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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#black boys

Just watched a video of my father teaching my little brother how to shave. I always feel this strange mix of sadness and pride when I see things like this because I never got any of that growing up. In fact I barely know my father. There are times when I resent my parents for not working things out and staying together. I spent many nights as a young man crying because I desperately wanted a relationship with my father. But in the end, as a man, I had to realize life isn’t fair. And reality simply is what it is. I love my family dearly and I pray my younger brother receives everything I wished for. And I promise that my sons won’t suffer a fatherless life.. God willing.

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I’m his angel and he’s raising hell if someone offering a hand

backfiring on those who thought they had the potential to take my hand

warning them that he’s everything in my eye and that idea will forever be planted in my mind

placing a kiss on my forehead, enlightening me he’ll set fire to the ones that ever felt like they had a chance

proving he’s devoted, worthy of taking the hand of an angel.

By: Jibrail J.

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