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jabberwockypie · 7 months ago
So my birthday is next week (11-11 at 11:11 AM) and it was brought to my attention that I should like, post a thing so if anyone wants to send me a present, they can do that. I am, weirdly, doing okay for a lot of things right now! Moving earlier this year has reduced my stress levels LIKE WOAH. Mostly I’ve been sewing a lot lately, and I want fabric. (I like a lot of pretty batik fabrics, especially.) (Look at my quilt top! I started it in October and finished it on Halloween and I still need to get BACKING FABRIC for it.)
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So, like. I’ve got an Amazon wishlist, but Amazon REALLY isn’t a good or even cost-effective place to get fabric. It’s more expensive and they have weird little mark-ups on everything, and a lot of it can be found on sale elsewhere for less. (Also my housemate works for a crafting business, and if I throw money at her, she can get certain crafting things for wholesale.) So, Amazon wishlist here. It has some stuff like tea (which fuels the crafting) and gift cards to Joann fabrics on it! (And Lactaid, so I can eat cheese. *looks mournful*) Hancock’s of Paducah has some good prices on pretty fabric I covet, and they have gift cards available here.
An etsy gift card would also be very cool.
(Or if you just want to Paypal me and a couple bucks and be like “Here, buy a pretty thing. Or a sandwich. Happ Birth!“ you can do that.) My e-mail is: jabberwockypie (at) protonmail (dot )com
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julesblackthorns · 3 years ago
it’s.....my last day of being 18 rn
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scholomac33ducat3d · 2 months ago
I know she hasn’t been announced yet but can we all agree not to be weird about the annabeth actress the way people were weird about emma watson.
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yangjeongin · 4 months ago
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roach-works · 23 days ago
so many young trans men out there wanna be Normal so damn bad and it blows my mind. they’re really out there like, being normal is good and correct! but i am trans. so being trans must be normal! so i am still good and correct! and then they see the rest of us trans freaks who figured out that being Normal is a ridiculous goal in life, just cheerfully going along being weird as hell and it outrages them. like, how dare we. what’s wrong with us. why don’t we want to be correct, why won’t we stand for being corrected? why aren’t we normal?
like, my dudes. my trans dudes. my one in a thousand brothers. you are a freak too, you just still hate yourself for it and you’re being a real pain in our ass as a direct consequence. you aren’t going to clean us up. you aren’t going to save us from ourselves. we’re more ourselves than you are. the best thing you can do for yourself and your community is learn to love the other, both in yourself and in your community and in the whole entire world. so what if you’re an alien, a monster, a freakshow? once you divorce normal from good, you’re free.
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squidbol · 7 months ago
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me? drawing Unus Annus again? p s h
a b s o l u t e l y 
Happy Birthday and Death anniversary to this channel. a day does not pass by where i don’t think about at least one reference from it
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osamusmiya · a month ago
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Chloé d'Apchier ☾ The Silver Witch
“I am a terribly jealous woman.”
Happy Birthday Hân ♡ @keikuns
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biwheelrs · a month ago
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this is mike to will in a little note when he gives will a mixtape he made for him
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avizou · 6 months ago
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are you calling me a sinner?
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byeonqkwan · a month ago
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Happy 29th Birthday, Kim Sehyoon ♡
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decompose1 · 3 months ago
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in memoriam of a 3rd grade hamster
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wattemeer · a year ago
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I could sit here forever just watching you
(Don't repost)
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muzt · a month ago
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the one and only: tony stark
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sukifoof-art · 6 months ago
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hi i have art block all i can draw is characters facing one direction and. konoha. send help
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chimielie · 11 months ago
great regular flavor
if kita is the boy next door, you’re the wild child always running after him.
where you were scolded, kita was lauded for his model behavior; where your knees were scraped, he was always unmuddied and unhurt. the initial sting had always been the worst of it, anyway, because as soon as you fell he was there on his knees in front of you, little antiseptic wipe and frog band-aids at the ready.
“this might sting,” he’d always tell you first, so serious in his little-boy lisp.
“i know,” you’d say, putting on a brave face, tensing your leg so you wouldn’t flinch when he pressed the cold wipe to the broken skin. it was never as bad as you thought it would be, because kita’s hands were gentle and careful, and he applied the bandage by peeling back— not off— the paper, pressing the cloth center down first and then efficiently taking the paper off and pressing down the sticky part at the same time. you’d never seen anyone do that before— after a while, you got annoyed if anyone but kita bandaged your battle scars.
as you aged, your wild ways calmed, and kita stayed regular. you followed him to inarizaki, to the volleyball team as a manager from your first year, and you learned to love the routine and the note taking and the meticulous research. in a team of prodigies and monsters, kita was notably normal, overwhelmingly average.
to you, in love with the boy next door from the time you could barely begin to understand it, he was amazing. though he never seemed to display insecurity next to his teammates, you were always there to remind him of his value. kita was a grounding force, a thoughtful friend, a model man. from the time you told him that you’d signed up to be the v-ball manager, a smile like the dawn breaking over his face, to the moment you’d found yourself unable to look him in the eye as you held out a box of chocolates, you knew kita was special in a more subtle way than most could see.
even now, you watch him from your spot on the bed, broad back turned to you as he brushes his teeth, swishing the minty paste before spitting soundly into the sink. he splashes water on his face, pats it dry with a towel, and turns to you, the slightest of smiles gracing his face.
“you’re like mint toothpaste,” you tell him as he pads across the floor, roll over to him as he slips beneath the sheets.
“is that so?”
“classic. regular.” you brush your lips against his and he reciprocates eagerly. “taste clean.”
“mm.” you roll back to your original position, hissing as you bump your knee against his. “what’s wrong?”
“oh, nothing. remember, i tripped getting out of the truck earlier this evening?”
“oh,” he says, and that’s it, but he’s getting out of bed.
“no, shinsuke, you don’t have to...”
he shushes you as he returns, antiseptic and bandages in hand. “what kind of husband would i be if i didn’t?”
and you have no answer to that, your insides melting into cotton-candy pinks and blues, so there’s nothing left to do but to thread a hand through his hair as he kneels before you, pressing a kiss to the wound when he’s done with it. you expect him to get up and go back to bed— he has an early morning tomorrow, always has an early morning— but instead he puts rough palms on your legs and separates them slightly, shuffling forward on his knees to lean his head on your inner thigh, adoring expression on his face as he looks up at you.
leave it to shinsuke— ordinary, average, regular shinsuke— to fall for the dreamer, the one who lagged behind to admire the world passing by. leave it to shinsuke to drop everything he’s doing and wait for you to catch up.
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stopiwanttotalkaboutcheese · 2 months ago
Joe Locke, fully 18 years old, playing Charlie Spring:
Tumblr media
(honestly though this goes for Kit Connor too, maybe even more lmao)
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jaynaneeya · 2 months ago
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Time travel is possible. It just takes a long time.
Happy Birthday, dear Ashley!!! It has been an absolute honor and delight to follow and support your career for the last decade. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do! I truly cannot picture what my last 10 years would have looked like if you hadn’t played Lizzie Bennet, so thank you for changing my life.
And to anyone reading this who hasn’t been watching The Look Back Diaries, I highly recommend getting on that.
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woosansang · 7 months ago
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wooyoung ✦ fireworks fancam ✦ 210307
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whysojiminimnida · 4 months ago
https://mobile.twitter.com/yoonmin889395/status/1492761365010067459 see every shippers are having these timeliness of their ships. Even yoonminers are saying 2016 like jikookers.
Tumblr media
Literally zero idea what someone else's opinion on a whole other "ship" has to do with my support for Jimin and Jungkook as a couple. Tell you what, anon. When Yoongi and Jimin take a solo trip just them, when Yoongi sucks on Jimin's ear in front of 40K people and the entire internet, when they admit to sleeping together and being each other's all-night person, when they show up to work with hickeys and admit the other one gave it to them during a drunken bridal carrying session, when one of them flies across the globe to be with the other on his birthday, then we'll talk. I don't ship fictional couples. No need when I got a real one providing me with proof every damn week for seven years.
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jiangwanyin · 9 months ago
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for @haleths​ | happy birthday ashleigh!!! 💌
trista mateer // @flintcoded // the lady’s guide to celestial mechanics, olivia waite // fleabag 2x06 // confessional, sue zhao // norwegian wood, haruki murakami // rebeccabinch // patricia, florence + the machine // your song, elton john // love freely, e.c. // backwards, warsan shire // 天官赐福, 墨香铜臭 // writing prompts for the broken-hearted, eden robinson // this is how you lose the time war, amal el-mohtar, max gladstone // dylan thomas to caitlin macnamara, 1936 // today, jefferson airplane
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