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You love like your hearts on fire- its warmth stirrs those you touch on a cold winter’s day. You laugh as if the sun never sets on your side of town. Those beady eyes took my breath away. Tell me, what’s life without a little rain? I know the days have been colder I know the air seems so sharp and the cracks in your lungs make it hard to breathe from time to time. I’ve let go of the novelty of romanticizing pain, but joy is meaningless without pain and a smile is unnoticed without some tears. Storms are needed to stir up the sleeping hearts and to awaken the blind minds. Darkness is a blessing too, dont you know my love? It doesnt have to be busy all the time. Sometimes all we need is the stillness of the night. Sometimes what we need is a reflection we dont recognize to inspire us to find the person we want to see staring back at us. So when the day is cold and the grey sky doesnt seem to give way remeber to love a little softer, live a little slower and smile with tenderness in your eyes. Not every fire is meant to burn bright. Sometimes fires are icy cold, invisible to the eye

- Nonetheless they still burn

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It’s Jisco0 here.


Originally posted by debbie-sketch

If you found this post then send me some requests pls.

Send me your request(s) through Messenge and the ask box.


•Only send it went you’ re interested with my style of art (check my posts).

•If you don’t like my art, do NOT send any hate or roast me ‘bout it 'cus I could offend easily.

•No heavy GORE, NSFW, INCEST,…

•About Fandoms…. I’m not sure 'bout that but maybe later.

¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

I think this is it, I’m gonna end it here for now.

Send me requests

(EX: OCS redrawn, fanarts, art prompts, etc)

🌹❤Good day/ night to you all❤🌹

( Imma sleep 'cus it’s like 1 in the mornin’ in VietNam right know)



Originally posted by debbie-sketch

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