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Some information on BJD eyes today.

What can you get (so far don’t be mad if i forgot some):

Acrylic (almost every time you will get them with your doll), they are okay (for me) you can find normal eyes, fantasy eyes and a plus point (at least if you start with the hobby) they are cheap! Picture wise: okay.

Glass are a bit heavy for some dolls (the complete round one), you can find normal -ish looking eyes or fantasy eyes. price: a bit more than Acrylic. Picture wise: be careful when making a picture in the sun they reflect.

Silicone easy to put in, because of the material they can adjust easily on the doll eye-socked. You have to clean them, if you go outside things like hair, fuzz, dirt and so on cling to them like in no time! So ya you have to clean them pretty often. Price: middle class to pricey. Picture: Nice, you won’t get much trouble with them they stuck in the dolls head very good.

Urethane\Resin my fav. so far. They can be done the way you like -the most realistic eyes you will get OR the most fantasy like. Price: expensive. Picture: very natural or fantasy like, they are easy to adjust into the doll and they (if you don’t wanna have a glassy thing or something in them) don’t reflect as much as glass or acrylic.

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