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Read Part 2

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik and the reader visits her hometown.

Warnings: Flufffffyyyyyyyyy and some language

A/N: I just noticed I’m doing a slow burn. So, I hope y’all enjoy the ride. Also, I didn’t get to put this part as soon as I wanted because my job deemed me an essential worker lol. I hope this makes you’re quarantine a little bit more bearable. And I may have went a little overboard, this is 5.8k words and I still could’ve wrote some more for this part. Enjoy!!!!


During your time at Stark Industries, you made friends with Deja and Shannon. Deja was a scientist in R & D, and Shannon was your work rival’s assistant. Being the few black women working for the company, y’all quickly bonded inside and outside of work.

Many Sundays with the ladies was spent at brunches, just like this one. Except this time, they brought their boyfriends and you dragged Erik along. Currently the three you were cutting up waiting on their boyfriends and Erik to bring more drinks.

“So, you telling us that after all the time you two spend together, you and Erik ain’t together?” Deja asked, desperately trying to get one more sip of her mimosa.

You shook your head at your friend. As soon as they met Erik, they were trying to push y’all together. “There is nothing going on between us! We’re strictly just friends.”

“Girl, for now. You should see the way he looks at you. He would kiss the nasty ass streets of New York because you walked them.” Shannon said, cutting into her waffle.

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SUMMARY | The trip is going into full swing, the group is reconnecting in a lot of ways. And Giselle starts to find some truths in the mess that was her and Sams relationship.



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Summary: The Gathering has taken off and Steve is realizing that participating in the annual Hunt might be a big mistake. But he can’t take it back now, not when everyone is rooting against him. This goes through the first two days of The Gathering and how Steve is affected by his family and his friends. 

Author’s note: Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe during this trying time. Sorry for being so MIA, but being a senior in college during this time is a literal hellscape. However, I have not stopped writing this whole time. Instead, I wrote an incredibly long chapter and will have to continue to separate it. But I have also added the reader at the very end of the next chapter, so yay! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks again!

Word Count: 5644

Warnings: Bad language and verbal abuse

Chapter 3: The Hunt Part II

Steve’s complex family could easily be divided into three different sections. The first section would be the Old Worlds, those who still reside within Ireland. The second section is the New Worlds, those who reside in North America. And then there’s the Internationals, those that chose to expand their regions and live in various parts of the world. Each section is guided by the three brothers of the Rogers family. Cashel, the eldest brother, leads the New World section. While this section was created when Cashel moved to America, it has since grown to be the largest and most prominent out of all three. Most of the Irish wolves have migrated to the New World, especially after having seen Cashel’s prosperity and success.

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Originally posted by only80sgifs

𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 fluff

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 none

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 407

Valentine peeked through the curtains of Michael’s hotel suite. Her teeth lightly grazed her moisturised lips, her pupils dilated, watching as he leant over the balcony to give greetings to his fans huddled down below. She twisted her feet and gripped the silk fabric solidly.

Michael retreated from his public welcome party with a wide smile engraved onto his face, leaving the door leading to the balcony wide open. His earthy brown eyes glimmered behind his dark shades. He let out a liberated sigh and drafted his eyes to his apprehensive girlfriend hidden behind the protection of the cardinal, silk curtains.

Michael spoke softly, treading towards her. “Valentine.” He extended his hand slowly, wriggling his fingers playfully.

With wide eyes, Valentine stared back at his hand with a look sprinkled with confusion.

Michael let out an airy laugh and gently intertwined their fingers together. “Come with me baby.”

“Where?” Valentine let her head drop to the side, a cloud of innocence hovering above it.

Michael pointed to the balcony just as a gust of screams whirled into their suite. “Out there. They want to meet you.”

The enchantment between Michael and Valentine was a peculiar puzzle for the tabloids. The tawny skinned beauty was a myth to the tabloids and a winsome mystery to the eyes of the public. How she managed to bag Michael Jackson — no one will ever know.

Valentine was a rare find, a black diamond in a mountain of white diamonds. With the alluring, obsidian eyes of a goddess and the aura of an angel descending down from heaven.

Valentine hid behind Michael’s figure as he leisurely brought her towards the balcony. She held in her breath, overwhelmed by the frantic roars shattering the hotel.

Valentine blinked and swallowed deeply, her demure eyes swept over the distraught faces who fawned over her rare sight with fascination and admiration.

She inwardly melted at the starstruck moment. In a bubble of daze, she propped her chin on Michael’s shoulder and simpered. Lines of joy appeared around her eyes, her cheekbones swelled up and her lips curled up to unveil her pearly white teeth. Her eyes gleamed as a ball of purity fringed her silhouette and embellished the dingy sky.

Michael grinned and brought Valentine onto his stage. He pressed her back against his chest and weaved his arms around her waist before pressing his lips against her cheek, sending the crowd into an uproar.

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about — Willow Greene had everything she could ever dream of a great paying job, an amazing condo, and two beautiful dogs. The only thing she didn’t have was a relationship, and in comes T’Challa Udaku, a man she’s known since high school, they even went to Howard with each other back in the day. Hell, the two even messed around for over a year. And after running into each other at their friend’s wedding, things picked up somewhat where they left off.

notes — this will also be a social media au mix with actual writings. and this is set in a totally different universe, which i will get into at a later date.

pairings — t’challa udaku x willow greene [ oc ]


Willow looked around the ballroom in annoyance at having to attend her third charity ball this month. She usually didn’t mind them when they happened within at least three months of each other.

The charity ball was beautiful but she’d rather be at home watching Love & Hip Hop cuddles up with her toe pitbulls. But here she was making her way to the bar to get a drink to try and make it through this evening.

As soon as she got to the bar, she ordered a glass of champagne. Her and the bartender made small talk until she heard her name in a familiar accent.

Turning around Willow was met with T’Challa, she smiled shyly giving him a one over. Before finally meeting his eyes again, noticing that he had been looking at her the same she had been looking at him.

“It’s been a while Willow, how have you been?” He questioned pulling her into a hug.

Chuckling she responded telling him how her life was going while hugging him a bit tighter. “So, I notice that you’re here by yourself tonight?”

Taking a quick sip of her drink, she nodded. “Yes, I’ve been coming to these for about two years now.”

“Oh, so it’s like that now huh?”

“According to you it’s been like that T’Challa. But if you don’t mind I have to go make some rounds talking to people or my boss will have my head. It was nice seeing you, again.” She downed the rest of her drink, patting his shoulder trying to make her way to her company’s CFO.

But before she could really make her way to him T’Challa softly grabbed her arm. “I just have one quick question before you go and avoid me for the rest of the night. Will I be seeing you at Erik’s wedding?”

“No, you know I’m Harmony’s maid of honor. Of course I’ll be there.”

“Great, so I’ll see you then. Have a nice night Ms. Greene.”

He swiftly left a kiss on her cheek before walking away to talk to another business man. While Willow stood there with a feeling of nervousness that she once knew a little too well when ever he was around. And now she felt just how she felt back in college, and she wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it.

coming soon….

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Pairing: Erik Stevens x plus size!reader

Word count: 2 192

Summary: Owning a company and working for it is not easy, but with a special someone by your side, it can become bearable. But what if that special someone ends up making it harder than it already is ?

Warnings: A little bit of Angst and then more fluff.

A/N: Hey guys, ever since I started reading fanfic, I’d rarely find any fanfic where the reader is the ceo, and those are actually some of my favourites to read. I’ve always wanted to write a fic where the reader is a strong independent woman, not that those don’t exist I actually read plenty of them, and I got recently inspired by @jalapenobarnes​ ‘ amazing series Sweet Life, except that I wrote this one-shot for Erik Killmonger instead of Bucky Barnes. I hope you guys like this one, and I recommend you read Sweet Life because it’s honestly one of my favourites.


Originally posted by sadandinplaid

The light of your laptop in front of you just blended with the sunlight breaking through your curtains. It’s a normal office day, except, it wasn’t so normal..

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about — Y/N Y/L/N and Sam Wilson have been friends since they’re junior year and high school. Now that they’ve graduated high school and both have gotten decent jobs they realize they can’t really afford to live on their own. So now two best friends now share a decent sized two bedroom apartment. Now being within such close quarts with one another they both start to realize they care more about each other more than just friends.

notes — this takes place in an alternate universe, where the avengers don’t exist and they all met before or during college.

pairings — sam wilson x black!reader


Y/N sighed walking into their apartment, putting her keys on the counter. She quickly took off her shoes, sighing of relief as she flexed her toes. Leaning against the counter she took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself from the stressful day she just had.

“Long day, sweetie?” The sound of Sam’s voice caused Y/N to flinch slightly, not noticing he was near when she came in.

“You have no idea, and on top of that Sharon set me up on a blind date with one of her coworkers. And honestly I don’t feel like going.” She complained flopping down next to him on the couch.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise not knowing she was back into the dating pool. “Didn’t you hate the last dude Sharon set you up with?”

“Ugh,” she paused at the memory of the date. “Please don’t remind me, but I don’t want to seem like a bitch. So I guess, I have to go. I’m gonna go get ready and I’ll send you my location just like the last time?” She questioned getting up from the couch.

“Just like the last time.” He smiled.

Sam watched as she made her way to her room. As soon as he heard her bedroom door close, he let out a groan of frustration. Throwing his head back, he ran his hands down his face annoyed at the fact that he hadn’t sat down and told her how he felt yet.

And he hates to say it but Bucky was right. Just because he didn’t tell doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to eventually start dating again. He just hoped he had more time.

coming soon…

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Corazón (‘Chunk’ Series)


PAIRING: Erik Stevens + Black!Chubby!OC

SUMMARY: Who is it that your heart beats for?

WARNINGS: Language, Pregnancy

A/N: The time frame is a little different this time around. I didn’t just quite as far back. You’ll see why.




[ 21 Months Ago - Oakland, CA ]

Erik had been to the doctor with Gabby plenty of times before, but things were starting to change as she entered her final trimester. Gabby winced and reached out for Erik’s hand as the technician spread the cold gel on her belly. He grabbed it reluctantly. 

“Do we want to find out the sex of Baby Stevens today?”

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SUMMARY | It’s the second day of the trip, and after a few hours of searching twitter, Sam and Giselle have a conversation. And Steve finally has enough of Gamoras shit and asks Sam what’s her problem.



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Ight so this is something I posted a while ago on quote v and low key I think it’s kinda good. If it’s shit please let me know. I’m think of a name later Alex woke up and got in the shower. When she got in the warm water soothed her aching body

Alex woke up and got in the shower. she got in and the warm water soothed her aching body ‘No more whiskey after 9’ she thought to herself and she washed her red hair. She got out of the shower wrapping a towel around her hair and her body, looking at her phone realizing that it was only noon ,she grabbed her duffel bag and found something to wear

Alex looked on the local news website to find anything that looked out of the ordinary. The article read ’ man eaten to death’ “ I guess that is weird” She closed her computer and went to the bar.

When she entered there were a lot of people their to her surprise but two men stood out to her the most.She’d only been there a week but everyone in that bar was a regular except for them. One was really tall with mid length brown hair and amazing green eyes. The other one was shorter with short brown hair and and also had pretty green eyes.

“ hey beautiful, what can i getcha’?” The bartender asked “ let me get a shot of…. You know what , let me have a beer” she said remembering this morning. She was playing with her incredibly sharp canine tooth when the shorter man from the booth walked over and sat next to her.

“Hi , I’m dean” he said “ not interested” she replied . He looked shocked “ I just came over to ask what your name was?” He said. Alex thought for a second “ Gina” she lied “ Well gina i just wanted to let you know that your are stunning and i’d really like to buy you a drink” he responded.

“ Why would you want to buy a complete stranger a drink? I mean you don’t know me, i could be crazy , i could be a serial killer on the loose running from the cops trying to get to mexico.” While twitching a little. “ well i happen to be able to read people and I can tell that you’re harmless.” He said. She laughed to herself .”Well i guess you read me wrong" she said. She wolfed down the rest of her beer, paid for her drink and got up to leave the bar but she had overheard friendly banter “A little early to strike out don’t you think dean? ” “it was worth a shot Sammy”

Almost mid night and Alex didn’t find anything else suspicious about the article. ‘Hey there’s always tomorrow’ she thought, that’s what her dad would always say. She decided to lay done for a while to rest her eyes.

An hour later she found herself being awakened buy the sounds of men talking and a t.v blasting infomercials “God, why me?” She said to her self.

She got up and pounded on the wall where the noise was coming from “ hey keep it down, man!” She yelled .

“You keep it down!” ‘Bitch I know damn well’She quickly got dressed and went next door.

She pounded on the door of the motel room door as hard as she could cracking the wood slightly. Then the taller , much talker man from the bar opened the door and looked at her with a blank stare “May i help you? ” he said in a light tone “ yes ummm can you tell the jackass how shouted to the room next door that..” She was interrupted by the shorter man from the bar, Dean “ jackass!? Who are you calling a …” He stopped and stared at her for a second “ Hi ” said with a smirk. She rolled her eyes. “ can you guys please keep it down , its like midnight and i cant sleep.” She said sternly “ we’re sorry we’ll try to keep it down” said the taller one, Sam. He looked like he could be at least 6'7 or so. Maybe it’s because she was 5'4 but still the guy was huge. “ thank you” she said . And as she walked away she could feel eyes watching her walk, it was probably Dean, as she turned around she saw Sam look away quickly and closed the door.

As Alex was getting back to bed she had heard a loud crash ’ well so much for a good night sleep’ she thought.

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Read Part 1

Characters: Erik Stevens x black!reader

Summary: Erik takes the reader to the shooting range and learns some interesting things.

Warnings: Language, a dash a violence, Fuckboi!Erik but mostly softboi!Erik, and mentions of smut

A/N: I’m loving this series, so I hope y’all enjoy!


Hanging out with Erik was a total shock. Back home you were used to people talking shit by dressing it up and making it seem like a compliment, but Erik, but Erik Stevens didn’t have no trouble speaking his mind.

If he didn’t like an idea you had for work it wasn’t a ‘Oh, it could be better.’ It was a ‘Texas, that shit fucking sucks. If you wanna beat them colonizers you need something better. Wake me up when you have something better.’

He had no filter on some of your outfits. “Y/N/N stop dressing like you about to go to the hoe down! This is New York City, dress like it!”

Sometimes you wanted to gouge his eyes out, but then you remembered whenever one of your coworkers insulted you, you didn’t break down and cry in the restroom, because Erik was already thickening your skin. You even found yourself snapping back at your coworkers when they tried you.

Then the self-defense training was a whole another beast! Erik was ruthless.  He trained you like you were gonna join the ghost operation, he was a part of in the Navy. It didn’t matter if you just threw up, your ass better be ready, his words, not yours.

Also, it was pure torture, but not because of the physical pain. It was because somehow someway Erik always ended up naked. His raised scars were a little jarring at first, but once you got used to them, it added to his appeal.

Erik was an Adonis, a Greek statute in the living flesh. Half of the time you got knocked on your ass because you were too busy gawking at his body. Sometimes it felt like he knew you were staring because he would just smirk at you.

And then those damn gym shorts he’d be wearing, do nothing to hide his dick print. And what you could tell from it was that it was nothing to play with.

Today he was teaching you a new lesson: how to shoot. Little did he know that you had expert marksmanship. Daddy-daughter bonding with your dad was spent hunting, fishing, and shooting. Erik Stevens was in for a surprise.

“Texas, you need to keep your legs shoulder width apart and keep your feet planted,” Erik instructed, sticking his leg in between yours, forcing you into the stance.

Having him this dangerously close to you made you tremble. His scent was intoxicating and having his hard body pressed against you made you want to lean back into him and stay there.

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• characters: erik, black!reader, jacoby (oc)

• warnings: langage, suggestive content

• 2625 words

Towards the end of your cognitive psychology class, you had concluded that one of the most powerful lullabies in human existence was the voice of a college professor.

Of course, there were those rare instances of attending a class taught by a professor blessed with the gift of a refreshing tone. But usually, most courses (at least the ones you took) were led by monotone lecturers who spoke at just the right volume to guide anyone into slumber. On one hand, you respected and appreciated the time that each of your professors put into educating you and your fellow peers. However, it wouldn’t kill anyone if they added some inflection.

Blinking your eyes open for what seemed like the thousandth time, you peek over at Jacoby. Somehow in the fatigued atmosphere of the lecture hall, he had managed to find a way to diligently scribble down whatever he could catch from the professor. After a few minutes of staring at the pretty dark skin boy next to you, you begin to nod off again.


The sound of a whisper forces your eyes to slowly open.

Blinking lazily, you meet the amused gaze of Jacoby, who has paused from his note-taking after realizing that you were falling asleep. There are a few moments of silence between the two of you before you share a quiet snicker. The sound of laughter isn’t loud enough to interrupt the end of the professor’s lecture (considering you are seated near the back of the hall), but it catches the attention of a few students around you.

“Sorry, y'all.” Jacoby smiles at the turned heads before looking back at you. “You good? You’re gonna start droolin’ on yourself soon.”

“Shut up,” you whisper, “I was just resting my eyes.”

Jacoby only smirks as you both listen to the professors closing remarks. After two more minutes, your ears are finally released from the uninteresting drone that was the professor’s voice, and the lecture hall begins to clear.

As you rise to gather your belongings, a question from Jacoby catches your attention.

“Why you so tired today, lil mama? You’re usually fillin’ up pages of notes during a lecture…” He trails off as he looks over to you. Your arms are now lifted high above your head as you try to stretch the tired out of you. Jacoby rolls his eyes down to the small area of soft skin that was peeking out from under your shirt as you stretch. He then takes a “subtle” peek at your unintentionally poked out ass before licking his lips.

“I was up until the butt-crack of dawn finishing a paper, so I wouldn’t have to work on it tonight.” You pause, pulling out your phone to check for any notifications you had missed, “Apparently, Erik has something special planned for us this evening.” Your shy smile causes Jacoby’s heart to speed up, but he knows he can’t do anything about it.

“Ah, that’s nice. I wonder what it is.” Jacoby’s voice noticeably changes at the mention of Erik, but you’re too busy reading a message from the formerly mentioned to catch it.


meet me at my place after you get done with your last class.


what are you up to, stevens?


don’t worry bout it yet. just bring your pretty ass over here after you’re done so i can taste those lips already.

You smile and take a deep breath to calm yourself before sending a quick message back.


you better be ready. i wore the gloss that tastes like peaches today just for you.


don’t make me come and drag your ass off-campus now, because you know i will.


sorry baby. i’m just really excited to see you.


i know babygirl. just a few more hours and we then got all weekend. now go eat lunch and tell Jacoby’s bum ass to keep his eyes off what’s mine.

Containing your laughter, you turn to Jacoby, who was occupied with something on his phone.

“Erik says ‘hi’.” You lie, grinning at the knowing man next to you.

“No, he didn’t, girl.” He doesn’t even glance in your direction as you throw him a sheepish look, before turning back to your phone.


chill baby lol. i’ll see you later. i love you.


love you more babygirl.

Slipping your phone in the right pocket of your sweatpants, you bend down to retrieve your backpack. As you lean over, you notice a small pocket open and take a second to close it. Not realizing that you are giving Jacoby a full view of your thick backside, you are confused by the groan let out from the man behind you. You raise back up as you secure your backpack on your back, before grabbing your Coach purse and slinging it over your shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You innocently gaze up at him through your eyelashes as he rises from his seat.

“Nothin’, cutie,” he sighs, “let’s go find Angie and Marvin in the dining hall before they get pissed at us for being late again.” He gives you an up-and-down before moving to the side so you can lead the way to the dining hall.

“Okay. I’m starving, so please don’t judge me when I start stuffing my face.” You smile sweetly, not noticing the look he gives you.

“Imma stuff your face with somethin’ else if you keep smilin’ at me like that,” Jacoby mumbles as you begin walking, hoping you didn’t hear him.  

“Huh?” You turn back to him, straining your neck to look up at him.

He just shakes his head and laughs.

“Nothin’, ma. Let’s go.”

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

After a little over two hours of preparation, Erik was finally satisfied with his hard work.

The candles were in place around his two-person bathtub, waiting to be lit as you snuggled together in the warm water. The chicken alfredo casserole (one of your favorites) was still warming in the oven for later in the evening, and the wine was chilling in the cooler in the dining room. The lights throughout the house were dimmed, except for in the kitchen, and a playlist of old school R&B ballads was cued to start as your night together began.

Erik leaned against his marble kitchen counter as he took a moment to breathe.

If one year ago, someone had told him that he would be putting all of this together for anyone, he would have laughed in disbelief. But then he met you.

(As soon as he met your shy gaze from across one of the campus libraries, it was over. The bashful glances you repeatedly sent him finally beckoned him over, and it was history. The fact that you had a perfect face, pretty tits, and a thick ass also didn’t help the matter.)

Erik lightly smiles to himself as he hears his front door unlock and open.  

“Erik?” You call out, gently setting down your purse and backpack, then slipping out of your shoes in the foyer. Erik doesn’t answer you and has to stop himself from smiling when you appear around the corner. Your eyes light up when you spot him still leaning against the counter. You pause for a second to take a moment to look at him and secretly calm the butterflies in your stomach.

“Hi,” you breathe out, clasping your hands together as you stand in the middle of his kitchen.

“Wassup.” He nods his head upwards with a blank face, and you giggle.

“Come here, baby doll.” Erik’s face breaks into a smirk while the sound of your laughter causes his dick to twitch.

Erik holds his hand out for you to take, and you all but run up to him. Your arms snake around his neck and you as squeeze tight as possibly can. He laughs to himself before lifting you a few inches off the ground and squeezing even tighter. No words are said between the two of you for the next few minutes as you each revel in the company to one another.

“How’s my baby?” Erik’s question is muffled due to his face being buried in the crook of your neck, and you playfully squirm from the vibration of his smokey voice.

“She’s good,” you mumble. “Missed you.” You pout a little and gently pull his head out of your neck.

“How’s Daddy?”

Erik finally straightens but keeps his arms around your waist.

“He missed his baby, but she’s here now, so it’s all good,” Erik answers, before pulling you up into him again so he can suck on your neck. His tongue begins to dance around your jawline and collarbone, causing you to whine.

“Why you so fuckin’ sexy, hm? You got me ready to bust in my pants, and I ain’t do nothin’ but suck on this pretty little neck.” Erik reaches down to grab a large handful of your ass, before reluctantly pulling away from the soft skin of your jaw.

“As much as I wanna pound you into every surface of this house,” Erik pauses to palm and squeeze at your ass for a second before continuing, “we have time for that tomorrow. If I can last that long.” Erik finally makes eye contact with you again and you swear you were blushing.

“Right now, I want you to go upstairs to the bathtub and wait for me there, baby girl. Go ahead and start runnin’ the water, but don’t get in 'til I get up there.” You nod at the instructions and begin to walk away, but Erik catches you delicately by the arm before you can getaway.

“You better get back over here and give Daddy some love.”

You beam up at him before rising on your tippy-toes and pressing your soft mouth against his. The sound of smacking lips fills the kitchen as your hands raise to carefully cradle his cheeks. You slip your pillowy tongue into Erik’s mouth and he grunts. You smile against his lips and then hesitantly pull away from his warmth.

Erik bites his bottom lip before speaking, “Get upstairs.” The rasp of his voice causes goosebumps to rise all over your body. You can feel Erik’s eyes pierce through you as you scurry from the kitchen, and he can’t contain the smile that breaks out on his face.

“Fine ass…” you hear Erik mutter as you exit the kitchen.

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

As Erik enters the bathroom with a lighter and the plate of strawberries, he is greeted with the sight of you sitting on atop his large sink, your thick legs swinging back and forth. You turn your head towards his tall figure and smile.

“Thank you for starting the water, baby girl,” Erik walks over and pecks your lips before moving towards the tub to turn off the faucet. “Lemme just light the candles really quick and then we can hop in.”

After nodding your head, you jump down from your place on the sink and remove your shirt. As Erik works to light the vanilla-scented candles, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your sweatpants and set it on the counter. After your shirt, bra, and pants are off, you travel over to the laundry basket and place the clothes inside.

Erik goes to set the lighter down as he takes a glimpse at your almost naked body. His eyes run over your exposed perky breasts and black lace boyshorts before slipping out of his plain white t-shirt. He watches you pointedly avoid his gaze as you walk across the room to the large mirror, and start to put your week-old box braids into a messy bun.

“I gotchu, sweetheart.”

The next few moments are silent as Erik skillfully forms your braids into a bun high enough so that you wouldn’t have to dry them afterward. As he concentrates on putting your hair up, you take the chance the examine him in the mirror. His short locks sit perfectly on the top of his head, and you can tell he had gotten them retwisted earlier today. His thick arms and chest flexed as his fingers moved expertly throughout your braids. His pink tongue ran across his plump bottom lip in concentration, and you nearly melted.  

You didn’t realize he had finished until his arms wrap around your middle.

“You’re so pretty you know that?” Erik whispers into your ear as he makes eye contact with you through the mirror. “Imma treat you like a queen and plus some tonight. 'Cause that’s what you are. My Queen.”

You thank him quietly, drunk on the compliments and love oozing out of your boyfriend. “You’re too much, Erik Stevens. I should be the one pampering you. You’re the one that really deserves it.” He laughs at you, before backing up and sliding down your panties. You stand still as he drops them down your legs, and you hear him moan.

“Goddamn,” Erik breathes out, trying to refrain from dropping to his knees and making you sit on his face. “We better get in before the water gets cold.”

Taking his large hand into your much smaller one, you pull him over to the tub. You enter first, nearly moaning at the warm water against your skin. As you get situated, Erik grabs the strawberries and sets them on the thick ledge of the tub. He then removes his basketball shorts, only to be bare underneath them. You both release a chuckle as he tosses his shorts to the side.

Erik slides into the bath behind you and tugs your back into his chest. After he gets situated, your head rolls back into the warm crook of his neck, and he tightens his heavy arms around you.

“So how was class, baby girl?

.                    .                     .                    .                    .                   .                    .

The last forkful of chicken alfredo casserole on your plate was fed to you by Erik. You finished chewing and swallow as you unwrap your short legs from his. Erik raises from the couch to take the now empty plates to his kitchen sink. You watch him walk away before picking up your glass and sipping at the red wine that you can’t even remember the name of.

Erik takes a few minutes to rinse off the dirty dishes and then returns with another bottle of wine.

"You’re tryna get me drunk.” You giggle tipsily, while Erik sets down the bottle onto the coffee table. He smiles knowingly and then laughs when you make grabby arms up at him from the couch. Bending down, Erik lifts you up into his arms, and you wrap your thick legs around his hard waist.

“Maybe I am.” Erik sasses, causing you to give him a wide smile. Your arms tighten around Erik’s neck as his hands travel from your back to reach under his t-shirt that you had stolen after the bath. Erik takes a minute to turn around a sit you both back down on the couch, before beginning to palm and massage the large cheeks of your ass.

You melt into Erik’s chest, while your eyelids flutter closed. His hands move from rubbing your bottom to your back, and he can feel you growing heavier as you are dragged deeper and deeper into slumber. After another few minutes, Erik concludes that you are finally asleep.

All he can do is laugh to himself, before kissing your forehead and looking at the unopened wine bottle on the table across from him. Behind it sat a duplicate of his house key that he had snuck in after dinner. Erik quietly sighed to himself, disappointed that nerves had gotten the better of his carefully thought-out plan.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Welcome to Social Distancing Sessions: brought to you by one sentence prompts and my refusal to do actual work from home. 

This one comes from the mind of the BP Librarian herself, @chaneajoyyy​.


1151 words.

Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.

“I don’t trust the government,” you mused as you scrolled on your phone. Your timeline was littered with hastily written articles on the novel coronavirus. Your eyebrows knit together in irritation when you came across a White House press conference where they assured the American people that they “had it all under control” while dodging every legitimate question from the reporters present. 

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t,” Erik Stevens confirmed, kissing your bare shoulder as punctuation. “Only trust your gut.”

Your gut had told you that this was going to be a bigger deal than officials let on. Even your limited medical knowledge was enough of a warning that this untamed virus would spread fast with the American healthcare system woefully unprepared to handle it. And if there was one thing you could always count on, it was that American people were too fucking stubborn and frankly stupid to take any legitimate steps to stop the spread.

You were in an incredibly lucky position that you could work from home before it was mandated. You had elected to do just that. You’d marched to the grocery store a week early and calmly stocked up on groceries; things you could freeze or had a long shelf life, along with your usual items. Your boyfriend Erik had tagged along, an amused smirk on his face the entire time.

“Look at my little survivalist! Going for the sardines,” he’d jested.

“You make fun of me for liking these, but now is my moment!” you’d declared. You felt no guilt while cleaning out the shelf full of salty, canned fish. No one buys them anyways. At least you weren’t losing your mind over toilet paper. One pack would do unless something with the sardines went horribly wrong.

Erik had insisted that you buy some “normal” snacks that wouldn’t stink up the house, and you’d agreed. Sometimes you just need some Oreos or cheesy puffs.

It had been eight days since that final grocery trip and things were going well in your apartment. Erik and you got along famously and had thus far avoided cabin fever. Between work meetings on Skype, daily walks, dance offs, Netflix, and fantastic sex, you were set. The two of you were coming down from the height of ecstasy when your current conversation over mistrust of the government began.

“Is it sick that seeing Trumplestiltskin’s orange face makes me want Cheetos?” you turned to ask Erik. He cringed at the name.

“I would’ve never enlisted if I knew that blimp of a man would have been elected,” he groaned.

You slid your naked body out from the sex soaked sheets and padded to the kitchen on the hunt for snacks. You grabbed your salty indulgence of choice and opened the bag to find it empty. 

“What the hell?” you murmured. You tried to remember if you had already eaten them already, searching through your memory of the last few days, but came up with nothing. Other than initially opening them, you definitely had not eaten the rest of the Cheetos. 

In a quarantine situation, that left no other culprit than Erik.

You stormed back in to the bedroom, gripping the emptied bag in your hand. You didn’t fuck around about your snacks. This nigga had the audacity to eat them and put the empty bag back on the counter. You were going to let him have it.

Erik giggled at his phone screen, not noticing the anger on your face.

“Babe, did you see that people are saying they’re making everyone stay inside so they can replace the batteries in pigeons? And that the 5G networks are what’s actually making people sick?”

“What the fuck, Erik?” you announced.

“I know!” he guffawed, not looking up. “These conspiracy theories are sending me.”

“You ate my snacks?” you accused him, finally getting Erik’s attention. “That’s not cool. We both bought our own stuff.”

Erik looked up at you in confusion. You’d given him no warning that you were ready to fight.

“Uh… no.”

“Nah. You did. I bet you’re hiding shit too!” You stomped back in to the kitchen, determined to find proof. Erik followed you, unsure of what you were on about.

You began to open the cupboards one by one, slamming them closed when you didn’t come across any hidden Takis or Chessman cookies.

 “Mind telling me what this is about?” Erik inquired, leaning against the bedroom doorframe.

“This!” you rounded on him, shoving the empty Cheetos bag in his hands. “I can’t believe this!” 

Erik inspected the bag carefully as you ranted about trust and rationing. His eyebrows lifted as he found the problem.

“Uh, babe,” he interjected coolly. 

“WHAT?” you yelled, just reaching the precipice of your rant.

Erik turned the bag upside down and pointed at a small hole at the bottom. You looked at it closely. It wasn’t a rip or a tear. It had been chewed through. 

“You have a mouse.”

You shrieked and pulled back.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! What do we do?”

Your cat had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, staring at the stove, but you figured it was one of those weird things cats just do. You’d never seen or heard any evidence of mice. You kept your apartment clean. You definitely didn’t want exterminators coming in when you were trying to socially distance yourself. This timing couldn’t be any worse.

You looked to your cat, now camped at the foot of the bed.

“You knew about this and didn’t say anything?!”

Erik braced the edges of the stove and pulled. The unit detached from the wall easily and Erik bent down. He illuminated the wall with his phone and hummed to himself.

“Mice really are some smart motherfuckers. Looks like they haven’t been here long, but they sure like Cheetos.” 

You gagged. 

Erik stood and turned to you.

“I can have my buddy here to handle this in an hour. In the meantime, let’s check the rest of our provisions.” 

You nodded, itching to pick up your cleaning products.

“Isn’t there something you’d like to say to me?” Erik probed as the two of your sorted through your bounty. You looked at him quizzically.

“Something that begins with ‘I’m sorry, Erik…’?” he said languidly.

You scoffed. 

“I’m sorry, Erik. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You didn’t eat my Cheetos,” you apologized lowly, guilt in your voice. You pushed out your lower lip, silently trying to convince him that you couldn’t be held accountable for your actions when it came to food.

He chuckled, gold fanged teeth flashing. He reached forward to hug you, having already received a confirmation text from his exterminator friend.

“I can’t say the Teddy Grahams are safe though,” he joked, eliciting a small slap on the pectoral from you.

“If someone’s going to be in this house, I need to put on clothes!” you yelped. “And a mask!”

Erik rolled his eyes.


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Read Part 1

Characters: Florian Munteanu x black!reader

Summary: Things pop off in the club

Warning: Some smut 18+

A/N: This part was so fun to write! I really hope y’all enjoy this!

Songs inspired by this part:


Florian didn’t know who he was playing with. He must have forgotten how petty you could be.

While he was in the shower, you decided to change into your freakum dress. He wouldn’t be able to resist you in that, but he was going to have to.

Careful not to mess up your hair or make-up, you pulled the white, skin-tight dress over your head. Looking at the full-length mirror in the locker room, you adjusted your girls, making sure they were in full display. The dress dipped to the middle of your chest, ensuring a good amount of cleavage was showing.


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more afro carribean please please please!

hi anon!!! this got super lost in my inbox i don’t know how long it’s been for u so sry! <33

instead of headcanons of peter parker with an afrocaribbean girlfriend i’m gonna do a quick imagine based of the headcanons! this is the first part!

this one is an imagine, so it mentions afro-caribbean culture/heritage but i also wanted it to b super cute and like a regular imagine ! also i hope this brings about a bit of light during this quarantine bc this is very cute and very much involves events with other people (which aren’t really allowed rn lol)! also i was watching love is blind, that’s why i was so focused on weddings and i made it all deep HAHAHA.

keep sending in requests! it’s short but cute so here it is <3

peter parker + afro caribbean reader

      “peter, don’t you dare put on more cologne,“ you scolded your nervous boyfriend while standing in front of the mirror, applying more eco-gel to the loose curls on your edges.

    peter pouted, and he looked like the literal equivalent of the crying emoji with the small pout. meaning his cuteness overpowered the intense amount of cologne he put on.

    “i’m nervous. i wanna smell nice,” he complained.

    “you smell nice. trust me, i can tell. but it’s not like you haven’t met my family before, honey,” you pulled up your braids, which were currently in the style of fresh faux dreads.

    peter shifted on your bed behind you, shrugging his shoulders up and down,

    “i knowww… but this is a wedding. very different.”

    “just…” you sighed, finally tying your thick dreads up. “don’t think about it too much, yeah?”

    “yeah. don’t think about it too much,” peter said, in that timid way you knew all too well. he was saying one thing but definitely thinking another, and you knew he needed further reassurance.

     he was currently looking at himself in your vanity mirror as well, readjusting his hair, which had taken on a wild, curly form since the beginning of summer. and you lived for his hair like that. so luckily, you had the opportunity to turn on the charm, and you put down your scrunchies and eco-gel, turning to walk towards him. you stood in front of him with a gentle smile on your face, playing gently with his curls so you didn’t ruin them, just like how you taught him to do when he ran his fingers through your hair.

    “your curls look really pretty,” you cooed, smiling down at him. he looked up at you, a grin on his face. his gentle hands took hold of your waist, which was encapsulated in your colorful dress that fit tight your body shape. his worries seemed to be alleviated just from the sight of you up close, as he gazed up at you, a twinkling in his eyes as he smiled,

    “you’re so beautiful.”

    and you were. you were all made up, you’d gotten your hair redone specifically for this day - it was your cousin’s wedding, and your family went all out for weddings. you’d taught peter all about afro-caribbean wedding traditions, but he had gone out of his way to do his research beforehand. they weren’t so different from other weddings, maybe just a lot more fun. peter was nervous though, going to a wedding with you.

    he’d met your family before and impressed them with his dance moves (courtesy of yourself), and he was a hit amongst your relatives. they saw him as your cute white boyfriend who knew how to whine. he was polite and sweet, charming your family instantly. so he wasn’t necessarily worried about that. he was just nervous because of the significance behind weddings. he didn’t want to open up any possibility of embarrassing himself or making too big a deal out of the fact that you were at a wedding together in front of your entire family, but he already had. still, your very presence calmed him down. you’d be there with him, and that was all that mattered.

     you blushed at his heartfelt compliment, the way his voice got softer and quieter.

    “you’re beautiful,” you replied, biting down gently on your lip, which was lathered in clear lip gloss. you sat down on his lap, your legs hanging off of his. “listen, i know you’re nervous. i get it. weddings are a big thing, and you’ll be in front of my family and all that. they’ll see us together. i was nervous too, but it’s not like we’re being expected to get married right now! we’re just a young, cute high school couple to them.”

    “i know, i know,” peter nodded, relaxing. “i just want it to be perfect, you know? and you know, it’s not that i’m scared they think we’re gonna get married because we’re here together. i’d love that. you know that. i want… us to be together for a very long time. sometimes i just let my nerves get the best of me, y'know?”

     "i know, spidey-boy,“ you grinned, once again using the nickname you had donned for him. "i know.”

you leaned in to kiss him, his soft lips against your own, the two of you forgetting your surroundings until you heard the door open and the disgruntled noise from your brother.

    “ah ah!” he put on his best west african accent. “what are you two doing, eh? you want to be fondling my sister, when i’m right here?”

    “sorry, sorry!” peter was exclaiming frantically as you climbed off of his lap with ease, unbothered by your brother’s scolding.

     he was laughing wickedly like a hyena as you marched up to him, ushering him out of the room.

     "use protection, sis!“ he called out, just as you pushed him away.

    ”thanks!“ you chimed in sarcastically. you closed the door behind you, rolling your eyes. but you couldn’t be annoyed for long, not with peter there. the two of you found yourselves chuckling, shaking your heads.

    "your brother’s great,” peter nodded.

    “i could use a better word to describe him. come on,” you extended your hand towards him, getting ready to leave.

| | |

    the wedding ceremony was beautiful. everyone, including the bride and groom, was dressed in traditional afro-caribbean clothing. your cousin and her almost-husband looked like kings and queens. and their wedding vows brought tears to your eyes, and you definitely heard peter sniffling as he sat next to you.

     you each squeezed each other’s hands as you sat next to each other when they said “i do.” cheers from the wedding-goers, and then the long-awaited broom jumping. peter was amazed, as he forgot about that tradition, and you could see his face light up into an open-mouthed grin.

    “that’s so cool,” he said, turning to you, and you giggled - he looked like a little child.

    the wedding reception started, and you and peter were almost too tired to dance - that is, because of the amount of jollof rice and jerk chicken you piled down on your plates. but even then, your bellies full and eyelids heavy, you were on the dance floor the whole night, dancing with your aunts and uncles and little cousins. you stayed close together for the entirety of it, and peter realized he never did have anything to worry about, not with you here with him. 

     he reveled in your culture, the naija and caribbean music blaring on the speakers during the reception time. your family knew how to have a good time, and because of this you found that you and peter were very popular on the dance floor. your aunts complimented you on your good taste in boys, and your uncles challenged peter to dance battles, which only ended up in clownery for all of them.

    by the time the night was winding down, it was time for the crossing sticks ceremony. the bride and groom had picked a lovely beach venue, standing by the water on the cool sand. the sun was going down and it was getting dark, calling for more intimate times. you stood by peter, holding his hand, your head on his shoulder as you each held a sparkler together.

     "you ready?“ peter asked, his soft face turning to you as he lit the sparklers.

     "i’m always ready,” you nodded up at him, as if challenging him.

     "believe me, i know,“ peter chuckled, shaking his head playfully.

     and your night ended with the bright flash of all the sparkling lights, as you watched the bride and groom run by you, eternal smiles on their faces. you looked up to peter and kissed his cheek, because you knew you’d always be that happy with him.

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Pairing: Michael B Jordan x Actress!reader

Word count : 1417

Summary : This is the aftermath of Y/N’s little incident …

A/N : Thank you so much to everyone who read the first part, and since a lot of people liked it I decided to try and write a second part. This the second part of A Little Tension, it’s kind of important to read the first part to understand this one. This is my first time writing fan fiction that’s why this fic is pretty short and to be honest it’s not really my best work, and hopefully soon enough I will get better and better. I hope you guys enjoy it. BTW GIF IS NOT MINE.



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

“.. Well, that took an unexpected turn !”Those words were the host’s desperate way to break the tension between his two guests. At thankfully, they were enough to pull you and Michael from the staring contest you two found yourselves in. In your embarrassed state, you looked down at your high heeled shoes trying to, not only hide your face from the hysterically laughing audience but also to get over how crazy the butterflies in your stomach feel right now. And as cliché as it sounds, you couldn’t stop your brain from playing and replaying his exact words to you … Just to see you ..


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