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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Lets play a game. Lets guess what placements the characters of Mean Girls would have if they were real…

I get major Aries vibes from Regina George, but also Libra… Aries from her selfish and competitive nature and her strong confidence. Her rage aswell. Libra from how she goes about like a sly fox fucking people over in a clever way 🤣 Id say Aries sun and Venus with a Libra mars. Or maybe she has Venus in Taurus? Deff has venus energy in the 1st. Scorpio or Aqua moon… them feelings be hiding.

Gretchen Wieners gives me Libra and Cancer vibes.

Karen acts like a total pisces 

Cady is a total cancer, probably a capricorn moon

hmu lemme know what u think!!

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Always have a list of one-liners that can help break any ice 🧊, get out of any situation on top …
Here’s mine:
1. Thanks for the warning…
2. I’ll be the judge of that…
3. I don’t see how that’s any of your business…
4. Well, I’ll see you tell that to his/her face (said aloud after someone rejoins a party)
#oneliners #icebreaker #werk #bitchy #kween #CitiSketcha #Divinylties #Makanism #urbansketch #urbansketcher #foodie #audiophile #urbansketchers #urbansketching #USK #sketch #draw #pen #ink #brush #watercolor #pencil #light #dark #shade #blackandwhite #StayHomeForSg #CircuitBreaker #Covid19

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Mellisa (Meds) Gorgontaint.

Meds has extensive experience in riding on the accomplishments of her team members, stripping for attention and crying over her twin gender studies and advanced feminism degrees.

An assistant manager in life - Meds now leads a team of skilled Soul Collection and Customer Service superstars…. Nowhere! They are already working in Heck, so that is pretty much it.

Hobbies include:

- Being snarky and sarcastic

- Administering extremely violent ‘training’ and ‘learning opportunities’

- Inappropriate work relationships with (Lou) the boss

- Turning staff to stone on a whim

- Making Muck do extra work (even when it is technically pointless)

Meds is a Sagittarius, hates bad hair days (which is EVERY day when your hair is made up of snakes with a mind of their own).

She is Vegan, does yoga and is gluten intolerant.

Some interesting facts about Meds are:

- She was once a full time militant feminist

- She was a part time member of antifa(rt)

- She can not look into a mirror without turning herself into stone so does not actually have any idea how bad her hair really looks

So come on down and work in Hell! And get to know more interesting ‘people’ like Meds….

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This thing happened to me a few months ago. I ve 3 best friends, i ll call them money, JD and RD. D stands for darling and J and R are their initials while money is her actual nickname. Money has changed cities while RD has gone to another state and is studying in college rn whereas me and JD are preparing for NEET( it’s the medical entrance exam in my country).

I m scared of stray animals particularly dogs. I mean as long as the dog isn’t mine or is barking, biting or going to fight another dog, I am fine with them around me.

So JD has this German shepherd at her home. This one time I went to drop her at her house at night and I don’t know from where Bruno got out and immediately pounced on me. This was the first time happening to me and he was bigger than me and he was aiming his licking at my face( I didn’t know at that time he was trying to lick), I just felt threatened like he was huge than me, a 5'6" on the fat side, I screamed at the top of my lungs. They tried to control it but it still kept pouncing on me, I was on the verge of tears, so when they controlled it a bit I flew away and sat in my car(I saw him running after me after breaking from their hold). I ve never ran so fast in my heels. The next day I asked her if the neighbor’s windows were broken and man she was genuinely confused so I told her bitch I never knew I could scream that hard. I remember that when I started screaming all the neighbors dogs and stray dogs started barking all together and it was all chaos.

Another time it happened on her birthday. So when I went at her house I was relatively ready for it and Bruno didn’t disappointed me, I just kept my face safe with a stance of girl being protecting herself from molestation and the neighbors were all laughing. Inside her house too Bruno kept playing and snuggling with me. She told me he’s never like this other than the family members and it felt nice but I am still a little fearful.

So RD is more of a scaredy cat than me so I decided to be a little evil. I ve planned it out with JD that I ll get RD at her house after the lockdown ends and she didn’t need to specifically bind Bruno. I m gonna stand by the side seeing RD getting harassed by a now more huge Bruno( she’s just a little shorter than me but more on the skinny side). JD was all in it so I told RD that we ll visit JD before she goes back to college. She specifically asked about the dog and me with the most innocent face I could ever muster told her that JD will bind it while cackling all the while inside. You know she was scared of it as a puppy too. Bruno has never bitten anyone, is very scared of fireworks and is just very scared from anything remotely weird.

So today! I was going on a walk with RD and we saw this giant fat German shepherd in the way without it’s leash or it’s owner and i almost went weak in the knees because of the trauma. My face must have really looked horrified because she started giggling saying that it’s the most harmless dog and even she ain’t scared of it. I particularly remember that dog barking like crazy at me whenever I passed by when I was little. She said don’t be a pussy , U literally called all the puppies cute u see on ur way. I was way distracted at her smug expression and then remembered our plan and smirked. Bwahahaha karma’s a bitch of course. Soon the day will arrive when me becomes the one laughing at u and just sniggered the whole way imagining her traumatic expression. I know I m evil.

Just for the sake of it I m clearing that I live in green zone of my city and we are cut some slack and are allowed to go to walk with masks and some precautions.


It’s Bruno sleeping on her textbook. He likes doing that

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Can we PLEASE talk about how soft Juno sounded in this episode. He’s so happy right now. Peter also sounds really light? He didn’t have any of his harsh arrogance in his voice. idk I’m just going to be thinking about that all day, don’t mind me.

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@alie-ramirez​/ @ncrcissy-black​ | narcissa:

❝ you should really ask before you touch a person. ❞


“You’re kidding, right? There’s hundreds of people out here and you really think I’d want to approach you— let alone touch you?” Dorcas took a firm stance and placed her hands on her hips. “I didn’t peg your lot as the concert going type.”

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