of your work jacket and let your hair down, running your hands through your locks.

What a fucking day.

It had been the day from hell. First of all your coffee order had been wrong, and of course you had spilt it on yourself upon tripping on the pavement. Following this, your boss made a laughing stock of your appearance before proceeding to pile up a week’s worth of work on your desk. He obviously wanted it done by tomorrow afternoon, and you obviously were the only one he could trust. What he meant by that was you were the only push over in the office, and wouldn’t argue.

“Fucking Robert and his fucking paperwork,” you grumbled to yourself. Your first protocol was to raid the fridge for a bottle of wine which you emptied into the largest glass you could find. “Prick,” you seethed over the rim.

Upon hearing your outburst, Victor made his way into the kitchen to where you were stood.

“Hey baby,” he approached with caution. “You alright?”

You laughed. That was all you could do. Taking a large gulp, you set down the glass and looked him dead in the eye.

“Am I alright? Hm, let me think about that. I work in an office where my boss thinks it’s fine to dump all of his shit onto me. I look like shit and I stink of mocha, which I do not drink by the way! And on the way home it started to rain, so now I look like a drowned rat. And you ask me if I’m alright?” you all but screamed, backing him over to the couch.

Victor held your gaze, expression completely placid. When your tirade had calmed slightly, your boyfriend stepped toward you and took both of your gesticulating hands in his own. A forceful grip rested around your wrists as he pushed them down toward your sides. He held you there for a few moments, searching your eyes.

“(Y/N),” he began calmly, voice deep and soothing. “Where are you now?”

“What?” you snapped.

He closed the gap further and looked down strongly at your infuriated form. “Where are you now?” he repeated.

“Victor, I don’t have time for-”

“Are you at work?”

“Well no, but-”

“Then don’t think about it. Your dickhead of a boss can’t get you now,” he chuckled. “The only people here are me and you, just me and you.”

“Victor, I-”

“Just forget about them, baby. I know how to treat you right. They don’t deserve you, (Y/N). So long as you’re mine, no-one will ever fucking hurt you.”

Wiping away the tear of rage from your cheeks, Victor stroked his hand across your face, releasing your hands. As soon as he did so, you reached up and wrapped your arms around his neck. This was the only thing that kept you going. Knowing what awaited you when you got home. Victor was always there for you, fair, short hair and eyes as dark as black opal. He forever greeted you with a sly smirk, playful and loving. He had only ever had eyes for you.

Twisting to run your fingers over his blonde crew cut, you relaxed into his touch as he began to sway to an unheard beat.

“I’m so sorry Victor,” you sighed. “I’m not angry at you.”

“Oh I know baby, don’t you worry about that. If you tell me exactly who’s upset you, I can take care of them.”

“No offense, but I’d rather you didn’t kill my boss. He may be a dick but people might suspect things,” you muttered. Victor chuckled, the low hum reverberating against your own chest. The dull warmth that he radiated was enough to lull you into comfort.

“Oh, hon, you spoil all my fun.” You delivered a small slap to his shoulder, only increasing the hilarity of the situation. “Okay, love, I won’t. But how does dinner sound?”

“Mm, dinner sounds great.”

“I can rent us a movie as well, and you can finish that glass of wine.”

“Hey don’t judge me,” you whined with a pout, glancing back at the beverage resting on the marble island.

“No judgement,” he reassured. “You’ve had a rough time of it.” Two large hands came up to your shoulders and just the right amount of pressure was placed to the area. God his touch felt so good that you just wanted to remain like that forever.

“Stay with me, V,” you pleaded, voice as desperate as a child.

“I’m gonna have to make dinner, baby, you’re going to have to let me go.”

“Uh-uh, dinner can wait,” you decided. In that position it felt like it would have been a crime to let him go. The way that his chest poked through his loose house shirt, revealing that toned and scarred chest you adored with every fibre of your being: that was what you needed the most right now.

To be close to him.

“Alright, alright,” he submitted. “I’ll let you have your way.” Without warning, Victor had scooped you up into his arms, settling you easily on his hip as if it had been molded just for you. “But later, sugar, I’m in charge.”


hope you enjoyed.

requests are open :)))

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So hahah I want a part 2 Where either Roman goes to find reader and finish what they started, including some thigh riding cause im disgusting ooooor Ooooor reader goes to visit him at night like she teased him before in the fic in the bar and wake him up. Which could include her tying him to the bed and smut Either way I want smut if its okay 👀👀 Thigh riding, bondage and hands hahahaha

commission by the lovely @casifer-fan​​ !

pairing  ◦   roman sionis x f!quinn!reader

genre  ◦   smut, angst, fluff, hurt, comfort (if you really squint)

warnings  ◦   blood, bad hangover, mentions of attempted assault and stalking, just a really gross neighbor, shitty ending

5.8k words

a/n  ◦   i’m really sorry it took so long, i went a little crazy and it got longer than anticipated, but i really hope you’ll like it !  i’m really nervous cause i finished while being sick and it’s my first time writing smut.. enjoy ?

part two of red tainted lips !


Originally posted by harrisonwellse2

Getting you out of the Sionis’ manor, the deep fresh air helped you calm down and lie easier to your mother when she asked what happened. You got to finish your hangover at her place, meeting her in the bathroom to throw up occasionally through the night and ending up talking and laughing til you both fell asleep on the tiles - waking up to the smell of a fresh bought egg sandwich she loved so much. 

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Hard to Get -

(Roman Sionis x Reader

a.n: where would we be without fictional men.

summary: roman takes a liking to you after seeing you in his club, only you’re not as easy to get as he would have wanted.

warnings: mild language, reader is an absolute tease and i’m living for it.


“Woo! Everybody having a good time? You certainly are!” The proud voice you recognised better than your own face in the mirror was calling from the dancefloor. After all it was his club.

Along with a group of your friends, you had been frequenting the Black Mask nightclub for a good few weeks now. It was a place to be someone other than yourself. You dressed riskily, and had no care for timidness. The second you entered that building, you could be whoever you damn well pleased. And that was a woman who was not prepared to take anyone’s shit.

Especially not Roman Sionis’.

It was damn obvious that he had spent most of the night eyeing you up. He even went to the length of making sure to pass your table every time he travelled the length of the club. Whenever he paused to watch the singer, he stood opposite your table, observing you from the corner of his eye. Whenever he spoke to anyone, he would toss his head back in laughter, ever making sure that you were within his line of vision.

You were not in the mood.

“Well if he’s going to treat you like that,” your friend said, placing her hand over yours, “you really don’t need him in your life.”

Sighing, you agreed with her. Stella was of course referring to how your brother earlier that day had made a snarky comment when you refused to pick up his mail. Only there was no context given to Mr. Sionis, who just so happened to be eavesdropping upon your conversation.

You. Have a boyfriend? He couldn’t have that. No. Despite the fact no words had ever been exchanged between the two of you, little did you know that Roman had claimed you for his own.

“Ladies, could I have a word with Miss. (Y/L/N)?” Roman asked, interrupting your conversation.

Raising a brow, you held the man’s gaze, letting no hint of submission drip through your expression. Weakness was not acceptable.

When none of them moved, Roman barked “Now!” and the booth cleared. With an audible sigh, you crossed your arms over your chest and glared. This was your evening to yourself. Man you couldn’t catch a break.

“I have no business with you Mr. Sionis,” you stated plainly. He chuckled as an obvious act of disagreement.

“Come and dance with me, doll. Come on.” His tone had softened completely and he reached forward a gloved hand. Allowing a few seconds pause to emphasise your reluctance, you eventually took up his offer.

“Music!” he yelled into the air. As if by magic, a sultry tune was struck up, sensual and dripping with seduction. Never did Roman’s gaze leave your face whilst guiding you over to the centre of the dancefloor. Most people cleared, and those who didn’t he ordered to. Eventually, only you and he remained.

“How do you know who I am?” you questioned. Wrapping his hands around your own, you leaned a little into his calm waltz. You would have been lying if you had said there wasn’t an obvious attraction. Come on. Silk satin blue suit that just melted your heart, and a matching pair of swishing slacks, Roman swayed against you, tinted glasses drinking you in. The slight lines that graced his features only added to the obvious experienced demeanor that clung to him like the prominent aroma of cologne and aged whiskey. The man was a walking dream. You couldn’t deny him that. Though not aloud… obviously.

“Pretty girl,” he whispered, leaning down close to your ear, “I know everything about you.” He pulled away to smirk at you, devilish and devious. You regretted wearing a dress as exposing as you had chose; every time the material of his clothes brushed against your thigh, every hair of your body stood to attention.

“What do you-”

“Uh-uh, my turn to ask the questions, love.” He spun your all but shaking form, and you allowed him to. “What’s the name of that boyfriend of yours?”

You paused and held his eyes, seatching for some form of humour. “My boyfriend?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, (Y/N): answer me.” He was growing impatient and you could all but shake your head.

“I,” you almost growled, “don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Well-” God he looked like a kid on Christmas morning, “isn’t that an interesting development.”

“Dont be getting any ideas, Sionis,” you warned.

“Hey. You haven’t even given me a chance.” Taking him slightly by surprise, you huffed and removed yourself from his grip. Before you had a chance to walk very far, you again found yourself in his grasp, only this time a little more forceful, a little more desperate.

“Stay, sugar; stay a little longer,” he pleaded, voice low and dripping from his lips like honey, “You soothe me.” His chest pressed up tight against your own and his hips perfectly matched the pulse of the music. In away you never would have admitted, the warmth he radiated was insanely sweet, sucking you in.

“If you want something,” you whispered back, “you’re going to have to work for it, baby.”

With that, you tilted your head and planted a lasting kiss upon his slightly stubbled cheek. In his shock you left his arms, slyly blowing him a kiss before you left the club.

“Fuck,” he breathed to himself, watching you disappear, “I have to have her.”


hope you enjoyed. let me know if you want a part two to anything so far.


requests are open. :))) send them in: check who i write for :)

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Pretty Face -

(Roman Sionis x Reader)


summary: your roommate is involved in the crime side of gotham. however, you seem to wind up directly in the middle of her mess when you get kidnapped by roman sionis.

(credit to gif owner)

warning: obviously language, kidnapping, mentions of drugs.


This must have been a dream. Some kind of crazy nightmare induced by your over consumption of caffeine. Yes, that was it. All of the coffee that you had drank.

That seemed more realistic that what the reality was.

It must have been around three o'clock in the morning, and you were sat up listening to old vinyl records in your tiny apartment. Your roommate was out, so you had the whole place to yourself.

However, soon enough, your bliss was suddenly interrupted by a black sack being pulled over your head, and your whole body being constrained by an unfamiliar pair of arms. Then, unaware of were to, you found yourself being driven away from your sanctuary.

That was where you were now. Had you not been tangled up in so many of these situations before, you may have fought against it. Your roommate was your not your friend, she was merely someone who offered a place to stay at a reasonable price; the only down side was her malicious drug habit and overall unpredictable behaviour.

Many a time had you been threatened at gunpoint to reveal her location, and this time was no different.

With your arms folded across your chest, you leaned back into the leather of the seat, the material creaking beneath your movement.

Little did you know from your lack of vision that the man who drove you was none other than Victor Zsasz. He watched you, confused. Usually when his boss had him kidnap somebody there would be all kinds of protesting, and it would be a struggle for him not to just kill them right there and then. Yet you only seemed slightly annoyed.

Your main complaint was that you had not been given to change out of your bed clothes, a pair of shorts and a graphic t-shirt. You were freezing, to say the least.

Eventually, after what felt like forever, the vehicle came to a halt. The same man took you from your side of the car, though his touch had softened once he realised you weren’t going to run. In all fairness, these situations gave you a rush, and were often the only things to quench the boredom that was your everyday Gotham life.

The stranger dragged you a few metres before you heard the shifting of something large… perhaps a metal door? Your best judgement was all you had to go on. Trying your best not to stumble over your own feet, you began to pick up on conversing voices upon your arrival.

“Zsasz!” a loud voice came. “You brought her, how wonderful!” Oh boy, you couldn’t help but think, this is going to be awkward.

“Sure did boss. Sure did,” the henchman above you replied. Only when you were led over to a metal chair did you realise that in the rush you hadn’t had an opportunity to put on a pair of shoes.

“Let’s get her tied up and then we can get down to business,” the first man came. Resistance was futile, so you allowed yourself to be handcuffed to the metallic chair, feet bound at the ankles.

“Shall I take off her hood, boss?”

“Yes, let me have a look at her.”

As such occured, a searing amount of light hit your eyes and it took a few moments for your brain to accommodate it.

That was when you realised exactly what you had got yourself into. Cursing a little under your breath, you drank in the view of the man in front of you.

Roman. Fucking. Sionis.

God, your roommate had got herself in deep.

“Monica Grey!” he announced. You had to fight the urge to bite your lip. “It’s time to pay up.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna be a little tricky,” you all but sighed. Was it really too much to ask to have one night of music and pizza to yourself? Of course you had heard about Sionis; he was Gotham’s underground crime boss. Being face to face with him was a different scenario all together.

“I’ve given you quite enough chances Miss. Grey: God knows I am a generous man.”

“I’m not Miss. Grey.”

He paused, and there were a good few moments of glances between Roman and Victor. Eventually, Roman let out small chuckle, clapping his black leather gloves together. Something about the contrast of those between his perfectly crisp, white suit had you fascinated, and you couldn’t help but gulp heavily when he stepped toward you. Zsasz was planted still behind you, a curved blade languidly dancing beneath your ear.

“I have no time for your games, little girl-” He looked down on you as if you were muck beneath his shoe. “-pay up, or I’m going to rip off your pretty little face…” He smiled and brought his face within inches of yours. “…and pickle it.”

“Mr. Sionis,” you breathed out as submissively as you could manage, “I am not Monica Grey: she is my roommate. Your assistant here must have got us mixed up. I’m not the girl you’re looking for.”

From the depths of his pocket Roman retrieved a folded piece of paper. He examined it and shot an angered look to his right hand man.

“Are you kidding me?” he hissed, walking behind you. “You didn’t think for one second to check if it was the right fucking girl!”

“Boss, I didn’t… I just presumed-”

“You fucking impulsive lunatic. She’s just a civilian! What the fuck am I supposed to do?” Before Zsasz had an opportunity to stammer any further, Roman dismissed him. He came back to stand before you.

“I’m sorry that I’m not who you thought I was,” you sighed. The rope around your feet was beginning to dig in slightly.

“No, doll, I’m sorry for Victor’s mistake. And I’m sorry, but I can’t have you telling anyone about what happened tonight.” Drawing up another chair, he planted himself in front of you, drawing a blade from his other pocket. Instantly, you felt your heart rate pick up.

“You’re not going to kill me are you?”

Almost as if he felt obliged, Roman let out a sigh. Then his eyes rose and held your gaze, dominating the whole atmosphere of the room. You felt as strong as a child under his glare. Something was hidden beneath his look, something predatory.

“No, baby. I was going to kill you, your face would have made a nice ornament in my living room. Or perhaps… my bedroom-” He shot you a wink and rose from his seat. “But no. I’d much rather keep you as you are - though I might get you something a little nicer to wear.”

“Well I didn’t exactly have time to get changed,” you laughed to cover up the flush that painted your cheeks.

“Again, I apologise for that. Let’s get you untied. Promise me you won’t run away?”

“Promise,” you said sweetly. With the blade he had produced earlier, he cut your ankles free and unlocked your cuffs.

“Now, what to do with you?” Standing above you, Roman examined your form. Your beautiful eyes stared up at him, innocent and damp from the fear he had raised within you. “Why don’t you start by putting a name to that little face?”

“(Y/N),” you answered.

“(Y/N),” he repeated over and over, testing it out on his tongue. “Pretty name for a pretty face. Stand up (Y/N): let me get a good luck at you.” You did as you were told and stood before him, covering your bare arms with your hands. The warehouse was freezing cold and his stare only emphasised your apparent lack of clothing.

“Stand up straight,” he ordered. Again you obeyed. “Oh doll are you cold?”

You shrugged your shoulders, not wanting to be a nuisance.

“Here, we can’t be having that.” Taking you slightly by surprise, Roman removed his suit jacket and draped it over your shoulders as well as his arm. His touch inadvertently sent shivers down your spine, face so close to your own you could feel the confidence raditaing from him. His jacket smelt like whiskey and cologne: a perfect balance. And oh God you realised he had you under his spell. “Why don’t you come back to my place and you can get some rest? I’ll make sure that there’s somewhere for you to sleep. In the morning we can have a little chat… and I’ll get you some new clothes.” Again he delivered another of his winks. “What do you say sugar?”

Seeing no viable option other than agreement, and praying to whoever would listen that you would not regret this, you nodded.

“Good. Let’s get going.”


hope you enjoyed :)

requests are open.

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Imagine: Dinah Lance showing you her power

“Whoa, Dinah, I’ve heard you sing before, but this is really something else.”

You could hardly believe your eyes. Dinah’s voice was breaking windows and throwing your pursuers through the air. You had joked, once, that Dinah had a killer voice: a high note had shattered a drink and the glass breaking had left a few scrapes. Now you regretted your wording, just a little bit.

Now, after a few seconds of a sonic attack, you could tell she was getting tired. “You’re doing great, Dinah, keep it up. We’re here when you tire out.”

Dinah kept going. She didn’t dare reply, in case it gave the attackers an opening.

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requests & rules:

currently writing for -


  • Harley Quinn
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Joker
  • Black Canary
  • Roman Sionis
  • Victor Zsasz
  • Huntress

Star Wars:

  • Kylo Ren
  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Rey
  • Poe Dameron
  • The Mandalorian
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker

Stranger Things:

  • Steve Harrington
  • Billy Hargove


  • Tony Stark
  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Loki
  • Thor
  • Star Lord
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Clint Barton


  • James Hetfield
  • Kirk Hammett
  • Jason Newsted
  • Lars Ulrich
  • Dave Mustaine
  • David Ellefson
  • Corey Taylor
  • Jim Root
  • Maynard James Keenan


  • Mark Renton (Trainspotting)
  • Sick Boy (Trainspotting)
  • Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
  • Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
  • Alfie Solomons (Peaky Blinders)
  • Joe (You Were Never Really Here)
  • Commodus (Gladiator)

requests can be sent either via ask or private message. i will write for readers of all genders. if you want any specific details, make sure to say so in your request.

if a character has not been listed here, ask anyway and i’ll see what i can do.

all characters can have one shots and headcannons written for them, so again make sure to include this in your request.

enjoy friends! :)

xoxo b

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Imagine: Helena Bertinelli saving you while getting her revenge

You held your breath, listening, as shouts rang out from behind the locked door. Still, you kept working on the knots in your bindings. If the people who had captured you winded up hurt while you were trying to free itself, well, it wasn’t as if you’d lose any sleep over it. Soon, you had unwound the rope around your wrists.

Someone stepped toward the door and you froze. Then, as quietly as you could, you slipped your hands out of the rope and reached blindly in the dark room for a weapon. You came up empty. The doorknob rattled. You got into a fighting stance. There was a clang, and then the door swung open.

You came face-to-face with a woman you didn’t recognize.

“Um. Hi?”

That seemed to give her pause. “… Hi?”

“Are you going to let me out, or do I have to fight you?”

“These people were holding you hostage?” You nodded. The woman stepped back to let you leave. “You’re free now.”

“Do I at least get the name of my savior?” You deadpanned.

“They call me Huntress.”

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Imagine: Harley Quinn breaking you out of prison

“Hey, baby,” Harley called as she stepped into the cell block. You looked up, a smile spreading across your face.

Of course your rescue had to be dramatic. An alarm was blaring, and the sprinklers went off as Harley approached you. The guards surrounded her just before she reached your cell.

“Harley! I almost thought you weren’t coming.”

“Oh, I’d never leave you, Y/n,” Harley replied, then ducked as one of the guards took a swing at her. She knocked the cop off her feet and then rushed to your cell and unlocked it. “Now get out here and show these bozos how it’s done!”

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Roman x Reader, where reader is a child (over 18) of Harley and the Joker and he kidnaps her as in trying to get Harley mad I dunno i have no concept of the plot for birds of prey. Still she is a lot like her mom and annoy the hell out of him until he lets her go because she’s that annoying. A crack, flirty kinda fic 😂😂 I definitely want some raw power bottom energies from him I dont know when she’s being kidnapped she could definitely do some annoying ass shit, talking out of her ass more like which would annoy him. And I dont know he could be a little asshole like in the movie, getting her undressed or telling her to dance for him I dont know hahahaha

commission for @casifer-fan!

pairing  ◦   roman sionis x f!quinn!reader

genre  ◦   mild smut

warnings  ◦   mentions of blood 

3.6k words

a/n  ◦   it’s my first time posting ‘hot’ stuff so i’m in unknown territory haha enjoy!


Originally posted by theislandofewan

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Request: When you can could you please write one about Roman gets revenge on the man who tried to kill you?

Author’s Note: Thank you again for the request, anon. I hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 855

Warnings: Murder, mildly graphic details of torture, angsty as hell

Tags (open):

Roman Sionis: @darling-i-read-it@stardancerluv@onebatch–twobatch

Forever: @starwarsprequelfangirl

Not my GIF. Credit goes to the owner.


A steady string of beeping fills the previous silent void. White invades your vision as you warily open your eyes. Where are you? You’re in the hospital. Why are you there? You can’t remember. You search your surroundings to find Roman standing in the doorway, his back to you, talking to Victor. They’re chatting quietly when Victor’s gaze lands on you. He lightly taps Roman’s arm and points at you. Roman turns, a smile splitting his face as he rushes over to you. You reach for him, grasping his hand. Opening your mouth to speak, you find yourself unable to.

“Don’t try to talk, love,” Roman advises. You give him a quizzical look, still confused as to why you’re here. He sits in the chair next to your bed before continuing. “I found you outside the club this morning, battered and bruised. You were barely breathing, so I brought you here. And now that you’re awake, I’m gonna make the fucker who did this to you pay. I’ll be back later, darling.” He ends, bringing a hand to rub your cheek, then kisses your forehead. You watch him return to Victor. Then they leave to confront your assailant.

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for your own good // roman sionis

requested by @starwarsprequelfangirl sorry it took me so long, I really wanted get this right and school is a bit too much latley so yeah… Hope you still like it.


He never meant for this to happen. He never meant for you to find out. Or at least not like that. But things don’t always work out as you plan them. And in order to make things right… Well some sort of sanctions must be introduced.

Roman looked at your unconscious figure and ran his gloved fingers over your face and stoped at your chin.

“Such a pretty face….” he whisperes to himself “Such a shame it has to be like this…”

With that he walked out  of the pretty room that is your cage from now on.

But how did you get here, you ask. Well it all began on a beautiful sunday morning.

Roman was trying to track down Harley Quinn and Zsazs had the brilliant idea that they should track her down via her new hyena. So they marched into every single pet store and animal shelter. And in one of those shelters you worked as volunteer. It was a typical day for you. Every sunday you helped out here because you loved spending time around animals. These two men came in and the one with white hair went to ask the owner if he sold a hyena recently. And if he did, who did he sell it to. The other man with a really expensive looking suit walked around the space, looking at the animals with slight disgust on his face until he spotted you, feeding some baby kittens. He hurried over to your side.

“Ooh hello there, dear.”

You turned to him, quite surprised but simle.

“Hello!” He returns your smile “Those are some extremely…. Cute looking cats. Are you planing on adopting one?”

“No, I just working. But they are indeed super cute, aren’t they? I am Y/N by the way.”

Your happy voice made his smile grew even bigger and he quickly forgot about why he came here in the first place as he carefully took your hand and placed a small kiss on it.

“ It’s a pleasure darling. My name is Roman. Roman Sionis. ”

Just as you opened your mouth to say something the other man stepped between the two of you.

“Boss, they didn’t sell Quinn the hyena. We should continue searching.”

Roman, clearly annoyed waved his hand at Zsazs and pointed outside. “Yeah, yeah. Go get the car Victor.”

He watched Zsazs walk out the door than he turned back to you.

“Well dear, it looks like I have to go. But do tell me when will you finish here?”

“Uhm…” he watched as you glanced over to the clocked and counted the hours while quietly muttering. “Around 5.”

“I know a really good french restaurant not far away. What do you say if I pick you up after work and we can check it ou?”

“I.. Yeah. Alright, why not?”

Victorious smirk appeared on his lips.

There was 3 minutes left till 5 o'clock and you stood in front of the small mirror on the wall behind the counter. Rob, the owner palced his hand on your shoulder and smiled at you.

“Great! Meet you at 5, dear!”


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