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#black butler imagines

Oof this sounds a bit…rough 😈😈 Hope everyone is still doing well! I’m getting my flu shot soon so make sure to get yours as well! We’re also ALMOST at 2.8k followers! Thank you to the bunches of people who have recently followed me, so glad you could join the chaos :)

Please keep sending in those lovely requests! I can’t wait to see what you’ll conjure up for me☺☺ And check out my RedBubble, where you can but posters, bathmats, stickers, notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, water bottles, shirts, dresses, masks, socks, and many more items with my designs digitally printed on them! 

Enjoy, stay safe, wear a mask, and VOTE!


-He was rougher than normal

-Taking you from behind, Sebastian was fast and rough, pulling your hips back harshly every time he thrust himself forward

-It was a mixture of pleasure and pain, starting to become a bit sore and painful in the not-so-sexy way

- “S-sebastian it hurts”

-He didn’t respond, too lost in the feeling to hear you

-His eyes were pink and widened a bit, his nails digging into your skin a bit

-After he held off cumming for so long, he released himself on your back before catching his breath

-He took a single deep breath, composing himself in a matter of seconds

-Cleaning your back off with a towel, you gave him a look

-He only stared back, his eyes flickering to the towel for a second before taking it from your hands and disposing of it in the trash

- “You look…unsatisfied with me, my love. Either that”, he quipped, cupping your face carefully in his hands, “or you just can’t get enough.”

- “You were…I don’t know how to say this Sebastian-”

- “Try me.”

-You pursed your lips before speaking again, “I just thought it was a bit…harmful? It felt like actual pain this time. And I feel like you kind of just ignored me.”

-He was a bit taken aback by this, which surprised you

- “I apologize for not considering your feelings (Name). I had no intention to actually harm you, rather the exact opposite. Is there anything I can do to soothe the pain?” he asked, pulling you into his arms

-Ten minutes later, he sat next to you outside the bathtub, his fingers tangled in your soapy hair

-After rinsing you off and helping you out of the tub he wrapped a fresh towel around you tightly

- “I’ll try to listen to you next time. I hope you accept my apology as well as my reparation”, he said, kissing the tip of your nose

- “I appreciate you doing this, Sebastian”, you responded, smiling warmly at him

-It was worth it in the end for him, being able to make you smile again :)

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Ooo, I actually didn’t know this ≡(▔﹏▔)≡ But it’s an interesting fact to know, so thank you anon~ Hope you all are staying safe, and make sure those of you who are registered to vote in the US do so!

Please send those lovely requests in! They’re still open :D And check out my RedBubble, where you can but posters, bathmats, stickers, notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, water bottles, shirts, dresses, masks, socks, and many more items with my designs digitally printed on them! 

Please enjoy, stay safe, wear a mask, and VOTE!


-He was mopping the parlor, concerned that it was midnight

-You normally were home much earlier than that, and the lack of your presence in his home was terrifying to him

-What if something had happened to you? 

-What if another reaper got to you before he could?

-But, lo and behold, you stumbled in as his thoughts were losing traction in his head

-He heard the door open and shut and he dipped the mop head back into the bucket, leaning the stick of it against the wall

- “(Name)? How was your day?” he called, moving into the next room with a grin on his face, excited to see you

-His grin dropped when he saw you leaning against the door, hands on your face, crying

-He quickly moved over to you, noticing how ragged your uniform was and the marks that danced along your hands

- “(Name)? What happened?” he asked softly, gently removing your hands from your face

-The Undertaker was infuriated at the sight of your swollen eye and bleeding scratches

-His bright green eyes went dull, sadness entering his heart with a pang as he pulled you into a hug

- “My love, who did this to you?” 

- “I-it was the head maid. She beat me even though I wasn’t the one who messed up on my tasks”, you said, allowing his soft hands to engulf your face, “I did everything perfect, how could she do this to me?” 

-Your tears made his heart break at the sight of you

- “Don’t worry. I’ll make you some tea, and I made dinner as well. It’s in the cupboard. Take a bath and then head to bed. I’ll be there”, he said, making his way to the door, “I have to go grab something from out back. I’ll be back in five minutes”

-You were in bed when he came back

-He was careful to not let you see his bloody knife tucked into his robes as he shed a few layers before climbing into bed with you

- “Sleep well my dear. Maybe things will be better in the morning.”

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Soft kisses, given gently but filled with love, a dash of trying not to brake you: Kurapika, Melody, Wing, Franklin, Shoot, Kite, William, Agni.

Harsh kisses, given roughly, full of passion so you know how they feel: Phinks, Nobunaga, Knuckle, Mey-rin.

Long make out session that never really go anywhere, they’re just happening for the intimacy of it all: Pakunoda, Chrollo, Sebastian, Grell, Undertaker.

Quick chaste kisses, 24/7 even when youre trying to brush your teeth: Leorio, Kortopi, Shizuku, Machi (at the start of the relationship), illumi, Bisky, Finny, Prince Soma, Snake.

Rushed kisses, teeth clattering and chuckles in between: Uvogin, Machi (when she in love, love), Hisoka, Baldroy, Ronald, Joker.

Prefers no kisses: Shalnark, Feitan, Claude.

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red | sebastian michaelis


Originally posted by tetsurovs

THREE ; façade



a deceptive outward appearance

The ominous clicking of nearby heels catches the attention of the four figures who are brawling in a dark alleyway. The scent of blood is overpowering, almost encasing every air particle with its metallic smell. The two butlers continue to fight whilst the two humans sat nearby, listening to the footsteps growing closer.

They never speed up, and they never speed down. They keep the same consistent speed and it’s almost terrifying.

“Sebastian! Who is this?” Ciel asks his butler. Sebastian grasps the chainsaw between two hands and pushes it away from his body, his head snapping to the right to watch the outline of a figure appearing from the dark. He first notices the striking magenta eyes that watch unwaveringly. He smirks, knowing exactly who is coming his way.

“Someone we know, master” he smirks and takes the time to shove the chainsaw away from him and back at Grell who loses balance and falls back, his death scythe skidding along the rocky floor.

As the footsteps grow closer, Sebastians smirk widens. The figure slowly walks into the dim light of the street lanterns, their stoic expression still present on their face.

“(Y/n)! What age you doing here?” Anne is flabbergasted, clutching her knife close to her body. (Y/n) takes note of the scene in front of her. Ciel is laying on the floor, Sebastians jacket laying over his small frame, Anne stands nearby with a weapon clutched in her hand and what she assumes to be Grell’s true form stands in front of her.

“A reaper, how interesting” she hums, glaring at the long red hair that falls around Grell’s form “I knew you weren’t just some simple butler, but it seems you weren’t smart enough to get me” she tuts, watching as Grell becomes annoyed. He is quick to pick up his scythe, swinging the weapon around dangerously.

She swiftly dodged his attack and slides towards the boy, a look of boredom crossing her features.

“A maid like you should know better than to cause me trouble!” He growls, revving the chainsaw.

She scoffs “I did not come to fight, Grell” Grell scoffs and grasps his scythe, aiming for Sebastian once again. (Y/n)’s eyes flicker between the two parties. Her job is to protect Madam Red, and so far she has no threats - or orders.

“You shouldn’t have been born you selfish brat!” Anne cries as she lifts her knife, a murderous look in her eyes. (Y/n)’s heart pounds with excitement, watching her soul glow so brightly. (Y/n) licks her bottom lip, her hunger growing more with every second passing.

Her eyes flutter for a second too long, her excitement filling her body and fogging her vision.

“Sebastian, don’t kill her!” Ciel’s scream breaks (y/n) from her fogged mind and immediately she jumps into action, tackling Sebastian from behind her master. He huffs as he hits the floor, his eyes flashing a magenta for a few seconds.

“I can’t kill him!” She cries, and (y/n) falters, her eyes dimming as the prospect of Anne’s murderous endeavours end. Sebastian takes her moment of weakness to kick her off, her body flying nimbly into the brick wall of the building behind Grell.

She groans as the bricks break around her, landing on her body and head. She wavers, barely grasping the work around her before the death scythe Grell holds plunges into Anne’s chest.

“Lady Red!” She cries, flying from the dust and dirt and towards Grell who had his scythe buried into her body. She’s quick to fling Grell off with the Scythe in his hands.

Her hands come down to cup her masters face, her thumbs wiping away the tears that stream down her pale face.

“R-Rachel?” Anne croaks out, her hands shakily coming up to grasp at her demoness’ face. (Y/n) smiles softly, shaking her head.

“It’s me, my lady, don’t you remember?” She asks, a tender look flashing in her eyes. Anne sighs “My dear (y/n)..”

“You took the form of something similar to my sister.. I remember now” Anne speaks to herself “A kind demon.. I’m grateful” Anne chokes, blood splattering from her mouth as she lets coughs wrack through her body. Her fingers clumsily tug through (y/n)’s blonde hair, the shade similar to her sisters.

“It was nice to serve you my lady” (y/n) hums, her eyes fixated on the life leaving her masters eyes.

“Thank you, (y/n), I hope you enjoy my soul” She thanks the demoness, taking (y/n) off-guard. Not one of her masters had thanked her before. She smiles solemnly “You can go now” She whispers, encouraging Anne to leave.

She smiles weakly, turning her head to meet her crouching nephew “I love you Ciel, please take care” Ciel nods, placing a hand on his aunts.

Her eyes close, signalling that she has left. (Y/n) lets out a soft sigh, pulling off her long gloves to reveal her fading contract. Anne’s soul was now hers to eat.

She shuffles and pulls Anne’s head into her lap, bringing her lips down to slightly graze Anne’s. Her soul was red too, everything she suited was always red. Even in death, red was her colour.

“Sebastian, kill Grell” Ciel orders coldly. Sebastian seems to hesitate but complies. (Y/n) smiles, finally feeling full after years of waiting.

She caresses Anne’s head, looking at her nephew “Will you throw a funeral?” She asks, looking at Ciel’s cold face. He nods lightly.

(Y/n) looks towards the ground “May I come?”

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Harsh truth hcs:


Actually decent boyfriends: Wing, Leorio, thats it.

Honourable mention for Shoot and Knuckle but these 2 go away fro long periods of time and forget to text you to tell you theyre alive.

Actually decent girlfriends: Melody.

Honourable mention for Bisky but she lies too often to be a decent gf.

Black butler-

Actually decent boyfriends: ——, the answer is none other than Agni.

Honourable mention for Finny and Baldroy but they both lie about the lives they live right to your face and act like its okay.

Actually decent gfs: No one, not a single person, all my ladies be hurting people and breaking hearts like the badasses they are.

Honourable mention for Mey-rin, she a sweet lady but again shes got too many lies to tell and she wont even feel guilty about it.

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Oooo this one is gonna be fun to write about! Here you go. 💙💜💓


Jealous Sebastian Michaelis Headcanons:


-Sebastian is a very respectable guy with dignity so he will not  outwardly show jealousy. 

-Heck he rarely is  jealous because LOOK AT HIM!
-But if he does somehow become jealous he wont be happy by the fact that  he is as well.
-It is such a rare thing for a demon to have certain feelings like this  you know?
-So when he does get jealous it might be a bit intense. Like you can  sense something is wrong in the air.
-But Sebastian won’t show it on his face. But people can feel it.
-If the person who is flirting with them work for the mansion let’s just say life will be HELL.
-Hard labour all the time but of course he won’t show how much he loathes them. He just looks so normal.
-It’s a kind of Petty I WISH I can achieve.
-If the flirty person STILL doesn’t sense the feeling that Sebastian gives off, then he will straight up threaten them but in his own way. 
-“Such a gentleman shouldn’t be touching and speaking to a young maiden like this.  Especially if that young maiden is taken, because horrible circumstances might happen if they continue. Do you agree?”
-He leans in very close with his signature smile, eyes closed but once he opens them they are red as rubies.
-He freaks the fuck out.
-“O-oh y -yeah you’re right! My apologies! ” He runs like the road runner.
-After he runs away and you turn to him, asking if he was jealous he will simply play it cool.
-“My, what kind of butler would I be if I let a beautiful maiden like yourself leave with that Neanderthal?”
-He will never admit to jealousy because it is very beneath him.
-So good luck trying to do that but if you know Sebastian well enough then you know.
-Basically, for the most part he won’t get jealous but on that very rare occasion, the person who is flirting with you  better take those hints. Or else.


Requests are Open!

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Tattoo artist au


Originally posted by inkstaboy


- Undertaker owns his own shop much like in canon, he wants his space and hes going to have it. He works with 1 other person, again, because its his space and thats the only person hell work with (its william).

- His shop looks like a morgue from the front but its more dressed up. Theres fake skulls in the windows and it looks like theyve just forgotten to take the halloween decorations down but its kinda fitting.

- He is absolutely covered, the man probably has his ass crack tattooed he finds it hilarious and every single one has deep meaning.

- Charges less than most for tattoos and somehow still turns a profit at the end of the month.

- Draws constantly, he usually mans front desk so you can see him drawing all day when he has no clients, if you walk by the shop at 9am and then again at 9pm hell be in the same position drawing.

-Hates tattooing faces/death dates of dead people it upsets him to a degree that makes it hard to act professional.

- Loves tattooing anything, funny, wacky, pretty, beautiful, meaningful it doesnt matter hell do it. Undertaker works hard on whatever he does so he never gives a bad tattoo and makes sure people know that.

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Tattoo artist au


Originally posted by onedirectionlyricsandqoutes


- Doesnt own his own shop but he makes enough money that he might as well open his own.

- Hes secretly saving so he can have the perfect shop INSTANTLY, no one catches sebastian slipping.

- Seb obviously has his own lil groupies and he plays up to them so much because he can get money out of them that way. This man is a scam in skinny jeans tbh.

- Speaking of skinny jeans, he wears those a lot with black button up shirts, he stay looking professional.

- Has a very big online following and an amazing rep with clients, its amazing how he draws people in, everyone hates working with him,,,,, especially Claude.

- He has a fair few tattoos most of them are mystical or cult themed because why not and also he designed them all himself (his tattoo artists hate him too).

- Hates tattooing anything too colourful or simple, dont ask him to tattoo a rainbow on your ass cheek hes going to fake a price way too high just to annoy you into leaving.

- Loves tattooing literally anything else, anything individual and creative is good but his favourite is probably the darker stuff, once tattooed a lich (if you google “the lich” youll know) and it looked amazing, creepy but amazing.

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Yes, like i said in chat i still write for black butler, i could never give up on black butler i love it too much and i cant do your second request but your first one is perfect and im happy to do it 😊💕 ~ admin B


- Its always a joy for seb to come across other supernaturals though he rarely comes across his own type hes a little cautious when he does.

- Sebastian is sceptical of your anxious demeanor, he knows you might not be faking but on the off chance that you are, you might steal his soul hes been waiting decades for.

- He gets used to you after a while and he relaxes little by little around you until he realises youre more genuine than you seem.

- Ends up laughing and joking with you eventually but he doesnt mean to fall for you.

- Seb doesnt fall for you hard, its slow and gradual and it takes him too long to notice for someone whos supposed to be on top of his game 24/7 but its cute to watch.

- Once you are his s/o things go stay the same except you and seb do stupid things together at night, you are both demons after all.

-Your anxiousness is endearing but hes quick to step in if something really bothers you.

- Helps you find a rich master REAL fast so that you can spend your time working when he is also working and then yalls can be together ALL night.

@queengiuliettafirstlady for you my dear 💕

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- Sebastian has no qualms with you being touchy, he thinks its cute and often laughs when you squish his butt.

- probably says “excuse me miss y/n but thats very impolite” when around guests but the minute their backs are turned he whispers some dirty ass stuff in your ear.

- Returns the favour often when people arent around he thinks the noises you make when he does it are adorable.


- Claude has literally turned you around and picked you up just to place you somewhere else far away so you cant do it again.

- He doesnt hate it per say but he doesnt exactly appreciate it either, his human body feels weird and you grabbing his ass, though understandable is a lil irritating.

- Always gets you back when you least expect it, youll go through a whole day thinking youve got away with it them BOOM as you lean over to get in bed he slaps your ass.

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Hiiii, i couldnt do the second one it was a lil too much for me angst wise BUT ill happily do this and the last one you requested ~ admin B


- Undertaker is very in tune with his s/o, he prides himself on getting to know them very well before even attempting to court them SO when something goes wrong he can tell instantly.

- Its like hes got a sixth sense for your depressive episodes and honestly sometimes its a god send because hes helped you out of so many mental dips.

- Always asks on day 1 if you are okay or want anything from him, he knows he cant always fix it but hell be damned if he doesnt try or at least be there for you.

- Never lets you be sad by yourself so even if you feel like you cant get out of bed hell be there every 20 minutes just to check on you or sit with you.

- He makes it better however he can so as long as you are vocal or at least can communicate with him about what will help, hell do it.

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- Undertaker doesn’t mind a lot of the things you want to do in the bedroom and this? this is hot as hell to him, he never minds a little over stimulation and dom s/o.

- As soon as the words fall from your mouth undertaker lets his eyes roll to the back of his head and moans so loud your sure hed wake up some of his customers.

- He actually just putty in your hands as soon as you tell him you want to keep going and when it does get to the point where hes dry cumming, he starts laughing (it straight up doesnt hurt him it tickles).


- Thats exactly what he likes to hear, go ahead baby, try milking the demon dry, see what happens.

- Challenges in the bedroom are probably big for the 2 of you and its so funny when you say something and Seb just nods and tells you hed like to see you try but the challege hangs in the air and youll be damned if you back down.

- Does enjoy the over stimming a little too much too.

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Sure ~ admin B


- Theres not a lot of “morning” for sebastian he tends to be too busy prepping but on really special occasions when the young master doesnt need to be woken and he can lay in bed with you for a while longer, morning sex is definitely happening.

- Seb doesnt do tired lazy morning sex though, hes not as rough as usual due to your sleepy state but hes definitely not lazy.

- The fact youre easily over stimulated in the morning because of just waking up makes him ever hornier, the quiet “oh fucks” you let out from the over stimming always make him chuckle.

- Tired you is so very willing and pliable that honestly Seb can help himself so you often wake up stuffed full of butler fingers or his dick if hes managed to get that far yet, but youve spoken about it so its always a delightful way to wake up.

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No problem hun! ~ admin B


- Seb takes pride in a lot of the things he does but most of all? Wrecking you, the ego boost and pride that swells in his chest he gets is just too good.

- Sex with him is often rough and fast but its obviously enjoyable or you wouldnt keep coming back for it but some days he gets super rough (usually bad days).

- He has enough sense to not hurt you in a way you wont like but his thrusts are super hard and hes growling because hes so lost in it. You KNOW its going to hurt in the morning but in the moment you can only let your eyes roll back and enjoy.

- The next morning when you attempt to get up, you feel your legs wobble but you manage standing. Then you attempt to walk and BAM the aching hits and you have to limp all day to alleviate it.

- Seb of course notices but hes very proud of himself so like the snide little butt he is he lets you walk around all day limping and before bed he asks all innocently why your limping before making you explain in detail why you have a limp.

-The reward is good though, a lengthy massage and sweet words whispered only for you.

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I dont write for Edward so the other request im sure was you will also just be sebastian, sorry ~ Admin B


- Sebastian often has bad days, servants tend to be hectic and his young master can be a brat so the days are common.

- He doesn’t often need comfort but some days when you offer and your shy self comes walking up to him to try help him out he just can’t reject you.

- Sometimes asks you to tell him a joke, he doesn’t get them half the time but he like the way your face lights up at the thought of being helpful.

- Enjoys your blushing and shy demeanor even more when you try to cuddle him to make him feel better, which by the way he always does when you’re involved

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This is a very interesting concept! Bada Bing Bada Boom here you goooo!


Undertaker with an S/o whose Soul is Stuck In Time Headcanons:


- at first, he was completely shocked by the sight before him.

-he was so upset that you were somehow killed.

-that is, until you came back to life instantly. The look on his face was priceless.

-he tried his best not to look so happy, or so shocked.

-most importantly he is Just confused.

-how exactly are you able to do that?

- He will most likely look through reaper records to see if something like this has ever happened to someone else before.

-If not then with your consent he would ask you if could do research and experiment with you.

-right after the shock, he is very interested in you even more than before.

-But if he does find out the reason why you’re not dead and that your soul is stuck in time he will contemplate on helping you out.

-Mainly because it is cool that you can’t really die but he also can see why someone wouldn’t want their souls stuck in time as well.

-Overall I feel like Undertaker will try to help you if you don’t want your soul to be stuck in time so he will spend some time doing research and experiments on you.

-But if your are completely okay with it then he is happy too. Now he won’t have to worry about you dying for good. You will always be his forever.


Requests Are Open!💘💘💘

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Today you and your reaper partner and boyfriend Ronald Knox had a long list of souls to reap. Today of all days you didn’t want to be working with your significant other, because you’d heard some rumours this morning that Ronald was back to his player ways at a party he attended last night without you because you’d woken up feeling sick.

You were ignoring Ronald, and it was safe to say he didn’t like being ignored. The quicker you reaped the souls, the sooner you could go home and lock him out until you knew the truth. You wanted to trust that Ronald was loyal to you, but before you, he was known for short term girlfriends none lasting more than a couple of weeks. You’d been together a month, the longest relationship you’d known him to be in.

Your friends and fellow reapers warned you of him, but you’d always been one to give people the benefit of the doubt, and like a moth, to the flame, you let Ronald in seeing a different side to him than everyone had told you about. He was very doting and attentive to your needs, putting you before himself, unlike any other guy you’d dated.

‘Why are you ignoring me y/n?’ he asks, pouting like a small child.

You shake him off and push ahead of him, gritting your teeth, 'leave it, Ronald, we’ll talk about it later.’

He huffs, gets in front of you stopping you in your tracks, and folds his arms over his chest, 'I’m not moving until you tell me what I’ve done wrong.’

You sigh, 'what happened at the party last night?’

He unfolds his arms and shuffles on the spot, 'do you not trust me y/n?’

'I want to trust you, Ronald, but a lot of people were telling me they saw you with another girl,’ you reply honestly.

Right now a small crowd had formed around the two of you, after all, you were in the centre of London. You hated when the attention was on you and didn’t want to fight in public, 'can we talk about this somewhere else, people are staring.’

Ronald shakes his head, a playful look on his face, 'oh well if people are watching, we’d better make it more entertaining for them y/n!’

Before you can argue with your boyfriend, he spins you around, dips you, and smashes his lips on yours. All the anger you felt earlier seeps away, and you lean into the kiss savouring how rough and tender Ronald could be at the same time. The crowd who’d been staring either dispersed or whispered about how scandalous the two of you were being.

Ronald breaks off the kiss and gets you back on your feet grinning, 'people like to gossip y/n. There was a girl trying to come on to me, but I told her no because I had a girlfriend. You’ve made an honest reaper out of me.’

You shove his shoulder and huff, 'okay I believe you. You know what would have happened if you had broken my heart right?’

His grin falters slightly, 'your brother would bury me alive.’

You giggle, your brother was known as a legendary reaper who had retired. Most people called him Undertaker, but you called him big brother.

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Imagine Grelle at like a work function, like a big party or something. And she reaches into the cooler looking for something and pulls out a can of Pepsi and turns to everyone and is like “Pepsi the best,” and then she proceeds to bite into the top with her sharp teeth and spin the can around in her mouth biting the top off like a can opener and then drinks from the jagged edge like out of a cup.

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Reincarnations || Sebastian Michaelis

A/N: IM SO SORRY I DELETED THE ASK BUT I HAD A SCREENSHOT BECAUSE I GET EXCITED WHEN PPL REQUEST BLACK BUTLER AND SHOW MY TWO FRIENDS - this is also a mix of both but I kinda tweaked it so that the reader doesn’t know Sebastian is their mate as it takes a little time for memories of their past lives to return once meeting him so that I could add a little more to it, I hope that’s okay! Enjoy! I’m also honoured to be the first person you sent an ask to 🥺 And I apologise for how long it took to write and it’s kind of shit oops ahdksnd I’m so so sorry

Request by: @samanthaambrosia


As you mention ‘She’ in the request I’ve made this a Fem! Reader so that I was also able to make her a maid


Originally posted by tocif

Upon your arrival at Phantomhive manner you could never have imagined how this would play out.

Keep reading

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