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#black butler
You know he doesn't trust you anymore, right? He's not even sure you're really his father, let alone human.
Maybe not, but that doesn't make him your son.
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If you so much as move, I'll rip off your limbs and nail you to the wall. (Sips Yoo-hoo).
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mom: why are you attached to these characters and shows? its pathetic.

me: listen here…

me: im sorry that i find happiness in something that you don’t. anime is literally my life, i cannot explain to you how much it means to me. these characters have taught me so many things. how to love, how to make friends, how to actually deal with my depression and anxiety, and so much more. they might seem worthless and imaginary to you, but they are 100% fucking real to me. all these anime characters have become my actual family, and if you do not like this family you can leave. i have been through so much with them and they have been through so much with me. they helped me get through things you put me through, helped me get through things school has put me through. they have helped me so much, ever since i started anime i have never smiled so much before. they actually make my smile, they make me happy, they make me laugh. and before you go on about me simping over anime men…you do not understand how emotionally damaged i am from real men. you judge me for reading X readers and for listening to yagami yato, but these ‘fictional guys’ help me feel less lonely and better about myself. so think again before you ask me why im so emotionally and psychically attached to anime and anime characters.

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Sketch time baybee

Rushed because I wanted to finish before my iPad died. I got finished at 1%

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I‘ll be honest it‘s kinda funny how black butler is still SO popular to cosplay (in my country at least, our cons are full of bb) but the fandom is basically dead? Is it just the character design or the “nostalgia”?

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The most innocent ones to me are a tie between the forensic Othello and the German, I think the name was Sasha? Well, both of them are simply so cute and I love their personalities. Sasha(?) was so hyper and so happy-go-lucky during the arc she(I think it’s a she but in the wiki of Sasha it says the gender is undefined, so I’m not sure, to me the name sounds like a girl’s) and Othello and his personality of a lab lover, does crack me up and his ideas. Those are so cute!

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Black Butler #322 - It’s funny as hell because of Sebastian’s actual reaction! This coming from a demon who isn’t supposed to have human like emotions. XD ~ LoveAnimeHateReality

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Sometimes, when I’m listening to music, I like to come up with concept music videos based on video games and anime I’ve seen.

Recently, I was listening to Chairlift’s “Ghost Tonight”, and I was thinking about how it could fit well with a Hollow Knight-themed MV.

For some reason, I once imagined The Undertaker (from Black Butler) with a keyboard during Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” and now I think of him every time I hear it.

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Ahh Bocchan. Well, Bocchan can also be translated as “Little Lord” and Sebastian does say, My Lord. I think it’s appropriate for this time and you’re not wrong! Goshujin-sama is what wives call their husbands as to show them a great respect, it can also be translated to master. But I do believe Bocchan is the most adequate meaning to it.

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