maziekeen · 9 months ago
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minarina · a year ago
Freeze! ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ You’re under arrest for being so lovely. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful! 💖 (aka jisoossmirk lol wish i could send this from my sideblog)
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You cutie pie !!! i love you bb 😚
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drclara · a year ago
top 5 blackpink songs!!!!!
thank you for making me think for solid 20 minutes and change this list 200 times jasoiajs <3  1. Stay 2. You Never Know 3. Lovesick Girls 4. Whistle 5. Ddu du ddu du  Ask me my "TOP 5" anything!
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superscavenger · a year ago
Tumblr media
Gif credit to @bithcassidy
Sorry, just wanted to highlight that this might subtly be the biggest dick energy coming from a 16 year old I'd ever seen in my life
I mean just
The sly tucking of the tickets in her SHIRT POCKET LIKE THE GAY MOFO SHE IS
The whole thing just radiates BDE and I'm LIVING FOR IT
God what is this show doing to me
Thanks, feelings dump over x
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donnas-troia · a year ago
End of the year Review
1. Song of the year?
Exile - Bon Iver & Taylor Swift
2. Album of the year?
i hate myself for it but Folklore lol
3. Favorite musical artist / group you started listening to this year?
Harry Styles... I never cared about One Direction and thought his stuff would be lame like *cough*zayne*cough* but I was pleasantly surprised he had his own rock sound
4. Movie of the year?
tbh i have seen an extremely tiny amount of movies this year so I'm gonna go with a tie of Soul and Happiest Season (purely because Dan Levy)
5. TV show of the year?
Teenage Bounty Hunters
6. Episode of tv or webisode that defined the year for you?
Unfortunately the funeral episode of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
7. Favorite actor of the year?
Dan Levy
8. Game of the year?
I haven't gamed this year other than Sims 4 so...
9. Best month for you this year?
hahahaha. I guess January after passing my pharmacy board and not knowing the shit storm that was coming
10. Something that made you cry this year?
idk something like the 2 deaths of mother & mother figure as well as my exfiance leaving no big deal
11. Something you want to do again next year?
go hiking more
12. Talk about a new friend you made this year
let's see, @missbrunettebarbie who is a wonderful writer, thoughtful friend, and also someone i shared trauma with at the same time... @takaraphoenix who is lovely and helpful and hilarious when it comes to asking cultural questions and @legendsofentity who is honestly the sweetest and always has some fun headcanons for me on the daily ❤️❤️❤️
13. How was your birthday this year?
well my mom who had me at 30 died right before my 30th sooo....
14. Favorite book you read this year?
King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo
15. What’s a bad habit you picked up this year?
eating edibles to deal with grief
16. Post a picture from the beginning of the year
Tumblr media
17. Post a picture from the end of the year
Tumblr media
can you see the deadness in my eyes?
18. A memorable meal this year?
a few different ones at nice restaurants
19. What’re you excited about for next year?
the covid vaccine and my tax return money
20. What’s something you learned this year?
oh dear God, idk. people are more stupid than I gave them credit for. on the other hand, the better of humanity really stepped up and created beauty in the darkness. nurses, doctors, activists...
21. What’s something new about your place of residence (room, home, or general location) now vs the start of the year?
i have two computers on my dining table to work at home 😕
22. Favorite place you visited this year?
23. If you could send a message to yourself back on the first day of the year, what would it be?
talk to your mom more. that girl is only using you for an ego boost. get ready.
24. Did you keep any New Year’s Resolutions?
lmfao no, i didn't set any to begin with because i stopped believing in them awhile ago and dear God this year proved me right
25. Did you create any characters (in games, art, or writing) this year? Describe one.
Um, idk about new characters I mainly just remodeled old ones. Although in Sims I did create some lesbian witches so 🤷‍♂️
look I'm a weirdo who loves end of year shit so i did all of them but no pressure HOWEVER I'm also considering this my
❤️follow forever ❤️
@takaraphoenix @legendsofentity @fonduaunoire @missbrunettebarbie @laufire @calebcovington @girlpash @reggietheghost @realchemistry @chasecordelias @acelandonkirby @furiousfinnstan @caiterprince @jcmorgenstern @dylanobrienisbatman @dovegranger @evanbucklley @khalidaaaaa @zaritomaz @montygreen @dinah-lance @beth-cassidy @bedoinkle @sakebytheriver @welldressedllama @bithcassidy @lexkent @hood-ex @nytewing @stevenrogered @yobats @glenn-rhee @chasingshhadows @eversall @iwillbestronger @intostarlight @sleepy-skittles @harmonization @haleysbrooke @oneeyeddestroyer
if I'm missing someone I'm sorry 😭 i still love every one of you!!
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jisoossmirk · a year ago
hi this is a side blog.
main blog is @bithcassidy
the lovely theme is by @maziekeen
edit tag // taking gif requests
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lunawedlers · a year ago
post 4 fictional characters you relate to and let ppl assume things about you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
taken from @megfloresprotectionsquad
tagging (if you wanna do it) @marlokelly @alittleemo @lesbianjamies @sidekickz @beth-cassidy @bithcassidy @royalarmyofoz @derrygirlstateofmind @horrorwomn + anyone else who wants to!
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gayprilstevens · a year ago
@bithcassidy being VERY relatable when i said betty is a stepril song
Tumblr media
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softmaevewiley · a year ago
rules: share your lock screen, home screen, last played song, and last saved picture.
tagged by: @the-restisconfetti
tagging: @bithcassidy @thebiggerme @theragingsoundofcalm or anyone down to do it (feel free not to ahh)
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karolinadeanminoru · a year ago
thanks for tagging me @bithcassidy <3
rules: tag nine people you want to know better/catch up with then answer these questions
three ships: wayhaught, sterling and april (pls watch teenage bounty hunters!), jake and amy
last song: in a dream by troye sivan, 10/10 would recommend 
last movie: shrek 2 lollll
currently craving: french toast
currently reading: rippp i dont read much anymore 
tagging: @gayprilstevens @tobinputaringonit @ava-sharpe @montygreen
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maziekeen · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
STERLING WESLEY teenage bounty hunters / 1.07
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bithcassidy · 2 years ago
clarkegriffindork --> bithcassidy
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drclara · a year ago
Freeze! ✧ ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ You’re under arrest for being so lovely. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful! 💖
omg jsoaiusha thank youu
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mandu · 11 months ago
check in tag <3
i was tagged by @blackhairedmina , @yutaslaugh and @bl-ackp-ink 💖 thank you besties! ily
1. why did you choose your url?
tbh I didn’t really think much when I was choosing my url jansbzja I just wanted a jennie related one cause she is the loml lol <3
2. any side blogs? if you have them name them and why you have them
nope I don’t! I actually really wanted to make a bg side blog but tbh I can’t even manage this one 😩
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
on this one since january 2021, in general since about 2016
4. do you have a queue tag?
yes I do but it’s a boring one lol,,, it’s just: q
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
i actually did have another blog before this one (don’t really use it that much now lol) but I made this one so I can keep up more with other blackpink/kpop fans since I don’t really know many irl... like I wasn’t even planning on becoming cc it just happened
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
cause jennie is a cutie and I wanna kiss her forehead 🤧
7. why did you choose your header?
no apparent reason, i just liked the aesthetic <3
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
this one
9. how many mutuals do you have?
i don’t really remember the exact number but they are a lot!! love you besties! <3
10. how many followers do you have?
almost on 1k now <3
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
don’t really think so 🤔
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
way more than I should lol
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
never had a fight online..
15. how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts?
I just try to ignore them...
16. do you like tag games?
yes! actually there were a few that I forgot to do now that I think about it :( but I always read them,,, I like getting to know more about my besties <3
17. do you like ask games?
actually I’ve never did an ask game before.. but that’s because i’m really shy 🙈
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
they are quite a lot tbh my moots are really talented 😌
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
yes ofc <3 (not only on one tho 👀)
20. tags? @roseanned @jaennie @soyums @yootaeyanq @kdongyoung @97choi @bithcassidy
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supervillanelle · a year ago
Alright. There’s warriornungifs, yennciri, sisterbaetrice, bithcassidy, omgtvshows, cinematicsapphic, zendayscolemans, tvcentric. Well, I could teach you if you want. Plus, the admins on the server are very nice. Make an account first and I’ll get you into the server. My username is warriorbountyhunters 7277
i followed them all!!!
i added you already and yeah, please teach me bc im too dumb and it took me a while to figure out how to add you lmao
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lunawedlers · a year ago
List 10 different female faves from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people
Dare Me - Addy Hanlon
Druck - Fatou Jallow
Succession - Marcia Roy
Derry Girls - Orla McCool
Futurama - Amy Wong
Broad City - Ilana Wexler
Biohackers - Mia Auckerland
Mindhunter - Wendy Carr
Dead to Me - Judy Hale
Eagles - Amie Samuelsson Conde
Tagging: @royalarmyofoz @kehlanies @alittleemo @sidekickz @bithcassidy @lesbianjamies @shivroyseyebrows @gerrikellmansfrenchtwist @lesbianmarcy @norangensoda
Tagged by the perfect @harry-strickland
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gayprilstevens · a year ago
I'm so here for a TBH discord
@bithcassidy looks like you gotta make one babe, the people have spoken
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softmaevewiley · a year ago
tagged by: @uswnt tyy🥺<3
nickname: jj
zodiac: pisces
height: lets not talk about it
hogwatts house: ive never watched harry potter
last thing i googled: edna mode
song stuck in my head: somebody else by the 1975
amount of sleep: 9 mostly
lucky number:12
dream job: being passionate about something??? i dont know her
wearing: tshirt
fav instrument:the guitar from guitar hero
aesthetic: pretty sky colours
fav song: atm pch by jaden has been on repeat
fav author: angst fic writers 😔✊🏼
fav animal: wolves?elephants???horses????
fav animal sound: my dogs little tap tap of her paws when shes walking towards me
random: i want sWeet PoTatoes rnnnn
tagging: @livinladolcevita @bithcassidy @zu-ko @thebiggerme
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raellecoller · a year ago
Last 5 questions from the ask thing!
100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate? nah i deleted a whole bunch of people after i left high school and anyone who’s posting shit i dont agree with i just delete them immediately 101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? no bitch im gay as shit! 102. Name your favorite Kesha song? praying was the first one that came to mind 103. Do you have any tan lines right now? no ive been trapped inside writing essays for uni these last few weeks but soon it’ll be over with and i can go in my garden for longer than two minutes rip 104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts? i............. no?????
ask me questions from this post!
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