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#black butler fanart

Sebastian (obv from Kuro) and Uriel (from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist) are the same person so I did art lol

with a bonus Agni as Baphomet :))) (it’s ugly don’t look at it for too long)


Let me just-

(major spoilers for both mangas ahead)

  • Sebastian and Uriel:

- the rich, orphaned, noble, insufferably bratty MC’s “butler”

- absolutely not human

- named after someone from MC’s past

- dark hair, same length too

- saying “young master” 24/7

- g l o v e s, h o t

- technically mildly antagonistic as they are both supposed to kill the MC at some point (it’s more complicated than that for Uriel but still)

- they both infiltrate the MC’s school?????????

- everyone agrees that they enjoy inflicting pain

- appear right after MC’s parents die

- butlers the whole fandom simps for

- “British”

- weird eye colour

- could and would kill you

  • Agni and Baphomet:

- better butler than the aforementioned asshole

- dead lol

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(Super late) Kuroshitsuji Underappreciated Characters Week (gone chibi!)- September 9: Agni

Sunshine man jumps into action! I wanted to do a more dynamic pose 😀

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(Super late) Kuroshitsuji Underappreciated Characters Week (gone chibi!)-September 8: The Midfords

For this day I wanted to draw my emotional support fictional dad Alexis but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make him look good in chibi style 😭 So enjoy this badass lady instead! This is pretty much a chibi redraw of a manga panel  🙈

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(Super late) Kuroshitsuji Underappreciated Characters Week (gone chibi!)- September 7: Prince Soma

I finally posted my first piece… over a month later, sorry y’all! 🙈🙏
Ok so I was gonna draw full realistic pieces but it seems I’m having bad art days and I can’t draw human anatomy for shit so I’ll have to settle for cute chibis for this fandom week 😭 But I’ll make them as pretty and detailed as possible! 💪
Enjoy this sunshine boy!

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The softest man in the entire world.

Literally the sun.

Made of love and holiness.


canon: idk, his hair is pretty short

my hand: I do not see it, the hair will flow in the wind, as it should

Drawing him was a struggle (it took me, like, 20 minutes, but it was 20 exhausting minutes ok), I hope he doesn’t look like a completely different person????

Anyway, this man is perfect, I love him, The Chapter never happened :)))))

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…Aaah this took me the whole day for some reason…
Kurotober Day 11 - Angel Sebastian 🖤 I had some inspiration and references from pinterest, I really love the colour scheme and aesthetics of this ngl 😔💗 also couldn’t decide if the 1st or 2nd slide is better… 

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Don’t ever let that demon come to his own conclusions…. it won’t work out well most of the time. 

So good news is I am feeling ALOT better. I have started writing again and making head cannon notes so this should be the last update on tumblr before a chapter update! I am very glad to be feeling well enough to write!

As for the comic. It is to go with my ReaderxSebastian fanfic where the reader is a fem!rock artist from the future. I left the female form very plain so that the comic is also a self insert? I know, it is weird but I think it works! 

For those who came here for the fanart here is a link to the story and summary! 

Devil’s Melody


“World Tour 2021”, this was the start of a new life for you and the band members. After dealing with the previous year’s pandemic, you and the group had found success in the music each of you made across media platforms and the world. No longer where all of you part of a cover band, but now the bands own Symphonic-Metal band had it’s own name, own songs and lyrics. The band’s first stop is a three week tour in Southern-Ireland before moving into the rest of Europe and into the United Kingdom. However, the band known as ‘Cat’s Eye’ never expected the events that were to come.

Now all of you have important choices to make. Do each of you accept your new reality, or try to change the path of History. That is, if a young Earl and his Butler allow it.

What’s worse? You never expected play the melody of the devil as you fight your destiny.

Follow the link for the story -> CLICK!

Be back soon everyone!

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I am not gonna lie, breathing has become very hard for me as of late due to being really sick. So I been drawing more than I have been writing. This is the first fanart for Halloween. I want to make a Kaiba base one later! 

I am doing okay, but odds are I will be going back to the doctor. Life is hard. 

P.S. I think Grell came out the best. She is such a sally too haha!Outfit looks good on her. 

Reblogging is fine, please don’t repost.

Love you all.

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Day 4# of Kuro-tober – Sebastian’s true form uvu 

I had so much fun with this, I started with a silhouette and painted around for a few hours… :’D I also had a reference from pinterest! But I like how it turned out ngl uvu I wanted to give him more eyes but I didn’t like how it looked :’D …I imagine this is what Ciel saw when he summoned him tbh qvq

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🖤Demon Will Day 3🖤
Pretty sure I can’t really call these Inktober anymore but I like the (kurotober) -prompts and I’m having fun with these :’D so I’m going to do those I like as long as I have time too uvu
So day 3 - Shinigami as a demon
So WILLIAM AS A DEMON naturally :’D (these prompts will largely consist of either William or Sebastian probably uvu)

on instagram uvu

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I managed to do the 1st day of the Kuro-Inktober uvu! Digital inktober that is :’)
1. October - Fav character in halloween costume
So obviously William, and he always gives me vampire-vibes uvu
Let’s see how many days I’ll do :’D

this on instagram

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💗For I have sinned - I don’t really have time for drawing since the semester starts again soon qvq but I still did these outfits, and I want to do some more like sports or casual uvu (or Will’s pyjamas) Hnnngh I love this RP so much. 😔


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I’m slowly drawing all my late pieces for the Kuroshitsuji Underappreciated Characters Week 🙈 But first here’s a pretty lady as a (late) celebration of the beginning of spring where I live 🌸🏵️🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷 I finally jumped on the bandwagon of drawing Grelle in the famous strawberry dress, I couldn’t help it! 🍓
(I still have trouble drawing backgrounds 😂)

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