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It’s a strange thing when two characters start developing a vaguely homoromantic dynamic to their relationship and they don’t get together, for me; because on one hand, the bi in me is like “YES queer characters, LET THEM BE IN LOVE” but then the asexual in me is like, “Well yeah, but, like…not every pair HAS to ultimately become that to be beautiful and important and the idea that romantic partnerships are the ideal IS a little overblown…”

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So, like I don’t know if she’s gay and neither does she. She’s been on her sexuality finding quest for a long while now. Everything’s fine, no stress, take your time.

But then she makes gay jokes and likes gay shit on social media and watches gay tiktok-compilations on YouTube and unironically listens to girl in red and sweater weather and when she sees a straight girl™ listen to girl in red on her Instagram story she’s like ‘honey, do you know what that means?’ and she says she tries to dress like a top even though she says she’s a bottom and she would come to a gay club with me and a mutual gay friend so like, honey, are you gay or just the biggest fucking ally on the planet, please, I need answers.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Hello. My name is rosemary, I’m just looking for some friends. I’m a metalhead and a musician.

I don’t reply quickly, for that I apologize in advance.. living alone surely does not give me any excuse ahah.

My Snapchat is : @/friggbane

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