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this pride month please spare a thought for LGBTQIA+ wizards in the the wizarding world

my favourite and some personal headcanons (may not always go hand in hand) are:

  • gay draco malfoy
  • trans draco malfoy
  • genderfluid draco malfoy
  • bisexual harry potter
  • trans harry potter
  • bisexual ginny weasley
  • bisexual ron weasley (bruh did u see the way he looked at krum and cedric)
  • pansexual seamus finnegan
  • non-binary luna lovegood
  • pansexual luna lovegood
  • asexual neville longbottom
  • bisexual hermione granger
  • lesbian pansy parkinson
  • genderfluid sirius black
  • pansexual sirius black
  • bisexual remus lupin

these are just SOME headcanons i have seen or i personally have. im begging you all to please add more. i haven’t read the books since i was a wee bab (im starting to reread them now thanks to furlough) so i cant remember a lot of characters off the top of my head

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Thanks !!

1. What’s your sexual orientation?


Happy pride month to you <3

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What does my sexuality mean to me?

to me my sexuality and romantic orientation is ground breaking, something that cannot be contained.

My whole life i have pretty much been told that its either gay or straight though no matter how much it was pushed on to me by both sides i refused to acknowledge it. So being ace and bi was ground breaking as i happened to like no one and everyone at once and i could not be tied down to one or other or even both.

Their two identities that really contract one another but they both make up me.

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