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I wanted to get peoples opinon on this:

I watch this dating show and in the show one of the contestants came out as bi. In the show he said that he discoverd he was bi by being a s*x worker and at one point hooking up with a (straight) married couple. However he said that had it not been for the fact that he needed money and had he not decided to earn it this way, he woundn’d explore his sexuality and that he dosen’t wanna be in a relationship with a man. Everybody on the show called him a liar, said he faked being bi ect. However, he didn’t say he was biROMANTIC, he said he was biSEXUAL, and in my opinion although the term bisexual is more generaly used that dosen’t mean that anyone who is bisexual=biromantic and vice versa(for example i call myself bisexual even though i’m in the ace spectrum aka demisexual/kinda ace but that’s a topic for another day). My point is, i think he’s not lying when he says he’s bi. What’s your opinion? I would love to discuss.

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How I realized I liked girls

*cue me in class in 5th grade*

Me: *minding my own business*

Me: *suddenly thinks about a video Ariana Grande*

Me a sec later: …. that hits different

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Bruh straight people are so weird like I was talking to my straight friend and I mentioned that I was bi and she was like “omg i’m so sorry I didn’t know!! you could’ve told me!! gosh i’m sorry for being such a bad friend to make you not wanna tell me :(((“ like sis the only reason you didn’t know was because it never happened to come up in conversation and the only reason it’s coming up now is because I’m simping over anime girls-

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