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#birth chart
libramc · 2 months ago
❤️ How to predict WHERE you're going to meet your future spouse through Astrology ❤️
hi guys! in today's post I'm going to show you how to find out where you'll meet your future spouse through your birth chart. this technique was discovered by the astrologer Kapiel Raaj, and it's based on vedic astrology. hence, you're going to need your sidereal birth chart to calculate this. if you already know how to do that, you can skip this part.
first of all, go to > horoscope and then click on extended chart selection.
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add your birth data by clicking on the 'add a new person' button. it's necessary to have your accurate birth time for this, as it's based on your ascendant.
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then scroll down and click on options for zodiac and houses. choose the whole signs house system and then click on sidereal. after that, choose 'hindu/lahiri' on the ayanamsha button.
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after you've calculated your chart, it will be something like this (this is angelina jolie's sidereal birth chart):
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to calculate where you're going to meet your spouse, we need to first of all take a look at the 7th house lord, which is the planet that rules your 7th house. in this chart it is saturn, as she has capricorn in her 7th house. now that you know what is your 7th house lord, look at where it's placed in your chart. also, keep in mind that since this is a sidereal technique, we're only going to take in consideration traditional rulers, therefore aquarius is ruled by uranus, pisces by jupiter and scorpio by mars. angelina has her saturn in gemini in the 12th house. the opposite sign indicates the circumstances or directly the place where you're going to meet your spouse. in this chart, it is sagittarius. keep reading for an explanation of each sign!!
♈️ aries opposite 7th house lord ♈️
you're going to meet your spouse when doing some sort of physical activity. you may meet them at the gym, or maybe at a sport event like a football match. you could even meet them just by taking a casual walk, and it could be love at first sight. you two may also meet in a place where there's lots of noise and action, maybe even danger, probably not in a quiet place. places that are ruled by aries are palestine, england, hong kong, germany, poland, syria, israel, lithuania, senegal, sierra leone and zimbabwe. as for cities, we have birmingham, cape town, leicester, florence, krakow, naples, utrecht, marseilles and georgia.
♉️ taurus opposite 7th house lord ♉️
taurus loves the finer things in life, so if you have this sign opposite your 7th house lord you may meet your spouse during your chill time. for instance, you may meet them at a spa, at the mall, at the beach... anything that symbolizes relax for you. in addition, taurus also rules finances, therefore you could meet them in a bank or in any place or circumstance where you have to deal with finances, even in a shop for example. also, since taurus rules over the throat and the voice, you may meet at a place where there's singing for instance, or at least there's music playing in the background. last but not least, being an earth sign, taurus opposing your 7th house lord may also indicate that you're going to meet your future spouse in a place where there's lots of green, maybe at the park or in a forest. places that are ruled by taurus are cyprus, tasmania, ireland, capri, rhodes, the greek iIslands, cuba, east timor, serbia, tanzania, south africa and yemen. as for cities, we have lucerne, eastbound, eastbourne, hastings, palermo, leipzig, st. louis and dublin.
♊️ gemini opposite 7th house lord ♊️
with gemini opposing your 7th house lord, you may meet your future spouse through socializing. you could meet them through your friends or through your siblings, maybe they're a sibling of a friend of yours. you could also meet them during short-distance trips, so maybe in a city near you or even on a train, on a bus, etc. communication is going to be involved, and hence you could even meet them at an event where there's the need to talk and / or write. possibly, you may as well meet him online or in school. places that are ruled by gemini include iceland, sardinia, morocco, belgium, wales, eritrea, guyana, kuwait, norway, montenegro, sweden and tonga. as for cities, we have nuremberg, tripoli, san francisco, london, melbourne, plymouth and cardiff.
♋️ cancer opposite 7th house lord ♋️
if cancer is opposing your 7th house lord, then you could have possibly known your future spouse since your childhood. you could have met a school, or to talk in a more general way you may be from the same city. possibly, you could as well meet in a place where there are children, or where there's food. in addition, since cancer is ruled by the moon, you could meet in a place where there's moon symbolism. maybe during a full or new moon. perhaps, you're going to meet near water as well, as cancer is a water sign. places that are ruled by cancer include usa, paraguay, scotland, holland, the bahamas bahrain belize, burundi, cape verde, columbia, comoros, democratic republic of the congo croatia djibouti, kiribati laos, liberia, madagascar, malawi mozambique, rwanda, slovenia solomon islands, algeria, somalia, and south korea. as for cities, we have manchester, new york, stockholm, tokyo, venice, york, amsterdam and milan.
♌️ leo opposite 7th house lord ♌️
with the sign of leo opposing your 7th house lord, you’re likely to meet your future spouse in a place where there’s fun. it could be at a party, during a vacation, at a bar, a restaurant... certainly not at work, that’s for sure. you’ll  meet your spouse in a situation of relax, not of stress. since leo also rules celebrities, you may even meet them in a place where there are famous people, like a concert for instance. countries ruled by leo are afghanistan, india, italy, macedonia, romania, sicily, ecuador, zanzibar, bhutan, bolivia, central african republic chad, the ivory coast, gabon, indonesia, north korea, south korea, kyrgyzstan, malaysia, maldives, nicaragua, pakistan, mongolia, seychelles, singapore, ukraine and madagascar. as for cities, we have bristol, bombay, chicago, madrid, los angeles, philadelphia, rome and bath.
♍️ virgo opposite 7th house lord ♍️
virgo rules over health, and hence you may meet your future spouse in a health-related place. it could be at the doctor’s, at the dentist’s, in a hospital, etc. virgo is also routine, so you may meet your future spouse in a typical day of yours. it could be at the supermarket, at work, while you’re walking your dog, at the gym, and so on. basically, it could be that your future spouse is going to casually approach you in the streets. countries ruled by virgo include crete, brazil, greece, switzerland, turkey, uruguay, west indies, armenia, azerbaijan, belarus, brazil, costa rica, el salvador estonia guatemala, honduras, mali, moldova, qatar and tajikistan. as for cities we have athens, paris, toulouse, corinth, lyons, boston and mexico city.
♎️ libra opposite 7th house lord ♎️
if you have libra opposing your 7th house lord, you may get to meet your spouse in a place that has to do with beauty, so maybe in a clothes shop or at a salon. you may also meet them in a place where there are many people, or even at some sort of event like a marriage. libra also rules over politics and justice, so maybe you could meet them at the courthouse or during election time. countries that are ruled by libra include france, tibet, argentina, austria, burma, canada, china, japan, siberia, botswana, equatorial guinea, fiji, iraq, israel, lesotho, nigeria, palau, saint lucia, saudi arabia, tuvalu and uganda. as for cities that are ruled by libra we have lisbon, frankfurt, copenhagen, johannesburg, nottingham and antwerp.
♏️ scorpio opposite 7th house lord ♐️
scorpio is the sign of darkness, hence if you have it opposing your 7th house lord you may get to meet your spouse during nighttime. scorpio is also about sex, so this relationship could start off as a one night stand, or maybe you may meet in a place where sex is involved. you could also meet them in a place that has to do with death or where there's death symbolism, such as a graveyard (I hope not tho lol💀). you two may also be transforming yourselves when you meet, you could be starting a new chapter of your life to leave toxicity behind your shoulders. you could also meet at a place where you need to be naked, such as a beach or at the spa, or again in a place related to finances and money. countries that are ruled by scorpio include angola, morocco, queensland, korea, syria, norway, the transvaal, bavaria, antigua, barbuda, cambodia, dominica, latvia, lebanon, micronesia, panama, turkey, turkmenistan and zambia. cities that are ruled by scorpio include cincinnati, liverpool, newcastle, washington, vienna, baltimore and new orleans.
♐️ sagittarius opposite 7th house lord ♐️
sagittarius rules over foreign lands, so if you have it opposite your 7th house lord you're most likely going to meet your future spouse abroad. or perhaps, they are foreign and they travel to your country. you may also meet them in a place related to foreign culture, so maybe in a place filled with tourists, or perhaps in an exotic restaurant, perhaps at a sushi bar if you're not japanese for example. it may also be time for you for new experiences, perhaps you're doing something for the first time, such as trying a new sport or taking a plane. you may also meet your future spouse in college or in university, or in general in a place where there's teaching of any kind. last but not least, sagittarius is also a very spiritual sign, so you could meet them in a church, or maybe at an event related to religion such as a marriage, a baptism, etc. countries that are ruled by sagittarius include spain, australia, chile, hungary, saudi arabia, bangladesh, barbados, cameroon, kazakhstan, kenya, libya and mauritania. cities that are ruled by sagittarius include budapest, johannesburg, naples, nottingham, sheffield, sunderland, stuttgart and toronto.
♑️ capricorn opposite 7th house lord ♑️
capricorn is ruled by saturn, the planet of responsibilities, therefore if you have this sign opposing your 7th house lord you'll most likely meet your spouse on your workplace. perhaps they're your boss or a co-worker of yours, or maybe they may even be a customer of yours. you'll surely meet them later in life, when you're at least 27/28 years old, or perhaps when you manage to accomplish something really big in your life, not necessarily career-related. countries that are ruled by capricorn include india, bulgaria, mexico, great britain, albania, afghanistan, lithuania, bosnia, brunei, czech republic, haiti, nauru, slovakia and sudan. as for cities that are ruled by capricorn we have brandenburg, brussel, delhi, mexico city, port said, oxford and ghent.
♒️ aquarius opposite 7th house lord ♒️
you may meet your spouse in any place that has to do with electricity, for instance at a movie theater, at a theme park, at an apparel store, and so on. perhaps even on a public transport, such as a train, a taxi or a plane. also, since we're talking about electricity we can also count on internet, therefore if you have aquarius opposing your 7th house lord you have high chances of meeting your future spouse on social media, such as twitter, instagram, etc. or even through dating apps, such as tinder. last but not least, you may also be introduced to your spouse by your friends, or perhaps they could be a part of your group of friends. you may be both best friends and lovers, you would have a very playful and youthful relationship. countries that are ruled by aquarius include iran, finland, new zealand, russia, sweden, syria, ethiopia, the holy vatican city and sri lanka. cities that are ruled by aquarius include brighton, hamburg, helsinki, moscow, salzburg, st. petersburg and bremen.
♓️ pisces opposite 7th house lord ♓️
if you have pisces opposite your 7th house lord, you may first of all meet your future spouse near water. therefore you could meet them at the beach, at an aquarium, at the lake, at the pool, etc. perhaps even at a restaurant that serves seafood and fish, such as a sushi bar. pisces is also about alcohol, therefore you may also meet them in a bar or at a party where there's alcohol. pisces also rules over art and images, therefore you could meet them in a place where there are lots of pictures and paintings, such as a museum, or perhaps even at the movie theater, at a concert, etc. the club would be an option too, as it combines both alcohol and dancing, two pisces related things. also, it could be very late at night, when you're supposed to be sleeping, or perhaps, you're just sleepy or even drunk. last but not least, this placement usually indicates a soulmate or twinflame connection, therefore you may even meet your spouse first in the 5D than in the 3D, perhaps you feel spiritually connected to them even if you haven't met them yet. you could very likely dream of them as well. lastly, pisces is also about healing, so your future spouse may either work in the medicine field or maybe they're some sort of spiritual healer. you could possibly also meet them at the church or in a temple. countries that are ruled by pisces include normandy, north africa, portugal, samoa, egypt, Scandinavia, mauritius, morocco, namibia and tunisia. cities that are ruled by pisces include warsaw, alexandria, grimsby, jerusalem, bournemouth, seville and cowes.
and this is it! let me know in the comments where you're going to meet your spouse, and if you've already met them feel free to say if this post resonated with your experience!
follow me for more,
libramc xx
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submissive-bangtan · a month ago
⇢ your chart/ascendant ruler describes your impact.
its HOUSE position = strongest area of your influence.
chart ruler in the 1ST HOUSE: your identity, image/body
chart ruler in the 2ND HOUSE: material things, possessions
chart ruler in the 3RD HOUSE: education/intellect, siblings
chart ruler in the 4TH HOUSE: family, emotions
chart ruler in the 5TH HOUSE: entertainment, creativity
chart ruler in the 6TH HOUSE: work/service, health
chart ruler in the 7TH HOUSE: partnerships, friendships
chart ruler in the 8TH HOUSE: sexuality, taboo themes
chart ruler in the 9TH HOUSE: religion, foreign countries
chart ruler in the 10TH HOUSE: career, fame, status
chart ruler in the 11TH HOUSE: the internet, social movements
chart ruler in the 12TH HOUSE: fantasy, collective conscious
its SIGN describes the topic.
chart ruler in ARIES: sports, energy, appearance
chart ruler in TAURUS: home life/hospitality, money
chart ruler in GEMINI: languages, socializing, knowledge
chart ruler in CANCER: parenting, providing comfort
chart ruler in LEO: performance, expression, esteem
chart ruler in VIRGO: critique, jobs, logic
chart ruler in LIBRA: love, art, beauty
chart ruler in SCORPIO: psychology, secrets, death
chart ruler in SAGITTARIUS: travel, philosophy
chart ruler in CAPRICORN: achievement, hierachy
chart ruler in AQUARIUS: revolutionizing, greater causes
chart ruler in PISCES: philantrophy, spirituality
the PLANET describes the manner in which you convey that influence.
SUN: shining a light/demonstrating
MOON: emoting/caring
MERCURY: communicating/analyzing
VENUS: beautifying/bonding 
MARS: acting/embodying
JUPITER: magnifying/understanding
SATURN: restricting/utilizing 
URANUS: inventing/changing 
NEPTUNE: storytelling/believing
PLUTO: transforming/desiring
↳ important: SUN, MERCURY, MARS, JUPITER + URANUS will influence directly. MOON, VENUS, SATURN, NEPTUNE + PLUTO impact indirectly. also, the inner planets up until mars will see the fastest results which last shorter and need to be refreshed once in a while, while the outer planets take more time and create deeper lasting shifts.
“I exude my influence about [SIGN] by [PLANET] in the area of [HOUSE].”
PS: what the chart ruler is not: your distinct life purpose — that’s your north node. the chart ruler is merely an area of absolute strength, an epicenter that will show.
tarot m.list | astro/tarot commissions
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eclecticqueer · 2 months ago
Chiron through the Houses
Chiron 1st House:
This wound is found in the identity/ body. Intense feelings of worthlessness/ugliness that seem innate to the body.
Issues with self-image and confidence. A passive person who is learning to love and accept themselves and find comfort in their unique selves.
Committed action is needed to integrate this placement
Chiron 2nd House:
Pain stemming from not knowing how to love yourself. Displacing value of yourself/ others/ material objects.
Sensitivity with how/ how much is being saved and secured. The belief you're not worthy of love or comfort. Issues with food and money in childhood.
Learning to give yourself the same love as you give others
Chiron 3rd House:
Your deepest wound is found while in school, communicating with other children, perhaps siblings.
Insecurity in how thoughts are processed/ how speech is expressed. Feeling second best to siblings, never feeling heard.
Learning to not be ashamed of communicating your unique thoughts and feelings
Chiron 4th House:
The biggest pains are found between the parents at home. Unstable and emotionally detached family. Feeling that your emotional needs don't matter and isolating your emotional self.
Issues centered around the relationship with the mother/ motherly figures. Never feeling at home.
Learning to believe you're worthy of being cared for, not always having to be the care-taker
Chiron 5th House:
Deep pain stemming from fear of rejection. Suppressed creative self out of feelings of shame. Fear of letting go and having fun.
Sexual insecurity and issues with children. Allowing the opinions of others to dictate how you express yourself.
Take time to release yourself from the fear of nurturing your inner child
Chiron 6th House:
Wound comes from sensitivity of other's perceptions. Criticism and lack of nurturing in childhood.
Never feeling enough, always having to do more to prove your worth. Fear of not pulling your weight, feeling like a burden.
Appreciate your complexities and taking time for your personal health and well-being
Chiron 7th House:
Chiron's pain is felt in one-to-one relationships. Believing you can't have healthy love relationships. Fear of rejection and being loved by others.
Perhaps parents were quite volatile, now which is being projected onto other relationships.
Learning to love yourself and accept that others love you as well
Chiron 8th House:
Deep wounds are centered around intimacy. Death and trauma could have been prominent in childhood.
Deceit and feelings of abandonment in interpersonal relationships could manifest in possessiveness. Fear of psychological issues and digging deeper.
Learning to forgive and harness your transformative healing powers
Chiron 9th House:
Pain is felt through dissatisfaction with life. Feeling disconnected from the universe, like nothing will ever go your way.
Family could have been religious and fear-mongering. Shame stemming from wanting to explore, but also being too afraid to do so.
Learning the power in positive thinking and the release of limiting beliefs
Chiron 10th House:
Deep wounds are found in the presence of an overbearing authority figure.
Taking on too much responsibility at a young age. Always living in someone else's shadow. Feeling as though you have to take on every responsibility.
Learning self respect and personal boundaries
Chiron 11th House:
Your personal wound comes from the fear of ostracization from friends and social groups.
Taking other's opinions too seriously. Believing your unique view is wrong and needs to be changed. Others trying to change you.
Accepting your unique view as valid and true
Chiron 12th House:
Pain coming from the unconscious, resulting in isolation. Hypersensitive to human suffering.
Suppressed emotional wounds exasperated by emotional abandonment, manifesting in secluding the emotional and intuitive self.
Learning that you aren't responsible for other's suffering
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dumbthotastrology · 2 years ago
a dumb thots guide to moon signs
omg i have been gone for so long uhhhh just flaky gemini things. anyways hey girlies so today were gonna talk about your moon signs. the specifics of what each moon sign has in store, and about moon signs in general.
about moon signs:
while a sun sign can be an overall idea of your personality and overall self, a moon sign is what rules your inner-self and your emotions. It creates your needs and wants, and makes the base for your subconscious and your soul. your moon sign can also describe how you respond to crisis basically your moon sign explains why y'all are so fucked up.
your moon sign also can tell who you’re compatible with emotionally. although compatibility is a mix of other planets and other non-astrological factors, your moon sign is a huge component of the way you think and process things, which is generally a huge part of compatibility and intellectual attraction. oooh, big words.
also, like what i said in my previous post “a dumb thots guide to the planets” some people relate to their moon sign waaaay more than their sun sign, probably because there are less stereotypes and stigmas around moon signs. if you’re naturally a very emotional, intuitive, or dark person you might feel more attracted to your moon sign because your feelings and emotions are a large part of your thought-process.
so children, let's get into each moon sign and what they mean
aries moon: we stan most aries, so we also stan aries moons. these folks tell it how it is and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. aries moons are bold and enthusiastic with their life choices. they’re optimistic, even through tough times. they know what they want all the time, but y'all aries moons don’t know the difference between needs and wants because of your intensity in regards to passion and desire. they can be moody and temperamental if they don’t get what they want or life is going rough for them. In life, it's hard to create a balance because they go through plenty of ups and downs constantly. they might feel destructive towards other people or even towards themselves. aries moons are naturally dominant, so let's all embrace our little baby lunar christian greys.
taurus moon: okay so let's talk about our babies with taurus moons. the main traits of a moon sign in taurus is that they crave stability, reliability, and comfort. people with taurus moons tend to stay away from sketchy or messy situations because they’re not super adaptable to change. they take pride in their emotional stability and use it as their driving force (and they usually take charge anyway.) those with moons in taurus can be stubborn and selfish at times, and can get stuck in routines although that's not the end of the world for them. if you have a sun or moon (or just have a lot of taurus in your chart) you can suffer from taurus-style depression at times, which makes the person very lazy, tired, and tend to overeat or do a lotttt of retail therapy. but on the brighter side, if you’re in a relationship with them, they are more committed, helllllaaa sensual (get itttt), loyal, and you won’t expect a break up for a longggg time
gemini moon: (geminis, i love you and i support you) those with moons in gemini are charming and witty, just like the gemini sun signs. they are social butterflies and like to organize or make plans frequently otherwise they’ll get fussy. they're great communicators and get along with a lot of people, but since gemini moons are such people pleasers, they might get too involved with the opinions and emotions of other people and tend to ignore their own feelings or purpose. deep shit. restlessness is common in lunar geminis because they always need to be stimulated with something (talking, reading, watching tv, etc.) also nervousness and moodiness can be a problem in these people, leading to frustration and being snappy. but overall, we love you geminis.
cancer moon: cancer moons are little babies, in a good way. they’re extremely sensitive, intuitive, and they feel so damn much. our cancer moon girlies make incredible friends and parents, however be a bit cautious around them. since they feel so much, they can be defensive, moody, or more upset than normal when they’re hurt or unhappy. if you hurt cancer moons, good luck bud. they tend to close off or shut down when hurt, and take a while to heal. along with this, they hold grudges for a long time, and tend to keep their guard up if they somehow forgive you. just don't be playin with their feelings… don't do it. To heal and regroup, cancer moons like to stick with what they know and what they’re comfortable with, and many can be homebodied. these people have a lively imagination and are extremely intuitive, leading to possible psychic abilities or intentions. these people also tend to be natural empaths, which can lead to feeling emotionally bogged down from other people depending on you, but being an empath is a good thing because it shows your loyalty and compassion. love u.
leo moon: leo moons are our fun friends that have been by our side for years. these girlies are self confident, creative, and has an inspiring and extroverted energy. leo moons know their se;f worth, and won’t put up with anything less. they can be dominant at times, but their motivation for this dominance is generally respect. their feelings are intense and they don’t mess around when it comes to their ambitions and desires. a downside of leo moons though, is that they are super extra. some can see you as over the top or loud, and at times this can make you feel misunderstood. you may seem to be an attention whore sometimes, but through your passion and loyalty those close to you know that your intentions are good. keep bein your extra ass selves, leo moons. we love you.
virgo moon: those with virgo moons can be a little tricky to understand, but there are definitely some pros, you guys aren't all fucked up. lunar virgos really stan their routine, which make them naturally self-disciplined so they don't fall out of that routine. they tend to like exercising, self care, and love to develop new hobbies. they also love to help others, and you'll find that lunar virgos are wholesome, loyal, and sensitive in the best way possible. their routine is a need for them, and if they don’t have it they can get high-strung and aggravated. they can also get finicky and specific about how things go in their lives, which isn’t always a bad thing. if lunar virgos suffer from trauma or rough-patches, they might try to bottle their emotions up which will manifest later on in life. similar to lunar scorpios, virgo moons might experience issues with digestion due to their emotional stresses. some have described that those with virgo moons might have eating disorders due to nervous system or psychological factors. these people might also have controlling fears or issues, so as i said these people can be a little fucked up but their gigantic hearts and self determination make up for it and help them get through it. (and aren't we all a little fucked up out here?)
libra moon: lunar libras (ugh doesn't that sound so pretty?) are just beautiful little babies. they have a natural artsy and peaceful personality that draws you into them. they’re amazing at communicating and socializing, and one of their main goals seem to be pleasing people in all aspects. libra moons are amazing partners, and they often search for a partner due to the fact that they strongly dislike being without a significant other. it makes them feel out of balance and lonely at times. they seem to steady themselves based on the way others depend on them and their relationships, but this can lead to distress if tensions exist within an important relationship in their lives. the dark side of lunar libras isn’t as scary as others think, but can become an issue if taken out of hand. they might become dependent on others and their significant other which can, in turn, hurt them in the long run from a loneliness or longing after a break in the path. ooh, poetic.
scorpio moon: scorpio moons dont fuck around. (i have a scorpio moon, so be scared bitch.) to be frank, scorpio moons are intense and emotional. they have a higher understanding of the human thought process and can be deeply connected to emotions and vibes. these people are affected not only by their own emotions, but from others emotions as well. they pick up on certain situations because of the energy radiating off of it, making them helllllaaaa intuitive. lunar scorpios are INTENSE when it comes to love, and might be afraid of committing if they’ve been hurt in the past. they have a strong emotional need for drama or frequent change, and if they dont express their feleings they could even get physically sick (ive personally experienced a lot of stomach issues and nausea.) scorpio moons are defensive when it comes to love (even if they crave it) because they have a fear of betrayal or being hurt. through all of these intense shit though, they’re ambitious, sensual (!!!), creative, and committed. we been knew.
sagittarius moon: sagittarius moons are our party people. they’re fun, sociable, and extroverted. they love meeting new people and doing new things, it makes them thrive. they like to go through life with an easygoing nature, and generally aren't super negative. sometimes they’re even overly optimistic, and get their hopes up way too much which in the end will crush them if something goes poorly. when life isn't in their favor or things don't go their way, they get tf out of the situation or try to physically escape. they want to feel balanced at all times. to other people (especially more home-bodied signs) see sag moons as intimidating or annoying, but sag moons are very easy to get along with and will get along with almost anybody. basically, lunar sags are that one friend that you can never stay mad at, and want to hang out with all the time. we really do stan.
capricorn moon: our capricorn moon are our little home bodied babies. we love you. the underlying theme of most lunar capricorns is that they’re steady and reliable, and like to keep themselves that way. they like to surround their lifestyle around goal-setting, and have soooo freakin much ambition and determination. at some points, capricorn moons might start getting a little too obsessed with their goals, like girlies please calm down every once in a while. they want to better themselves all the time, and that can lead to isolation or feelings of loneliness. lunar capricorns have emotions that are a bit more logical and darker than some, and that makes them a bit more emotionally closed off because they don't want to kill the vibe or share what's on their mind if its not important. they seem cold to others because they like to make themselves seem put together allllll the time. like seriously. overall, all these kittygirls want is to be in control and to have structure, and we’ll let you have it, since you mainly aren’t that problematic.
aquarius moon: so our little aquarius moons are kinda weird in nature, but SO bright and independent, which a lot of us admire. lunar aquarians care a lot about what others think, so they try to bury any negative emotions (like pettiness or jealousy) so they don't seem unattractive. because of this, they might seem closed off, but most times you’ll receive more of an emotional connection once you get to know them. they are very receptive to others emotions and frequencies, and ponder the meaning of life and the universe as they feed on deeper and darker emotions. often times, they emotionally detach themselves from others and tend to feel lonely. they’re natural loners, but on the bright side they don't let their loneliness get in the way of their overarching purpose (for the most part.) the odd thing is, they take in so much energy and emotion from other, and some may call that an empath, but to others they might seem like they lack compassion because they emotionally shut off. we love them anyways though, because lunar aquarians are amazing friends and give people lots of independence and space to be themselves, and they expect the same.
pisces moon: our lunar pisceans (google told me that term) are dreamy and imaginative girlies. they’re SO empathetic and love to connect with others, and that makes many people confide and take comfort in them. they might become so involved in others (they especially root for the underdog and those less fortunate) that they lose track of themselves. if people take advantage of pisces moons’ empathy, the pisces moon will learn quickly and bounce back. their huge and accepting heart makes them amazing partners and friends because they’ll cherish you. (and y'all BETTER cherish them too i swear to god.) the downside to lunar pisceans though, is that they involve themselves in others so much that they become overloaded with emotion that they might feel numb or become spaced out. a supppperrr common thing in a pisces moon is zoning out to give their brain a break. pisces moons need time to recharge and step back to breathe. hey, we get it. life can be stressful af sometimes, especially for someone who feels everything.
the next dumb thots guide will be a dumb thots guide to the elements of astrology. (hopefully it wont take five billion years) bettttttt 
-vi (gemini sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising) posted 6/15/19
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Tumblr media
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Don’t plagiarize, you were born original, don’t die a copy.
Pay attention  to the 8th HOUSE:
The 8th house is all about fears, taboo, the dark side of the human mind and what's hidden. It's connected with Scorpio and associated with Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth, it suggests that we're all able to find the key for heal our traumas and win over our fears.
First, look at the sign on the cousp on the 8th house, here some examples (maybe I'll explain in another post and in a more detailed way what does the sign on the 8th house cousp mean):
Aries 8th house: fears related to taking action, defining your individuality, competition, doing something exclusively for yourself, expressing your anger, impulsive behaviors.
Taurus 8th house: fears related to your own stability, expressing yourself in a creative way, expressing the sensual side of your personality.
Gemini 8th house: fears related to communication, expressing your opinion, being chatty, being superficial, not feeling smart enough.
Cancer 8th house: fears related to your roots, your family, expressing your emotions, being vulnerable.
Leo 8th house: fears related to self-expression in general, standing up for yourself, being extra, taking leadership, vanity, feeling confident, expressing yourself through art.
Virgo 8th house: fears related to rejection, being criticized, responsibility, respecting high standards, not feeling smart enough, being imperfect.
Libra 8th house: fears related to cooperation, relationships, connecting with other people, love, loosing your balance.
Scorpio 8th house: fears related to secrets, not being able to know what's happening around and inside of yourself, jealousy, expressing your sexuality, open up, intimacy.
Sagittarius 8th house: fear of missing something, not living your life at the fullest, being trapped, not being able to experiment and have the opportunity to learn.
Capricorn in 8th house: fears related to taking responsibility, not working/trying hard enough, showing your emotions, open up.
Aquarius in 8th house: fears related to showing your authentic side to the world, feeling weird, not being able to “fit in”, being different, loneliness.
Pisces in 8th house: fears related to chaotic situations, deep emotions, love, explore your dreams, explore your spiritual side, losing yourself.
Look at the position of Pluto in the birth chart:
The position of Pluto in a specific house of your birth chart suggests how you can heal your traumas. Pluto can be a tricky planet, it's connected to karmic lessons and can be challenging keeping on repeat the same lessons again and again until you change the game in a definitive way.
Pluto in 1th house: define your identity, find your authentic self and don't be afraid to express who you truly are, open up with others, accept unconditionally your unique way to independence is the key.
Pluto in 2th house: find your comfort zone, guarantee yourself a stable lifestyle, develop resilience and try to set reachable goals for yourself, try to express yourself through art.
Pluto in 3th house: speak your mind, connect with people around you, share your ideas, relationships are important for your healing journey, write down your emotions, heal the relationships with your siblings.
Pluto in 4th house: understand and nurture your emotions, heal the relationship with your family, understand your roots and practice unconditional love, heal your inner child, feel a sense of belonging with your community.
Pluto in 5th house: heal your relationship with your inner child or surround yourself with children, give yourself the opportunity to “act like a kid” again, work on being spontaneous and less shy, express yourself through art and theater.
Pluto in 6th house: follow a healthy lifestyle, eat well and drink more water, do gym, work on your goals and dedicate your energy to a project or volunteering, connect with animals.
Pluto in 7th house: establish healthy relationships with others, define healthy boundaries with others, open up, establish 50-50 relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation.
Pluto in the 8th house: establish a healthy approach towards sexuality, explore your spiritual side and activate yourself in a direct way towards your fears, be honest and don't fear your deepest thoughts.
Pluto in the 9 th house: expand your horizons through  travel and education, learn is the key for healing your trauma, connect with new realities, explore your spiritual and philosophical side.
Pluto in the 10th house: find your goals and work hard to achieve them, you can heal your wounds through a carrier that makes you feel happy and aligned with your highest goals, you need a lot of structure and to work on your approach to responsibility.
Pluto in the 11th house: you need to find a community and work with people that shares your same view of life, find a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and community, don't isolate yourself and open up with others, you can heal your wounds through friendships.
Pluto in the 12th house: you need to explore with your spiritual side, work on your internal dialog, try to sleep well, analyze your dreams and trust your intuition, your spiritual gift will guide you through the healing process.
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Astro 101
Lesson IV, Part 1, Post XXV
Tumblr media
Planets in Houses
First House
Sun in First will give you vitality, leaderships skills, and a need to Express yourself.
Moon in First has a need to be appreciated they are intuitive and emotional.
Mercury in First has a thirst for knowledge and a need to discuss personal interests. They see everything from a logical stand point.
Venus in First tend to well liked. The have a taste for the finer things in life like beauty and art.
Mars in First have boundless energy and a need to take charge and assert oneself.
Jupiter in First tend to be elaborate and optimistic foreigne sites and topics interest them.
Saturn in First tend to be serious individuals with a quiet drive to successes. They likely have struggled with self esteem some point in their life.
Uranus in First have a need to Express there originality. They often experiences both positive and negative drastic changes.
Neptune in First have a mysterious allure. They tend to be in snyc with everything and every one around them. They can get carried anyway by their beliefs and have trouble with reality.
Pluto in First tend to go through periods of reinventing themselves.
Second House
Sun in Second is someone who is very concerned with their personal value and material world.
Moon in Second is someone who's security is very important to them. The need to be comforted by shelter, food, and clothing.
Mercury in Second has an enterprising mind.
Venus in Second is attracted to symbols of success and partners who can provide for them.
Mars in Second are very ambitious, even if it means taking their time to get what they want.
Jupiter in Second tend to be very fortunate with high esteem.
Saturn in Second may work hard and achieve little. Success is delayed.
Uranus in Second tends to fluctuate in their values and possession.
Neptune in Second can inhance financial wealth and popularity or hinder it.
Pluto in Second can transform wealth and esteem positively or negatively. Greed can work against you.
Third House
Sun in Third House has a thirst for knowledge and communication. You have favorable relations with your relatives and community.
Moon in Third House allows their emotions to affect their mental focus and conversation. Intuition and memory are favored.
Mercury in Third House tend to be very quick minded with many intellectual and diverse interests. Travel may be common.
Venus in Third House are readers and communicators. There is favorable relations with relatives and community.
Mars in Third House are aggressive talkers that can lead to relatives and community disputes.
Jupiter in Third House has a taste for culture and travel. They absorb knowledge easily.
Saturn in Third House may struggle being heard. School or speech or socialization may have hit road blocks when young. You may have some responsibility to certain relatives and neighbors.
Uranus in Third House jumps from one focus to another. They absorb knowledge through random experience. Travel is often indicated.
Neptune in Third House has a visionary mind and memory. Some struggle communicating their vision. There is a wedge between xertain relatives and neighbors. Usually spiritual and intuitive.
Pluto in Third House is capable of transforming their environment often just my speaking their minds.
fourth House
Sun in Fourth House are very focused on their domestic lives. Their family, their home, and where they come from. They yearn to learn about themselves.
Moon in Fourth House has a deep emotion tie to their parent(s). They are often nostalgic for their childhood. Frequent change in residence is likely.
Mercury in Fourth House feels at home with intellectual pursuits. Healthy discussion was common in childhood. Frequency change in residence is likely.
Venus in Fourth House have close ties to their family and home. You abstain financial gain through family or property.
Mars in Fourth House learn independence early in childhood. Upbringing was energetic and in some cases hostile. You may have been put in a position where you were always competing or butting heads with another family member.
Jupiter in Fourth House thrive at home. Their childhood was happy and memorable. There may have been many family trips or spiritual involvement.
Saturn in Fourth House likely had too much responsibility and restriction growing up. They may of had to care for a I'll parent or younger children. Discipline may have been harsh. Having children of their own may come late in life.
Uranus in Fourth House struggle for stability. Stability may have been hard to achieve in childhood. Home life was unusual and may of been lacking a foundation all together. This pattern may follow you into adulthood.
Neptune in Fourth House indicates a struggle to see things how they really are when growing up. You may have been sheltered from financial hardship, domestic violance, or societal upheaval. Intuition or prophetic dreams are possible.
Pluto in Fourth House indicates a need to transform the domestic experience. Upbringing may have been traumatic.
Fifth House
Sun in Fifth House requires pleasurable pursuits. Friendships, romance, hobbies, interests and arts take up a lot of your energy. Children likely bring you good fortune.
Moon in Fifth House enhances your creativity and bond with others. There is a deep need to Express your talent with others. Children is likely.
Mercury in Fifth House seek a intellectually stimulating bond. One where you can gush over common interests. Theater or script writing might be of interest.
Venus in Fifth House is happy sharing their love and joy with others. Children are often treasured and may possess a creative talent.
Mars in Fifth House need to expel energy in a relaxed setting such as a gym. Romances can be short lived.
Jupiter in Fifth House has a healthy relationship with art, romance, and children.
Saturn in Fifth House may have had to deal with too much responsibility imposed on them. The can have difficulties relaxing and expressing themselves. Child rearing may be delayed or encounter road blocks.
Uranus in Fifth House have unconventional relationships and hobbies. Your patently style is likely very progressive and modern.
Neptune in Fifth House is likely very intune with children of their generation with a deep understanding of their needs and wants. Creative gifts may be present.
Pluto in Fifth House may release some transformative art that reaches its entire generation.
Sixth House
Sun in Sixth House are hard workers that provide a service to their community at large. Often intune with our physical bodies and the impact of eastern and western medicine.
Moon in Sixth House will notice a direct relationship to their emotional state to their physical health and work performance. Their weight may fluctuate. Interaction with animals will bring you luck.
Mercury in Sixth House is mentally agile in the work setting. Work keeps you occupied from going astray. You are mentally thorough but must make sure your thoughts are going to good use. Excess stress can cause physical anomalies.
Venus in Sixth House is likely to be healthy and establish positive relationships in the work setting. One might meet their romantic partner at work.
Mars in Sixth House tend to be very physically active and require an exercise driven outlet. They are very ambitious but can stir up trouble in the work force.
Jupiter in Sixth House are usually are very healthy, though should watch their diet. There may be a interest in helping aid in underdeveloped countries.
Saturn in Sixth House may suffer a weak immune system and have to watch their health carefully or the may need to learn to establish a good work ethic.
Uranus in Sixth House goes through sporadic changes to their physical bodies and job titles. Extreme sports may be of interest.
Neptune in Sixth House maybe have weakened immune systems. They are better suited to jobs with loose guidelines and allow for creative reign.
Pluto in Sixth House your work can be transformative to its generation and to yourself. Your impact may be positive or negative, but, powerful whatever it is.
*stay tuned for house seven through twelfth!*
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submissive-bangtan · a year ago
interesting asteroids to look up in your natal chart
➝ use the number to find it in an extended chart selection 
3 Juno — your marriage and commitment
46 Hestia — your home life
433 Eros — how you fall in love
399 Persephone — how you retreat
1108 Demeter — your relation with food
2 Pallas — your wisdom
3361 Orpheus — your obsession and grief
78 Diana — your independence
4450 Pan — your relationship with nature
3671 Dionysus — how you indulge
7328 Casanova — your flirting style
3989 Odin — your personal power
76 Freya — your gift of sorcery
1388 Aphrodite — your brand of beauty
1862 Apollo — the talents that make you beam
80 Sappho — your poetic side
42 Isis — your caring side
1923 Osiris — how you regenerate
2598 Merlin — your magical skill
9499 Excalibur — how to find your breakthrough
1198 Atlantis — a forgotten wisdom
6123 Aristotle — how you break your delusions
5450 Sokrates — your conversational skill
5451 Plato — your world view
11911 Angel — your heavenly task
tip: the houses you find them in represent the areas in life where their influence is felt the most. conjunctions with chart angles and planets (esp sun & moon) give prominence to an asteroid as well.
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astrolocherry · 2 years ago
Aspects to the Sun ~ Sun-Moon aspects – Faces of the Phases ~Sun conjunct Moon, Sun sextile Moon, Sun square Moon, Sun trine Moon, Sun opposite Moon:

Threatened by the external world   

Hides a secret life   
 Struggles with self-reflection
Hurt by parents
Self-expression and style of interaction is emotion and security based
Feels emotionally unstable  
Sun-Mercury aspects – Faces of the Phases ~Sun conjunct Mercury
Illuminated Mind

Quality of mind is evident in self-expression
Bright Eyes
Instantaneous responses
Sun-Venus aspects – Royal Wedding ~Sun conjunct Venus
Radiant and Appearance based
Openly affectionate and demonstrative

Heart on sleeve

Strong likes and dislikes
Generous with inner resources 

Self-Presentation is a reflection of the identity
Sun-Mars aspects - ~Sun conjunct Mars, Sun sextile Mars, Sun square Mars, Sun trine Mars, Sun opposite Mars:

Prepared to be hurt and betrayed
Influential and independent  

Self-starting and initiative  

Reactive and wounded

Childlike temperament
Assertive and uncompromising when it comes to personal desires

Creativity borne of inner tension
Sun-Jupiter aspects – Lucky Star ~Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun square Jupiter, Sun trine Jupiter, Sun opposite Jupiter:

Marvellous appetite for life and self-discovery 

Generous with inner resources
Fortunate when positive

Anticipates the future  
Spiritual and faithful
Intelligent and educated
Struggles with moderation  
Sun-Saturn aspects – King’s Slave ~Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun square Saturn, Sun trine Saturn, Sun opposite Saturn:

Difficult to break down walls

Composed and self-contained

Privately wounded

Resilient and inspiring

Uncompromising when it comes to personal standards

Dissatisfied in themselves 

Generous and kind, though hesitant, around others
Sun-Uranus aspects: Unlikely Heroine ~Sun conjunct Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun square Uranus, Sun trine Uranus, Sun opposite Uranus:
Easily bored and unstimulated
Disinterested in most people
Misunderstood by most people
Enjoys proving people wrong
Politically active despite claiming dislike for people  
Stirs chaos 
Does not conceive limits
Psychological tension
Sun-Neptune aspects: Forget my name ~Sun conjunct Neptune, Sun sextile Neptune, Sun square Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Sun opposite Neptune:
Weak identity boundaries
Creative self-expression
Sensitive and psychic
Absent parent
Inexplicable sense of loss  
Feels controlled by life/external forces
Catches other people’s feelings like colds

Longing to be saved
Sun-Pluto aspects: Dying every Birthday ~Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun square Pluto, Sun trine Pluto, Sun opposite Pluto:

Psychologically complex
Introverted  , prefers isolation

Fears vulnerability and detests intrusion
Desperate and Distrustful
Incapable of self-deception  
Resentment for parent
Answerable only to the authority of soul 
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the blessings of your moon sign:
⎡MOON IN ARIES ⎦⇁ you are always quick to verbalize how you feel, never hiding anything. that is admirably fearless. bottling it up is no option with you. your message is the most heard.
⎡MOON IN TAURUS ⎦⇁ you will never not be reliable. you think through things instead of rushing in. to the benefit of everyone, you are a 0% annoying person. you neutralize troublemakers.
⎡MOON IN GEMINI ⎦⇁ there won’t be a time where you don’t have something smart to say, even in hard and depressing times. you’re great at expressing your feelings through characters you create.
⎡MOON IN CANCER ⎦⇁ you have a good heart with an ever-adequate mood. you will be rewarded for your sensitivity and caring ways. you have an innate sense for comfort and good taste.
⎡MOON IN LEO ⎦⇁ your smile is bright and everlasting. you’re the purest. entertainment is your utmost talent, there’s nothing you can’t do. standing your ground under pressure is no problem.
⎡MOON IN VIRGO ⎦⇁ never hasty, you aren’t easily manipulated. every detective wishes they had your moon sign. you don’t give abrasive people and trolls fuel by reacting to them.
⎡MOON IN LIBRA ⎦⇁ a true romantic that is hard to find. never unfair and biased in your affection, you are pleasant to be around. you could mend the most shattered, closed-off heart around.
⎡MOON IN SCORPIO ⎦⇁ what a fine-tuned radar. you don’t have to ask how another person feels, you just know already. you don’t embarrass others. you are endlessly enduring and stick to your values. 
⎡MOON IN SAGITTARIUS ⎦⇁ advice for anybody, anywhere, anytime. you simply don’t discriminate and give deserved second chances. improvement over where cancel culture would be inappropriate.
⎡MOON IN CAPRICORN ⎦⇁ blue-eyed you will never be in this world, naivety can’t mess with you. this is a drama-free zone. you have a built-in idiot filter. you know who you can be loyal to.
⎡MOON IN AQUARIUS ⎦⇁ you solve even the most difficult conflicts being one natural step ahead. your wit and presence adds something refreshing to any gathering. you’ll never feel deeply bored.
⎡MOON IN PISCES ⎦⇁ never obtrusive or arrogant, you make an art form out of comforting someone and couldn’t harm a fly. you will be thanked for it. you won’t provoke any bad blood for fun, ever.
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the houses
so when i first started learning about astrology, i found it super difficult to keep track of what each of the houses means. understanding the house system is a huge aspect of understanding your natal chart, so let’s discuss.
angular houses: 
ruled by the cardinal signs, these houses indicate the action you take in life - the first foot you put forward.
1st house - aries - appearance, outward personality, self expression, essential vitality, “mask”
4th house - cancer - home, family life and parents, emotional/psychological foundation, stability, subconscious patterns
7th house - libra - partnerships and relationships, marriage, business interactions, interpersonal conflict or harmony, legal matters
10th house - capricorn - career ambitions and aspirations, public life and recognition, material acquisition, success and goals
succedent houses: 
these houses are ruled by the fixed signs, speaking to what you already have, and what you desire to have - what you value.
2nd house - taurus - possessions, money, material things, material values, skills and earning abilities
5th house - leo - pleasure, entertainment, sex, creativity and creation, procreation and children, recreation
8th house - scorpio - the supernatural/occult/mystical, death and regeneration, legacies, the resources of those around you (think inheritance)
11th house - aquarius - global awareness, humanitarian ideals, group projects and goals, friendships
cadent houses: 
ruled by the mutable signs, these houses can be interpreted as the thought that occurs before action - the analyzation of your self and surroundings.
3rd house - gemini - mental activity, communication, early education, relationships with siblings and cousins 
6th house - virgo - afflictions of the body, health and nutrition, employment, work ethic, injury and illness, service
9th house - sagittarius - higher thinking, religion and philosophy, foreign cultures and customs, expansion of the mind, far travel
12th house - pisces - retreat from the world, isolation, suffering bottled up, the subconscious, karma
quadrant 1 (houses 1 - 3)
self development
“who am i?” “what do i value?” “what do i think?”
quadrant 2 (houses 4 - 6)
self expansion
“what do i feel?” “what do i will?” “what do i analyze?”
quadrant 3 (houses 7 - 9)
self expression
“how do i balance myself with others?” “what do i desire?” “what truth do i seek?”
quadrant 4 (houses 10 - 12)
self transcendence 
“what will i use?” “what do i know?” “what do i believe?”
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catmarlowastrology · 6 months ago
💐 Venus in the houses + what people envy about you 💐
1st house : your looks. how you behave. your confidence. how poised you are.
2nd house : your beautiful house, how you dress, how much money you make
3rd house : your mind, your ability to charm anybody, how poetic you are
4th house : your family, your mother, your home
5th house : your talents, your kids, how you light up every room you enter, your ambition, your popularity
6th house : your routine, how organized you are, your work ethic, your healthy habits
7th house : your relationship, your ability to engage with people, your integrity
8th house : your sex appeal, how much power you have over people, your ambition
9th house : your energy, how lucky you are in general, your sense of humor
10th house : your career, your reputation, your commitment, what you’ve achieved
11th house : your ability to create a community wherever you go, your uniqueness, your aspirations, your incredible brain
12th house : your selflessness, how people love you no matter what, how magical you are, your intuition
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submissive-bangtan · a year ago
tips for interpreting your birth chart:
see how the ascendant puts the 12 signs into the houses one by one. aries rising places taurus in the 2nd house, gemini in the 3rd, and so on. those will be the topics describing said areas of life. e.g. you will act venusian in relationships if libra is in your 7th house. 
knowing your chart ruler and how it functions in its spot is the most important thing. you can find it by checking which planet governs your rising sign. e.g. if you’re a cancer asc, the aspects, sign, and house placement of your moon reflect the theme of your life to a high degree. traditional rulership is pretty interesting, so — attention scorpio rising, look at pluto but you are also co-ruled by mars. aquarius ac, look at uranus, but saturn also. pisces asc, check jupiter next to neptune.
dignity and debilitation is key. beside rulership of the signs, keep in mind how certain planets to well or are stifled in specific signs. learn about exaltation, detriment and fall (table). knowing that mercury is at home in gemini or virgo is crucial to interpret your chart, but also how saturn is exalted in libra or how venus falls in aries. most of it is intuitive, e.g. see how venus’ gentle nature clashes with aries’ martial approach.
the moon sign is your true identity. how you act when you are by yourself. like the actual moon is serenely present at night in darkness. if you want to know how your crush is really like, their lunar placement will tell you. meanwhile, the sun sign is your self-presentation. the sun is ruled by leo after all, that’s how you want to prove and establish yourself. there’s attachment. the sun sign is a mask. at the end of the day, where you find true comfort is only the moon sign and its house.
followed by the venus sign which symbolizes everything you find nice and pleasing. you’ll notice how your coping mechanisms — caused by your sun sign’s struggle — are all in these moon or venus areas. realize that you don’t need a reason of pressure to comfort yourself or admit to those areas that make you feel great. let venus be venus for its own sake.
a lot of value can be drawn out of interpreting the IC versus the MC. that is, how your childhood life leads to your career life. the contrast of the 4th house (domestic) and the 10th house (public) is in a natural opposition with good reason, 180° apart. you will find a fulfilling career if it brings balance to what happened in the home.
accept squares as they are. a lot of astrologers try to pull something positive out of them, but the experienced ones tell you that you can’t overcome them, it’s supposed to be like that. all that’s possible is using your sextiles and trines to get back on track. and it is true that the more squares, the more karmic rewards. oppositions, even more so. especially when saturn is involved, there will be benefits down the line.
see where your parents’ north nodes are. even if you don’t have their birth times, you can find it. now, if you have any personal planets in your own chart at those very spots, it is likely that your parents wanted you to fulfill their purpose for them. if your mother’s north node is in taurus and you are a taurus sun, she passed on a need for stability in life. that purpose is not complete by her own efforts, you continue it. in essence, the north node tells you the people you’re bound to. the south node shows you people you were bound to.
predict the time of meeting a spouse by your jupiter return. if jupiter visits your natal jupiter sign again, it’s due. venus being in good aspect or conjunction shows an increased likelihood. the presence of saturn there indicates it takes more time and growth. until saturn leaves the conjunction, opposition or square, the jupiter return’s effect will be delayed. but: you will be much wiser and experienced afterwards, and your partner will be time-tested and a quality spouse.
if you want to know in which place or environment you can find love in at the moment, calculate which house of yours venus currently transits. e.g. if it transits your 9th house you can find love abroad, in the 10th house at the workplace, in the 11th online.
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check out my second masterlist for more posts like this<3 🤎🪐MASTER-LIST II🤎🪐
check the hashtag #astrojenx for future posts💋
AskAstrologyJenx is open ✅ send me a question you have about a placements/aspects or anything astrology related!
my placements: Cancer ☀️ Pisces 🌙 Leo rising✨ 10H, 11H stellium/ chart ruler is Cancer ☀️ 11H
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random writing 🌙
the basics 101:
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connections between how you look & the sun house
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all about lilith and the themes behind each
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the personal indicators
placements with caring/ family-oriented personality
placements with childhood issues
children&family dynamics in astro
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trust issues indicators
detachment indicators
indicators of intimidating&cold first impressions
placements that are most likely to use drugs
placements indicating competitiveness & aggression
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submissive-bangtan · a year ago
Blessed Conjunctions for Compatibility
↪︎ these are also reversible 
your SUN conjunct their JUPITER: they believe in you. it’s like they found their religion for life. they give you a new sense of purpose. shared confidence. 
your MOON conjunct their VENUS: your dreaminess makes them fall in love. whatever mood you’re in, they lift you up and soothe any emotional wound.
your MERCURY conjunct their JUPITER: even if you are still hesitant, they amplify your voice and intellect. they act as a protector to your stance.
your MERCURY conjunct their MERCURY: a conversation in complete sync. the mutual understanding is so strong. an author couple in the making.
your VENUS conjunct their SUN: your appeal fits into their way of life. they see you as an instant crush. you’ll be widely known to be their sweetheart.
your VENUS conjunct their VENUS: two people, one specific taste. essentially, your playlists and favorite places on the body to kiss each other are the same.
your VENUS conjunct their MERCURY: by your mere presence, they start saying beautiful words and compliment you. you’re a love like they imagined.
your MARS conjunct their SUN: you get things moving in their life. you are their physical ideal type. this is an energetic couple combination.
your JUPITER conjunct their VENUS: this is love that will keep on increasing instead of dwindling. you naturally elicit shy confessions from them.
your JUPITER conjunct their MOON: you infuse their life with optimism and faith. both in themselves and the world alike. you’re a feel-good person to them.
your SATURN conjunct their SUN: you help them keep their feet on the ground and will stick around in their life for long. you give them pragmatic advice.
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