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#black butler headcanon


Soft kisses, given gently but filled with love, a dash of trying not to brake you: Kurapika, Melody, Wing, Franklin, Shoot, Kite, William, Agni.

Harsh kisses, given roughly, full of passion so you know how they feel: Phinks, Nobunaga, Knuckle, Mey-rin.

Long make out session that never really go anywhere, they’re just happening for the intimacy of it all: Pakunoda, Chrollo, Sebastian, Grell, Undertaker.

Quick chaste kisses, 24/7 even when youre trying to brush your teeth: Leorio, Kortopi, Shizuku, Machi (at the start of the relationship), illumi, Bisky, Finny, Prince Soma, Snake.

Rushed kisses, teeth clattering and chuckles in between: Uvogin, Machi (when she in love, love), Hisoka, Baldroy, Ronald, Joker.

Prefers no kisses: Shalnark, Feitan, Claude.

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Harsh truth hcs:


Actually decent boyfriends: Wing, Leorio, thats it.

Honourable mention for Shoot and Knuckle but these 2 go away fro long periods of time and forget to text you to tell you theyre alive.

Actually decent girlfriends: Melody.

Honourable mention for Bisky but she lies too often to be a decent gf.

Black butler-

Actually decent boyfriends: ——, the answer is none other than Agni.

Honourable mention for Finny and Baldroy but they both lie about the lives they live right to your face and act like its okay.

Actually decent gfs: No one, not a single person, all my ladies be hurting people and breaking hearts like the badasses they are.

Honourable mention for Mey-rin, she a sweet lady but again shes got too many lies to tell and she wont even feel guilty about it.

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Tattoo artist au


Originally posted by inkstaboy


- Undertaker owns his own shop much like in canon, he wants his space and hes going to have it. He works with 1 other person, again, because its his space and thats the only person hell work with (its william).

- His shop looks like a morgue from the front but its more dressed up. Theres fake skulls in the windows and it looks like theyve just forgotten to take the halloween decorations down but its kinda fitting.

- He is absolutely covered, the man probably has his ass crack tattooed he finds it hilarious and every single one has deep meaning.

- Charges less than most for tattoos and somehow still turns a profit at the end of the month.

- Draws constantly, he usually mans front desk so you can see him drawing all day when he has no clients, if you walk by the shop at 9am and then again at 9pm hell be in the same position drawing.

-Hates tattooing faces/death dates of dead people it upsets him to a degree that makes it hard to act professional.

- Loves tattooing anything, funny, wacky, pretty, beautiful, meaningful it doesnt matter hell do it. Undertaker works hard on whatever he does so he never gives a bad tattoo and makes sure people know that.

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Tattoo artist au


Originally posted by onedirectionlyricsandqoutes


- Doesnt own his own shop but he makes enough money that he might as well open his own.

- Hes secretly saving so he can have the perfect shop INSTANTLY, no one catches sebastian slipping.

- Seb obviously has his own lil groupies and he plays up to them so much because he can get money out of them that way. This man is a scam in skinny jeans tbh.

- Speaking of skinny jeans, he wears those a lot with black button up shirts, he stay looking professional.

- Has a very big online following and an amazing rep with clients, its amazing how he draws people in, everyone hates working with him,,,,, especially Claude.

- He has a fair few tattoos most of them are mystical or cult themed because why not and also he designed them all himself (his tattoo artists hate him too).

- Hates tattooing anything too colourful or simple, dont ask him to tattoo a rainbow on your ass cheek hes going to fake a price way too high just to annoy you into leaving.

- Loves tattooing literally anything else, anything individual and creative is good but his favourite is probably the darker stuff, once tattooed a lich (if you google “the lich” youll know) and it looked amazing, creepy but amazing.

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Yes, like i said in chat i still write for black butler, i could never give up on black butler i love it too much and i cant do your second request but your first one is perfect and im happy to do it 😊💕 ~ admin B


- Its always a joy for seb to come across other supernaturals though he rarely comes across his own type hes a little cautious when he does.

- Sebastian is sceptical of your anxious demeanor, he knows you might not be faking but on the off chance that you are, you might steal his soul hes been waiting decades for.

- He gets used to you after a while and he relaxes little by little around you until he realises youre more genuine than you seem.

- Ends up laughing and joking with you eventually but he doesnt mean to fall for you.

- Seb doesnt fall for you hard, its slow and gradual and it takes him too long to notice for someone whos supposed to be on top of his game 24/7 but its cute to watch.

- Once you are his s/o things go stay the same except you and seb do stupid things together at night, you are both demons after all.

-Your anxiousness is endearing but hes quick to step in if something really bothers you.

- Helps you find a rich master REAL fast so that you can spend your time working when he is also working and then yalls can be together ALL night.

@queengiuliettafirstlady for you my dear 💕

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is it just me or

do you guys agree that

Sebastian likes classical music, sure, whatever, makes sense

but like

just imagine him fuckin JAMMIN OUT to some metal like Metallica or something

headbanging during the epic parts

I would personally like to believe that in the modern world he would DEF be a metalhead

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- Sebastian has no qualms with you being touchy, he thinks its cute and often laughs when you squish his butt.

- probably says “excuse me miss y/n but thats very impolite” when around guests but the minute their backs are turned he whispers some dirty ass stuff in your ear.

- Returns the favour often when people arent around he thinks the noises you make when he does it are adorable.


- Claude has literally turned you around and picked you up just to place you somewhere else far away so you cant do it again.

- He doesnt hate it per say but he doesnt exactly appreciate it either, his human body feels weird and you grabbing his ass, though understandable is a lil irritating.

- Always gets you back when you least expect it, youll go through a whole day thinking youve got away with it them BOOM as you lean over to get in bed he slaps your ass.

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No problem hun! ~ admin B


- Seb takes pride in a lot of the things he does but most of all? Wrecking you, the ego boost and pride that swells in his chest he gets is just too good.

- Sex with him is often rough and fast but its obviously enjoyable or you wouldnt keep coming back for it but some days he gets super rough (usually bad days).

- He has enough sense to not hurt you in a way you wont like but his thrusts are super hard and hes growling because hes so lost in it. You KNOW its going to hurt in the morning but in the moment you can only let your eyes roll back and enjoy.

- The next morning when you attempt to get up, you feel your legs wobble but you manage standing. Then you attempt to walk and BAM the aching hits and you have to limp all day to alleviate it.

- Seb of course notices but hes very proud of himself so like the snide little butt he is he lets you walk around all day limping and before bed he asks all innocently why your limping before making you explain in detail why you have a limp.

-The reward is good though, a lengthy massage and sweet words whispered only for you.

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I dont write for Edward so the other request im sure was you will also just be sebastian, sorry ~ Admin B


- Sebastian often has bad days, servants tend to be hectic and his young master can be a brat so the days are common.

- He doesn’t often need comfort but some days when you offer and your shy self comes walking up to him to try help him out he just can’t reject you.

- Sometimes asks you to tell him a joke, he doesn’t get them half the time but he like the way your face lights up at the thought of being helpful.

- Enjoys your blushing and shy demeanor even more when you try to cuddle him to make him feel better, which by the way he always does when you’re involved

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Ofc! Thank you for the rq and the love 💞 Sorry this took so long to do, I appreciate you a lot as an active follower and so I wanted to make sure I gave you something good.

  • Enby icon, no doubt about it.
  • Joins a lot of clubs at school, mostly preforming arts or community centered (drama club, music club, etc). They’re also really talented at drawing, but they aren’t as passionate about it.
  • They have a pretty bad home life, but they’ll always do their best to help their friends and classmates. Totally the person who would give you their last pencil if you forgot yours. They’ll always offer a shoulder to lean on to anyone they meet.
  • Just don’t mistake their kindness as them being a pushover. If you wrong them or anyone they care for, there will be hell to pay. Luckily, they respect settled scores, so as long as justice is served you won’t necessarily be on their bad side.
  • Doll and Cheslock (if in a situation where they’re going to the same school) are an absolute power friendship. They do each other’s makeup and nails before school or during lunch at least a couple times a week. They also gossip to each other a lot, although Doll rarely has anything bad to say about anyone.
  • Doll and Alois (again, in a situation they’re at the same school) are another unlikely duo. They’re seen practically prancing down the halls arm in arm while chatting animatedly about their shared class or club activities.
  • Doll will enable anyone and everyone’s bullshit (so long as it isn’t harmful ofc). Catch a classmate setting up a prank? They’ll offer a thumbs up and a warning of any teachers in the area. Find a friend out past curfew? They’ll walk em home and sneak em back in. They thrive on chaos in all harmless forms.
  • You know that classmate everyone has who pulls their friends onto their lap during lunch? That’s Doll. 100%. Poor pal is so touch starved they’ll cuddle anything with a pulse who consents to it. They won’t show how much they need it, but it’s obvious by the way their arms secure firmly around their friends’ waists when they have them seated in their lap.
  • They hide a lot of their issues. It takes a special person to get them to let down the always cheerful facade they put up. They don’t want to burden anyone else with their problems, and would rather find joy in helping others.

I hope this was sufficient! I haven’t seen Book of Circus in a whiiiile, so I’m afraid I’m not as familiar with Doll’s character as I’d like to be ^^;

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I wanted to make a story for Agni like I did for Soma but I’m currently tired and so decided to create some fun headcanons of Agni. Hope you enjoy :3

  • Agni likes silent film marathons. Whenever he hears a theater is playing one or two silent/black and white film like Betty Boop or anything Charlie Chaplin he will stop at nothing to watch them rain or shine.
  • He fits the Dark Academia clothing aesthetic. There’s nothing more to say bout that
  • He’s has a side job as a cooking teacher at the local middle and high schools and is welcome to accept if anyone needs help and at times he would bring his students to the homeless shelters and soup kitchens he volunteers at to feed and help the ones who need it the most
  • Along side that he at times helps with after school/tutoring sessions for kids who want to either learn English or want to know and understand about his culture and though it doesn’t pay as much as everything else he just loves seeing the children’s faces brighten up like Soma had upon seeing snow for the first time in England
  • Has a lowkey tiny crush on Sebastian… Just a bit… >///<
  • Between him and Soma, Agni allows himself take more hits when it comes to racists comments and not want his Prince to be involved. He would just stand there just taking it because he’s protection Soma form such cruel words. Until he met Sebastian and everyone who let’s just say never lets whatever skin tone anyone is be a source of some rude person’s actions and words
  • Along side silent and black and white films Agni loves cooking shows like Great British Bake off and at times would be that guest who would randomly bring a cake or pie to a party and/or event
  • Agni never tells anyone his birthday because he doesn’t feel the need to celebrate a specific day when he’s just so happy with how his life turned to be finally
  • He treats the Twins like their his own children at times ^w^
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Heya, welcome to our Classical (Black Butler) section! Find all of our available records here & it will be updated shortly after a new one is released - all SFW, reblogs & comments are appreciated

GIFs featured at the start of a hc/blog post are not mine unless stated

Grell Sutcliff

The Last Goodbye (one shot)

The Undertaker

Pretty Shy

Sebastian Michaelis

Pretty Shy

Reincarnations (one shot)

Ciel Phantomhive

Pretty Shy

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1- Most prized object

2-Type of music

3-Sexuality/Gender Identity/LGBT support

4- Coffee/Tea treats

5- Type of animal they are

6- Type of genre of books/movies/shows they read/watch by themselves

7- Morning person?

8- How they sleep and when

9- Fav. Season


10- Dom/Sub?

11- Biter/Biting

12- Bold or shy

13- Kink if possible

14- Pillow Talk?

15- Confidence boost

Bottle of Glitter- Dream Fantasy

Star Dust- Fav. Position

Eat Me- Fairy Tale Theme Ideas?

~Wanna Talk ‘Or Naw~- Are they a cheater for pleasure or not?

21- Song that Fits them well


16- How they like they’re baths/shower

17- Their fav. non-sexual, non-work related thing to do

Mistletoe- Winter/Christmas theme romance

Pretty Wrapped Gift- Favorite thing to do during the holidays

18- Modern AU

19- How do they relax?

20- Fav person in the BB Cast

Frosted Milkshakes- Sweet(Cake, bakery stuff, drinks, candy, etc.) thing they are most like

Red Over Blue- One thing they want to do but haven’t found the time or person to do it with

21- Song the fits them well(Also in the NSFW tag)

Ship List(This if for any Black Butler ship or a Black butler Character/_____:

Candy Heart- Most romantic thing they do

22- Sweet Tooth

23- Disney/Amusement Park/Theme Park date layout

Part of Your World~ - Disney couple/song that suits theme

24- Cuddles and how they do it

Coffee House- Coffee Shop AU

Music to My ears- Who sings in the shower


All Black Butler Characters are welcomed here!

Additional Tags:

Laughter Coffin- What they thing of Undertaker/What Undertaker thinks of them

Wishing Star Light- The number one wish they have

Are You There- Number one fear

Pain is Beauty- Their most insecurity

Monsters- Nightmare headcanons

Silver Moon- Halloween Tradition


Bus Ticket- Places they’d like to travel & what they’d bring

Butterfly Kisses- Secrete late night/early morning ritual

Sun Rise Peaks- Dreams headcanons

Paper Hearts- Worst heartbreak EVER

25- Their true love ideal

26- One thing they wish they can change about themselves

Holy Light- Dark Side Of them

ൠ - Craziest thing they’ve done

✉ - Most beautiful love confession they have heard or want to hear one day

◕‿ ◕ - What do they find cute???

( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) - Times they had the dirty mind by accident~ ;3


❀ - Happy Garden Moment

✿ - Sad Garden Moment

❦ - Fantasy lovestory(ship included)

☆ - The biggest wish they desire at night

✂ - Hair styles

☪ - Love Spells and curses

☮ - Hippies?

❄ - (This is NSFW-ish)Naughty or Nice~? -w- I’m weird

♬ - Do/Can they sing?

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2. Do they use alot of blankets when they sleep or do they prefer to use a cool sheet?

I think it depends on how hot or cold the weather is outside but typically he likes to sleep free of clothing or cloth that might entangle him during the night as he tends to kick in his sleep. So definitely prefers a thin sheet.

6. What food can they not stand the sight of?

Undertaker prefers blander foods, biscuits, tea, toast. So he isnt a fan of complexity as a component of his meal, like too many textures, flavors, or colors at the same time. In particular though, he really doesnt like lobster.

18. What causes them to avoid someone?

Someone who doesnt accept him for who he is or someone who feels the need to constantly comment on how odd he is. Undertaker has dealt with alot of rejection by society. Although he laughs it off and the pretends to be above such things, he was still a human once and he still feels the desire for acceptance. So although he’ll still be cordial to you, he doesnt like you at all.

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Modern AU Chesward Pride

  • Cheslock takes Edward to his first pride event when they’re still in school. Cheslock had been out and proud for years, and Edward had only recently started coming out and is still for the most part closeted.
  • Cheslock wears a rainbow crop top, black short shorts, and rainbow thigh high socks. He has bracelets on his arms of practically every pride flag known, and gives them away to younger attendees.
  • Edward wears a tank top with the gay flag on it and rainbow board shorts. Both he and Cheslock colored their hair rainbow with hair chalk as well.
  • The first thing Cheslock does when they get to the event is buy Edward his first pride flag. Edward nearly cries, and instead of carrying it Cheslock ties it around Edward’s shoulders like a cape. Edward wears it for the rest of the event.
  • They spend hours walking around the venue, dancing to music, and enjoying the atmosphere. It’s the first time Edward genuinely feels like he can accept himself.
  • They end up staying our way past curfew, and have to sneak back into their dorms to avoid getting in trouble. Cheslock stays the night in Edward’s room, and they spend the rest of the night talking excitedly about the day.
  • Edward keeps his pride flag under his bed. Cheslock promises that once Edward is comfortable displaying it, he’ll help him hang it up.
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Tysm for this question aa!! I can’t tell yall how much I ADORE asks in my inbox, like it makes my whole day!! I loooveeee to talk about my favorite things so this is amazing.

So once again, thank you darling for being the only person in my inbox! (well, everyone else…just saying- if you’re bored just- yknow-)

Okay so let me start this by saying that I‘m obsessed with the victorian era- especially fashion history- which means that I like to “stay” in the victorian era however I do have modern headcanons/HCs that work in both time periods..they might be stupid and silly but please don’t judge! I apologize if any of these are not modern enough, I‘m honestly not sure.

Most of these are quite lighthearted, I don’t think anyone would be comfortable with me sharing all the HCs about sad stuff and trauma :/

I mean if y’all want that I can totally do another post w all the “dark” HCs!

Alright fellas, don’t judge, here we go:

-Lizzy would totally be a private school girl and she‘d be SUPER popular

-She’s really straight but something in my heart just screams Lizzy wlw (c’mon she could totally be a sword lesbian)…AND SIEGLINDE WLW SORRY I DO NOT MAKE THE RULES I can’t explain it man..

-Idk why but I’ve got a lot of stuff on the kids. Lizzy would go shopping all the time and she constantly picks out designer clothing for the twins (Francis is kinda not a fan of that tho, Lizzy is too “”“extra”“”)

-Sometimes the girls try to convince Mey to get her nails done with them

-o!Ciel would be one of those lego w all the lego ships and stuff- Video games wouldn’t really be his thing.

-GRELLE SOCIAL MEDIA QUEEN! but like,,a glam type of social media queen..

-I love William to death but he would be the exact same. He‘d probably be one of those people that are like “phones are useless. You don’t need social media it’s stupid” (He probably still has insta bc of Grelle tho hehe)

-Honestly Will at school would probably be one of those guys that wear a suit and go: “Let me play devils advocate for a second..” NFJDHWHAHAH SORRY

-This is so stupid but I have like,,a mental list of kuro characters that would go to therapy and those that don’t think they need it (they do)

-Alois= biggest lana del rey stan. ever. (They even have the same cracked phone <3)

-For some reason I feel like Cheslock would really like Babymetal??

-Ngl maybe I‘m reaching but Agni could have a cooking blog :’)

-Edgar “My uncle is gonna get you expelled!” Redmond

-Finny probably owns a peppa pig plushy. I can feel it in my soul. Bard or Mey got it for him.

-this one is really random but Sebastian probably tries to take the piss out of o!Ciel and then says stuff like “We should get you two a bunk bed!!” or “Good thing I‘m your tutor, you couldn’t even carry your own bookbag to school haha!” (Ociel is obvi having NONE of that)

okay okay I‘ll stop now!! Did any of these make sense?? I could totally write more but I don’t think anyone wants that xD (if you do, please tell me!!)

By the way sorry for any mistakes, I rarely pay attention to stuff like that <3

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Ronald is my personal favorite but anon?You’re EXTREMELY valid


•The guy is extremely confused when he first starts falling in love. What is this feeling?He…hasn’t ever felt like this, why does he feel all fuzzy?

•Being self conscious about his snake-like appearance, he doesn’t have very high hopes. His crush probably likes someone else, right?

•When he is proved wrong, he couldn’t be happier!He can’t believe he finally found someone who loves him and that accepts him the way he is

•He is way more cuddly than one would actually expect!He loves holding his s/o close to him, stroking their hair and hissing happily

•Expect his snakes to warm up to you as well!They start growing attached to Snake’s s/o and may even become a bit protective of them

•Snake will love it if you decide to play with his hair. He will melt and nuzzle against your hand, clearly pleased and wanting to cuddle

•He is very nervous about kissing at first. What if he does it wrong. What if…?But all his worries go away as soon as their lips clash

•Snake may get a bit self conscious sometimes, but he really does know his s/o loves them and he feels like the luckiest guy ever!

•He isn’t one for fancy dates, really. Staying inside and cuddling is more than enough for him

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