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Originally posted by vampire-sharpshooter

-He is amazed at what kind of styles you can do with your hair

-His personal favorite is the Afro puffs

-He thinks it looks super adorable on you

-With your permission, He likes to touch it sometimes because it looks so soft 

-You had a conversation with him about how you feel about people touching hair without consent, he understood and y’all ended up on good terms about it

-He really likes to brush your hair

-He loves how gorgeous it is

-Especially when you have a corkscrew curls style 

-He never combs it though 

-Because one time he was watching you try to comb your hair and it broke trying to detangle it from washing it instead of brushing it 

-(You couldn’t find your brush. You assume that either Chop Top or Nubbins took it)

-And it HURT like hell!

-He got real scared for you and thought you would accidentally pull out your whole scalp out but thank god, you didn’t!

-Bubba absolutely loves to put in hair accessories in your hair

-He thinks that the big flower hair pins you got from the store look the best in your hair



Originally posted by classichorrorblog


-He is absolutely FASCINATED with your hair!

-He take pictures of it because he thinks your hair is amazing

-Doesn’t matter style it’s in

-Whether if you have it in an Afro puff

-Or a single Afro puff on top of your head

-……Bandu Knots

-If it’s Locs


-Or even braids

-(Braids are his personal favorite, especially when you have on the rainbow colored ones)

-He’s gonna take pictures of it and talk about how pretty you look regardless

-Like Bubba, he likes to put accessories in your hair 

-His favorite is the flower crowns

-He thinks you look the best in them

-Especially when you’re wearing a curly afro hairstyle

-He has touched your hair a few times when you didn’t notice

-He would touch it when you were either asleep or not paying attention because you’re focused on doing something else

-And when hes HAD tried to touch your hair and you caught him…..

-You stop him by catching his hand, looking straight into his eyes and say, “No”

-“Okay, I’m sorry” 

-He then gives you an apologetic yet adorable look on his face

Chop Top


Originally posted by classichorrorblog

-Let’s just say he loves your hair but a little too much

-Like he’s OBSESSED with messing with it


-HA! What’s that?!

-He doesn’t know what that is!

-The concept to him is non existent 

-That man has no sense of boundaries whatsoever when it comes to touching your hair

-He thinks it’s a petting zoo or something

-He does not give AF


-For example, one time you got braids and he felt the need to swing some of the pieces of braids around like it’s a jump rope

-Another time, your natural hair was out and he kept swatting and playing with it while singing

-He KNOWS that it gets on your nerves and that you hate when he touches it

-He does all of that because he finds your reactions to it to be hilarious

-That and because he loves picking on you

-However, you don’t find it so hilarious, it irks the hell outta you to the core

-As a result of that, You be chasing him around with Drayton’s broom or wack him on the head with it 

-However, when he’s not trying to touch your hair, he simply compliments how nice it looks every single day, even if it’s not completely done or styled

-He loves how, in his words, soft and fluffy it is like clouds

-He loves when you put scented oils in it that makes it smell really good

-Sometimes he steals one of them just to he can either smell it or have a sip of some of it 

-(LMFAOOO I can totally seeing him doing that)

-“Chop! Did you take my coconut oil?”

-“N-no (Y/N)! Maybe you l-lost it or something”

-“Oh really? Then why do you smell like coconuts?”

-“…………..Uh….. Well, I-I Can explain! It was Bubba! H-he stole it and poured some o-on me when I tried to make him put it back in y-your room” 

-“Mhmm yeah, sure he did! Boy, just give me my oil back” You laugh and roll your eyes. 

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[warnings] dark steve rogers x reader, pre-serum steve x reader, 40′s setting, petite reader, angst, noncon sex (wear a condom, kids), public sex?

A/N: this was inspired by @darkastrea​ ‘s idea where the reader falls for skinny steve because he’s small like her and makes her less insecure but after the war she’s not attracted to him anymore and super soldier steve doesn’t handle the rejection well. 


In which Steve returns from the war and things just aren’t the same. 

word count: 3.6k

Everyone looked past you. Even your own family. Steve was the only one who understood that. He understood everyone looking down on you, literally. He was small like you but he was the one who knew how to stand up for himself. You admired that. 

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Back To The Future

Pairing: Dean Winchester x black!reader

Summary: You and Dean get some surprise visitors

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my first headcannon, I hope I did it right. This was done in a rush, so excuse any mistakes


Originally posted by redfield5x5

•Dean and you were going at since Sam and Jack were gone, so you didn’t notice the loud thud in the bunker.

•The two of you still too enraptured with each other on the way to the kitchen you didn’t notice the five girls bickering until you’ve been called something you’ve never been called before

•“Mom!” “Dad!”

•“Uncle Dean and Aunt Y/N!”

•You didn’t have time to react, because two of the five came and hugged you then Dean.

•If they were here to kill you, they were some of the friendliest killers you’ve seen.

•After some awkward hugs and an even more awkward conversation/interrogation, you found out the girls were your daughters and nieces from the future!

•You did a happy dance, because finally weren’t gonna be outnumbered by dudes.

•Sandy blonde curly hair and with hazel eyes and peanut butter skin was Deanna, your eldest.

•Ebony straight hair with Dean’s eyes and darker complexion closer to yours was Charlie, your eldest.

•Then the three other girls were Sam and Eileen’s triplets: Samantha, Rory, and Jo.

•It was unbelievable. Who would’ve thought you, Sam, or Dean would have kids of your own?

•When Sam and Jack returned home, the girls attacked Jack with a group hug, saying their big brother looks like a total dweeb.

•Sam was even more confused because him and Eileen weren’t even a couple.

•Once Sam was caught up to speed on who’s who (especially those triplets because they were identical) the girls explained how they got there.

•Apparently, the family business is going strong (and surprisingly your all still alive and are total MILFs and DILFs much to the girls’ dismay)

•Charlie like her namesake had a thing for the ladies and just like her father in his early days she’s the love em and leave em type, which landed them in this situation.

•She unknowingly broke a witch’s heart and the witch wanted payback. The five of them were trying escaped the witch when Deanna casted a spell to take them to the bunker, but some mispronounced words brought them to 2020 (which according to the girls was the last place they wanted to be.)

•While the girls were explaining they ended up arguing. Charlie blamed Deanna for fucking up the spell, Deanna blamed Charlie for thinking with what’s between her legs and not her ears, and their cousins who seem more like sisters were trying to stop the bickering.

•The arguing reminded you of Sam and Dean and this was the part of parenting you wanted to avoid. Sibling rivalries are brutal.

•Calming those two down, you called Castiel to see if he could send them back, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t strong enough to send five Winchesters back.

•And Jack was a no go because he couldn’t use his powers.

•Last resort, Aunt Rowena. (Dean was obviously not a fan of that. Who thought it was a good idea to let Rowena as part of the family?)

•The hours spent waiting on the witch, you got to know the girls.

•Deanna was a shy little thing, but piss her off and it’s like you met a new person.

•Charlie was Dean’s twin. Fierce, overprotective, a movie nerd, and had corny jokes.

•Samantha was the group’s mother hen and by the word of the rest extremely cautious.

•It was best to not let Jo and Deanna go out together, because they rub off each other and Jo was more of a hot head than Deanna. But she was the group’s best researcher.

•And Rory was the creative of the group, a little ditzy, but put a weapon in her hand and she’s the deadliest person in the room.

•It was great to know you will help raise strong, beautiful, smart women.

•You wanted to know more, but Rowena came.

•She was impressed with Deanna’s spell, letting her protégé know she only messed up one word.

•As Rowena prepared the spell, you, Sam, Dean, and Jack said your goodbyes. It sucked, but you knew you see them again.

•What you didn’t expect was Castiel making y’all forget the past 24 hours.

•Knowing too much of the future was could jeopardize it. Better safe than sorry.

•All of you were confused to why Rowena was there.

•She came up with some bullshit reason and was on her way out.

•Even though you were confused, you were oddly hopeful of the future.

Tagging: @titty-teetee @thickemadame @nerd-lovely @nervouspetsonanime @deanscroissant @deansbbysblog @awshitdaviddonedonethisshitagain

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College Dayz Masterpost


Originally posted by happysamdaily

Summary: Sam is in his 3rd year of college and transfers to Brown University. He meets a majorette dancer who catches his eyes.

Characters: Sam, Black!Reader, Jabez, Trey, Kyle, etc.

Part 1: First Day

more coming soon…

Tags: @blackmissfrizzle@beebosclique@fullofmelaninsarcasmandepression @delightfullykrispypeach @lokisbitch27

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Originally posted by stellina-4ever

Summary: Stepdad!Jensen on raising his black stepson with his other 2 biracial daughters.

Characters: Jensen, Black!Reader, (Your son), (Yall’s oldest daughter), (Yall’s youngest daughter), Gen, Jared, Misha, Jensen’s parents, Your parents, etc.

Part 1: Daddy

Part 1.5: Mother’s Day

More coming soon….

Tags: @smoothdogsgirl​, @fullofmelaninsarcasmandepression​, @beebosclique

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Rufus? (How I got here…prt 1)


Dean x Black!Reader x Sam 

Your relationship was amazing. The sex, the love, even the arguments were all just stepping stones. Dean became more vocal in and out the bedroom as Sam became more bold. You started to change but physically. Your boob size increased, your ass got bigger, and your thighs got bigger not that you were complaining tho.

You craved odd ass foods at even odder times. The boys didn’t really notice just thinking since Dean said all the sex must of made you crazy. It wasn’t a logical explanation but you just moved past it since your boyfriends weren’t worried. You grew dizzy once with a terrible headache after not eating for a few hours.

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Segregated Part Eleven: Glass


Originally posted by steverogersnotebook

40s!Bucky x African American!Reader
Chapter Summary: Bucky doesn’t know how to quantify his feelings about what he did, who he is, and the relationships he has.
Notes: I wrote this a long time ago (in late 2017, early 2018 according to google lol), and I just compounded it with the next chapter I wrote, so everything from here forward should be new, and I’m so sorry for not updating. I need to find my notes and figure out where I wanted the story to go and what changes need to be made (Rereading I was never subtle lol) If you want to be taken off or put on the tag list let me know, this series will also be on my AO3, so if that format is better for you check over there as well, thanks so much for following this story//
I am subscribing to a theory that Bucky’s family is well off. Maybe not insanely rich, but before the great depression hit they were comfortable, so they are just riding that wave. Also in the comics I’m pretty sure Bucky’s mom dies when he is young, and then his father dies when he joins the military, and he has the one younger sister Rebecca. I know in the movies (which is what i’m mostly going off of here) he is the eldest of…4? which , for this fic is just going to be all younger sisters. And I’m probably not going to mention/reference his parents too much, so i’ll leave it up to you guys to fill in the blanks with what you believe.
Hopefully you all like it. Feel free to leave me feedback. <3

Warnings: police interaction
Word Count: 1964
@brittney-ziam-larry @harleycativy,@psychicwitchphilosopher, @mslaufeyson, @yoyolovesbucky, @jeremy-hilary-boob, @dawnshuntress, @cliffordasparagus, @nina-sj-blog, @kittyquel, @hotemotionalmess, @anonymousonion23

Part one/Part Two/Part Three/ Part Four/Part Five/Part Six/Part Seven/Part Eight/Part Nine/Part Ten/

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Originally posted by vraberika

Mina: She honestly loves every hairstyle that you wear because she thinks you pull them off effortlessly but her personal favorite when you wear your braids with different colors in it.



Originally posted by anime-gif-girl

Tsuyu: Afro puffs! HANDS DOWN! And she absolutely loves them on you! Not only does she think it’s an adorable hairstyle but she also thinks that it brings out your beauty.



Originally posted by kataloopsgifs

Uraraka: Listen, whenever Uraraka sees your hair in it’s natural kinky curly state, whether its long or short, that girl cannot help but go on and on about how beautiful you look in it. Ochaco just loves it so much!



Originally posted by seulgik

Jiro: Like Mina, she loves your hair in every style and thinks you pull them off perfectly but in her opinion, her favorite hairstyle on you is the mohawk look. She personally thinks you look, in her words, “bad ass and beautiful”.



Originally posted by izukus

Momo: Honestly, it’s something about you wearing bob length braids that makes her swoon. She loves it because she thinks it looks great on you and she can see your beautiful face more clearly. 



Originally posted by tachipaws

Toru: Her absolute favorite hairstyle on you is the short corkscrew curls, she thinks you look super pretty and cute in them, not only that, she thinks that’s your best hairstyle you ever wore and she also hopes you keep them in.

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2 Fast 2 Furious

𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 fluff

𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 a shitty imagine i wrote on the spot

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 538


Originally posted by fast-and-so-furious

Airy giggles filtered the dingy air amongst the clambering neighs dimly approaching from the distance.

With her hands and butt leant against a magenta Chevrolet, a cherry coloured lollipop settled between her glossed lips, YN looked heavenward up at the gloaming sky.

“They’re coming!”

The boisterous chatter from the crowd only seemed to grow stronger as they promptly approached the barren street, cigs and drinks in tow. They reached the finished line with sober tongues, some leering and jeering whilst others dishearteningly laid out their bets on the palms of their competitors.

The dingy figures, a silver 1999 Nissan Skyline and a titan 1993 Honda Civic Coupe EJ thundering past blurred street lights, neck in neck, stirred the bubbling hysterics and excitement.

YN pushed through the crowd, blowing hymns of subtle apologies till she reached the frontline.

She crouched down, her hands clasped on her knees, and she jeered her head past the crowd into the clearing. YN narrowed her eyes, twirling her lollipop between her fingers, and pursed her lips.

As the two stallions charged down the street, the throng was shortly ushered back, centimetres from the finish line.

Brian gritted his teeth and flared his nostrils as he gripped the gear shift solidly. His right foot smashed against the gas pedal and his right hand clasped the steering wheel tightly. From the corners of his eyes, Pablo threatened to gain in. “C’mon. C’mon. Stay back.”

Brian shifted his gears and narrowed his sky blue orbs, snarling. He slammed his foot against the gas pedal and hastily unhinged the turbo boost.

His head violently jerked onto the headrest as a robust force throttled him forward, shoving back a tornado of crystal blue flames. Brian’s eyes widened in thrill and beamed from ear to ear as he howled. “Hell yeah!”

“That’s right! I know y’all see this!” YN let out a deafening shrieking and clasped her hands together. She bounced up and down, oblivious to the glares drilled into her face and giggled manically. “That’s my baby!”

The volume of the throng grew immensely wilder as Brian bolted down the finish line before instantly swerving into a halt. They darted down the street, raving and hailing at the top of their lungs, and huddled around the potent stallion.

“Blonde! Blondie! Blondie!”

Brian simpered, his eyes sparkling at the hawking crowd. He leisurely stepped out of his car and was immediately swarmed in with daps and hugs of congratulations.

YN, once again, pushed through the crowd, grinning from ear to ear.

“Brian.” She yelled, drawing his attention. She directly scurried toward him, her arms extended before taking a great leap. Her arms tightly swarmed around his neck and thighs pinched his waist.

Brian stumbled back but hastily regained his stance with the assistance of his stallion’s sturdy stature. He snaked his arms around YN’s waist, her hands embracing his cheeks as she peppered his face with delightful kisses.

When she finally pulled away, YN simpered. “You did it! Baby, you won!”

Brian chuckled, rocking from side to side. “You proud of me?”

“I’m so fucking proud of you.” Cajoled YN, her single thumb caressing his cheek. Her delicate, lively brown eyes boring into his electric, vibrant crystal blue eyes.

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On Steve Shaving Your Head

(Steve Rogers x Black!Fem!Reader)


A/N: I keep watching that gif of Chris lovingly checking out his work after shaving his brothers head and I am a black woman fed up so…

I don’t know. This idea possessed me. Black girls, I love you. This is a hard time and I see you.

Warnings: Black girls… You know. The vibes. The anxiety, the anger. Being fed up. The urge.

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Todoroki meeting his Black S/O for the first time


-The first time Todoroki met you, you were the new student in school and chile, lemme tell you something

-When you walked into class, he was like “Wow! Who is that girl? Must be new here, whoever she is, she’s gorgeous!”

-You were wearing your hair in purple braids and they were tied up in pigtails

-Your dark brown skin was glowing near the sun rays in the window

-(Because you had that melanin glow going on and you have a DAMN good skin care routine!)

-He was SPRUNG!

-That boy was mesmerized by your beauty

-He wanted to talk to you for the first time and wanted to get to know you but he was too shy to at the time

-At first, every time he was around you, he’d be a blushing mess but he would hide it by giving you the cold shoulder

-When you would try to speak to him, he’d turn around and ignore you

-You thought he was rude af and you’d think he had something against you 

-You’d thought he didn’t like you or something so you didn’t bother with him or waste your time trying to get him to talk to you

-But in reality, he really liked you and didn’t know how he was gonna to talk to you

-But seeing how well you got along with his classmates

-(Except for Bakugo and Mineta ESPECIALLY!)

-And how friendly and how much of a fun person you were, he’d thought “Hm, maybe I should try to talk to her”

-He went to Midoriya for help with the whole situation he’s having

-“All you have to do is take deep breaths, walk up to her with a smile and say ‘Hi, I’m Shoto Todoroki’ Trust me, she’s a nice girl and I’m positive it’ll go well, I’m rooting for you!”

-He practiced saying this in the mirror of his room for a few hours until he finally felt that he was confident enough to speak to you finally

-The next day, in class, your seat was usually next to him and while class was waiting for Mr. Aizawa, He walked up to you, taking deep breaths and did a small yet friendly smile.


-You looked up and saw that he finally said a word to you after all this time you thought he didn’t like you but here he was

-“Well, look who decided to come and finally speak to me” You chuckled. “Glad you’re not acting all cold with me this time”

-He slightly blushed but didn’t look down, you thought it was so cute

-Matter of fact, you thought he was hella cute

-“Um uh, yeah I am. I…. I….” At that point he felt that he was gonna fall apart but he remembered Midoriya’s advice.

-He took another deep breath

-You can do this Shoto, you can do this!

-“Um? You good, bro? You sick? You need to go to Recovery girl or something?” You let out a small chuckle.

-“Huh? Oh no, what I want to say is….. I really like your hair, it looks nice”

-“For real? Aww thanks! That’s sweet!”

“What are they called exactly?”

-“They’re called braids but this isn’t my natural hair color, I dyed it actually”

-“Oh okay, Well. Um…. Hi, I’m Shoto Todoroki, but… most people call me Todoroki, it’s really a pleasure to meet you”

-“Sup Todoroki! I’m (Y/N) (L/N)! But most people call me by my first name”

-“Hi (Y/N)”

-He finally did it! He finally had the confidence to have a little introduction and conversation with you

-He felt real proud of himself that day

-“You know, when I tried to talk to you, I thought you must have had something against me or something. You deadass didn’t wanna speak to me like I did something to you”

-“Oh, I’m very sorry about that, that was really rude of me. For that, I apologize for the way I ignored you when you were just trying to make friends”

-You laughed and said, “Oh it’s alright! I mean, I used to get that way too when meeting new people but look at me now, just being a social butterfly and interacting with anyone I see. Well, not everyone but you get what I mean”

-Todoroki sighed in relief, he was actually pretty happy that this was going pretty better than he expected

-Midoriya saw all of this and let me tell you something, he was SO proud of him that day and he even gestured him a two thumbs up. He cried too but from tears of joy

-As time went on, you and Todoroki became total besties

-Y’all would talk and text each other more than y’all do your classmates, even though you were good friends with most of them

-But y’all were more closer with each other

-Y’all would hang out on the weekends if y’all weren’t busy

-And y’all would even have some deep conversations with each other about your fears, hopes, dreams, future and other things you wouldn’t tell your other friends.

-He was always there for you when you needed him

-And you always turned to him when you needed someone to talk to about your personal problems

-Like if you’re feeling insecure about something or don’t feel that you’re good enough

-He’d make you feel better by listing many things of why you’re such a beautiful person, inside and out

-The boy is just a total sweetheart and doesn’t ever wanna hear you tear yourself down like that

-It just breaks his poor heart

-Eventually, you started to have romantic feelings for him but you didn’t tell him yet because you didn’t think he’d feel that way about you other than just a great friend.

-Little did YOU know, he always loved you from the first time he saw you but he wouldn’t tell you for the same reason as yours

-Y’all kinda didn’t wanna ruin your friendship so y’all kept those feelings to yourselves for a while

-Well, that is until later when y’all are hanging out one night of y’all were having one of those deep conversations

-He got so caught up in the moment of the conversation that he straight said with his whole chest,

-“I love you”

-Yep! He was the first one to say to say those special 3 words to you

-At first he felt embarrassed and wanted to leave

-But you stopped him and admitted to him that you had feelings for him too

-He was absolutely OVER THE MOON about it!

-He held you in embrace and even began to shed a tear at one point because he was so happy

-He didn’t say anything

-All he knows is that you loved him the same way he always loved you

-And he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with you

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For people participating in the blackout or fanfiction protest this week, now would be a good time to start reblogging and promoting black writers and blogs, if you haven’t been doing so already. It’s time to uplift the black creators who get left behind, despite giving us some of the best works within this fandom.

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Originally posted by chamsp

Sam felt a little out of place when he looked around the university. It had such history and pride as being a black university, he admired that don’t get him wrong but he has never seen so many black people sorta making him feel ashamed. They had an amazing law program that offered better opportunities for him. It was sorta odd for him to leave Stanford for Jackson State but he needed a culture shock, something new, exciting!

His heart was a little numb since Dean and his dad weren’t there to help him. Seeing families help their children go to their dorms and hug them but he wasn’t raised that way. He pulled up in an empty spot as his anxiety got to him. He has no family, friends, or anyone he can depend on-not even Dean. He rested his head against the wheel to calm his nerves but soon left the car to his new home.

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There’s Something About Rory [COMING SOON]

klaus mikaelson x aurora silvers [ OC ]

summary - From the beginning of time, the “Pouvoir Saignant” Coven was the strongest witch line in the history of their kind. When their allies, the French Quarter Coven, ask them for their help to gain back their city, New Orleans, Marcel and his band of misfits will have no clue what hit them.

Oh, and Klaus?

Something wicked this way comes…

warnings - [ MATURE ] explicit language, extreme violence, mythical supernatural elements, sex, racism and other things of these natures ahead. 

notes - This story along with Confessions of an Ebony Siphon, Reign and The Love Exchange (other stories coming soon) will be heavily focused on. I am extremely excited about these plots and I hope you guys will enjoy!


Comment if you would like to be apart of my tag list















​ @supercutttttt


​ @bigisbria @sunnikay






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Can’t Give You Love

(Steve Rogers x Black!Fem!Reader)


A/N: ***Important*** This story has strong noncon concepts, and delusional thoughts from Steve, who is the aggressor. None of these things are okay irl, and because of the sensitive nature of these concepts, warnings are below the cut.

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[Warnings] dark steve rogers x reader, dark bucky barnes x reader, the walking dead au, apocalypse au, noncon/abusive relationship, breeding kink, pregnancy, controlling/possesive behavior, angst x1000

A/N: The world is sort of on fire. Maybe reading this will distract you from that.

In which you are forced to adapt to life in Liberty. 

word count: 3.4k

part one

“What are you doing?”

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(The chapter is told from Prue’s point of view. Anytime, that you see italicized words, that means Prue is speaking via her internal monologue).

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Comedy-Drama

Warnings: 18+, depictions of mental health, mental disorders, depression, suicide, and sexual abuse. (Please do not read, if you may be triggered).

*Any depictions of mental health are based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Please do not think I’m making fun or or mocking anyone, again these experiences are based on what I have seen and, or been through myself. Also, I am not intending to romanticize mental health or disorders in anyway. Lastly, If you do decided to read this story I am very thankful and I hope you enjoy it. : )


Prue’s P.O.V


(Gif of Prue)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

After going shopping with my mother yesterday I feel as though there is some sort of understanding- to an extent. In no means do I think my mother understands me any better than she did before. I think she understands be less or maybe she’s just questioning what she thought she had already known. My mother has always seen motherhood as a job. She’s always taken any form of praise from her friends, co-workers, and neighbors as her “promotion” if Mallory and I weren’t doing something worthy of attention then my mother felt like she wasn’t doing her job. I guess she doesn’t know what to do now. Me being home now is worse now that everyone thinks I’m the crazy daughter, the black sheep.

I know, on Monday I left feeling optimistic about doing well as soon as I was able to start indulging back into my former hobby, my passion. And after coming home and starting it again I still couldn’t help but still feel empty. I tried to optimistic about spending time with my mother but bumping into her “rival” and hearing how much of a screw up I am didn’t make me feel better.

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Whatever You Like (Series) by deanscroissant


AU: CEO!Dean x black!reader

The life of a cashier worker, y/n l/n, changes drastically when the multi-billionaire Dean Winchester walks into Starbucks and lays eyes on the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Warnings: Age Gap, Smut, Angst, Violence

Based on the song Whatever You Like by T.I.

(It’s likely that I’ll be editing this post as the story progress. If you would like to be tagged, you can either message me or ask 🙂)

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